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His Number One Fan

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I first noticed him at the opening game of the high school basketball season. I had heard the team was going to be good this year, and wanted to see the top senior scorer. He wasn’t the one, however, that caught my eye almost immediately. It was the other senior. The shorter, more rugged guard, who was quick and handled the ball with skill. I wondered who he was, so I casually asked a parent sitting next to me in the bleachers. They told me his name and gave me a little background information.

I was mesmerized by his mature physique and just loved his brown hair, broad shoulders and muscular arms. Most of the boys on the team had crew cuts, and were almost too skinny, but not this one. He had a thick head of hair that I instantly thought would be nice to run my fingers through and a young body to die for.

As the team played during the winter season, I watched them all, but secretly lusted after the guard. I couldn’t help it. It was like there was some magnet pulling me towards him. It was similar with a few other mothers that I sat with. We would cheer for him more than the others and comment on his moves and style. It was our little secret. The season eventually ended and so did my opportunity to watch him. I missed it but fortunately, I found out from the printed basketball program that he also played baseball. I eagerly awaited baseball season.

As the months warmed, baseball season approached. With anticipation, I downloaded a schedule from the school’s website and decided to attend some of the games.

The first game was on an unusually warm Saturday afternoon. I drove to the home ball field, parked my car, and walked to the field. The local high school team was on the diamond and in the outfield warming up. I found a spot near the fence close to third base and just watched. It was nice to be outside now that the snow had melted and the sun was warm on my face and shoulders. Watching boys play ball always made me feel happy too. I loved their determination and competitiveness, and some of them were easy on the eyes. Being the cougar that I am, I seem to get a secret satisfaction just watching.

My team took its place on the field for the first inning and that’s when I noticed him; there he was on third base. I had no idea he would be so close to me. What a treat! I stared at him from behind my sunglasses. I felt a rush of exhilaration pour through me. It was so silly, I thought. He had just turned 18, and wow, what a body and handsome face.

Occasionally he would smile at something that one of his teammates would say. He had a great smile. Impure thoughts were rushing through my head as I gazed at him in that baseball uniform. I thought to myself, “If he only knew how much this mom was lusting after him… and the things I would do to him.”

The game started and he played his best – catching balls, throwing to first, tagging runners at third. He was also one of their star hitters. I had no idea. That made him even more appealing to me. As an amateur photographer, I had brought my camera with me to try to get some photos of the game, and of him, secretly. I was trying to get some good action shots of the players sliding into base as they kick up the dirt, or looking towards the sky with their glove extended to catch a fly ball. I secretly would take a few photos of him as he waited, ready for the ball to come to him. I just couldn’t get enough.

The home team won, and the guys were so excited. This was only the first game of the season but they were off to a good start. I had taken some great action shots of the players and was eager to go home and edit them on my computer. Later that evening, I did just that. I selected the best photos from the bunch, straightened, cropped, and uploaded them to a photo site on the Internet.

Then I thought, “How can I let him know that I have these?” I wondered if I could email him. I had found his profile on Facebook, and although because of discretion I would never ask him to be my Facebook friend, I could email him the link to the photos. I hesitated and I didn’t know what to do. What if he was annoyed and thought I was just a crazy stalker woman? But then, what if he thought I was sexy and hot. I so wanted to be his secret MILF and have him pleasure himself to the idea of me.

I decided to take a risk. I nervously worded an email so there were no underlying sexual comments. I didn’t know if his parents saw his emails, and I didn’t need to get a reputation in the community as being a cougar after high school boys. I was married and had a young son of my own. I complimented him on a great game and asked him to share the photos with his team mates. I didn’t really care if he did that, but that way it wasn’t focused on him, even though that was my true intention. I then hit the SEND button. What’s done was done. How many other mothers email the players? Probably not many.

The next morning I checked my email and my heart skipped a beat when I received a reply from him. He thanked me for the photos, plain and simple. Even though it was nothing more than that, I was thrilled and thought “now I am on his radar.” If he just notices me, maybe he will lust after me secretly like I do him.

