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Honey and Jinx

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‘I love to fuck and men love to fuck me.’ The petite blonde sitting cheekily in the seat next to Jinx had just answered her question about how she came to be doing this work. The madam at the escort agency had hand chosen the pretty pair for this job.

‘Guys like me coz I look like I might be a virgin and I guess they love the idea that their cock is going to make me into a cock addict.

They like the idea that they might be teaching me something and that I enjoy it!’

The breathtakingly pretty blonde was at that age when she would regularly be asked for ID at clubs and pubs, the age when men looked at her and wondered whether she was legal age or not. Little did they know that at 18 Honey as she called herself had had more men than most women in a lifetime. ‘Honey’ was a good description of her she had that youthful sweetness that comes with the small round pert nubile breasts, slender waist and long silken honey blonde hair that was pulled tightly into ‘schoolgirl’ pigtails either side of her cute round angelic face. The honey metaphor could be extended to her honeyed ass and long shapely legs that even though she was around 5’4″ tall were exquisitely proportioned. Jinx smiled at the pretty little girls comments and glanced at the perilously short pink summer dress she wore that had ridden up to reveal a fragment of white cotton bikini panties with tiny cartoon figures on them. She was playing the ‘tarty’ little girl thing to the hilt.

Jinx had some trouble appreciating Honey’s reply to her questions. After being in the business for about a year, she had learned the ropes and knew how to be ‘a real lady’, a well payed high-class prostitute. And this girl just walked in and talked like she was one of the cheapest sluts on the street.

While this girl sitting next to her was dressed like a cheap whore, Jinx was looking like a diva. A long-dress with an open slit on the side of her leg and high heels, underneath she felt every inch the luscious temptation wearing very expensive lingerie, a gift from one of her many wealthy clients. She wondered to herself where Madame Elaine had found this girl that was sitting next to her. Why for God’s sake would she want me, a 26-year old woman, to do business with such a smartass conceited little girl?

The petite blonde smiled as she noticed Jinx looking at her panties. She reached down to pick up a folder from the floor and opened it. The small black folder contained the script for their tryst tonight. The wealth industrialist in his fifties was paying the pair of them more money than they could earn in a week. The script, the overnight bags full of costume clothing and expensive lingerie was all part of the elaborate sexual theatre that they would be feature actors in. What this man liked was young women but he loved to deny himself orgasm for inordinate amounts of time.

The women would spend an entire night and day with him. The women were to tease him until he was almost tortured by them. He loved to play heavy petting games where a woman would not let him touch her for hours and then slowly worked through touching them and bringing them to orgasm. He loved to watch a woman masturbate and to bring a woman to climax repeatedly while denying himself. He loved them dressed in revealing sexy outfits. This was the first time he had requested an ménage à trois. He could afford it he was very, very wealthy. Honey flicked through the brief and read out important bits to Amanda as they sped through the countryside to his property.

‘Last time I did it with this guy he managed to not touch me for almost four hours and then when I was so slippery and hot that I couldn’t stand it anymore he fucked like a marathon man. He’s not a little guy either he’s big everywhere if you know what I mean. But then most men are big for me!’ She giggled and patted her exposed panties.

Honey kept blabbering on and on while Amanda was driving her BMW towards their client’s property. She was getting increasingly annoyed with her arrogance and cheap slutty statements at that moment she could have just stopped and kick her out off the car. But she knew it would be best for both of them, to stay calm. After all, Honey was new at Madame Elaine’s business and Jinx couldn’t afford to get a bad reputation either. Besides it seemed Honey had snared this generous new client to the agency and knew his tastes. Jinx wondered at the values of a man who would find this cheap little tart attractive. Still men did like the idea of young women and despite her vulgar manner Jinx had to admit that Honey was extremely good looking. Perhaps that was what annoyed her most. Sexiness to Jinx was about how a woman acted, how she used her body and her actions to entice a man to love her with passion and desire. Honey was just a pretty girl who without any effort at all could make men want her. Jinx had to admit there would be few men who would not ache with desire for her. Jinx wished she could show a little more restraint it was hard to compete with raw sexuality. She reminded herself that it wasn’t a competition anyway and that she would win any seduction race. Men loved Jinx and she loved to draw them into her erotic world.

