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It Must Be All the Fresh Air

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It started with my first job after leaving school, as an assistant gardener-cum-handyman at a local stately house. I was interviewed by a rather handsome man in his fifties called Clive, and we seemed to hit it off right away, and I figured that must have helped me get the job. It seemed the ideal way to get a foothold into the whole gardening/landscaping industry, and after my first couple of days I knew I’d really landed on my feet. 

The ground’s staff was split up into three or four man teams and I was taken on to replace someone who had recently left. So I found myself partnered up with the team leader, a bloke in his thirties called Donald, or just Don, and his younger associate James, a fit young guy in his early to mid-twenties. I got on with both of them right away, the three of us having so many things in common, including a love of hard graft – it turns out we were the team that did most of the heavy manual labour, which suited me just fine.

It was the summer, it was hot, and we were out on a forgotten edge of the estate clearing out and improving an old drainage ditch. All three of us had stripped off our tops and were working in shorts and boots, and I was enjoying the sight of both Don and James firm muscled chests and backs as we cleared the weeds and undergrowth and dug out the ditch.

I was three months shy of my nineteenth birthday and I had already had experience with members of both sexes, and enjoyed it all, so I felt no shame in admiring my co-workers; indeed, I knew that they were enjoying looking at me, they made no attempt to hide it, and there had already been some mild flirtation between all three of us.

“So Ben, you look like you enjoy a good work-out?” Don said when we stopped for a break, swigging our drinks as the sweat glistened on us, “you looked pretty ripped.”

“Cheers Don,” I replied, striking a pose and showing my muscles off, “I do like to work up a good sweat. You look like you like to exercise your muscles too.”

“Yeah, I do, along with James here,” he smiled, “we like to work out together, if you know what I mean.”

“I hope so,” I smiled at him as we all moved closer together in the bottom of the ditch, “because all this talk of working out, and the present company, is making me horny!”

“Horny enough to want to whip it out and beat off with us?” Don grinned at me.

“Like this?” I asked him as I undid my belt, unbuttoned and unzipped my shorts and reached in, hauling out my stiffening dick.

“Yeah, just like that!” Don chuckled, him and James quickly following suit in exposing themselves and taking themselves in hand. They checked me out as I checked them, comparing our cocks as we slowly tugged on them. 

I’m quite proud of my manhood; he’s just over seven inches long, not too thick, uncut of course and with a big ridge running up the underside. James was about the same length as me, a little thinner, uncut and with some impressive veins, but Don topped us all. His cock was magnificent, a sturdy and thick nine inches of prime manhood, uncut like us, rearing up and standing proud as he showed it off to me.

“That’s a nice cock you’ve got there Ben,” Don said as we all started to work our erections, hands sliding up and down.

“Thanks Don, yours is pretty good too!” I chuckled as I watched his fist tugging his foreskin back and forth, “and your too James, makes me even hornier!”

“I told you so,” Don smiled at James as we all stood close together jacking off, “I knew the moment I set eyes on Ben here that he would fit in here.”

“What do you mean?” I asked him, really getting off on wanking out in the sun with my new co-workers, “You’re all gay?”

“Gay or bisexual,” Don agreed with me, showing me his wedding ring, “all of the gardening section is, that’s why your predecessor left, he didn’t fit in.”

“Well, I don’t have any plans on leaving just yet,” I chuckled as we inched even closer together, with just enough room for our hands to work our erections without hitting each other, “I mean, this is just our first date!”

“I like you Ben, I like you a lot!” Don chuckled, and with his free hand he pulled my face to his, bringing our mouths together for a hot kiss. I closed my eyes and moaned into his mouth, feeling so fucking horny standing there kissing him as the three of us jerked off.

“Hey, I want a go too!” James protested with a grin on his face, and Don released me so that I could turn to James and kiss him too, our tongues mashing together slickly.

“Closer, let’s cum on each other’s cock,” Don suggested, and we moved in closer so that out swollen cock heads were touching, our hands still sliding up and down our shafts. It was very erotic and exciting, three horny guys whacking off, all trying hard to cum first.

“Oh fuck!” James cried out as he blew his load first, his hand making rapid little short tugs on his cock, splurging his cum out onto mine and Don’s knobs. We used his spunk to lube our cocks, making everything slick and slippery.

