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His Name is Bob

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“His name is Bob and he’s a regular but a very cranky old man.” Summer said as she pointed out a handsome older gentleman that entered the book store.

“Oh.” I replied. There really wasn’t much more I could say since this was my first day at my new job.

I had been fired from my last job for flirting too much with the customers. I was waiting tables at a local family restaurant and too many of the “disgruntled” housewives had complained that I was flirting with their husbands.

I wasn’t my fault that their husbands looked at me and grabbed my ass each time I passed their tables. The tight jeans and t-shirts we were made to wear as part of our ‘uniform’ only accentuated what this Latina girl has: big tits and a big ass. I had complained many times to the managers on shift but they told me just to grin and bear it.

“Maybe you’ll get more tips if you let them get a handful of ass” was Joe’s (the dick head manager) only response. He was angry that I had turned him down too.

Thankfully my favorite book store was hiring. I needed a job desperately and found this one just as my savings were about to disappear. I had only four more semesters and I’d be done with graduate school. I had taken out several student loans to pay for school and for rent, but I still needed the extra cash for basic necessities like food. So here I am being trained by a high school student.

The job didn’t seem so hard and I had spent many a day in this book store. I was an avid reader and enjoyed buy books. My guilty pleasure were those paperbacks that were kept high on the top shelf (away from prying eyes of young teens). I would buy at least one or two of those erotic novellas a month. I really didn’t have a favorite, I just bought them based on the back cover description. But I noticed that recently I had been purchasing stories about older men seducing younger women.

I noticed Bob was headed in our direction and I asked him “May I help you?”

“Yes, I am looking for some history books. Do you have any new releases?” he asked.

I took the initiative and walked Bob to our new releases in the history and social sciences genre. We slowly started up our conversation about the history and literature in general. Bob seemed to know his stuff and thought it was funny to quiz me on history. He selected a few books and went to the cash register to make his purchase.

When he left, Summer came up to me and asked “what did you say to him? He never leaves this store without being rude to someone.” I looked at her confused and just shrugged my shoulders.

Bob began coming into the story almost every day — well when I was there working my shift. He ignored pretty much everyone else and only asked me book related questions. This went on for several weeks. I began to notice a change in Bob’s attitude toward everyone and he often complimented the store manager for having such a helpful staff. It hadn’t dawned on me that Bob was interested in me or maybe it was just.

Bob was a very distinguished looking man. He was in his early 60’s. He was tall, thin but not to thin since had a little beer belly that men his age often get after retirement. He was a widower and a cancer survivor. His silver hair (not gray hair) was always neatly trim and combed. He also walked with a swagger that made him look very handsome. I started looking at Bob in a new way. I would try to sneak peeks at him when he came in the store. I would laugh at all his bad jokes. I was a woman with a crush. Then one day Bob came up to me and asked “Brenda, I know that I am old enough to be your father…but would you be interested in having coffee with me?”

I was taken back. I wasn’t sure what my boss would say if he knew I was going on a date with a customer — but I was interested. “I would love to Bob, but first I had to check my work schedule, okay?”

He nodded and waited while I ran to check my work schedule.

“Well, I am off tomorrow afternoon. Would that be okay?” I asked Bob.

We both agreed that we would meet at the local coffee shop down the street. I was very excited about my ‘date’ with Bob. When I went home I picked up one of my erotic novellas. After a few minutes I took out my vibrator and climaxed within minutes. I slowly went to sleep anticipating what tomorrow’s date would bring.

When I woke up the next morning, I decided I was going to seduce Bob. I carefully chose my clothing. I didn’t want to appear slutty or trampy. I picked out a button down blouse and wore a camisole underneath without a bra. I was going to let my 44Ds do some talking for me today. I chose a long black skirt with a slit on the side. I debated on wearing panties or going without. I wasn’t a thin girl so I need to camouflage my womanly body. I knew that I felt sexy either way and wanted to look alluring.

I arrived at the coffee shop just as Bob was waiting to be seated. I followed him to the table. The next hour or so we did nothing but talk about ourselves, our likes and dislikes. I learned more about Bob’s personal life. He was a retired Chicago Police Officer; he was married for 30 years before his wife passed away about five years ago. He had grown children that lived in California. He was basically alone and without a girlfriend.

He expressed interest in my life too. He enjoyed listening to my ‘war stories’ of being a waitress. We laughed so much that we didn’t notice that 4 hours had passed. It was close to dinner time when we left the coffee shop.

