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I Hate Him!

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Gawd how I hate him!

His name is Daniel and he is such a jerk. Everybody else thinks so too, not just me. For some reason they all just put up with it. Well not me, I can’t stand that prick!

“What is he doing here?” I spit turning to Kayla.

“Calm down, Jane,” she says soothingly. “There’s plenty of other people here…you don’t even have to talk to him.”

Kayla is my best friend but she was a little more tolerant than I am. She wants everyone to like her. Of course anyone would anyway, she was totally awesome…and hot!

“Ugh! ” I groan angrily. “Let’s go get me a drink.”

She is right. The party is picking up and there are enough people here that I won’t have to talk to Daniel. I am ready for a good night, wearing a short denim skirt, borrowed from Kayla, which leaves the entire length of my legs bare. My black halter has a plunging neckline, even thought my little B-cups aren’t anything special. I’m also wearing a brand new white jacket and at Kayla’s insistence white pumps. She said they made my booty poke out, whatever that means. And even though I’m more than capable of doing my own makeup, letting Kayla do it always gets me more attention from the guys…not that I’m the kind of girl who craves men’s attention but it’s not entirely unpleasant.

I do a pretty good job of avoiding Daniel for the most part. Kayla and I dance, she’s such a tease. We flirt with a couple other guys, she’s really into one of them. I can’t say I’m too interested in the other but he’s a fun guy… good dancer, and Kayla has always had a way of making me act like a flirt.

And we drink…a lot. So by the time Kayla is heading upstairs with her guy I guess I’m too drunk to really notice.

I’m in the kitchen making myself another drink when Daniel comes in. I barely notice at first, my head is spinning so hard. Everything seems blurry, out of focus when suddenly HE comes into clear, perfect view! That prick.

“Hey, Jane,” he says, opening the fridge in search of beer.

“Mmm,” I reply dismissively.

I’m searching through a number of empty liquor bottles, trying to find some more rum or anything I can drink. By this time there doesn’t seem to be much. A bottle of whiskey, but I’ve never been much of a whiskey drinker.

“Whacha lookin for?” Daniel asks.

I ignore him this time, continuing my search. He moves closer, leaning on a nearby counter and opening his beer.

“Looking for a drink?” he presses.

“I got it, thanks,” I snap hoping he’ll get the point.

He doesn’t. Before I can even resume my search he speaks again. “Jane why are you always such a bitch?”

I’d like to say I respond like a lady but drunk as I am and as much as I dislike this creep; it’s on! I whirl on him, barely able to keep my balance in these heels. I think he chuckles a bit but I’m ready to finally, FINALLY give him a piece of my mind.

“Listen prick,” I spit (or slur). “You act like the world should bow at your feet but I happen to think you ain’t nothing special!” He smirks, fueling my anger so I keep rolling. “I know how you run through all those skanks like some kind of stud but I think you’re probably nothing but a little dick prick…” I have more to say but…

“Shut the fuck up, cunt!” he cuts me off in an irritated tone.

To my utter surprise my mouth snaps shut and my whole body seems to flush hotly.

“You mouthy bitch,” he continues. “I’m nothing special? Like you are?”

No guy has ever talked to me this way, I can feel the anger burning in my cheeks but for some reason, I’ve got nothing to say. He straightens and walks towards me; for the first time I realize how tall Daniel actually is. Looking up at him I feel suddenly smaller.

“I was just going to offer to make you drink,” he says, snatching the bottle of whiskey. “I know this is a little harsh for some girls but I know a good way to sweeten it up. You may not like me but you don’t always have to act like such a raging cunt…”

He begins to prepare a drink with the whiskey…as if I’d take anything he offers me! Still no sly retorts come to mind and all I can do is stand there fuming. While he’s mixing, he takes a sidelong glance at me, snorts and goes back to his drink.

“What’s that supposed to mean?” I ask immediately sensing his derision.


“What’s the matter,” I press, looking for a reason to get madder. “Don’t like what you see?”

He looks back at me, giving my somewhat scantly clad body another once over (I lost the white jacket somewhere earlier). He shrugs. “I was really just thinking it’s funny you call the girls I know skanks when you’re here dressed like a grade A slut.”

