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Night Moves

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Two friends play out a ritual during the summer of 1973.


Chapter One: Anticipation.

The shower turned off, causing my heart to start beating even faster. The bathroom door was about 6 feet away from the bed where I was pretending to sleep, and I saw the shadows of movement break the light at the bottom of that door.

On the other side of that door, my best friend Kenny was probably drying off, and as the steam came out from under the space at the bottom of the door I visualized what Kenny was doing.

Having already dried his long medium brown hair, I envisioned him rubbing the towel through the thick tufts of hair that sprouted out from under his arms before drying his slender, hairless chest and moving downward.

Maybe Kenny had his back to the doorway with one foot up on the edge of the tub, sliding the towel up and down his legs, starting down around his ankles and moving up his rather hairy calves to his thighs. If it were not for that door, I imagined that I would be able to see his balls dangling down in their over-sized pouch while he did this drying, his little bubble butt pale and damp.

My visualization came to an abrupt halt when I detected movement at the other side of the door, followed by the door opening and Kenny emerging from the steam-filled room. Silhouetted by the light behind him, he looked more like a rock star making an entrance through the mist than what he really was; a skinny 18 year old kid that I had known my entire life.

He came out naked with his towel in hand, just like he always did, and why wouldn’t he? I was “sleeping” in the bed of the studio apartment, and after all we were both guys so there was no need for modesty.

In Kenny’s case, there was much less need for modesty than it would have been for me, and I opened my nearly shut eyes a bit more to get a better view of what I had become obsessed with over the last few weeks, which was the cock that was swaying lazily in front of Kenny as he walked across the room.

On someone with my build, the long and slender penis would have seemed quite normal, but on Kenny’s short and slight frame – 5’7″ and maybe 125 pounds tops – his cock looked enormous. It was in its semi-turgid state right now, no doubt the result of some vigorous drying, with maybe a few of those long pulls that he gave himself from time to time.

Kenny’s cock right now was just as long as it would get, somewhere in the neighborhood of 7″. Certainly no less than that. When fully erect, it would not get any longer although it might gain a bit of thickness. I was rather embarrassed that I had such an encyclopedic knowledge of my best friend’s genitalia, but not so humiliated as to keep me from getting an erection as I squinted.

I had seen his dick in virtually every state recently; from the modest little stem that when flaccid was no bigger than my own, to the long throbbing erection whose size had stunned me when I first saw it, and every stage in between. What had started out to be a curiosity had become a full-blown obsession.

Now, as Kenny came back into my line of vision and headed for the bathroom to turn off the light, I forced myself to keep from hyperventilating because once that light went off and the room became dark save the night light and the numerals of the clock radio, everything would change.


Chapter Two: Heavy breathing.

There was no need to keep my eyes nearly closed once the lights went out, so I was able to concentrate on trying to keep my breathing quiet and at a somewhat normal rate as Kenny walked around the bed.

I was “sleeping” on my side at the edge of the bed closest to the bathroom just like usual, so Kenny came around the other side of the queen-size bed. I sensed the covers get pulled back and then felt the mattress move as Kenny slid into the bed. What happened next would determine what kind of mood Kenny was in.

Having been in a relationship with a ball-busting virgin for the longest time, Kenny frequently arrived at my apartment that he practically called home, in a very frustrated state, his chaste girlfriend not giving him any kind of release. I figured that was why he had become somewhat of a roommate of mine since we had graduated high school, despite living with his parents in a much nicer place on the other side of town. Not because, like he claimed, that the job he had to go to the next morning was near here.

The bed moved again as Kenny seemed to be trying to get comfortable, but once I sensed the heat of his body against my back I knew that he was inching closer to me. I waited for the moment that I found incredibly erotic, but one that Kenny probably didn’t even notice, and when it happened I felt my cock surge in response.