The road was long and Jinx turned on the radio, hoping that Honey would stop talking about all her past experiences. Jinx had never seen this client before so she was curious what this guy saw in a girl like Honey? Well it didn’t matter as long as he paid what he promised. For that amount of money, Jinx would take Honey with her anytime.

After an hour of driving they arrived at the property. The car stopped in front of the gate. Honey jumped out and walked to the gate and rang the bell. Jinx could see that she said something in the microphone. A few seconds later the gate opened slowly and for a moment Jinx thought momentarily about driving on and leaving the annoying little teenager to walk towards the mansion, but she managed to control her devilish thoughts and waited until she was back in the car. It was a long driveway with ancient Oak trees planted along either side. This was old money or at least had been once.

Jinx parked her car and both got out and walked to the front door.

“You go first, you know the guy.” Jinx smiled.

Honey raised her eyebrow and rang the doorbell. The door opened and they were greeted by a butler who caste sleazy sideways glances at both of them and led them down a long hallway and up a marble staircase to their rooms. The house was enormous. The girls were led to adjoining rooms each with large walk-in robes, ensuite bathrooms and huge kings sized four-poster beds. The rooms each had ceiling mirrors and one wall of mirrors which experience told them they were two way perhaps used to view the occupants. Each room had multiple surveillance cameras as well. The butler brought up their overnight bags that contained their costumes for the evening.

‘The master will see you both for dinner at eight so you have a few hours to prepare.’

The dryness of his voice and the oiliness of his manner suggested a mixture of snobbery and the anticipation of someone about to realise a fantasy in secret.

Even Honey found him a little disturbing as she grimaced with a forced smiled and politely thanked him to hurry his departure. He licked his lips and slowly ran his eyes over each of them from toe to head pausing lecherously at their exposed flesh and smiling crookedly as he turned and left them.

Honey pointed at the mirrors and the camera lenses.

‘The show begins right now. He likes to watch. I bet that old sleaze of a butler has a monitor in his room too! Anyway I guess you know what to do? Take a nice long bath and make a show of it and dress as the script suggests. You’ll be the sophisticated unobtainable beauty and I’ll be the slutty schoolgirl. Now that shouldn’t be too hard for either of us should it?’

With that comment Jinx realised that Honey had been playing the slutty schoolgirl all the way here. Honey’s voice had changed when she spoke. She had dropped the annoying whiny teen sound. Maybe there was more to this girl than was first apparent. Anyway it would be interesting to see how well she performed with the client. Honey had been with this guy before and she must know what he liked and the fee they would get for this was a new dimension of earning for Jinx. They both turned and entered their respective bedrooms.

Jinx walked into the huge bedroom, looking around. There were mirrors everywhere, on the ceiling and against the walls. In the middle of the room was a huge bed. Her suitcase was lying on the bed. They still had while till they were expected for dinner. Jinx was in need of a shower, being watched or not, she didn’t care. She walked into the bathroom and noticed a big bathtub in the middle of the bathroom. The bathroom was almost as big as the bedroom. On the other end of the bathroom was a huge glass wall. On the other side of the wall was a showerhead. Obviously it was some kind of shower, specially made for voyeuristic people. Jinx didn’t doubt there were cameras in here too.

She slowly took off her clothes and walked behind the glass wall, turned on the water and took a shower. Her hands roamed over her body till she reached her vagina. She stroked her skin and noticed she needed a shave as pubes were covering her vagina. Quickly she ran wet and naked to the bedroom to grab a razor. When she returned, she stood underneath the hot stream of water and started shave her pussy to remove every single spot of hair. For a moment she raised her head and almost cut her pussy when she noticed the butler standing on the other side of the glass wall.

“Do you need any help with that Miss?” He smiled.