Now my mouth drops open… shocked! And I am not! Before I can formulate a response he goes on.

“But now that you mention it,” he chuckles. “No, I don’t like much of what I see!”

A moment before this was certainly the response I was looking for, thinking it’d further fuel my rage…instead I’m just surprised he’s so honest…and wondering why I am so offended. I’m not conceded but I think I’m pretty enough. Certainly better than some of the girls Daniel’s been with? He’ll sleep with practically anything! How could he NOT like what he sees?

“W-what do you mean?” I ask a bit more timid than I intend.

Daniel turns to me, looking annoyed. “Well for starters you got no tits at all.”

“Uh, yes I do!” I say indignantly, thrusting my chest out a little further.

He smirks. “Barely, what are those little mosquito bites? A’s?”

“I’m actually a large B,” I inform him.

“No way,” he scoffs. “Show me.”

I cross my arms under my breasts and glare at him. “Um, I don’t think so.”

“Oh please it’s not like there’s much to see,” he says. “Whatever I just thought you’d wanna prove me wrong, doesn’t really matter.”

I do want to prove him wrong! But not like that…I’m proud of my perky B-cups. Just because I don’t have a lot of cleavage to flash around like the fat skanks he normally goes for. If he saw mine he’d like them…Despite myself I glance around, we’re the only ones in the kitchen.

“Okay,” I say. “One look, so you can see that size doesn’t matter!”

“We’ll see about that,” he balks.

I reach down and slowly pull up my halter top, unveiling my modest but perky breasts. A sudden chill sweeps through me, maybe it’s the audience but I feel much more exposed than I even expected. Feeling my nipples starting to perk up I quickly pull my shirt down. A blush returns to my cheeks, I can’t believe I just showed Daniel my tits! What the hell am I thinking?

“Meh,” he says and holds out the drink. “Here, I’ll leave you alone now.”

“Meh??” I growl, snatching the drink. “Meh!?!”

He shrugs and starts to walk past me, I step in his way stopping him.

“I’ll have you know when those fat DD’s you seem to like are dragging on the ground,” I’m almost shouting. “My little B’s will be just as perky and firm as they are today!”

“Try your drink,” he says, pausing.

I do go to taste the drink, I can smell the whiskey but it tastes rich and fruity. I take a sip but Daniel reaches out, lifting the bottom of the glass with two fingers. He makes me drink the whole thing at once, it’s good but the whiskey burns all the way down… and leaves my head spinning even faster.

“I can’t usually drink whiskey,” I sputter. “What was that?”

“An old fashioned,” he says.

“Mmmm,” I mumble, bracing myself against the counter.

Suddenly he reaches out and grabs one of my breasts! I gasp in shock and start to pull away. His free hand grabs my arm, holding me in place.

“What the hell do you think you’re doing?” I ask.

“Well you said they were perky and firm,” he says. “I want to find out.”

“Get you’re fucking hands off…”

“Shut your mouth, cunt!”

I can’t believe it but my mouth snaps shut immediately. I’m so shocked that I almost don’t know how to react. I stare daggers at him as his other hand moves from my arm to grope my other breast. He squeezes and cups my breasts over the black halter, I want to protest but something holds my tongue.

Fine, I’ll show him what he’s missing! I arch my back, pushing my firm breasts into his suddenly eager hands.

“Yeah, these actually aren’t that bad,” he says. “Nice little handfuls…”

“Are you done?” I sigh, trying to focused. My head is spinning faster now…damn whiskey.

Now I grab his wrists and pull his hands off my chest. “That’s enough…I think I need to…sit…down…”

I try to push past Daniel, that last drink seems to have really put me over the top. As I do he grabs my arms again and spins me back to face him. Before I can say or do anything, mostly because my head is spinning so bad, he kisses me! In shock I push against his chest, his tight muscular chest…but I can’t push him away, instead he pulls me closer thrusting his tongue between my lips.

As much as I hate to admit it Daniel is a surprisingly good kisser and despite everything a wave of submissiveness sweeps through me. My arms slacken and I lean ever so slightly into him…and actually kiss him back!

