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Hot Tub Service Girl

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Emily here. I’m “No-boobs,” remember? (From “Summertime Sex Ed.”) They aren’t any bigger now, even though I’m a year and a half older than I was then.

I’m a sophomore at a big Midwestern state college now, with a tennis scholarship (thank you, Title 9!) I had a boyfriend in my freshman year, but it wasn’t much of a relationship. For now, let’s just call him LB (for Loser Boy).

I fucked him and gave him a blow job from time to time, but I felt that I was investing a lot more in the relationship than he was. And his cum didn’t taste very good, either. It was sort of sour and bitter and bleachy, and I always had a glass of wine or mineral water to wash the taste away. He used to drink a lot of beer, which is maybe why. Jerry, my first lover, never drank beer, and he had cum that was much sweeter, with just a hint of tartness, so I know cum can taste better than that!

LB was a lousy lay, too. I asked him to pay more attention to my tits, which are really sensitive. He said, “What tits?” and that really hurt my feelings. He apologized, of course, but his heart really wasn’t in it. By springtime, he’d found a girl with bigger jugs and I didn’t see much of him after that. So I just worked harder on my tennis.

It’s hard work to compete at this level. Now I’ve got ladies who can beat the pants off me if I’m not at my best. Last Saturday, my morning practice left every muscle in my body sore, so after the showers, I hit the jacuzzi for a while. When I got there, there was another lady there. From her face, she looked to be about forty, with blonde curly hair. I couldn’t see much of her body under the water, but she definitely wasn’t overweight. She had a beautiful smile and was very friendly and down-to earth. We got to chatting, and within a few minutes, we felt like we were old friends.

“I love these things!” she said. “My husband and I just moved into a house with a hot tub. Last Tuesday, in fact. It isn’t running. Paul filled it and got the water at the right temperature, but he said that he had to ‘balance the water’ or something. Then he had to go away for a couple of days, so we still haven’t used it.”

“Hey, I know all about that. My parents had a hot tub, and Dad taught me all about that stuff. You just do tests, and adjust chlorine levels, and like that. It’s easy. Would you like me to come over and show you how to do it?”

“Oh I’d love that. My name’s Sara, by the way.”

“Emily here. Glad to meet you! Do you teach or coach here?”

“No. Paul is a professor in Political Science. He just got promoted, actually, which is why we felt we could afford to move. We wanted a smaller house, since our kids are grown, but with more amenities.”

“Like a hot tub.”

“You’ve got it! And a bigger back yard, too. I’ve loved to garden, and now I have some time to do it.”

At that point, she stood up and I got a good look at her body. She had a pretty good figure for a gal her age. I mean, her waist was thicker than it used to be, and her boobs were starting to hang a little lower than they probably did twenty years ago, but she was otherwise pretty fit. Her boobs were ample, and she had these dark pink oval areolas with long nipples. Her muff was a little darker than her head hair, and was neatly trimmed. It looked like she’d had a bikini wax or shave done, since the hair stopped just inside her tan lines. I stood up too, and she got a look at my own booblets and nearly hairless snatch (which I don’t shave … it just grows that way). When she got a good look, she smiled even wider, and maybe a little longer, than I figured she would. I wondered…

I didn’t have anything planned for the rest of the day, so we dressed and headed over to the house, a few blocks from campus and within easy walking distance. Along the way, she explained that Paul was running some sort of seminar at another college, which is where he’d been for the past three days, and wouldn’t be back home until after dinnertime.

When we got there, I found all the testing kits and did the tests. It really wasn’t far off spec, and the adjustments were minor. While I worked on the hot tub, Sara went off and returned with a bottle of wine, some plastic wine glasses and a plate with some fruit and cheese and crackers. In a few hours, I declared the hot tub open for business. By then we were both a little tipsy from the wine.

“Well, should we try it out?” she asked.

“Well, I didn’t bring a suit.”

“Who needs suits! It’s just us girls here!” And with that, she kicked off her sandals and dropped her pants and panties. Off came her halter and her bra. She stood naked in front of me and smiled.

Whoa! Was she trying to seduce me? I hadn’t fooled around with a woman before, but then again, I’d never had the opportunity before. In the back of my mind, I heard Judy, my old high school nurse and confidante, saying, “Go for it, girl!” So I stripped off my clothes, too. It didn’t take quite as long, since all I had on top was a tee shirt. We got another bottle of wine and refilled our glasses. Then she took my hand, and we got into the hot tub.

