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I am a heavy construction worker in Texas. I am temporarily unemployed due to an accident that happened on the job. I will spare you the gory details, but I suffered both legs smashed and broken below the knee. I have had several surgeries, and I expect to fully recover, but it will take a while. If there is any good news, all of my huge medical expenses were covered by insurance, and I am now on 100% disability.

I live in an apartment complex, on the ground floor, with a small patio outside of my sliding glass door. I spend almost all of my time in a wheelchair, not because I am paralyzed, but my Doctors want me to stay off of my feet. I can hobble around on crutches, but they say to give my legs the opportunity to heal, it is best if I stay in the chair.

My neighbors next door are a young married couple, and she has been very helpful. When I first came home from the hospital, she came over and offered to help me in any way I needed. Her name is Sarah, and she is very pretty.

I guess she is about ten years younger than I am, in her mid-twenties. She is petite, about five foot two, with a very nice figure.

Sarah shops for groceries for me, and she makes sure I have decent meals. She is at home full time; she does not have a job. She comes over from time to time, just to visit and keep me company. She is a sweetheart.

The days are long, and daytime TV is boring. I have a computer, and I surf the web a lot. My injuries are all below the knee, if you get my meaning, so I do enjoy porn on the Internet. My social life is non-existent for the time being, and I do not have a significant other. I have been divorced for a couple of years, and I am between relationships right now.

One early afternoon I was watching a very hot porn video on the web, and I was masturbating. On a nice day like this, I just put on a pair of shorts, with no underwear, and a tee shirt. I can get the shorts over the two casts on my legs a lot easier than a pair of jeans.

My computer is on a desk near the patio door, and I had the glass door open with the screen closed. The fresh breeze was nice, and I do not get outdoors to enjoy it much.

The video had every kind of sex act in it, but at the moment it was showing a guy with a freak-of-nature size cock fucking a beautiful girl up the ass. It had my undivided attention, and I was stroking my cock as I watched.

I heard a noise just outside my screen door and I looked up to see Sarah standing there, with a pot of coffee in one hand, and cups in the other. I was startled, and I tried to hide my stiff cock with no success. Sarah was red-faced and obviously embarrassed.

She said, “I am so sorry, I didn’t mean to invade your privacy. I wanted to have coffee with you, and make sure you were OK.”

“I would have knocked, but my hands are full.”

I finally got my shrinking cock back in my shorts, and I asked her to come in. I don’t know who was the most embarrassed, but I tried to make the best of it. We tried to talk about anything else, ignoring what had just happened. But it was impossible.

I finally said “How long were you standing there?” Sarah answered, “Just for a minute or two. I was mesmerized. I have never seen a man doing that before.” Her face turned bright red again.

She went on, “Don’t be embarrassed. Everyone does that sometimes. And in your situation, it is perfectly understandable.” Since she said everyone does it, I pictured her playing with herself while she watched porn. It was a very hot visual.

Sarah said, “I do not have a computer. What were you watching?” I explained about the millions of web-sites with sexual material that are out there on the web.

“I have never seen anything like that. Could you turn it on again?” Wow, I thought. She is going to think I am a real pervert.

“OK”, I said, “But you will have to be very open-minded. This is triple-x rated stuff.”

I re-started the video I had been watching, from the beginning. Sarah pulled up a chair right next to me, and was very interested. The performers started out with oral sex, giving and receiving, and then started to fuck. Sarah’s eyes were glued to the screen.

We reached the point in the video where she had interrupted me, and the guy slowly pushed his big cock up the woman’s asshole. Sarah said “Oh, my!” and she was visibly shocked.

The video continued, with the guy fucking the woman in the ass, and the woman looking as if she was enjoying it. Sarah said, “I didn’t know that was possible. How can she take all that up her ass?”

“Sarah, lots of people do it that way. Many women prefer it.” I could see that she was imagining what it would be like, and it was turning her on. She didn’t take her eyes off the screen, and when they showed a close-up of the big cock disappearing up the asshole, Sarah was definitely aroused.

She gave me a pleasant smile, and said “Can I help you finish what you were doing, while we watch this?” Before I had a chance to say yes, she reached over and unzipped my shorts, and said “How convenient, no underwear!” She took my cock in her hand, and started to jack me off.

She expertly stroked my cock as we watched the video go to the end. Her delicate, small hand gripped my cock, and it was a lot more exciting than my hand was. She was a quick learner, since she had not seen how to do it until today.

