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Trick or Treat Tease

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When Mandy walked into Drake’s yearly Halloween Scream party, most of the male heads turned. Which really wasn’t surprising, she was gorgeous. Petite, only about 5 feet tall and with a killer body; her boobs were too big for her frame, but the guys loved to look at them. Large and luscious, she was hoping to get them reduced when she saved up enough money, but as a college student of course she didn’t have enough right now.

So she just flaunted what she had, she did like the attention that they got her, she just wished that they were more in proportion. It also helped that she was dressed as a very slutty little french maid, her curvy body practically popping out of her clothes.

Her cute little tush peeked out from underneath the very short skirt she was wearing as she walked through the party, smiling seductively at the host – Drake. Privately she thought that he was very cute, but she knew that he only slept with girls, he didn’t date them, and that was completely unacceptable to her. Although she’d had sex before, with two different guys, both of them had dated her – and pampered and worshiped her – for months before either of them got between her legs. Mandy prided herself on making the guy work for it.

“Who’s that?” Dana breathed as the petite bombshell walked past, the lesbian’s eyes were glued on the sweet but small (in comparison) tush that was peeking out from underneath Mandy’s skirt as Mandy bent over to whisper in Drake’s ear. The guy standing next to Dana, her friend Victor, saw where she was looking and laughed. Dana was had cross-dressed as a pimp and Victor was looking very suave and handsome in his pirate costume.

“That’s Mandy,” he told her, shaking his head as his eyes roamed over the deep valley of cleavage that Mandy was showing as she turned around, “She’s a fucking tease though. And totally straight so don’t get your hopes up.”

In fact, it wasn’t long before Mandy was teasing every guy at the party… Dana was rather appalled at Mandy’s behavior, especially since the small girl made it perfectly clear that she wasn’t actually going to put out for everyone. But she shoved her large boobs in all the guy’s faces, pressing up against them when she danced, and she kept leaning over to show off her cute ass cheeks peeking out. Her french maid costume was already the subject of many male fantasies, and seeing Mandy walking around in it had most of the guy’s stiff.

Going over to whisper in Drake’s ear, Dana smiled as they both looked at the flirtatious Mandy who was now teasing their friend Chris. Drake nodded and looked away as Dana went over to give Mandy another drink of the Party Punch… orange for Halloween of course.

Many many drinks later, Mandy was getting wild… usually she didn’t drink very much at parties, but she hadn’t realized that with each drink, Dana was adding more alcohol to what she was giving Mandy. So Mandy had taken in a lot more alcohol than she normally did, and she wasn’t very good at handling it.

Which was rather obvious, because she actually let Victor take off her shirt on the dance floor, jiggling her large breasts all over the place. However, she still slapped away anyone who actually tried to touch her impressive mammeries. So Dana kept the drinks coming, although making sure that Mandy was still drinking water so that she didn’t get to the point where she’d be throwing up. That would ruin any chance of fun. Only about half the people were left at the party when Chris persuaded Mandy to take off her skirt. Now both her asscheeks were visible as she was wearing a thong that matched her bra.

Most of the males enjoyed the show, but they soon left with girls who were a lot more receptive to their come-ons than Mandy was… she was still pushing away anyone with the audacity to try and get in her pants. Drake did manage to cop a quick feel as he walked by her though, she turned drunkenly trying to catch whoever had squeezed her ass, but only managed to fall on the floor.

By this time it was only Drake, Dana, Victor and Chris left at the party, they all laughed as Mandy flopped onto the floor, sighing loudly.

Dana sauntered up, and asked, “Trick or treat?”

“Treat!” cried out Mandy giggling. Dana smiled and leaned over to kiss Mandy softly on the lips. To her surprise Mandy returned the kiss, but then shrieked as Dana’s soft breasts pressed up against hers.

“You’re a girl!” cried Mandy in surprise, struggling to get herself back up and pushing the cross-dressed Dana away.

“Yeah, so?” asked Dana, “I can make you feel good…” she straddled Mandy’s legs and tried to kiss her again, but Mandy pushed her away, managing to push Dana off of her and onto the floor.

