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Holiday Weekend Surprise

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Chapter One

So, there I was sitting in my middle class living room, in my middle class life being bored as hell. I always thought the phrase bored to tears was just a euphemism, but oh no – I was genuinely struggling to fight back tears of pure unadulterated boredom.

Don’t get me wrong, usually I was pretty happy with my life. I enjoyed my job, my boyfriend was a genuinely caring nice guy, we had good friends to go out with, and money wasn’t so tight that we couldn’t treat ourselves every now and again and have some good holidays. All in all Pete & I had it pretty good, and there in lies the problem – Pete was away on business and wouldn’t be back for at least 4 or 5 days& I was bored!.

I know what you’re thinking – middle class woman lost without her man, but you’re wrong. I had friends I could call, people I could see, pubs I could go to, but I wasn’t interested in any of it. It all seemed just as boring as staying at home in front of the TV; it all seemed too NORMAL!

I was desperate to do something daring, flamboyant, extreme or exotic but it was all so far away from my normal life I had no idea where to start. I wanted to greet Pete on his return with “you’ll never guess what I’ve spent the last few days doing”, & the fact that I couldn’t even think where to start was the most depressing of all.

I thought about my friends and who I could turn to for inspiration, but they’re all in the same rut as me and I couldn’t think of a single likely candidate or potential ally in a wild venture. I thought of the people I work with but they’re mostly really nice people with families who gave up wild some years ago when they decided to ‘settle down’ to a normal life. The only one who offered any hope was a new girl called Cally who’d started a few weeks ago. She always seemed to have great stories of how she’d spent her weekends and never seemed to have a dull moment but I didn’t have her number and besides, I’d only chatted to her a few times & wouldn’t have felt comfortable calling her out of the blue. You see, I really am just a plain Jane usually and she’s such a free spirit, I could imagine her laughing at the very idea of me wanting to join in with her shenanigans.

The next day at work was a Friday which is always my busiest day and the morning whizzed by without me having time to think about anything other than work. It was a bank holiday weekend so I was even busier than usual. At lunchtime I stopped and popped into a local café for a sandwich and a coffee. My food had just arrived & I was engrossed in the crossword when I felt a hand on my shoulder and looked up to see Cally standing there. “I’m sorry Cat, I didn’t mean to disturb you but I was wondering if I could share your table” she asked very tentatively. My god am I really so scary?

I looked around – the café had filled up since I came in and there were only a few seats left. “of course you can, don’t sound so worried, I don’t bite” I replied with my biggest, friendliest smile.

“I wasn’t worried; I just assumed that you’d be waiting for someone to join you. It didn’t occur to me that someone like you would be eating alone”.

“Someone like me?” I almost snorted coffee down my nose. “You make me sound vaguely interesting!” I laughed. “It’s funny, I was just sitting and thinking last night how I’d like to be more like you. You seem to have such exciting weekends and my life is beginning to seem a little dull right now. I have a whole weekend to fill and I’m struggling for ideas that don’t seem mundane. In fact the only thing I’ve come up with to fill part of 3 days is a trip to Stonehenge”

“What a fab idea, I wish I’d thought of doing something like that”

“Surely you’ve got a whole weekend full of wonderful things planned” I replied in surprise, “you always have packed weekends with friends in clubs & you’re such a lively outgoing person you must have masses of friends to keep you busy?”

“Actually I’m in a bit of a rut myself. I spend most of my time with the same friends in the same club. I have a bit of an alternative lifestyle so it kind of suits me to spend my time with like minded people but it does get kind of dull & repetitive after a while”

As she was saying this I noticed that her normally bright and shining green eyes lost some of their usual sparkle and she suddenly seemed so sad.

“Hey what’s up?” oh god, it seemed I’d upset her somehow but I didn’t know why.

“Sorry” She sniffed “I’ve just split up with my partner and I’m not finding it easy to adjust”.

“So why don’t you join me tomorrow? We could make a day of it and take a picnic; the weather’s supposed to be great”

“I couldn’t impose on your weekend; I’d feel like a spare wheel with you and your fella”

I laughed at the thought that she felt she would be putting me out when I’d be glad of the company – or was she just politely saying that she didn’t want to spend the day with me regardless of how bad she was feeling?

I took the plunge and risked the rejection I felt sure was on its way. “My fella’s away on business for the whole weekend so I’m going alone. I’d really appreciate the company. It wouldn’t be the same without someone to share it with & I’m determined not to spend the weekend doing the same old things!”

“In that case I’d love to come!” she beamed “I haven’t been to the Henge since I was a kid & it’s about time I went again” Was this part of her ‘alternative lifestyle’ I wondered. I thought of her long sinewy frame, elfin features and close cropped hair and suddenly had visions of her in a druid’s cloak & I had to stifle a giggle.

The next morning I pulled up outside Cally’s flat bright and early so we could get some road behind us before the Bank holiday traffic started to build. I tooted my horn and waited but nothing happened. After about 10 mins I decided to knock on her door and was just climbing out of the car when she emerged. I was completely taken aback by this vision of loveliness that greeted me. The austere work suits had been replaced by a pair of tight denim cut offs that hugged her arse like a second skin, and her long legs were tanned and well shaped and toned. She wore a tight white sleeveless tee shirt which displayed arms that were as tanned and as beautifully shaped as her legs, and accentuated her boobs nicely. I couldn’t help noticing that her tits were bigger than I’d realised, but that they must be beautifully formed as they were standing proud without the aid of a bra. This was obvious by the way that her nipples were straining against the cotton of her tee shirt.

With her hair still wet and tousled from the shower and an impish grin on her face she ran over to the car, pecked me on the cheek & threw some bags in the boot. “Hi Cat, sorry I’m a few mins late. I’ve had problems with my boiler and can’t get any hot water – I’ve just had the coldest shower ever but at least I’m wide awake now” she chortled. I guess that explained the nipples then!

She had the cutest little laugh. “No not a druid” I thought, “more like a beguiling fairy of some description, and possibly a slightly naughty fairy at that!”

