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It was my dislike of hotels that was the problem. I was in the process of changing residences. I’d sold my current house, but the sale went through a lot faster than I’d expected. I’d assumed that it would take a while for my old place to sell and I expected to have actually moved into my new house before the sale was finalised.

It didn’t quite work out that way. I received a most attractive offer within the week, BUT, there was a stipulation. The buyer wanted to move in almost immediately. The offer was too good to knock back, even if it did mean I’d have to find temporary accommodation for a couple of months.

I accepted the offer, the lawyers got to work on the details, and I started looking for somewhere to live short-term.

I don’t really like hotels or motels. Good for a few days, but not for a couple of months, so I went looking for someone who was willing to take in a boarder for two months. I finally settled on a place with a young couple. They were looking for a student to rent, but as it was late in the year they didn’t really expect to get anyone until after the summer holidays. I pointed out that with me there they could get two months rental and still have time to rent to a student before the university year got under way.

They seemed a nice couple when I first met them. Mike was a big guy, rather handsome, I suppose, had a steady job, was very good natured and a bit of a sports fanatic. You might notice I haven’t said anything about how smart he was. That’s because he wasn’t. Nice, but maybe a little dumb.

Jean was quite pretty and knew how to make the most of her good points, and I’ll freely admit she has a couple of outstandingly good points. She wasn’t currently working, although she was looking for work. She appeared to be an amiable young woman, somewhat smarter than Mike.

All in all, I figured I’d have no problems, stuffed most of my things in storage, and moved in.

OK, so there was a problem, but it was one I was able to substantially ignore. Jean, it turned out, was a shrew. The least little thing seemed to set her off, and she wasn’t backwards about having a go at me if I was around when she was displeased. Now this was her home, and I was just a temporary boarder, so I kept a watch on my tongue and just stayed out of her way as much as possible. This was easy enough to do, but god, that woman irritated me at times.

The two months passed fairly quickly and soon my new house was ready. I arranged to take a couple of days off work, letting me have a four day weekend in which to move and settle in. I’d already let Mike know that I’d be gone by Sunday.

Thursday morning I slept in a little. Mike had already gone to work when I came out to the kitchen to have some breakfast. I had plenty of time, as the actual moving of my stuff wouldn’t take place until the next morning. All I had to do today was a bit of paperwork and pick up the keys.

So, I wander into the kitchen, all innocent like, made some breakfast and started eating it. Then Jean came in. Apparently she’d just gotten up and had forgotten that I wasn’t at work as all she had on was a nightie. Not see-through, unfortunately, but the fact that it was a nightie was enough to embarrass her and set her off.

She started telling me off, mentioning inconsiderate people who snuck around the house. She was in the process of working herself up into a real lather when I interrupted.

“Ah, Jean,” I said quietly, “I’ll be gone by Sunday. That means I’ll be here for, at most, two and a half more days. During the time that I’m actually in the house I’d like some peace and quiet, so could you kindly shut the fuck up.”

I resumed eating my breakfast while Jean stood there looking a little stunned. Slowly what I’d said percolated through. She’d heard it and understood it easily enough, but she initially just couldn’t believe I’d said it. When it finally registered she went quite red, took a big breath and started in on me.

You can guess the sort of tirade she launched upon my innocent head. I bravely ignored it while I finished my breakfast. By a happy coincidence I finished off my breakfast at the same time as she finally ran out of breath.

I didn’t get up. I sort of tilted the chair onto one leg and spun around on the spot so I was still sitting, but now facing her.

“You don’t take a hint very easily, do you?” I observed. “Let me see if I can explain my position a little better.”

With that I just grabbed her and jerked her over my knee.

“It seems to me that you need some positive reinforcement to help you digest a message,” I told her. “Unfortunately I don’t have anything to serve as positive reinforcement, so I’ll have to give you some negative reinforcement.”

Jean was wriggling and kicking but I was far stronger than her and held her quite easily. I flicked her nightie up out of the way.

“I bet if you’d known I was going to spank you,” I said with a soft laugh, “you’d have worn some panties.”

