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In Praise of Clair

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When my wife quit working to have our first child, I secured a second job as a doorman/security guard at a high-rise apartment building about a half-hour from our home. The Bayview Towers was six stories high with a total of 60 apartments. The main floor consisted of two business apartments, management office and maintenance facilities. I would work there for about three years.

The entrance to the building, the main floor, consisted of a classed-in room approximately 10 x 10. It consisted of a main door and one other door that entered into the lobby, which contained chairs, sofas and the elevators. The lobby door was usually locked whether I was on duty, as doorman, are not. Also, inside this glassed-in area there was a podium, a stool, and a wall of buttons associated with each apartment. A visitor was required to contact the apartment and be buzzed in or, if acquainted well enough with the person, I would open the lobby door to allow them through. Another duty was to bring a wheeled basket to the front door if it was needed.

My main focus as security guard was the back and side parking lots and the back door leading into the lobby, and, of course, the building in general. I would also have a wheeled cart waiting for the ones I felt would be need one at the back entrance. My mind was on good tips.

During my first year, I was quite astounded by what the residents were willing to tell me about their lives out right and the other things I could sort out talking to the visitors and extended family members. I had my favorites among this three-tier group of people, some becoming lifelong friends.

One evening, in my doorman position, I was sitting on the cement bench outside the main door, having propped open the lobby door, it being a beautiful late May evening. I saw Linda coming down the sidewalk from the side parking lot. She was visiting her boyfriend, Carl, and both made for an interesting case study.

Months earlier, Linda had suspected that her policeman husband was slipping around on her. She had hired a private investigative service, which employed Carl. Carl, divorce from his wife, had walked in on his wife to find her in bed with another woman.

Carl indeed took the photos that proved that Linda’s husband was cheating on her and she was soon divorced. It was a classic case of the private eye getting the cheated on housewife. But, what Linda didn’t know was Carl was also seeing a rather good-looking blonde who was cheating on her husband. I had hit the buzzer on Carl’s apartment many a time to warn him of the approach of one or the other ladies in question.

Are you with me so far?

I watched Linda walking towards me. She would openly flirt with me, which was the opposite, I had learned, of her former shy housewife self. She had become quite successful in real estate and was a confident liberated woman.

She had colored, auburn hair, a very attractive face, good statue and a sexy broad posterior. Sexy as all get out in all quarters.

“Good evening, blue eyes!” She greeted me happily, taking a seat in my lap, surprising the hell out of me. “Are you going to come up and see me if Carl’s not here?”

Being fast on my feet, I asked her. “Does that mean you’re going to give me some pussy.”

She popped off my lap like a bunny rabbit. Patting me on the head, she replied gleefully. “Gotta run, sugar!”

As I turned my head to watch her go, studying her ass as always, I saw Mrs. Lupicheno approaching the lobby door. I stood to greet her.

Now, of all of the people in the apartment building, Mrs. Lupicheno was my favorite. A lady of 58 years she had lived in Denver until her husband had passed away eight months earlier and she had taken the job of secretary for the Dean of the local university. She had three children, and many grandchildren, scattered over the state of Colorado.

Mrs. Lupicheno was a classy lady with natural red hair, always in a bun, brown eyes, 5’6″ next to my 5’9″ and always wore a skirt type business suit, or, very seldom, a pretty dress. Her dark brown suit was my favorite, as it went well with her red hair. She appeared to be approximately 145lbs, trim and fit with a nice figure. We took a liking each other right off and I would go out of my way to see her securely into the elevator, helping her with her groceries or delivering my pre-read People Magazines to her door. I knew and kept an eye out for her car as it crossed through the light near the building.

“Preston, are you consorting with the ladies in the building?” She teased as she came through the lobby door. “I’m sorry I interrupted I didn’t mean to spook her. A bit old for you maybe.”

“She’s a big tease and definitely not my type. My wife would call her a floozy.” I replied. “And, I don’t think it was you that caused her to jump up so quickly. I called her bluff with what I asked her.”

“What did you ask her?” Mrs. Lupicheno whispered in a conspiratorial tone.

“When she flopped on my lap, I asked her when was she going to give me a little bit?” I replied in the same conspiratorial tone.

“You did not?” She exclaimed, with a smile on her face. “And, what do you mean, she’s not your type? She looks like a very sexy lady to me.”