“No problem” I said, still coming to terms with how great she looked in this simple outfit, and more importantly the effect it was having on me, “you look absolutely fabulous – are you one of these people who always know exactly what clothes you look good in or do you just look good in everything?”

“Me? Well, I don’t know” she stammered, slightly embarrassed “I mean thanks for the compliment, I try to look after my body, but I think I’m too gangly”.

“Well I think you look great. Look, I’m sorry I didn’t mean to embarrass you, let’s get out of here and hit the road, I hope you can read a map?”

The next 2 hours whizzed by. We chatted easily about all sorts of topics, some silly some serious, and soon found ourselves in Andover where we decided to stop for brunch. We sat outside a lovely little café with the sun beating down upon us, munching on hot bacon sandwiches and drinking cool iced tea. The weather was getting hotter and hotter and it wasn’t even 11am yet. I leaned forward in my plastic chair and felt my tee shirt stuck to my back with sweat. I’d left my hat in the car and I could feel the sweat running down my scalp into my neck. I was betting that I looked like a beetroot!

Suddenly I started as I felt something cool and damp on the back of my neck. Cally had taken a washcloth from a Tupperware box that she’d brought filled with iced water and was swabbing my neck with it – it felt utterly delicious! “I wish I’d thought to bring……” I started. “Shush. Just close your eyes and concentrate on the cool cloth”

I closed my eyes & did as I was told. Cally refreshed the cloth in the cold water and placed it under my hairline at the back of my neck and squeezed until the icy cold water was running down my back. I let out an involuntary gasp & shivered as she moved the cloth around ensuring that all of the back of my neck was cool. I nearly opened my eyes but Cally stopped me by placing the cold cloth over my face, caressing my skin with cool water, “Mmmmm that feels SO good” I murmured, but I didn’t get to say anything else before the cloth was refreshed and placed under my chin and squeezed again. The cold water ran down the base of my throat and down onto my breasts. I could feel my nipples stand to attention instantly from the sensuous strokes of the cloth and the cold water, and then the cloth was moving and filling the area of skin left exposed by the deep V neck of my tee shirt. I was in heaven as this pixy woman caressed the top of my ample breasts with the soft cloth, both cooling my skin & setting it on fire at the same time.

I opened my eyes to find Cally staring intensely at my face.

“Wow” I was at a loss for words; I didn’t think I should let Cally know just how much I had been turned on by her ministrations.

“I didn’t mean to get so intimate” she smiled coyly “but you looked like you were enjoying it so much I couldn’t help myself”

I laughed. So much for not letting her know she’d turned me on! I looked down at my tits to find my nipples still proud and at attention under my now wet & see-through tee shirt “you seem to have had quite an impact” I stated boldly.

“Sorry. I don’t normally start fondling women uninvited, but those breasts are kind of mesmerizing” So now I understood the comment about her ‘Alternative lifestyle’!

“I don’t usually allow my self to be fondled uninvited, by men or women, but I’d be lying if I denied finding that deeply wonderful. Maybe we’d better get to the henge before we cook in this heat”. I said as I started gathering my things, “& just for the record, I think your ex partner must be missing those hands of yours” I said with a wink.

I thought our encounter might make the rest of the day a little strange but I couldn’t have been more wrong. We walked around arm in arm, chatting easily, making jokes and flirting a little with each other. We didn’t cross any boundaries and both of us enjoyed this new found friendly intimacy. I was beginning to think that this could be the start of a really good new friendship.

After we’d walked around Stonehenge several times and discussed the merits of the various ideas of how & why it was built, we decided to find somewhere for our picnic. The area around the Henge itself was full of loud tourists but I didn’t know the area well enough to suggest anything else. Cally however had another suggestion.

“Ok, if you follow my directions I think I can find us a great picnic spot, but don’t tell me off if I get us lost – it’s been a while since I’ve spent any time in this part of the country”

After a 15 minute drive and a couple of wrong turns I started to get a bit worried when the road turned into more of a track, but Cally was beaming that she’d found the right place so I stuck with it and nursed my car over the bumpy road. When we came to a dead end Cally jumped out of the car shouting “stay here a moment, I want to make sure it’s how I remember it” & dashed off into the trees.

After a few moments she came back smiling. “I think you’ll prefer this to all of those awful tourists” and we grabbed the stuff out of the boot and walked toward the trees. Cally told me to watch my step as we entered the woodland and I followed her through some dense foliage that seemed to be a dead end. With that impish grin and a chortle Cally pushed through a bush and disappeared. I followed her and stopped dead in my tracks when I emerged on the other side.

I was standing in a clearing next to a small lake. There were no sounds other than nature itself and I was awestruck but the simple beauty of the place. How did Cally know this was here I wondered? She seemed to read my thoughts. “I went to Uni in Bath and a friend brought me here a couple of times, I didn’t think it would still be here like this though”.

I stared at Cally, at this amazing woman who was full of surprises. “I guess I was wrong about you again”.

“How so?” she asked looking slightly concerned.

“Well first I had you down as a druid, then maybe a witch or a fairy or a pixie, but know I know the truth” I beamed “you’re a wood nymph!”

We laid blankets down on the ground and shared bread and cheese, & cold meats and fruit, all washed down with a well chilled crisp white wine from the cooler in the boot. We chatted aimlessly until the warmth of the sun and the wine started to get the better of me and I dozed off.

I woke to find Cally sunbathing on her front. She’d taken her tee shirt off and was laying there naked from the waist up. I couldn’t take me eye’s off the contours of her well defined back and shoulders – the gentle slop down to that amazing arse, all wrapped up in denim so tight it left little to the imagination.

Suddenly I felt a little impish myself. I reached into the lake and filled a plastic cup with ice cold water & then I tiptoed back and stood over Cally. Slowly I tipped the cup until a steady stream of freezing liquid fell from the cup onto Cally’s hot sweaty back.