“Yesss!” I gasped as I felt my seed burn its way up my cock and spurt out, followed a fraction of a second later by Don, and the two of us milked ourselves, our hands slipping and sliding against each other as we came. We all smiled at each other as we played with each other’s slippery cocks until we had spread our jizz over all three cocks.

“Oh man, that was hot!” Don said as he raised his hand to his mouth and licked it clean, James and I doing the same, “I can see we’re going to have a lot of fun working together!”

“My predecessor doesn’t know what he’s missing,” I chuckled as I licked the last of the creamy remains from my hand, “even a straight guy would have enjoyed that”

“Well, let’s get as much done as we can before lunch,” Don said as we started zipping ourselves back up, “I think it might have to be an extra-long one.”

“Extra long? Count me in!” I laughed as we got back to work.

We laboured hard for another couple of hours or so, flirting and generally having a laugh together as we chopped, hacked, dug and shovelled, enjoying working up a sweat in the sun and showing off our muscles to each other. 

Then it was lunchtime and after setting our tools down we grabbed our lunch bags and a blanket from Don’s truck and headed off to a nearby stand of trees, settling down in amongst them to enjoy the shade they offered to rest and eat. It didn’t take us very long to eat our lunch as we all had something else on our minds – each other.

“We should be pretty safe in here,” Don said as he stood up and undid his shorts, “what say we get undressed and fool around?”

“I’m up for that!” I agreed with him, standing up along with James and undoing my shorts too. 

We all managed to get out shorts and briefs off and over our boots so that we all stood there wearing nothing but work boots and grins. We came together so that we could share hot kisses and feel each other up, stroking firm bodies, soft buns and stiffening dicks.

“Mmm, you know what?” Don said as our mouths parted, “why don’t you two suck each other off, I want to take photos of you and send them to the boss!”

“Yeah, that sounds hot,” I groaned, “you wanna show off the newbie.”

“You got it Ben; we had a bet,” he smiled at me as he retrieved his phone from the pocket of his shorts, “I won that bet, and I him to see his newest employee at his best.”

I was very horny as James and I got into a 69 with me on top, so I could show my ass off. I’d never done anything quite like this before but I up for it, literally, and I eagerly got down on top of James, taking a hold of his cock and lifting it up as I closed my lips around it.

“Yeah, that’s it,” Don said as we sucked each other, “look over here Ben.”

I turned my head to look at him, my mouth full of James’ cock, as Don snapped away with his phone, looking so hot standing there with his cock hard. After taking a few photos he moved around behind me and I heard him tell James to pull my ass cheeks wide apart, to show my fuck hole off.

“Right, they’re on their way to him,” Don said, putting his phone down, “now let’s see how tasty your ass is Ben.”

As the two of us continued to lick and suck each other’s throbbing erections Don knelt down behind me, and I moaned around my mouthful of man meat when his tongue started exploring my puckered hole. I love feeling a guy’s tongue in my ass and Don was obviously a pro, working my opening with an insistent tongue and plenty of saliva.

I was having the time of my life, sharing myself with these two hung and horny men, my mouth full of hard cock as a wet mouth suckled my aching erection, and my boss was swapping his tongue for two spit-soaked fingers, thrusting and twisting them in my ass. He clearly wanted to fuck me and I had no problem with that – I knew from previous experiences I could take a cock as big as Don’s, which is how I also knew that I liked it.

“You know what I want don’t you Ben?” he asked me as he pulled his fingers out of me and reached for his shorts, producing a tube of lube.

“My ass is yours boss,” I chuckled, looking up from James’ groin, “I’m always up for a good fucking!”

“Good lad, you’re my kind of guy!” Don smiled as he smeared a generous coating of lubricant over his oh-so-hard cock, “you’ll soon be employee of the month.”

Keeping one hand working on James’ cock I propped myself up and looked behind, eager to watch Don enter me. James was teasing the tip of my cock with his tongue as he held my butt cheeks wide apart and Don squirted a big blob of lube onto his fingers before working it into me. God but that felt good!

“Do it!” I groaned as I wriggled on his slick fingers, “fuck me!”

“He he, OK lad, here it comes,” he chuckled, pulling his fingers out and pressing the glistening bulbous head of his cock against my opening.