“Hey now,” said Drake, all three guys had been watching, “That’s no way to treat our friend, especially when she just wanted to make you feel good.”

“Yeah,” said Chris, walking forward with slitted eyes, “You know, I think it’s time we taught this cock-tease a lesson.”

The room went quiet as everyone looked at him, including Mandy although she had no idea what he meant in her drunken state. She was sitting in the middle of Dana, a pirate, a gorilla and a pimp.

“You serious man?” asked Victor, “Really? I mean… we could get into trouble.”

Chris just laughed, “She’s so drunk it’ll be a wonder if she remembers this the next morning. And even if she does, we’ll just say that she wanted it too. Everyone saw the way she was acting, they’d probably believe that she got drunk enough to hop in bed with all three of us if we told them that she did. Hell, I’m already dressed as a gorilla, I may as well enjoy being an animal!”

“That’s a horrible pun,” said Drake, his smile turning evil as he turned to Dana, “But that is pretty much what you hand in mind, isn’t it?”

“Yeah,” said Dana, pulling herself up off the floor, “Let’s teach the bitch a lesson.”

That quickly they decided and suddenly Mandy was squealing as the three guys held her down, Dana ripping off her clothes quickly and harshly. Mandy’s underwear was torn to shreds, and her bra ripped from her body, her pale creamy breasts spilling out. All four of her attackers moaned as they saw her pretty strawberry nipples.

“STOP IT!” shrieked Mandy, struggling hard, “WHAT ARE YOU DOING?!”

Dana grabbed the smaller girl’s nipples and twisted them hard, making her shriek with pain, “We’re teaching you a lesson for being such a tease… you really shouldn’t offer what you’re not going to put out. Now, you’re going to eat me out. And these guys are going to fuck you until you make me cum…”

And with that, Dana pulled off her own clothes and planted herself across Mandy’s face as the girl screamed and struggled, the sound muffled as Mandy’s mouth was covered with Dana’s pussy.

“That’s fucking hot,” Drake said as he positioned himself between Mandy’s legs, his eyes locked on Dana playing with Mandy’s huge boobs.

Dana lifted up a little so that Mandy could hear her, “You better start eating slut, these guys might get tired of fucking your pussy and decide to move elsewhere if you don’t get me cumming quick enough.”

The way Drake grinned and pressed his dick against her asshole decided Mandy that she should start licking. And so when Drake’s dick moved up against her pussy, she started licking at Dana’ pussy, tears running down her face in her shame as she started eating out another girl for the first time in her life. Drake pushed into her body, making her scream as he began to fuck her hard, ignoring whether or not she might be getting any pleasure from it. He was hard and fast, thick and swollen inside her body…

Struggling again, she cried and screamed into Dana’s pussy as Drake fucked her, but it felt pretty good to Dana anyway. Moaning, she ground her pussy down onto Mandy’s face, enjoying the revenge that they were getting on the pretty tease. Her hands were full of Mandy’s breasts, she used them for leverage as she watched Drake rape the girl underneath them.

Although Mandy was struggling for breath under Dana’s pussy, she couldn’t help but feel turned on as Drake’s dick slide in and out of her slick pussy. Her muscles rippled around him as his dick pleasured her… she thought she must be going insane for this to feel good. When she came, she did her best to hide it, helped along by the fact that any noise she made was muffled in Dana’s pussy. She did her utmost to hide it, keeping her body from moving too much in rhythm with his even though she wanted to grind her pussy against him.

It didn’t take long for Drake to cum in her tight pussy, he liked the way she struggled underneath him, it just added to the experience; he didn’t realize that she was writhing because she was orgasming. Immediately Chris took his place between Mandy’s legs and shoved in, this time it was a little easier because Drake’s cum lubricated the way a little better… but Chris was very long and she could feel him banging up against her cervix with every thrust. It hurt and she moaned and cried, trying to lick Dana’s pussy so that the pain in her own pussy would stop.