“OH MY GOD” she screamed and jumped up in one fluid movement. I was so engrossed in the sight of her naked breasts that I didn’t realize at first that she was lunging at me. She grabbed me around the waist and drove me backwards so quickly that I had no chance to react until I was already falling. I grasped at her wrist to stop myself crashing backwards but the momentum was too great and I tugged her with me. We hit the icy water with an almighty splash & surfaced laughing and gasping for air in the cold, clear water.

We stood up and the water reached just above waist level. Cally came and stood inches in front of me. So close that I could feel the warmth of her breath on my wet face. I was captivated by the sight of her and a small voice from deep inside of me spoke before I had a chance to control it. “I really, really want to touch your tits!” Oh my god – did I just say that?

Cally closed the gap & placed my right hand on her left breast, while covering my mouth with hers in the most delicate, soft and sensual kiss I’ve been privileged to receive. I stood there for a moment unable to comprehend this sensation, but my body took over pretty quickly and I shifted slightly so that I could kiss the side of her neck. She moaned gently as my fingers caressed her rigid nipple and I kissed down her throat and breasts until I had the other nipple gripped lightly in my teeth. I nibbled and sucked and licked – lost in a weird world of feelings. I’d never been this brazen but I was at a loss to ignore the heat starting to grow in my pussy.

Cally lifted my face to hers and kissed me deeply. She took my hand and led me from the lake back to the blankets. With her voice deep & husky “I think we should get out of these wet things before we get cold don’t you?” Before waiting for an answer she took hold of the bottom of my tee shirt & lifted it over my head. I was awestruck by this amazing creature & desperate for her touch but she walked away and draped my top over a branch to dry. She came back and unhooked my bra as I stood in unresisting silence, then she took that and hung it up as well. When she came back she kneeled in front of me with her face inches from my shorts. She slowly undid the zip and tugged the wet cotton over my arse in one swift movement that took my panties off at the same time. She looked up at me with that marvelous grin and lowered her face to me. Her tongue flicked against my clit quickly and my knees buckled with pleasure.

She stepped away from me but her eyes never left mine as she teasingly pealed that tight layer of denim from her to arse, revealing no underwear beneath. I stared at her neatly trimmed pussy & saw how it glistened with moisture.

Longing to touch her & taste her I took her hand and we lay back together on the blanket without a word being spoken. Her skin was like silk and for the longest time we lay holding each other and kissing; just stroking each others arms, back & legs. I could feel the heat building between my legs to an unbearable pleasure.

I rolled Cally onto her back and straddled her, gazing down at her beautiful body below me. I leant forward to kiss her and ground my pussy against hers. I kissed her face and neck before sliding down her body & taking her nipples into my mouth in turn. I sucked on them hard while sliding my right hand down her side to her thigh. She raised herself up to me but I wasn’t making it that easy for her. I caressed her belly and thighs, sliding down to kiss and suck her navel, than bypassing her pussy completely I started kissing her right ankle all the way back up to her thigh.

She was groaning with pleasure and writhing around. I was going to tease further and go to the other ankle but when I reached the top of her inner thigh the musky smell was just too much for me and I ground my face into her pussy. She bucked and pushed herself against me as I fucked her deeply with my tongue – when she sounded like she was about to come so I pulled away and grinned up at her face.

“Oh please Cat!!!!” she pleaded with sheer abandon “you can’t stop now!”

“Oh I’ve only just started!” I breathed as I started to tickle her clit slowly with my tongue. She was so wet and I could feel her juices all over my face and chin. I brought my right hand up and slowly inserted a crooked finger into her pussy and stroked her G spot while licking hard at her clit. Her moaning and bucking intensified and I inserted another finger and increased the pressure of my tongue. The taste and smell of Cally coming into my mouth was too much for me to resist and I could feel myself coming with her as I fought to keep my mouth pressed against her bucking clit until she screamed with pleasure and collapsed backward onto the rug.

“Oh sweet lord!” she grinned at me “you sure know how to eat well” she laughed “That was the most intense orgasm, – I thought you were straight?” I wiggled up to sit next to her.

“Actually I’m Bi – I just happen to have ended up with a guy, but Pete’s Bi too and we have a kind of an open relationship. He manages bands and I’m sure he sleeps with some of them – we just don’t talk about it and he always comes home to me”

“And I thought I was seducing you, well how wrong could I be?”

“Oh you captivated me from the moment you walked to the car with your nipples trying to escape your tee shirt!” I cried laughing.

“Talking of nipples, I’ve wanted to do this all day” Cally pushed me back gently onto the blankek and took one of my nipples into her mouth. She rolled it gently between her teeth while sucking hard and it hurt a little bit and had me squealing in painful ecstasy. She reached down and parted my thighs with her right hand and gasped. “Oh god you’re sooo wet, and hot!” Her fingers stroked in & out of me while her thumb applied constant pressure to my clit – all the while her hot wet mouth never leaving my nipples. Suddenly she plunged 3 fingers deep into my pussy and caressed my G spot fiercely. My body pushed against her hand and face so hard – I was coming and nothing was going to stop me!

Cally seemed to be covering my whole body in one go – her mouth had possession of my nipples, her right hand had 3 fingers deftly working my pussy, her thumb was making my clit fill with blood and pulsate deliciously and her left hand was stroking my face and neck. This combination of sensations was suddenly too much for me and I squealed and bucked and writhed into a jaw dropping climax that left me feeling weak and tingly all over.

We both collapsed back onto the rug and lay there entwined; our sweat and juices mingling into one hot wet sticky mess until we both fell into an exhausted slumber in the afternoon sunshine.

I awoke to Cally kissing my neck gently. “Oh my god, what time is it?” The sun had set and darkness was beginning to close over us. I tried to stand up and found that I had aching muscles in my legs and arms from our lovemaking and groaned as I fell back onto the blanket. “What have you done to me woman? I feel as if I’ve been beaten up” I giggled, remembering the way she had possessed my body completely.

“It was quite a workout” she smiled as she pulled me to my feet.

We were both still naked and we just stood a few feet apart looking at each other’s bodies unashamedly. I walked toward her and cupped her face in my hands while I kissed her softly but with great passion. “Thank you for a wonderful day” I breathed into her ear as I held her body tight to mine. I was reluctant to let this enchanting creature go.

