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Thump, thump, thump goes the bed above us in the ancient rhythm of sex. I glance up at the ceiling with a look that is part annoyance, part envy and part wonder. (I wouldn’t lose my virginity for another 4 years.)

“oh yes. Oh GOD, yes” filters down from above faintly. I look at Diana. She too, is staring up at the ceiling with the same mixtures of emotions on her face. Our eyes meet and we burst out laughing.

“Who lives above you, Diana?” I ask.

“Christie” she answers. I screw up my face trying to put an image to the name but I fail. “I don’t think I know her.”

“Fuck me. Fuck me…” the girl in question begs of her lover.

“How often do you have to put up with this?”

Diana shrugs.” She’s particularly enthusiastic tonight.”

We both return to our studying for the Biophysics exam coming up in about a week. Diana turns on the radio as loudly as she dares. It’s well after 1 in the morning and we don’t want to disturb the people in the neighbouring rooms. The words Christie is saying are no longer intelligible but the pleasure and the thumping of the bed is still audible. I’m trying to pay attention to the use of radar in bats but my mind is being unruly and is more interested in showing me pictures of what is happening upstairs. My clit is HUGE and throbbing in time with the thumps of the bed. I’m considering going to the washroom to take care of it.

“How far have you gone with Steve?” Diana suddenly asks me. I laugh.

“I’m having a hard time concentrating, too.” Diana flashes me a brilliant smile and not for the first time, I think of how lovely she is. She is a very tall athlete with dark blonde hair, blue eyes. She races the 400 m and has an incredible body, all long lean muscles. I sigh. Not for the first time, I wish I was built like her. “oh, hey, you raced today, didn’t you? You’re tired. I can go.”

“I’m not tired. I slept from 3 until we went for supper at 8. I’ll never get to sleep now.” I’m slightly curious if she means that she napped too long or if her clit is as sensitive as mine. The thought makes me feel warm. “Hello? Are you going to answer the question?

“What?” I start from my reverie. “Oh. No where, really. I haven’t even let him undo a button yet.”

“Why?” she asks curiously. I shrug.

“What about you and Shawn?” I return. She opens her mouth to start to answer when a look of pain begins to cross her face.

“A charley horse!” she squeaks. I have already massaged about a 1000 of them from her thighs in the past few months. She clutches her hamstring. Without even thinking about it, I reach over and undo her jeans and slide them off her body. I run to her drawer where I know she keeps her A535 and rush back to the bed and rolls her over on her stomach. I spend the next 30 minutes or so slowing easing the large knot. Finally, she can straighten her leg again and I can feel that the ham is relaxing. I find that I haven’t stopped caressing her thighs and I’m staring at her ass under her white cotton panties. I give my head a shake and guiltily remove my hands

“Feel better?”

“Totally. Thanks, Trace”

“My pleasure.” I say automatically but then flush to realize that I did find it very pleasurable indeed. Diana gets up and puts the cream back. I can’t help but watch her long lovely legs and her fantastic ass as she walks away from me. I remember that Diana’s mother thinks that she needs to lose about 10 pounds.

“I can’t believe your mother thinks you need to lose weight. You’re perfect” I say with a trace of longing in my voice.

“My mother doesn’t understand the body of an athlete. A woman should have a 20 inch waist. She could be as flabby and as weak as a newborn kitten as long as she has a tiny waist.” Diana lifts her t-shirt to show me her flat, perfect stomach. “My waist is like 28″. Way too big.”

“Gee, I hate to think what she says about me.”

“Actually, my mother adores you. She thinks you have an angel.” answers Diana walking back over to the bed. She sits down beside me and gives me a kiss just off the side of my mouth. I look at her.

“What was that for? The massage? Or for telling you that you’re perfect.”

She smiles. “For thinking I’m pretty.” She cocks her head to the side. “I guess that means I owe you another kiss.”

“Do I get to say where?” I counter.

Her eyes widened. “Tray. Cee” She drawls out in shock.

“Hey, I was gonna have you kiss my ass!” We laugh. The noises from up above are beginning to heat up again. We both look up at the ceiling and sigh. Diana grabs my pajama shorts and in one quick motion pulls them off. I look at her stunned. I don’t have any panties on. “What are you doing?” I cry out.

“I was going to kiss your ass.” she answers. I notice that she is staring at my pussy.

“What?” I ask embarrassed. “I don’t wear undies to bed.”

“Oh me neither.” she agrees absently, still staring at my cunt.