Jinx had finished shaving anyway and told the butler that she didn’t need any help anymore, but that she did need somebody to check if she had shaven it well enough. She turned off the water and stepped out behind the glass wall towards the butler who was already grinning.

She was inches away from him as he lowered his hand and moved it upwards between her legs. He cupped her vagina and let his fingers roam all over her red swollen lips. For a moment he let a finger slide up between her fresh shaven pussy lips. His finger touched her clit, making Jinx moan for a second. She slapped his hand.

“I said I need somebody to check, not to please!” Jinx grinned. “I think you can go now.”

Disappointed the butler left the bathroom. Jinx made her way back into the bedroom after she dried her body off. She opened her suitcase and pulled out a long black evening dress. It was pretty and made of a very expensive fabric. It had a long slit along her leg and an open back. The dress highlighted her sumptuous breasts pressing them into a feast of exposed flesh and a delectable cleavage she wasn’t wearing a bra. She slipped on the diamond studded silk thong making a show of it for the voyeurs behind the mirrors smoothing the diamond studs across her freshly shaved pussy then covering it quickly with her dress putting on her high heels. She loved the feeling of the fine fabric against her naked body. The tight fabric that fitted her like a second skin emphasised her delicious curves, she was a goddess and men worshipped at her sweet sex alter. She loved the sway that hi heels brought to her walk and the look of her shapely legs slipping seductively between the slits in the gown. She applied her make up meticulously and subtly to draw attention to her full lips and gorgeous eyes then thumbed casually through a magazine until the butler returned to her for the diner.

Honey knew full well she had an audience when she entered the room and made a show of bending over to pick up her suitcase so that her sweet white cotton print panties and pert little ass flashed clearly as her hem slid up. She giggled knowingly and slid the shoestring straps from her dress off her shoulder. Then reached behind and unzipped the light cotton summer dress and lets it slip to the floor. Beneath the dress she wore a sweet matching bra and panty in cotton with pink cartoon characters on them. The bra was tiny and plunged low cupping her firm round nubile breasts tightly. The barest trace of nipple could be seen pressing and outline in the thin cotton cups. Her string bikini panties sat deliciously on her curvaceous hips. She sashayed in front of the mirrors and camera lenses for a few minutes so the viewers could take in the youthful sweetness of her delectable budding body and the sexy presumption of innocence that was projected by the brief teen cotton underwear. There was something forbidden about her and at the same time her luscious body looked as if it had outgrown the underwear alongside its forbidden youthfulness and replaced it with a lusty invitation.

Honey knew how much they enjoyed her body and prolonged the experience for as long as possible before she reached behind and unsnapped her bra and peeled it off, She almost felt the gasps of pleasure as her firm round breasts bounced free. She cupped her left tit and leaned her head forward to kiss the nipple. She tweaked each nipple until they firmed and the hardness of them became the focus of the viewer’s world. She smiled cheekily and toyed with each breast and then slid her right hand onto the front of her panties.

Honey knew how much the client liked to watch her cum. Her fingertips caressed the outline of her pussy lips through the sheer cotton and she shivered excitedly and made a show of smiling seductively towards each mirror and camera lens. Her fingertips found her clit and within a few moments she began to shiver and moan. She slid her panties aside and caressed herself directly until her shivers and moans erupted in a tide of wetness and she began to cum. Her cries increased and she fell backwards on the bed as she writhed in pleasure. She rolled onto her hands and knees and inserted a finger into her tight hole and came as she wiggled one finger inside herself and slapped her clit with the thrusts of her hand. Her small round tits hung like perfect mangoes as she gyrated on the bed in pleasure rolling onto her back and slapping her pussy wildly with her hands. She screamed and moaned continuously until the climax finally subsided.

Honey jumped off the bed and wiggled off her wet little panties so that the viewers could see her perfect little ass and shaved pussy. She smiled as she felt the trickle of wetness run down her inner thigh and walked towards the bathroom. She would soak in a deep warm bath for an hour and rest before the big session she knew lay ahead.

