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Internet Passion

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It was a Friday evening and everyone had left the office for the start of a long weekend. So many people with exciting plans and here I am sat working late, no one to share my time with. All the family had plans which should have meant a quiet weekend at home with a good book and a bit of pampering. So why am I feeling miserable, no noise, no kids, no hassle and no being the taxi service for 3 whole days.

There was definitely something lacking in my life and I knew exactly what that was, sex or more over someone to pamper and please me, someone who wanted the same in return.

There had been a lot of men in my life over the years but no-one that could come close to giving and fulfilling my needs. Was the old adage true; all the good men are taken or just gay!

Either way I was feeling pretty fed up with myself, so I decided to break all the company rules and use some of my time to search the internet for someone new and hopefully exciting to talk to. As the IT administrator I knew how to get around the system, good job too because all hell would break out if anyone found out. Hmm that in itself made this secretive search all the more exciting. I logged on to the net and started drifting in and out of a variety of sites. Wow, so many alternatives were staring me in the face and my excitement was rising all the time.

I decided to join a couple of singles sites and found a few good looking man who, when approached seemed very interested in me, was this all it took to get some very interesting and sometimes quite perverse offers from men. Web sites were going to be a lot more fun than standing, like the proverbial lemon in the local bars and clubs, plus there was no loud music interrupting the conversation. I found one guy who lived locally, looked reasonable and wanted to meet me. We talked for a while and then he asked me again if I wanted to have a drink with him, I decided to go, what the hell nothing ventured and all that.

I finished the work I had started, covered my slightly sordid tracks on the company’s computer system and gathered my wits about me. I must be mad but at least we had agreed to meet in a public place and if I didn’t like him, then that would be that. I got in my car and drove home, ran a bath and changed into something less officey. I chose a plain red shift dress and my favourite pair of black strappy, kitten heels, nice enough to make me feel sexy but not over the top for the occasion.

We met in the bar of a fairly swish hotel/bar, close to the town. When I walked into the bar I saw him almost immediately, sitting at the bar talking to an attractive woman who was so feminine she took my breath away. She looked amazing and they looked perfect together. When he noticed me looking towards them, he smiled and stood up, walking towards me I noticed the woman watching us both and the look in her blue eyes was electric. I could feel her eyes following the movement of my body and I felt like a teenager meeting her idol for the first time. It may seem odd to you but I had only had this feeling once before when as a 19yr old I had a huge crush on a girl I worked with.

We met, exchanged a gentle and polite kiss and walked back to the woman. She hadn’t let her eyes stray from mine and she still held my gaze as we were introduced.

“Liz this is Jo,” said David with a look of excitement.

“Jo is my partner in crime, someone I choose to bring with me when I meet someone new, she is the best judge of character I know”.

Jo smiled and explained that she wasn’t staying but would have another drink with us if I didn’t mind. “Silly question” I thought but just gave a polite nod in her direction.

We talked about our lives, family and work and found we had quite a lot of similar interests. We had all travelled the world at one time and been to some of the same places, our tastes were varied but complimented each other well and before we knew it the bar manager was asking if we were guests or visitors. Sadly visitors would have to leave, so on the spur of the moment I left the room and walking to reception I booked a double room for that night.

When I returned Jo had left the table and I was concerned she had left without saying goodbye. David indicated that Jo had gone to the ladies and was going to find a cab. I told David about my rash move and he smiled, well I suppose we should continue this in private, I agreed but asked him to find Jo and ask if she wanted to join us for another drink. The idea of a room with all night room service was too much to pass up.

When David came back he smiled and I knew Jo would be joining us. We all made our way to the lift and got to our room. The room was gorgeous, big, bright and elegant, just the sort of place I was sure Jo would like. My concerns as you may have gathered weren’t for David but for his friend. This woman had blown my mind and my imagination and pulse were racing at a speed that scarred me a touch. We sat down, ordered champagne and waited for room service to arrive.

We drank and talked, David lounging on the bed whilst Jo and I sat talking and laughing at his silly comments and slightly naughty wit. We were all so relaxed that when David removed his jeans and shirt we didn’t bat an eye. He lay across the bed, slim, handsome and smiling. Jo looked across and smiled back, a knowing smile the sort of smile that friends understand only to well. Jo moved forward and removing her shoes, looked up at me and winked. The she moved to the bed and leaning forward kissed David with such passion that my insides did somersaults. David held her close and removed her clothes, expertly and seductively. Jo gave a short gasp and then pulled away. I realised I had stood up and I was watching them like the spectator at a football match, and suddenly I felt a fool. But David smiled, got up from the bed and taking my hand pulled me towards him and kissed me with the same passion. I was overwhelmed and didn’t realise the Jo had unzipped my dress and was removing it from my body.

I pulled away embarrassed of my body, unsure of my sex appeal and conscious of my extra pounds. Jo kissed my shoulders as she removed my dress, running her hands down my back and easing my concern. I was in heaven. Suddenly David moved to the chair and giving a wicked grin said he wanted to see sparks fly and he would be watching from here until we had both fulfilled each others needs.