I saw her glancing towards the street and I knew that she was expecting someone, probably the Dean, to pick her up.

“Honestly.” I replied. “It would be someone like you. You’re sweet, mature, intelligent and pretty as all get out.”

“You’re very kind, Press.” She expressed. “I don’t think I would like your wife calling me floozy!”

“You wouldn’t have to worry about that.” I assured her. “She would see your classiness and your gorgeous red hair and understand entirely how I had been waylaid.”

“Let me guess! Your wife is a redhead?” She queried.

“She is.” I replied. “A natural redhead!”

“You are so bad!” She exclaimed, seemingly to know I was referring to the cuff matching the collar. “Your type. We were supposed to be talking generic. Got a run press!”

I was right behind her as she walked out the door and down the steps to the car. I passed her and opened the door for her as I always had. I did that for most of my residents. It got me good tips a Christmas!

Then, there was another time.

“Good evening, Press.” Mrs. Lupicheno said, coming through the lobby door.”

“Good evening, pretty lady.” I replied.

With the greeting, she became quiet, staring out the door. It was unlike her not to start a conversation. I studied her as she stared at the rain hitting the pavement outside.

“You seem to be a bit low tonight?” I queried.

“Do you ever get lonely, Press?” She asked.

“My wife is seven months pregnant. I lonely all the time!” I replied, seeing her smile slightly. “Are you lonely tonight?”

“I’ve been missing Charles terribly the last couple of days.” She replied. John (I knew him to be the Dean) is always pressuring me. I’ve been thinking about moving back to Denver.”

I saw the Dean’s Cadillac as it crossed through the light. She did too.

“You want me to slap him around a little bit.” I queried teasingly. “Give him a change of attitude!”

“You would do that for me?” She asked in a humorous tone.

“I would!” I replied.

“You’re sweet, Press.” She said, and she began to move toward the door. “But, I guess we cannot be intimidating the Dean of the University.”

“You have a good evening Mrs. Lupicheno.” I said, moving to open the door for her. I always said my goodbyes before she reached the car. “I’ll keep an eye out for you later.”

“Call me Claire, Press. Please.” She said, as we moved towards the car.

“Are you sure?”

“I insist.” She answered. “I’ll see you later.”

I felt very honored to be able to call her Claire. If there were other people within earshot, it was always Mrs. Lupicheno. But, any other time I called her Claire.

Later on that evening, I saw the Cadillac coming and was waiting for it to open the door for Claire. She said her goodbyes, thanking him for dinner, kissing him lightly on the cheek, and exited the car. As usual, I moved past her and opened the doors for her. She looked back and saw the Cadillac passing the building before, quite obviously, taking my arm as we walked to the elevators.

“Take it from a mother of three, you can have relations right up to the end if is not painful for her.” Claire said, as I pushed the button for the elevator.

“Will you tell her that for me.” I queried jokingly. “Because she doesn’t believe me. I don’t think her mother wants me in the bedroom with her at all.”

“Poor baby!” She laughed, moving into the elevator and turning to lean against the back wall, smiling at me as the doors closed.

It was July 4th. Not starting until 5 o’clock, I had enjoyed the festivities of the holiday with my family. I was now working security until 2:00 AM on the fifth. I accepted that fact and was looking forward to going up on the roof and watching the fireworks. They would be a good 2 miles down the river but anywhere above the third floor one would have a good view. They were scheduled to begin at 9 o’clock.

About 8:30, I saw Claire’s car cross the light as I was talking to Bill, a fellow worker, who was doorman for the evening. I made a beeline for the back door and walked out to where Claire was parking her car. As had become her habit, she took my arm and we walked back toward the building.

“Are you planning on watching the fireworks tonight?” I queried.

“Can we see them from here?” She asked.

“You’re on the sixth floor so you will have an excellent view down the river.” I assured her.

“Press, you’re working security tonight, right?” She asked and continued. “You think you could slip away and join me. I would enjoy them more if you are there to watch them with me.”

“Bill is working till 12. He has covered for me in the past so I don’t think there will be a problem.” I replied, pushing the button on the elevator.

“Tap lightly.” She instructed. “I’ll be listening for you a little before nine, okay?”

“Will do.” I replied as he elevator doors closed.