“Oh no, thank you gorgeous!” Gorgeous? It had been a while since someone had called me that and it made me shiver all over.

Eventually we parted and dressed and during the drive home the heat of the car kept sending little wafts of sex into my nostrils – I think I smiled the whole journey.

Chapter Two

When I pulled up outside Cally’s flat it suddenly hit me that this was it – our adventure was over. I turned off the ignition and just sat there staring out of the windscreen – for once I was lost for words.

“It’s getting late” sighed Cally. She sounded as depressed as I felt.

“I know; I’ve had the best day” I smiled at her but I couldn’t hide the sadness from my voice or my eyes, and when she lifted her face to look at me I saw that her eyes were moist.

“I’m sorry, I just don’t want it to finish yet, I want to keep you for a little longer” and then that impish grin spread over her face again as she remembered how we’d spent the afternoon – hey, who was I to argue?

“It doesn’t have to. I seem to remember that your boiler’s broken – why don’t you run inside and grab some things and stay with me for the rest of the weekend while your landlord gets it fixed?” “But you’d better hurry or you’ll be in the spare room rather than in my huge bed!” I grinned back at her.

With that she leapt from the car grabbing her keys from her handbag and ran to the house. She didn’t even close the door and must have been back again with a holdall in less than 5 minutes. She was breathing hard when she got back into the car.

“That was quick, you’re out of breath – I thought you were fit?” I teased.

“Oh I’m not out of breath at all” She smiled that wonderfully naughty pixy smile at me, “My breathing always gets ragged when I get turned on, and as I’m currently imagining all of the things we could do to each other in the next 2 days it’s amazing I can breathe at all!”

I drove home like a maniac, and as we entered the front hall and dumped our bags on the floor we dived at each other like long lost lovers who hadn’t seen each other for months. Our mouths locked in the most passionate dance as we kissed, and kissed and kissed some more. Her hands were in my hair and she caressed my face and neck, while all the time her tongue was probing my mouth and driving my crazy.

We finally came up for air and laughed at our shared frenzy. I grabbed her by the hand and showed her around the house. “If you’re going to be staying here you better know where to find everything”

“I’ve got everything I need right here” as she grabbed my arse and squeezed tightly.

“I think I’d better show you downstairs first and save the best for last” I giggled. I guided her around the house showing her the lounge; dining room, kitchen and study, then I took her upstairs and showed her the bathroom with its double sized shower – plenty big enough for 2 people. “Maybe we ought to freshen up a little after the long drive?”

“Oh we will, my little wood fairy, but you must have the rest of the tour first” I took her into the spare bedroom and told her she could stow her stuff in there. She looked confused and a little hurt. “It’s ok honey, I just wanted to give you some space of your own where you can leave your gear. Don’t even consider the idea of sleeping in here – in fact I have a feeling we might not get much sleep at all!” and I pinched her nipple playfully.

Next I took her to my bedroom and she smiled when she saw my bed. It’s a huge extra kingsize with a sturdy headboard that can stand a lot of strain.

I turned and took her in my arms and she tried to maneuver me backwards toward the bed.

“All in good time Babe. I said I’d save the best for last, and this isn’t it”

I took 2 huge fluffy towels from the airing cupboard and threw one to Cally.

“Get naked and wait for me here, I have a surprise for you but it’ll take a couple of minutes go get it organized” I ran from the room and down the stairs, wishing I’d stuck around to watch Cally undress.

When I walked back into the bedroom Cally was sitting on a chair wrapped up in her towel very demurely. I stripped off my clothes quickly and walked over to her, my breathing getting faster and faster as my imagination ran wild. I held out my hand and she rose from the chair leaving the towel behind. I gasped as I saw her body again. “You have the most amazing body, you have skin as soft as a peach and your muscle tone leaves me breathless” She walked into my arms and wrapped one of her long legs around mine, pinning me to her.

“I really need to have you again” she breathed into my ear in the most sultry, husky voice.

“Are you ready for your surprise?”

“Can’t I have you first? I’m burning up here”

“Grab your towel & follow me” and I untangled myself from her legs and ran from the room, dragging my towel behind me. I could hear her footsteps close behind as I ran down the stairs, through the lounge, into the kitchen and out of the back door into the still warm summer night.

Cally stopped at the back door, unsure until she realized that the garden wasn’t overlooked. When her eyes settled on the Jacuzzi tub she squeaked with delight and ran towards me, her perfect breasts bouncing gently against her chest.

We stepped into the bath and straight into a tight embrace. The water was thigh deep and wonderfully warm and fragrant and as we lowered ourselves into it I hit the switch and started the water jets.

Her hands were all over me as we kissed and I couldn’t get enough of her. We stroked and kneaded and pinched and caressed and fondled until we were both wild with desire.

I sat back on the Jacuzzi bench and pulled Cally onto my lap. Her tall frame meant that her breast were right in front of my face and her nipples were so dark and hard as I placed first one and then the other into my mouth and sucked hard. Her groans were pure animal and she ground her pussy into me as I teased and licked her buds. My hands were roving all over her body and as I slid them down to her arse and ran my thumbs down her crack she pressed herself into me so tightly that I had to lift my head. She immediately possessed my mouth with hers and I reached my hand under her tight arse until I could tease her lips with my fingers. I ran them around the outside of her lips and inner thighs, avoiding her hole and clit completely as she fucked my mouth with her tongue and grabbed my hair.

“You’re driving me insane Cat, please touch me, PLEASE” she groaned into my mouth.

I made her turn around and sat her back on my lap wrapping my arms around her from behind. I kissed the back of her neck and shoulder blades as I caressed those oh-so-perfect tits. My hands moved down, stroking her belly and fingering her belly button as I planted kisses on her neck and back. I was driving myself mad too and I couldn’t resist any longer. I slid my hands lower still and slipped my fingers between her lips. She gasped and arched her back against me sending shivers down my spine; I dipped my fingers in and out of her pussy and strummed her clit like a guitar. The jets from the Jacuzzi were massaging my arse making me hornier by the second, and as Cally’s juices coated my hands in their silky, slippery loveliness I reveled in the heat between my thighs.

