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Fancy Dress Suprise

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Sorting through the post on a dreary Tuesday morning I was surprised to receive an invite to a fancy dress party from our friend Mick and his wife Andrea.

I knew her through work (and reputation) enough to say hello and chat but not enough to call her a friend even though I had known Mick for years.

She had a track record of office liaisons, often working away, a living breathing caricature of the ‘sexy secretary.’

I once teased Mick about the rumours and stories going around the office but got nothing out of him, I came to the conclusion that was either really stupid, ignoring it or getting off on it.

Besides, Mick had his own little secret.

I doubt very much that he had told his wife about the time he joined in with one of my adventures, masturbating over my semi naked body with three other guys until they had all covered my breasts, ass and pussy in cum. (see the story, sleeping)

Wanting to meet Andrea in a more social setting and perhaps swap some stories I phoned Mick and accepted the invitation without even asking Steve.

In fact this was a break in routine that we needed, the past few weeks it seemed that we had been doing a little too much work and too little lovemaking. A tingle of excitement started in my belly and ran all the way down to my toes as I realised that it might be an ideal opportunity to play out a fantasy that we had been sharing.

Selecting a costume for the party was surprisingly easy; I wanted one that would encourage admiring glances, something that would make every guy at the party ache to see more. The first online store that I visited stocked exactly what I had imagined myself in, placing my order I chose a Highway man outfit for Steve, white ruffle shirt with billowy sleeves, black leggings and high boots with an embroidered jacket, large hat and a sexy black mask and chose same day delivery.

When Steve got home I told him of the invite and the costume I had ordered for him but not what I would be wearing myself wanting to keep it a secret until the party, he was as delighted as I was at the chance of a night out and couldn’t wait to try on his out fit, although he was suspicious that I wouldn’t say what I would be wearing.

Pressing up against him I lightly brushed my lips across his cheek and whispered in his ear. “I was feeling kind of horney when I picked it out so you might like it.”

Cupping his crotch I found him standing at full attention, I could feel my pussy moisten and a little tingle of anticipation ran though my belly as I worked my fingers over his bulge, teasing him a little.

“You shower and dress down here and I will get ready upstairs, you will see what I will be wearing soon enough.”

Reluctantly I let go of his cock and made my way to our bedroom.

That Afternoon I had booked in at the salon for a wash and trim, my legs and pussy had been waxed so all I needed to do was shower, moisturise and apply make up.

My outfit was laid out on the bed, butterflies danced in my stomach as I thought of the effect it would have on both Steve and the other guys at the party.

I had chosen a harem costume that consisted of billowy snow white pants, a pale green sheer blouse with a plunging neck line and matching waist coat.

Delicate silver shoes with curled toes completed the outfit.

I quickly dressed, stood in front of the mirror and let out a little squeak of excitement.

The light flowed through the trousers making them almost see- through, but not so sheer that they would show I was naked beneath them, (I had tried on a thong with the trousers but it just didn’t look right). My tanned skin showed through, highlighting the shape of my legs and buttocks and at the right angle the material would ride up and cling to my mound, the shape of it clearly visible.

The pale colour and shape of my nipples could be seen through the blouse but the thin waistcoat would keep them covered up, although it wasn’t a problem for me because I am not exactly conservative in my dress when I am going to a party.

Making a last few adjustments to my make-up I walked down stairs to Steve.

“What do you think?” I asked doing a little twirl, Steve didn’t say anything but I could tell by the way he choked on his drink that the costume would have the desired effect.

“Wow you look incredible” Steve managed to splutter as he brought his coughing under control.

He wrapped his arms around me reaching down and cupping the cheeks of my ass, his fingers explored, kneading my buttocks through materiel as thin as a sheet of tissue. “You know, it feels an awful lot like some naughty girl has forgotten to wear panties and in the right light those trousers won’t leave much to the imagination,” he whispered nibbling my ear.

“Does it bother you that some of the guys might check me out?” I asked.

He playfully brushed his hand over my breasts.

“I think you know full well that I kind of like it.” He said.

We kissed his tongue snaking into my mouth, I was so turned on by the thought that I would be nearly naked in a room full of people that it was all I could do to pull away.

He looked disappointed as I broke free but I said.

“We need to leave soon, if you got me all messy it would only make us late.”

By the time we got to the party was well under way, I recognised some of the couples and there were a few single girls and guys from the office there, probably a total of twenty people or so but Mick’s house was huge so it wasn’t at all crowded.

Andrea headed right over to us and as we made our way through the room I caught a couple guys checking me out, it was chilly outside and starting to rain so the short dash from the Taxi had left my nipples standing out against the thin fabric of my blouse and waist coat, perhaps it would not provide the cover I thought it would.

“Are you okay?” Andrea asked, daydreaming I had missed something she had said.

“Fine thanks,” I reassured her. “Just seeing how many people I know.

Suddenly there was a squeal from the crowd dancing in the lounge as we were spotted by my two friends Katie and Rachel; they came bounding over hugging and a kissing both Steve and myself.

“Nice outfit.” Said Katie, both she and Rachel were dressed as St Trinian school girls. “How about a dance later,” she said, leering at Steve resting her palm over his crotch. “See if we can make your little highwayman stand and deliver.”

“Of course I will but I think Jules wants the goods later so I might have to disappoint you there”

With a cheeky grin she said. “We will see.” then flounced off, back to the dance floor.

Steve went into the kitchen to fetch some drinks leaving me with Andrea and Rachel.

“Sorry about that, you know what she’s like when she’s had a drink.” Rachel said.

“Its fine, in fact I’m up for all the fun we can have after the few week’s we’ve had.”

“I hear you there,” said Rachel and joined her friend.

Steve came back with two bottles of Bud and I took a long pull of the cool drink, it immediately went to my head, the start of a pleasant buzz.

Mick’s wife, Andrea, had not spoken during or after the exchange between Steve and Katie and I suspected she might have been a little embarrassed. She was a little shorter than I remembered although she usually wore heels at work and was now almost barefoot in the little cork sandals that complimented her Hawaiian outfit.

She had a nice body and dark hair that fell across her plump breasts, a few years younger than Mick she had high cheek bones and the sort of striking features that turn heads. In fact if the rumours were true she had turned most of the upper management’s heads enough to promote and bed her, although Mick, the poor fool, seemed to be ignorant of the fact his wife liked to play away.

Most of the office girls were more than a little jealous of her, but I say good luck.

Steve refreshed my drink while Andrea engaged me in a little girl talk and office gossip then surprised me by leaning in close and whispering,

“I know what you got up to with my Mick.”

A little taken back I sipped my drink, she smiled and said, “Don’t worry though, despite the rumours around the office we share everything, Mick loves to hear about my adventures, it was nice to hear that he had some fun for a change.”

She was close by my side her hand rested on the small of my back, the fingers rubbing back and forth she said, “He loves to masturbate over me while I tell him who I’ve been fucking, it’s kind of a thing with him, so you made one of his fantasies come true when you let him come over you.”

I turned to face her, “Glad to be of service, are there any other little fantasies that he has that I might be able to help with?” I asked.

She placed her hand on my hip and moved close so that her ample breasts pushed against me, she licked her lips and glanced down at my cleavage, “There may be one or two but what I would really like is to see you fuck him.” She rocked her shoulders back and forth so that her breasts rubbed against mine, my nipples were already standing out and the little bit of friction caused a tingle in my belly.

“We’ll see.” I said.

“I hope so” she replied, “Because when everyone is good and tipsy we will get some party games going.” She squeezed my hip and turned to go just as one of the girls from my office bounded over.

“Hey, we’re you going to avoid me all night?” Maria asked, giving me a peck on the cheek. “You know I always look forward to seeing you.” I said.

“But only because you know all the gossip about whose doing who.”

“Well screw you” she said with a laugh.

