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We were throwing the party of the year. Me and three friends had moved into an apartment together, the first time the other three had ever lived away from their parents. I had lived by myself before, so I was used to it, but they wanted to celebrate. I’ve never refused an opportunity to get ridiculously wasted, so I enthusiastically helped make plans and invite people.

The afternoon before the party, we had enough alcohol and weed to last us a while. Jello shots and seven six packs of beer in the fridge (the only things in there so far), five bottles of liquor in the freezer, four massive blunts, and two nickel bags. It was a Wednesday night, the night off from the bar where I work, and I planned to make the most of it. The four of us took Jello shots and smoked a blunt before the guests arrived, toasting the beginning of a year of being together.

Needless to say, we were all fucked up by the time the party got going, but everyone soon caught up. There were maybe about forty people milling around in different rooms, all holding a drink in their hand and usually passing around a pipe or some sort of smoking apparatus. I was standing in the kitchen with a group of people, smoking out of my bong, when I first saw her.

She had long, straight, silky black hair that contrasted beautifully with her green eyes. She was slim, but not boyishly so. She was wearing a white halter top and tight, tight jeans that showed off her cute butt perfectly. Definitely not boyish in the least.

I had never seen her before, and I couldn’t stop looking. She was so gorgeous. I watched her take a hit from a joint and, still holding the smoke in, take a shot. She exhaled slowly, the smoke curling sensuously around her lips. Her eyes met mine through the smoke and she smiled slowly. I gave her the same smile and was rudely interrupted by someone tapping me on the shoulder. “It’s your hit,” they said.

We continued flirting with our eyes the whole night, never speaking to each other. Sometimes she’d have her back to me and every once in a while she’d look over her shoulder, smile, and return to her conversation.

I was more high than drunk, but eventually I had to pee. I pushed my way past a group of people taking a shot, heading towards the main bathroom. I went inside and closed the door, making eye contact with her right before the door clicked shut. I turned around and walked towards the toilet when I heard the door open behind me. I turned around, ready to tell whoever it was that the bathroom was occupied.

I was cut off by her lips, pressed against mine. Not breaking the kiss, she kicked the door shut. She gently pushed her tongue between my lips and I moaned into her mouth as our bodies melted into each other. She moaned back and ran her hand down my back, coming to rest on my ass. She pressed my hips into hers and I slipped my left thigh between her legs, pressing it against her pussy. She pushed her thigh up into my pussy and grabbed onto my right thigh, pulling it kind of up and around her.

Soon we were moaning and humping each other’s legs desperately, my hands tangled in her hair. I shoved her against the wall, gasping before kissing her passionately and rubbing my entire body hard against hers. She pushed herself away from the wall and did the exact same thing to me that I had just done to her. I grabbed the front of her shirt, such as it was, and pulled her down, so she was on top of me on the floor. My hips kept rising against hers unconsciously, and using her feet, she spread my legs wider. Our ankles and feet rubbed against each other as she slowly began rubbing her pussy against mine, her legs rubbing the insides of my thighs.

The door opened and someone started walking in before realizing what was on the floor. We stopped and looked at her while she said drunkenly, “Oh shit. Sorry,” and hurriedly walked out. My girl got up and locked the door.

“There,” she said, turning around to look at me, still lying on the floor with my legs spread. She looked me up and down slowly as I looked back at her, lips parted slightly and breathing heavily. As she got back on top of me she moaned, “You’re so turned on,” and kissed me again.

I took her hand and pressed it against my stomach, slowly sliding it down into my jeans. Her breathing quickened, as did mine. My jeans were too tight to allow two hands in there, so I unzipped them and slipped her hand the rest of the way in there, underneath my thong. We both moaned as her palm cupped my bare, shaved pussy.

“Can you feel my pussy throbbing?” I half asked, half moaned.

She moaned and slipped a finger inside me slightly. I hissed and jerked my hips up, desperate for her to go deeper. I pulled my shirt over my head and threw it to the side. Taking my hint, she almost tore her clothes as she took them off. There was no soft, romantic removing of each other’s clothes. This was pure animal lust.

When we were naked she practically fell on top of me, our hands frantically moving over each other’s breasts, stomach, arms, everywhere. Our slightly sweaty bodies moved together, spreading our pussy juice over each other. My legs came up until my knees were almost touching my chest, my feet pressing against her thighs. She pulled back and knelt over me, her hand sliding down between my breasts and down my stomach as I squirmed and moaned. She leaned on her elbows between my legs and licked my pussy once with the flat of her tongue, making me cry out. Her tongue was so warm and wet against my pussy I felt like I was going to come right then.

“Mmm,” she said. “You taste so sweet.” She spread my pussy lips wide with both of her hands before making one long lick from my pussy hole to my clit. I’ve never felt more exposed to anyone, my pussy wide open for her to see. It turned me on even more.

She started lapping at my swollen, throbbing clit. My thighs clenched around her head. She looked up at me and sucked my clit into her mouth gently, then slowly increased the intensity. I arched my back, my moans becoming more desperate. She slid her hands under my ass and pressed me in, her face pushing against me while she sucked on my clit. I grabbed her head and began crying out, my hips jerking in time with each cry and wave of unbelievable pleasure. I started coming down and ground my pussy against her face as I felt the pressure in my pussy diminish slowly.

Finally I let go of her head and relaxed, gasping for breath. She crawled up until we were face to face and gave me a long, deep kiss. “I want to go down on you,” I said, holding her head in my hands.

I flipped her over and ran both my hands over her breasts and down her stomach. She moaned and arched her body wherever my hands passed over. My hands slid over the soft skin of her inner thighs, feeling them tremble under my fingers.

I knelt in front of her and, tucking my hair behind my ear, ran my tongue along the edge where her pussy and thigh meet. She moaned and reflexively straightened her legs to either side of me, as I did the same to the other side. Using the tip of my tongue, I drew random lines and shapes all over her pussy, from top to bottom, side to side while she continued to squirm and moan.

I slowly stuck my tongue inside her pussy, pressing my nose against her clit and the area around it. My body shivered as I felt her pussy contracting and throbbing around my tongue and against my face. I slid my tongue out and sucked on her inner lips, gently biting them. I moved onto her outer lips, sucking each one into my mouth and licking it with the flat of my tongue simultaneously.

I stopped sucking on her outer lips and moved up, my tongue still flat against her pussy. I pressed her clit with my tongue, then circled it with the tip of my tongue, at the base of her clit. She cried out and jerked her hips up into my face, a sticky line of her pussy juice extending between her pussy and my lip.

I licked it off, savoring the taste, and went back to work, flicking her clit first on one side, then the other, then straight on. Her thighs clenched around my head, then she slid one leg up my cheek until her knee was pointed towards the ceiling. I pushed her hood completely back from her clit and continued flicking my tongue over it rapidly.

When it seemed like she was just on the verge of coming, I took her clit in my mouth and sucked on it, shaking my head back and forth. She threw her head back and arched her entire body, her muscles tensed and shaking as she fought to hold in her screams. I felt her clit pulsing in my mouth, eventually slowing down until she was quiet and relaxed.

I gave her pussy one last lick and slid my body up hers, kissing her slowly. We kissed like that for a minute and then I got up, saying, “We better let these people use the bathroom now.”

She agreed and we pulled on our clothes, taking breaks to give each other a sweet kiss on the lips. She pulled her cell phone out of her pocket and asked, “What’s your number?” With a little laugh she added, “What’s your name, actually?”

I gave them to her and after fixing our hair, we walked out of the bathroom like nothing had ever happened.

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