I was still watching as he pushed that fat cock head into my greased ring, stretching it wide as he kept on pushing. I love the feel of a thick cock opening me up and I groaned with delight as he popped through, the first couple of inches of his manhood sliding inside me.

“Ooh, nice ass,” Don groaned contentedly as he worked more of his length inside me.

“Nice cock!” I gasped as he opened my insides up and rubbed against my secret spot, “oh fuck yes!”

I returned my attention to James’ cock, sliding my wet lips down it as I played with his balls. I moaned around it as Don hit bottom, his balls smacking against mine before he slowly pulled out and started to fuck me. I’d never been in a three-way before and I was loving it, loving how both my holes were full of hard cock, loving the warm wet mouth looking after my boner.

Don’s cock was doing amazing things to my ass and my insides, and with the sublime treatment of my cock from James I didn’t last very long; I groaned that I was going to cum and then I was, Don buried nuts-deep in my backside as my cock jerked and squirted load after load of my ball juice into James’ warm mouth. As soon as I had shot my load Don carried on fucking me, making me tremble and my ass to quiver.

“Aargh, Ben, your ass is so good!” Don hissed as he rammed his cock into harder and faster, “Such a tight and juicy fuck hole, I’m gonna pump so much cum into you!”

“Yeah, do it!” I cried out, pushing back at him, riding his thrusting prick, loving the way it felt inside me, “fill me full of cum!”

“Oh yeah, so much cum,” he muttered, really slamming his hot length into me, giving me the best fucking I’d ever had in my admittedly short sexual history, “suck James off Ben, you deserve cum at both ends!”

I renewed my oral assault on my co-workers cock, sucking and licking the top while I gripped the base with my hand and jerked him off. He was groaning and gasping, both with my treatment of his throbbing prick and the view he had of his boss’s cock reaming my ass out.

“I’m getting close!” Don growled as he held my hips and fucked me hard.

“Me too!” James cried out, “Christ he can suck cock!” I kept on working the cock in my mouth and riding the one in my ass, and it was James who rewarded me first, thrusting his hips up and filling my mouth with strong blasts of cum.

“Oh fuck yes!” he cried out as he fired his spunk, “take it all!”

There seemed of be a lot of it but I didn’t lose any, milking him and working his shaft until he had shot his bolt, leaving me with a mouthful of slimy creamy cum.

“Fuck yes!” Don grunted as he buried his mighty tool all the way in my bowels and started to cum. I could feel his dick jerking as his spunk rushed down his urethra and spurted out inside my canal, shot after shot of hot man seed blasting my rectum.

“Fuck!” he grunted, carrying on fucking me while he was still hard enough to do so, slicker and smoother now my insides were lubricated with his seed, “what a sweet ass.”

Finally Don pulled out of me as his dick was too limp, and I rolled off James and got to my knees, giving my boss a long and passionate kiss as James got up too, joining us for a three way snog.

“That was a great fuck,” Don sighed happily as we held each other and took turns trading tongues.

“I could think of worse ways of spending my lunch break!” I chuckled as James slid his fingers between my ass cheeks and teased my slippery hole, “You guys are great!”

Sitting back down on the blanket and taking a swig of our drinks, enjoying the heat of the day on our naked bodies, Don’s phone chimed. Picking it up, he smiled as he read the message.

“The big boss Clive liked the photos of you Ben,” he smiled, “he says he looks forward to getting to know you better, and that he’ll be swinging on by this afternoon to see how we’re getting on. You know what that means don’t you?”

“That I’ll be getting fucked again?” I smiled at him in a hopeful voice.

“That’d suit you just fine wouldn’t it?” James laughed, “You’re just a cum-slut cock whore aren’t you?”

“Well, not exclusively, but the more I get it the more I like it!” I laughed, “I mean, I will happily fuck anyone, but I really do enjoy a hard cock in me.”

After a bit we got our shorts back on, gathered up our stuff and went back to work, spending the next couple of hours making good progress on the ditch. We would stop every now and then for a breather, taking the opportunity to trade kisses and gropes with each other before getting back to work.

I had plenty of time to reflect on how lucky I was, getting this job in the first place and finding out that I was working with a collection of men who couldn’t keep their hands off each other. I hadn’t been joking when I told James that I was learning to love the taste of a cock in my mouth and the feel of it stretching my ass wide open, and I was so turned on at the thought of working with all these horny men.