“What did our host want with you? It looked quite a cosy chat you were having.”

“Oh just the usual thing,” I said, “She asked me to screw her husband.”

Maria coughed as she choked on her drink.

“Well if you are going to screw timid Mick then I’d best take care of your man.”

Thrusting her drink into my hand she grabbed a puzzled Steve as he walked over to join us and dragged him towards the conservatory which had become the dance floor.

The area left to dance was pretty small so all the couple were squashed in close, Maria took advantage of the situation, grinding her sexy curves against him, one arm draped around his neck, her one leg thrust forward between his legs as a sexy Latin beat played, Steve got right into it, swaying his hips and grinding right back at her. She closed her eyes and let her head droop back; her tongue played over her bottom lip as Steve’s left hand drifted to her buttock and pulled her closer still, with a smile I knew that he would have a hard-on and that she would be feeling it, pressing into her mound. Watching them move like that was so sexy, Steve has always loved dance, (it’s not just woman and gays who love musicals) and took Latin American classes when he was still at senior school, a lot of his ‘friends’ made fun not realising that he was one of only two guys in a class full of girls. The way they were moving was almost like they were having sex fully clothed, other dancers had stopped to watch and there was a little round of applause as the music ended, Steve and Marie walked back over to me, she was grinning like a Cheshire cat and seemed to be a little wobbly, Steve held her hips, walking close behind her to hide his bulge.

Maria retrieved her drink and took a large gulp, “Oh my you never told me he could move like that, I need to lie down for a while, I’ve never sober up so fast”

I winked at Steve,

“What do you think; could you use a little nap with Maria after that?”

“I could use a lie down with her but I don’t think we would be napping.” He laughed.

Maria’s face flushed red as I said, “Only if I can watch.”

She slapped me lightly on the arm, “Not fair teasing like that,” She waved her empty glass, “I need a refill, see you two later.”

She walked off hips swaying, her tight little buttocks shown off nicely in her tiny shorts, (she had come as Lara Croft) Steve watched appreciatively and I nudged him in the ribs. “There might be an opportunity to see her out of those later,” I said.

“Our hostess wants to get a few party games started soon…and she’s kind of asked me a favour.” I filled Steve in on what she had said to me.

“Would you want to?” He asked.

“Depends,” I said. “Not if it was just to go off and do it, but if the occasion and atmosphere were right then I might be tempted.”

In all the time we had played games I had only ever let guys touch my pussy while they masturbated over me, on the very rare occasion I had been swept along with the excitement of the moment and teased both the guys and myself by rubbing the outside of my pussy with their cocks. Only once had I got so lost in the moment that I had gone all the way and mainly because Steve had encouraged me, (it was with a long time acquaintance and in a bar of all places, see our favourite bar) and even then I was in total control of the situation, riding his lap, pulling away before he could cum in me.

“The nights young so let’s just see where things go.” He said.

In truth the drinks along with Steve and Maria’s little display had made me more than a little horny.

Someone had changed the music had to an 80’s CD, which both Katie and Rachel love, and they came bounding over and pulling me toward the dance floor, there were fewer people dancing now and Katie, clearly drunk, was throwing herself around dancing in-between Rachel and me singing along to the track.

She worked her away around the back of Rachel, winked at me and placed her hands on Rachel’s waist, hugging her close and swaying in time with her.

Suddenly in one smooth movement she slipped her hands up over Rachel’s ribs pushing up the small top of her costume and her bra, exposing her breasts.

Rachel pulled away from the giggling Katie smoothing down her top.

“You think that’s funny, how about this.” She hooked her finger into the hem of Katie’s skirt and flipped it up, thinking she would flash her knickers to the room.

Instead we were met with the sight of Katie’s pretty little pink pussy, all the hair was shaved off, leaving just a little tight trimmed strip above it.

Rachel quickly let go but Katie just giggled some more.

“Where the hell are your panties you little tart?” Rachel said.

Katie looked around the room until she spotted a young guy over by the bar.

Pointing to him she said, “I think I left them with him.”

Both Rachel and I burst out laughing, “So you have been a bad girl already.” I said.

“Not that bad, I only let him touch it for a bit.” She said. “But I might let him do more than touch it later.” She grinned and gave him a little wave; he waved back then almost choked on his drink when she flipped her skirt up and flashed him.

We made our way back to Steve who was grinning like a loon. “Well that certainly got the attention of every guy in the room.” He said.

Katie gave him a little curtsy. “It’s nice to be appreciated.”

It was getting late and the party crowd had started to thin out a little, our host Andrea turned down the music and tapped a fork against her glass to get everyone’s attention.

“Those of you who have been to our parties before will know that we like to end the evening with a few fun adult games, no one has to stay or do anything that they don’t feel comfortable with, if things get a little bit too ‘raunchy’ for your taste then simply say good night and leave, we will be starting the fun in half an hour”

She turned the music up and the room buzzed with anticipation, most of the couples drifted off and to our surprise Katie came over to say good night.

“We thought you would be first to say yes to some fun.” Steve said.

“I have said Katie,” and gestured toward the young man she had left her panties with earlier. “To be honest I wanted to stay but he wants me to himself.”

“I hope he is worth it.” Rachel said, “You’re leaving me at the mercy of this lot.”

“Oh he’s worth it.” Katie said holding her hands about 9 inches apart.

“Slut.” Said Rachel and they both burst out laughing.

We said our good nights the made our way to the living room. Maria came over and joined Steve, Rachel and I, Mick was fixing drinks on the other side of the room with Andrea, there were several guys talking to Cindy, (a secretary from Mick’s department) and several couples milling about

“Ok time to start the game”. Andrea said. She had placed chairs in a circle in the centre of the room, spaced out so that there was just over a chairs width between each one. “For anyone who has not played before the rules are simple.” She said, “First the guys take a seat, the music starts and the women walk around the back of the chairs. When the music changes the woman must sit on the lap of the guy who is in the chair she is behind, but before she sits down, she must take off one piece of her clothing.”

The atmosphere was electric, my heart jumped as I remembered that Jules was not wearing any underwear and I quickly calculated it would only take four gaps in the music until she was naked on some guy’s lap.

“As host I will sit the game out because someone needs to be in charge of the music.” Andrea continued, “Although that doesn’t mean that I will not be joining in the fun because each time the music stops I will remove an item of clothing.”

She walked to the centre of the circle, “To keep things interesting the rules are that the ladies are to remove all outer clothing before they remove any underwear, keeping things under wraps, as it were, for as long as possible.”

I smiled to myself; this would not be something that affected Jules.

Andrea smiled, “Gentlemen you are not getting off lightly because you will be sitting here waiting for the ladies attention in your underwear, whatever happens your hands must remain clasped behind the chair while the lady is sitting in your lap, there must be no touching from the men…ladies…it’s up to you to tease as much as you like, the game is over when all of the ladies are naked, or have dropped out”

We all took our positions; some of the guys were looking a little uncomfortable already as they stripped down, looking round the room at the various body shapes I was glad that I put so much time in at the gym. Andrea left the room for a moment then came back with a pile of hand towels and wet wipes and placed them on a small coffee table. She smiled, “Just in case things get a little ‘sticky’.” She said, causing a ripple of nervous laughter around the room.

She then dimmed the lights leaving just a few lamps on in the far corners of the room.

Jules was across the room from me on the opposite side of the circle standing next to Cindy and a busty woman who I didn’t know, she was subconsciously licking her bottom lip, the light was behind her so that the shape of her legs were outlined as it shone through the thin material but casting a dark shadow between her legs, anyone else would take it for granted the dark shade was her panties, I knew better.

She looked so hot, that my stomach fluttered, I was so proud she was my wife.

Before I knew it the music started and the girls started to circle, Jules tickled my ear as she passed behind me, the music stopped and the girls came round in front of us, reached down and pulled off their shoes, Cindy was in front of me and I had a wonderful view down her top, her ample breasts were spilling out over the top of her lacy bra and her outfit, (sexy nurse) did nothing to keep them hidden.