Cally bucked and rode my hand while reaching back to grab my butt, kneading my flesh with desire. I pulled her tightly against my chest and drove my fingers into her slippery crevice, making Cally let out a guttural moan of pure lust. My left hand pinched her nipples hard while my right hand fucked her pussy & even in the water I could feel her slippery juices coating my thighs and mingling with my own copious sweetness. I increased the pace of my fingers and dropped my left hand down to circle and rub her clit as Cally’s hands reached backwards and grabbed my head, forcing my face into the sweet curves of her neck where I set to work nibbling on her ear and shoulder. Cally’s moans got louder with every thrust of my fingers and I increased the pressure on her wonderfully swollen clit until it was all I could do to hang on she was bucking and writhing so hard. I felt her thighs tense and she threw her head back and panted “oh – my –fucking – god – I’m coming – so hard!” and her pussy tightened around my fingers so hard as she screamed into the night, sending my body into it’s own little orbit of pleasure. Her clit was throbbing deeply so I moved my left arm and pinned her back against me while my right hand continued to stroke her G spot gently but firmly sending her into wave after wave of spasms that left her spent and weak as a kitten.

She slid off my lap and turned to face me, her beautiful eyes locked onto mine with an intensity never before felt by me.

I slid down with her so that the water covered our shoulders, the jets massaging our backs as I took her into my arms and held her tightly, relishing the feel of her firm body against mine and her taught nipples pressing against me.

“No-one has ever made me feel like that” she sighed into my neck before lifting her face to mine and leading me in the most delicate, slow, sensual kiss.

We just stayed like that for the longest time. Holding each other tightly as if afraid to let go, and kissing like soul mates.

The warm water was soothing and I began to feel drowsy. “I don’t know about you but I think I need to get some rest after today’s excitement?”

“But I haven’t given you any pleasure yet” she murmured dreamily into my ear.

“Oh believe me – I enjoyed that every bit as much as you did” and I kissed the end of her nose playfully. “We have 2 full days left of this weekend, and if we’re going to spend them like this I need to recharge my batteries, I’m not used to all of this exercise!”

I stepped out of the tub and stood there naked feeling the cooling air on my skin. I held my arms out and as Cally came towards me I wrapped her tightly in a big fluffy towel like a child. I wrapped myself up and led her up to my decadent bed where we lost the towels and slipped between the sheets, still damp from the Jacuzzi.

We lay on our sides facing each other, just staring into each other’s eyes and I wondered how I could ever let this beautiful pixy go at the end of the weekend.

Cally must have seen something cloud my face & she asked “what’s wrong precious?”

I’d only really gotten to know her today, and we’d spent most of our time carnally engaged so why did I feel like I wasn’t in lust but in love? I couldn’t tell her this – surely she’d bolt for the door.

“Nothing Babe, I just want to spend the next few hours snuggled here next to you but going to sleep means taking my eyes off your wonderful face”

She kissed me tenderly and gently rolled me away from her so I was facing the other way. Then she wrapped her arms around me from behind and snuggled into my back, holding me tightly with her arms and wrapping one of her long legs over mine.

“You might not be able to see me, but you’ll know I’m here and dreaming about you” she breathed into my neck

Our exhaustion took us and we both slipped into the most calm and serene of deep sleeps, feeling safe and secure in our embrace.

Chapter 3

I woke in the morning to find myself on my back with Cally snuggled into my side with her head on my shoulder. Cranking my head to one side I could see the bedroom clock said 10am. I usually wake early so this was a miracle for me, and I felt so wonderfully rested – and happy.

Next to the clock I noticed the light blinking on the phone and guessed the message was probably from Pete from the day before. I knew I should feel guilty but I didn’t at all and this puzzled me a little as I have a conscience that rarely lets me get away with anything.

I turned back to look at Cally and found her looking at my face searchingly. She looked so cute with her tousled blond hair and those gorgeous green eyes but she looked worried. I wondered if she was regretting our antics but she wasn’t making any attempt to distance herself from me physically; in fact she wrapped one long leg over mine possessively as she studied my face.

“Good morning my wonderful Pixie woman” I smiled at her and leant my face down to kiss her. She raised her face to mine we kissed softly and tenderly.

“You ok?” she asked

“I feel like I’ve had the best sleep and I feel wonderful. I think you must be good for me” I replied as I cupped her chin in my hand and caressed her soft cheek.

“That’s good. I was worried that you might have changed your mind about me being here in the cold light of day”. And I was worried that she was having second thoughts!

“Oh no. In fact even though logically I’m sure I should be having a guilt trip right now I actually couldn’t give a shit. Somehow lying here with you wrapped in my arms feels absolutely right to me & there’s nothing I’d rather be doing and nowhere I’d rather be” Shit! I’ll be proposing marriage next, calm down woman!

“I really should listen to the message on the phone though – it might be Pete saying he’s coming home early and much as I don’t feel guilty I’d rather we weren’t in bed naked when he walks through the door”.

I reached over for the phone and Cally slipped out of the other side of the bed and headed for the bathroom, pulling the door closed behind her. I watched her naked arse as she walked and hit the play button, never once thinking it strange that I could be watching my illicit naked lesbian lover while listening to a message from my boyfriend.

I was right, the message was from Pete. He said he was glad that I didn’t answer the phone as it meant I was out somewhere having a good time (you could say!), and that he might stay an extra day and come back on Tuesday night, but if I minded I just had to say and he’d come home on Monday night as originally planned. I dialed his number and he answered sleepily. Pete works a lot at nights so he doesn’t really do mornings so he sounded groggy.

“Sorry, I didn’t mean to wake you, how’re you doing?”

“Oh hi, um I’m fine, yeah I’m good. Are you ok?” He sounded funny. I wondered if he was just sleepy or maybe had a hangover.