Just when we were thinking of taking another break a truck approached, and we could see that it our boss, Clive, come to check on us as promised. I was a little nervous and very horny as he got out and walked over to us, looking very fit and handsome for a man in his fifties.

“Wow, you guys have done great!” he said as we climbed out of the ditch, “you’ll have this done by the end of the week won’t you?”

“Yeah, I reckon so,” Don agreed, “our new team mate here is a real source of encouragement to make us work our muscles harder.”

“Yes, so I saw from those wonderful photos you sent me,” Clive smiled as he walked over to me, “Ben, I see you’re fitting in, subscribing to our work ethic.”

“I’ve been given a good introduction, yes,” I smiled as he stepped closer, one hand going to my shoulder and the other to my hip, “you can’t beat working up a sweat with your colleagues.”

“You know, that’s exactly what I had in mind,” Clive smiled as he moved in for the kiss. I closed my eyes, opened my mouth and submitted to him as he pulled me closer, his lips working with mine and his tongue insistent in its exploration of my mouth. I liked the feel of his body and the taste of his mouth, and I was starting to stiffen in my shorts at the thought of this rugged older man working up a sweat with me.

“Mmm, nice,” Clive moaned when our mouths parted, “how about we go some place where I can continue your induction into our group?”

“I like the sound of that!” I chuckled as he goosed my ass.

Clive told Don and James that he was taking me over to the old stables, and that they should pack up their gear and join us, an announcement that put big leering grins on their faces. I got into Clive’s truck and we slowly headed off, apparently to the other side of the estate where the old unused stables were.

“It’s been earmarked for renovation for years,” he explained to me as we ambled along, “but we’ve taken it over as our club house, so to speak. The public don’t have access to it so we never get disturbed there – except by members of staff of course!”

As he spoke he used one hand to undo his trousers and I watched him pull his erection out as he looked across and smiled at me. I took his meaning, quickly undoing my shorts so that I could pull my cock out as I slid closer to him on the seat, and we reached across to take a hold of each other’s cock.

“I knew from the moment I interviewed you Ben that you would fit right in,” Clive chuckled as we played with each other, “that and I liked the look of your ass in those jeans you wore!”

“Sir, my ass is yours any time you like!” I chuckled as I looked into his eyes, my hand slowly working up and down his rather splendid erection.

“Good lad!” he beamed at me, his left hand working my boner, “I hope you know how to use this too?”

“Don’t worry, I can give as good as I get,” I moaned as he gave me a squeeze.

We exchanged more of these rather horny pleasantries as we drove around the estate, each of us gently playing with a handful of hard cock meat, nodding to other staff as we went past. I was looking forward to getting to grips properly with Clive’s cock; it was big and thick, a bit longer than Don’s and had prominent veins running along it, and I knew it was going to feel so good sliding up my ass.

“Here we are,” Clive said as he pulled the truck up by a rather dishevelled and run-down looking Victorian building, clearly stables at some point, “come on, let’s go and get comfortable.”

We didn’t bother putting our dicks away – what would be the point – and I followed Clive inside, where it turned out to be in a better state of repair than the outside. There was an open area that had a pool table, a smattering of old armchairs and sofas, and a kitchen area. Past this were the old stalls, and the first few of these had been cleaned out and had more furniture in them.

“Come on, in here Ben, we need to get naked!” Clive said with a wicked gleam in his eye as he led me into a stall that had a big old leather sofa in it and some old deep pile carpet on the brick floor.

The next few minutes saw us kissing, groping and caressing each other as we undressed each other, stripping completely bare, boots and all. We were both quite taken with each other’s naked bodies, Clive enjoying my muscled and lean figure while I admired his stocky build and the fuzz of greying hair on his chest and belly. 

“Sit yourself down Ben,” Clive told me, and as I sat down on the sofa he stood right in front of me, holding his cock and rubbing its swollen head across my lips “suck me.”

You got it boss I thought to myself, parting my lips and letting him guide himself between them. I lashed the hard smooth surface and explored his piss slit, and he made it quite clear he was enjoying it, moaning happily and using one hand to stroke my face – the other had a firm hold of his cock.

