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Hotel Rendezvous

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She got into the hotel elevator on the 7th floor, wearing nothing a swimsuit with a towel around her waist, at the same time I got out, and I knew I had to follow her.

There was no doubt it was the same woman I’d noticed that morning as I’d left for the conference, leaving room 713 just after I’d walked out of 717. She’d had on a perfectly smooth pencil skirt over black hose or stockings, a matching jacket, three-inch heels, and a white blouse–the kind of business attire that drives me to distraction every single time.

She was about a size eight, which gave her just enough curves to fill out the skirt and blouse even more erotically than I would have thought possible. Her long dark-brown hair had completed the look perfectly, and the glance she’d given me as she hurried down the hall showed just enough of her face for me to recognize again tonight.

If she’d recognized me just now, though, she hadn’t let it show. Which may have been just as well, as I intended to follow her to the hotel pool as soon as I could get changed. I simply had to find out if her ass looked as good in that swimsuit as it had in the pencil skirt.

I unlocked room 717, went straight to the bathroom, and took care of my frustrations–it’s no good going to the pool with a massive hard-on if you’re trying to be inconspicuous. Then I took a quick shower, found my swimsuit, tucked my key in a pocket, grabbed a towel and headed to the pool floor.

I realized I was hurrying and slowed myself just as I got to the pool, scanning for Miss 713. She was already in the pool doing laps, probably for the last ten minutes. An older couple was doing the same in the lanes on the opposite site, so I put down my towel on the chair next to 713’s and watched her for a second. She swam towards me, then held the end of the pool as she caught my eye. I returned the look with a smile and a nod.

She smiled, briefly, her eyes flickering down my body for only a split second before she turned and took another lap. I could barely see her ass as she kicked through the water, but it was, indeed, everything I’d imagined.

Then I glanced down at her towel and saw her hotel room key card sticking out from underneath it.

I took a deep breath. The older couple wasn’t looking, and 713 was halfway across the pool. I didn’t have time to think about it. So I just did it: my own key card came out of my pocket and slipped underneath hers in the exact same position, and hers slipped into my hand and then to my pocket. I buttoned the pocket discretely so it wouldn’t come out while I was swimming, and slipped into the pool to do a few laps of my own.

Every chance I had, I looked at her body as she swam past me. If she was doing the same, I couldn’t tell, but I certainly gave her every chance to look at my chest and butt if she wanted to take them. I wasn’t bad too look at, I’ve been told, but I clearly wasn’t in as good a shape for swimming as 713 either, because I tired out just as she was diving under for another lap. I was sure she smirked as she passed me that last time.

Smirking myself, I checked that her key was still secure in my pocket and got out. I left my towel where it was and headed to the empty hot tub while 713 finished her laps. When she got out, though, she went straight to her towel to dry off. She tried to avoid glancing at me, or at least tried to avoid me seeing her do it. But I couldn’t stop gazing at her legs, her ass, and her 38D (or so) breasts as she toweled off her hair.

When she was done, I beckoned with a smile for her to come to the hot tub. She thought about it for a second, then sauntered toward me. It was a good thing the whirlpool bubbles concealed my erection, or I might not have been able to talk to her at all. As it was, I had to lick my lips and force my eyes to remain on her face before saying to her, “That was quite a workout. Why don’t you come in and relax your muscles for a bit?”

The elderly couple walked out of the pool behind her. She glanced at them before responding to my offer. “I could, but my momma always said I shouldn’t spend time alone around strange men.”

I sneered a little, then smiled again. “I’m not strange, and you’re no little girl. Look, my name’s M______, and I just want to get to know you a little better. It’s a public place, what are you worried about?”

She tossed her towel across both shoulders and took a step back, but not without a smile. “A nice line, M_______, but one I’ve heard before.”

Before I could respond, the whirlpool bubbles died out, and my erection revealed itself. She looked at it for a few seconds and couldn’t suppress a smile. “You can stay here and get all hot and bothered if you like. I think I’ll go relax in my room, instead.”

She turned and walked back to her chair, picked up the key card–my key card–and swiveled toward the door. Whether she intended it or not, her ass wiggled enticingly at me as she headed out, and she only put the towel around her waist again when she was nearly out of my sight.

Yeah, she wanted me. She just couldn’t bring herself to say so on such a short acquaintance, was probably brought up as straight and proper as that pencil skirt she’d worn that morning.

I jumped out of the hot tub, dried off as quickly as I could, tied the towel around my waist to (barely) bind down my hard-on, and headed to the same elevator I knew she would.

Glanced at the numbers. She was already on her way up. Then it stopped at the third floor, presumably for another passenger. No choice but to take the stairs and hope there were more stops for her on the way.

By the seventh floor, I was a little winded, but brought it under control as I entered the hallway. Sure enough, there was 713 shoving my key card into her lock again and again and muttering useless curses at it.

Palming her key card out of my pocket, I walked quietly toward her–my room was on the other side of hers anyway–and smiled a greeting. “Problem?”

