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I Thought I Was in Control

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This time I was bound to try it all. My first time had been a real eye opener for me, but just like my first time dropping in on a North Shore Break, Things hadn’t gone totally as expected. Oral being the only thing on that menu. Maybe like in Hawaii it all boiled down to nerves. What ever the case, I hadn’t completed the “set”.

However, now I knew what to expect. The nerves were still there, but this time there was also the tingling feeling of excitement. Over the last 3-4 days I’d gone shopping for all that I knew I’d need. A short pleated skirt, black high heeled calf boots, a complimenting top that tied just above my perfect navel. Of course since I had been in dancing all my life makeup came easily for me. And so I thought I was ready. I can’t begin to describe the feeling that coursed through me as I was getting ready. Not only my first time dressing, but now I was getting ready to become the girl to another MANs fantasy. I hadn’t told him what I was planning, I didn’t know if he was into that, but I needn’t have worried. Things couldn’t have gone better.

At three O-Clock I heard him pull into the drive. So with heart pounding in my “breast” I stepped out the door to greet him. WHAT A SIGHT! He looked like he’d just got caught sneaking into the girls’ locker room.

Obviously he didn’t recognize me as he stumbled on his words asking, “Um mm I was looking…Is josh here?”

I answered in my normal voice saying “Well, not all of him. At that he smiled, looked me up and down. And then with a glint in his eye he pulled me into a tight embrace and whispered to me how badly he needed me. And then coming rapidly to my senses I remembered that here I was standing outside in the broad day light dressed as a woman. And to top things off I was being blatantly fondled by another man. And so pulling away I led him into the house where for the next two hours the AZ sun would have comparatively seemed like a cool December morning in Aspen.

I let him in and turned to close the door. As I turned the lock I felt his hands sliding up my long smooth legs. While I stood there transfixed by the thoughts and feelings I was having I felt his warm breath on my neck. While tilting my head so that he could nibble with greater ease I inadvertently pressed my round ass into his rock hard cock. He let out a soft groan which only made me realize that I actually had all the power in this situation. At which point my shaky legs gathered their strength and started to slowly hump back into him.

I hadn’t even pulled him out yet and already his breathing was picking up in pace. Since I (mistakenly) thought that this was soon to be over, I pulled away and led him by the hand into the living room.

He went to sit and I held him there. I lowered myself to my knees and slowly undid his pants. There it was. The tool that I had thought held all the power. That Made us the dominate sex, and until this moment I hadn’t realized how wrong I was. No longer acting but Feeling now like a woman I took him in my mouth like I knew I’d like to receive. He was much too large for me to fit whole in mouth, but Damned if I didn’t try.

As I tasted his salty pre-cum, felt his hands start to at first gently, and then with more force, guide my head along his shaft, I thought I knew what to expect next. Boy was I wrong. Expecting a mouth full of warm liquid, I was taken by surprise when I felt his entire shaft slide down my throat.

I think that I was too surprised to even react with a gag, because before I could he had pulled out and even more forcefully thrust his pulsing member into my tight pipe again. Once I gathered my wits about me and realized what my tight throat must feel like to him I new I had to end this oral fixation that I was developing or I’d never reach the total goal I had set forth.

And so with a great deal of reluctance on my part, and a sigh of frustration, that was small in no way, on his end. We separated briefly while I bent over at the waist and let him know in no uncertain terms what I expected of him.

So now, breathlessly waiting, I felt him approach me from the proffered position. His warm rough hands slid up my silky legs to caress my firm ass.

Reaching back I spread wide my cheeks to give that monster better access. And with a throat still adjusting to the void it now felt, I huskily reminded him that this was my first time and then, almost as an after thought I said “So take me hard and fast.”

“Oh, I planned on it, But first,” I now felt his cock head at my entrance. “Beg me!” I didn’t know what to say. At first my pride told me to stand up and send him on his way, But then my lust took over and with an air of confidence that only a woman can feel I tossed my long hair over my shoulder and glanced his direction. With eye contact now made I literally begged him to fuck me hard. And oh how he complied.

With an enormous thrust he drove solidly in to the hilt. I could do nothing but gasp as the pain rocketed through me. I felt as though my insides were on fire. As my knees buckled and I started to pull away, I felt those previously gentle hands turn hard. They wrapped around my thin waist and held me tied to him like the bitch he was about to make me.

I have to admit, at first I was terrified. In the position that I was in not only could I not afford to cry out to loud, but I had also asked him, indeed TOLD him to fuck me hard. And so I resigned my self to it. And when he felt my legs regaining their strength he asked raggedly “now are you ready to be fucked?” Afraid that my voice would belay my fear I answered by rocking my searing ass back on his thick tool. And oh the pain that only the abused can associate with. As he ploughed into me it seared me to my depths. I had to grit my teeth and literally held my breath through what felt like the first few minutes of his brutal assault.

Then as he forced his cock into my tight tunnel I felt those raw nerves of mine start to tingle. And soon found myself willing him to drive deeper into me. Soon my small cries of pain turned into the lustful grunts of a person being used and fucked to orgasm. For that is what I felt coming over me. Washing through my body like the waves I trained so hard on in Cali. The first spasm of it was just a jolt, the second was unmistakable, and then the flood gates were opened. As he pounded into me I felt my whole body seize up. Every mussel tense, and my mind washed away in the sheer rapture that was now consuming me.

He must have felt my joy, because while still in the throws of orgasm he pulled out and shot his thick ropes of lust on my back. But the very act of him pulling out, the feeling of that bulbous head leaving my body, sent my body arcing even higher than I had previously thought possible. Things turned white and went blurry. I even felt my now useless ass mussels’ spasming through this second even harder orgasm.

I felt like crying out and probably did. As a boy even my very first orgasm, brought on through the fumbling hands of a beautiful girl didn’t come close to the rapture of this moment. While I lay there, face down on the couch, I felt his lips brush gently against mine and heard a whispered “I’ll just see my self out.” The perfect ending to my first experience. No awkward talking or the like. He just smiled and left.

It took me almost the rest or the next day to get over the near rape of my anal virginity that I had enjoyed so much. But looking back and while writing this, I see that it was exactly what I needed.

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