With my hands free I let them wander, running them up the back of Clive’s powerful thighs to his buns, which I proceeded to squeeze and massage. As he fed more of his cock into my mouth I explored his ass crack, finding and teasing his anus with my fingertips.

“Yes, good lad, finger it,” he groaned as I toyed with his opening, “Here, give me your hand.”

I retrieved my right hand and lifted it up to him face, and as I continued to lick and suck his hardness he took two of my fingers into his mouth and covered them in his spit. When he released them I reached back around, using my other hand to pull his ass open, and I slowly screwed my wet fingers up inside him.

“Mmm, yes, that feels so good,” he purred, smiling down at me as I slid my wet lips up and down his thick veiny shaft while I worked my fingers in his backside, “deeper Ben, get right inside me!”

As I sat there working Clive’s cock with my mouth and his ass with my fingers we heard another truck pull up – that had to be Don and James. Sure enough we soon heard their voices and Clive called them down to our stall. They had big smiles on their faces when they saw us and they quickly undressed, their cocks quickly achieving full wood.

“What you got in mind boss?” Don asked as they came over and stood either side of him, watching me sucking and fingering him.

“We’ve got plenty of time to enjoy ourselves,” Clive sighed happily, “first off I really want to sample young Ben’s ass for myself, so why don’t we fuck these young ones first eh?”

So that’s how I found myself sitting back on the sofa next to James, the pair of us holding our legs up in the air and wide apart as the two older men sank to their knees, attending to our exposed ass holes with their tongues. We were pressed against each other such that we could lean over and kiss each other, which we did.

“Is everyone always this horny?” I asked him as Clive made love to my ass with his tongue.

“Pretty much,” James groaned as he enjoyed the same treatment Don was giving him, “it took me by surprise when I started here, but you soon get used to it.”

“Oh, I’m not complaining,” I said, “if this is normal then consider me in; I’ll take all the cock I can get!”

“Yeah, me too!” James groaned, “This place has that effect on you, you’ll see.” We kissed again, with lust and passion, as the older men feasted themselves on our juicy young ass holes, licking, probing, slurping and penetrating, getting us ready to fuck.

“I think they’re ready, don’t you?” Clive said as he sat back and admired his work.

“They sure are,” Don agreed, “let me find some lube.”

James and I lay there, holding our legs in position as we watched Don get a big tube of lubricant, both of them taking a big dollop and spreading it over their big erections, making them glisten beautifully, more was applied to our ass holes, both James and I groaning with lust as greasy fingers slipped inside us.

“Yeah, you’re ready aren’t you?” Clive smiled at me as he pulled his fingers out and pressed his cock head against my opening.

“I am, fuck me!” I grinned at him, “Fuck me good!”

“You bet!” he smiled as he started to push into me, both of us groaning loudly at the shared pleasure of a thick hard cock spreading and penetrating a pliant and willing backside. For the second time that day I delighted in having my back passage stretched and filled with a big man stick, rubbing past my prostate and making my hard cock dribble onto my belly.

“Oh yes, that feels so good!” the man old enough to be my grandfather groaned as he started to fuck me, and he leaned forward to kiss me hotly. Next to us James was gasping and moaning as he took Don’s fuckstick up his ass, the older man going slow and steady, giving James every hard inch up to his balls.

“Oh Ben, your ass is just perfect,” Clive grunted, “It’s just made for a good hard cock!”

“Uh, yeah, it’s something I’ve come to realise,” I smiled at him as he thrust back and forth inside me, “I’m craving cock in my ass more and more, especially today!”

“You’re in the right place for that then,” Clive grunted as my ass loosened and let him pick up the pace, “as part, ooh, yeah that’s good, part of your training I’ll rotate you around the other teams, so that you can get to know everyone and learn from them.”

“Fuck, yes, that sounds good,” I moaned, “I want to learn all that I can, all their tips and tricks, I want to be a well-trained all-rounder.”

“We’ll make sure of that, don’t you worry,” Clive smiled at me as his balls smacked against my butt, his rampant cock thrusting slickly in my welcoming backside, “now, kiss James again as we fuck the pair of you, I love to see you young ones kissing.”