Looking over her shoulder I could see that Jules was bending over from the waist in front of one of the guy’s from Andrea’s office. From the look on his face and the way she was bending I suspected that the material of the harem trousers had pulled tight and was doing nothing to hide her charms.

Without turning round she scooted back and sat gently on his lap, just making light contact, then wiggled her hips slowly back and forth; the poor guy looked terrified, he couldn’t have gone any redder.

My view was suddenly obscured as Cindy hitched her short dress up and I had a glimpse of little white panties that matched her bra, she sat on my lap facing me, laced her hands behind my neck pulling my face forward into the soft mounds of her cleavage. She rocked her hips back and forth working the crotch of her panties against my growing bulge while I nibbled at her soft flesh, all too soon the music started and Cindy moved away, she winked at me and mouthed, “be back soon.”

Looking across the room I could see that the guy Jules had been with was bright red and almost panting, he was shifting in his seat and trying to hide the bulge in his shorts, Jules caught my attention as she passed behind his seat and rolled her eyes.

The music stopped again and because there was an odd number of woman I was left without a partner, looking over Jules was peeling off her little waistcoat in front of one of the guys who was here with his girlfriend, as she turned I could see that her nipples were hard, protruding dark, clearly visible against the sheer blouse.

I looked around the room and saw that Cindy was on Mick’s lap she had slipped off her little ‘nurses’ dress and his eyes were clearly focused on her large breasts, straining against the lace of her undersized bra, as she straddled him the same way she had done to me I had a delicious view of her arse, the material of her panties had ridden up slightly giving a glimpse of smooth cheek.

To my surprise the girl next to Cindy was glaring at Jules, I knew then she must be the girlfriend of the guy she was lap dancing and was obviously feeling a little jealous. To be honest from the look on her face I half expected her to get up and leave but she surprised me. As she caught her chap’s eye she shifted position, up until now she had been sitting demurely on the guy’s legs, now she sat back and started to gyrate her hips working her buttocks hard against the guys lap, all the time staring at her boyfriend, as the music changed she got up and with a smug look on her face looked down at the bulge in his underwear, making sure that her boyfriend saw it.

The music started again and my attention drifted from the jealous couple back to the game, as the ladies circled us my cock twitched, Jules was only one song away from being topless in front of all these guys. Looking at all the other ladies they were mostly down to blouses, skirts or trousers, bra and panties, (in the case of Cindy just her stocking and underwear) Jules would be naked before most of them were down to their bra and panties.

The music changed again, Jules was opposite Mick, she took her time, slowly undoing the few fasteners and peeling her blouse off slowly, glancing round the room I noticed she had a few guys attention as her breasts came into view, the first topless woman in the room. As I took all this in there was a soft “Hey you.”

Rachel was standing right in front of me with her hands on her hips, her blouse had gone and her nipples stood out hard against the thin material of her bra. She took hold of the clasp at the side of her skirt, “Lets see if I can grab your attention.” She said.

Letting the skirt drop to her feet she ran her hands up over her thighs, hooked a finger into the leg of her panties and gently tugged them up so that they moulded to her mound, her slit clearly visible, there was a small damp patch as she edged forward and with a brief tug on my shorts positioned my cock so that she could rest her pussy against my length, she rocked back and forth very gently, leaning into me, her hands at my side. “Fuck, I wish it was inside me.” She said. I could feel the heat from between her legs, her breasts were brushing against my chest, the soft silk of her bra and the hard nipples teasing; my shorts became damp and sticky with pre cum.

She leaned back slightly resting one hand on her panty-clad pussy and rubbing with short hard movements, as she rocked forward I pushed back into her trying to increase the pressure, suddenly she drooped forward, her hand tickled along my length as she pressed her fingers hard between her legs and with a sigh climaxed.

She rested against me for a second or two, when she leant back her hair was stuck to her forehead, beads of sweat trickled down her cleavage, she moved her hand from between her legs and pressed the fingers to my lips so that I could taste her.

The next track started and she stood, a little wobbly, her panties were plastered to her, transparent where her juices had soaked them, as she pulled them into a more comfortable position I had a glimpse of her puffy lips.

“See you later.” She said, reached down and patted my hard on.

As I peeled my top off in front of Mick I could see that Steve had his hands full with Rachel. Little flutters of excitement were dancing in my stomach as I realised that I would be the first one topless in the room, my pulse raced as it dawned on me if I was to be the first to go topless then I would be the first one naked.

Slipping off my top I rested a hand either side of Mick, leaning forward and rubbing my breasts gently across his face, I paused as my left nipple touched his lips, pushing my shoulder forward and increasing the pressure squashing it against his mouth until he got the message and took it between his lips. “Lick it.” I whispered.

He flicked his tongue against the sensitive nub making me shudder. Taking my weight on my hands and one leg I ran my knee along the inside of his thigh until it rested against his bulge, rubbing and nudging it very gently, he took a sharp intake of breath. I pulled my breast away from his mouth and sat down in his lap facing him.

I whispered in his ear. “Who’s been telling wifey he masturbated all over me?”

He went to speak but I put my finger to his lips, stood and turned around then eased back down into his lap, rubbing my ass into his erection. I stretched my arms above my head as I moved my hips back and forth so that my breasts were pushed out, almost every guy in the room was taking in the view. Mick was breathing heavy so I slowed my gyrations; I didn’t want him coming in his pants and eased up off him.

My trousers were damp and stuck to my ass, the front of Mick’s shorts were soaked.

As I looked over to Steve I could see that Rachel had totally lost control, oblivious to anyone else and determined to bring herself off. There were a few couples who had not yet loosened up, some of the chaps looked terrified while some of the girls sat dead still on the knees of the guy they had landed with, the effects of the alcohol consumed earlier was wearing off and they seemed to be a embarrassed to be sitting there half dressed and were trying to cover up as best they could.

Andrea changed the track; she must have seen some couples were getting cold feet because she started to hand round glasses of wine as we danced past. Topping them up each time we passed, by the end of the track everyone seemed to be getting their nerve back because as soon as the music stopped there was a mad scramble.

I found myself in front Mick again; I looked over to Andrea who winked.

She had obviously set me up.

Even she wouldn’t realise how much so.

Because the only thing I had on were my trousers.

Once I took them off I would be naked to the room for the next two songs while everyone else was topless at best.

Well I was not going to caught out that easily, I stood with my back to Mick and tugged on the drawstring, took a deep breath, then let go.

My heart raced as the flimsy material drifted to the floor.

Jules let go of the trousers and for a moment the whole room seemed to hold its breath at the sight of her nakedness, no one had guessed that she would be naked under the billowing folds of the harem outfit. She just stood there, her firm breasts rising and falling as she breathed slow controlling her nerves, her nipples stood proud from the centre the pale brown flesh of the areola, tight and erect, her stomach was flat and toned from hours spent in the gym, past her navel the skin was smooth and hairless right down to where her legs came together. She stood quite demurely with her legs pressed together; she had the heel of her right foot lifted slightly so that her leg turned in at the knee forming a tight Y between her thighs, hiding her sweetest place from view, somehow it made her look all the more sexy.

The spell was quickly broken when the girl who had stopped behind my seat carefully sat down on my lap, sideways on so that one arm draped around my shoulders.

“I’m not taking anything else off.” She said.

I stood there for a moment and let Mick take a good look, his face was a picture then turned and sat on the guys lap seated to his left, leaving Mick without a partner.

I caught Andrea’s eye and winked at her, she didn’t look too pleased that I had ruined her plan. I was sitting astride the young guy from earlier, his eyes were wide and he was trembling slightly from a mixture of nerves and excitement.

