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I Think She Likes Girls

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I rang the doorbell and waited. The music inside thumped some techno beat with an over lay of heavy guitars, I wasn’t sure how anyone inside was going to hear me and I considered leaving. But I have nowhere else to go. I guess that’s what happens when you tie your life to someone for 6 years and then they cheat on you. I’m 24 years old and having to beg my step sister, Selene, to let me move in with her because my long term boyfriend left me for a 19 year old med student. But that’s life, right?

I rang the doorbell again, this time the music softened and someone opened the door. The tall exotic looking girl was not my step sister, but she was gorgeous.

“Can I help you?” the Amazonian woman asked.

“Uh hi, yeah I’m Jazz, Jasmine, um is Selene home?” I stuttered out.

She surveyed me for a second, her bright green eyes scanning every inch of me. I guess that’s fair though, I too was surveying her. She had lightly caramel skin, the kind that tells of years spent in the sun. Her hair was dark brown and sleek hanging past her shoulders. She had full pink lips that formed a pout that asked for her lips to be nibbled. In short she was stunning.

“Jesus H. Sara what is taking so long?”

Selene came around the corner, a beer bottle in hand.

“Hey Selene” I waved at her.

“Holy shit, Jazz what the hell are you doing here? Sara let her in, don’t be rude.”

Sara’s scrutinizing face broke into a smile as she reached her hand out to me,

“Sorry love, I was just teasing.”

I took her hand and she pulled me into the house.

Selene led me into the living room where there was half a six pack of beer bottles and a bong and rolling papers laying on the coffee table.

“Sorry Jazz, I know you don’t smoke, just let me move stuff around and you can tell me what brings you around. Help yourself to a drink, there’s wine in the fridge if you’d prefer.”

I nodded and helped myself to her kitchen while she cleaned up her smoking paraphernalia.

Selene and I could not have been more different but we got a long pretty well. Her dad moved to our tiny home town when we were 13, she was into bands with guys who wore eyeliner, concerts with boys wearing chains and tattoos, and making out behind the school between classes with guys and girls alike. It wasn’t like she was a “bad kid” just a free spirit, at least that’s what her dad said. One year she brought home a girl for Christmas and my slightly more conservative mother was a little shocked at first. But to her credit she accepted it.

I, on the other hand was an honors student, I had more extracurriculars than I had time to do them in, but I made it work. I met my ex-boyfriend my first year of college, he was an engineering major in his second year and I was a fresh faced 18 year old. It wasn’t like we had a bad relationship; we dated for exactly one year and 6 months before we moved in together. We got a cat 6 months later and a dog the next year. Everything was moving along as a relationship should. Then something happened, I’m not sure if it was me that noticed it first or him but our sex life fell apart. He could no longer satisfy me, then we started fighting more and we had good days and bad but the spark that had been there was gone. We just lost interest in each other. I suppose I can’t be angry he cheated, but I wish he would have talked to me first instead of letting her move in and taking the liberty to move me out while I was away for work.

But Selene and I also looked like night and day opposites. She has pale skin that brings out her startling blue eyes and her smirking mouth that forever was painted in crimson red lip stick. She wore dark, winged to perfection, eyeliner, and kept her black hair cut into a bob and it forever changed colors, currently it was her natural black with purple underneath that became visible when she flipped her hair or ran her fingers through it. She was about 5’5″ and had curves where women are supposed to. She had a voluptuous chest that spilled over the top of her corset enticingly, accentuated by the ruby red gem she kept resting between the top of her cleavage.

I was about 5’8′ with mousey brown hair that wasn’t curly and wasn’t quite straight but was somehow simultaneously too messy to do anything with. I was slender, I suppose I had curves but they seemed like nothing in comparison to Selene. And my chest was average at best. I never learned to master make-up but simple neutral colors were in my palette. At the current moment my outfit was lack luster when compared to Sara and Selene, simple dark fitted jeans and tank top covered with a zip up hoodie made me appear as about as average as you could get.

Selene came bustling around the corner and pulled me into the living room where she and Sara had changed into pajamas.

“You happened to show up during our bi-weekly slumber party, I put some pajamas over there, they should fit. Go change and then tell me what’s been up with you.”

Sara handed me the clothes and directed me to the bathroom to change.