Maybe it was the wine, or maybe it was the new surroundings for both of us, or maybe she really was trying to seduce me, because she got to talking about her sex life. It wasn’t what it used to be, she told me. Her husband Paul had been under a lot of pressure, what with the promotion and moving and people telling him to get his book finished, so he wasn’t paying as much attention to her. They were only fucking once or twice a month, whereas before it was at least two or three times a week. And it was really quick … a little foreplay, a few pumps, a kiss on the cheek, “and so to bed.” I found myself being very sorry for her (although she was still getting more than I was), and I felt just wicked enough to take it to the next level.

“Have you ever lived in a house with a hot tub before?”

“No,” she said. “This is all new to me.”

“Then let me show you something.” I positioned myself so that my crotch was just in front of one of the jets. “Just let it run on your pussy. See, you can spread your pussy lips and get more pressure, or close them and get less. You can also move forward or backward.” I demonstrated as I talked. “And look, you can pull your clittie hood up and let it beat right on your clit when you want.”

“Ooh, let me try! Does it work?”

“Oh, yeah! I’ve been getting myself off this way for ages. My parents never caught on.”

“I wanna try!” So I stood behind her, grabbed her hips, and maneuvered her toward the jet. Her hands went to her vulva and she experimented as I had shown her. She was really getting off on it. I mean, she was oohing and aahing and leaning back into me. I reached around and held her breasts, lifting them up. She was almost as big as my Aunt Edith … somewhere between a C and a D, I guessed. Her nips were getting hard as I began pinching them.

Well, it didn’t take her long. Pretty soon she was breathing hard and shaking a little, just from the novelty of the sensations. She was getting me horny, too. I found myself rubbing my nipples onto her back. Finally she gave a little cry as she came. She slumped and I held her up. Then she turned around, and she hugged me hard, and pressed her tits into mine, and gave me a big wet kiss, with lots of tongue.

Do you know what I did? I kissed back.

Then she did two things that got me kicked into high gear. First, she kissed my neck and shoulders, which for me is really pushing the button for the up elevator. Then I felt her middle finger slipping into my vagina, probing for my G spot. Oh, man. I was a goner.

She found my inner button, and she stroked it. I was in heaven. I felt like peeing right there in the tub. I told her so, and she said “You don’t have to pee. You have to cum. So cum already.” And I did. Boy, did I.

I slipped my own finger into her cunt and did her the way she was doing me. When she slipped out of my slot and started playing with my clit, I did the same to her. Back and forth we went, teasing each other, giggling and laughing.

That’s when I saw Paul.

He was standing in the door, watching us. He was holding a pizza box. He’d taken off his tie, but was otherwise dressed for work. I figured that he had to be around forty, too, but except for the gray in his beard and hair, he didn’t look it. This guy looked pretty good.

“Um,” he said.

Sara turned around and saw him. Her jaw dropped. “Paul! What are you doing here!”

He smiled. “I live here, remember?”

“But what about your seminar?”

“It finished early. The other coordinator had a plane to catch, so we wrapped it up a bit sooner than we’d expected. I knew you didn’t have any dinner planned, so I brought home this pizza…”

He was talking to her, but staring at me. He probably didn’t expect to see two naked ladies in the tub when he got home, poor guy. Eventually, he asked the question we’d all been waiting for.

“Sara, who is this woman?”

“This is Emily. From the gym. She helped me set up the hot tub.”

“Hi!” I said, and smiled at him. God, what was the protocol for this? Should I wave? Should I wink?

“Emily knows all about hot tubs. When I told her that you didn’t have time to fix the balance, or whatever, she said she could do that. And she did.”

Paul chuckled. “It looks like she knows how to do more than that!”

Sara got out and gave him a hug, getting his sport coat wet. “Grab a glass of wine and come in with us.”

“Uh, let me shower first. I’ll be right back.” And he left the room.

Sara looked at me. “I think he took that well,” she said.

“Sara, I’m so embarrassed! I just got kind of carried away. Did I do something bad? For you two?”

“Well, when he comes back, he’ll probably need some reassurance.”

“What should we do?”

“I’ve got an idea,” she said. “Do you trust me?”

“Well, sure. What do you have in mind?”

She whispered her plan into my ear.

Paul came back, hair wet, in a black bathrobe. I got out of the tub and walked up to him, with the biggest grin on my face. I gave him a big hug, kissed him, and said. “I’ve just been talking with your wife, and she wants very, very much for you to fuck her. Right now. In the hot tub.” And then I untied the robe’s belt, and opened it up.