When Honey eventually re entered the bedroom she had bathed and reapplied her make up and put on a sweet white silk robe that barely covered her ass and she tied tightly across her sumptuous tits. She opened the suitcase and took out the costume she would wear. It was a cliché perhaps to dress as a schoolgirl, but the client had had these costumes made by a fine dressmaker. It was tailored to fit exquisitely to her body in such a way that it revealed and teased. So that it was just a little undersized so her bursting curves could overflow seductively into the spaces in tides of delicious flesh and succulent underwear. It was a plain blue-checked summer school uniform. Dangerously short and with stockings and suspenders showing the stocking tops with any slight bend or reach. The bodice fitted her slender waist and hugged her curvaceous hips and ass. The buttoned top let her plentiful little breasts overflow into the space and strain at the button that would open easily when touched. The plain white silk panties and bra were soft and shiny with lines that highlighted the curves they contained. The bra cupping a treasure of cleavage and the panties tightly outlining the divine curves of her nubile body like a second skin.

Honey put on the plain black leather school shoes and adjusted her stockings and suspender. She finished with a soft pink lips gloss, eyed herself in the mirrors and left the room for the dining room.

Richard was a sophisticated man in his early fifties. He was fit and toned from working out with his personal trainer. Well over six feet tall with a good mop of dark hair greying with the distinguished look that make men with hair age with appeal. He had made his money on the stock market and never really had time for steady relationships, preferring to enjoy his wealth by indulging his sexual pleasures with high-class escorts and call girls. All in all it was cheaper than a wife in the long term and infinitely more satisfying he reasoned. Honey had become his latest obsession. He was intoxicated by her youthful energy and unbelievable sexual prowess. He found himself dreaming about her and the taste and scent of her filled his thoughts as much as the memory of her luscious body filled his pants. She had driven him out of his mind with desire last time and now he was going to have her and this other exquisite creature. He liked the idea of fucking sisters. It may have surprised or perhaps alarmed Jinx that she had been chosen because she looked most like she might be Honey’s older sister. Richard had poured over the photos of the escorts offered until he selected Jinx.

He waited patiently in the dining room for the women to arrive his thoughts filled with images of watching them dress, undress and bathe. Honey was first to arrive and smiled cheekily as she sat down opposite him at the large table. He took in her almost toon like visage, her luscious body painted with this blue checked school uniform her delightful body straining at the seams like the slutty schoolgirl she had been asked to play. She was the kind of girl whose whole manner said ‘fuck me’. The hunger for her was stirring in his pants. She knew what she did to him and knew how much he loved to deny himself pleasure. His hunger was sated by the arrival of the beautiful Jinx, dressed as exquisitely as he remembered. Her makeup refined and subtly highlighting her pretty face and beautiful hair. The lines of her dress holding her body in the goddess pose he adored.

The butler led Jinx into the dining room where Richard and Honey were already waiting for her. She walked with an elegant pace, her as swinging from left to right as she walked towards the dinner table. From the moment she entered the room, Richard’s eyes were focussed on Jinx. She took place at the table and greeted the other two with a smile.

During dinner, Richard could not keep his eyes off Jinx and Honey. During soup, they talked about all kinds of things. But during the main course, the fun began. Richard laid his hand on Jinx’s thigh, caressing her slowly. His hand moved up and down on her thigh, moving up more and more each time his hand moved upwards. Jinx noticed that this was making Honey jealous. Honey was getting jealous because she should be Richard’s favourite girl. Why did he hit on Jinx first?

Richard slid his hand downward and pushed his hand between her legs, almost forcing Jinx to open up her legs. Jinx uncrossed her legs and parted her thighs for him. With the motion of parting her legs, her long dress fell open, revealing one of her long legs. Richard’s fingers caressed the inside of her thighs while they all kept eating.

