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In the Mood

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It was Thursday night and Michele was in one of those moods. She wanted, no she needed some erotic sexual activity. She didn’t really care what kind as long as it was with someone exciting and warm blooded. Not that she wasn’t choosy, she definitely was choosy. She was just use to getting what she wanted and when she wanted it and she wanted some tonight.

She made sure she dressed for the occasion. She took a long hot bath, shaved her legs and pussy until they were perfectly smooooth. Put on a short black skirt to show of her legs, a leopard tank that dipped low enough to show some of her cleavage and her leopard print shoes.

She wasn’t sure what she was looking for so she decided to go to the Village. The Village was a multi-level club with two dance areas, a pub with pool tables and darts, and a lounge with big chairs and couches. She took a slow stroll through all the rooms checking to see what would catch her eye. It wasn’t real busy, but there were a few people that might be able to help her out. She settled on a great looking Latin man who was at the bar near the swing dancing floor.

She walked up to the bar a short distance from him and order a drink. She quickly caught his eye and flashed him her can you handle me smile. He moved over and started talking to her, but after a couple minutes she knew that looks once again could be deceiving and she excused herself and continued her search.

She saw a tall dark hair man who looked like model or a swimmer, maybe both. He was 6’4” nice shoulders, great ass, very nice dark eyes and a nice smile He was playing pool with another man who was 6’ blond hair, a little heavier built, larger arms, looked like spent some time in the gym. She was attracted to the dark hair man. She sat down on a stool near by and watched them play for a while. She chatted with them as they played. The dark hair man was Jason and the blond was Evan. She crossed her legs and let her skirt rise high up on her thighs. They were both very friendly and she enjoyed talking to them, but they didn’t appear interested in more than just casual conversation with her. Then she heard Evan ask Jason where his wife had gone. Well strike two thought Michele.

She decided to try her luck in the lounge. There were only a few men and one woman in the lounge. None of the men in the lounge interested her, but the women sitting in the corner by herself that was strikingly beautiful. She had shoulder length auburn hair and full red lips. She was wearing a blouse and skirt Michele recognized from her last shopping trip. She had almost bought the same outfit. She went over a told her that she loved her outfit. The women’s name was Jennifer. She was very warm and friendly and soon they were talking and laughing like they had known each other for years. A couple times Jennifer’s hand brushed Michele’s thigh as they chatted. Michele was getting very excited. She could feel her pussy getting damp. She had to have this woman.

As the waitress brought them their drinks they had ordered she tripped and spilt some wine on Jennifer’s top. The waitress was very embarrassed, apologized profusely and offered to help her clean up.

Michele seized the moment and told her “That won’t be necessary, just bring me some salt and I’ll take care of it. The waitress brought the salt and Jennifer and Michele got up and went to the bathroom. They sat down on the couch in the bathroom and Michele started to but some salt on the Jennifer’s top. As she worked in the salt she felt the top of Jennifer’s breast. She moved lower than necessary and felt Jennifer’s nipple stiffen as she rubbed it. She could see and hear Jennifer’s breathing rate increase. She moved around to the side of her breast and caressed it, then moved back to her nipple. A moan escaped Jennifer’s lips.

Michele asked “Why don’t you take off your blouse and Ill rinse the salt out.”

Jennifer pulled the top off over her head. Her breast her gorgeous, a large firm C cup with big light brown nipples. Michele had a hard time pulling herself of the couch to wash out the salt. She quickly washed the spot out and pulled out some paper towels to blot the blouse dry.

She sat back down on the couch and handed the top back, “I think it needs to dry a little more.”

As Jennifer tried to dry the spot Michele reached over and caressed her breast. She rolled her nipple between her thumb and forefinger. She caressed the side of her breast and leaned over to pull her nipple gently into her mouth. Jennifer gasped. Michele rolled her nipple around with her tongue and continued to squeeze and caress her breast. Michele pulled away from her breast put her hand behind Jennifer’s head and pulled her lips onto hers. Their mouths melted together and their tongues danced feverishly. Jennifer’s hands ran up Michele’s thighs. They heard someone open the bathroom door and Jennifer quickly put her top back on.

“Jennifer, lets go back to my place, so we wont be disturbed any more.”

“Oh I would love to Michele, but I cant, I’m here with my husband and his friend, I’m so sorry. I can’t believe how much I’m attracted to you, maybe some other time?”

Michele was floored, she was sure she would be cuddling up between this woman’s legs tonight. The disappointment must have showed in her eyes.

Jennifer asked her, “Why don’t we go down stairs and Ill introduce you and then maybe we can dance?”

Jennifer grabbed her hand and they walked downstairs to the pool tables. Michele saw Jason and Evan were still playing pool.

Jason saw her and said, “Hi, I see you meant my wife.”