Underneath, he’d slipped on a pair of swim trunks. “Oh, that’s all wrong,” I told him. “This is no longer a clothing-optional hot tub. We’ve voted, and you’re overruled.” And with that, I pulled his trunks down, and he stepped out of them.

Hey, I thought. This guy isn’t bad for forty. He looked like an older, somewhat less hairy version of my first lover Jerry. His dick wasn’t as big as Jerry’s, either, but it was big enough, and thick enough, too. And hard enough. Already it was already standing out from his body, and when I squeezed it, it was still a little soft, so I knew that it could get a little higher and harder still.

I hugged him again, making contact from crotch to chest, grinding into him a little. “Are you ready to fuck your wife now? She wants it bad.”

He gulped, and nodded. So I grabbed him by his dick and pulled him toward the hot tub. Sara was delighted at how her little game was developing, and she was giggling. She perched herself on the rim of the tub, spread her legs, and pulled her cunt lips apart, just like in the porno pictures. And she put a sexy pout on her face, and closed her eyes halfway, regarding her husband with the perfect come-hither expression. And hither he came, too.

It didn’t take long for either of them to cum. She’d already been primed by our lovemaking, and once he’d gotten over the shock of me being there, he was ready to go. As soon as he got inside her, she wrapped her legs around him, hugging him with everything she had. He picked her up and, without uncoupling, pulled her into the tub so she could perch her ass on the seat. Then they started rocking, back and forth, just their chests and heads above the water. Meanwhile, I backed up against the wall so that one of the jets was blasting at my asshole. I cupped my hand so that some of the blast would travel up my slot and tickle my clit … another of my favorite techniques. With my other hand, I kneaded my breasts and pinched my nipples. I was just getting ready to put my fingers up my cunt when Paul came with a growl. Sara echoed with a gasp of her own, and then they just hugged each other for a long time. I wasn’t able to get myself off again, but it didn’t matter. It was just so wonderful to see these two people, still so much in love after twenty years.

Sara laughed. “Jeezus, Paul! I’d say the hot tub works!”

“It certainly worked for me, too! But let’s have dinner now. The pizza’s cold, but we can always reheat it. But I only got a medium size. I didn’t know we were going to have company.”

“That’s all right,” said Sara. “We’ve got that loaf of garlic bread in the freezer. We’ll heat that up, too. And I can make a salad. We’ll have plenty.”

“Well, then … Emily? Would you be so kind as to stay for dinner?”

“I don’t know. Do we have to dress?” God, where did that come from? Did I say that?

“Not if you don’t want to. I’m not going to. But Sara can give you a robe, if you want one. She’s got a whole closet full of them.”

“Wait here,” Sara said. “I’ll be right back.”

So Paul and I went into the kitchen, found the garlic bread, and put the whole thing into the oven. We were making small talk … what year are you in, oh you play tennis that’s fine, yes we’ve been here for ten years now … which would have been really normal except that we were both stark naked and checking each other out unashamedly. His dick was soft now, but still about the length and girth of a toilet paper hub. As for me, I just couldn’t stop being horny. It was all I could do to keep my hands of my snatch as we talked. Sara returned with two robes and we put them on, as Paul retrieved his from the floor of the hot tub room.

We ate, and drank some more wine, and talked some more. It was wonderful to see them laughing together, with the same relaxed sexiness that I’d seen with Pat and Judy on the day Jerry fucked me for the first time. I couldn’t help but grin. But my horniness wouldn’t go away. I was thankful that I had the robe on, even though I was getting the seat wet, and not from the hot tub water, either.

During dinner, something kept nagging at me. There was something just a little too comfortable about this situation. I began to suspect that this wasn’t the first time these two guys had participated in a threesome. Was this all just a set-up for Sara to get me in the tub with her, all the while knowing that her husband would find us there when he returned? Was he in on the plan, too? I’m going to find out about this, I thought. In fact, I’m going to see how they feel about taking this to the next level.

I got my chance when Paul got up and went into the bathroom. While he was gone, Sara sat back and sighed. “Oh, this evening was just so lovely. I’m so happy you came over to get the tub going. How can I ever repay you?”

“Well, there is one thing you could do for me. Something that I really want, but I don’t want it if you don’t.”

Her smile disappeared, replaced with a look of thoughtful concern. “What do you mean, dear?”

“I’d like to ask a really big favor of you. You don’t have to say yes.”

“OK. Ask.”

“Would you let Paul fuck me? Please?”

She didn’t say anything for a minute, just kept looking at me with that same look of detached concern. Damn, I thought. I took it too far. Damn. Damn.

