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Rubbing You the Right Way

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You lay there on the soft, fluffy Hawaiian print beach towel that I’ve spread on the futon. It tickles your nipples slightly as you lie face down with your arms at your side as I instructed you. The sandalwood scented candle flickers soothingly on the table filling the air with its warm, waxy aroma.

You sense my presence more than hear me enter the room. You hear the slight scruff of my feet on the carpet, the squirt of oil and the sound as I rub my hands vigorously to warm them and the oil. I love the way the shadows dance across the curves of your body, alternately hiding and revealing. You wiggle slightly in anticipation. “Stay still,” I order.

My knee presses against your bare hip as I kneel next to you. I run my thumbs up your back on either side of your spine, then move out to your shoulders, kneading and working the muscles deeply. You let out your breath as the tension flows out of your body. I work down your back following the gentle curve of your waist until I get to the dimples just above your sweet ass. You feel me shift to straddle your hips. My muscular thighs press against you, but my cotton gym shorts keep you from feeling any more than that.

I can feel the tension in your lower back, so I work it hard, rhythmically leaning and pressing. When I feel those muscles relax, I start up your back making small circles with my thumbs. You let out a long, slow sigh. I’m pressing hard, just on the edge of pain, but you know not to tighten up. You focus on your breathing. I get to your neck and the tops of your shoulders. I can feel you letting go of all the day’s worries. Your skin is warm and flushed from the friction and the oil.

I pause to get more oil. I put my hands in the small of your back to dismount. You miss the feel of me straddling you. I start working on your left arm from the shoulder down, taking my time until I get to your hand. I rub your palm hard enough to make your fingers curl, then I pull on each finger in turn and your thumb. I note how your full breasts are flattened against the towel, making them curve lusciously out from your side. You start to move your arm back to your side. “No. No,” I chide, gently shaking your arm until you relax it completely. Then I place it carefully by your side. I keep my hand on the small of your back as I move over to your right side. I do your right arm, admiring how the candlelight glows on downy hairs on your forearm.

With your upper body completely soft and relaxed, I move down. I firmly stroke your buttocks from the hips inward, sliding closer and closer to your cleft. I resist the urge to run a slippery thumb down into the dark shadow and instead go down to the tender flesh at the tops of your thighs. I know from your groan that you’re frustrated as I work down to your calf muscles, but you love a foot massage, too. I lay each foot across my thigh as I massage it, both my thumbs pressing hard along the soles of your feet. That makes you moan with pleasure. Standing up for a second, I deftly slip out of my shorts while I get more oil. I pick up the bottle of your favorite personal lubricant from the nightstand and place it on the corner of the bed before I kneel between your feet.

I move back up your legs rubbing faster and lighter this time. You spread your legs slightly to encourage me. I give you a tingly swat on the ass for not relaxing, but I go deeper and higher on your inner thighs, anyway. I hear the tiny wet sounds as your pussy lips slide past each other. Your womanly scent makes me ache with anticipation. I continue up to your lower back maintaining the same light fast motion. I straddle you again. This time, as I get to your shoulders, you can clearly feel my smooth-shaven hardness nestled between your cheeks. You giggle and clench your buttocks. I give your ass another playful, but still stinging, swat.

I lighten my touch even more. Now it is just my fingertips swirling over your back, making your skin hypersensitive. I’m barely touching you as I stroke closer and closer to your pussy. Every nerve ending is quivering and your moans are continuous now, filled with pure lust. I gently push your thighs apart so I can kneel between them. I stroke the tender skin at the very top of your thighs. You can feel my warm breath as I bend closer. I can smell your excitement and see you glistening in the candlelight. It’s my turn to let out a low moan from deep in my chest.

I’m so close now you can feel the heat from my face. I plant soft kisses on the soft flesh at the very tops of your thighs. I suck and nibble at it. You arch your back and spread wider, burning for more contact. I lower my chin all the way to the towel and stick out my tongue. You gasp as I flick it lazily across your clit. I trace along your pussy lips down one side and up the other. The taste of your nectar makes my cock ooze pre-cum as I slowly stroke it. When I get back to your swollen pearl, I delicately probe up under the hood with the very tip of my tongue. You cry out into your pillow as I make just the slightest wiggling motion right on your clit. Your whole body tenses as I suck in your clit and roll it between my slippery lips, your breath coming in ragged gasps.

I press the flat of my tongue onto your cunt and slide it ever so slowly up from your clit, along your lips, over the opening and on up to your rosebud. I circle your dimpled brown ring, my glistening tongue still wet with your juice. I pause long enough to lick two fingers. You feel my fingertips searching up your pussy lips for your opening. First one, then the other eases into you. The stretching feels so good as they slide all the way in. You let out a deeply satisfied sigh. You’re incredibly hot and juicy. After a few easy strokes you feel me curl my finders to stroke your G spot while my thumb works over your clit. You start humping against my hand. The motion of your nipples across the towel is almost unbearable. The ridges around your rosebud soften as you get more excited. I pull my fingers from your pussy, leaving you feeling empty but hopeful of a larger gift.

Still kneeling between your legs, I pull your hips, encouraging you to come up to a doggy position. I guide my shaft to your cunt. I rub the fat head up and down your pink folds to coat it with your juices. You gasp slightly each time the head passes over your clit. Unable to wait any longer, you time your push back to envelop me in your silky warmth. We both moan at the sudden feeling. I immediately start gliding in and out in quick, deep strokes. I pull out to where I can see your pussy stretching to hold onto my cock head.