That was all I could ask for. It was exciting to think about. But I was thinking about other things, about how I would love to somehow seduce him and feel my hands on his smooth, hairless, muscular chest. How I would be able to please him more than any teenaged girlfriend that he had had. My mind fantasized about all kinds of things, but mostly just a tender yet passionate encounter that would leave him wanting more.

The team played another game the next Saturday afternoon. I watched as they all played well, but couldn’t help watch “my boy” on third. He was having a difficult day, however. Several balls went through his legs and he looked like he wanted to beat himself up over it. He was hard on himself. I felt bad for him. A few times, I thought that I saw him glance my way, but I wasn’t sure. What if my presence was distracting to him? Albeit manipulative, I liked to imagine it was true.

I was there with camera in hand, taking photos of batters and runners, pitches and catches. I think I had a smile on my face the entire time. I also had a tight-fitting jersey and black jeans, just to stand out a little more. I had to be careful not to stand out to the parents, however, just to the the testosterone-filled boys on the bench or in the outfield. How they focused on the game and not lust after hot girls or women in the stands was beyond me. I am guessing that males can compartmentalize that way when they are in the ‘zone’ of playing sports.

After the game, I went home and selected the best photos from the game and uploaded them to my website again. This time I didn’t email him. I didn’t want to appear to be a pest, but much to my surprise, I received an email from him the next day.

“Hi, did you happen to get any photos from the recent game? I saw you there with your camera. We appreciate your sharing your photos with us.” WOW! He saw me. My dream come true. I was ecstatic. But it was so silly. He was a kid. I didn’t care, it made me feel good. It was an adrenaline rush and thrill I hadn’t gotten in a while. I replied to his email with a link to the new photos. Shortly after that, I received another email from him saying “Great shots. I will share them with the guys. I hope you come to the next game.” Wow… I was floored. I wondered if that meant anything. I wanted it to.

The next day I went out for my regular two mile walk around the neighborhood. As I was listening to fast, alternative rock music on my iPod and walking to the beat, I saw a bicyclist coming towards me. I thought nothing of it, and looked back down at the sidewalk as I walked. Then as the bicyclist approached, I noticed he looked familiar. It was him. Oh my, I didn’t know what to do. I felt my heart race even more. I figured I would just say hi as he drove by, but to my surprise, he didn’t go by. He slowed down and stopped when he reached me. I took my earbuds out of my ears and looked up with a smile.

“Hey,” I said with a smile.

“Hi, you’re Rachel, the one who’s sent me photos, right?” he said.

“Yes I am.” I replied.

“I wanted to thank you so much. We really love seeing those action shots,” he mentioned. “You’re a good photographer.”

“You’re welcome. I like to try to get good shots. You know I have lots more that I didn’t send to you. If you ever wanted to stop by to check them out, feel free.”

“I’d like that,” he said. “Um… When would be a good time?”

“How about Wednesday morning, before I have to go to work? Are you around that early?”

“Yeah, since school is out, my mornings are free. I’ll swing by then.” he said. “Nice to finally meet you.” and he smiled, and rode off on his bike. I couldn’t believe it. I didn’t think he would be so willing to come over. He was incredibly more hot close up and I couldn’t wait to get my hands on him. I had to plan it out perfectly. After meeting him, however, I felt my knees were weak. I had a rush of adrenaline. It was difficult not looking him in the eyes and saying “I WANT YOU!”

Wednesday morning I woke up after my husband went to work. My 6th grade son slept over a friend’s house, so I was all alone. I showered and made myself look irresistible, making sure I wore clothing that accentuated my toned figure. Around 8:30am there was a knock at the door. I took one last glance at myself in the mirror to check my hair, and my curves, and then ran to the door. There he stood, in a baseball cap, t-shirt and shorts. He looked delicious. His athletic build was such a turn on for me. And his arms…. it was obvious that he worked out. I invited him in.

He stepped inside and asked how I was. He made some comment about the weather and then said that he appreciated my offer to show him the other photos. Our eyes locked and I think it was that moment that we both knew what we wanted.