“Key card doesn’t work,” she replied tersely. “Obviously.”

I put my hands behind my back. “Perhaps I can help.”

“Sure,” she said, breathing hard with frustration. “Leave me alone, go down to the front desk and let them know what I need.”

“Oh, I already know what you need.” I stood behind her, our bodies almost touching. I took her key card out from behind my back and held it against the door frame by the lock. My other hand I held against the door, still not touching, but trapping her there. She looked at the key card I held, then at the one in her hand, and finally saw the subtle differences between them. Her eyes widened and her breathing changed slowly, still hard and deep, but no longer with frustration. “And it’s a good thing I’m here to give it to you.”

She brushed back her still-damp hair, and her head turned enough to see me. I knew she had noticed, like I already had, that the hallway was empty aside from the two of us. “You mean my key card, right?” A question she already knew the answer to.

“No,” I answered as I unlocked the door and let us both in at once. “I don’t mean that at all.”

The door closed behind me. I still held her key, and let her watch me put it back in my pocket. She took a step away from me; perhaps she didn’t realize it was also a step closer to her bed, perhaps she did. Her breathing had only quickened and deepened. “I’ll… I’ll give you all the money I have. Whatever you want to take.”

I stepped closer, eyes never leaving her face, but noticing at the edge of my vision every time her slick-suited chest rose and fell. It was the last thing I needed.

“I don’t want a single cent,” I said in a lowered voice as I closed the distance between us and removed the towel from her waist. “I want you.”

She made a grab for it before it fell, but before she could I took her hands in mine and held them firmly between our bodies. As our arms folded, I pressed my lips to hers and stole a kiss, deep and hard.

She squirmed, but didn’t struggle. I savored the feel of her breasts rising and falling against the back of my hands, wondering if her nipples were hard beneath that swimsuit. She knew was was coming, but her mind and her body were of different opinions about what to do about it. I intended to resolve the choice for her.

Quickly, still holding the forced kiss with her, I moved my hands to her back and held her close to me by the shoulders. Her now-freed fingers pushed at my chest, but it was only a token effort. Without letting her slip away from me, I slid my fingers under the straps of her swimsuit and lifted them from her shoulders. She gasped in genuine surprise, pulled back from the kiss and whimpered, “No, don’t,” but not nearly loudly enough to be heard outside the door.

“Why not?” I whispered in her ear as I pulled the straps down over her arms. “You want it as much as I do. You need it as much as I do.”

A little more work, and her breasts were free of the suit. She didn’t bother trying to hide them as I pushed the suit down to her hips. Her hands were resting on my shoulders now, her eyes moving up and down my body. Her nipples were clearly hardening as her chest rose and fell, her breathing harder than ever. “No… I can’t… you… you might be… you might make me sick, you might make me p…. pregnant….”

She was brought up proper, I thought. A virgin? She was no stranger to the sight of naked men, at least. I could tell that much. “I won’t make you sick, and I won’t make you pregnant. I’ll just make you feel very… very… very good.” With each “very” my hands slid up and down her sides, fingers tickling her breasts at the top of each stroke, her ass at the bottom.

“I can’t… I… please… just go….” Her protests grew softer and less determined with each deep breath. “Just g… ohhh…..” was the last thing she said as I slowly rolled her erect nipples between each finger and thumb. Her eyes closed as I played with the tip of each large breast, her hands pulling gently on my shoulders for support.

“You see?” I whispered in her ear again. “Very… very… good.”

Gently I led her backwards until her legs reached the bed. At that touch, though, her eyes opened and met mine. “Wait… you’re going to… please… we can’t….”

“We will,” I replied without hesitation, and with one hand behind her back I lowered her onto the bed. Her swimsuit came off her hips with a little tug, and I tossed it toward the bathroom. My own towel had already fallen free somewhere between the door and the bed, so I had only to liberate myself–and my erection–from the swim trunks.

Her eyes locked onto my cock, and I let her enjoy the sight for a few seconds before making my way to the bed and positioning myself over her. Finally unable to see it, but very much able to feel it against her legs, her eyes returned to mine. “What… what are… you going… to do… next?”

“Everything,” I said, and I stole another kiss from her, lips and tongue together.

She couldn’t bring herself to return it, yet, but her body clearly enjoyed every touch and sensation I could give. I pressed myself against her, feeling her chest against my own, straddling her soft thighs with my own strong legs, letting my cock rub against her pussy without entering her, at once teasing her and telling her what was still to come.

My hands roamed her entire body, from her thighs up her hips, grabbing her ass before sliding up her belly to her breasts and shoulders and arms, and then down again in an unending cycle of erotic massage. I stole kisses from her lips, her cheeks, her chin, and her neck, before making my way up to her ear and, with a nibble, whispering, “Tell me that you want this.”

A faint whimper: “I don’t… I can’t… please….”

My hand stroked her breast, pinching her nipple just enough. “Yes, you do. Your body can’t get enough of this. Can’t get enough of me. You know it’s true. You know you want this.”

