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She’d ruined her chance to get away. She knew it in an instant. She’d hesitated too long, stumbled when she started to run and he’d caught her arm. Now she was pinned between his hard body and the brick wall, the scent of garbage rising from the cans beside her, turning her stomach as much as the brutal fear did. “Please don’t hurt me,” she whimpered, breathless, terrified. “Take my wallet, my car…”

“It won’t hurt, baby,” he crooned, sliding a bent finger along her cheek, his position behind her giving him total control. Her mind went blank for a moment when she realized what he was going to do. His breath was hot against her skin, smelling of peppermint, and she trembled when she realized he wasn’t drunk. That he knew what he was doing and enjoyed it. His hand slid along her body, up from her thigh to waist to breast and he pinched her nipple lightly, chuckling when she tried to pull away. She could feel the hard strength in his muscles, the long leanness of his body that said he would be fast on his feet, the large bulge he was rubbing against her ass that explained what he wanted.

“I…I can’t,” she breathed, searching for an excuse, a bluff, “I’m seeing someone…” Really lame, Alice, she berated herself. He’s a rapist. He doesn’t care if you’re dating.

“Silly girl,” the man taunted, drawing his tongue down the side of her neck, sending chills through her body. She bit back a moan, appalled at her own reactions.

“It’s…it’s that time of month,” she gasped. His hands slid down her arms from the shoulder and he bracketed her wrists in one big hand.

“That might turn off some guys,” he chuckled, nuzzling the nape of her neck, her breasts rubbing the rough wall, tightening and tingling despite the situation. “The site of blood doesn’t bother me,” he growled, “I’ll pretend you’re a virgin being fucked for the first time and I’ll enjoy it event more…”

Alice couldn’t believe the insane response her body was having. Her pussy was tight, her breasts aching. She was so aroused, she was probably dripping wet. “Please, don’t…”

“Oh, baby, you’ll be begging for more in just a few minutes,” he licked her ear, his free hand sliding between her belly and the wall, unsnapping her jeans with a quick jerk.

“No, not that,” she managed, “Just not here…I’ll be with you, just not here.” She shuddered, knowing that her body wanted his, knowing that she had to be out of her mind. He seemed to think a moment.

“Where, pretty baby?” he asked, his voice low and rough, “For real, babe. If you’re thinking of some stupid escape, I will hurt you.” He reached into his back pocket, pulled out something blue that flicked open to a long shiny knife. Alice shuddered again.

“I live here, upstairs,” she whimpered, talking as fast as she could, “I was just going out to meet friends at the movies. I live alone on the second floor.” She was going to let this monster into her house? “Please, with the trash, I’ll throw up…” She was already gagging from her own nerves, from the panic. If she didn’t get inside…

“Upstairs, bitch,” he growled, “Any tricks and I slit your throat and walk away.” He flipped the blade closed.

“No tricks,” she whimpered, leading the way, one of his hands on her arm, the other pressing the cold metal knife handle to her bare back. She fumbled the door, almost tripped on the stairs, and took forever with her keys, but finally let them into the small apartment. She reached for the light, but his hand stopped her.

“If you see me, I’ll have to kill you,” he growled and she squeaked. “Bedroom.”

She led the way, familiar enough not to trip over anything. In the bedroom, he stalked to the windows, pulled them open to let in a little light and turned to her. With the light behind him, she couldn’t see his face, but she was silhouetted in the pale glow.

“Strip.” His voice was harsh, cold. Hands shaking, she managed to undress. Shoes, Blouse, skirt, stockings, bra, panties, she shivered as she dropped the clothing on the floor.

“Toss me the panties.” He caught them mid-air and lifted them to his nose. With a chuckle, he sniffed deeply. “You little whore,” he laughed again, “Getting me up into your bedroom. You are so going to love what I’m going to do.” Alice shuddered, torn between disgust and this dark desire. She knew this was wrong, but something about the darkness, about being with a stranger, about the memory of his hard body pressed to hers had her excited.