I walked back to the main door and asked Bill if he could cover for me for a few hours. I lied and told him I was going up to Jake’s apartment and play chess. My friend Jake was out of town but I was pretty certain that Bill would not know that. Should something come up, I told him to ring me on my cell phone rather than buzz the apartment.

I made a slow walk around of the building making sure all was in order. It was a quiet night. At 8:55, I knocked lightly on Claire’s door. She opened it almost immediately.

Claire wore flowered pajamas the short pants of a teddy fashion. She was barefooted. I had never seen her without her hair in a bun, but it was down now and dropped about 6 inches below her shoulders. She gave me a light hug and my hands, placed in the middle of her back, returned her hug. The only light on in the apartment was a tall lamp by a reading chair near the bedroom door. The dimly lighted apartment in the presence of this lovely lady in her pajamas plum intoxicated me.

“Would you like a Coke or tea?” She asked.

“A Coke please.” I answered, and moved towards the sliding door and the balcony.

As she walked to the kitchen, I could not help myself, as it was my nature, I studied her butt for a panty line underneath the teddy pants. There was no evidence that she had panties on.

She joined me on the balcony, handing me a glass of Coke.

“It’s hot as blazes and so still tonight.” She observed. “You don’t think you’ll get in trouble do you?”

“I don’t suppose so.” I answered. “The manager and her husband are out of town tonight and Bill can take care of anything that comes up.”

“What excuse did you give you?”

“I’m playing chess and apartment 3-D.” I replied. “He’s not to buzz the apartment but call me on my cell, should something come up.”

“Very clandestine aren’t we!” She chirped, taking my arm and squeezing lightly.

The fireworks started on time and Claire was like a little girl, clapping her hands and laughing when a burst was especially good. They lasted about 20 minutes and finally the finale faded away.

“I’m exhausted. That was so amazing!” She exclaimed laughing and smiling heartedly, her right hand to her chest. “You could see the reflections on the water!”

As she closed the sliding glass door, I wasn’t sure exactly what to do. She had asked me to watch the fireworks with her and now they were over. I had no other choice.

“Well, I suppose, I should get back to work.” I said, sitting my glass on the counter of her small kitchen.

She moved close to me and put her forehead against my chest, her hands hanging by her sides. Again, her posture made her seem girlish. Her words were not.

“Must you go, Press?” She queried. “I was very much under the impression that you wanted to spend some time with me.”

“I would. I would like that very much.” I replied.

Claire lifted her face up and looked at me with a smile on her face. I put my hands on her shoulders and kissed her lightly on the lips. The kiss lingered as she put her hands around me pulling me close. I could feel her breast against me.

The apartment was small and the bedroom door was close. We continued kissing as I backed her slowly towards the bedroom door. I maneuvered her towards the bed and her legs buckled as they came in contact with the bed. Our kiss broke and she crabbed backwards and I followed her. Straddling her, we kissed much more passionately for long moments, then, I maneuvered her face down on the bed. I began to massage her back, I think catching her totally off guard. I think she expected to be ravaged. After many moments of silence;

“You are an amazing man, Press.” She said. “I did not expect such wonderful treatment from a man of your young age. Exactly how old are you anyway? “She asked laughing.

“23 and a few months.” I replied.

“Ah! It must be those few months and make you so wise.”

It would have been easy to ravage this lovely mature lady, but this might be a one-time thing and I wanted to make a lasting memory for both of us.

I continue to rub her shoulders and back for long minutes, but her soft moans urged me along.

I worked my way down to the middle of her back to eventually massage and squeeze her buttocks. Her moans became a bit louder, moaning her displeasure as I left them to continue down her legs. I spent a few short minutes massaging her legs and feet as I studied her backside. I could take no more.

I reached and pulled down her teddy pants to expose her milky white buttocks and promptly pushed my face into them. I kissed, licked and nibbled and was rewarded with her giggles and her ass pushing against me, her butt muscles contracting as my tongue slipped up the crack of her ass.

“Don’t move, Claire.” I instructed, as I pushed off the bed and began to disrobe.

“I wouldn’t of it. You crazy man!” She chirped.

Naked, I pulled the teddy pants the rest of the way off and moved back to her ass to continue teasing her. As my right hand slid between her thighs, she spread them for me, allowing me access to her treasure, which I palmed lightly, my fingers finding her bush to be significant.

“Where did you learn how to treat a woman like this?” She moaned, as I pushed by palm against her pussy.