His cock was just beginning to peek out through the fly of his boxers, he saw me look and went to adjust himself, I grabbed his hands and said, “Naughty, hands behind the chair and no touching.” He swallowed hard and bit his bottom lip as I gently eased his cock all the way out using the tip of my index finger and thumb, a dribble of pre cum leaked out and I rubbed it around the swollen end.

I opened my legs up a little and leant back slightly, resting my left hand behind me on his knee for balance, letting him see me for the first time.

“Is that nice?” I asked, with a whisper he replied, “Yes.”

He sighed as I pressed the shaft of his cock against my mound with the palm of my right hand and ever so slightly rolled my hips. His cock twitched as I repeated the movement, holding him hard to me I rubbed my pussy on his shaft.

The girl in my lap shifted her weight, obviously trying to sit so that my hard on was not digging into her leg, the end was just poking out of my fly; it twitched as it brushed against her warm flesh. I was pleased that I had worn boxers, looking round the room some of the guys looked really uncomfortable in their tight jockey shorts or briefs. “If you’re not comfortable with the game it’s OK to sit it out.” I said.

She gestured towards the guy opposite, “that’s my boyfriend.”

As she said this Jules gave the cold shoulder to Mick and sat in her boyfriends lap.

The girl tensed and let out a little “Oh” of surprise, she lifted her head trying to see what was going on as Jules started to move against him; both Mick and the couple on the other side of them were engrossed in what she was doing.

“How can she be naked like that and not be afraid.” She said.

“She is, but the feeling of excitement always overcomes her nerves.” I replied.

The girl looked at me puzzled. “She’s my wife.” I explained.

Her mouth opened into a comical ‘O’ “And you don’t mind?” She said.

“How could I with a gorgeous girl sitting on my lap.” I said.

“Are you jealous of your boyfriend?” I asked her.

“I was at first.” She said quietly, “But I think I like watching too much to be angry with him, I don’t want to be naked but I like seeing other people, is that selfish?”

“Not at all,” I reassured her, “some people are voyeurs and some exhibitionists.”

“It’s Ok to get excited watching other people have fun”

She shifted against me, and whispered in my ear, “Will you touch my panties while we watch?” I was a little taken back and wanted to be clear on what she was asking.

“Where?” I said.

She altered position, her thighs very slightly apart.

“You know, but just my panties.”

She was wearing a pair of ivory camisole knickers with a nice matching bra, the darker pink of her nipples stood out enticing and I could make out wisps of blond hair poking through the lacy material.

The loose legs would have made it so easy to slip a finger inside.

Instead I gently rested my index finger against the crotch, again she tensed but her panties were damp to the touch, she wasn’t lying when she said she enjoyed watching, the warmth between her legs betrayed just how much, despite her reservations.

Pressing the palm of my hand softly between her legs I touched my thumb to her clit; she tensed a little then let out a sigh. Using only a feather touch I moved my fingers over her crotch, each time I passed my thumb over her clit she gave a little twitch.

Working her panties against her damp folds, it would have been so easy to use just a little pressure to push the thin material up, parting her lips. But even though my cock was aching like it had never ached before I resisted temptation and just touched her the way she had asked me to.

She never took her eyes off Jules and her boyfriend all the time my hand was between her legs.

As I teased my partners cock I expected the music to change at any moment but Andrea must have been enjoying the show. I could tell that the guy was close to shooting his load and with a little flutter of excitement decided to share the moment with the room. He looked disappointed as I stood up, but soon relaxed as I quickly switched positions so that I stood astride his legs, facing away from him.

Backing up until my bum was pressed right against him I bent my knees in a kind of squat and took a hold of his hard cock.

Pulling it away from his belly I eased it between my legs so that the head pushed along the crevice of my pussy, I was soaked and the only thing between his cock and pay dirt was my firm grip.

“Don’t move or it’s over.” I warned him.

Picking up a slow rhythm I slid the head of his cock up and down my slit with just enough pressure to nudge the outer lips apart, I looked down at his cock, the engorged tip glistened with a mixture of my pussy juice and his pre-cum, it was so tempting to sit down and take his length inside me but I wasn’t ready for that… yet.

Besides, his breath was coming in short ragged gasps and he could cum at any second.

The girl on my lap was making little ‘Mmm’ noises as she watched Jules play with her boyfriend, squirming slightly against my hand. I looked around the room to see what was happening, most of the couples were watching, stunned into silence by Jules brazen display, my wife’s eyes were closed as she worked his cock against her pussy, brow slightly furrowed she bit her bottom lip in concentration, she was leaning forwards a little, resting her free hand on his leg, so that her firm breasts hung away from her body, swaying slightly with the movement of her hand.

Her legs were parted and because her pussy was shaved clean underneath her most intimate parts were open to the room, her smooth labia just poking out from her slit. She was oblivious to anyone else in the room.

Looking up Maria caught my eye; she mouthed the words, “Your next.”

His cock started to twitch and pulse in my hand so I knew he was almost there, little hisses of breath escaped his lips as I took hold of his cock just under the swollen end, increasing the pressure on my pussy slightly, as I worked his cock back and forth, the end just about dipping between my lips, my guiding hand was the only thing that kept it from slipping all the way in.

With a gasp he started to cum, I eased up, pulling his cock away from my pussy as I quickly grabbed it at the base with one hand, while working my other hand up and down his shaft, masturbating him furiously.

Thick streams jetted up hitting my chest and belly, it oozed over my fingers and ran down my hand as I pumped it up and down, as the force of his climax subsided I slowed down, massaging the sticky mess into his shaft until just a few drops dribbled from the end, he slumped back in the chair as his cock began to soften and I loosed my grip.

As Jules brought her boyfriend off she gasped and pushed my hand hard against her pussy, holding it still as she watched Jules work his cock. When he finally stopped cumming there was a little round of applause from the people who had been watching, His girlfriend jumped up off my lap and rushed over, I thought that she might be angry with them, but instead she grabbed a couple of towels, handing one to Jules with a smile, then kneeling in front of her boyfriend, (who was looking nervous) and helping him to clean up.

Andrea took the break in the game to serve yet more drinks, Jules gave me a little wave as Rachel went over and patted her on the bum, whispering something in her ear that set them off in a fit of giggles. Looking round the room some of the guys had not got out of their seats, crossing their legs while trying to adjust themselves into a more comfortable position, most of the ladies were topless, parading round in just their panties, and I wondered how many of them would strip naked the next round. My new friend had made it clear she would not be naked and one lady still wore her blouse, (I wondered if it was because she was shy or if her costume had consisted of so many more layers than anyone else’s), but the game seemed far from over.

Andrea tapped her glass again.

“It seems that all of you are enjoying the game.” She looked directly at me as she said this. “As most of you are just in panties we will make this the last round, you only need to go as far as you want to, feel free to leave at any time”.

With this she turned to the CD player and chose a fresh track.

The music started and butterflies danced in my stomach, the little break should have given me plenty of time to calm down. I had nipped to the bathroom to clean up the mess on my belly and breasts, (tucking my little bits and pieces away as I dried between my legs) and shared a drink with Andrea but I was still wet, my legs felt wobbly and I was actually trembling slightly in anticipation.

The atmosphere had changed considerably, most of the ladies would be naked this round and it felt like the whole room was holding it’s breath waiting to see who would have the nerve to strip in front of everyone.

It was obvious that Andrea would do her best to pair me up with Mick and sure enough the music changed as I approached his seat.

This time though she would not be disappointed.

Watching the ladies circle the room I wondered which of them would strip; obviously the girl who had sat on my lap wouldn’t even though she had not dropped out, every time she passed her boyfriend she touched her fingers to his shoulders letting him know she was still there. Rachel and Cindy had few inhibitions, Maria I wasn’t sure of, (but hoped that I would get to see her tight ass in the flesh), the busty woman still wore her bra and kept glancing down at herself, she was a little on the plump side but still attractive and I hoped she would at least loose the bra. There were a couple of woman giggling like school girls and obviously egging each other on, the shared bravado at being so ‘naughty’ was a dead cert they would be naked.