“What?” I ask again.

“It’s just…” she stops. “The hair on your head is so much darker than mine but your …” She gestures towards my thatch of light brown hair. ” is so much lighter than mine. See.” She pulls down her white cotton panties to reveal that her pussy is covered in black hair even though she’s a natural blonde.

“Oh. That’s …” I trail off, not knowing how to finish the sentence. I watch her wordlessly remove her top and bra. “Now, what are you doing?” I ask nervously. I sit very still because my pussy is so wet that I’m afraid if I move she’ll notice it glistening.

She reaches for the buttons on my pajama tops. “I want to see how different the colour on our nipples is?” She explains.

“But…” I start to protest and then decide to shrug out of my top. She leans against me so that our nipples are side by side. Hers are darker than mine, more of a rosy brown. Mine are lighter, pinker, a dusty rose. Her nipples are much larger than mine though. Twice the size easily.

“Why are yours so small?” she asks.

“How should I know?” I answer flustered.

“You have prettier breasts than me.” wails Diana, starting to reach for them and then realizing what she was about to do, drops her hands to her lap.

“Don’t be stupid! You’re prettier than me in every way.” I retaliate. “Have you ever seen your own bum. You have the world’s most perfect ass.”

Diana and I start to giggle and then we begin to have a true giggle fit. Where the harder we try to stop laughing, the harder we laugh. When the giggling stops we are lying side by side. The giggles have released some of our awkwardness with each other and with our own nudity. I openly sweep my eyes down her lithe body.

“God, Diana, if you weren’t my friend, I’d hate your guts.” I moaned.

“What are you talking about?”

“Your body. I want to look like you.” I admit.

“Look like me? Tracy, you’re not just pretty, you’re smart and funny and …”

“Shut up” I drawl to her with disbelief.

“And” she continues stubbornly, “you have this … this stillness inside you.” Her words catch me off guard. What is that supposed to mean? (Although I would hear that comment or some version of it from other people, I’m pretty sure she was the first to tell me that. And I still haven’t figured what the hell they’re talking about.) I give her a very puzzled look.

“Steve and I were talking about it the other day. That even when you’re frantic and stressed, at your centre, there’s this deep, dark, silent pool.” Exasperated with her, I reach over and kiss her square on the lips just to shut her up. I never know how to handle compliments – especially weird ones! She was shocked, didn’t return my kiss, she just lay there stiff. And I don’t know where this thought came from, normally I would have broken off an unreturned kiss with quick embarrassment, but instead I tried to explain to her how special I thought she was. I don’t if I can explain the kiss. There was very little passion in it. But it was slow and gentle and worshipping. She was still as stiff as a board. I broke off the kiss or I should say, I tried to. When our lips lost contact, it was as if a spell had been broken. She caught my mouth with hers, and she kissed me back, finally. Her kiss was hungrier than mine had been. She wrapped her arms around me and it seemed to me that we sunk into each other for just a moment. There was no petting or even much passion – just … a message of belief in one for the other. I felt warm and accepted. And I knew that she found me lovely and worthy. I am also sure that she understood that I felt the same about her. When the kiss finally broke, we were both breathless and amazed at each other, at ourselves. This time Diana eyes openly sweep down my body.

“You’re very naked.” she commented.

“So are you.”

“I meant,” she gave me a “don’t interrupt” look, “you’re more naked than a man is.” I give her a strange look and then looking at her I understood. Somehow the lack body hair on the chest and stomach does make her look more naked . She reaches out and runs a soft delicate hand across my tummy. I shiver uncontrollably. My belly has always been hypersensitive. “So smooth, so soft” she coos to me. I reach out for her strong stomach and suddenly our hands can’t stop. Running our hands down each other’s back, across our flaring hips, up marble smooth bellies and finally cupping each other’s breasts. Diana and I have small breasts, apple sized. “Your nipples remind me of candies.” she says as she dips her head to take one in her mouth. My breath catches in my throat.

“Candies are meant to be sucked” I answer, the passion builds quickly now between us as she takes first one then the other nipple into her mouth, sucking and slurping. I want to touch myself. I’m so horny but my hand slides quickly down her belly to her black mound. She’s wet, too. If anything, she’s wetter than I am. I push her onto her back and kiss her again but differently this time. My tongue probing her sweet mouth, I push her thighs apart with my knee as my fingers dive deeper into her silken slit. Good heavens, she’s soaked! I kiss my way down her elegant throat to her very erect nipples. I suck and nip them as my fingers roughly twirl her clit which feels much bigger than mine. Her back arches sharply under me and she tries to keep her voice down.