I wanted this gorgeous sexy woman so much that my body ached but what did I do, I had never intended or considered taking or being taken by a woman. Jo seemed to realise this and as I was stood wearing nothing but my lingerie, kitten heels and flushed face, she kissed me. Bloody hell I was on fire and returning her kisses with the passion they were given but also with the need to be closer and more intimate!

Laying me on the bed she took away my last remaining garments and gently stroked my inner thigh, her touch was warm and gentle, intimate and so wanted by me. I moved my body so my legs opened slightly and I felt her move her head towards my body, she kissed me and it felt like a butterfly was flitting over my body, her lips like soft wings, very sensual and only just noticeable. She slid her tongue into my mouth and kissed me again, her hands had started to wonder over my breasts and my nipple reacted quickly to her touch. She moved and kissed my neck and then working gently down my body she found my erect and sensitive nipples. Toying with them with her tongue I felt I would explode. I knew I should touch her body, I wanted to but I was nervous of doing it wrong but as soon as her hand flicked over my pussy all thoughts of mistakes went out of my head. My back arched and I wanted her to glide that delicate tongue over my pussy, I wanted to feel her nipples against my mouth. To see if her body would react as mine had done.

We kissed a little more and again I reacted to her touch, meeting her fingers as they caressed my shaven and now wet pussy. Then I felt other hands, masculine and warm, touching me and massaging my body with a thoughtful knowledge of my needs. Opening my eyes I saw David kneeling on the bed his cock hard and his eyes wide. He murmured to Jo and she moved her body so that she was kneeling on the bed. David moved to the floor and knelt down and then his head disappeared between her thighs and Jo’s breath turned to gasps of delight. As David licked and nibbled Jo’s clit and lips I could feel her breath on my body and then quite suddenly she took my clit and sucked it into her mouth hard. I groaned so loud I was scarred the other hotel guests would bang on the walls. Jo was amazing, using her tongue to explore my pussy, sliding it deep inside and then running it firmly over my clit.

Without warning she groaned loudly and moved her head from that precious and throbbing part that needed her so much. David had slid his now rock solid cock into her and she was looking like a woman possessed, moving her hips to his rhythm and groaning constantly. I moved my body so that I could watch them fuck and after a few moments realised that I was playing with my own hard clit, stroking it gently but firmly and joining Jo as she moaned with total pleasure.

I leant forward and stroked Jo’s pussy and the large cock that was stretching her and giving so much pleasure. She opened her eyes and for a moment I feared I had done wrong but her smile meant me to carry on. I stroked the hard clit and Davids cock with my finger then decide to use my tongue, both of them moaned with loud but full pleasure and I continued for sometime, getting wetter and wetter as we played together.

David slid out of Jo and I moved forward to take her pussy in my mouth, the smell was overwhelming and her taste was like honey, sweet and musty but totally arousing to me. I lid a finger into her and felt the dramatic wetness wash over my hand. I used my fingers as David has used his cock and with both my tongue on her clit and the action of my fingers I could feel her pussy muscles starting to tighten, I know she would cum but I didn’t want to lose this moment, so I moved away.

Both Jo and I turned, smiled and kissed each other, sharing our taste together, David moved forward and slid a finger into both of us, rubbing the insides of our pussy expertly and stopping short of our orgasms. We turned and with a knowing look took David and laid him on the bed. We both wanted to see how well this man could contain himself, so we took his cock and shared in licking, sucking and playing with him. I stroked the head of his cock whilst Jo played with his balls. We swapped and licked and played for what seemed and age and then all of a sudden he erupted, like a volcano and his cum sprayed us both squarely in the face. We laughed out loud and moving forward again we kissed each other, knowing that sharing was all part of the elaborate game.

I took Jo and laid her back and then I kissed her all over, not missing an inch. I loved the way her nipples felt as I flicked them with my tongue, hard large nipples, so sensitive to the touch and making her so responsive to me. I turned around and straddled her face, placing my clit close to her mouth and taking hers in my own. As I licked I used my fingers again and this time when I felt those muscles tighten I didn’t stop. Jo’s orgasm was long, hard and very, very wet. I could feel her body twitch and her breathing was short and hot on my pussy. As the orgasm was at its peak Jo used her tongue so firmly that I also burst, I could feel my juices running down my leg and she was lapping them up and continuing to slid her tongue deep inside me.

David was still standing by the bed but his cock was as hard and erect as before, taking his opportunity he moved us apart and turned Jo on all fours, without a 2-second thought he shoved his cock into her and started to fuck her hard and fast, Jo wanted to suck my clit and make me cum again, so I moved and she slid that wonderful tongue seep inside me again. This time she also used her fingers to squeeze my sensitive hard nub and with her tongue and fingers working me into another orgasm she made me cum for a second time. As I gasped and groaned I could hear Jo telling David to fuck her harder, harder…with a massive groan we all came together.

As we lay there, spent and satisfied we talked more about what we wanted and needed in our lives, it was obvious that this was the start of an adventure that would always leave us fulfilled but wanting more…

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