The only one that I did not have to wonder about was Jules and all eyes were on her as the music changed.

Once again I was standing in front of Mick; he swallowed hard and shifted in his seat as I sat down on his lap facing away from him so that I could take a moment to watch what everyone else was doing.

Rachel was in front of one of the reps who had come to the party with his wife, a busty lady who was standing just to my left, she seemed to sigh as she watched. Rachel slowly peeled off her little white panties and did a little twirl then reached into the guys lap, repositioned the bulge in his tight briefs and lowered her ass down onto his lap, making him tense as she wiggled her hips.

The busty woman glanced at me and I winked at her mouthing the words, “Go for it” nodding to the guy she was standing in front of.

He was almost drooling in anticipation of seeing her big tits.

She seemed to relax when she saw the look of lust on his face and smiled at me.

She peeled off her panties revealing a light tuft of dark hair, she stood astride his legs unhooked her bra. As her breasts spill out she pushed them into the happy guys face.

Looking back to the room I saw that Maria was in front of Steve, already naked sitting in his lap facing him, her hips moving in a slow circular motion similar to when they were dancing. The girl who had sat in Steve’s lap last was still wearing her underwear, sitting in her boyfriends lap, sharing a kiss.

Our host was naked, still standing outside the circle with, what I guessed was, her latest ‘office romance’ standing behind her caressing her breasts and nuzzling her neck, one of his hands strayed to the juncture at her thighs and she tilted her head back into him slightly, as he cupped her mound.

All the time though she kept one eye on me.

Jules was sitting on Mick’s lap, watching the room and pretty much ignoring him.

Happily it had been Maria who had stopped by my seat; she had wasted no time in loosing the string of her little bikini briefs, letting them drop slowly away.

Her pussy was waxed smooth, she stepped her left leg out and ran her hand up over the crease between her leg and mound, stretching the flesh and revealing her neat lips.

With one finger she edged the fly of my boxers to one side so that my cock sprang free; it twitched as she dragged a nail along its length. Sitting astride me she pushed my cock down and sat so that the shaft nestled against her pussy then began a slow circular movement with her hips. She smiled as I took a deep breath and let it out slow. “Nice?” she said. “Like you wouldn’t believe,” I replied.

She rested a hand either side of my shoulders and leaned forward, increasing the pressure on my cock. Nibbling my ear she whispered.

“If you think that’s nice… wait until it’s inside me.”

There was no way that I was going to cum in my shorts, I have pretty good control over myself and can usually slow down and hold back prolonging things as long as possible, trouble was though Maria was in charge. I concentrated on my breathing and looked over Maria’s shoulder to see what Jules was doing….

That turned out to be no help at all.

Jules had slipped off Mick’s lap and made him lie flat out on the floor with his legs together; she straddled him, kneeling over his crotch.

Mick jumped as she reached down and grabbed his erection pulling it away from his belly, she held it tight just under the swollen helmet, shuffled forward a little to reposition herself then lowered herself down until the tip of his cock just touched the outer lips of her pussy.

She rocked her hips forward and back very slowly making small movements so that her pussy just brushed against the head of his cock, coating her slit with the streams of clear pre cum oozing from its tip, it trickled out over her fingers and down his shaft.

Mick squeezed his eyes shut and let out a low moan as she teased him, stopping her movements and breaking contact if he moved his hips.

She altered her grip on his penis, slipping her hand down the length until it was about half way down, this time staying still while dragging his penis back and forth across her glistening slit. Very slowly she inched down increasing the contact with her pussy until the tip was parting her outer lips, she was panting a little, her eyelids fluttered, eyes half closed and I knew that she was close to orgasm.

From our usual games I expected her to get off by rubbing herself on Mick then finish him off with her hand so what happened next was a huge surprise.

Jules stopped moving Mick’s cock back and forth and paused for a moment.

She slipped her hand down to the base taking a firm grip then very slowly eased herself down over the swollen head so that her pussy just touched it, paused again then sank down a little so that the tip of his cock sank between her lips.

Mick let out a little gasp as her silky folds wrapped around him, she stayed still with just the head of his cock inside her then loose her grip on his shaft trailing her fingers along the length as she straightened up, arching her back slightly, her finger tips rested on her clit and she began to make little circles on the sensitive nub, her other hand cupping and squeezing her breasts as she worked towards orgasm.

The room was still, everyone was entranced by her display as she rubbed her clit harder and faster, little frown lines showing the concentration, her eyes tight shut and her tongue darting over her lips as she worked toward a climax, suddenly she gave out a gasp, shuddering as her hand became a blur, she pressed her fingers hard against her sex as she went ridged, her juices flowing down over Mick’s shaft.

She stayed like that working her fingers gently over her clit as the waves of excitement died down.

Mick was staring up at her mouth open not daring to move taking in every detail.

She placed both hands on his chest and I thought she was going to ease herself off him and finish the poor guy off with her hand.

Again I was wrong.

Instead of climbing off Mick she sat down in his lap so that the full length of his cock was buried inside of her, he gave a little oof of breath as she sat down but was quickly silenced as she eased forward and pressed one of her breasts to his mouth.

She sucked in her breath a little as he nuzzled the nipple; rocking her hips side to side she let him play a little before pulling away settling into a rhythm as she rode his cock with smooth steady movements.

On the upstroke she moved quickly and almost let the head pop out of her before slowly easing back down his length.

My heart pounded as I watched her, my mouth was a little dry, this was only the second time that she had let another man enter her, usually it was a little touching but nothing more. We had been talking about how far things should go and we were both fine with it but after all the occasions where it might have happened I was a little bit shocked that she had decided to go that one step further so publicly.

Not that I wasn’t excited, my cock felt like it was about to explode.

As I worked Mick’s cock over my pussy I was desperate to cum, I could feel the whole room watching me and my stomach was fluttering with both nerves and excitement as I worked my fingers over my clit until the delicious feeling became almost unbearable, the feel of Mick’s cock on my pussy was nice I was desperate for something more.

Fully aware that Steve was watching I decided to lose myself in the moment and allow a little more contact than normal.

Easing down very carefully I felt the head of Mick’s cock part my lips.

As they closed over the swollen end I clenched my pussy, squeezing and holding him there. Working my fingers over my clit I could feel his cock head throbbing just inside me, it felt so nice that I was soon gasping as wave after wave of pleasure hit; my pussy soaking his cock as the juices trickled down the shaft making it slick.

As my orgasm subsided I lay my hands on his chest to steady myself, Mick was staring up at wide eyed, as I got my breath back I glanced up, all eyes seemed to be on me and the whole room seemed to be holding it’s breath, again a little shudder of excitement ran through me because I knew how naughty I was going to be.

The tip of Mick’s cock was still nestled between my lips, it felt so nice. I could feel Mick’s heart racing under my hands, his cock was twitching slightly with each beat and despite my orgasm I felt the knot of excitement and need building again.

Taking a deep breath I sank down and allowed Mick’s full length to enter me.

He kind of gasped as my weight dropped back on him, I stayed there taking a moment to get used to the feeling of a strangers cock inside me then raised back up, squeezed his shaft tight with my pussy then eased down with an exaggerated slowness, the feel of his cock filling me delicious as I worked up and down his length.

Soon I was close to orgasm and dipped my hand between us fingering my clit trapping my hand in the sticky heat as I ground my swollen lips on him.

He groaned and bucked his hips up at me, in answer I ground my hips in little circles rubbing my sopping lips against him while teasing my fingers back and forth on my sensitive nub, the sensation sent me over the edge and I flopped forward once again letting him take my nipple in his mouth, the muscle in my thigh quivered and jumped as I pressed my fingers still harder to my clit with little flicking movements.