Jean had time for one horrified protest before my hand came down firmly on her bottom. I enjoyed that. As far as I was concerned, it was long overdue. And she had a very nice bottom, well worth looking at. She squealed in shock when my hand landed, but that was nothing to the shock she got when I kept going.

I paddled her bottom good and hard, taking out a bit of the accumulated frustration of being incessantly polite to her, no matter what her behaviour was like. Now I was preparing to leave and didn’t give a damn.

Now I’m not a brute. I didn’t just paddle Jean’s backside without any explanation. I told her precisely what my concerns were and the sort of attitude adjustment I hoped to see for the remainder of my stay.

Sad to say, my suggestions didn’t go down too well. As a matter of fact you might say they were completely ignored. Would you believe that as soon as I stood Jean on her feet, she had another go at me?

It was quite amusing, really, to see her standing there yelling at me. Her bottom must have been stinging as she had hitched her nightie up and her hands were on her bottom, holding it tenderly while she yelled at me. I can only guess that she didn’t realise just how short her nightie was, and just how much she was showing me while she stood there with it hitch up.

Jean apparently noticed that I was trying not to laugh, and that kicked her temper up a notch. The silly woman tried to hit me. She just brought her arm around in a big wide sweep, the end of the sweep supposedly being my face. I declined to have my face there when her hand reached that point.

As Jean swung I slipped to one side and stood up. Missing her target threw Jean off balance and she staggered forward and finished up sprawled across the table. She really should wear a longer nightie. Bent over the table like that she was fully exposed. Quite shameful, really.

And irresistible, I found.

I’d unzipped and was moving up behind her before she even knew what was happening. The first she knew of her new problem was when she found my erection pressing against her pussy. She squealed and tried to push herself up and away from the table, but what the hell did she think that was going to do? All she did was push her pussy firmly towards me, and it would have been rude not to accept the offering. My cock found its way between her lips and started going deeper.

It was an odd situation. The spanking must have aroused her, as her passage was hot and wet, and my cock slid into her with no problems, her soft flesh yielding to my sudden hardness. At the same time, Jean was verbally castigating me, implying that what was happening was not to her taste.

I didn’t let her verbal offence distract me. I slid smoothly into place, holding her hips firmly as I pushed home. Once I’d slapped home I started some real action. My hands moved from her hips, up inside her nightie, finally capturing her lovely breasts. Holding them firmly I started pumping my cock, enjoying the way her breasts massaged my hands as her body started swaying back and forth with the force of my strokes.

I took my time, initially, letting Jean get used to me. She was a little reluctant at the start, still giving me a mouthful, but after a short while I could feel her starting to move in rhythm with me.

Once Jean was moving with me I increased the speed of my strokes, drawing right back until we almost disengaged and then thrusting home hard. Jean had finally shut-up, apart from gasps and groans and little squeals as I took her.

I think I might have mentioned that I had time to spare, so I saw no need to make this a quick bang and go. I took my time, drawing it out, and enjoying every prolonged second of it. Despite what Jean might claim afterwards, she was totally involved with what was happening. Her bottom was bouncing as she took me, lifting and pushing to make sure I went in as deep as possible, and her squeals of excitement were unmistakable.

I took her to the edge of a climax, mine and hers, and worked hard at staying on that edge. It was exhilarating, and damn it felt fine.

I couldn’t keep it up, unfortunately. I could feel that I was going to blow, no matter what I did. Hell, even if I disengaged, I was going to blow. So I piled on the pressure. I rammed home harder and faster, and then I climaxed, feeling Jean quivering and shaking as her own climax hit her.

Afterwards, when Jean had recovered, she gave me a killing look and stalked out of the room. I had a cup of coffee then went about my business for the day.

I didn’t get back that evening until after dinner. When I did arrive back Mike and Jean were both in the front room watching TV. Jean gave me another killing look and then pointedly looked elsewhere. I was less than the dirt beneath her shoe, only fit to be trodden on. I said goodnight and adjourned to my room. I’d thought that Jean wouldn’t be the type to complain, even to her husband. It didn’t fit her amour propre to have someone else know that she had had an involuntary sex session.