Inside I uncovered what they had deemed pajamas for me. A pair of bright pink shorts that barely covered my ass and a black lacey silk tank top. I pulled the clothes on and shook out my hair hoping its medium length would do something to cover some skin, no dice. Sighing I admired myself in the mirror, the shorts fit well accentuating my long legs but the shirt was just a little too short leaving a sliver of a gap between the waist band and the hem of the tank top. Here you could see one of the few hidden pieces of body art I had. It was a book tattooed on my upper thigh with the pages open and swirls coming off the pages that flowed up over the bone of my hip, as if magic was flowing off the pages. Nerdy I know, but I liked it and nobody ever saw it.

I walked back to the living room to see Selene refilling my wine glass.

Sara whistled from behind me as I entered the room.

“Nice ass, can I touch it?” she giggled, her eyes were lightly rimmed in red so I had the feeling she was high.

“Um…” I started.

“Sara down girl, leave her alone you horny bitch” Selene laughed from the couch.

“Sorry, but plain Jane here hides a pretty nice figure under all those clothes and goody two shoes vibe, bet she’s secretly a freak”


Sara threw her hands up in surrender.

“Sorry Jasmine, she’s an animal and in heat apparently. So what brings you to my humble abode?”

“Daniel and I broke up; he cheated on me with some 19 year old med student.” I replied.

“The fuck!? For real?”

“Yeah, the cheating doesn’t bother me as much as the throwing my shit on the curb while I was away for work. Our relationship was all but over, but I’m pretty certain half my DVD collection walked away before I got around to picking my stuff up.”

“That’s messed up, I’m sorry sweetie, do you need some place to stay?”

“Yeah I was going to ask Mom and your dad but, I was told they are on a cruise for 2 weeks.”

“No problem I’ll clear out the spare room tomorrow and it’s yours as long as you need it, Sara lives here too, but she travels a lot. Tonight I will set up the couch and you can have my bed.”

“Oh, no Selene I don’t want to impose.” I argued.

“Nope shut it, it’s been decided. Now who wants to get silly?”

Sara giggled and I collapsed into the couch accepting the terms and forcing myself to relax for the first time all day.

Several drinks later, Sara and Selene were passing a bong back and forth while I sat idly by watching. Finally I spoke up,

“Can-can I try?”

Selene stopped and turned to me,

“Absolutely, are you sure though? Like you don’t have to at all, don’t feel pressured.”

“I kind of want to try, I’ve never smoked before.”

Selene handed me the bong and showed me how to hit it, she held the lighter as I pulled smoke into my lungs.

“Woah that’s a big hit, don’t hold it too long or you’ll be baked” Sara advised.

I tasted the smoke in my mouth and felt the burn of it hitting my throat, and then I exhaled and stared wide eyed at the amount of smoke that I had actually inhaled.

I looked up and both girls were looking at me mouth agape.

“What?” I quickly started to panic thinking I had messed up.

“Never smoked before my ass, look at this chick hitting the bong like a damn pro. I choked out so hard my first bong hit” Sara said emphatically with disbelief written across her face.

“No Jazz never smoked in school, so unless she turned into a heavy pot head, she is telling the truth.”

I blushed realizing I was receiving some strange form of praise.

The bong went around the circle a few more times, this time I hit it too.

About a half an hour later, the drunk and stoned munchies kicked in. We filed into the kitchen rummaging everywhere for anything.

Selene pulled out a can of whipped cream and dispensed it directly into her mouth.

“I want some” Sara whined.

Selene got a mischievous look on her face before putting the whipped topping on her lips and pulling Sara in to kiss her.

Sara’s tongue licked the sweet dessert topping from Selene’s lips and pulled her bottom lip between her teeth. Selene backed Sara into the kitchen counter and they kissed hungrily for a few minutes while I looked on in awe stricken arousal.

They parted and looked at me; Sara with dazed eyes, Selene was searching my face for something. I’m not sure what she saw there, but whatever it was it made her smile.

“Jazz, how’s your sex life? I mean when was the last time you had really good, earth shattering sex?”

I paused.

I couldn’t remember, my sex life with Daniel had started out amazing, but everyone’s does when it’s a new person. Then we fell into a routine, it wasn’t bad, just predictable. I tried to always make sure he was satisfied, but I often times went to bed sexually frustrated or I would wait until he left the room before masturbating just to get some relief.

“I can’t remember, why?”

“Just curious, do you ever watch porn?”

These were personal questions I wouldn’t normally want to answer, but it was late and I was somewhere between drunkenly buzzed and high school high.

