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Hot Steamy Shower

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Well, that was a crappy day at work, I think to myself as I lock the car. What a waste of time. Meetings, bureaucracy, frustration after frustration. I let the door slam a little harder than necessary, and kick my shoes off in the hall. I wonder if Sarah’s in? She normally goes running on a tuesday.

“Hon?” I shout as I dump my work bag. No answer.

I wander upstairs, and the sound of running water from the bathroom and Sarah’s running gear in a heap on the floor tell me she’s in the shower. It’s pouring down with rain outside, and running the roads can be pretty grim in that kind of weather. Ever the gentleman, I knock on the bathroom door.

“Come in…”, she shouts.

The door’s only been pulled to, so I push it open and stick my head in.

“Hey honey…how was today?” I ask.

“Alright…I really needed that run though, work was a nightmare today.”

“Yeah. I feel your pain on that one”.

She’s standing in the bath using the shower attachment, and I can see her form through the frosted glass pane. It’s enough to tempt me to look over to the mirror, which we both know is perfectly positioned to give me a clearer view. She has her eyes closed however, facing the mirror with head upturned as she rinses the shampoo or conditioner out of her long, dark hair. She’s a beautiful girl, Sarah. I remember thinking Catherine Zeta-Jones had just walked in the first time I laid eyes on her, but Sarah I think is prettier, daintier features and sparkling eyes. Those beautiful green eyes. And what a body! She’s toned, but has plenty of softness and curves, just the way I like.

My eyes have been roaming, but then I realise she’s spotted me! There’s a hint of a smile on her lips, but as our eyes lock in the mirror it’s as if a sudden burst of heat is released into the room. In a second I’m stepping into the shower with her, shirt and trousers and all, and our lips are locked together, tongues probing deep into each other’s mouths. My hand finds its way into her hair, and I slide my other down the slick wetness of her back to the curve of her bum and pull her towards me…there’s something immeasurably hot about her being naked and pressed against me while I’m still clothed, even if I can feel the heat of her body and the warm insistence of her breasts against my rapidly soaking shirt. That situation’s clearly not going to last though, because amidst our escalating moans and gasps Sarah is tugging first at my tie and then at my shirt, almost ripping the sodden garments from me in her desire to get at my body.

Our torsos press together under the hissing, steamy shower of water, and the feel of her ripe tits against my bare skin is divine…her nipples are like rock. They’re not the only things that are hard though, and soon she’s rubbing her palm up and down the straining bulge at the front of my trousers and I’m aching to be free of them. It’s as if Sarah reads my mind, because she’s down on her knees in an instant, fumbling urgently with my belt buckle and then yanking my trousers and boxers down and off almost in one go. Such is her haste that she almost gets my cock right in her face as it springs up to attention.

“Oh! Fuck, Dan…” she laughs, smiling as her gaze flickers from what’s staring her in the face back up to my eyes. She reaches out and wraps her pretty hand around me, immediately starting to jerk me hard as she once again plants her hot lips firmly against mine. I use my body to push us fully into the cascade of hot water from the shower, and slowly work one of my legs in between hers…she raises a leg to the side of the bath and starts to grind herself on my thigh. The heat of her is amazing, and I can also feel a moistness that I know isn’t water.

“Uh…Sarah…” I murmer as she pumps my cock between passionate kisses…I’ve never wanted anyone like I want Sarah, this instant. She seems to feel the same, because suddenly she’s off me, spinning round and arching her back, pushing my cock against my stomach with her arse and grinding while she reaches over her head to run her hands through my hair. I bury myself in her neck, planting butterfly kisses behind her ears and down over her shoulders while my hands trail gently up her sides from her hips until I reach round and cup the fullness of her breasts, gently squeezing. Another gasp escapes her lips as I tease and tweak her nipples under the drumming of the water from the shower head. My cock feels like it might explode at any minute…she knows I love her arse and she knows how to drive me wild with it.