Clive had taken my legs and was holding them up against his body, crooked over his shoulders, and Don was holding James’ legs wide apart, so I was free to reach across and pull his face to mine, our tongues soon doing their wet and slippery dance.

“This lad is going to go far,” I heard Clive telling Don as they shafted us hard, “he’s keen, hard working, eager to learn, buff and cute, he’s got a nice cock and his ass is to die for!”

“I know,” Don grunted as he fucked James, “everyone is going to want their turn with Ben; he’s a natural born cock hound.”

“How’d you like that Ben?” Clive asked me as I broke away from James’ wet mouth, “How’d you like to get fucked by every member of my staff?”

“Yes please!” I gasped as he fucked me harder, faster and deeper, “I consider it a vital part of my training!”

“He’s good!” Don chuckled as he pounded away at James, clearly getting close to cumming.

“Oh yes, he certainly is!” Clive groaned, sweat beading his body like it was mine, and he leant forward, folding me in two as his mouth sought out mine. I pulled his face to mine and kissed him with passion, showing my appreciation of the fucking he was giving me, letting him know how much I was enjoying his thrusting cock.

Next to us Don came first, and as my mouth stayed glued to Clive’s and he grunted into it I heard Don telling James how good his ass felt as he pumped his cum into it. James was grunting and groaning, telling Don how good his spurting cock was in his ass, telling Don to fill him full of it.

“Do that to me!” I gasped when Clive broke away to get his breath, “pump me full of cum!”

“You got it my lad!” he grunted, and with a few more frantic thrusts he did just that, burying his face in my neck as he buried his spurting and twitching cock in my backside. Moaning and trembling as he came, I reckoned he’d been saving his seed up, as he pumped what felt like gallons of hot spunk into my twitching anal canal, his cock pulsing as he emptied his balls in me.

“Ah, yes, take it, take it!” he cried out as he filled me, his sweaty body sliding against mine, his cock a thick throbbing hose delivering it’s cargo directly to my bowels.

“Thank you sir,” I muttered as his mighty cock spurted its last, remaining buried deep inside my body, “that was awesome.”

“No, thank you Ben,” Clive murmured as he kissed me tenderly, his cock softening inside me, “it’s a privilege to have you on our team; you are a beautiful boy and a wonderful fuck!”

He slowly eased himself up and out, holding my legs up in the air and admiring his handwork – I could feel his cum oozing out of my loosened hole. Don followed suit and when Clive suggested they swap and clean up Don was all over it. So James and I lay there enjoying having our well-fucked ass holes licked and sucked clean.

“I am now ready for some cock myself!” Clive said when he was finished attending James, “Ben, I want you to take care of my hungry hole for me, will you do that for a horny old man?”

“I would love to sir!” I replied enthusiastically, “Is there anything in particular you would like?”

“I really like him!” Clive smiled at Don, “No Ben, I want you to do whatever you fancy, just as long as it ends with your cum in my ass!”

“Oh, it will, I assure you,” I smiled at him, having already worked out what I wanted to happen. We all got up and I asked Clive to take my place, sitting on the sofa with Don to one side of him and, to their surprise, me on the other, holding Clive’s legs and apart.

“James, I want you to grease Clive’s ass up and fuck him good,” I told him, “I want his ass full of your cum when I fuck him.”

“Oh yeah, I like the sound of that!” Clive groaned as we watched James retrieve the tub of lube and scoop some up.

“I thought you might!” I chuckled as James knelt down in front of our boss, “I want to watch you get fucked before I fuck you.”

“Ungh, yes, that’s good,” Clive groaned as James worked two slick fingers up his ass, “Ben, where did you learn to be so nasty?”

“Oh, I’ve had one or two good teachers,” I chuckled as I watched James’ fingers slide in and out of Clive’s hole, “horny old men who liked young guys like me.”

“Well, whoever they are, they’ve done a great job!” Clive groaned as Don and I pulled his legs back and apart even more, swivelling Clive’s hip so we had a better view of his hairy ass being opened up.

“He’s ready James, I want to see your cock open him up,” I told him.

“Me too!” he smiled at me, pulling his fingers out of his boss’s ass, scooping up more lube and smearing it all over his beautiful cock. I leaned forward, still holding Clive’s leg, and I grabbed his heavy balls, pulling them back so that I had a clear and close-up view of his lubricated ass hole.

