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Hot For Teacher

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I entered the classroom behind a group of kids going in, hoping that I could blend in and he wouldn’t notice there was an extra person in his class. I didn’t want to make him nervous; he had told me that he would be if he knew I was watching him teach. I had hoped that I could watch him and sneak out again without him knowing I had been there; well, at least until after.

We had met on an internet chat site of married and flirting spouses. We had a lot so much in common. We had spent several hours talking and having cyber sex over the last several months. I had finally figured out a way to get away from home for a desperately needed vacation by myself. I had left home headed for the only place I knew I really wanted to be. I could hardly believe I was finally here and hopefully shortly I would be in his arms.

He was so exciting to watch. He held his class in awe, they seemed to be totally engrossed in what he was saying and the way he was saying it. I was enjoying the whole experience immensely myself. I watched him talk and walk around the room. I watched the expressions on his face and the way he used his hands as he spoke, so passionate. I couldn’t help watching him and thinking about what those hands would feel like on my naked flesh.

After class was over and he was busy talking to a group of students, I snuck back out of the classroom. I had wandered around earlier in the day so I had a vague idea of where his office was. Unfortunately it was really vague and I got lost, a nice student helped guide me back in the right direction though. As I was walking down the hall I saw him go into his office, so my timing was perfect. He had left the office door open when he had gone in, so I knocked on the door frame. He had his back to the door so he assumed it was one of his students as he yelled for me to come on in.

I had walked a few steps into the room when he turned around and looked at me, realizing that I was not one of his students. He started to ask what he could do to help me when it dawned on him who I was. Without saying anything he walked over, shut the door and locked it. Then he just stood there and looked at me. I finally said, “Hi” just to break the silence.

“Hi. You didn’t tell me you were coming. What are you doing here? How long are you here for? Where are you staying?”

“I wanted to surprise you. A couple of days and I don’t know yet. Are you ever going to kiss me or would you like me to leave?”

“Oh lord. I’m sorry! No I don’t want you to leave!” He wrapped his arms around me, pulled me close and kissed my breath away.

Those kisses had been well worth the wait. Like any first kiss with someone you have feelings for, my knees got weak and I felt like I was having trouble breathing. My stomach had a major case of butterflies. I put my arms up around his neck and ran my fingers through his hair. He moved his mouth from mine and moved it farther down my throat, taking a deep breath and wrapping me tighter in a hug.

“You are just what I needed today. I still can’t believe it but I am so glad you’re here.”

He unzipped the back of my dress and ran his fingers down my spine making gooseflesh rise on my skin at his touch. His hands moved to my shoulders and slid the straps of my dress down my arms. When he let go of the dress it puddled on the floor at my feet. He made a funny noise in his throat as he watched the dress fall and realized that I was naked underneath. His hands slid down my back and cupped my ass. He pulled me close and I could feel the bulge of his erection pressing against my stomach.

“You know, since I now seem to be naked it is only fair that you are too.” He let go of me so I could step far enough away from him to unbutton his shirt. I pulled his shirt tails out of his slacks and run my hands up his stomach and across his chest, leaning forward so that I could run my tongue along his neck.

He put his hands up, wrapped his fingers in my hair and kissed me. I could feel his need in that kiss, hard and possessive. While we kissed my hands undid his belt and the button of his pants. I slid my fingers underneath his waistband and touched the head of his cock peeking out. I slid the zipper down so I could get my hand in under his boxers and hold his cock in my hand. I slid my hand up and down its length feeling the silky smooth skin, imaging what it would feel like buried deep inside of me.

He stopped kissing me and moved his hands from my hair until he had my breasts cupped in his hands. Our eyes locked while he played with my nipples. He bent down, sucking on first one and then the other as I felt them harden with his touch. He stood back up and backed me up a few steps to the couch. He wanted me to lie down but I wouldn’t, I couldn’t, I let him know that I had been thinking about him for so long and I needed to be in control. So he stretched out on the couch and I straddled his hips.

I ran my hands up his arms as I leaned forward and kissed him along his shoulder blades. My fingers explored his chest and ran down his stomach as I gently bit his nipples. I worked my way down his chest with my mouth, kissing and teasing him with my tongue. I moved my body down so I could feel every inch of his muscled torso. I felt his body tense as my lips got closer to his cock. He moaned as I took his cock in my mouth, running my tongue around the head of it and then taking the length of him in. I sucked his cock, moving my head up and down, getting deeper with each stroke till I was practically gagging. His fingers twined themselves in my hair as he pulled it back away from my face so he could see me better as I sucked.

As I felt him start to cum, I stopped sucking and put my thumb at the base of his cock, pressing until he gained control again. I sat back up so that I could get my body in position to ride him. As I felt his hard cock slide inside of me it was me that was doing the moaning. I moved my body up and down slowly getting accustomed to the feel of him inside of me. I leaned forward and put my hands on the armrest above his head so he could suck my nipples while I rocked my pelvis back and forth massaging my clit against his body. He put his hands on my hips, holding me as he moved his body with mine. I could feel my body responding to the feel of him and gave myself to it. My breath came quick and fast, I could feel my heart beating in my ears as I felt myself cum.