“Look,” I said. “I’m sorry. Can I take that back? I’m really sorry.”

“Before I let you take that back,” she said softly, “could I ask you two questions?”

I nodded.

“Are you on the pill? And are you clean, as in no diseases?”

“Yes, and yes. I don’t even have herpes.”

I looked at her, holding my breath.

“Then the answer is: yes, you can. I would like that very much. But I want to be there, in the same bed. That’s the only way I’ll share my man.”

“It’s not going to screw up your marriage? I wouldn’t want that.”

“Honey, you’re the best thing for our marriage that’s come along in a long time. I used to be happy with two orgasms a week, and I’ve had that many just in the past three hours. And the night is still young.” She smiled. “And Paul … he was an animal! I hadn’t seen him like that in months!”

What did I feel at that moment? I felt suddenly relaxed, as the tension between us vanished. I felt great love, both for her and for Paul. And I felt my lust returning. My hand went inside my borrowed robe, to my vulva, and I stroked it gently, playing with the fine hairs. Sara noticed this, and chuckled, and followed suit.

Paul came back. He was a smart man; already he’d sensed the change in the room. (I guess that seeing two women with their hands inside their robes told him something!) He looked at his wife with questioning eyes as he poured us all another glass of wine.

Sara put it baldly. “Paul, Emily has just told me that she wants to make love to you. If you want to do that, you have my permission. Is this something you want to do?”

“She wants to make love to me? And you want that, too?”

“Yes, dear. As long as we all make love together. I think it’s the least we can do for her getting the hot tub working.”

“Emily, is this true?”

I stood up and opened his robe. His dick was soft, but when I squeezed it and tickled his balls, I felt it harden and lengthen in my hand. I’ve always loved seeing that happen, it’s such a rush for me to know I have that effect. Even with Loser Boy, it was fun. But now, with Paul, it was even more fun, particularly since his hot wife was watching and enjoying every minute of it.

“May I kiss you, Emily?”

I offered my neck, and he kissed it. I felt my legs turning rubbery. I opened my own robe, and we hugged again, pressing against each other from chest to crotch, just as when I first saw him nude. But before, it was just flirting. Now it was serious. Our lust flared.

Paul spoke. “Why don’t we all go to the bedroom? It’s more comfortable there, don’t you think?”

I gave him a last quick hug and broke contact. We all went up to the master bedroom and its king-size bed standing in the middle of a room piled with moving boxes and heaps of clothes and artwork leaning against the wall, awaiting hanging. I took off my robe and lay on the bed, with Sara and Paul on either side of me. They each took a nipple into their mouth, while a finger … Sara’s? No, Paul’s! … found its way into my vagina. Then two fingers. I felt his wedding ring pass my pussy lips. More sucking. A pinch on my clit hood, pressing the sides together, putting gentle pressure on my bud within. My whole body was starting to buzz now. The fingers moving in and out, the tongues flicking my nips, the pressure on my clit, hands caressing my belly and my ass…

I lost it. I just lost it. I screamed, I bucked, I shook, I sweated like a pig. All those months of pent-up lust, all the foreplay since I got into the hot tub with Sara, all came crashing down at once. I think maybe I blacked out for a second or two. When I came to, I was laughing and crying at the same time. I looked into the eyes of my lovers … Sara’s wide with wonder and concern, Paul’s hot with lust and longing. I kissed Sara gently on the top of her head and squeezed her ass. Then I told Paul, “Take me. Now.”

He got between my legs, forcing them apart. His dick slid into me, slippery and hard. I was so wet. I felt full inside, like I hadn’t been since Jerry. I wanted him to move, so I arched my back to force him deeper into me. He got the message and responded. I ground into him, he ground into me. Our bodies moved in unison, faster and faster. I felt him plunge in and out. There was nothing subtle or flirtatious about this. It was pure lust. He lasted a long time, longer than LB ever did. He brought me to another climax, then another, both smaller than the first one when he was finger-fucking me, but still right up there in the top twenty. At last, he roared like a mountain lion and gave a mighty surge, practically lifting my ass off the bed. I felt his cap press into my cervix, and I felt his dick throb three or four times. I felt even fuller then, and then the fullness subsided as his dick softened and slid out of me. Our breathing slowed together, our bodies relaxed as one.

“Thank you, guys! Thank you! Thank you!” I was babbling in my ecstasy. Sara smiled at me and kissed me. I looked at her boobs, and they were flushed. She must have been jilling off when Paul and I were fucking, because she looked like she’d just cum herself. I just had to lick those long nipples of hers, but she moved down to the foot of the bed, out of my reach.