“Of course I do.”

“Yeah, what kind?”

“What do you mean?”

“Like do you like babysitter porn, masturbation, anal, cream pie etc.?”

“Oh um I can only get off to lesbian porn, I’m not sure why, I’m not gay I just don’t like watching guys grunt and huff and puff its gross.”

Selene giggled.

“Nobody watches porn for the guys, not even girls” Sara cackled.

I giggled, it wasn’t particularly funny, but something about the situation was comical. Selene had always been openly sexually ambiguous when it came to her partners and it would seem Sara fell on to a similar spectrum. I had always been straight, but the idea of women turned me on more than any man ever could. And here in this house with 2 beautiful women at the end of a shit day, where I found myself intoxicated and horny in a way I hadn’t experienced in a while I knew if I didn’t go to bed soon, I would end up doing something I may regret.

“It’s late I should go to bed.” Sara said yawning.

“Alright see you in the afternoon, god knows you’ll sleep through morning.” Selene said.

Sara smiled,

“It was nice to meet you Jasmine”

“You too” I replied.

Sara left down the basement stairs leaving Selene and I in silence.

“Well do you want to go to bed soon too?” She asked.

I shrugged.

“Well I will set the bed up and bring my blankets down; you’re welcome to bring your stuff up.” Selene said heading towards her stairs leading to the second floor.

I followed her up and into a large bedroom. It had an attached bathroom with a deep Jacuzzi bath tub and a separate shower stall, a large 4 post bed sat in the middle of the room, purple satin sheets and a large black duvet made up the bedding with ample amounts of fluffy pillows.

“Wow,” I said admiring the room.

“Thanks, the sheets were just washed and the bathroom cleaned. I’ll set out some towels in case you want to bathe or shower.”

I dropped my stuff on the floor and sat on the bed.

“Can I ask you something?” I found myself blurting out.

“Sure anything” Selene replied.

“Am I pretty?”

She paused and looked at me several emotions crossing her face.

“Why do you ask?”

“I don’t know, I’m always getting picked second and I guess I just wondered is it me.”

“Oh…Jasmine. Can I tell you something without you getting freaked out?”

“Yeah sure”

“When we were teenagers, I used to dream that you would let me kiss you. I thought you were so pretty, I still do, but I knew that if I told you…you’d not take it well.”

I paused.


“Yeah, oh god I can’t believe I told you that” Selene laughed nervously.

I smiled. I don’t know what made me say it but a surge of confidence burst from me and compelled me to say,

“Do you still want to kiss me?” I stuck my tongue out at Selene in a very childish manner.

She threw a discarded pillow off the floor at me; I caught it before it hit my face

“Ha ha you miss-”

She cut me off with her lips on mine slowly seducing my mouth open.

I dropped the pillow and wrapped my arms around her shoulders. Sighing I returned her kiss, as my mouth opened to sigh she snuck her tongue between my lips and into my mouth where it became a battle and a dance of seduction.

She walked forwards until the backs of my knees were flush against the edge of the bed then down we fell gracefully a tangle of arms and legs and exploring hands.

Her voluptuous breasts pressed into me and it was then I became aware that she was just as aroused as I was as her hard nipples stood out against her shirt. Her mouth travelled from mine to my chin, neck, ears and collar bone. Kisses and licks turning into nibbles as she worked her way to the top of the tank top where my cleavage was visible. Her warm breath on my skin made me tingle and goose bumps riddled my flesh. I felt her smile against my skin. She slid her hands up my shirt and danced her fingers lightly up my sides before cupping my breasts and massaging them as she pulled my shirt over my chest with her teeth.

I lay there mostly exposed and watched as she traced my skin with her tongue. Her breath leaving a trail of fire on my skin. She blew cold air across my nipples making them hard enough to seemingly cut diamonds. Then she folded her tongue over my left nipple before pulling the whole thing in her mouth and sucking on it, she found my other nipple and began to roll it between her fingers pinching it as she nibbled the nipple in her mouth. Then she switched. My breathing hitched as she trailed her mouth from my breasts to my stomach and hips. She found the swirls of my tattoo above my hip and traced them with her tongue slipping it gently below my waist band.

She sat up and looked at me, lust written in her eyes.

“Are you sure you’re okay with this?”

I nodded my head, my vocal cords unable to move.

