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Ruby sat in the livingroom of their backwoods home listening to her father and 5 uncles talk. They were all White Supremacist and hearing them talk was strange at best.

Ruby had been educated in the public schools and knew that these relatives of hers were full of crap but she was also raised to respect them if not fear them and therefore said nothing against their philosophies.

“It has taken a long time to build up to the point we are at now with the blacks and Jews running everything.” Says her father. “Yes” says Uncle Adam, “We have to build up our supplies of food and guns and ammo, and should have some extra vehicles handy as well.”

As they talked about the things they “needed” Ruby looked out the window thinking about their spending more of the family money on these things they in fact did not need. She looked down at her plain faded dress and then out the window at her mother working in the garden an noted as she bent over that she wore no panties. Ruby thought of her own with holes in them and stained and wished these men would not waste the money on such things.

She looked around the room at them each and noted they were handsome and seemingly intelligent men but oh so misguided. They were in fact so good looking that thinking to long about anyone of them could and now did make her wet. She looked around the room again and at the bulges in their jeans and felt a tingle between her legs. There was not a boy in her school that looked anywhere as good as her uncles. Besides that, she was 18 and out of school now for good. There were no other men or boys about except these men and their sons that she could look at or fantasize about.

Ruby felt the wetness and warmth between her legs spread and shook herself a little and brought her mind back to the conversation. It had taken a strange new turn.

“What we need to do is breed. Breed just as fast and furiously as we can. In twenty years we can have a whole new crop of voters voting our way and maybe we won’t have to be using guns.” Says Uncle Fred.

“Now there ya go” says Uncle Peter. “Make babies, lots and lots of babies. They can grow up and vote our way. And it could even be fun!”

“What do you think of that Ruby” asks Uncle Adam. Ruby blushes and looks at her knees and plays with the hem of her dress. “I guess it might work ok Uncle. I don’t know how much fun it would be.” “What is that” cries her uncle who jumped up came over to the couch sitting next to her placing an arm around her. “You haven’t let any of those high school educated football boys show you a good time?”

Goose bumps broke out on Ruby’s skin as this the youngest and best looking of all her uncles placed his arm around her shoulders. “No Uncle, you know I would not do that.”

“Have you let any of them play with these cute tits?” he asked pinching a nipple where it had started poking out against her dress. “No Uncle” she stammered, and her back arched as her body involuntarily reacted to his touch. She was not wearing a bra and his fingers had made good contact through the thin dress.

Uncle Peter was suddenly sitting on her other side on the couch and rubbed his palm against her other nipple. “You are 18 now girl and you haven’t started enjoying boys or men?” Her back arched involuntarily again and she sucked in breath. “No Uncle I would not do anything without Daddy’s permission.”

Uncle Adam looked over at his brother Phil and made eye contact. “She is such a good girl” Phil said and some kind of an eye contact message passed between them and her father nodded his head up and down slowly and Uncle Adam smiled.

Ruby gasped and squirmed on the couch as Uncle Peter’s lips kissed her ear and he whispered in her ear. “You need to learn what it is all about girl.” She turn her head and looked him in the eyes with her eyes full of fear and her uncle kissed her full on the lips, which she automatically returned as her Uncle Adam’s right hand cupped her breast and his thumb rubbed her nipple. As her kiss with Uncle Peter broke her head swiveled right and Uncle Adam’s lips covered her mouth, and Uncle Peter’s left hand cupped her left breast and his thumb rubbed her nipple as Adam was doing to her right. She moaned into Adam’s mouth and his tongue found it’s way between her lips and into her mouth.

Ruby squirmed more and her backed arched again pushing her breast harder into her uncle’s hands. Her mind was a mass of confusion. Her night dreams had been filled with these men and now two of them were caressing her in such a lovely way. She closes her eyes and starts enjoying the feelings.