Dana could feel her orgasm coming on, but she wanted to hold out so that Victor could get his turn in the tease’s pussy. So she pinched down on Mandy’s nipples hard, distracting the girl and making her scream and struggle again. This just turned Dana on even more though, and she twisted Mandy’s nipples. Even though Mandy didn’t want to feel pleasure from this, didn’t want to cum again, the abuse of her nipples made her so hot that as Chris rubbed his groin against her swollen clit, she started cumming again. Moaning loudly she couldn’t hide it this time as she came, her face screwed up in intense orgasm.

Suddenly realizing that Mandy was cumming underneath him, cumming as he raped her, Chris came right then, loving the show that he was getting along with fucking Mandy’s tightness. Victor’s dick was the thickest, and he shoved straight into Mandy’s tortured pussy, making her scream again as she was stretched the widest she’d ever been. Involuntarily her legs spread as she tried to alleviate some of the pressure, but he was just so thick! It felt awful and good all at the same time.

Moaning, she managed, by luck to find Dana’s clit with her tongue, and Dana started to cum, grinding her pussy down on Mandy’s face as she squeezed the girl’s big tits. Victor kept on plowing though, even after Dana pulled off of Mandy, leaving the girl’s face covered with pussy juice.

“PLEASE STOP!” begged Mandy, “You’re too big! You’re tearing me up! I made her cum, now STOP! PLEASE!”

“Yeah right,” grunted Victor, banging hard into her pussy, “You think I’m going to give up fucking a tight pussy like yours?! Especially when you’re such a fucking tease… I’ve wanted to fuck you for so long!”

And he began to bang her even harder, making her big tits shake and jiggle as he slammed into her while she wailed, Chris and Drake holding her hands down so that all she could do was writhe underneath Victor as he impaled on her on his thick meat.

Feeling his orgasm coming on he bellowed, “Here’s your treat from me Mandy!” and started to cum inside of her. Mandy just moaned as his dick swelled even bigger in her belly and exploded, causing her hips to lift as she screamed out in mutual orgasm..

When they pulled away from her, she curled up in a ball, three loads of cum starting to drip out of her very used pussy. She was completely humiliated. She’d been raped three times… and she’d cum three times. How perverted could she be that she’d enjoyed this?

“That was hot, I never thought she’d get so into it,” Dana said to Victor, who smiled at his friend. All of them looked down at the former french maid… the only part of her costume still on her was the thigh high stockings and the hair piece.

Drake was still feeling horny, “You know, French maids are supposed to clean things aren’t they?”

“Yes, yes they are…” said Chris, looking over his dick, “And you know, I think I have something here that she can clean.”

“I think we all do!” laughed Drake.

Pulling Mandy up he shoved his dick in her face, “Here French maid… clean it. With your mouth.”

Mandy sobbed, “But I’m not really a…” and Drake shoved his dick between her lips, moaning as he pushed his way into her throat, making her choke a little.

“That’s what you chose to wear for Halloween!” he laughed at her, “Maybe next year you won’t pick such a slutty costume.”

“That’s true,” remembered Victor, “Last year she was just wearing one of those stupid angel costumes, and that wasn’t nearly as slutty.” he sneered at the girl as she struggled to suck on Drake’s dick, “See… you didn’t tease people nearly as much last year. Maybe you should think about what you’re going to wear for Halloween a little better… Or maybe you’ll just dress the slut again since you seemed to like us fucking you so much!”

Drake shoved his dick all the way in and held her head pressed against his groin as she swallowed frantically, his cum going straight down her belly. Mandy sputtered and coughed as he pulled away.

“Next!” he laughed as Chris got into place, “Our little French maid did a pretty good job of cleaning!” Victor and Dana laughed along with him.

Chris pumped his dick back and forth between Mandy’s lips, reaching down to grab a hold of her luscious tits and using them as leverage to pull her body towards him, shoving his dick down her throat. His dick was so long that the others could actually see the bulge in her throat where he was shoving into it.

“Damn that’s hot…” murmured Dana, she looked down at Mandy’s juicy pussy which was dripping with cum from the boys, “Ah well. Not like I haven’t done it before.”

