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His Backpacker Girls

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On my 40th birthday, our family doctor, and long time friend Sally Mathers told me I was heading for an early grave because of my “gutless drunken” lifestyle. She pointed to my heavy smoking, excessive drinking, poor diet, and lack of exercise as the cause.

“A few years ago you were one of this countries leading footballers, you were an all round sportsman top in most sports, People looked up to you; You were a role model for many youngsters.

Look at you now, puffing and panting out of breath after climbing the few stairs to my office”

“Look at your pot belly”

“Listen Doc someone once said to me “If that was on a woman she’d be pregnant” I told them “It has been and she is”

She didn’t laugh she just got angry. “This is not a bloody laughing matter it’s serious.” “You are becoming an embarrassment to your friends.”

“I’m sick of defending you.”

“Its three years since Nancy and the kids were killed by that drunken truckie out on the highway. You can’t bring them back. Even if you did Nancy would be ashamed of you.You`re a bloody disgrace to her memory.”

Those last few words hurt.

She was wound up now and went on at full speed. “There are a lot of people who have lost love ones. Look at your next door neighbour, Mrs Brown, her husband was killed, yes slaughtered, by a truckie out on the highway in his car.”

“She looks like loosing that old motel they bought to work together. Your loss is no greater than hers. She’s not giving up, she’s trying, even though she is running out of money, while you are pissing yours up against a wall.”

I woke next morning out on the farm, with a thumping head, a shitty mouth, and an upset gut.

Thinking over what Sally had said, I realised for the first time since I lost Nancy and the kids that,

“Grog wasn’t the answer.”

For three days I went cold turkey, no grog, no smokes, no visitors, I stayed out on the farm with only my old dog for company. I milked the house cow, and gathered eggs from the chook run, living on eggs and milk.

On the fourth day, an old mate Harvey Smith drove up with a feed of meat and vegetables cooked to perfection by his lovely wife Judy.

Judy ran the town’s swimming pool. Harvey was told to feed me up and bring me into town to their home.

He told me Judy had got together with doctor Sally Mathers, and the pair was going to feed me good tucker and make me work at my old fitness routine.

“They reckon in six months you will be ok.” Harvey said with a grin.

They were right. Or should I say “after a lot of hard work and sweat they were proved right.” The most obvious outward improvement was the loss of my beer gut. Mentally I was fully recovered and ready to enjoy life again.

I visited Nina Brown and arranged to buy the Motel, located next door to my farm on the highway.

She was reluctant to leave and as I had no one to help, we agreed for her to stay and work for me.

As I worked around the motel, she convinced me to follow her husband’s plans to remodel the Motel as a special Backpacker Girls Resort.

“Why girls” I asked,

“Because the great majority of foreign Backpackers travelling Northern Australia are women. Most come from Europe and travel in groups generally two or three or more for safety.”

Nina went on: “My husband and I thought if we advertised our concept in Europe their parents may be happier knowing their daughters would go to a women’s resort.”

“We also planned to make our place popular with working Backpackers. We planned to buy a small bus and contract to local farms to supply backpacker labour.”

“We could then guarantee visiting young women work on local tomato farms.”

“Most Backpackers come here to work for a few weeks to replenish their funds, before they go off to holiday on the Barrier Reef.”

“You’ve been a farmer so you know local tomato farmers would rather hire women as they are better pickers and packers.”

“The farmers are always looking for casual labour. The locals don’t pick because of the lousy wages they pay, but the foreign girls are just looking for quick money before they move on.”

I looked hard at her “Nina I am bloody amazed at the work the pair of you put into these plans. You and I will make them happen.”

She started to cry “we had good plans but we didn’t plan on him getting killed.”

I pulled her to me and hugged her close. I was surprised by the firm tits that rubbed against my chest. I kept the hug going longer than necessary because her body was so enjoyable.

From the next day on it was head down and arse up, as I painted walls and ceilings, moved beds, constructed dormitories, developed a new sunken BBQ area, and built a small gym. I spread loads of beach sand around the edge of the farm dam to make a sunbaking area, restored gardens, bought the bus, signed contracts with farmers, went through all the police checks, anti discrimination legislation, and government approval processes.

Each night as I went to bed I would lay awake, my prick in my hand, dreaming about Nina Brown, Judy Smith, and Sally Mathers. In fact dreaming about any thing and any one with a skirt, who came anywhere near me. I was as horny as hell.

Nina Brown’s hard slim body was looking better every day. Those firm tits and nipples were indelibly imprinted in my brain.