“You two have already meant?” asked Jennifer

“We where talking earlier before I went upstairs.”

“Jason why don’t you two come up stairs and dance with Michele and me?”

“Sure we were just about to come and see what was taking you so long anyway.”

The four of them went back up stairs to where the d-jay was playing some dance mix. All of them headed straight out to the floor and started dancing. Michele was still a bit off balance from finding out Jennifer was married and with her husband.

Then Jennifer came up behind her on the dance floor pressing her breast into her back and wrapping her arms around waist and whispered in her ear, “You know you could have both of us tonight.”

Michele answered by taking Jennifer’s hands and bringing them up to her breast. Jennifer cupped her breast and squeezed her nipples as she ground her body into the back of Michele’s. Michele looked up to see Jason smiling at her as he danced closer and closer to her. Soon he was pressing in on her from the front, wrapping his arms around both Michele and Jennifer. Michele could feel his cock hardening against her belly.

Most people in the dance area where now watching the three of them. Evan had stopped dancing and was just watching. Michele turned around between Jason and Jennifer. She pulled Jennifer’s lips to her and kissed her as she wiggled her butt against Jason’s cock. She felt Jason’s hand moving up her waist against her skin. His hand slid under her top to caress her breast. Michele’s hands roamed over Jennifer’s butt, squeezing and pulling her tight against her. Their lips remained locked as their tongues intertwined. It took them a few moments to notice when the music ended. They all looked at each other and laughed.

“Lets get out of here before we get arrested” Michele said.

Jennifer and Jason’s said they had a pool and they could go swimming later so they decide to go to their house. Evan volunteered to drive, so they all piled into his truck. Jennifer climbed in next to Evan. Michele getting in last climb up on Jason’s lap. As soon as they got out of the parking lot Jennifer was caressing Michele’s breast. Jason pulled Michele’s top off over her head. As soon as her breasts were exposed Jennifer had her nipple in her mouth. After sucking on each nipple and feeling it harden in her mouth. She started kissing her way down Michele’s belly.

Jennifer turned and kneeled on the floor board between Michele’s legs kissing her thighs, slowly moving up between her legs. Jason was caressing her breast as Evan tried to keep his eyes on the road. Michele lifted her legs up and placed her feet on the dash board, as Jennifer’s tongue slid into her pussy.

Michelle gasped as Jennifer’s tongue slid up through her slit and flicked her clit. Michele arched her back and pushed her pussy into Jennifer’s face. As her butt lifted of Jason’s lap Jason unzipped his pants, pulled out his cock. Jennifer grabbed his cock and pulled it in to her mouth. Michele lowered her butt back onto Jason’s lap and watched between her legs as Jason’s cock disappeared into Jennifer’s mouth once, twice and then three times. Jason’s cock was a nice size 6 ½” and fairly thick. Jennifer pushed it back against Michele’s pussy, rubbing it between the lips of her pussy. Michele lifted her butt up again until Jennifer could push the head of his cock into Michele’s pussy. Michele slowly settled back down as Jason’s cock eased deep into her.

Jennifer resumed licking Michele’s pussy, flicking her tongue across her clit as Michele started riding up and down on Jason’s cock. Jennifer’s tongue licking her clit and Jason’s cock moving in and out of her pussy brought Michele to her first orgasm within a minute. As soon as her first orgasm ended another started.

She was now bouncing up and down on Jason’s lap screaming again and again as she came. “OH GOD.. FUCK ME.. FUCK ME. OH YES……LICK ME JENNIFER .. OH GOD YOUR TONGUE FEELS SO GOOD …….OH YES…… FUCK ME JASON….. OH I WANT TO FEEL YOU COME IN ME ……….OH YESSSS YESSSSS FUCK ME.. FUCK ME ………OH YESSSS…….LICK ME JENNIFER”

She felt Jason’s cock harden and start to spasm in her and she slammed down hard on his lap and held his cock deep in her as it spurted again and again. Jennifer lifted her head up. Michele’s juices covered her chin and cheeks.

Michele noticed that the truck was parked in a driveway. “How long have we been here?”

“Only a couple minutes” Evan replied “I didn’t want to disturb you, it look like you were having to much fun.”

“Only getting started” Michele replied.

“Well lets go have some fun then.”

Evan jumped out of the truck and Jennifer followed him out the driver’s side. Jason kicked his pants off of his legs, picked up Michele and carried her in to the house. Evan and Jennifer had already disappeared somewhere. Jason carried Michele down some stairs into what looked like a large basement, which was now a playroom. There was a bar with four stools at one end, a pool table close to the bar, a couch and several chairs and at the other end what looked like a large assortment of bondage equipment. There was an X-frame that was mounted, so that it could be placed horizontal or vertical. There was also a very skinny padded stool 3 feet long only 8 inches wide. On either side of the stool were padded arms that stuck out with nylon belts attached so a person could be placed on stool on their knees and elbows and tied down. The stool appeared to be just high enough so that a woman’s mouth and pussy would be at the right height to receive a man’s cock. There were also assorted handcuffs, spreader bars, gags and ropes hanging on the wall, as well as a table with assorted dildos, vibrators and strap-ons.