“You didn’t invite me over to see the photos, did you?” he asked.

“Not exactly” I answered.

“Well, after that first time you sent me the email, I thought ‘WOW. She’s a total MILF.’ ”

I laughed “You think so?”

“Oh man, you have no idea. My buddies and I were talking about you in the locker room that day. They were saying how lucky I was that you decided to email me. Why did you?”

The truth was going to come out. “Because I have been watching you play basketball and baseball and I find you extremely hot… and… I can’t keep my eyes off you.”

“Wow… I don’t know what to say,” he said, surprised.

Just then, I shut the front door behind him and walking forward, causing him to move back towards the door. I pressed my body up against his 5’11” frame and rested my hands on his muscular chest. We looked at each other and knew what was next. He leaned forward and our lips touched gently, then it was like a rush of adrenaline hit. The kiss was hard and passionate, our tongues dancing around each other.

Putting his hand behind my neck, he kissed surprisingly well… better than my husband. Being with someone this young was igniting things in me that I hadn’t felt before. I felt like a teacher, like a teenager, like a naughty mother. Here I was touching and relishing in this young object of my desire. My only fear was that he would tell his friends and it would get back to his mother. I hoped not. His hands moved to my large breasts and his big, eager fingers cupped them, squeezing them through my sweater. I ran my hands down his chest to his hips and pulled my pelvis tight against his. I could feel his hard cock was filling his jeans. I took my left hand and reached between our bodies to feel his hardness through his pants. He let out a deep sigh and his breathing became heavier. “What have we here?” I joked. He smiled, but I think he was in shock. Here he was with the MILF that he only fantasized about from afar.

I moved my hands to his waistband, unbuttoned his shorts and lowered the zipper. Reaching beneath his boxers I felt his hot, confined penis, just yearning to be released. I pulled it out and held it with both hands, admiring its perfect form. For a boy of 18 he had the cock the size of a man.

I got to my knees and couldn’t help but touch the head of his cock to my soft cheek. I closed my eyes and guided his velvety head all over my face: my cheeks, my nose, my forehead and lips. I teased the tip with my tongue, causing him to gasp for a breath. His hands moved to my head and he gently but with a little pressure held my head in place so I could worship his cock.

I couldn’t wait any longer so I wrapped my lips around his blood-filled head and slid his cock into my wet, warm mouth. Running my tongue and saliva around the shaft and then pulling him out so I was just licking the tip again. Deeply in and out of my mouth I guided his cock. Glancing up at him I saw him watching me as I performed my craft.

“Wow… you’re amazing,” he said in an airy, deep breath.

At that point I took his throbbing cock out of my mouth and moved beneath to lick his smooth, shaven balls. While holding his shaft, I lightly put one in my mouth and tongued it with a little pressure. I could tell he probably hadn’t had that done before, at least not from an older woman. He was getting weak in the knees. I stood up and took his hand, leading him over to the couch. Looking into his eyes, I gently pushed him back so he was sitting. I reached to the bottom of his shirt, and knowing what I wanted, he lifted his arms so I could pull it over his head.

His arms were amazing. He obviously worked out in the gym, and playing baseball and basketball helped. I glided my hands down his shoulders to his biceps, and then gently brushed my fingers over his chest. His skin was so smooth with just a little hair on his chest. I leaned forward, lowering my head to his chest. My tongue found his nipple and I traced it with my tongue. He moaned and said “Fuck… ” then let out a sigh. I bend down even further and guided my tongue from his belly button, up his cut abs back to his chest. He just closed his eyes and enjoyed the moment.

I thought he might like to see a little strip tease so I stared seductively into his eyes and began unbuttoning my sweater. His grin grew, a sly devilish grin kind of off to one side, as he watched me remove my tight blue sweater, revealing only a lace bra beneath it. Then I slowly unbuttoned my jeans and curvaceously wriggled out of them, letting them drop to the floor. Standing in my bra and panties, I put one leg over him to straddle him.