“That feels so good. Oh so good. Good.” she chants over and over again. Being an overly oral person, I won’t be happy until I taste her. I’m dying of curiosity. I nip her tummy as I push myself down lower and lower. She has her legs splayed so far apart, it seems like she’s doing the splits. She raises herself to her elbows to watch me. I’m finally in between her thighs. I spread her lips wide and look at her pussy. I’ve never really seen one before. I like it. Such a deep pink, such delicate folds – like a shell. I can smell her. I’ve always heard that we smell like fish. That isn’t right. I try to place the smell but I can’t.

“What are you doing?” asks Diana in a pained voice.

“I was smelling you.” I answered. “It smells…”

“Eat me you bitch!” She orders. My mouth drops open in shock and my pussy clenches tightly. “Oh god, you are so cruel to make me wait for you!” she howls as she arches her hips to shove her cunt against my still gaping mouth. I instinctively rear my head back and push away her cunt with my hand. “oh please, Tracy, please. Do it. I promise to do the same to you afterwards.” She’s making little bucking motions with her hips that I find terribly exciting. I hesitantly stick my tongue in between her inner lips and quickly pull it back into my mouth. Cocking my head to the side and I taste cunt for the first time. Sweet but tangy, sort of. Not bad, actually. Diana tries to find her clit with her own fingers. I slap them away. “My pussy, now, babe.” I tell her with a evil grin.

“Then, Eat It, eat it, eat it…” she moans. I give tiny licks at first while I think of how to do this. I’ve yet to let a man eat me, so I’m pretty clueless. But I like to touch myself here. I flick my tongue across her clit. She bucks and moans. Wriggling her hips hard against my face. I use my hands to hold her back and spread her lips wide. Her clit is a lot bigger than mine. I run my tongue along it’s length. She squirms and squeals. I start at the bottom of her cunt, just above her ass and roughly slide my tongue up her slit, pushing hard against her clit again. “I like that!”, she agrees, “I really, really like that.” I do it again but this time I pause to push my tongue inside her. I catch the rim of her opening in my lips gently and give it a bit of a tug. She starts to wriggle furiously. I nip gently at her soft inner lips. Every time I do she jumps and yelps. Her pussy is pumping out juice by the litre. It washes over my hands, my face. It’s soaking her ass and the coverlet underneath us. I want to stick something inside her but she’s still a virgin, too, and I don’t want to break her hymen. I suck her big clit into my mouth while I think about it. I really want to penetrate her for some reason. I rub her clit with my one hand as I look at her cunt. My eyes move down to her ass. It really is perfect. I lick the cunt juice off one of the globes and I get an idea. My fingers are slick as is her asshole, I slide my middle one in. It’s pretty tight. Diana goes crazy. She bucking so hard I can’t keep my finger on her clit so I grasp it with my mouth and really suck hard while I finger-fuck her beautiful butt. She’s bouncing so hard, I’m afraid I’m going to bite her clit right off.

“I’ve never felt so good. Ahhh! Good. Good. GOOOODDD!” She’s breathing harder than when she races, I think. She’s really going nuts when suddenly, she’s pushing me away. “No More! I can’t stand it. NO MORE!” Her cunt is opening and closing on it’s own and making funny sucking noises. Her hips are making little fucking motions which seems just so incredibly erotic.

“Did I hurt you?” I asked concerned. I notice that her breasts are rosy red and her nipples are like miniature Eiffel towers.

“Hurt me?” she gasps between breaths. “I have never felt ANYTHING like that. Wow! Trace, have you done this before?”

“No.” I answer honestly. “I just touched you where I touch myself.”

“Well, how come it doesn’t feel that good when I touch myself?” She asks. I shrug. Don’t know but I’m already hoping that she stays true to her promise to do me.

She pulls me to her and we lay cradled together side by side. Diana’s breathing is quieter but still very deep. She wraps her arms and legs around me. She cocoons me for a while. I’m not sure how long, I can feel her body cooling behind mine. I wonder if she’s going to fall asleep on me. I feel a little vexed. Just when I’m ready to take care of my own business, her hands move, cupping my breasts, teasing my nipples which were just starting to relax. She kisses the back of my neck softly, whispering to me, stirring the hairs on the back of my neck. Goose bumps break out all over my body. She pushes one leg between mine, pushing her thigh against my pussy. I can feel her hairy pussy rubbing against my ass. My nipples are soon tiny little rubies. She begins to be a bit rough with them. I almost tell her so but soon realize that I really like it. She’s sucking on my neck now, giving me a hickey. A thought of what the hell is Steve going to think crosses my mind but I can’t find the will to stop her. My clit is throbbing again. Diana’s thigh is shiny from my juices.