That along with the sensation of his cock throbbing in my pussy was enough to send me into ecstasy, as my pussy throbbed I began to ride his cock hard, taking the weight on my hands either side of him and bouncing up and down, my ass slapping down on him as he thrust back up at me, holding my hips and grunting with the effort.

Although I had pushed the boundaries of what I will normally do I didn’t want Mick to cum in me, as he neared climax I suddenly pulled away from him so that his cock sprang free and reached down between us to grab it, squeezing him hard.

The whole room was watching in awe as Jules brought herself off on Mick for the second time. Just as it seemed he reaching his limit she pulled away from him and scooted down his body until her breasts hung either side of his cock, she positioned herself so that the head of it was cushioned between them and began to rock her body back and forth, Mick was pushing down on her shoulder and trying to lift his hips to create as much contact with her soft mounds as possible, humping back at her as she worked against his cock.

She looked so hot bent down over of him on all fours.

Her legs were slight spread with her bottom pushed up and out so that the swollen lips of her vagina could clearly be seen nestled between her legs, damp and slightly parted, the puckered hole of her ass on display.

She looked so sexy and alluring and I wondered for a moment if she realised just how completely she was exposing herself to everyone in the room.

Finally Mick could hold on no longer; with a grunt he loosed his load between Jules tits, she knelt back and took a hold of his cock working the shaft as he came.

Mick gasped and twitched as cum spurted out of the end in silvery ribbons, coating Jules’s hand, splashing against her breasts and belly and dripping down over her thighs. She held onto his cock until it started to go soft, rubbing her thumb over the end as the last few dribbles oozed out.

She finally let go of him and stood up, a little unsteady after kneeling for so long.

Jules was a mess, Mick’s sticky goo coating her breasts and belly, and mixture of their juices glistened between her thighs. Andrea came over and handed Jules a towel and leaned in to give her a peck on the cheek, as she did so I saw Jules jump a little as Andrea ran the tip of a finger over her breast gathering up some of her husbands mess and then placing it in her mouth with a huge smile on her face.

All the time I had been watching Jules Maria had been sitting sideways on my lap very gently stroking my cock, she stood in front of me and gestured for me to stand.

“Your turn now I think.” She said.

With that she hooked her thumbs into my boxers and knelt down taking my shorts with her, as I stepped out of them she ran her tongue along the length of my shaft almost causing me to lose balance and fall over, she sat back on her heels and patted the floor next to me.

“Let’s see if we can do better than Jules and Mick.” She said.

I wasted no time in lying next to her.

“I want you to taste me.” She said. “Close your eyes.”

I did as I was told, Maria placed one hand on my chest and took hold of my cock with the other and straddled my upper body leaving my arms free. I could smell the musky scent of her sex as she lowered her pussy towards my face. I placed my hands on her thighs and tilted my head up, my mouth and nose brushing against her damp slit as we came into contact, she repositioned by pushing her ass back a little and I had the first sweet taste of her on my tongue. Gently lapping at her outer lips I slipped one hand between us and used my thumb to part them slightly. She gave a little gasp as I pushed my tongue past her folds and up into her vagina, moving my head back and forth so that my lips brushed against her I tongue fucked her until my jaw started to ache and she made a little sigh of protest as I moved away but then sucked in a little gasp of air as I quickly replaced my tongue with my thumb, pressing it into her rubbing against the front wall of her vagina, thrusting it back and forth like a mini penis as I licked her puffy lips.

She was soon quivering and moving her hips in small movements, fucking back at me as she approached orgasm, I pulled my thumb free and pushed my tongue hard against her then gently pressed my fingers to her clit making her jump as I worked it back and forth. Gasping she shuddered and tried to pull away as her orgasm hit, but I used both hands to hold onto her thighs pulling her back as I lapped at her pussy, wanting to taste the sweet juices. They flowed out coating my lips and chin as she gasped, rocking gently back and forth with the movement of my tongue.

Suddenly I let out a gasp of my own.

Maria had been leaning forward holding my cock with one hand licking and teasing the end. As she came close to orgasm she had rocked back loosing her grip on my cock and letting it flop back on my belly.

Suddenly someone had gripped my cock hard, straddled my hips and was now rubbing its tip against a very wet pussy.

Maria Said “Surprise,” as he swung her leg over giving me a clear view of Cindy who, with impeccable timing, pushed the head of my cock between her pussy lips and eased down taking the full length of my penis in one smooth movement.

She lay forwards so that her large breasts were crushed to my chest.

“Hi” she said, kissing me on the lips.

“Mmm, someone tastes of pussy.” She straightened up and winked at Maria.

Cindy slowly circled her hips grinding her pussy against my groin.

“Make me cum.” She said, moving up and down on my cock in a slow rhythm pausing each time she was all the way down grinding her hips back and forth then inching her way back up until I almost popped out of her.

Running my hands along her thighs I rubbed my thumb across her clit, pressing down on it and rubbing in little circles causing her to gasp, she stopped moving up and down and leant back. Bracing her hands behind her on my legs for balance she lifted herself a few inches off my cock, as I played with the sensitive little nub.

Rubbing the swollen pussy lips wrapped around my cock with my fingers I flicked my thumb lightly back and forth over her clit, she began rocking her hips very slightly, a muscle in her inner thigh was twitching each time I moved my thumb, my fingers were being soaked as the juices leaked from her pussy.

Tearing my gaze away from between her legs I looked up at her face, her cheeks were flushed, eyes tight shut, she was gasping in little breaths of air, she was so wet that I was able to insert a finger alongside my cock, working the tip along the velvety wall of her pussy, the back of my finger brushing against my cock.

This was too much for Cindy and sent her over the edge; she pushed my hand away and began to ride up and down on my cock at a frantic pace. Placing my hands on her waist I humped back up at her matching her stroke for stroke with a wet smacking sound each our flesh met. Suddenly she slumped forwards, burying her face in the side of my neck, her pussy clenched and convulsed on my cock as she trembled in my arms, her magnificent breasts crushed to my chest.

She slowly calmed down, sitting back and smiling at me.

“Wow that was so naughty.” She said. “No one has ever fingered me like that.”

“Anytime you feel the need.” I laughed.

Maria knelt at Cindy’s side. “If you don’t mind I think it’s my turn now.”

“Ok but only if he promises me a repeat performance.” Cindy said.

She slowly pushed herself up, slipping off my cock and letting it slap back into my stomach, Maria rubbed her hand gently along its length making it twitch.

“Let’s make use of this slick thing.” She said and turned round dropping on her hands and knees bending forward presenting her gorgeous ass and pussy to me, a little ‘lip’ of labia poked out of her damp slit , I ran my fingers along her pussy, tickling it and making her shiver slightly.

“I want you inside me know.” She said her voice a little husky with desire.

Kneeling behind her I pressed the head of my cock to her slick lips, rubbing it up and down a few times until she had enough teasing and pushed back at me, causing the head to sink between them.

Taking hold of her hips I pushed all the way in building up a slow steady pace.

Stroking my hand down the outside of her leg I brought it back up along the tender soft flesh of her inner thigh until my fingers brushed against the crease where her thigh met her mound, trailing my finger along until I touched it to her clit.

She immediately tensed up then let out her breath slowly as I traced the tip of my finger back and forth in time with my thrusts.

Maria soon began to pant, she tried to pull my hand away but all this served to do was unbalance her, so that she fell forward resting on her forearms pushing her ass harder against me. She began to shudder as her orgasm built, letting out a cry as her juices flooded over my cock, she flopped forward head on her arms unable to support her weight, her beautiful ass high in the air as her orgasm hit.

My fingers were slick with her juices so I took advantage of her vulnerable position, caressing my hand over the soft cheeks of her ass then softly pressing a slick finger to her tight puckered hole.