The butler cleaned the table and was about the bring dessert. Honey kept trying to get Richard’s attention but every teasing flirting trick she pulled out off her closet didn’t seem to work. He seemed to be under Jinx’s magic spell. They flirted on and on while his hand kept rubbed the inside of her thigh. Jinx decided that she could take it a step forward and bend forward, bringing her lips only inches away from his.

Richard got the hint and closed his eyes, pressed his lips to Jinx’s urgently. They started kissing, Jinx parting her lips, letting Richard’s tongue slip into her mouth. The tip of his tongue touched hers and they both started to flick their tongues around and round. In the meantime the butler brought dessert but Jinx and Richard didn’t seem to care as they kept going on kissing.

Dinner was formal and presented many opportunities for both women to flirt with their companion punctuated briefly by the butlers delivery of each course and his lascivious looks at both girls. He was almost shaking with desire when he entered the room with desert to find Jinx kissing Richard while Honey sat with her legs crossed and her skirt falling open, her luscious legs presenting a delicious display of nubile flesh. Richard and Jinx had begun kissing even before the desert and they acted like long lost lovers. Honey flirted and made a show of revealing her stocking tops and cleavage but Jinx had managed to draw Richard to her succulent lips and their kisses became longer and more intense.

Jinx and Richard kept kissing while his hand moved upwards, touching her thong. He tried to slip his hand into his thong but at that moment his fingers disappeared into her thong she clenched her legs together, making him pull his hand back out.

“Not yet sweetie.” Jinx smiled.

“Oh I love it when a woman plays hard to get.” Richard smiled back.

Jinx stood up from her chair and took place on top of Richard, sitting on his lap and facing him. She laid her arms around his shoulders and started kissing him again. This time Jinx took control and moved her lips towards his neck, stroking the tip of her tongue from his chin towards his ears. Richard tilted his head backwards a little as she took his earlobe between her lips and gently nibbled on it.

Her warm breath was blowing gently against his ear as she kept sucking and nibbling on his earlobe while her hands roamed over his body. She released his earlobe and sucked and licked his neck, moving forward to his chin and back upwards to kiss his lips again. Jinx took his lip between her teeth and gently tugged on his lip, almost biting on it.

Richard couldn’t take it anymore and lifted Jinx up as he stood up, placing Jinx on the table. Luckily the butler had cleared the table or she would be sitting on the dessert. When Jinx was sitting on the table, Richard sat back down on his chair and moved his chair forward a little until he was sitting between her parted legs.

“Enough with playing hard to get.” He grinned.

Richard laid his hands on the inside of her thighs and made her part them even wider. With one hand he pulled her thong aside and with his other hand he started to caress her fresh shaven pussy. It felt as smooth as skin because she had shaved it only an hour ago. Richard rolled his thumb over her clitoris, making Jinx moan softly.

He smiled and enjoyed the fact that he was making her moan. He flicked his thumb a few more times over her clitoris, causing Jinx to wriggle on the table. She was getting moist when Richard let his index finger slide between her pussy lips, covering his finger with her juice. Slowly he slid one of his moist fingers into her cunt while Honey shifted on her seat, watching them.

With soft gentle strokes Richard started sliding his finger in and out of Jinx her wet pussy. Quickly he increased the tension by slipping a second finger inside her. His fingers started pumping that pussy faster and harder, her ass wriggling on the table. Suddenly Jinx grabbed his hand and made him stop.

“Lets continue this in my bedroom sweetie, where we are more comfortable?” Jinx grinned at Richard.

“Mmmmmm I would love to.” He smiled. “Why don’t you go ahead and I’ll come in a few minutes. In the meantime, put on something sexy for me.”

Jinx slid off the table and kissed Richard on his lips and headed for the bedroom to prepare herself for some hot passionate sex.