“Bob, would you like to come over to my apartment for dinner? Or we could go to your house and I could cook up something for us. I am really enjoying our coffee date, I don’t think I laughed as much as I’ve done today.”

“Brenda, my house is right down the street. We could cook something there for dinner, if you don’t mind being seen with an old guy like me, you 25 year old youngin’!” he laughed.

“Bob, you are as old as you feel and as young as you feel. I don’t think I have met men my age that have as much life as you have” I replied.

We drove in my car back to Bob’s home. I was quite nervous as we turned the street and into his driveway. I felt my heart racing and my palms were sweaty. My throat was dry. I was just about to say something about a rain check to Bob when he looked at me with his green eyes and winked. I knew I couldn’t leave without trying to kiss him at least once.

Just as we were pulling into the drive way rain started falling, slowly at first then it turned into a severe downpour. Bob looked at me and said “It’s about 15 yards to my front porch, I am going to get out and run for it and get the door open. When you see me waving then jump out and book it. Okay?”

“Yes sir!” I said giving him a salute.

Bob took off running he got to the door and unlocked it and waved to me. I did as he instructed. I opened the door, hitched up my skirt a little bit and ran as fast as I could to his door. By the time I got to his porch, I couldn’t stop laughing. I was drenched, my clothing soaked, and now I was cold. My body reacted to the cold as it only knows how—by making my nipples rock hard. I saw Bob staring at them.

I followed Bob into his home. I looked around, it looked like a total bachelor pad, but it was very clean. He pictures of his children and grandchildren on the walls.

“Would you like some tea? I don’t think I can drink more coffee; otherwise I will be up all night!” he said.

“Sure, tea sounds great.”

Bob yelled at me from the kitchen “Why don’t you sit down. I’ll get the tea started and then we can talk about what to have for dinner.”

In a few minutes Bob came back to the living room with two cups of tea. I am not a big tea drinker but it warmed me up. I made myself comfortable on Bob’s couch. He sat down next to me and we drank our tea in silence.

“Well…” he said.

“Well…” I replied.

I started to shiver. I didn’t know if it was because I was wet or because I felt a surge of electricity travel from my body as Bob sat there looking at me.

“Are you cold, hun” he asked.

“Yes, a little but the tea is helping” I shivered.

“Aww…I ‘m sorry I didn’t come get you with an umbrella” he said as he leaned in close to me and gave me a hug.

“Thank you that was nice. Can I have another one?” I asked. I moved closer to him and I put my arms around him. I held him close to me. My face nestled in his neck. He smelled so good. Even with his hug I still shivered. And then, as if in slow motion, he turned toward my face and we kissed. Our lips touched and my arms went around his neck. I felt his arm reach over and begin to caress my back. We kissed softly. Slowly our lips parted and I felt his tongue searching for mine. When his tongue found it, I began to slowly whimper. It felt sooo good. He brought his arm forward and with his hand I felt him caressing my side, just close enough to slightly touch my breast.

I don’t know how long the kiss lasted. When we finally broke apart, he looked at me and smiled.

“Wow! I think I saw fireworks in the sky as I was kissing you Brenda.”

“Me too Bob. That was very nice, but why did you stop?”

“I don’t want you think I just brought you here for some necking. Wait, do you kids still call it necking?” he looked puzzled.

I giggled, “we call it making out. And Bob, I am not a kid or haven’t you noticed that I am a grown woman?”

“Brenda, baby, I know you are woman. It’s hard not to notice that you are indeed a grown woman with breasts that size! But I am old enough to be your father or your grandfather. But I don’t want you to feel obligated to being here with this old man.”

“Bob, if I wasn’t interested in you, would I be here?” I looked at him with desire. I took his hand and placed it on my breast. With my hand over his, I began to rub my tits. I drew him closer and began to kiss him again. This time he took the lead and slowly lay me down on his couch.

He kissed my neck, my face, my hair. He slowly unbuttoned my blouse. He gently lifted up my camisole and began to kiss my tits First he nursed one and then the other. He twirled his tongue on my nipples. He sucked them gently at first and when he noticed that my nipples got even harder, he began to bite them. With his free hand he began to slide his fingers up my thigh. He teased my skin a little before finding a warm soft to put his fingers in. He stopped and looked at me and asked “do you really want this?”

“YES…..more than anything!!” I whispered.