She tensed and I thought that she might pull away, but instead she relaxed and I was able to push the end of my finger in, leaving it there for a moment, working it very gently back and forth in time with the movement of my cock easing in and out of her pussy slowing to a stop as her orgasm subsided.

Maria flopped forward; I moved with her but my cock slipped from her pussy, I eased down on top of her so that my hard dick nestled between her ass cheeks.

Resting my hand on her hip I gently ground my dick into her ass, she moved back against me responding to my movements.

My cock was throbbing and I knew that I would have to move quickly because I would not be able to last much longer. I gently nudged my dick against her ass again, pressing it between her soft cheeks, moving back and forth with ease as the shaft was well lubricated by our combined juices.

Shifting my weight so that I could reach between us I took hold of my cock and rubbed the end lightly against her tight puckered hole, she lifted her hips slightly; pushing back as I pressed against her, the end of my cock was slick, leaking pre cum so it didn’t take much pressure to push the end into her.

She tensed slightly pulling away, the end popped out but still rested against her tight little bud. I stopped moving, holding her firm by the hip with one hand I reached round and pressed my fingers to her pussy, caressing her wet folds.

We stayed frozen like this for a moment or two until Maria relaxed, she let out a little sigh, her pussy was soaking, my hand was slick as it moved between her legs and I knew she from the way her breath was coming in short gasps that she would be close to another orgasm.

She pushed her ass against my dick, once again burying me between her ass cheeks.

I stopped rubbing her pussy for a moment to coat my cock with the juices soaking my fingers and once more position the head against her tight little bud.

Again it only took a little pressure before it popped in.

Taking my time I pushed forward, inching my cock into her ass, pushing forward very slightly then drawing back a little, letting her get used to the sensation.

She gave a little cry of “Ah” as I finally pushed all the way in so I held myself still inside her while I used my fingers to bring her off, rubbing my fingers across her soaking lips while the heel of my hand ground against her clit.

As she started to cum she bucked her hips slightly and I matched her movements my cock sliding back and forth in her tight ass. Wrapping my other arm around her I held her tight against my body as I thrust myself into her, my fingers working away at her pussy until she was shaking and moaning squirming against me but unable to get away from the hand trapped between her legs. I only moved my hand from her tortured pussy so that I could grasp her hips pulling her hard against me as I thrust into her working towards my climax.

Picking up the pace I was smacking hard into her buttocks making them jiggle now moving in and out of her ass with ease. My cock was throbbing and as I felt the first trembling of my climax I tried to pull out but Maria had other ideas and squeezed her cheeks around my shaft trapping me there so that I couldn’t stop myself from pumping load after load into her tight hole.

The feeling was so intense that I held my breath, my fingers digging into the soft flesh of her buttocks in an attempt to hold her still as my cock throbbed in her tight grip. Eventually I let my breath out and my cock started to go soft, I watched it ease out of Maria. Cum dribbled down the back of her legs the insides of which were already slick with her own juices. Cindy passed me a towel and I wiped both Marie and myself down, she turned to face me, taking the towel and rubbing it between her legs.

“That’s only the second time I have ever done that and I wasn’t too sure if I would ever try it again after the last time” She said.

“But if it can feel like that I might just try it more often.”

We stood up and Cindy gave me a hug, “We will have to do this again.” she said.

“Only next time you can do that to me.” There wasn’t a lot that I could say to an invitation like that except for. “You have my number.”

I retrieved my clothes and made my way to the downstairs wet room for a shower. Jules was waiting for me when I got out; she was wearing one of our hosts short bath robes while I had just wrapped a towel around my waist. She handed me a drink.

“Having fun?” She asked. “You could say that” I replied.

“Although, when you ‘entertained’ Mick it was a bit of a surprise.” I said.

I took a long pull on my drink. “Not to mention entertaining the whole room.”

She smiled. “Did you mind?”

I squeezed her butt cheek, “What do you think?”

“Well while you have been showering I have had another proposition.” She said.

“The girl who was sitting on your lap, the one who won’t take her panties off has asked if I would do the same thing with her boyfriend while she watches.”

I was quite shocked, I knew that it had turned her on when Jules had ‘lap danced’ him but I would have never expected this.

“And you said?” I asked.

Jules kissed me on the side of the neck.

“Only if you were there with me, they are waiting in the garden on the patio area by the pool.”

Jules gathered up some towels and we made our way outside to a little decked patio with a pergola for shade. The girl was standing by her boyfriend; still wearing her bra and panties, looking rather self-conscious while he was seated on the edge of a wooden bench in his boxers.

He stood up as we approached and stood close to his girl, both of them looked jittery with what I guess was nervous excitement. “Hi” she said, “If we are going to have some fun then I don’t think that we will need these shorts.”

She rubbed her hands over his chest raking her fingernails over his nipples; he took in a sharp breath, as she slipped her hands down over his stomach and around to his hips.

She hooked her thumbs into his boxers and stooped, pulling them down in one smooth movement. His erection sprang free almost whacking Jules in the face, she grasped his cock and held it by the base, it was visibly twitching and throbbing and it didn’t help matters as she tickled his balls with her fingernails making him jump.

Jules stood up, arranged several of the towels on the bench and gestured for the boyfriend to sit on the edge of the bench. She shrugged off the robe then stood in front of him, naked, feet apart straddling his legs. She touched the fingers of one hand to the side her pussy and bent slightly at the knees, parting her lips a little, opening the damp delights up to his gaze.

“Touch me if you want.” She said.

He reached out a little nervous and cupped her pussy in his hand.

The lust in her eyes was unmistakable as he started to slide his hand along her slit dragging his fingers along her folds, Jules gave out a little groan as he gained confidence and pushed a finger past her slick lips and up into her pussy his eyes wide, watching fascinated as her lips closed over it.

He held it there for a moment then moved in and out in a slow fucking motion, gradually becoming more confident and increasing the pace, pressing up so hard that Jules rose a little on her toes while at the same time gasping in pleasure, she gripped

his shoulders to steady herself and squirmed on his finger her whole body shuddering as she suddenly grabbed his hand and pushed her pussy hard against it as she boiled over into orgasm, her whole body shuddering.

The girl beside me released the breath she had been holding as we watched my wife go through orgasmic bliss; I took in the milky white curve of her breasts, her hard nipples stuck out proud against the lacy material of her bra. Both hands were folded in front of her and I was sure that she had been gently touching at herself while she had been watching. She noticed me looking at her and blushed.

“There’s no need to feel uncomfortable.” I said “You’re a beautiful girl; I bet lots of men admire your figure, you just need to relax and be confident in your looks”.

She went a deeper shade of red.

“If you like I will stand over there just behind you while we watch so that you aren’t so self conscious.”

Looking at the floor she said, “Can you hold me while we watch? Like you did when we were playing the game?” She was so nervous the question was little more than a whisper. Standing behind her I wrapped my arms around her middle.

“Like this?” I asked.

“No, like before.” She whispered.

To my surprise she pushed one of my hands up so it cupped her breast and the other so that it rested on her lower belly my little finger just brushing the lace of her panties.

We watched as Jules moved closer, over his lap, so that they were now almost touching. This gave him great access to her breasts and he made the most of it, kissing the smooth flesh and sucking on the hard nipples. She put her hand on the back of his head and held his mouth against her and softly moaned. “Mmm, that’s it; tease them, oh yes, a little harder.” With her encouragement he was really getting into it, running his tongue over Jules nipples then nipping at them. Her eyes were half closed and I could tell that she was getting really worked up again; suddenly Jules pushed him away and told him to lie back on the bench.

She straddled the bench and positioned herself over his groin squatting above him keeping her balance with a hand on his chest. She reached between them and held his cock pointing straight up, aimed inches from her pussy lips, swollen and glistening with her juices.

“Hope you’ve got some control over this thing because I really want to cum again and I’d like nothing more than for us to cum together.” She said.