As Jason carried Michele over to towards the bondage area Michele began to get a little nervous and very excited. “What did you have in mind Jason?” she asked.

“Just a little fun, as you said we are only getting started.” he replied.

“Where are Jennifer and Evan?”

“Oh, they’ll be down in a minute, in the mean time lets get you ready.”

Jason set Michele down, he wrapped his arms around her, unzipped her skirt and pulled it to the floor. “I don’t think you’ll be needing this for awhile.”

He then walked over and took two pairs of 2” wide leather cuffs from the wall. He knelt in front of Michele and placed a cuff on each ankle and then stood and placed one on each wrist. He unlocked the X-frame and swung it around so that it was Vertical. He led Michele over to it and stood her facing the X. He hooked her ankle cuffs to bottom of each leg of the X and her wrist cuffs to the top of each leg of the X. He walked around the frame so that he was facing her and unlocked the center of the X, then spread the legs of the X until Michele’s arms and legs where spread very wide apart.

He wrapped the belt at the center of the X around Michele’s waist and buckled it tight. Than rolled over a tall bench and positioned it front of Michele. He tilted the X-frame down until Michele was now laying horizontal, her torso from her crouch to just below her breast was supported by the center of the X-frame. Her full breast dangled below her.

Jason ran his hands along her arms and down to her breast, where he stop to softly tweak her nipple, then along her side across her butt and down her thighs to her calf’s, then back up her thigh to her butt. He paused, she felt his hand lift for a few seconds and then….. SMACK..

She felt his hand come down on her butt, not real hard, just enough to warm her skin and send a flash through her. Michele heard foot steps then Jennifer’s voice.

“I see you have Michele all ready for us.”

Jennifer walk around in front of Michele. “Now its your turn to please me.”

She climbed on top of the bench that Jason had placed in front of Michele. Michele looked up at her. Jennifer was naked, her pussy shaved from her the top of her clit down to her anus. It was glistening with moisture. She laid down in front of Michele placing a leg on each side of her head. Then she moved her butt down the bench top until her pussy was just below Michele’s face.

“Now lick me .. I want you to make me scream until I can’t take it anymore.”

She but her hands on top of Michele’s head and pushed her face into her pussy. Michele began licking her pussy, starting on the outside lips of her vulva, slowly working her way in, occasionally sucking her lips into her mouth. As Jennifer started to respond her pussy opened up and juice leaked down to her anus. Michele moved inward to her inner lips and licked up through her slit carefully avoiding Jennifer’s clit. As she licked Jennifer’s pussy Michele felt hands caressing her entire body, from her toes to her ears. Then she felt tongues and lips moving all over her. Then tongue was licking her thighs moving up to her butt and then hands spreading her butt cheeks. She felt a tongue run up and around her anus. Her butt muscles twitched and her thighs tried to squeeze together. The tongue ran up and down between her legs from her clit to her anus and back. Then nothing.

She continued teasing Jennifer, barely starting to lick the edges of her clit. Jennifer had started thrusting her hips into her face, trying to make her lick her clit more. Jennifer was starting to get very vocal moaning and telling Michele how much she enjoyed her tongue.

Telling her repeatedly “OH YES COME ON ..LICK ME MICHELE.. LICK MY PUSSY”.

Then Michele felt her butt cheeks being spread again and cool lubricate running down her crack. A finger pushed into her anus, She felt her sphincter grip the finger as it slid into her. Then finger withdrew and she felt a vibration pushing into her ass. It was either a butt plug or a small vibrator. It pushed harder and her anus stretch around it, then it got smaller and was inside her. She new it was a vibrating butt plug. Her sphincter gripped it and held it tight in her ass. The vibrating made her pussy tingle and she increased her tongue rate on Jennifer’s clit.

Jennifer reached down and spread her pussy lips exposing her clit more to Michele’s probing tongue. “OH MICHELE YES.YES..YES COME ON LICK ME MICHELE.. LICK MY PUSSY .. OH YES .. OH I’M GOING TO COME OH YES”

Jennifer’s hips were bucking up into Michele’s face, while one hand spread her lips the other was on the back of Michele’s head pulling her tight against her pussy. She screamed over and over as she came. Finally Jennifer’s hands went limp and she laid exhausted on the bench.

“Now it’s our turn.” Michele heard Evan say.