As her uncle’s lips changed position to kissing both sides of her neck at once she felt other hands undoing the buttons that went down the front of her dress. Then her uncle’s hands left her breasts and pulled the dress open and their lips moved down slowly kissing their way down her front and around the sides of her breast and working up the sides of them to her nipples which they licked, kissed, and then sucked lightly and Uncle Adam’s right hand went down to touch her thigh lightly before touching her pussy through her now wet panties. She heard a loud moan come from someone only to realize it was her own voice. Uncle Adam’s fingers found their way through the leg of her panties and traced around her pussy, parted her nether lips and moved up and down in her slit finally rubbing a knuckle against her clit. Her back arched once again pushing her pussy up against her uncle’s hand and a squeak escaped her and in a moment she had a introductory orgasm the flesh on her thighs shaking so that the men knew what was going on.

A new pair of hands pushed their way around her hips and took hold of the waist band of her panties and pulled. Her bottom moved up off the couch a little without her even thinking about it and her panties were gone. The hands then spread her thighs apart and kisses were placed on her inerthighs and around her pussy before a tongue licked up her slit and probed inside her. Her feet came off the floor and her knees drew up and her legs spread wide open. Aaahhhhhhhhhhhhhh her voice sounded as another little orgasm went through her!

Then she herd the voice of one of her aunts and her eyes flew open but the men did not miss a beat. Her aunt went over and sat in her Daddy’s lap. Ruby’s eyes moved around the room and noticed four of her older cousins watching. Then she noticed her own mother in the doorway. Another cousin came up behind her and with one hand cupped a breast and with the other reached up under her dress and Ruby remembered her mother’s nakedness as her mother sagged back against her cousin with her knees buckling, and Ruby realized that she was not the first female in the family to receive the treatment that she now was.

The tongue between her legs hit her clit and another wave of pleasure washed over her. As it slowed she noticed that Uncle Adam had moved off somewhere and she opened her eyes to look for him and there he was moving back with not a stitch on his body and his glorious tool standing proud for Ruby’s eyes. She reached out and touched it and then wrapped her fingers around it feeling the soft smooth skin covering a hardwood rod. Then she realized that the tongue between her legs had stopped and she looked up to see that it had been her Uncle Samuel and that he was now dropping his pants and he pulled down his underwear with the pants so that his tool was springing free in all it’s glory. Ruby stared admiring it as he was undoing his shirt.

Then something brushed against the side of her face and she turned her head to find her Uncle Adam’s cock bobbing right there and it brushed her lips. She did not even remember letting go of it. She then realized that her hand was in her own pussy. She moved it up to her Uncle’s cock and felt the sack as her lips kissed the head. Then she kissed down one side and back up the other. As she was doing this her other hand was filled with cock and she realized that Uncle Peter had undressed. Then she heard a squeak much like she had made earlier and looked around to see her aunts dress was open and her father’s fingers were pushing up into her pussy as his lips were sucking her breast. Then Ruby’s eyes moved to her mother who was now on the floor with four of Ruby’s cousins working on her. Ruby would not have even known it was her for all the naked butts around her but for a bracelet on a wrist coming up around a cousin’s waist.

Then Uncle Adam’s cock brushed her face once again and she turned remembering the girls at school having talked about sucking cock and she took it into her mouth and started sucking. She only sucked for a moment or so before she broke off the sucking to look down at her pussy where something was pushing against it. It was Uncle Samuel’s cock. Her eyes moved to his and he smiled and rubbed up and down and pushed a little more. Ruby’s back arched and her hips raised up trying to take it inside her. Her uncle did not let it go too deep but worked it in and out letting her enjoy the feel of it. Each thrust brought it closer to her hymen.

Uncle Adam’s voice brought her attention back to him and she noticed that she was stroking his cock and she also noticed that she was without thinking stroking Uncle Peter’s cock as well. “Ruby” Uncle Adam’s voice called. She looked up at him. “Look me in the eyes please.” She did and as she was looking into her Uncle Adam’s eyes her Uncle Samuel took her virginity with one deep hard thrust. She cried out with her eyes still locked into the eyes of her other uncle.

Uncle Samuel held himself still while Ruby’s body accustomed itself to the feeling of being so well filled. Her eyes stayed on Adam’s her mouth in the shape of an O moving to a smile. When she stuck out her tongue to lick the head of Adam’s cock Uncle Samuel began moving thrusting in and out, and Ruby could not concentrate on the cock in her hand for the pleasure coming from his thrusts, and up through her pussy.