Paul was still taking long deep breaths, like he’d run the forty-yard dash. His sweat smelled like perfume to me. He rolled off me, dick soft. Then I felt something else at my crotch. It was Sara, and she was licking up Paul’s jism as it seeped out of my cunt…

No fair! No fair! I’m cumming again! I hadn’t felt a tongue on my cunt since I broke up with Jerry. And this woman was doing things that Jerry never did. She knew exactly where to tease me, and how long to tease me, It was obvious that she’d done this before, many times. While she ate me out, Paul watched the whole thing with amusement in his eyes. I reached for his dick, but he moved my hand away. “No, sweetheart,” he said. “Too soon. Wait a minute.” Instead, I stroked his belly and the inside of his thighs.

We all started to come down from our respective clouds, and the atmosphere returned to normal, if you can call three naked people in bed normal. “That was amazing,” I told Sara. “I’ve never been eaten by a woman before.”

“I couldn’t resist. I knew Paul’s cum would be leaking out of you, and I just had to try it.”

“You like the taste of his cum?”

“Oh, yeah. I mean, I’ve had worse. And I love the idea of eating his cum. And it gets him off, too.”

“Yeah, I think it’s hot,” Paul said. “She’s taken it in her mouth and given it back to me when we kiss. My cum is the only cum I’ve ever tasted, but it didn’t taste too bad to me.”

“I tell you what, Emily. Let him rest a while, and then I’ll tit-fuck him and let you taste him. Until then, would you like me to teach you how to eat pussy?”

“I’ll do my best. Just tell me what you like.”

And so it was her turn to lie on the bed, and my turn to get between her legs. She patiently told me what she wanted. I could feel her finger stroking the back of my head, as if she was diddling some clit back there, and figured out that she was giving me the tempo she wanted. I mimicked it with my tongue. Remembering the way she’d go toward my clit but not actually tongue it each time, I tried to do the same. I guess I was doing OK, because she kept getting more and more agitated. I looked up to see Paul sucking one of her tits really hard, lifting up the breast with the force of his suction. No wonder she has those long nipples, I thought.

I wondered what would happen if I tried to tickle her G-spot as I ate her. So I tried it for a while. It sure had an effect! The next time she came, I was hit in the face with a jet of pussy juice. I had heard about this, and had even seen some videos of it on the Internet, but I always thought they were faked. But this sure wasn’t! As for Sara, she came so hard that she hit my nose when she bucked. If it weren’t for the fact that I was so turned on, it probably would have really hurt.

Sara stayed up there on Cloud Nine for a long time as we tickled and sucked her silly. When we were done, it was obvious that she wasn’t going to be tit-fucking anybody for a while. I was a little disappointed, since that was one thing I was never able to do to anybody very well. But Paul, wonder of wonders, was getting hard again, and I thought it would be a shame to waste that erection. So I mounted him and slipped his dick inside me. I came almost immediately, even before he had gotten fully hard. Suddenly, my own clit was too sensitive to take any pressure at all. I thought about just leaning back and letting my vagina do all the work, but I had a better idea.

So I got off him. He looked up questioningly, but I said “I’m going to finish you off with a blow job. I want to taste your cum, see if it’s as good as Sara says.” He smiled. I licked his shaft clean of my own cum (a taste I had come to know well … it’s finger-lickin’ good). Then I teased him to a last orgasm. He came in my mouth, not really so much of a big squirt, but more of a gradual welling-up and gush. Sara was right. He didn’t taste bad … not quite as nice as Jerry, but far better than Loser Boy. An astringent taste, but not bitter, and with a sweetish aftertaste that stayed with me. I sucked him dry and felt him soften again in my mouth. Then I kissed him good night, and we all fell asleep with big silly grins on our faces.

I slept there that night, nestled up with them in that big bed. The morning sun streaming through the window woke me up. I needed to get to tennis practice, so I got up, kissed them goodbye as they slept, slipped my clothes back on and left them. I really hadn’t gotten much sleep, and I was afraid that my game would really suffer, but it didn’t. My body was happy with me again. I was moving with an ease and grace that I hadn’t felt in months, and my body knew the best way to return the volley even before my mind did. I was going totally by muscle memory, not over-thinking things, and it worked. Sure, I pooped out a little earlier than usual, but it was still one of my best practices of the year.

Maybe that’s what I need before the big games, I thought: a nice long fuck session with Paul and Sara. But better to start it earlier, and end it earlier, though. A girl really needs her sleep, you know.

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