“I’m good too. I have a friend from work staying the weekend; we’re getting on like a house on fire”

“That’s good, I’m glad you’re not spending the weekend on your own. I thought I might stay an extra day if that’s ok with you?”

“That’s fine. We’re having a good time so take all of the time you need” And then I heard it; a toilette flushing. Not in my house but in Pete’s hotel room. He wasn’t using the bathroom so who was? Who else had I woken with my phone call? I have to admit to being curious, but also kind of pleased. If he could screw around then I definitely had no need for guilt.

“Just give me a call when you’re leaving so I know when to expect you. Are you getting any social time or is it all work, work, work?”

“Oh you know how it is; I’ve been hanging out with the band a little bit. The lead singer’s got a really good voice and I’m sure I can get them a contract but I’m going to have to spend quite a lot of time with them on the road I’m afraid”

“Hey, don’t worry about it. It’s your job, do what you have to do, just keep me in the loop so I know when you’ll be here or not”

“Okey dokey, listen I have to go. I’ll talk to you later, bye”

After Pete had hung up I lay in bed pondering for a while. He was obviously sleeping with the singer in the band – something that I knew had happened before, but something seemed different about him. I realized that Cally was probably in the bathroom to give me some space for the call so I climbed out of bed and knocked gently on the door.

She opened it with that concerned look on her face again so I just took her face in my hands and kissed her deeply. As we parted she sighed deeply and grinned at me, her green eye’s sparkling “so, what are we going to do today? Do we have to stay in and hide or is it safe for you to be seen outside with me?”

“That depends; the last time we were outside you were screaming in my Jacuzzi, and the time before that we were eating each other in a woodland clearing! What did you have in mind Babe?”

She slid her arm around my waist and we walked back to the bedroom and sat on the bed, our intimacy comfortable and easy.

“This may surprise you but I was actually going to suggest that we get dressed and go to a great little café I know for brunch, my treat.” I suddenly realized how hungry I was. We hadn’t eaten since our picnic lunch but we’d certainly expended some energy.

“That sounds like a marvelous idea”

“Good. Wear something sexy for me; I want to admire you lecherously while we eat”

“Oh is that so?”

The café had a very secluded garden and we were lucky to find a table under the shade of a pergola with Honey Suckle and Jasmine growing up it. The air was wonderfully scented by the flowers and the aromas coming from the kitchen.

We sat close together and our knees touched under the table sending little thrills through me. We ordered salads and grilled sardines with a spicy tomato salsa that made my lips tingle and chatted non-stop. I found out that her previous partner had turned out to be bi-curious and once she’d experimented with Cally and satisfied her curiosity she’d gone back to her boyfriend. I told her how Pete & I had met & that he’d moved in with me temporarily but never got around to leaving.

“If I’m being honest with myself, I think we stay together out of habit and convenience rather than any great desire to be together. We do all of the normal couples things like holidays and nights out and we have sex occasionally but it tends to be pretty bland.” I was shocked at my own candor. I’d only just reached these conclusions myself but I had no issues speaking openly with Cally.

“Oh Cat, there’s nothing sadder than a relationship of convenience. There should be passion and fireworks and great love!” She reached across the table and took my hand in her long fingers and brought it to her lips where she kissed the back of my hand delicately. I glanced around the table to see if anyone had noticed and for the first time I realized that nearly everyone here were women and most of them were eating in twos.

Cally’s eye’s sparkled and she said “I wondered if you’d ever notice. It’s not exclusively gay but the owner’s lesbian so it attracts a gay crowd. In fact Karen was my first lesbian relationship, I’ll introduce you”

Cally walked inside and I felt an irrational stab of jealousy. She walked back out with a very plain looking woman and they were chatting animatedly.

“Karen meet Cat, Cat meet Karen” Karen was staring at me as the introductions were being made and didn’t look friendly at all.

“Hi” I said lamely “nice to meet you”.

“Are you two dating?” she asked me with a frown.

“We’re uh, well I guess we’re kind of,….. oh hell, I don’t know what you’d call it but we’re getting pretty close”

“She scowled at Cally. “You’re not making the same mistake again are you?” and then she turned to me “I hope you know what you’re doing? Cally doesn’t need anyone messing her around, if you’re just out to see what being gay is like then leave her alone!”

All of a sudden I felt more protective towards Cally than ever before and my blood was boiling. Cally looked horrified as I walked up to Karen and stared into her eyes fiercely. “As it happens we’ve just recently met. We’re in the process of getting to know each other and I know my own tastes perfectly well thank you very much. I wouldn’t hurt this gorgeous creature for the world and if she’ll have me I’d like this to carry on for a long time because I think I’m falling in love with her!” I shouted into her face.

What had I said? The words had just tumbled from my mouth and the really scary thing was that I meant it. Surely Cally would walk away from me now. Karen’s face softened but Cally strode up to her looking mad as hell.

“What the hell do you think you’re doing? I thought you’d be happy for me? I’ve been telling you about Cat from work for weeks!”

“But you told me it was hopeless because she already had a partner and is straight for goodness sake!”

“Well it seems I got that part wrong, and I only found out myself yesterday”

“Whoa, hold on there ladies” I had recovered a little from my revelation and stepped between them before things got totally out of hand.

“I’m sorry Cat.” Karen said as she looked into my eyes earnestly “Cally & I have history and I care about her. She’s been messed around in the past and I thought it was happening again” She turned to Cally and put her hands on her shoulders “I’m so sorry Cally, I shouldn’t have interfered. Let me get you a bottle of wine on the house as an apology, from the look on Cat’s face I’m guessing that you two have some talking to do.”

I sat down heavily on my chair not knowing whether to laugh or cry. Cally brought her chair up close next to mine and took my hand between both of hers and caressed it tenderly. I lifted my face to look into her eyes but she wouldn’t look at me.

“Hey you, you in there somewhere?” Cally kept looking down but lifted her eyes to mine briefly before looking away again. Then I remembered what she’d shouted at Karen.

“So I’ve been a conversation topic for a while huh?”