I couldn’t believe it the next morning when I was having my breakfast and Jean came storming into the kitchen. She was once again dressed in a nightie (not the same one) and she started on me as soon as she spotted me. It was a case of how dare I spank her? And then to make matters worse by ravishing her? Who the hell did I think I was?

Her timing was bad. I’d just about finished breakfast, so I didn’t need to take it while I sat and ate. I finished a last couple of mouthfuls and then stood up and turned around. Jean went slightly pale.

“Don’t you dare try and spank me again,” she snapped. “I won’t have it.”

“Fine,” I said, unzipping. “Just step this way and sit down of your own free will and there’ll be no spanking.”

Maybe not entirely of her own free will. While I unzipped my hand also reached out and grabbed a handful of nightie. I sat back down, erection standing tall and drew her closer to me.

“You’ve got to be kidding,” she said, sounding as though she was convinced that I was mad. “You don’t really think I’m going to sit on that, do you?”

“Whatever you decide,” I said equably. “It would save you a spanking, though. I did tell you that I didn’t want you abusing me anymore.”

“I’m sorry,” she muttered. “I was upset. Surely even you can understand that.”

“Of course,” I said, generosity itself. “And I’m sure you’re now going to show just how sincere your apology is.”

While talking I’d pulled her closer until she was standing straddling me, and my hands were cupping her bottom cheeks. Still no panties, I’d noticed. Apparently she didn’t sleep in them.

“Come on. You don’t really expect me to just sit down on that.”

I didn’t say anything, just waiting. I may have started to pat her bottom a little as a sort of hint, but that was all. It finally seemed to register with her that I was serious and that she had to either sit or be spanked, and she wasn’t at all sure that a spanking wouldn’t be followed up by a fucking anyway.

Jean looked at me and then looked away, chewing on her lip. I suspect the previous day’s little adventure had given me a touch of psychological domination over her, and so it proved. She gave me an angry look, but she eased herself down, and I could feel my cock first pressing against her pussy and then sliding up into her. With a little groan she settled fully onto my lap, impaled on my erection.

Now when a woman lowers herself onto your erection you should be able to expect a bit of enthusiasm for what was going to happen. Not in this particular case. Jean started to move on me all right, but lethargically, as though her heart wasn’t in it. She could do better. Yesterday had showed that.

I slapped her bottom, bringing a yelp from her.

“What was that for?” she protested.

“An incentive for you to move your ass,” I said, smiling as I gave her another friendly wallop.

“Well fuck you if it’s not good enough,” she snapped. “You’re the one who wanted it.”

“And I’m going to get it, properly,” I told her, delivering another sharp spank. “Are you going to shake your ass or enjoy the spanks?”

Jean said something I won’t repeat and started moving her ass.

Her performance, while a little more enthusiastic, was also a little wooden, but finally the lust and excitement started to work on her. Very soon she was eagerly bouncing up and down on my shaft. She’d convinced herself that she had no choice and that she’d better make the best of it.

Make the best of it is exactly what she did. She moved from straight bouncing to gyrating, twisting and rocking as she bounced, giving excited little cries as her excitement built. For my part, I was doing my best to assist, driving hard up into her every time she slid down my cock, pushing myself into as deep as possible.

Jean was bouncing happily, little sobbing gasps escaping her as she took her pleasure from me, working earnestly towards a climax. I was just about clinging to the chair as she worked, appreciating the activity and fearing I’d come far too soon and spoil Jean’s hopes. If you insist on a woman pleasing you, you really need to make sure you do your part and please her.

Finally I couldn’t hold out any longer. I gave a groan, clamped my hands onto her hips and really drove up into her, ejaculating hot and hard. Jean gasped, then screamed and I could feel her clamping down on me, her own climax triggered by the splash of my seed.

After an invigorating start to the morning I was feeling on top of the world and really ready to tackle all the work involved in moving my stuff to my new address. I had a most productive day and, if it hadn’t been for the bits and pieces I’d left at Mike and Jean’s place, I’d have just stayed there. As it was I decided to return, gather up what I had left, and return to spend my first night at my new home.