Bob got off of me and slowly began to undress himself. I lifted myself up by my elbows but he pushed me back down. He took off his shirt to reveal a sexy hairy chest. He slowly slid my skirt off, revealing my somewhat trim bush. He smiled at me and asked “how did you know that I like it to be natural?” And he gave me a wicked smile as he lowered himself to my pussy. He nestled his face by my dark triangle, with his fingers he began to navigate my dark continent. Finding my love button he began to tease it, to rub it and then he put his tongue on it.

“OOOOHHHH … god…I’m coming!” I moaned. His tongue and fingers had worked my clit into a frenzy that it didn’t take long for me to orgasm. I had been deprived of a man’s touch for so long that it seemed only natural for my orgasm to happen so fast.

“Mmmmmm…Brenda…I want to eat you up baby.”

Bob continued to play with my pussy. He seemed enthralled with his fingers being in my pussy. He first put in one finger and fucked me for five minutes with one finger and his tongue on my clit. He then began fucking me with two fingers until he had all five fingers inside me. I felt my juices seeping out of me and pooling on his couch. He was enjoying eating me out and no sooner had he put his tongue deep inside my pussy when I felt that tickle in my belly and I began to cum again.

Bob just lapped up my juices and I could see his mouth and chin were dripping with my essence. I was weak from the powerful orgasms he had given me, but now I wanted to give him pleasure.

“Bob…” I whispered., “it’s my turn to please you honey.”

But he looked like a man possessed, his mouth and tongue were fucking me like I had never been fucked before and my felt my orgasm starting to build. I began to pant and moan….my lover increased his penetration with his fingers and suddenly I felt it. I came and came and came. I was squirting my love juice into his mouth and he was drinking it like a man lost in the desert.

I had been so lost in my orgasm that I hadn’t noticed that Bob was now totally naked and climbing on top of me.

“Are you ready baby” he asked, “because I am going to ravish your body and nothing is going to stop me.”

I sat up and removed my boots and my skirt and what was left of my camisole. I looked at Bob’s manhood and couldn’t believe how hard and thick it was. His cock had to be at least 7.5 inches long and about as thick as can of pop. I must have looked scared because Bob looked at me and said, “it won’t hurt baby, believe me it will make you see fireworks in the daytime!”

I resumed my previous position and Bob got between my legs and began to rub his big cock on my pussy lips. He did it for a few minutes while with his free hand he pinched my nipples. Suddenly I felt a bit of pain at the entrance of my womanhood. Bob was slowly inching himself into me. He lay down on top of me and began to kiss me. I spread my legs open as far as they could. All of a sudden Bob lifted himself up and began to push harder into me. He pumped his cock deep in me. I felt my pussy burning from the friction of his cock. He rammed hard and deep into me. He kept his eyes as he fucked my tight. He fucked me hard and it was hurting. The momentum was building and I began to feel my pussy relax and accept this gigantic invader. I began to move with Bob, meeting his thrusts, grinding myself on his cock.

“Ohhh Bob, I’m going to come again…oh fuck…that’s it baby fuck me harder.”

“Mmmm Brenda do you like this cock inside you?”

“OH GOD YES” I screamed, “please don’t stop please.”

“That’s it baby….your pussy is so hot and wet! I can’t believe how tight it is!” he growled at me.

Bob quickened his pace and began to lower himself on me again. He whispered in labored breath, “I want to fill you up with my seed. Is it okay?”

“Ohh god yes, please….yes do it baby fill me up with your cum!” I replied.

I felt Bob’s cock slide out of me and then slam back into me. When it was deep inside me again I felt his dick exploding in my womb. His cock squirted deep inside me and I could feel it splashing in my walls filling me up with his white hot load. My pussy had never been treated like this before. Bob was a man that knew how to make love to a woman. With his orgasm subsiding, I could still feel his cock dumping his seed into me. Know this was all it took for me to orgasm again.

We lay together on the couch without moving. Bob’s cock was still buried in my pussy. He kissed me one more time before saying, “I told you that coffee was going to keep me up. Care to find out for how long?”


Bob and I continued our May-December romance much to the dismay of our friends and family. I quit my job at the bookstore so that I may dedicate time to completing my Ph.D. But I may have to put that on hold for a few years. Since Bob and I are expecting our first child in 3 months; exactly 40 weeks from our first date. Bob being the romantic and old fashioned man that he is — asked my dad for my hand in marriage. Tomorrow we are going to Las Vegas to tie the knot. All of our family and friends will be there to join us in our celebration.

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