She pushes against me even harder, bending forward against the wall and planting a leg on the side of the bath. Her mouth a little open, and hot water suddenly splashing onto her lower back and my twitching cock, she gives me a look over her shoulder with those eyes of hers that’s all animal. I know what she wants, so I guide my dick along the lips of her dark-haired pussy till it reaches her clit, hearing a sigh emerge from her lips as I gently move back and forth.

“Oh…Dan…please…just give it to me…”

She shoots me another look, and I take my cock and plunge it straight into her. It’s like slipping it into lava, she’s so hot inside.

“Fuck, Sarah…baby”

Wow. She moans as I withdraw almost the whole way and then slide back in, setting up a rhythm that she starts to join, pressing back against me as I thrust so that her arsecheeks slap wetly against my hips under the falling water. The room’s full of steam, but I don’t know if it’s the water or us. I stroke my hands up and down her back and grasp her hips as I fuck her, and suddenly I feel her hand on my balls, squeezing. I look up to see an impish grin on her face fading back to eyes-closed gasps and moans. Suddenly I know I’m going to come, and I feel spasms of pleasure erupting through my body as I spill what feels like floods of come into my girlfriend.

“God Dan…yeah…your come feels really hot…”

I slow down a little even though I’m ready to keep going for her, and then I notice she’s looking at me a little hesitantly, biting her lip. Her eyes dart down from mine and then flicking up to meet my gaze again. She slowly inches a hand back along her side to her arsecheek, gives it a little squeeze and then just tugs it a little to the side, and suddenly I know what she’s thinking. It was only the other night that she’d whispered this forbidden fantasy into my ear in the dark as we stroked each other to orgasm. Well, she’s going to get what she wanted now.

I pull out from her slowly, my cock hardening again at the thought of what’s about to happen, and start to kiss my way down her back. I can feel her quivering, shaking with what is probably excitement and nervousness. Never breaking eye contact with her, I gaze at her over her still-raised leg as I begin to kiss my way lightly around her buttocks…she’s still biting on her lip, looking unutterably sexy with her cheek pressed against the wall, wet hair plastered to her face and back, one hand planted firmly against the wall up above her and another gently clutching and squeezing her breast, back arched to expose herself to me.

I place a hand on each of her cheeks and squeeze, stretching them apart slightly to reveal her moist and dripping pussy, and then her other place, slightly darkened and puckered, nestled in a ring of its own dark hairs. The hot shower water cascades off her back and over her rounded buttocks, trickling down her legs. Licking slowly up her thigh, I begin to work my way in between Sarah’s cheeks, till eventually my tongue flicks her pussy lips eliciting a gasp of surprise…licking more forcefully now I spread her lips apart with my tongue. She moans, and the sound drives me wild.

“Mmmm…do it Dan, do it now…”

So I sweep my tongue luxuriously upwards through the moist lips of my girlfriend’s pussy until eventually I’m there, the place she has longed for me to lick for so long. I glance to her eyes, and she’s still looking at me but this time with nothing but lust and desire, and her hand is furiously twisting the nipples of her rounded, hanging tits. I watch her expression melt as I swirl my tongue in a tightening spiral around her rim, and then flick the tip directly over her most private place.

“Oh, fucking hell baby…uhhh…lick my arsehole Dan”, she demands, and reaches back to spread her cheeks for me with one hand. This sudden eruption of filth from my darling Sarah sends a shiver through my rock-hard cock, and she glances down between her legs to see me start to pump it with my spare hand. I drag the full width of my tongue over her anus, which seems to be hard and twitching, positively straining out at me…and then clamp my lips over it and suck. The moan that greets this is long and languorous, and I start to push my tongue into her as hard as I can.

“Fuck…yes…fuck my arse with your tongue….uhhhhhh…”

As if I needed the encouragement, she reaches back and grabs a handful of my hair, forcing my head in and out of her arsecrack. Her anus begins to open up to me, but before I get too deep I start to rim her again, slurping round her hole and drinking in the hot water that’s running down her crack, then licking her hard and fast, spreading her wide as far as I can.