“Oh Cat I’m so sorry, this was just supposed to be a nice meal – I didn’t mean for any of this to happen. I..I guess I might as well tell you now that I noticed you in the office and kind of had a thing for you straight away. You’re kind and sensitive and you always diffuse any stressful situations, you just seemed like such a nice down to earth person. I never dreamt that anything would happen between us because I had no idea you weren’t straight!”

I lifted her chin with my hand and caressed her cheek with my thumb. I stared into those beautiful green eyes and saw them glisten with the tears that Cally was fighting to restrain.

“I’m sorry too. I had no right to shout at your friend, she was just looking out for you. You’re lucky to have a good friend who cares so much about you”

Cally blushed deeply as she remembered my outburst and I thought this would be the moment where I lost her but I was wrong. She brought her face to mine and kissed me softly before pulling back and searching my face.

“I’m scared to ask, but did you mean it?” she asked quietly

“About falling in love with you? Yes, but I wasn’t entirely honest I’m afraid” Cally looked scared so I gathered her into my arms and breathed into her ear “I said I thought I was falling in love with you but that’s not quite right. There’s nothing to think about. I am absolutely smitten with you and I’ve never felt this way about anyone before and I’m so scared that the weekend will end and we’ll go back to being colleagues and I’ll lose you”.

I had tears coursing down my cheeks onto Cally’s beautiful face. She pulled back so that her face was just inches from mine and spoke softly “If you want to keep me then I’m all yours. I love you too babe, I have for weeks you just didn’t know it. What about Pete?”

“That’s my problem but I have a feeling that it won’t be too much of a problem somehow.” Karen was walking toward us with a bottle of wine and 2 glasses. “Can we take the wine home Karen? I think Cally and I could do with some alone time”

We didn’t speak in the car on the drive back to my place but as soon as we walked through the door the enormity of the situation hit us both and we babbled at each other while sitting close on the sofa. Finally we agreed that Cally would move in with me as soon as I had sorted things out with Pete and she was amazed that I was happy for her to tell people about us, I didn’t even care if our colleagues knew – so different from her last relationship which had to be hush hush.

“Oh Cat, this has been quite a day. I’m so happy it almost doesn’t feel real. Tell me again”

I knelt on the floor between her knees and looked into those eyes. Eyes I would be happy to drown in.

“Cally, my beautiful wood nymph, I love you like I have never loved before. I want to always have you in my life and right now I want to have you in my bed. Will you come upstairs with me and let me show you just how much you mean to me?”

“Oh yes!” she grinned her best pixie grin and grabbed my hand, almost running for the stairs.

We both began frantically tearing at each others clothes until we were both naked. We tumbled onto the bed & Cally embraced me so hard she drove the air from my lungs. She ran her fingers over the contours of my face and traced my lips with her finger which I sucked into my mouth greedily.

We may have had sex before but this time we truly made love. There was a real tenderness behind our actions as we licked and sucked and fondled each other into a state of shared frenzy. There was no hurry – we could take as long as we liked and we repeatedly brought each other to the edge of orgasm and then retreated until we could hold back no more.

I sat on the bed facing Cally and slid one of my legs under hers and the other on top at an angle so that we scissored each other. She moved towards me pushing her sopping pussy against mine as we ground into each other while staring into each other’s eyes. The sight of Cally pinching her own nipples as our clits rubbed against each other was too much and my breathing got shallow and fast as I could feel myself building to the point of no return.

I pushed harder and harder against Cally and she sensed my urgency and pulled me closer and closer until she had me wrapped tightly in her strong, supple arms, biting my ears and neck while we squirmed together and our juices mingled into one long, mutual orgasm that seemed to go on for ever.

We toppled over onto our sides still wrapped in each other’s arms and legs and kissed deeply and slowly.

“If you love me – will you let me do as I want with you?” That pixy smile was there again.

“If it makes me feel like this you can command me at your will!” I tried to lean forward to kiss her but she moved away from me and slipped off the edge of the bed, stranding there before me with her wonderful soft skin aglow, her nipples hard dark buds begging to be sucked and her cunt shining with juice.

Immediately I wanted her again, I reached towards her but she backed away just out of my reach and slipped a finger between the lips of her sopping pussy, lifting the finger to her mouth and sucking our mixed juices into her mouth hungrily.

“Want some of this?

“Oh god baby, you do something to me I can’t explain. Bring that delicious body over here and let me eat you.”

“Uh-huh, you said I could do as I wanted with you.” She walked out of the bedroom wiggling her arse as she went and returned a few seconds later with the hold all she’d grabbed from her house the night before.

“I know you love me, but do you trust me honey?”

“Of course, I know you wouldn’t hurt me” I squeaked. I was intrigued and my mouth was dry with anticipation.

Cally reached into the bag and pulled out a black silk scarf. “Close your eye’s honey, this is all gonna be about sensations and feelings, sight will only distract you. She tied the scarf around my eyes tight enough so that I was totally blind and laid me back on the bed. I felt the cold of metal as my right wrist as the handcuff closed and gasped.

“Ok honey? I promise you’ll enjoy it”

“Whatever you want” I growled, already highly excited.

She fixed both my hands to the railings of the headboard so that my arms were spread wide apart and I could barely move from side to side. Then she attached leather cuffs to my ankles and spread eagled my legs by tethering them down to the legs of the bed.

I was totally exposed, blind and helpless.

“Don’t go away Hon, I’ll be right back”

I heard Cally trotting downstairs and I could here cupboards opening and closing. I wanted to ask her what she was looking for. I wanted to help so that she’d hurry up and come back to me, but I knew that would spoil the surprise.

After what seemed like an eternity I felt Cally’s presence next to me. I turned my face to where I thought she was standing and her lips brushed mine lightly and briefly.

“Oh baby you are so hot and gorgeous, but I’m afraid you’re gonna set me on fire.”

Her lips came back to mine and this time she kissed me deeply sharing the ice cube in her mouth with me. The unexpected change in temperature was amazing in my bound and confined state with my other senses alert. She kissed her way down my neck allowing the cold water from the ice to trickle over my skin. As she reached my breasts she held an ice cube between her teeth and rubbed it around my nipples driving me insane with the cold of the ice and the heat of her breath. I pulled against my restraints but I was held fast, my blindfold concentrating my mind on the sensations this wonderful woman was giving me.