He let me catch my breath and then helped me get off of him so we could change places. Now it was my turn to lie on the couch. He stood there beside the couch for a few seconds just looking at me as he stroked his cock. I reached my hand out and cupped his balls, our eyes locked together in silent communication. He moved and knelt on the couch between my thighs, rubbing his cock against my pussy before he slid it in and I wrapped my legs around him pulling him deeper. He supported himself on his arms so he could look in my face as he pumped his body into mine. He leaned forward and kissed me as he came to muffle the sound.

I felt his body relax on mine as I ran my hands up and down his back. I didn’t want to let him go but we both knew that we were tempting fate to stay this way much longer. We got up and got dressed. Our timing couldn’t have been more perfect because we had no more finished dressing when his intercom went off announcing a student that needed to talk to the professor. Another quick kiss and a promise from him to phone me later.

He called me on my cell after he got off work for the day to tell me that there was a problem at home and that he would not me able to meet me after all. He also said how sorry he was because he had been thinking about me all day. I told him I understood, the only reason somebody wasn’t calling me to fix something was because I was to far away from home to be able to do anything. I assured him I understood, but the tightness between my thighs told me otherwise.

I had brought my bike with me so I went out and explored the neighborhood, working up a sweat in some other way than what I had planned on. It was a good thing I had brought my vibrator along because I had a lot of sexual tension to get rid of. My little interlude with him this afternoon had only managed to fan the flames rather than smolder them.

The next morning I called the school and made an appointment to see him with his secretary. He must not have looked at his schedule to see who his appointments were with because he seemed to be really in shock when I knocked on his door. He shut and locked the door behind me as I entered his office.

“What are you doing here?”

I set down my briefcase and stood in front of him. I put my hands on his chest and slowly moved them down his stomach. “I made and appointment to see you, but if you would rather not see me I can leave. But I would like you to notice that I wore a suit and brought my briefcase so that I would look like I had official business. You don’t think I drove clear across the county, thinking about you fucking me the whole time without being prepared to make it happen” By the time I had finished talking I had moved one of my hands down and was rubbing it against his crotch feeling his cock harden at my touch.

“Yes you look very business like and of course I don’t want you to leave. Come here and let me prove it to you.”

He put his arms around me, pulled me close and kissed me with one of those kisses that left me breathless. Without stopping his kisses he reached up and started undoing the buttons on my suit jacket. I moved my hands up and started unbuttoning his shirt. When he was done with my jacket he undid my skirt. After my skirt fell to the floor he had me help get the jacket off, leaving me standing there in my underwear. I had on a new black lace bra, black garter belt and stockings that I had bought special for this visit.

He backed up a couple of steps so he could get a good look, “Nice, very nice!”

“I could say the same about you if you would let me finish getting your clothes undone”

We got him out of his clothes and we kissed some more. Long, deep, sensuous kisses, I hoped would never stop. He went from kissing my mouth, down to my neck and on down to my chest, where he licked my hard nipples right through my bra. He kept moving down until he was kneeling on the floor in front of me. I leaned back, bracing myself against his desk as he moved his hands to cup my ass while he licked and sucked my clit. I couldn’t help but moan while his tongue worked its magic on me. I felt my muscles start to tense, my back arched toward him aching to get closer and my body broke out in a light sweat as I came.

He stood back up and kissed me, I could taste myself on his lips as he slid his tongue in my mouth. He turned me around and moved behind me, kissing the back of my neck while his hands moved up my body, unhooked my bra and slid the straps down my arms. I could feel his cock pressing against the crack of my ass. I leaned back and laid my head back against his shoulder while he kissed the side of my neck. I looked down and watched while his hands cupped my breasts and played with my nipples.

His hands moved from my breasts, down my body until he had them pressed against the inside of my thighs, his thumbs teasing the lips of my pussy. I leaned forward so that I was leaning on my elbows, my legs spread wide enough that he could stand comfortably between them. He reached between my legs and grabbed hold of his cock, rubbing the knob against my wet pussy. He guided it inside then put his hands on my hips as he ramming it home. It felt so good to feel his cock buried deep within me. He started moving in long, slow strokes which soon turned to quick, short, hard ones. His hand moved from gripping my hips to slide between my legs to massage my pussy. His breathing became ragged and his grip on me got tighter as he soon found his own release.

He buried his face against my neck, just holding me close until his heartbeat returned to normal. When his breathing was back to normal, he pulled away, turned me around and kissed me. The kisses were gentler but no less passionate now that we both had the edge taken off our lust. We both got dressed; my hour appointment was almost up.

He opened his office door and shook my hand, thanking me for coming as I left. We both acted so professional and as long as you didn’t look real close you would never guess what we had been doing. I could see his sweaty brow and his hair slightly damp against the back of his neck. I wasn’t much better, my cheeks were flushed and my hair felt like it was a mess. We were both in much better moods though and they would get even better later because he promised that he would stop by my motel room after work.

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