She bit her lip then nodded sliding the bright pink shorts off of my body and following the material with hot kisses as they trailed down my legs and finally off leaving me lying in some baby blue panties.

I blushed feeling vulnerable for a moment, but that was quickly squelched as she kissed her way back up from my ankles to my hips on each leg.

She gently skimmed her fingers over my panties watching as the moisture that told of my arousal soaked into my panties. Her touch made me shiver and when she leaned forward and pressed her tongue to the outside of the soft material I jumped.

She smiled slipping my panties down my ankles. This time I didn’t even have time to feel embarrassed as she quickly spread me open and started rubbing small circles around my clit.

I gasped.

She did this until my hips started to gently thrust towards her fingers. She then slid her fingers into me and started teasing a spot that elicit such pleasure I never knew I could feel. Somewhere in the back of my mind the connection was made that this must be my G-spot. She slowly thrust her fingers in and out of me, making me move any way she wanted. I gripped the sheets and went rigid seconds before climax over took me.

She kept fingering me until my muscles stopped clenching around her fingers. My body relaxed and I figured she was done, but I was so very wrong. She wasted no time in bending her head down and laying her tongue flat against my clit licking up and down. I moaned and spread my legs further apart as she tasted me. She spent a few minutes gently teasing my clit with various shapes and speeds before I felt her tongue travel south and slip inside me. I nearly came from that. Not because it necessarily feels more or less better, but the knowing and seeing her taste all of me was the hottest thing I’d experienced.

She slipped her tongue in and out before spreading my lips open and eating me like it was her last meal. As I once again climbed the ladder to orgasm, she slipped her fingers into me, holding them still but giving my pussy something to clamp onto as orgasm crept closer. She flicked her tongue around my clit before sucking it between her lips as she did the dam broke loose and my orgasm came crashing around me in a blinding darkness. She started to move her fingers inside me flexing them against the muscles that were pulsing around her. This intensified my orgasm and I felt a gush of fluid that I didn’t know could happen.

She sat up smiling, her lips red and her chin shiny from my juices.

“You can squirt?” She asked me.

“I-I don’t know,” I replied panting as she still slowly teased me with her fingers.

She smiled and pulled her fingers out coming up to kiss me. She pulled her shirt and pants off and lay next to me as I tasted myself off of her lips, which was truly the most erotic thing ever.

Her hands continued to explore my body as I got braver and began to touch her. Selene unabashedly spread her legs when I trailed my hand down her hip, she placed my fingers between her smooth pussy lips and showed me how to rub her.

I replicated what she showed me then as her moans and sighs got more sporadic I started to experiment with things I liked. I let my fingers delve inside of her deeply. She moaned loudly, then I started rubbing my thumb in circles over her clit. It didn’t take long and she clamped her hand down on mine as she rode my fingers to orgasm.

Watching her cum was amazing. I pulled my fingers away coated in clear sticky fluid.

“Come here” She said pulling me up so we were in a 69 position.

Her scent filled my head and I didn’t bother trying to tease her like I felt her doing from underneath me, her tongue skimming along my outer pussy lips. I spread her open and laid my mouth over her letting my tongue explore and taste her in ways I had only fantasized about before.

She soon lost her focus as I nibbled, sucked and licked her clit and explored the inside of her with my slightly longer than average tongue. In her throes of ecstasy she gripped my ass and buried her face in my pussy licking it feverishly.

She pushed up into my mouth and I held her thighs apart and trembled as she came.

Proud of myself I succumbed to the tongue lashing that was happening at the juncture of my own thighs and sat up turning around so I could watch her lick me. Here, atop her face, I watched her tongue dart around my clit and I rubbed myself across her lips, my swollen clit being teased when she would periodically suck it between her lips. From this position I found my 3rd orgasm.

Panting I collapsed back beside her and we became a puddle of arms and legs kissing and moaning while further exploration happened. She straddled my thigh and rubbed herself against me until a wet spot shone against my skin. Then she placed her pussy flush against my own and we rolled our hips into each other as aftershocks of orgasm still coursed through us both.

Eventually we fell beside each other exhausted. Selene reached into her night stand and pulled out a pre-rolled joint lighting it and passing it to me. I took it and hit it a few times before passing it back while Selene cuddled against my side.

“I think I figured out why it didn’t work with me and Daniel” I said.

“Oh yeah why’s that?” Selene asked passing me the joint again.

I paused trying to figure out how to word my next statement.

“I think I like girls.”

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