“I’ve read a lot.” I replied in a teasing tone.

“Bless you! You sweet man.” She whispered.

I moved up over her again placing my erection in the crack of her ass as I began to kiss her neck and shoulders. I pressed it into her crack and her ass pushed back.

I rolled her to her back, guiding her legs to either side of me. Sitting back on my haunches, I pushed her legs back. She instinctively supported her left leg as my right hand guided my cock to her pussy. Her magnificently red bushed pussy. I teased her with the domed head of my cock as she lay looking down between her legs. Then, I slowly pushed it into her.

“Oh God! I feel faint, Press.” She exclaimed, her breath exhaling from her mouth. “It is so good!”

Placing my hands behind her knees, I began to slowly stroke into her. I looked down at my cock sliding in and out of this unbelievably perfect woman. I was mesmerized.

I heard a strange sound coming from Claire and I looked up to find her crying softly. I was horrified. I stopped stroking into her.

“What’s wrong, Claire?”

“It’s just everything, my dearest!” She sighed. “Too many things! I’ll be all right. Please don’t stop doing what you’re doing. I’m okay now!” She palmed her eyes.

I reached to unbutton her pajama shirt. Pulling it wide, I sat back, renewing my stroking into her, admiring her pretty, and perfect creamy breast. The nipples, though not big, were firm with arousal. I bent over and took each one, in turn, into my mouth, suckling each softly. She seemed to have calmed down and was moaning once more, caressing the back of my head.

“RRRrrrrrrrrrr! RRRrrrrrrrrrrr!” The phone rang. I sat up-right staring at Claire, hoping she would let it ring.

“I’m sorry! I’m so sorry!” She exclaimed, pushing me from her, lifting her legs over me and rolling out of the bed. “I’ve got to take this. My sister is sick in St. Paul.”

I rolled to my back, placing myself in the middle of the bed. I toyed with my cock as I listened to Claire on the phone. Her voice and words were of a positive nature and after a minute or two she said goodbye.

“Now, where were we?” She chirped returning to the bedroom, stopping at the foot of the bed and looking at me puzzled. “I’m too old for that, pumpkin!”

I continue moving my hands in a come hither fashion, prompting her to mount my cock. Shaking her head, she kneed herself onto the bed and positioned herself with my cock up against her bushy mound. Running her hands through her hair, Claire proceeded to lift herself over my cock, grasping it, guiding it into her as she slowly lowered herself onto it.

“Damn! That’s good!” She exclaimed. “My joints are going to be sore tomorrow!”

She pushed down hard a couple of times, pushing it deep into her, and then set there still looking down at me smiling.

“You know, I invited you up earlier and then I thought what the hell have I done. I knew deep down inside there was no way I could let you leave this apartment without making love to me.” She explained. “I’m so bad but I couldn’t help it!”

My hands were on her thighs and I moved my right hand to my belly and began softly stroking at her pussy with my forefinger. She began to rotate her ass on my cock, trying to get my finger to contact her pussy with more authority. I did not allow it

“And then I thought,” she continued. “How sweet you are with your bright blue eyes. How loving and understanding you are about your wife not taking care of you. How she has red hair between her legs and I have red hair between my legs. AAhhhh! And the passion in your eyes you when you speak about redheaded women.”

Claire was now rotating her hips with more determination, pushing my cock deep within her.

“What was a girl to do?” She continued. “I knew you would be my knight in shining armor! Oh God! It’s good!”

She lowered herself down on to me and I repositioned my hands on the side of her thighs and hips. I was pushing into her but I was allowing her to do much of the work, setting her own rhythm. She began to lose herself, puffing loudly and lustfully into my right ear. I loved the passion sound.

Her rhythm fluctuated and there were moments when she found her sweet spot and her ass shuddered with pleasure, her moans accentuated. I was content to let her have her reign and she finally slowed to a stop. But only for a moment, then, she revved herself up again. Time after time she would do this, perhaps five or six times, over a long period, slowing to a stop for only a moment before revving herself up into lustful abandonment. Her passionate puffing in my ear was joyfully relentless.

“I’ve got to rest, Press!” She exclaimed with exhaustion. “I’m going to have a heart attack if I keep this up! I’ve never been able to come like this!”