“Lay down on the bed. On your stomach.” She did, turning her face away from the light, trembling with the chill in the air on her bare skin. She heard him move to the end of the bed. Her body tightened, tingled with anticipation. She’d only had sex with a couple men and none of them could be called well-endowed. Certainly, none of them had felt like him when he’d been pressed against her in the alley. She wondered if his cock would hurt. Maybe she should…then she felt the bow of the mattress as he climbed onto the bed and knew it was too late. The heat radiated from his body as he leaned over her. Her trembles increased. He took one wrist, pulled it down, then the other, so he could bind her wrists tightly behind her back and she felt the tears start.

“Don’t worry, baby,” he crooned, sliding his hands over her bare back, her ass, her thighs, “It’s just a precaution. I’m not going to hurt you.” Parting her legs, he moved to kneel between and she felt cool air on the wetness between her legs. She shuddered at the sensation and he chuckled. “Wet and glistening,” he murmured, “I’ll bet you’re tasty…”

“Oh, God,” she whimpered and he chuckled again. She’d never been comfortable with a man’s mouth on her body. It was okay for them to touch, but she’d never had…no one had minded, since she was perfectly comfortable with her mouth on their bodies. But she had no way to stop this man from tasting her.

He leaned over her, pressing a kiss between her shoulder blades as his hand slid between her thighs and cupped her. “Relax,” he murmured, stroking her swollen folds before sliding a finger between, seeking her clit. He stroked and teased her clit, making her whimper and squirm and then moved his fingers to her pussy, rubbing, dipping the tips in and out, making her moan. “It will be much easier if you just relax.”

“God, you have to…” It burst from her, breathless, aroused, and she was surprised. She’d been thinking it, the rubbing of his fingers driving her insane with need. She felt so wet and so tense, her body tight like a spring. “I can’t relax when you’re so…” Before she could say anything else, he thrust one thick finger deep into her pussy and she bucked on the mattress, crying out as her first climax hit. His finger twisted, slid back, and then two thrust up into her quivering pussy.

Again and again, he worked her wet sex with his fingers, making her shudder and squirm and pant. “That’s it, baby,” he growled, “I want you ready for me. I’ve got a big cock just for you.” When she went limp, unable to take any more, he pulled his fingers free. She heard him sucking and her pussy quivered again. “Nice and tasty, just like I thought,” he chuckled, “Too bad you’re not my woman or I’d eat you for hours.”

Alice turned her face away, appalled that she wanted to be his woman, that she wanted his mouth on her, feasting. The sound of a zipper had her tensing, as did his long release of breath after, suggesting his pants had been tight over his erection. Oh, God, she whimpered, tightening her hands in the sheets. He leaned over her again and his hands slid over her ass before clenching in the sheets beside her hips. It seemed like an eternity before anything happened and she wondered what he was doing. Maybe he had second thoughts. Maybe…she jumped when his hands stroked her ass cheeks.

“Your ass is tight,” he murmured, squeezing, “I’ll bet your pussy’s tight too.” His voice was husky, aroused. “I’m going to fuck you raw, skin on skin, so I can feel your juicy pussy wrap around me.” She moaned as the head of his cock stroked her slit before settling against her hole. “I can’t wait to feel your pussy, baby.”

His fat head burrowed against her, penetrating her slowly, stretching her with the enormous size of his erection. “So creamy, so slick,” he murmured, leaning to brush kisses on her shoulders, her back. “I love the feel of a woman.”

“Oh God…” She buried her face in the bed, fighting the scream, as his penis worked deeper into her pussy. She felt like he would rip her open as he kept pushing, kept thrusting against her, kept invading her body. Finally, finally, his head was against her core, the long shaft of him throbbing inside her, stuffing her full. She shuddered at the sensation of his pulsing cock, at the way her sex clenched greedily around him.

“Damn,” he ground out. He enjoyed fucking women in this position most – they were tight as a fist, almost painful around his thick shaft. Savoring her discomfort and the pressure on his cock, he slowly moved back and forth a little inside her, as if fitting himself into a sleeve. Her gasping breaths made him more aroused, had him engorging more. He groaned with the painful pleasure. With his hands on her thighs, he shifted her, lifting her hips until she was on her knees, just his head still inside her. Then he drove deep with a single stroke, shocking a cry from her as he filled her.