‘Aren’t you going to kiss me goodnight Dicky?’ She cooed seductively. Honey stood and walked towards Richard. The huge erection that lay in his pants bursting at the seams from his extreme petting with Jinx stirred as she walked toward him. She sat on his lap and he felt her warm ass crush his throbbing cock as she put her arms around him and kissed him. He felt an electric tingle and the taste and scent of her reawaken his obsession with her. The kiss never ended it breathed slowly and slid wetly together. Her tongue teasing his mouth her succulent lips sending shivers through him as their unbroken kiss and hot ass wiggling on his lap drove him to move his hands to her supple breasts. He felt her firm mounds through the cotton dress and held the breasts for long enough to feel her nipple harden beneath his touch.

” I said a goodnight kiss, not a feel of my tits you dirty old man!’

She pushed his hand away and kissed him again. This time more wantonly, more invitingly. It was almost half an hour of kissing until she broke from his lips and stood up from his lap. She unbuttoned one of her tunic buttons and looked at him with a sexy smile on her face.

‘Do you want to touch Honey’s little boobies?’

He nodded automatically and she took his hand and helped him slide it inside her dress and bra so he could cup the warm firm breast beneath. She kissed him as he fondled her and her excitement rose.

‘Does Dicky want to touch honeys hot little pussy?’ The invitation led him to slide his hand beneath her short hem and feel her divine ass cheeks clad in white silk. He loved to masturbate her through her panties. He loved to hear Honey cum. He loved to feel the wetness soak through her panties and see the trickles that ran down her thighs. He loved how she moaned continuously rising in intensity until her screams filled the room. He adored the first clitoral orgasm and when his fingers invaded her tight hot pussy and found her G spot he revelled in the screams of delight Honey uttered.

His fingers lanced into her hot tight cunt slapping at her clit. Their kisses grew progressively more excited and Honey came continuously and flooded her panties with her excitement.

In the meantime Jinx arrived in her bedroom and got naked. She opened her suitcase and pulled out a green silk bra with matching thong and a pair of green thigh high stockings. After she put the lingerie on, she put her high heels back on and laid on the bed, waiting for Richard.

Minute after minute passed by, but Richard seemed to be taken forever. Jinx was getting nervous and decided to go and take a look where he was. In her lingerie she went back to the dining room and saw how Honey was all over Richard.

“Hey! Its not nice to let a lady like me wait sweetie.” She said to Richard.

“I am sorry Jinx, why don’t you join us.” He smiled.

Honey stood as Jinx approached her and began to unbutton her top to reveal the sweet white silk bra beneath. She peeled Honeys school dress to the floor and helped her remove each stocking then unsnaps her bra leaving Honey dressed only in the sopping wet panties, her delicious figure made Richard tremble with passion. Jinx kissed Richard once more while Honey knelt before them. Jinx unzipped Richards fly and slid out his substantial cock. The flesh beneath her grasp throbbed uncontrollably. Pre cum was evident on the tip and her expert hands slide over his shaft. He was conscious only of her lips against his and the ecstasy of her fingers over his cock then he felt Honeys lips suckling the tip while Jinx’s hands stroked him her fingernails caressing his balls tenderly.

Jinx broke her kiss and slid to her knees to join Honey sliding their moist tongues either side of his shaft which throbbed constantly and was distorted with swelling. They each covered his cock in millions of tiny kisses, wild tonguing and eager fingers until he felt his orgasm rising in him deep in his over full balls. Just as he feels the ejaculation about to erupt Honey pinches his cock tip expertly- Masters and Johnson premature ejaculation technique preventing his sticky ejaculation, Honey was able to capture and greedily consume the tiny pearl of his pleasure.

‘I think we should go upstairs and fuck don’t you sister?’ said Honey.

‘On the contrary Honey I think he needs to eat some pussy and make us cum before I’ll let him near either of us. He has to earn his pussy and make us both cum.’

Honey giggled and the three moved up the stairs to Jinx’s bedroom. Richard kissed them both alternately and fondled them excitedly. Jinx lay on the bed and Richard watched as she removed each stocking and almost salivated at the sight of her satin panties damp with expectation. He broke from kissing Honey and kissed her gusset inhaling her scent and pressing his lips against hers. In the background he could hear Honey touching herself. She had slid her fingers inside the silk panties and begun masturbating herself, panting sexily. As he massaged Jinx’s clit with his lips and felt her whimper sexily in pleasure.