The guys were shocked and delighted as Dana lay down on the floor and scooted between Mandy’s legs, where she immediately began eating the girl out. Mandy let out a moan of protest as feelings of pleasure fluttered up from her belly, the soft tongue of Dana soothing the hurt that being raped by three different dicks had caused. More than anything, she didn’t want to feel pleasure… she was being gang-raped! And her drunken stupor was slowly wearing off which was just making her more and more aware of the situation.

Humiliating enough that they’d raped her and forced her to eat out another woman, and were now making her clean off their dicks, but to have the other woman eating her out! And it feeling good too! Mandy moaned in protest, allowing Chris to shove his dick even deeper in her throat, the muscles ripping over his long shaft pleasurably as Mandy whimpered.

By the time Chris was shooting cum into her gullet, Mandy’s pink pussy was clean and tasty, Dana was really enjoying licking the girl, especially because she was getting wetter and wetter. Victor stepped up as Mandy moaned uncontrollably.

“Please stop…” she moaned, “I don’t want to cum again… stop… please…” and then her noises were muffled as a third sloppy dick pushed into her mouth. Her jaw stretched wide as the thickest dick pushed in, totally cutting off the noises that she’d been making; it hurt to have her mouth open that much, and her lips were tightly compressed around his thick shaft.

Victor moaned in pleasure as her tongue flicked along the underside of his dick, pushing himself into her throat so that he could really enjoy her mouth. Her moans as she moved closer and closer to orgasm vibrated his shaft pleasurably. Moving fast and hard, he skull-fucked her, putting his hands on the back of her head and pushing in and out of her mouth as roughly as he had her pussy. But Mandy couldn’t even concentrate on that, she was too busy trying not to cum as Dana enthusiastically ate her out, she couldn’t cum on a girl, she COULDN’T.

But it didn’t take Victor long to cum, as he’d been fisting himself while he watched the other two fuck her mouth, and then all three guys watched as Mandy wailed and pleaded, trying to get away from Dana’s tongue.


The humiliated girl started to cum as the three guys held her firmly on Dana’s mouth, her hips humping involuntarily against the lesbian while hands played with her large tits and nipples, increasing her pleasure. It was a long hard cum, until finally she sagged in their hands and Dana scooted out from beneath her, licking the sheen of juices off her lips.

“She’s tasty,” Dana said, laughing.

The guys let Mandy go and she fell forward onto her fore-arms, not realizing that she was leaving her cute little ass upturned for them to contemplate, her pink wet pussy beneath. Breathing heavily, she shed a few tears of shame that she’d gotten off.

“You know,” Victor said in a low voice, “It would be a shame to leave a cute little asshole like that untouched.”

Looking over her upturned, heart-shaped ass, the guys all nodded.

“Our host first…” grinned Chris, gesturing at Drake who eagerly knelt behind Mandy. She moaned and tried to pull away as he thrust deep into her pussy, getting a good coating of her orgasmic juices on his dick. The poor girl thought she’d succeeded when he pulled out.

But then her head flew up as his now-lubricated dick pressed against her virgin asshole.

“STOP!” she shrieked, but the other two guys were already on either side of her, holding her down so that her ass was in the air and there was nothing she could do about it as Drake began to roughly push into her, deflowering her last virginity. It hurt unbearably as his dick dug deeper into her ass, making her cramp and twitch, her ass tightening around him as it tried to expel the intruder.

Without letting her really adjust he began to steadily fuck her ass, making her cry out as each thrust stabbed deep into her newly stretched asshole.


“Would someone shut her up please?” yelled Drake over her cries, “I can’t concentrate on fucking her ass with her making all that noise!”

Dana laughed, “I’ll handle it.” She got onto her back on the floor and pushed her pussy into Mandy’s face, “Lick me you little whore.”

When Mandy didn’t immediately comply, Victor reached underneath her and gripped one large boob in his hand, twisting it viciously just as Drake slapped her ass hard, thrusting violently. With a cry of pain, Mandy started licking Dana’s pussy. Dana moaned and pulled on Mandy’s hair, shoving the petite girl deeper into her pussy, loving the way Mandy’s whimpers and moans felt against her sensitive flesh.