The bench with Jennifer laying on it was rolled away and Evan stood in front of her. His cock was at as big as Jason’s but it was only half erect. He lifted up and ran the head around her lips. She flicked her tongue around the head and then opened her mouth as he pushed it into her. His cock quickly harden. It grew so wide she had to open her mouth all the way to get it in. He moved it in and out of her mouth a few times each time easing it in further, until it hit the back of her throat. He then gently fucked her mouth for a few minutes, before he pulled his cock out.

He step back and was replaced by Jason. Jason pushed his cock in to her mouth and left it deep in her mouth. His cock wasn’t as thick and was more comfortable in her mouth. She ran her tongue up and down the ridge while he held it in her mouth. She felt Evan’s hands rubbing her thigh and ass. Then spreading the lips of her pussy. She felt his huge cock pushing into her pussy. He worked it back and forth easing it in a little further each stoke. Soon it was completely buried in her.

“Oh God Jason you should feel her vibrating pussy this butt plug works great.”

“Are you ready Michelle?” Jason asked.

Michele could only grunt with his cock in her mouth. Jason and Evan both started fucking her, one in her mouth and one in her pussy. They fucked in unison, both of them pushing in at the same time and then both pulling out. They fucked her with long slow strokes for five or ten minutes then they started picking up speed. Jennifer crawled underneath her and started sucking on her breast and using her fingers to play with her clit. Jason held the back of her head and pulled himself into her mouth each stroke. Evan held her hips and pulled and pushed himself in and out. Faster and faster they went. Michele would have been screaming if the cock wasn’t blocking her mouth. She came again and again as they fucked her. Then she felt Evan’s cock growing in her pussy, felt start to spasm again and again. He grunted loudly as he came in her. They pulled their cocks out of her, unclipped her cuffs and help her down from the X-frame. Her knees were week. Jason laid down on some pillows and Evan and Jennifer help Michele to straddle Jason. They let her down on his cock.

Jason’s hands reached up and caressed her breast. “We aren’t done with you yet Michele, ..Fuck me ..Ride my cock.”

Michele was weak and exhausted, but his cock felt good and she started slowly rocking up and down. Evan came over and placed a chair over Jason’s head. Michele saw Jennifer returning from the table with a strap-on. The strap-on had a dildo on each side. She pushed the large dildo up into her pussy, then wrapped the belt around her waist and buckled it. She turned a knob on the side of the belt and Michele could her the humming of a vibrator.

“Oh that feels good, you are going to like this Michele” Jennifer told her.

Michele watched her lube up the small vibrating strap-on. The watched her as she walked behind her. She felt Jennifer pulling the butt plug out of her ass, then felt her pushing the strap-on dildo up into her ass. She could feel Jennifer’s breast and nipples drag along her back as she fucked her ass with the dildo.

Just three minutes ago she would of thought it was impossible for her to have any more orgasms that night, she had been exhausted, but now riding up and down on Jason’s cock as Jennifer fucked her ass with the vibrating strap-on she was could feel other orgasm building inside her. She started riding Jason’s cock with a little more energy. Evan sat down in the chair, his cock covered in Michele’s juices and his come. He told her to suck him and pulled her head towards his cock.

She realized how sore her lips and mouth were as she took his cock into her mouth and began to suck his cock. She was totally lost in an erotic wonderland. She was using her thighs to lift herself up and down on Jason’s cock as her head bobbed up and down on Evan’s cock, while Jennifer fucked her ass. She loved the feel of Jennifer’s breast as the rubbed up and down on her back. She could feel a huge orgasm building inside her and she urged her legs to move faster. She felt Jason starting to buck his hips up into her and she rode faster. Then it washed over her, wave after wave after wave, her whole body shook orgasm after orgasm ran through whole body.

Jason could feel Michele’s pussy spasming, clinching his cock tighter and it sent him over the edge. He bucked his hips up as he grabbed her hips and pulled down and screamed as he came in her. Michele let Evan’s cock slip out of her mouth and she collapsed sideways across Jason. Jennifer pulled the strap-on dildo out of Michele’s ass and took off the strap-on.

“I guess it’s just you and me, Evan.”

Evan picked up the chair and set it down a couple feet away from where Jason and Michele lay exhausted. He sat back down and Jennifer crawled up on his lap facing him. She placed his cock at the entrance to her pussy and slowly sank down on it. “Ahhhh that feels good ……Fuck me Jason.”

Jason reached around her, grabbing her butt cheeks he lifted her up and down. Jennifer leaned in and kissed his neck as her hand found its way down to her clit. She rubbed it back and forth while Evan fucked her until her own orgasm ripped through her body. Jason continued to fuck her until he came.

“Help me get these two to bed will you.”

Evan picked up Michele and carried her off to the guest room.

While Jennifer prodded Jason until he got up and they walked up to there own bedroom.

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