I had some dinner and then headed back to Mike and Jean’s place. When I got there Mike was watching the game, loudly. It was live and he was intent, yelling at the ref, cheering his side and abusing their opponents. I’d seen him like this other nights. No way was he moving from that couch until the game was done. It was Jean’s place to ensure that he had beer and nibbles close at hand, and right then he was comfortably provided for.

I told him I was just grabbing my things and then I’d be gone, thanking him for his hospitality. He sort of nodded, grunted and waved a hand in acknowledgement, but I don’t know if anything I said registered. I wasn’t the game so I wasn’t of any interest.

I’d packed my things and was just about ready to walk out when I heard a noise behind me. Turning around I saw Jean was standing in the doorway, looking pleased.

“I heard you tell Mike you were leaving now,” she said, revealing the source of her pleasure. “I thought it only polite to say goodbye.”

‘And good riddance’ was left unsaid, but I heard it anyway.

There are those times when a touch of evil genius strikes. This was one of them.

“Quite right. I’m packed and soon I’ll be history. However, before I go – hop up on the bed on your hands and knees. I want to take you one last time.”

I thought her eyes might pop she looked so stunned.

“Are you quite insane? Why the hell would I do that? Apart from anything else, Mike’s home.”

“Forget him,” I said dismissively. “There’s a game on and he’s not going to budge until it’s over. But I intend to make this one a quick one. As soon as you’re in position it’ll be panties down and I’ll take you hard and fast. Come on,” I said, patting the bed. “You know you want to.”

I was tempted to say, you’ve been a bitch, now see how bitches do it, but I guessed that might have been counter-productive.

Reaching over I cupped my hand around her elbow and drew her into the room, closing the door behind her. Talking softly I eased her over to the bed and, to my relief, she hopped up onto it, although the look on her face seemed to say ‘what the hell am I doing?’

As soon as Jean was on the bed I pushed her head down, getting her to rest it on her arms, while I made sure her knees were nicely bent and her bottom was hoisted high. Climbing onto the bed I took up position behind her, kneeling between her legs. I flicked her dress up out of the way and lowered her panties.

She had her head turned, trying to see what I was doing, that look of disbelief still on her face. I slid down my trousers, letting my toy come romping out to play. I pointed sideways, indicating the dressing table, and Jean turned to look at it. I saw the look on her face change from disbelief to shock as she found herself looking at us in the mirror, my cock hovering scant inches from her pussy.

I pushed forward slowly, watching Jean and seeing her keeping her eyes glued to the mirror. She gave a little gasp when my cock finally pressed against her, and a little squeak as I started pushing in. Her eyes seemed to be opening wider and wider the deeper I went, and remained glued to the mirror, wanting to see the whole thing.

She wasn’t quite ready for me, not having expected this to happen, but the deeper I went the wetter she became. By the time I was fully in her she was wet and willing.

“OK, ready?” I asked. “Remember, hard and fast is what I promised.”

With that, hard and fast is what I delivered. My cock slammed into her, driving in deep, whipping out only to return with another vigorous thrust. With that first drive Jean gave a muffled shriek, then grabbed a pillow. From that point on she buried her face in the pillow, shrieking her head off as my cock pummelled her pussy, driving in again and again.

Please don’t think it was all one-sided. As soon as I established a rhythm, albeit a fast one, Jean was responding, lifting her bottom to take me deep, pushing eagerly to meet my assault, knowing she could handle it and relishing my attempt to subjugate her.

The trouble with a fast fuck is that it’s over too fast. It was invigorating while it lasted, but it didn’t last anything like long enough. Almost before I knew it I was blowing my load, but at least I had the satisfaction of hearing Jean scream into her pillow and I could feel her shuddering against me as she climaxed.

I stayed there, leaning against her while I recovered my breath. Finally withdrawing, I straightened my clothes, grabbed my bags and did one last check to see that I had everything. A final pat on the bottom for Jean and I departed, closing the door as I left. (Imagine the furore if Mike did get up and wander down the hall and found her on my bed, face down, bum up. A little discretion never hurts.)

I stopped at the front room to wave goodbye to Mike and was ignored in favour of umpire abuse. I shrugged and left, finally heading to my home.

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