It was when Kenny had moved so close to me that I could feel the hair on his legs against the smooth skin on the beck of my own. Kenny’s body hair was confined to his calves and armpits, while the rest of his body was smooth, save for a tuft of brown fur above his cock.

Those places that hair grew, it grew in abundance, and as the coarse hairs on his legs scraped my skin I braced myself for what was to follow. The anticipation was almost suffocating me, and if his intent was to drive me crazy, it was working.

There was the chance that Kenny had merely gotten tired and fallen asleep, as had happened one night last week. I had laid next to Kenny for over an hour, just waiting for him to act, until I realized he had fallen asleep.

That was not to be the case tonight, however, because after a minute or so, I felt the gentle touch of Kenny’s hand on my hip. Just an accidental touch, he would say if I had ever said anything to him about it, because all of this that had happened or would happen – didn’t really.

There was never an acknowledgement of what we did. The next morning it was like it never happened. I know this because the one time I had mentioned the next morning how great the night before was, Kenny feigned ignorance, claiming that he was so drunk he didn’t remember a thing.

The hand on my hip – now that was just a way of finding out whether I was wearing underwear or not. I always had worn briefs to bed, but had stopped when Kenny had started making his nocturnal visits. Getting my underwear off, or even just down, was too much of an acknowledgement that what was going on was both consensual and intentional, so I had started going to bed naked. Not my choice, but it was worth it.

Having found out that I was nude, Kenny’s hand made its way ever-so-slowly down from my hip until the tips of his fingers made contact with the timberline of my pubic hair. I tried and failed to keep my breathing from becoming ragged as his fingers inched their way through my bush as Kenny began to squirm closer to me.

Finally, it happened. Kenny’s body was now pressed against mine. I could feel his breath on my neck as he spooned up into me and that big beautiful cock found where it wanted to be, nestled into the crack of my ass, the underside of his long stiff shaft planted into the valley between my chubby ass cheeks.

Kenny didn’t want to put his cock into my ass, he only wanted to stick it between my fleshy pillows and hump himself into me. If he wanted to put it into my ass, I would let him, even though it wasn’t something I had any experience with, but my early offering of that orifice to him had been rebuffed when he moved my legs back together.

So I just remained still and let him slide his dick along the crevice of my ass. His breathing grew heavier as he moved a little faster and harder against me. Kenny’s hand stayed where it was, raking my pubic hair.

Soon, when he was about to cum, his hand would come over and wrap around my cock, but not before. Kenny had learned that I came fast, rarely lasting a minute from the time he first touched my cock, and I sensed he was uncomfortable about coming after I did, so he waited until the time was near.

Chapter Three: Time.

The hot breath on my back was now joined by the faintest of grunting as he became more and more excited, Kenny’s leg was now on top of mine, and the sweet feeling of his hairy leg against my nearly smooth one had intensified.

Now I felt Kenny’s hand move closer to my cock, and I strained to make it bigger. The first time he had touched me, I could tell how surprised he had been when he discovered how small my cock was. My being a head taller and 100 pounds bigger than him had no bearing in the sizes of our cocks, so when he discovered that when his hand clenched around my erect member, his not-very-large hand pretty much covered the entire length of it.

My cock was pretty thick, I guess, but the fact remained that in terms of length, I wasn’t what he expected. I was ashamed about this at first, because while I was already aware that I wasn’t very well endowed, it wasn’t until I had seen Kenny erect that I realized how small I really was.

With his fist full of my cock though, nothing mattered. Kenny had discovered quickly that trying to jerk me off would be a challenge given my pitiful size, so he had figured out a way to get me off that felt even better.

His hand would massage me using his fingers as rollers of sorts, massaging my cock while his little finger stroked the space just above my nuts and his thumb would rub the tip of my glans. The effect was electric, and as he started to work his magic, he was now humping into me even more enthusiastically, and soon it was a question of who came first.