“That’s it, push it in,” I murmured as James lined his swollen cock head up with Clive’s opening, and Clive moaned happily as his ass was stretched wide open by his employee’s hard cock. I love watching other guys fucking in porn films and it was a real turn-on to watch James push his hard member inside Clive, inch by inch, until he was as far as he could go.

“Yesss, fuck me!” Clive hissed in delight, and James was happy to oblige, placing his hands on Clive’s thighs as he started to thrust back and forth, nice and slow, savouring the tight grip of the older man’s ass. It looked so hot to see James’ slick cock sliding in and out of that hot man hole, and I couldn’t wait to sample its delights myself.

The next five minutes or so were spent watching James fuck Clive, kissing Clive, kissing James, playing with Clive’s cock and balls, and urging James to fuck Clive hard, which of course he did. I had got Clive hard again and he was dribbling pre-cum all over his belly, but I was careful not to make him cum just yet – I wanted to make him wait until I was fucking him.

“Oh fuck yeah!” James was groaning as he started to cum, his cock buried deep inside Clive and throbbing as he emptied his balls. Clive was moaning happily too as he received a full load of cum in his rectum, his ass full of twitching throbbing cock.

As soon as James was spent he pulled himself out of Clive and we swapped places. I applied some lube to my rampant tool as I admired the sight of Clive’s freshly-fucked anus, red and drooling with James cum – beautiful.

“Do it Ben,” Clive groaned as he watched me, “fuck me good.”

“You got it boss!” I smiled at him, shuffling closer and pressing my cock against his opening.

He wasn’t gaping open, but I didn’t have any trouble pushing my cock into him, enjoying the resistance of his ring and the warm wetness of his channel as I slowly sank my length into him. I started to fuck him hard, not needing to wait for him to loosen up, and James’ spunk was keeping everything wet and slick.

“Yesss, fuck me Ben, fuck me!” Clive groaned with delight as I hammered into him, my balls slapping his skin and my cock making wicked squelching sounds in his ass.

As Don and James watched me fucking Clive I took hold of his erection and started to toss him off, pumping his cock in time to my thrusts into him. I wanted to time it just right so that we would both cum at the same time, so I wasn’t gripping him too tightly to begin with. Clive was loving what I was doing to him, pushing back at me as I drove into him, telling me how good my cock felt and how he wanted to feel my cum in him.

After a few more minutes of very enjoyable fucking I could feel my orgasm approaching, so I increased my grip on Clive’s cock as I jerked him off, making him gasp and feeling his insides milking me. I was puffing and panting, grunting and telling Clive how fucking hot his ass was, and suddenly my balls were boiling over.

“Ung, yesss, here it comes!” I cried out as I went nuts-deep in Clive, my fist pumping up and down frantically on his dick as I started to unload inside him, “oh, fucking take it!”

Clive yelled out happily as my throbbing cock squirted jet after jet of hot young man seed deep in his bowels, just as he started firing his own cum from his dick as I masturbated him – fucking my cum into him as I fucked his cum out of him, jetting high into the air before splattering down all over the place, but mainly on his belly and chest.

“Oh sweet Jesus!” Clive groaned, beaming happily at me as I worked his cock dry, still fucking him as I hadn’t gone soft, his bowels slick with my cum on top of James’ load, “oh beautiful boy, what a fuck!”

I slowly pulled out of Clive as Don leaned over to lick up the strings of spunk on Clive’s body, and I slapped my greasy fuckstick on top of Clive’s cock. Don didn’t hesitate in moving over and taking it into his mouth, licking and sucking it clean. Eventually the guys let Clive’s legs back down and he eased himself up, a silly grin on his face as he pulled me close and kissed me. 

“Welcome to the team Ben,” he said after we had exchanged a long and lusty kiss, “that was everything I was hoping it would be.”

“Thank you Clive, I look forward to being a hard-working team player,” I replied as we stood up.

James asked if he could clean Clive’s ass for him, and so he laid back on the sofa and Clive threw a leg over, spreading his ass as he squatted over the young man’s face, Don and I watched as Clive pushed out what was mainly my cum as James pushed his tongue up inside his boss’s well-fucked ass hole, and we all groaned at the delicious lewdness of such an act.