Fucking hard, Drake slammed into Mandy’s deflowered ass, groaning as his dick expanded inside her tight crevice and began to pump cum into her darkest hole; filling her up with her first cum enema. Mandy whimpered between licks as his dick got even thicker inside of her, she could feel every spurt of cum as it traveled along the length of his dick and deep into her ass.

Without missing a beat, Drake pulled out and took Chris’ place as the second guy got behind Mandy’s cute ass; he didn’t hesitate at all but impaled her on his long cock with one swift stroke that made her scream into Dana’s pussy. His dick opened up new places in her ass and made her cramp even more as it dug deeply; more whimpers as he began to pump in and out, punishing her body deep in her ass as his long dick rearranged her insides. It felt like he was pushing his dick all the way into her throat it was so long.

Dana started cumming as Chris plundered Mandy’s tight ass, enjoying taking long deep strokes that made her entire body jerk and her ass tighten down on him as she reacted to the pain and discomfort. That didn’t stop the lesbian though, she kept her pussy at Mandy’s face, knowing that she’d cum again soon… her pussy was always more sensitive after a first orgasm, and Dana didn’t know when she’d get a chance with Mandy like this again… if she ever did again.

Mandy was shocked when, as he thrusted into her ass for the last time, she started to cum. It had been one thing when they were raping her pussy, but she’d had no idea that it would even be possible for her to cum while they sodomized her. The pain of having her ass deflowered had distracted her from the pleasant full feeling and the fact that his dick nudged against her g-spot through the interior of her body. It wasn’t a an especially intense orgasm, but the fact that she’d gotten pleasure out of it at all shocked her.

Then it was Victor’s turn. Mandy’s entire body tensed as the guy with the thickest dick got behind her; she knew that it was going to hurt the most. Unfortunately for her, her tenseness did nothing but make it hurt even more as his thick meat began to split open her ass. Her pleas and cries for mercy were lost in Dana’s pussy as the lesbian worked her way back up to a second orgasm.

Victor moaned as he invaded Mandy’s tight ass, her muscles rippling over him delightfully as she tried to expel the thick intruder; he began working her ass over hard and rough, taking her breath away with every thrust as his thickness split her open. The guys watched in amazed delight as he rode her like a pro, her tits swaying back and forth underneath her body as he thrust hard into her; the tears flowed down her face and into Dana’s pussy as the lesbian began to orgasm a second time.

Finally Dana pulled away and then Mandy had nothing to distract her from the cramping pain that was rippling through her rigid body as Victor raped her ass. Moaning and crying, unsure of whether she was enjoying herself or if she should be screaming in agony, she whimpered as he reached around and grabbed hold of her tits. The other guys didn’t even have to hold her down anymore, she was feeling so weak from their assault… she didn’t even beg or plead anymore, knowing that it would be useless. Instead she just had to stay there, on all fours as Victor pillaged her ass, his hands squeezing her tits hard as he used them to pull her securely back onto his dick.

Suddenly he reached up and with one hand he grabbed a hold of her hair; leaning back he used it to pull her up so that she was almost sitting on his dick. The new position made her cry out with renewed pain and pleasure, especially as it gave him even more leverage to viciously thrust into her ass. The hand that was still on her boob squeezed hard as her ass tightened over his thrusting dick, and he groaned as he brutally thrust upwards into her tight ass.

Mandy’s head fell back and her mouth opened in a silent scream at his brutal thrust, it felt like she was being ripped open, her body shaking in ecstatic orgasm… then she finally felt him pulsing inside of her, his cum joining the two loads that were already there. Finally his hold on her hair loosened and she was able to fall forward, his dick pulling from her swollen asshole painfully, leaving her feeling loose and surprisingly empty.

Tossing her torn costume at her, the guys smiled, “Happy Halloween Mandy… thanks for the treat!”

Dana leaned down and kissed Mandy on the lips before she left; this time Mandy didn’t resist at all. She just limply allowed her lips to open and accept Dana’s tongue, surprising the lesbian by even kissing her back a little.

Mandy limped outside in the morning light, a funny duck-walk that came from having been raped and sodomized… the dawn light illuminated her face as she hurried to her car. Surprisingly, that light showed a tinge of regret that the night was over.

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