With that said, she revved herself up again until, in a few very short minutes, she slowed to a permanent stop. I kissed at her neck until her breathing became normal and then I maneuvered her off of me, rolling her to her back, maneuvering her to the middle of the bed. She moved sluggishly showing her exhausted.

I wanted to tell her she had not been with the right man, but I knew I would be slandering her husband. With her on top, my fingers could have brought her to orgasm with little trouble. Another time, maybe.

She lifted her head as I began to kiss down her belly. I looked up at her for a moment just before I pushed my nose into her hush. I continued down as her legs instinctively lifted, placing her feet on my shoulders.

“OH FUCK!!” She cried, as my tongue began to explore her treasure. It was the first real word of lustful profanity she had uttered. I smiled inside.

I stay clear of her clit for many long minutes, perfectly content to listen to her moans of pleasure. I tried very hard not to, Claire was a lady, but I was swept away by the passion and I stuck my tongue into her. I was happily rewarded when her ass lifted off the bed, shoving it into my face and I gleefully gave her a good tongue fucking.

“Make me come, Press!” She begged. “Please! Make me come!”

I dutifully placed my tongue to her clit, but by feather-light touch was not what the lady desired. She placed her hands behind my head pulling it hard into her crotch. I began to earnestly apply pressure to her clit.


She shoved her ass into my face repeatedly as I endeavored to keep my tongue centered on her clit.

Her body shook for a moment or two and then she relaxed, breathing heavily.

She instinctively reached for my cock as I moved between her legs. She lifted them higher as she positioned my cock. I pushed into her slowly. We were looking into each other’s eyes and her expression and her moan indicated a distressed penetration. Still, her smile indicated her desire for me to continue. Inside of her, deep, I remained still for long moments.

“It’s okay now.” She said with a tender, loving tone. To assure me of such, she began to push her ass against me.

We continue to look into each other’s eyes as I began to pump into her slowly.

“You know how badly I want and need what you were a about to do.” She said tenderly. “And don’t you dare be gentle with me either!”

I was more than happy to abide by her wishes. I moved my hands to her ass locking her in tight and began to fuck her with abandonment. She was again puffing lustfully into my ear. Her enthusiasm only spurred me on.

My mind tried to envision itself near the ceiling looking down on a young man atop a mature, striking woman, giving her treasure to him.

It was over in a few short minutes. My groan of completion mingled with her moan of satisfaction.

“Yes! Dearest, Press!” She whispered in my ear in a very loving, knowing tone. “I felt your cock jerking! Filling me! It’s yours now!”

Claire lay in my arms not the least bit concerned with my cum inside of her. I was indecisive as to whether to voice a concern. She must’ve seen me glancing nervously at her bush and read my mind.

“There’s nothing to worry about, sugar.” She said. “That was taking care of a long time ago. The only thing I want you to think about is putting more it there. But, not tonight! I wore myself out. Cover me up with that blanket over there before you leave.”

With those words and a kiss on my lips, Claire rolled over, gathered up her pillow. I lingered until she fell asleep. I covered her up with a blanket, dressed, listened at the door and then left.

Claire and I were intimate five more times. The night of the fifth time;

“Press, I have something to tell you.” She began, as we lay together on her bed. “I’ll be gone tomorrow. I’m going back to Denver.”

It now made sense that Claire was so insistent that we be together tonight. She had inquired every time she saw me, making sure that I would be available.

“I’m going to miss you. I’m going to miss what we have but you know yourself it could not, and should not, go on. You’re going to have a family very soon and your wife will be taking care of you again.”

“Until she becomes pregnant again.” I said trying to be funny. “She wants to have three children. Will you give me your address? Give me your phone number……. anything? I will need to send you a Christmas card or a Valentines card.”

“I’m sorry, Press.” She apologized. “It would kill me to stay in contact with you. Please understand!”

Claire was crying again and I hated it. I hated everything. I tried to kiss her tears away.

I rolled atop her to enter her one last time. She assisted, still crying, and we loved slowly for long minutes.

I dressed and we said our goodbyes.

When I returned the next day at 5 o’clock, Claire was gone. I let myself in to her in the apartment and leaned against the kitchen counter for long minutes. A part of me was wounded and I knew it would be a long time before the healing.

I’m 64 now and I often wonder could that wonderful lady still be alive, still be of sound mind, in Colorado somewhere. I miss her to this day.

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