Kenny did, and when I felt his humping stop, I knew what was coming next. He grunted as I felt his cock spurt his hot seed against my ass and lower back. I came right after that, ejaculating into the bedding while Kenny kept working his fingers on me until I became limp and too small to keep a grip on.


Chapter Four: Afterward.

We remained in that same position for a few more minutes, both of us on our sides and with Kenny still pressed up against me, until I felt Kenny move away from me and roll onto his back. Now when when I felt bad. His cum was cooling on my backside and the sheets in front of me were a mess of semen as well.

I waited until I heard Kenny’s breathing indicate that he had fallen asleep, and after waiting a little longer, rolled over as subtly as a big oaf like me can do so, until I was on my other hip facing Kenny. My eyes had become accustomed enough to the near-darkness to allow me to make out what I knew already by heart.

Kenny was on his back, as was his custom, with his arms and legs akimbo, effectively covering the whole side of his bed with his slender frame. Kenny’s right arm, the one closes to me, was raised with his hand back up behind his pillow and I moved myself closer to him so that my face was inches away from his exposed armpit.

The aroma that wafted from the magnificent tuft of hair under his arm still had the unmistakable scent of soap. Not unpleasant, but I had to admit that I much preferred it on those nights when Kenny skipped the shower and went directly to bed.

On those nights, the scent of his armpits were flush with pheromones, and the aroma of his unmasked manhood had never failed to arouse me to new heights of desire.

For tonight, I had to be content to just lean a little bit forward, being careful not to breathe into his armpit enough to startle him as I let my face softly immerse itself in the dense thicket for a minute before leaning away.

Not ever having managed to acquire more than a faint dusting of hair anywhere on my body besides my scalp, I had always been attracted to those who had, be they male or female. How badly I wanted to just push my face under Kenny’s arm and just nibble and lick and chew his armpit until I came, but I was afraid to.

I let my hand drift under the sheet after a bit, resting it on Kenny’s thigh. His cock was a little bit higher, and after an appropriate amount of time I let my hand come up and cup his dick, which was now totally limp.

Like this, in his most flaccid state, Kenny’s dick wasn’t much different in length than mine. I cupped his rubbery tube gingerly, and after getting no response from him, I took hold of him and began to gently pull on him.

This was when the difference in our organs became noticeable. Kenny’s penis was so rubbery that it was almost elastic, having a stretching quality that my little spout didn’t have. Kenny was still asleep. This I knew because if her were awake he would brush my hand away and roll over away from me.

So with me tugging tenderly on Kenny’s manhood, I began to grind my dick into the bedding with as little movement as possible. This wouldn’t take me too long to get off, I knew from experience. The thrill of holding Kenny’s cock, even in a flaccid state, was enough to get me off fast. Goodness knows how many times I jacked off thinking about this, so the actual act was even easier.

As I began to cum, I once again buried my face under Kenny’s arm while still holding onto his dick, and even though I knew how silly I must have looked, I didn’t care. My orgasm, as usual, was much stronger and more intense that the one before, and thankfully my orgasm had just ended when my hand got brushed away and Kenny rolled over.

I rested in the various pools of semen on my side of the bed, wondering if I would ever get up the nerve to stop playing these games and do what I really wanted to do. For that matter, would Kenny ever come to grips with how he felt?

I had never had a guy’s cock in my mouth. Once last year I had been picked up hitchhiking and the driver had taken me to a deserted place where he went down on me. It wasn’t my choice, but I didn’t fight it and it did feel good. I refused to reciprocate when he asked me to, but often wished I had, even though he wasn’t very appealing to me.

With Kenny, I would gladly suck his cock, and having replayed my only oral experience in my mind a thousand time, I was sure that I could do it well. All he had to do was ask, suggest it or even just not roll away from me. I would do anything he wanted, even things that I didn’t understand. That was how willing I was to make Kenny happy and to enjoy his body.

That was what I was thinking about when I drifted off to sleep. When I would awaken in the morning, as usual Kenny would be gone.

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