Her Uncle’s cock disappeared from her hand and his lips were suddenly back on her nipples. The same thing happened with Uncle Peter’s cock and lips. Then Uncle Adam’s fingers found her bottom and as one found her ass hole a great full climax crashed over her. It was followed by another and another, before Uncle Samuel’s own climax crashed into him. He pulled her tight against him going as deep into her as possible and he began filling her with his seed. She hit the heights once more before falling back limp onto the couch.

Tears of joy filled her eyes as her sweat coated body enjoyed the feeling of after glow for the first time. But moans were coming from other places in the room grabbing her attention. She looked over at her Dad to see her aunt in his lap kissing him and her Uncle Fred leaning over her back kissing her shoulders. Then as her eyes moved down Ruby realized that both men had their cocks inside her. Her father was in her pussy and her uncle was ramming into her ass. Her aunt’s mouth broke away from kissing her father and a scream of pleasure filled the room. Her cuming triggered her father and uncle into their own climaxes and they both jammed deep within her pumping their seed deep, which triggered her again and she screamed once more her body shaking like a leaf in the wind.

Noise from the floor caught Ruby’s attention and she moved her eyes to her mother. One cousin was lying on the floor with Ruby’s mother straddling him. Another cousin was behind her filling her ass hole. A third cousin was pumping his dick in and out of her mouth.

Ruby’s pussy was creaming with much more than her uncle’s seed leaking back out as she watched her mother. Hands under her arms interrupted her thoughts as her Uncle Adam pulled her up off the couch and towards him. Uncle Peter pulled her dress the rest of the way off her as she moved to straddle Uncle Adam. As they kissed his chest hair rubbed against her nipples sending little waves of pleasure through her and his cock rubbing against her pussy did the same the two seeming too meet in the middle connecting to her spine and move to her brain making her head swim.

Uncle Adam’s lips moved all over her face and neck as he spoke, “You enjoyed that didn’t you baby?” Her answer was something between a moan and a growl as she kissed his face and rubbed her breast on his chest. His hands moved all over her body and he leaned back on the couch until he was lying down with her on top. With his arms around her they two moved and maneuvered until his dick slipped up into her and he thrust it home. She gasped and moaned and then her body rotated itself on his hard member. She recalled the mental picture of her mother on the floor a moment to late as Uncle Peter’s cockhead had pushed passed her sphincter and a little deeper. She cried out but more with surprise than pain. Uncle Peter had lubed up well with Vaseline and there was little pain. He moved in and out a little at a time, going deeper with each movement. Uncle Adam held still waiting for his brother to make full penetration. His cock was nearly pulled all the way out of the girl to give space. Ruby grunted with every movement her eyes big, her mouth open, looking back at Peter. Finally she felt his balls hit her bottom and she let out a breath she had not known she was holding. As he pulled out almost all the way this time Uncle Adam thrust up and in entirely filling her cunt with his cock. Then as Adam pulled out again Peter filled her ass with his cock once more then he pulled back and Adam thrust again and a rhythm was established.

Ruby’s eyes closed and her forehead rested on Adam’s collarbone his hands taking both her breasts and his thumbs rubbing the nipples. Ruby squeaked in a funny little way each time one of the uncles filled one of her holes. Adam paid attention to the girls body and as he felt her cunt muscles tightening on his cock he pushed her back just enough to get his mouth on a nipple and sucked it hard into his mouth. Ruby’s climax slammed into her and her body shook like a skyscraper in an earthquake. Her head swam and her cunt muscles tried to milk Adam’s seed from him and the muscles of her dark tunnel did the same to Peter’s. The rhythm broke and they both thrust up deep into her at the same time filling her with their seed and another wave of orgasm washed over Ruby and her vision went to total black as she passed out from over powering pleasure.

When her eyes opened again Ruby found herself in her own room with her mother sitting on the bed by her side. “How ya doin baby?” Ruby felt a little soreness between her legs and remembered, and a smile of satisfaction covered her face. Her mother seeing it also smiled, and because it did not have a mouth to smile with yet, the baby smiled in it’s mind as the feeling of satisfaction fill his mother’s body.

he End.

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