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You would like Jordan if you met him. He was a happy, good-natured young man. He was kind and always willing to lend a helping hand. It might not have been a very efficient helping hand, but it was available. He seemed to see the best in everyone and this made him like everyone.

This attitude, plus the fact that he wasn’t the brightest spark, tended to make him a target for bullies when he was younger.

This tendency started to fade markedly after I beat the crap out of a couple of idiots who thought Jordan an easy target. Dumb though he was, Jordan was a friend of mine, and I look out for my friends.

My current problem with Jordan couldn’t be fixed by giving some guy a clout across the back of the head with a warning of what would happen if he didn’t pull his head in.

They say that the female of the species is more deadly than the male, and a little clique of senior cheerleaders seemed to be trying to prove this. They were picking on Jordan, bullying him and subjecting him to quite a bit of unwonted humiliation, and the poor guy had no idea how to handle it.

I have to admit, I wasn’t sure what to do either. I’d had a friendly chat with a couple of the girls, explaining that Jordan was my friend and that their actions were displeasing me, but they just brushed me off. I wasn’t on the team or really a very noticeable guy. I’ve always preferred to hug the shadows, as it were, going about my business with no-one noticing me. Accordingly, to the cheerleaders I was a non-entity and totally ignorable.

Mel was the leader of this little clique. I wasn’t sure what Mel was short for. Melanie, Melissa, Melody, something like that I supposed. She was just Mel to everyone. She was around nineteen, by my best guess, a bitch as a child and a gold-plated bitch now that she was officially an adult. Blonde, stacked, lovely features, marvellous skin, intelligent and with a sting that a hornet would envy.

It seemed to me that if I was going to stop this little clique from targeting Jordan with their nasty little pranks, Mel was the one I would have to convince. So I started making plans.

Like I said, people just tend not to notice me unless I deliberately make my presence felt, and I try not to do that too often. This made it fairly simple for me to keep an eye on Mel and establish a few of her habits. What I wanted was to meet her quietly somewhere so I could have a heart to heart with her, sort of let her see the situation from my perspective. I was fairly certain that I could reason with her.

I finally hit on a way of having that chat. I parked near her place and waited in my van, door open. As she passed I called out.

“Hey, Mel,” I said, and she turned towards the van to see who it was.

That’s when I hit her with the Taser. I was out of the van and holding her before she even started to collapse and then I just helped her into the van. If anyone had been watching all they would have seen was Mel turning to meet me, falling into my arms and hopping in the van with me. Quite romantic.

I drove off. I figured I had a good five minutes before she surfaced from the Taser and that was ample time for me. Two minutes to get her home and into the garage, with the garage door closed. Another two minutes and she was in the house, bent over the bed with her hands fastened to the bedhead.

I tucked the back of her dress up under her belt and lowered her panties a little. Not much, just enough to expose her bottom. Then I turned on my camera, sat back and waited for her to come out of it.

It was only a minute or two later and Mel was shaking her head, trying to clear it. She must have tried to move her hands and found she couldn’t, because her head came up with a jerk and a gasp. Then she started squealing and jerking at her hands.

Not wanting her to go into a full-blown panic I slapped her casually on the bottom and told her to stop fussing. She squealed and turned to look at me.

“You,” she squealed. “What do you think you’re playing at?”

Then she blinked and went pale.

“Y-you’re going to rape me, aren’t you,” she accused.

“You have a crude mind,” I reprimanded her. “I am most definitely not going to rape you. There’s no way of knowing what diseases I might catch off you.”

Here I am reassuring her and she acts as though I’m insulting her. Fancy calling me a rotten bastard for not wanting to rape her? The way she protested her healthiness you’d think she wanted me to rape her. Come to think of it, maybe she did? Did that sort of thing turn her on?

“Are you saying that you want me to rape you?” I asked.

The answer was definitely in the negative.

“Then why are you whining when I said I won’t? However, to get on with what I wanted to discuss with you, this is about Jordan,” I explained. “I tried to talk this over with you and your friends but you weren’t interested in talking about it. I thought a little one on one conversation would help.”

Then I landed a good hard spank on her bottom and she shrieked.

“What? Wait! You can’t! Don’t” she squealed. The ‘don’t’ was because another had spank had landed.

“I explained to you how I disapproved of the way that you and your friends were picking on Jordan and how I wanted it to stop,” I said and gave her a couple of more spanks.

“You all just laughed at me and told me to piss off,” I pointed out and gave her a couple more while she wriggled, protested and squealed.

“Now” spank “it seems to me” spank “that you” spank “are the ringleader” spank “of your little group” spank.

“I thought” spank “that if I persuade you” spank “then you’ll speak” spank “to the others” spank “and tell them” spank “to lay off Jordan” spank.

Mel was squealing and wriggling quite hard, but with her hands bound and my hand holding her down she wasn’t going anywhere.

“Am I getting through to you?” I asked her.

“Yes,” she squealed. “Just stop.”

“I’ll stop when I think you’re really repentant and willing to call your nasty little campaign to a halt. You and your friends are a pack of nasty little bullies and it’s time you learnt that actions have consequences. I’m now about to give you a spanking, just to drive the point home.”

“You’ve just been spanking me,” Mel protested, and I laughed.

“Don’t be silly,” I said. “That was just an attention getter. What’s coming is the real spanking.”

Mel was squealing in protest even before the first proper spank landed. Her squeals rose sharply as she found that I was serious about giving her a proper spanking. She and her friends had blatantly bullied and humiliated Jordan, and she deserved some solid retribution.