Alice shuddered as his big cock stroked her intimately. He began to move with smooth, even strokes, in and out. He was bigger than Steve, her last lover – so much bigger she was surprised. Of all her lover, Steve had been…Oh, God, but this man felt good. The stretch of her pussy was a sweet pain and the friction of his fucking was so erotic, she whimpered for more. Her body loved the feel of him and as he pulled back, she moaned, trying to thrust her hips back to meet him. His rhythm fit in time with the heartbeat pounding in her head and she closed her eyes as pleasure built. Sex had never been like this – waves of pleasure rippling through her each time his rigid shaft plunged inside her. She was such a slut; she berated herself, enjoying some strange man raping her, even as she shuddered around the throbbing hot length of him.

She was good, he thought, her body sleek and sexual, her response eager. He was enjoying not only the sensations and release of sex, but the sight of her pale body moving with his, the scent of her pleasure mixed with the vanilla she wore, the way her hands clenched in the sheets as she pressed back to meet his thrusts. He groaned with increased need, his fingers digging in to her hips as he drove harder and deeper into her wet pussy. God, if his wife was like this, he wouldn’t need to…He pushed her back, pushed her down further and worked his knees between her legs to spread her wider.

Alice felt the shift and the way his cock worked deeper inside her and moaned her agreement. She leaned on one knee a little, the ache on one site so tight, and then cried out as his penis drove into a tender spot. Again, again, his head slammed into her at that sensitive place, sending bursts of pleasure through her body. Her pussy tightened, her heat increased, and she panted out a plea for more.

He knew she was close and reveled in it. Sex was sex and he didn’t mind sating his desire by forcing his cock into a limp cow or a struggling bitch. But to have an eager slut like this made it hotter, made him want more and more. This was primal mating, hot and wet, naked and sweaty – the way it was supposed to be. Adjusting himself to her body, he shifted leverage to punctuate each thrust with an upward snap against her, allowing himself to enjoy the slap of his heavy balls against her thighs. Lightning-like, pleasure zapped through him with each slap and he grunted, groaned his way towards release.

Alice came first, one deep thrust and the fire whipped through her like a hurricane. She cried out, straining, her body clenching around his erection before gushing with pleasure. He ground his hips to her ass, his long shaft stroked by her inner muscles, thickening with his seed as his balls drew up tight against his base. “Oh, God, you feel so good,” she sobbed, burying her face in the sheets as her hands clutched for balance and her body shook.

He tilted his hips, humping her, feeling the bubble of release gather, lift, shoot up his shaft. “Yes!” He hissed as he ejaculated uncontrollably into her core. She cried out again at the rush of his hot seed, her body bucking against his as he erupted again and again. He had to stop himself from collapsing onto her, from pulling her close. This was just sex and she was just a substitute for what his wife should be.

The thought of his wife had him drawing away. The slurping that came as he pulled free had him trembling on the edge of taking her again, but he fumbled into his clothes. He reached over her to yank the cord free of her wrists, then glanced at the bedside clock. He needed to get home before his wife. No time to indulge. But he could come back. He knew where she lived. The thought solidified. He’d definitely be back…being inside her was his new addiction.

Alice heard him leave the apartment and rolled onto her back. She stretched, sighed. Her body hummed with satisfaction. She needed a shower, she thought, rolling out of bed and strolling naked to the bath. She should never have let him inside her, she realized as she stepped under the hot spray, as her hands stroked her breasts, her belly, she felt the need for him like an addiction. The need for that pounding cock, she thought as her fingers stroked the slickness between her legs. Maybe he’d come back…


Three weeks since she’d had sex with the stranger and she couldn’t get him out of her mind. She dreamt about him constantly, reveling in sinful pleasures, wicked positions, public exhibitions and private taboos every night. During the day, she dragged – enough that her friends noticed. Their suggestion was get herself a date and have some sex because she obviously needed it. She tried it once, but the sex just wasn’t right. He just wasn’t right.

Across town, he couldn’t get her out of his mind. He had to have her again. No one sated the need – not his wife, not his mistress who’d just taken him back, not the whores he’d been with in between. It didn’t matter how experienced, how eager, even how kinky the woman, she couldn’t sate his need. He had to have the woman who lived above the alley behind the Chinese place his wife liked. He had to have the eager bitch who’d loved every minute of being raped.