Feeling our tongues intermingle, tasting him in my mouth, I can’t keep from melting into the moment. I should be irate I know but no guy has ever been so forceful with me…something about it feels natural. Or maybe it’s just the alcohol.

Whatever the case he must feel or sense my submissiveness and knows he can take advantage. Daniel slips his hands under my halter, groping my tits skin to skin now. The feeling of his hands on my bare breast, squeezing firm and assertively instantly causes my soft nipples to grow stiff and erect. He takes the opportunity to pinch them between his fingers, giving a slight twist. The unexpected sensation sends tingles dancing across my entire chest and I moan softly into the kiss.

He suddenly pulls back, a sickeningly smug look on his face. “You get friendly in a hurry.”

I scowl realizing I’ve been taken advantage of in my drunken state. “You asshole…I should call the cops!”

“For what, slut?” he responds. “You seemed to be enjoying it to me…”

“I wha…why you…” I stammer, either from the alcohol or because I’m just shocked that any guy would talk to me (or any girl) that way. “I’m out of here,” I finally say turning to leave.

As I’m stumbling towards the kitchen door, I feel that prick’s hand grab my ass! Hardly able to believe it I spin on him…he’s always been a prick but this is pushing it to a new level.

“That’s harassment asshole!” I growl.

Before I can say any more Daniel comes towards me. He moves quickly and not sure what else I should do, I back away. He backs me up until I’m standing against the wall and keeps coming forward. Suddenly he’s mere inches away from me. I’m a little scared and my modest breasts are heaving…I think it’s fear anyway… why are my nipples still clearly hard as rocks under my halter?

“Listen, Jane,” Daniel’s face is barely an inch from my own. “I know why you really act like such a bitch…because you WANT, you NEED a man who can step up and put you in your place.”

“What…no, I…”

“Sssshh,” he presses a finger to my lips.

My eyes are locked with his. I don’t know what he means or what he’ll do next. Maybe if I just don’t say anything he’ll think I got the point and go back into the party. Instead that hand drops down to my legs. His fingers touch the smooth skin of my inner thigh and begin to slide upwards.

A nervous tremble dances up my spine as his hand reaches up under my skirt. Not knowing what else to do I squeeze my thighs together tightly. He still finds the sexy lace panties I’m wearing and begins to play with them. He caresses the lacey pattern and tugs playfully, lightly snapping the elastic. Then he begins to rub the soft V of my pussy.

I want to scream but my breath catches in my throat, feeling him groping my crotch. I can’t believe this is happening! I’m a grown woman…am I really allowing myself to be harassed and now molested at a drinking party? Am I really this drunk, or is something else going on?

I feel Daniel pushing his fingers between my clenched thighs. I think I should push him away, hit him, slap him, ANYTHING! But my arms hang limp at my sides, fists clenched uselessly. Then, instead, I feel myself stepping my feet further apart…spreading my legs slightly and giving Daniel much better access to my pussy. He instantly intensifies his massage, rubbing and squeezing more quickly sending a quiver running up my torso. His fingers move the crotch of my panties aside, finally gaining full access to my vulnerable slit.

“You shave?” He’s surprised but grinning. “I knew under all that bitching you were nothing but a slut!”

I bite my lip wanting to scream at him…but I don’t. Maybe he dosed me, roofied me or something to make me easier to handle…that bastard!

I feel his hand moving over, then between the soft smooth skin of my labia. As if this prick knows exactly how to play my body this causes a sudden cascade of arousal and instantly I get wet, really wet! Embarrassed I finally make my hand respond, grabbing he wrist to push it away. Unfortunately there seems to be no strength (or conviction) behind my efforts.

“Don’t,” I manage to whimper. “Please stop.”

“No,” Daniel replies simply.

I gasp suddenly as his fingers find my clit. My head spins with the sensation and it’s all I can do to hold back a moan. He works me over for a long moment, making my hips tremble with unwanted desire. I can feel my pussy getting wetter by the moment. My cheeks and chest flush with heat, either from arousal or humiliation…I may never know for sure, in this moment they seem to have become one and the same.