You’ve had as much teasing as you can take. Your breathing gets faster and you grind back on my cock, interested only in maximizing your own pleasure. Your body tenses as you pass the point of no return. I tighten my grip on your hips as I feel the ripples in your pussy. You push back hard as you cum with my fat cock buried in you. You cry out as each wave of pleasure rolls over you. You’ve stopped moving, but I start stroking in and out to prolong your orgasm. Eventually you go limp from the intensity and we drift forward, my hard cock still nestled inside you as I nuzzle your neck. As your breathing slows down I give an experimental circular grind. I hear you go, “Ummmm,” and I know you’re ready for more.

Starting with really long, slow honey-fuck strokes, I set a rhythm to get you back into it. You reach down to cup the soft skin of my shaven balls against your clit. You feel the warmth increasing in your pussy again as my cock reaches deep inside you and swells up. I reach over and grab the lube. With a little squirt on my thumb, I start massaging your puckered anus. You make a low guttural sound to encourage me, but I stop and pull my cock out, too. You wonder what’s going on.

“Finger yourself,” I say my voice harsh with excitement. “Get yourself ready.”

You lower you head and shoulders to the mattress raise your smooth, shapely ass up in air. Your reach your left hand back to me and I squeeze the lube across your fingers. You rub it around in your hand making an obscene, wet noise. The idea of being on display like this has you so excited you can hardly breathe. You bring your back down between your legs and reach up past your swollen pink lips. Your glistening forefinger makes a lazy circle around your asshole.

“That’s it put it in. Finger fuck your tight ass for me.”

You love teasing me and the anticipation of penetration makes you shudder. The circles get smaller until you’re centered on your most intimate opening. You press it in to the first knuckle and slide it back out. It’s so tight, you can only imagine how my dick will feel in there. Deeper you penetrate yourself, working the lube in as far as you can. My cock jumps at the lewd sight of you finger-fucking your own ass, getting it ready for me. I work a well-lubed hand slowly up and down, getting myself ready, too.

I squirt a few drops of lube right where your finger disappears into your rosebud. You’re ready to put in another finger when you feel my fingertip start circle around yours. You start to pull your finger out, but I hold your wrist to stop you. You feel the stretch as I slip my finger in next to yours. It takes a second to accommodate both our fingers. Slowly, I pull my finger out and you match my movement. The sensation of your muscles along with your finger is almost too much. I have to stop touching my smooth shaft or I’ll explode. We speed up the tempo, making a sticky noise as our fingers plunge in and out of you.

“Fuck me,” you gasp. “Fuck my ass.”

We reluctantly withdrawal our fingers. I move back off the bed until I’m standing on the floor. I pull you back until your feet are just off the bed and your knees are nearly touching your breasts. Your ass is all the way back, open and exposed. “Rub your clit,” I tell you. It’s too sensitive to touch directly, so you reach down and start making little circles next to it. Your pussy is tingling like tiny electric shocks. I can feel your body almost vibrating in anticipation.

In addition to the thick lube, my cock is oozing precum as I guide it to your ring. You feel the spongy head pressing in. You take a deep breath and bear down. I feel you opening up to take me as I ever so slowly ease in. It burns for a second as you widen to accept me, but suddenly the head is inside you and I stop. It looks and feels incredibly sexy. I pull back slightly and then push again. More and more of my hardness disappears inside you, filling you up. Your muscles grip me so tightly my cock is white where it slips into you. You feel my heavy balls brush against your clit-stroking finger and you know you’ve got all of me. You’ve taken everything I have to give. You’re so hot and tight along my entire length, I know I could cum without hardly moving. I let out a deep, low moan. It’s a sound that makes you clench me even tighter inside you.

I stay still and let you move, milking me slowly at first. The waves of joy ripple between your pussy and ass as you rub your clit in rhythm to the fucking. I lean forward and rub you nipples, lightly pinching them as I pick up the pace. My thighs slap on your butt with every stroke. Your left arm is stretched above your head, clutching the sheets to brace yourself against my thrusts. My balls are tightening up and I know I can’t last much longer, feeling your velvety grip and seeing your sphincter clutching my shaft. You hear my breath catching in my throat and you know I’m on the edge.

The feeling of fullness is unbelievable and you’re almost panting with each deep stroke. I put my hands on the curve of your waist and pound into you. It feels as though our nerve-endings are rubbing directly against each other, sending sparks of pleasure racing through our bodies. You feel me swell up even more and you know I’m about to explode inside you. The strumming of your fingers across your clit speeds up and you push back to capture my entire shaft. My shaft is like a bow playing the taut violin string between your pussy and ass. We merge together into a mindless pleasure machine.

Your orgasm hits you suddenly. The spasms start in your pussy and spread to your ass and then your entire body. I feel you cum and thrust as deeply as I can. The pressure in my balls is unbearable, but your asshole is squeezing so hard I can’t shoot. I cry out with pain and ecstasy. You relax for an instant and I flood your bowels with a jet of my hot cum. Then you contract again and I spurt when you release. Again and again until we’re totally spent. I know I won’t go soft any time soon with you gripping me like a cock ring, so I slowly ease out of you and kneel back up on the bed. I sag onto you, pushing you gently to the bed and spooning against you on our sides. You feel my warm, slick cock slowly softening against your back. My arm runs between your breasts up to your shoulder as I nuzzle your ear with a soft sigh.

“Now you do me.”

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