Jinx writhed on the bed sexily as Richard’s lips touched her sweet pussy through the satin thong. His tongue absorbed the wetness of her excitement while his nose inhaled her exotic fragrance. He pressed his lips against her moistening panties and kissed her pussy lips as he had her mouth pressing the tight diaphanous fabric against his lips and feeling the labia part beneath the pressure of his ardour. She shivered and moaned sweetly.

“Suck my hot pussy make me cum!’

Next to them they could hear Honey moaning softly as she orgasmed and then joined Jinx rubbing Richards hair and teasing him. Richard elicited several gasps and moans from Jinx as she lay beneath his insistent mouth then he pulled her thong aside and inserted two finger into her hot snatch and sucked her clit expertly. She arched her back and began panting breathlessly as the pleasure rose from her clit and the shiver of first orgasm began to seize her body. His finger pumped in her pussy which squirted her sweet juices generously indicating the level of her pleasure and the closeness to climax. Richard stopped sucking her clit and let his tongue flicker against it randomly, which drove jinx to scream and beg him to suck her erect clit more. He ignored her pleas and when she was on the edge of frustration he lapped her pussy like a kitten with milk until she exploded gloriously arching her back and pushing his head hard against her dripping pussy. The orgasms kept coming as Richard’s wonderful tongue slid over her and his fingers rammed at her aching pussy. Jinx was hungry for his cock.

Honey had cum repeatedly watching Jinx being licked by Richard and as jinx’s orgasm subsided she positioned herself next to Jinx and spread her legs so that Richard could begin his magic with her.

‘My turn Dicky!’

She cooed sexily. Richard wasted no time and attacked her slippery over ready pussy sucking in the wetness through her sopping panties and inhaling the exquisite scent of her. He felt the familiar tingle of her juices flow through him and the strength move to his burgeoning cock. Eating her and tasting her sweet intoxicating juices made him feel like he could fuck for hours. He slid her panties aside and lanced his finger first into her hot tight little cunt then into her even tighter asshole lubricated by her abundant wetness. He suckled her clit and flickered his tongue across it and she shivered and moaned in delight.

” OOOOOH God Dicky I want you inside me! Do me now Mmmmmm that’s so good so nice!’

She erupted in an orgasm that gripped her body like a seizure and came wildly her hot pussy gushing as he suckled her clit and alternated between fingering each of her luscious holes. His cock throbbed with desire he wanted her so badly. He wanted them both badly he ached for them ached to be inside them. Honey recovered from her orgasm and leapt off the bed and surprised Jinx by kissing her. Honey fondled Jinx’s breasts through the sexy lingerie and caressed her panties. She led them both to the bed and they nestled together in 69 positions and Honey began lapping at Jinx’s pussy eagerly whilst thrusting her own panty-clad wetness at Jinx’s face. Jinx exploded effortlessly and was shivering with desire as Honeys wet pussy dripped into her waiting mouth. She too felt the tingle of her ample juices and the surge of sexual strength that accompanied it she felt drawn to Honey’s juices and could not get enough of them and they both writhed and sucked each other to countless orgasms while Richard watched with a giant erection.

The pair lay on the bed with Jinx on top her fine ass presented with adequate access for Richard.

Between mouthfuls of Jinx’s cum Honeys squealed out.

‘Fuck my sister she needs your hot hard cock.”

Richard saw the opportunity and came up behind Jinx and slid his cock head around her luscious lips.

Jinx crouched in doggy position. She knew men loved her beautiful buns. Honey slid her head between her legs and began kissing Jinx’s pussy tenderly. Richard came up behind her his balls bypassing Honey’s breasts to enter the super slick Jinx from behind. His large cock was what she had been waiting for. Not only was she getting paid a fortune for this but this man was a good lover and his cock looked like it could truly satisfy her longing to be fucked hard and long. His cock touched the wetness that trickled between the cracks of her ass cheeks and pressed against her slick opening pushing past it and inside her easily. Filling her. She pushed back against his long thick shaft and felt the tingling sensation of satisfaction and simultaneous need. His cock was big and hard and she had wanted it for hours and now it was inside her and it felt good but now she wanted to be fucked into frenzy.