We all needed a drink of something a little cooler, so when Clive had fed James all that he could, we went round to the open area, naked of course as it was far too hot to bother getting dressed, and from a fridge Clive produced four beers.

“I could get used to this,” I chuckled as I sat down in an old comfy armchair, naked and swigging on a bottle of beer.

“Do so” Clive smiled at me from another armchair opposite me, “I’m a firm believer in work hard, play hard, as you may have noticed today.”

“I do like the hard bit,” I smiled, looking around at the four of us relaxing, sweat beading our bare bodies.

“There’s plenty of that around here,” Don sighed happily, one hand idly playing with his cock, “we’ve managed to build up quite a horny little family here, and you fit right in!”

“You lot fit in me you mean!” I laughed, still feeling very horny, but also feeling very comfortable and at home with these horny and sexy men.

“Well, yes, I think everyone will want to sample your cute ass,” Clive smiled at me, “and who can blame them? But don’t worry; your cock will see more than enough action too, mark my words.”

I looked across at James and I noticed that his cock was hard and that he was slowly working it with his hand, almost teasing it. The sight was quite beautiful and almost mesmerizing, and my cock started to swell in sympathy. I felt an itch in my ass and I realised that I wanted cock in it; my ass was telling me that the hard cock I was looking at would feel right at home in it. I put my beer down, got up and walked over to James with a smile on my face.

“You want somewhere to stick that?” I asked him, looking down at his hand sliding up and down his erection.

“Mmm, yes please, “he smiled up at me, “what do you have in mind?”

I showed him what I had in mind when I turned around and straddled him, letting him guide his cock head to my ass hole before I slowly sank down on top of it, moaning happily as my ass took him inside, James helped support me as I leaned back, giving Don and Clive a great view of my backside full of cock as I started to move up and down.

“Ah, the vitality of youth!” Clive chuckled as he watched me sliding up and down James’ cock, my own bouncing about, “so beautiful!” He stayed where he was, quite content to watch as he played with himself, his flaccid cock starting to stiffen.

“It certainly is,” Don agreed with him, also nursing a stiffening cock as he watched us fuck.

“Your ass is so good Ben,” James groaned as he thrust up into me, “I can see why they liked fucking you so much!”

“Thank you, your cock feels pretty good too!” I gasped as I rode him, “really opening my ass up!”

For several more minutes there was nothing but moaning, grunting and gasping as we fucked, watched by our appreciative audience as they worked their hands up and down their stiff pricks. James was getting close to cumming is his moans and groans were anything to go by, and my rock-hard cock was dribbling and drooling, flicking pre-cum all over me as it jerked about.

“Aargh, I’m gonna cum Ben!” James grunted as he slammed up into me, “pump my cum into you!”

“Yeah, do it, fill my ass!” I cried out, eager to feel him spurt inside me.

“Fuck!” he cried out as he went all-in, slamming his hips up and firing his hot seed into my backside. He stayed buried balls deep inside me, pulling me down on top of him as his cock throbbed and jerked, pumping his seed into my rectal canal.

As soon as he had fired his load in me he pulled me back to him, keeping his still-hard cock in my chute, and reached around to grasp my erection. He started to toss me off, hard and fast, and in seconds I was gasping and crying out as he milked my cock, my spunk shooting high into the air and splattering back down onto me.

“Have some more!” Don said as he hurriedly got up and came over, hand still pumping his majestic prick, and as he stood right in front of me he fired his cum onto my chest and belly, mixing it with my own fluid. Clive liked that idea so he got up and came over, fisting his shaft hard and fast before he too surrendered his ball juice, crying in triumph as he splattered his seed all over my already cum-soaked body.

I had long drooling strings of sticky man juice running down my almost-hairless chest and flat belly, two naked men panting with relief as their cocks started to wilt in their hands, another wilting cock still occupying my backside – I was a very happy lad indeed! As we all started to relax I scooped up the ejaculate that stuck to me and ate it up, three juicy loads to enjoy.

We were really rather sated after that, so more beers were produced, along with some wet wipes, and we joked and laughed as we enjoyed our mutual nakedness and the afterglow of a good time had. Time had rocketed by whilst we’d been busy sucking and fucking, so with a little reluctance we gathered up our things and got dressed, all of us looking forward to what tomorrow might bring…

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