I gasp again as he slips a finger inside me! He pulls it back out quickly (causing another gasp) and then shoves TWO back in. At this point I’m so wet he penetrates me easily. As he begins to finger fuck me, my breathing speeds up almost immediately. After a few thrusts I’m practically panting. Feeling his fingers sliding in and out, in and out, all while his thumb manages to maintain the perfect pressure on my clit; a sudden irresistible wave of submission sweeps through me, dissolving any resolution or will power I had.

Despite everything, I lean forward to kiss him. Our lips press together and I thrust my soft tongue into his hot mouth eagerly. The kiss lasts only a moment as Daniel now realizes I’ve given in completely, that I’m his for the taking.

He pulls away, working my cunt like he owns it and making me moan out loud. He locks my eyes, giving me that same sickeningly smug look. He knows and he wants to make sure I know…it’s NOT the alcohol, or some drug…I’m just totally fucking his now!

I can’t help but whimper as he pulls his fingers out of my pussy, and his hand out from under my skirt. He reaches around my waist with both hands, grabbing my ass and lifting me easily onto the kitchen counter. Then Daniel reaches behind my neck, unclasping my halter and yanking it down to expose my tits. Next he reaches back under my skirt with both hands and pulls my lace panties all the way off! Finally he undoes his own pants and takes out his surprisingly large cock.

“Are you ready for it, whore?”

“Yes,” I say submissively.

I spread my legs, displaying my primly shaven pussy to him. Daniel grins and comes forward. He seems to grow even more as he position himself between my legs and again my breath catches in my throat sensing the big head if his dick press against my dripping pussy lips.

“Ffff-uuHK,” I groan as his cock penetrates me!

No matter how wet I am, it hurts at first. I’ve never had someone so big and as he begins to thrust I worry he’ll split me in two! Gasping as he thrusts so deeply into my pussy that my entire body trembles. I feel myself stretching and then just as it seems to be too much… my body begins to adjust. Spreading my legs straight out my pussy actually does stretch and relax enough to accommodate his massive member.

“Oh fuck!” I mewl as he begins to plow into me with fervor.

I’m moaning with each thrust now. I can already feel a climax coming, building uncontrollably because he’s so much bigger than I’m used to. I grab his shoulders, hoping to slow him some but that just seems to spur him on. His thrusts become suddenly stronger and deeper and I can’t hold it back any longer. First there’s a sharp gasp, then I cry out loudly as I orgasm! Feeling my pussy tighten around his cock only encourages Daniel, he continues to fuck me harder and faster.

I feel tears well up in my eyes, and embarrassment washes over me. Early on in my sexual experiences I found that really good orgasms made me cry uncontrollably. Realizing Daniel, this man I hate, was not only able to make me cum with just a few simple thrusts of his magnificent cock but so well as to make me cry…was thoroughly humiliating.

I continue to whimper and moan as he fucks me hard. My head seems to be spinning in time with his forceful thrusts…but I’m so focused on hoping that he doesn’t notice the tears streaming down my cheeks that I don’t even notice my second climax building.

He has one hand on my supple B-cup, squeezing tightly, tweaking my bullet-like nipple with his thumb. His dick pounds away at me relentlessly, plunging so deep into me I think I can feel it in my stomach. His free hand reaches behind me, I barely notice his fingers coiling into my hair until he gives it a yank!

I cum suddenly, screaming; “OHGAWDYESS!”

This time as my pussy constricts around his throbbing shaft, Daniel can’t hold it back either. He cums deep inside, filling me with a white hot load of sticky gizm. The sensation, the sudden rush of warmth flooding me causes me to orgasm a third time. My manicured nails dig into his arms as my every curve shudders with ecstasy.

I whimper slightly as he pulls his dick out of me. I try to hold onto him a moment, despite myself, wanting to keep him close in my post coital euphoria. He pulls away easily, giving me a look that leaves no question as to the situation. He’s done with me. I’ve served my purpose to him and been put back in my place and now he’s done with his slut. Realizing this should make me hate him even more but instead I just feel cheap and used. Even as the tears continue to roll down my cheeks, I look at him pleadingly; wanting so desperately to be more than the slut he just fucked.

In the end all I can come up with is a simple: “Why?”

Daniel does up his pants, then looks at me coldly. “Just to prove I could…slut.”

Gawd, how I hate him!

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