He stood in the shadows, watching her gather her things before getting out of the car. Finally, he thought, his body tense with the though of hot sex and explosive release. She fumbled a bit getting out and he moved close as she bent to pick up the book she’d dropped. His hand slid over her ass and made her jerk upright. “Hello, babe,” he growled.

It was him. Alice nearly moaned with delight and anticipation. “Hi,” she managed, her voice wavering. He bent his head close enough to sniff at her neck, to lick her ear lobe and she shuddered in arousal. She wondered if he’d take her here – she’d give anything to have his cock thrusting inside her again. The image of being pressed against the car, his hands tearing off her clothes, his cock driving up into…she shuddered again with a small moan.

The moan had him swelling painfully. “Inside,” he murmured, one hand sliding over her hip, low on her belly. He felt the quiver of her muscles and smiled. He pressed his growing erection against her ass and felt her shiver and grinned. She was so ripe, so ready. He wanted her so badly.

“Inside,” she whispered, her voice needy. She led the way to her apartment, savoring the way his hand slid under her skirt and stroked her ass as they climbed the steps. It was pitch black inside as she dropped her stuff just inside the door and he swung her around, pressing her body between his and the door. She wound her arms around his neck as he kissed her hard and hungry, his mouth hot on hers. His hips ground against her, his throbbing cock hot against her belly.

“Please,” she moaned as his hands moved over her, tugging her blouse out, unzipping her skirt, cupping her bare ass cheeks. He felt so huge against her as his hips rocked against hers and she moaned again, wanting to be naked. WHen he stepped back, she almost sobbed in need.

“Take it off,” he growled, tugging at her clothing, at his own. They stumbled against each other, fumbling, until they were both naked. He tumbled her onto the couch, his body heavy on hers. Their mouths met again, greedily, as he pressed his hands between her thighs to open her. She squirmed beneath him and he groaned.

“Yes,” she arched with a sob as his hand cupped her, as his fingers drove up into her. She was already slick and he groaned again. He pulled his hand away, gripped her writhing body and mounted her hips like an animal.

“Yes,” he growled, thrusting into her core, filling her with one brutal stroke as she arched against him, clutching his arms, wrapping her legs around his hips. He began fucking her, plunging deep, his entire penis enveloped by her hot, wet pussy. His grunts, her panting filled the room.

Sanity fled as they rolled to the floor. For an instant she was on top, her weight forcing him deeper, until she bowed up with a shuddering cry. “God, yes,” she sobbed, and he rolled her again. Back on top, he drove into her again and again, desperate for the friction of flesh on flesh. Alice gasped, her scraping her nails down his back, seeking purchase as she vibrated from his wild thrusts. She finally dug her nails into his bare ass, spurring him on, his hard, fast rhythm stealing her breath.

“More,” he panted, pistoning his dick in and out, in and out, his hips banging against hers, the sensations screaming along his nerves. Her hands tightened as she bucked under him, her hips thrusting to meet his in abandon. The thrill of the pain where she dug her nails in, the pumping of his cock, the slap of flesh, her breathless cries, his own grunting, swirled around him in a chaotic mix. Faster, tighter, harder – he came with a roar, exploding into her body like a fire hose.

Alice almost screamed when he came, the flood of heat and wet so overwhelming, his burst like a starting gun that had her own body clenching and shaking with waves of pleasure. His hips jerked against hers as he ejaculated again and she shuddered at the wet rush. Again and she moaned with the heat, searing her core. And again as he fell like an oak, crushing her.

He couldn’t move, he groaned. He felt like he’d been struck by lightning, his body burning and tingling. He groaned again as he shifted and he felt his final seed spill inside her as he pulled away. It had been hotter than before, better than before. The images were burned in his mind, the sensations rippled along his skin. “I’ll be back,” he growled, pulling away, tugging on his clothes, knowing he was bound to her as if she’d chained him. Knowing she was inside him more intimately than he’d been inside her.

“I know,” she chuckled as he slammed out of the apartment. She stretched like a cat. “And I’ll welcome you inside.”

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