When the guy in the video started to come, I did too. It squirted all over the computer screen, and ran down over her hand. Sarah said, “I’m sorry I made such a mess. That is a lot of cum!”

The video now showed the guy pulling his cock out and cum gushed out of the woman’s asshole and ran down her leg. Sarah watched closely, and I think she was wishing the load that just came out of me had gone into her, instead of all over the place.

I wheeled back from the desk, and she got some cleaning rags from my kitchen and cleaned up the monitor and the desk. When she was in the kitchen, I saw her in the corner of my eye, licking the cum off her hand.

My cock was still out of my shorts, and she held it as we sat and talked for a while. She said “We were just friends until an hour ago. Once I saw this, everything changed!” She gazed at it, and gave it a little squeeze.

“I have to get back to my place, before my husband comes home.” She returned to her apartment, but promised to come over again the next day. Like I said, she is a sweetheart.

True to her promise, at 9:30 the next morning she knocked on my patio door. She was more anxious to get started than I was. She said “Can we find another video like yesterday’s? I can hardly wait!”

We took the same position, me in my wheelchair and her beside me in her chair. As I brought up my favorite web-site and selected a video, she took my cock out and started to play with it. Very soon it was stiff and standing straight up.

I am no expert on cocks; I do not have any gay inclinations. But I do watch a lot of porn, and every cock is different. Some curve to the left, some to the right, and some curve upward. Some are longer, some are thicker.

Mine is straight as an arrow, and almost eight inches long. I know this because one of my previous girlfriends measured it. Sarah squeezed and felt the entire length of it.

“I feel so free and easy with you. Like I can do anything.”

“Yes”, I answered, “You can do anything or say anything you want to. You don’t have to be shy or modest with me.”

Sarah said, “Your cock is very nice. It is much longer than my husbands. I guess I shouldn’t talk about him that way. But he is not very imaginative about sex. Not like you!”

She blushed, and asked “Have you ever had this up a woman’s ass?”

I said “Sure, many times.”

“Did you get it in all the way?”

I answered “All the way to my balls.”

She said, “Did they scream?” Only with pleasure, I answered.

She kept playing with my cock, and traced around the head with her finger.

“Did you have to push hard?”

Well, yes, if it was their first time, I answered.

She held my cock firmly, and stared at the tip.

“I think it would be difficult to get it up a woman’s asshole. If it came down to more of a point, it would seem to be better. This big helmet-head would be painful.”

“Maybe some day you can put it in me, just a little.”

“I don’t think I could take it all. If you put just the tip in, would that make you come? I would like to know what that feels like.”

Sarah, I thought, you don’t understand. If a man gets the tip of his cock in you, he is going to shove it all the way in, even if he has to hold you down.

I said that she should let me know in advance when she wanted to do it, so I could save up an extra large load for her.

She said “My God, I don’t think you need to try to save up extra! I have never seen so much cum squirt out of a guy!”

She reached down and took my balls in her delicate hand. “Is this where you make all that stuff?”

“Yeah, but that is not where it is stored. That is further up in my body.”

“You mean, like a holding tank?”


She said “I have learned more about sex in the last day than in my whole life!”

She continued to fondle my cock, and looked at it lovingly. I could tell she was fantasizing about taking it up her ass, and receiving one of my mother-loads.

I told her that I was glad we had gotten to know each other like this. I reached over and put my hand on her leg, up close to her crotch. She was wearing a loose fitting pair of shorts, and she quickly pulled them down to her ankles. She did not have panties on, and I pushed my finger up her wet pussy.

She said “I wanted to give you a nice surprise, so I dressed like you, shorts with no underwear!”

The video was just getting started, with the woman sucking the guys cock. Sarah asked “Can’t we fast forward to the good part?” I knew what she meant, so I jumped ahead to the part where I knew the guy would put his cock up her ass.

Sarah watched intently as the porno stars meat-pole disappeared up the woman’s asshole. She stroked my cock faster and faster, and I blurted out “I’m going to come!”

Sarah surprised me again; she bent down in my lap and took my cock in her mouth. I grunted and groaned, and spurted a big load into her mouth. She gently sucked and swallowed it all.

She said “I wanted to make sure we didn’t make a mess this time!”

Yeah, I thought, and also you wanted it in your mouth. I saw you yesterday licking my cum off your hand.

I pulled my finger out of her pussy, and rubbed and stroked her clit, and she had a violent orgasm. We kind of hugged each other as best we could, sitting side-by-side. I kissed her, and her lips were slippery with my cum.