“I… ow, ohhh… I do… I want this… I want… you… but I can’t… mmmmmm,” and her protests were cut off with my lips. I kissed her deeply, my tongue seeking hers within her mouth.

“Yes, you can,” I said when I finally lifted myself from her lips. I rested my body on one arm as the other slid between our bodies, finding my cock damp with her juices. I guided it toward her pussy and let one finger stroke her clit as my head parted her lips. “And you will.”

I had to stop myself from coming as soon as I slid inside of her, but I think she actually did. Her eyes widened, her mouth gasped, and I let my full length enter her without any resistance. I savored the feeling of my entire shaft inside her warm cunt, her muscles squeezing around me, her body shivering in sudden carnal pleasure as she tried to breathe.

Finally she took a deep breath and, between shudders, slid her arms behind my shoulders and pulling me against her… toward her… into her. “You… I just… oh god… oh wow…” she stuttered the words with her eyes closed.

I smiled and watched her face. “I told you. Very… very… good,” and I gave my hips a slow out-and-in thrust. She gasped and shivered again. “Wait… give me a second… that was… that was….” The sentence trailed off.

“Your first time?” I asked, knowing full well it wasn’t.

“No… but… all the other guys… were….” Her eyes finally met mine again. “A lot smaller. You know? I’d used toys that were… as big as… yours, but….” She smiled, letting the meaning make itself clear. I’d not measured myself in a long time, and most guys measure it the wrong way, but I knew that if I wasn’t a full eight inches erect, then I was pretty close to it. One girlfriend of mine, a skinny bleach-blonde made-up thing, always complained it hurt when I went all the way inside of her. She was the last woman I ever fucked who was less than a size eight.

“Well,” I said as I hovered over her, thrusting very slowly in and out of her, “I hope now you’ll trust that I know best about these things.”

She took a deep breath and purred as she let herself feel every inch of me. “Mmmmm. Yes, you do.” Her eyes opened halfway. “Did you mean it when you said you couldn’t get me… you know?”

I pushed my hips a little harder in and out, never breaking my rhythm. This conversation was the only thing keeping me from climaxing, and wanted to feel her squeezing my naked cock for as long as possible. “Sick? Absolutely. Pregnant? Well… I admit I lied about that.” I slid my hands up under her arms and positioned them above her head. I gave her a wicked grin. “But don’t think that’s going to stop me.”

She barely hesitated. “I don’t care. God, I don’t care. I want to feel what it’s like when a man cums deep inside of me.” She licked her lips, took a deep breath. “I’ve been on the pill since I was seventeen. I don’t care. Just fuck me, you cocky rapist bastard,” she added with a naughty smirk that mirrored mine perfectly.

I did. Oh, but I did.

When I finally let myself come, I stayed inside of her and kissed and fondled her beneath me until I was hard enough to fuck her again. She sighed in pleasure as I pinned her wrists over her head and raped her again, letting her eyes watch every inch of my body. I took what I wanted from her, and she gave me everything she had. Every now and then she whimpered, “no… stop… you can’t…” and it didn’t take her long to realize that those words would make me harder and fuck her faster every time.

When it seemed like I might not make it to a second climax–just after she’d had her fourth–she wrapped her legs around mine and rolled until she was on top, still holding me inside. If she thought we were going to reverse roles, though, she changed her mind quickly when I grabbed her hips and pulled them back and forth. Watching her pelvis grind my cock, her clit stroking the length of my shaft over and over, was just as erotic as feeling it.

Then she leaned forward and I watched her tits swinging back and forth with each movement, and I was lost. My hands squeezed her breasts together, then separately, then guided them to my lips as we fucked without stopping. I devoured her nipples one after the other and savored the sounds of her delight until I felt myself close to cumming.

I laid back on the bed, eyes meeting hers for the first time since we changed positions and grabbed that ass that had been my obsession ever since that morning. It was soft and yielding, but her swimmer’s muscles tightened up at my touch and my erection felt her do the same inside her cunt. I ground my hips up against her as she did the same to me, giving her every last inch, feeling how full of my cock she really was.

I gasped and groaned as I raped her from below, fucking her without stopping until I came a second time, holding her hips down on top of my shaft. She shuddered and welcomed my cum into her cunt. I felt her squeeze her pussy around my shaft to get every last drop.

Finally I was too soft to stay there. She slowly collapsed onto the bed next to me and breathed deeply. I finally realized she’d come at the same time I had, and said so.

“Mmmmm,” she answered with a smile. “You really fucked the hell out of me. You know that, right?” She stretched and took my hand, putting it on her ass, and relaxed again. “God. I knew it was possible to cum four times in one night….”

“Five,” I corrected.

She smiled broadly. “Five times, in one night, but I never imagined I would.”

“Told you to trust me. I always know what’s best… at least in certain… subjects.”

“Mmm. Well, since my rapist never asked,” she said as she took a brief kiss from my lips, “my name’s Colleen, and you are welcome to instruct me any time you see fit.”

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