When Mel was crying real tears, not just tears of anger, I finally let up.

“Now you will do your best to persuade your friends to stop tormenting Jordan, won’t you?” I suggested, and Mel nodded frantically.

“I’m not going to have to invite you back for another discussion, am I?” and Mel shook her head, just as frantically.

“Mind you, if I do have to have another chat with you then I’d probably invite along one of your friends as well, so that they can enjoy the experience. Do you think that’s going to be necessary?”

Apparently not, from Mel’s attitude.

“Then I’m glad we had this little chat,” I told her. “It’s always nice to get these things sorted out peacefully.”

“Are you going to rape me now?” Mel asked in a very little voice.

I have to admit I was tempted. I’d noticed while spanking her that Mel’s legs had parted, exposing her mound and that her pussy had flowered. A sort of self defence mechanism, offering herself to protect herself. I think I mentioned that she was quite lovely, and the temptation was there.

“Tch, tch,” I murmured. “There goes that smutty mind of yours again. I’ve already said I had no intention of ravishing you, even if you are quite lovely.”

While I was talking I was also reaching over and undoing her wrists, leaving her free to get up. Mel rolled over onto her back, yelped and hastily stood, her hands cupping her bottom protectively. She just stood there, staring down at me lounging on the bed. She hadn’t, I noticed, pulled up her panties or shaken her dress down, and she was presenting a very nice spectacle. I wondered if she realised, noticed the look on her face and I knew she damn well did know.

Mel was breathing hard and I couldn’t help but notice that her nipples were hard.

“You don’t seriously believe that I have any diseases do you? Are you gay? Not that there’s anything wrong with being gay,” she asked, sounding incredulous that I was offering to not rape her.

I sucked one of my fingers, reached out and ran it along her slit and then put my finger back in my mouth.

“I believe you’re healthy enough and no, I’m not gay,” I said, “but I brought you here by force so I have to look after you. Of course, if you were to strip your clothes off I might reconsider the ravishing, but don’t expect me to help you.”

Mel was flushed. She was also, strange as it may seem, horny. I’d heard that spanking does that to some girls but I’d never actually tried it out before.

“Do you seriously expect me to undress while you watch so that you can then ravish me?” she asked.

“Seems reasonable to me,” I said.

She didn’t want to but right now I was the dominant personality. Mel was going to do what I wanted and we both knew it. She started unbuttoning her blouse, glaring at me while she did so.

The glare was dropped along with the blouse. Mel was now watching me hungrily as she unfastened her dress and let it drop. Her panties finally went all the way down and Mel never took her eyes off me as she reached behind her to unclip her bra.

I looked at her nudity and nodded appreciatively.

“Very nice,” I told her. “Very nice indeed.”

I finally got off the bed and stood in front her. I brushed one of Mel’s nipples with the palm of my hand and she shivered.

“Undress me,” I whispered, and Mel didn’t even think of protesting. She just hungrily reached for my clothes, almost ripping the buttons off my shirt in her eagerness.

She slowed when she started taking my trousers down, making sure she hooked onto my jocks at the same time. I was, I can assure you, fully erect, and Mel was watching closely as she peeled my trousers away, eager to see her coming present.

Naked, I took Mel’s hand and drew her over to the bed and eased her onto it. I settled onto the bed, nestled between her thighs. She was watching me, waiting and expectant. There was no need for any foreplay and we both knew it. I eased her lips apart and slowly pushed past them.

Then the torment started. I didn’t drive home, despite what Mel expected and wanted. I eased into her, moving slowly, just creeping along, ignoring her pleas for me to do it, damn you, do it.

My hands on her hips kept her motionless beneath me, even while she was straining up to meet me. Mel was tossing her head from side to side, pleading, and I still took my time. From the way Mel was acting I suspect that she’d had some sexual adventures that were quicker in total than my initial slow entry.

Finally I was sheathed nicely in her passage and Mel just gave a groan of relief. That was my cue to start enjoying her. I pulled back and drove in, hard and fast this time, and Mel squealed and bucked under me, pushing herself hard up against my plunging cock, almost bouncing off the bed in her eagerness.

I have a lot of self-control, but I’m quite willing to hold in abeyance when I have a pretty young thing attached to my cock, trying to devour it. I punished her all over again, my body imparting a fearsome beating on her pussy, while Mel shrieked and bucked and demanded more.

More is what she got. I drove into her, pushing her hard towards a climax. The catch came when I felt she was nearing completion. I slowed down, moving to a gentler loving. It was odd. Here I would be doing a nice slow rocking motion and there would be Mel, shrieking rude names at me until I started speeding up again.

It soon became obvious that these tactics wouldn’t work for much longer. When I slowed down the next time, Mel was so near her climax that I thought she’d come without my help. That would never do, so I started hitting home harder than ever.

I’d guessed right, and Mel screamed and shuddered, absolutely quivering under me. Mind you, I was doing a bit of shuddering myself and I finally felt free to let my own climax loose.

I drove Mel home shortly after that. I did have one final word on the subject of Jordan.

“Just remember, Mel,” I reminded her, “that Jordan is off limits. If any of your friends give you a hard time about it, invite them around to my place. I’ll be happy to discuss it with them.”

Mel nodded, but from the smirk she suddenly had on her face I was starting to wonder. I had a funny feeling she was sorting through the members of her little clique, working out who she might bring over to be persuaded.

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