“Oh God. I wanna fuck you so badly.” he whispered. He placed his hands on my firm ass and putting his thumb beneath the waistband, pulled my panties down past my hips. I maneuvered so they were completely off, revealing my thin trimmed strip of hair on my mound between my legs. He reached forward to touch me, and I let him. I wanted him to taste me. Moving up towards his face, I pushed my pussy to his mouth and said “Taste me.” Without further hesitation, he extended his tongue and grazed my lips.

I felt electricity shoot through my limbs. He then surprised me and with manly strength, put his hands on my waist. Before I knew it, we had switched positions and I was on my back. He kneeled on the floor in front of me and I spread my healthy thighs to welcome his face into my awaiting pussy. I was so wet, I could feel it, and smell it. I hadn’t been this turned on in years. Putting each of his hands on my inner thighs, he leaned into my heated mound and inhaled.

“Mmmmm,” he moaned.

He stared at me; legs open, gazing at my trimmed, mature folds. I closed my eyes and felt his breath, and then tongue on me. The pressure increased and his tongue maneuvered between my musky lips until he found my hard clit.

A jolt shot through my body, like a teenager receiving oral pleasure for the first time. He began devouring me with fervor, like he was eating his last meal, taking time to enjoy the experience but not able to get quite enough. It felt incredible…or maybe it was just the idea of who he was that was incredible.

“Can you use your fingers too?” I asked. I knew what I liked, and he took instruction well. I felt one, and then two fingers fill me as he buried his face into my wet sweetness. I felt the intensity grow and bucked my hips onto his fingers and tongue. My pussy was so tight so it was nice and full with two fingers.

“I’m going to cum on your face,” I said, breathing heavily. Just then I climaxed as his tongue didn’t quit. It was so intense I had to push his forehead away so I could catch my breath. All I could think was “Wow.” I didn’t want to stop, and neither did he. He was amazing for a boy his age.

“I want to fuck you so badly, Mrs. …..,” he said.

“So what are you waiting for,” I said with a smirk.

With that he stood up. His young cock was hard and ready for action. He leaned over me and I helped glide his cock into my tight awaiting pussy. I had to slow him down a little, he was so eager, but his cock quickly slid into me with a deep thrust. That feeling of first entry was exhilarating and I let out a huge cry.

“EASY” I said to my eager student.

“Oh sorry” he smiled.

His cock filled me perfectly as I reached up and touched his arms. The look on his face was priceless, one of ecstasy and amazement.

“This is awesome,” he said. “I used to fantasize about this when I saw you at the games.”

“Oh yeah? So did I” I breathed with a smiled.

I wrapped my legs around him as our bodies moved together, but I kept moving my pelvis in ways that made him moan louder. We fucked intensely for a while with me on the bottom and then I insisted on getting on top so I could ride him. My large breasts fell on his chest and face. I let him play with them as he wished, touching them and sucking on my erect nipples. He was in heaven. So was I. I finally had my third baseman.

He then grabbed my ass, sat up and lifted me as he stood. He was so strong for his age. He moved me to the wall and slammed me against it. It didn’t really hurt because I was so horny and just wanted to fuck him in all directions and positions. We kissed deeply and he held me up on his cock and pinned me against the wall.

“I’m about to cum,” he said.

“Let me swallow you,” I demanded. He eyes widened and he let out a little laugh. He was blown away.

“You are fucking amazing,” he laughed.

He set me down, away from his toned body and I got in front of him on my knees. He placed his hands on my messed up hair as I wrapped my lips around his perfectly stiff cock.

I worked my magic tongue on him and it didn’t take long for me to feel his pulsing release of hot cum into my mouth. He moaned loudly, enjoying every spasm and then relaxed as I continued to lightly suck and milk his hardness, which didn’t seem to subside for a long time. I swallowed every drop of him. He was in awe.

Within a few moments he was ready to go again, as was I. Needless to say, I was late for work. Since that day, he makes weekly visits to my house and he’ll be my boy toy for as long as he’ll have me.

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