Days were not boring any more! Sarah would come over as soon as her husband left for work. She became a real fan of porno videos, and she would choose which ones she wanted to watch. I noticed that they were always anal sex videos.

After watching the action on the screen for a while, she would go for my cock. Instead of staying side by side in our chairs, she would kneel on the floor in front of me. I would keep watching while she sucked me off.

I am not totally confined to this wheelchair, I can move around slowly. It would now be her turn, and I would get on the floor in front of her while she watched the screen. I would lick her pussy until she would squeal and grunt with an orgasm. Her pussy was always very clean and fresh, with just a little musky smell.

We got to the point where we would both get completely naked before we started. We would begin with mutual masturbation, and finish each other off orally.

I knew she had developed some anal desires, and I would push my middle finger up her ass while I licked her clit. She didn’t complain. Her asshole was tight, though. I could tell she had never been fucked in the ass.

One day while she was watching a porno actor’s cock slide up an actress’s ass, I asked her if she wanted to try it. She obviously wanted to, but she seemed unsure.

“Your cock is so long, I don’t think I can take it all up my ass. I have never done that before.”

I replied “I can take care of that. Go into my bedroom, and on the nightstand there is some KY lube. Bring that here.”

She did, and I continued “Put some on my cock, especially on the head.” She followed my instructions, and waited.

“All right, now take some of the lube, and put it all over your middle finger. Put that finger up your asshole, and work it way up in you.”

She looked like I had asked her to do something that was way too kinky. She said “I have never had my finger up someone’s asshole, not even my own.”

Reluctantly, she did it. She had a strange look on her face as she slid her finger in and out of her ass.

“OK, I will just sit here as usual, and you back up to me like you are going to sit in my lap. Reach back and spread your ass apart, and as you sit down I will put the tip of my cock up against your asshole.”

“When you feel it touch you, just slowly sit down, and take it as far and as fast as you want to. Just take as much as you want.”

Again, she followed my instructions, and as she lowered herself, the tip of my cock went up her ass. She stopped, with just a little bit in, and took some deep breaths.

She lowered herself more, and more of my cock slid up her ass. She said “My God, it is so big! I don’t know!”

“Your finger was big enough for me. This may be all I can take!”

I am a pretty good-sized guy, and she is the size of a very young girl.

I was really hot by now, and clearly she was too. I asked her if she could take more, and she said, “I’ll try.” She sat down farther, and more of my stiff cock went up her tight asshole.

She let go of her butt and held on to the armrests of my chair for support. Still, it was difficult for her to support herself, suspended in air with half of my cock up her ass.

She held herself there as long as she could. She is not an athlete, or a gymnast, and her arms were getting tired. She couldn’t decide if taking more of my cock up her ass would be easier than holding herself up.

All of a sudden she seemed to give up, and surrender to it. She collapsed onto my lap, and my cock disappeared in her. I reached around and stroked and played with her clit, as she rocked back and forth.

“I can’t believe I have your entire cock in me! It feels like it’s up in my stomach!”

The video had long since stopped, but we were making our own porno now. She began to move up and down, taking my cock in and out of her. She kept up a steady rhythm, and I knew I couldn’t last much longer.

“Warn me when you are going to come! I want to be ready for it!”

“I can feel the head of your cock way up in me, and I want you to cum as far in me as you can!”

I said “Now!” She sat down hard on me, taking every bit of my cock in her.

She knew what would happen, from all of the loads she had taken in her mouth. I pumped the biggest load of my life deep inside her.

When she felt it squirting into her, she exploded into her own orgasm. She went completely limp, and we just stayed joined together by my cock.

I began to hope that my legs would never heal. Five days a week, six if he worked overtime on Saturday, we would have our sessions.

She has become insatiable about taking it up her ass. She sits down on me now with one swift move. I don’t push at all, I just line my cock up so it touches her asshole, and she slides down on it. She fucks herself on it, and her butt cheeks make a slapping sound when they hit me.

Once, just for something different, I asked her to take it up her pussy instead. She refused, explaining that she was not on any birth control, and did not want to chance it. Her sex life with her husband was now over, and he didn’t seem to care. So she just stopped taking the pill.

Well, of course, it was OK with me. I would be happy fucking her in the ass for the rest of my life. If she divorces the sorry jerk she is married to, I might ask her to get together permanently.

One day I was able to persuade her to lie on my bed, and I lurched over and flopped down beside her. I crawled down and dived headfirst into her crotch, and licked her pussy until she exploded like a hand grenade.

Then I rolled her over and fucked her ass like never before.

Home health care has never been this good.

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