When she first touched herself to him he grabbed her hips and pushed his groin up towards her, Jules was having none of it and jerked away.

“Stay still and don’t be in such a hurry. I’m in charge, understand?” She said.

He nodded and relaxed his grip.

My pussy was aching to be filled but I was determined that this was going to last, I wanted to put on a show for his girlfriend but was so turned on that it was going to be really hard to hold back and not give in to the little flutter of excitement running through my belly.

As he relaxed I eased down again and caught the head of his cock between my lips, he moaned softly as I made contact, it felt so good that I had to stop and take a breath, calming myself. Adjusting my hand so that I held him firmly about an inch below the head I gently rocked my hips, pushing my ass into the air so that my pussy lips dragged across it. Again he let out a little groan and I got some satisfaction from seeing the look on his face which told me he was feeling just as teased and turned on as I was. Rocking my hips I dragged the tip of his cock so that tickled over my damp folds and held it to my clit, working it in little circles.

By now my pussy was so wet I could feel a little trickle run down my inner thigh, his cock was swelling and twitching in my grip pre cum leaking out over my hand and mingling with my juices, coating my pussy. His gaze was fixed between my legs watching as I worked his glistening knob over my clit.

My legs were trembling slightly, partly from the stress of the position I was holding but mostly from excitement. I pushed the head of his cock back along my pussy lips, dipping slightly so that this time it pushed between them.

Loosing hold of his cock I placed my other hand on his chest then I sank further down so that the head of his cock just popped inside, my lips folding over his shaft.

He let out a groan as I eased farther down taking an inch or so more of him I held him there for a moment but my thighs were beginning to ache.

Closing my eyes for a moment I thought about what I was about to do, took a deep breath then sat down on his cock, taking the full length of it into me until he was buried to the hilt.

After all the teasing it felt wonderful to be filled up, his cock was twitching inside of me tickling against the walls of my pussy, but I just sat there letting the urge in my groin ebb a little, getting used to the feel of him, savouring it.

His hands rested lightly on my thighs, his fingers rubbing back and forth with a feather light touch, very gently I began to move my hips, at first just easing up and down a few inches, taking my time and working my way up his shaft in little increments until at last I was slipping up and down the full length.

His breathing was getting ragged and I knew by the feel of his cock pulsing that he would not last much longer, he groaned as I picking up the pace, humping and grinding down onto his cock with a new urgency, my own orgasm building, I clenched my pussy hard around his shaft on the upward motion, squeezing and pausing for a moment before releasing the pressure as I plunged back down.

He was gasping; his eyes squeezed tight shut in concentration, he grabbed my hips and started lifting his ass from the bench, matching my movements, fucking back up at me as I rode up and down on his cock.

I hoped he would hold out long enough for me to cum.

Jules arched her back and threw her head back rocking her hips back and forth letting out a gasp as he thrust against her; they seemed to be in race to see who would get off first, after all the teasing.

Jules had one had between her legs working her clit in a desperate bid to cum before him. With all the foreplay I doubted Jules would reach climax before she was forced to dismount and take care of his throbbing member, as she had done with Mick. The girl was watching intently, warm in my arms, her breast rapidly rising and falling under my hand the hard nipple pressing into my palm. Slowly I ran my hand over her lower belly letting my finger lightly dance over the front of her panties.

She reached down and took hold of my wrist, I thought for a moment that I had overstepped the mark and she would pull my hand away, instead she guided it further down and shifted her feet apart slightly so I could reach her crotch.

The thin lace of her panties did nothing to hide the wetness there; she was just as turned on watching Jules and her guy as I was. She moaned as I gently circled my fingers over the damp patch, sagging slightly at the knees so that her weight rested on my hand, she clamped her thighs tight trapping it there. Pulling her close to me to steady myself I squeezed her breast, she let out a little whimper as I pinched and rubbed the nipple, all the while working just one finger slowly back and forth over her panties along the shape of her slit causing the delicate material to ride up just a little between her pussy lips.

The towel had fallen from around my waist so that the shaft of my hard dick now nestled between her cheeks pressing into her panties, I couldn’t help but gently grind against the flimsy material. She surprised me again by wiggling her hips very slightly pushing back against me and responding to my movements.

Very slowly and carefully I pushed her panties aside, she gasped and tensed slightly as I traced her bare slit up and down, it was a strange sensation for me because her pussy was covered in soft curls, (Jules always shaves and waxes so that she is nice and smooth) they tickled against my hand as I pushed a finger past her lips and carefully entered her while rubbing my thumb back and forth on her clit

She ground her hips pushing down on my hand, her pussy grasping my probing fingers soaking them, trembling she rode the wave of her orgasm, “oh …oh …” she gasped pushing back against my hard cock.

I held her tightly as she trembled, leaning heavily against me gently thrusting myself against her, my cock sandwiched between her buttocks.

I figured if she was going to cum so was I.

Not knowing if she would pull away or let me soak her ass I pushed the cup of her bra up and squeezed her bare breast, the erect nipple rubbery in my fingers as I gently tugged and twisted it. I grasped her body against me her panties had ridden up the crack of her ass and I could feel the flesh of her cheeks caressing my shaft as it slipped up and down. The need to cum was rising, my balls tight ready to pump a load over her. I stopped moving to try and ease the sensation because I was enjoying the feel of her cheeks on my cock and wanted to prolong it for as long as possible but she had other ideas pushing her hips back and squeezing her ass cheeks around my shaft so that I couldn’t stop my orgasm.

Pressing the tip of my cock hard between her buttocks I squirted cum over her ass soaking the soft cheeks peeking out from her panties, the already sopping material clinging to them. She reached back and grabbed my cock working her hand up and down the shaft and rubbing the end over her buttocks, milking every last drop.

At last my cock stopped twitching and she let it go, wiping her hands then shyly covering her breast back up, wrapping a towel around her and slipping off her soaking panties. After she finished getting comfortable she looked at me contentedly and mouthed the words “Thank you”.

Both satisfied we returned our full attention to the show, it didn’t last very long.

Jules was riding his cock with a fury, hand buried between her legs, fingers busy on her clit crying out as she reached orgasm. She shook uncontrollably and collapsed forward like a puppet with the strings cut, rocking her hips with his movements as he became more forceful, grasping her hips and moving her up and down with his thrusts drilled his cock up into her until at last he gasped and stiffened up.

He was obviously about to shoot his load and I was expecting Jules to quickly swing her leg over dismounting him but instead of pulling away Jules pushed her self upright and began to grind her hips, her pussy lips still wrapped tightly around his shaft as he pumped his load up into her.

She kept up a steady rhythm riding him until his cock softened.

Jules eased up very slowly off him, spunk oozed from between her puffy lips strings of it dribbling down onto his shaft as it flopped out of her with a wet smack, she stood astride him, legs wide apart letting his cum drain from her pussy, it pooled on his spent cock and coated his balls.

Jules took a towel from me and cleaned up as best as she could, as we made our way back in to the shower; she took my hand and squeezed it. “You’re not angry are you?”

Seeing as I had fucked both Cindy and Maria not an hour before, there wasn’t a lot that I could say, I bent to kiss her. “What do you think?” I said.

She smiled, “That was a one off, and it’s not something that I want to do all the time.” She paused. “Well maybe on special occasions.”

After a long shower we dressed and made our way home.

A few days later we received a padded envelope containing a DVD and a note from Andrea which read. “Thank you for the ‘extra’ entertainment, hope you can make it to my next party.”

Jules inserted the disc in the player and as it began to play we both started to laugh. We had been caught by the CCTV camera covering Andreas back garden, (she had put it in after a break-in some time ago).

Mick is a bit of a techno junkie so there system is top of the range, the crystal clear images left nothing to the imagination and I hoped for the other couples sake that Andrea would show some discretion and not circulate copies around the office.

But we would just have to wait and see.

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