“Oh Jesus…fuck me Dan…I want your cock in there…”

Did she really just say that? She didn’t say that the other night…but my cock twitches with anticipation at the thought of being buried in the tight hole in between my girlfriend’s buttcheeks…the one currently twitching under my tongue.

“You sure Sarah?”

“Yeah…” she says, pulling me in with those fuck-me eyes and standing up, a little unsteadily, to face me. She puts her arms around my shoulders, kisses me full on the lips and then whispers in my ear, sweet as you like, “I want you to fuck my arse with your thick cock, Dan. And I want you to come up there too”.

Looking me in the eye she squats down and starts stroking my cock. “I want this”, she says with a naughty smile, opening her mouth and sliding it once as far down my shaft as she can take, “up my bum”.

“Fuck, ” I say.

“Get the massage oil from the cabinet”, she says. I reach out of the bath and do as I’m told, handing the bottle to her. She pours a generous amount onto my cock as she strokes it, and then hands me the bottle and turns around, planting her legs as far apart as she can in the tub. She bends over, turns the shower off, and then says “pour it all over me”. The glistening of the oil over her pert arse, now reddened in streaks from all the hot water, looks amazing, and the view gets even better as she reaches back between her cheeks to start rubbing it in. Then she takes hold of the shower rail, pushes her bottom at me and says “Now fuck me, Dan”.

My cock feels like iron, and it aches to be somewhere warm and tight…so I start to swirl the head of my dick up and down between her slippery cheeks, flicking it over her rim a few times and then pressing it gently against her hole. She moans loudly. I’m trying to take it slow…but all of a sudden Sarah takes me by surprise, pushing back hard. There’s a little resistance, and then her anus just seems to burst into flower and swallows the head of my cock. Sarah squeals, and I look down to see her tight arsehole clenching around the shaft of my cock.

“Uhhhhhhhh….uhhhh…..fuck….fuuuuck,” she says as she exhales. “That feels amazing”. And boy do I agree…if her pussy was like lava, then this is like fucking the sun. And my dick feels like it’s in a warm, slippery vice.

“Sarah…” I run out of words, but just love the sound of her name. She looks back at me over her shoulders and mouths the words “I love you”, and I mouth them back. Still looking at me, those green eyes flickering from my gaze to the base of the cock that’s slowly inching its way into her arse, she slowly presses back until her buttcheeks are nestled right against my hips and my cock is almost entirely swallowed within her. I can feel her ring twitching around me, and the sight of my dick disappearing into the darkness between her buttocks is almost more than I can take.

Slowly she starts to fuck me, moaning and gasping with each breath, and I start to join in until eventually I’m grasping her hips and driving my cock slowly in and out of her arsehole. Watching her ring being sucked out as I withdraw and then pushed back in as I thrust is unbelievable. She’s so tight, but the generous quantities of oil seem to be enough.

“Yeah…oh God Dan…fuck me harder…fuck my arse” she moans. I quicken my pace, following her instructions until the sound of her wet cheeks on my hips and the grunts and cries coming from each of us with each thrust fill the room. She reaches back and grabs my hands, pulling them up onto her tits and squeezing hard before slapping one hand on the wall and then slipping another between her legs to start furiously playing with her clit. I squeeze her tits together and keep fucking, and it seems to be the final thing she can take.

“Dan…Dan…uhhhhhhhhh…I’m coming…fuuuuuuuuuck!”

Sarah’s there, and I can feel her arsehole spasming and twitching around my thrusting cock as she comes hard, crying out…she looks over her shoulder at me again, and once more I feel her hand around my balls as she says “Come in my arse baby….fill me up”. And that’s it for me…I feel the orgasm build, and then I’m thrusting disjointedly while my cock spurts inside her, stretching her anus to its limit.



I remain inside her, and pull her up against me with my arms wrapped around her waist, supporting her breasts, and my face nuzzled into her neck. “That was amazing”, I whisper. “Yeah…” she replies. “Fuck”. We’re both breathing so heavily we can hardly talk. Sarah turns the shower back on, and we let the flowing water wash over us.

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