Diana kisses her way down my backbone, lightly scratching my stomach and my back with her nails. My goose bumps have grown to shivers and the throbbing in my body seems to echo through every cell. I roll up to my hands and knees. I’m just dying for her to suck my pussy like I sucked hers. She reaches my ass and seems enthralled. She’s kissing and licking and biting, squeezing and slapping it over and over. She even separates my cheeks and licks the crack. I’m a bit shocked but I like it. I wiggle my ass for her and she begins to lick double-time. I would have never thought of doing that. She pushes her fingers along my slit until they’re slick and then she puts a finger inside my virgin pussy. It feels huge in there and Diana has long slim fingers. She watches intently as she slides it in and out. I moan softly. It feels nice but too far away from my screaming clit. I whimper a bit and arch my back deeply to expose my dripping slit. She takes the hint and flops over onto her back. She reluctantly removes her finger from my cunt and spreads my lips wide. I can feel the cool air against my superheated flesh. I spread my legs, lowering myself onto her hungry mouth. She begins to lick me from deep into the crack of my ass up to my swollen clit. My thighs begin to quiver almost uncontrollably. She’s right. This feels so incredible. She begins to tongue-fuck me. OHHHH MY GOD! Why didn’t I think of doing that? I feel my breath ragged and tearing at the back of my throat.

She stops. “Hey, does that feel good?” She asks from down below.

“Uh-huh.” I agree breathlessly. She grabs the rim of my hole between her tongue and her upper lip and sucks really hard. I almost forget that we are trying to be quiet and give a little scream. She stops. “Shhhhh!” she warns. She starts to suck on the lips of my pussy. I bite my lip, trying to keep quiet but strangled whimpers of pleasure escape me regardlessly. I’m grinding and grinding my pussy against her face. I think nothing feels better than this when all of a sudden, she ruthless grabs my clit with her lips as she puts a finger deep into my cunt again. It hurts a little bit to be truthful but it also drives me insane. I begin to ride her finger with glee as she sucks my clit so hard that she feels like she’s going to suck it off.

“Diana. I Like it! Do it, Diana, oh do it to me!” I encourage her. Soon, I can’t speak or if I did, I haven’t a clue what I said. This beautiful pressure is building inside and I can’t handle how good this feels. I don’t know what to do with my hands, my mouth . I almost a bit frightened. I can feel my pussy clenching and releasing in waves. I almost settle down but Diana’s sucking sends another wave crashing down the wall of my cunt, and another … and another. And then, I really can’t handle it anymore, the pleasure so intense that it’s beginning to seem like pain. I push her head away and roll to the side and wait for my sanity to return. Diana reaches for me.

“Nooo!” I cry.

“It’s okay. I went through the same thing about an hour ago.” She pulls me into her arms and we lay nose to nose. Breathing each other’s breath. “You okay?”

“yeah. It isn’t remotely the same as touching yourself is it?” I say in wonder and confusion. Diana gives her head a small shake. “Are we lesbians now?” She laughs.

“I was just wondering the same thing.” She answers.

“I don’t feel like a lesbian. I still just think of you as a friend.”

“Me, too.” agrees Diana. “Am I a virgin still?”

“Of course, why wouldn’t you … OH NO! I never even thought about that! Why didn’t you say something?” I shrugged. “That’s why you used my bum. I just thought …” she sighs. “I’m so sorry Trace. Are you mad at me?”

“NO!” I answer. “I liked it! Better you than Steve. But next time, I’m sticking my finger inside you.”

“Deal.” Then, “Steve and Shawn are going to be pissed at us.”

“Oh my God! We cheated on them!” I wail. “I just didn’t think…”

“I don’t think so.” argued Diana. “It’s not the same somehow…”

“Then why would they be pissed?”

“Are you going to let Steve eat your … pussy?” She ends a bit awkwardly. Unused to such words.

“Nooo!” I say in shock. “Oh. *pause* Maybe we just shouldn’t tell them.”

“Our secret” she says kissing me softly.

“Our secret” I agree. The bed begins to thump again above us and we both go into another hysterical giggle fit.

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