Down and down she went until she got to my navel. She licked and sucked and eventually just left a cube sitting in the depression to slowly melt and trickle down my belly.

Now her hands were on my legs as she caressed and kissed her way from my ankles up to my knees. I was gasping for her to kiss my pussy but knew she was going to make me wait.

She lingered at my thighs where she nibbled and bit me gently until I was almost sobbing with pleasure and desire, and then when I least expected it she inserted an ice cube between my lips and pushed it deep into my hot wet pussy.

I couldn’t help it – I came instantly releasing the pent up frustration Cally had inflicted on me so gloriously.

“Oh don’t think you get away that lightly” she laughed. “I like a little something with my ice”

I felt something trickle over my mound and seep down through my short pubic hair to cover my clit, and then further still it soaked down to my lips. It felt tepid to start with but then I started to tingle and burn a little and the smell of bourbon reached my nostrils.

“Jesus, like I wasn’t hot enough – I’m on fire” I gasped

“Like I said, I like ice with my drinks” I could hear the wicked smile in Cally’s voice and then I almost jumped out of my skin as she finally lowered her ice filled mouth to my burning and engorged clit and began rubbing the ice cube around with her tongue.

I thrashed against the leather holding my legs in an effort to wrap my legs around Cally’s head but they held me fast, forcing me to lay open to her greedy mouth as she brought the ice lower and licked her cold tongue around my sodden lips.

Her left hand reached up and pinched my nipples as she tongue fucked me for all she was worth and her right thumb claimed my clit. I could feel Cally’s hot ragged breath getting faster on me as she licked and sucked us both to an earth shattering climax that had me screaming like a banshee with wild abandon and left my body wracked and weak.

Cally slid up my front and kissed me so fiercely as her nipples pressed against my own sensitive breasts I was desperate to grab her head and tangle my fingers in her hair, then she leant to one side and gently undid the handcuff on my right wrist. I brought my hand around and felt for her face and brought it back to mine where I kissed her eyes and nose and finally her wonderful mouth in a slow sensuous kiss that was full of the passion she had awakened in me.

She undid my other wrist and I almost reluctantly removed the blindfold to stare into those eyes – eyes that sparkled so green and bright they looked like the most precious jewels to me.

I sat up and undid the cuffs on my ankles and felt the muscles in my legs wobble as I tried to kneel on the bed in front of my new found treasure.

“Now I know why you’re in such good shape. You look like a pixie, kiss like an angel and fuck like a demon! I guess this is what you meant about fireworks & passion huh?”

“You like?”

“Oh I love! But it’s not just you that gets to take control you know, how about me calling the shots for a while?” How could I still be this lusty after the session we had already had? I’d lost count of the number of orgasms I’d had but I dearly wanted to repay Cally for the way she had treated me.

“And what would you like to do to me?

I moved over to my wardrobe and opened a small cupboard inside and removed a large, hard strap on vibrator. I threw it to Cally, unsure of whether it would be her thing since she didn’t do men at all, and raised a questioning eyebrow.

Cally held it in her hands as if measuring it for size before turning that smile on me and melting my soul “Oh I think it’ll fit nicely”

I strapped it on tightly and maneuvered Cally onto her hands and knees in front of me. I knelt down low and ran my tongue over her pussy – eliciting an instant moan of pleasure. I replaced my tongue with my fingers as I gathered as much of her love juice as I could and smeared it all over the hard latex cock that was standing proud from my groin.

Kneeling up I pushed the cock against the opening of her pussy and felt her push back against me, but I pulled backwards stopping her impaling herself just yet. I pushed forward again slowly, just enough for the first inch to enter her and withdrew again leaving her panting in frustration as again she tried to push herself back into me.

I entered her again but this time I gave her about half of the 8 inches of hard latex and stopped dead. Moving my hips very slightly as I reached in front of her to graze my fingers across her swollen clit. Leaning down I planted silky, gentle kisses on the middle of her back and caressed her buttocks with my spare hand. I spread her cheeks with my fingers and ran my thumb around the edge of her puckered little hole.

Cally was moaning like an animal in pain – a sound I was quickly beginning to realize meant I was doing the right things and her desire was building to fever pitch. After our exploits of the afternoon and early evening I had a feeling I wasn’t going to be able to tease her too much without loosing her over the edge into oblivion so I pulled the cock from her pussy gently and slammed it back hard, filling her completely with the full 8 inches.

“Fucking shit! Oh god yes!” she cried as I pulled back again and started long firm strokes while still tickling her clit lightly. She pushed back against me matching my pace and stride and I couldn’t help smiling knowing what was to come.

“Ready honey?” I asked and before I got an answer I hit the vibrate switch on the strap-on sending ripples of shivers through Cally that had her arching her back and thrusting back against me with all her strength.

I turned up the speed slightly and increased my pace feeling my own orgasm building until I wasn’t sure I could contain it, but just as I was beginning to lose control Cally cried out as her legs and arse muscles clenched and strained and she brought me clattering over the edge with her. She pulled away from the strap on quickly and rolled onto her back laughing “Enough! I can’t take any more. If I have one more orgasm like that I won’t be able to walk for a week!”

I removed the dildo and ran down stairs for the bottle of wine that Karen had given us and some glasses, hearing and feeling the squelches from between my legs as I walked.

Climbing onto the bed with Cally I handed her a glass of the crisp white wine “thought you might need to replace some fluids. How are we going to cope at work? Every time I look at you I’m going to remember this weekend and cum instantly at my desk!”

“I’ll just have to wear you out so much at night time that you don’t have the energy during the day” and she kissed me slowly, the taste of the wine mingling with the taste of us.

“Besides – we still have another day of this weekend left yet, and we still haven’t explored your double shower together”

“Oh I have a feeling that there are a lot of things we’re going to be exploring together my love, and we have the rest of our lives to do it.”

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