As these thoughts filled Jinx’s mind she was conscious of Honey suckling her clit voraciously and the tingling and breathlessness that was associated with the stimulation gripped her so that her pussy clamped down on Richard’s motionless cock deep inside her. Richard enjoyed the feeling of being enclosed by her and held his cock deep inside her as her pussy walls clamped around it and he felt her erupt into orgasm, shooting her juices around his cock. Honey held his balls in her tiny hands and grazed them with her long fingernails as she continued to suck Jinx.

As the first wave of orgasm took Jinx Richard began to move his cock in and out of her hot aching pussy. He slid it almost out and then rammed deeply, slowly he kept up a pace that had her orgasms continue for some time. Cum drizzled down her thighs. He increased his tempo as her pleasure became hysterical and the room filled with her screams and moans as he rammed her hard and fast and Honey sucked at her clit until she was a writhing, vibrating mass of pleasure conscious of only slight breaks between orgasms.

They fucked for hours shifting position until Jinx was exhausted from orgasm and her throat raw from screaming. They were all surprised that Richard had not yet cum. The girls lay him on the bed he was exhausted from fucking Jinx’s hot tight hole and bringing her to countless orgasms. They cuddled him one either side or he fondled them and alternated kisses and fondling of their breasts and silken skin. Luxuriating in their firm supple curves. Honey got up as he kissed Jinx longingly and grabbed his thick tortured cock. She straddled him and guided it towards her own hot tight wetness. He kissed Jinx more urgently and fondled her breasts. Honey slid his cock past her tight folds and drizzled her ample wetness down his shaft. She was unbelievably tight and as his shaft slid deep inside her he shuddered with lust and pleasure.

She rode him slowly at first but as her pussy began to appreciate his girth her pace increased until she was pounding him shivering and screaming wildly. Cumming repeatedly her hot wet cunt pulsing around his throbbing cock. Jinx had been masturbated by him and joined in their pleasure. She too leapt off the bed and straddled his face so that he could continue his expert mouth work on her. Before long both girls were writhing and screaming wildly cumming drizzling their wetness over him. They exchanged positions few times and his cock burrowed into both hot cunts bringing them to orgasm repeatedly and with gale force intensity.

Finally at Honey’s insistence the two girls clutched each other so that their hot asses were presented for him. Honey pressed her crotch against Jinx’s ass and fondled her breasts from behind whilst Richard inserted his cock in their hot pussy’ alternation between the two sliding and slamming into one until she screamed then fucking the other. As the pace and intensity picked up he slid his cock into their asses as well. His moans became continuous, his cock swollen and distorted he was on the edge of cumming.

As Jinx screamed in orgasm she felt his cock leave her and enter Honeys tight ass as she too erupted in orgasm he pulled from her and slid it deep into her pussy. He stiffened as if gripped by a seizure and uttered a long low moan. Honey shook like a vibrator as he began to ejaculate in her. She was touching Jinx’s pussy and masturbating her when it was as if the whole scene had gone into slow motion. Orgasms gripped all three and Honey seemed to be sucking Richards’ cock dry as it pulsed and shot copious quantities of cum into her.

The orgasms flowed over them in waves of exquisite joy, they shivered and moaned repeatedly with each wave giving way to a sensual afterglow, followed by another more intense feeling of pleasure. They lay motionless vibrating with pleasure glowing with sated lust until they drifted into unconsciousness. A half-sleep, half-trance where all they were conscious of was pleasure and the proximity of their warm bodies. The scent of their lovemaking filled their nostrils the taste filled their lips with passion. Two exquisite bodies wrapped around the aging millionaire who drank in their beauty and lust with every breath.

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