One evening after a long day, I had lit the BBQ and while waiting for Harvey Judy and Sally to arrive I was plying Nina with liquor.

Nina was becoming more relaxed every minute when the bus company spoiled that plan by ringing to say eleven girls had arrived in town asking for our resort.

“Eleven” we exclaimed together. We had thought we would get one or two to start, but eleven in one hit was marvellous.

I took the bus in to pick them up. They were a bundle of joy to behold, young, happy, laughing, enjoying life.

As we drove back they told me they were from Sweden and Norway. They had heard of our new venture when they first met in Sydney. They wanted to stay for a couple of weeks and wanted work.

As we drove back I checked them out, asking and answering their questions.

Was I married, how old was I, where did I live, would I be driving them to work, what time did they start work, how many people lived in the town, how far to the beach etc etc

Helga the oldest at 23 looked me up and down, “We are here to visit your beaches, see kangaroos, Koalas, and the barrier reef.

Eva a young buxom blonde broke in “meet men.” “Yes Helga continued, meet some Aussies, and get as much money as we can, as quickly as we can, and move on and have fun.”

Eva a short blonde with magnificent flashing blue eyes looked straight at the lump that had started to rise in my pants. “In the hostel we stayed at in Sydney when we arrived three days ago, a lot of girls asked us to check this place out.” “If it’s ok, many girls will pay you a visit.”

She winked as she spoke, studying me closely.

I studied the group. These blond beauties in their baggy shorts and loose tops were quickly pushing Nina Brown’s slim 35 year old body into the background of my mind.

Our arrival was a riot; Judy, Sally and Harvey had arrived and quickly settled the girls in their rooms. We invited them to join us at the Bar B Que.

One by one the girls joined us. It was like a fashion parade in which each wore as little as possible.

I told them we would not start them working straight away, so they could “sleep in”, in the morning. I was kissed enthusiastically by Eva and a couple of others after that announcement, Eva’s tongue entering my mouth vigorously.

They all mixed in wonderfully. They especially wanted to cook or serve drinks so they could learn about our food and customs.

They tried our strong black rum made from sugar cane and were amazed when they discovered that our Australian red wine was top quality.

Nina put on some music.

The girls started to dance together. Very soon Harvey and I had our time cut out dancing with girl after girl.

When Judy saw one of the rum drinking girls energetically kissing and feeling Harvey up, she decided to take him home, leaving me the only available male.

As the evening progressed Eva, Helga, Astrid, Bertha and one or two others made much of the fact that I had no permanent partner. They jokingly made it clear that they would like to help me fix that state of affairs.

Nina wasn’t too impressed but Sally handed me some pills, and said “before you go to bed take these, you are going to need them.” “What are they” I asked. “Viagra” she said with a grin.

Before I could open my mouth she went on “The girls have told me in the short time they have been here that they are lonely, missing their boyfriends and home.” “Eva is most certainly going to try to fuck you tonight.”

“I think a few others will be looking for casual sex.”

I started to speak, “For God’s sake just shut up and listen” she demanded.

“Just put yourself in their boots, they are thousands of miles from home where they are more relaxed about sex than the fuddy duddies that run this place.

They are young and horny; you’re a mature good looking Aussie who’s not in a permanent relationship.

Most importantly, you are here in a bed nearby and available.

I tried to push the pills away” I don’t need these.”

“Of course you don’t,” She replied

“But you have been knocking that body about in recent years.” “I think it will be good mental therapy if you can keep it up all night.” “It will do your ego good.”

“I’m sure if you are seen as an older virile stud, that it won’t hurt this place’s reputation amongst the young European backpacker set.” “You heard Eva tonight say she was asked to tell backpackers in Sydney what she thought of your resort.” She added.

“There is sure to be a word of mouth referral system. The fact that the place is run by a presentable free male won’t go unnoticed, and if he happens to be good in bed, all the better.”

“Eva’s recommendation could mean that your 60 bed resort will always be full of young lonely foreign ladies”

She pushed the pills back into my hands,” I’m your doctor and your friend” she said with a laugh, “Take them, they won’t kill you but those young girls could.”

One by one the girls started to head to their beds. After checking the security system, I turned off the outside lights.

Only the sounds of a North Queensland tropical winters night, invaded the silence.

I put the blue pills beside my bed and headed for the shower.

I was hardly wet before Eva emerged from her room, and joined me in the shower, clothes and all. She took my head in her hands and kissed me, her teeth nibbling my lower lip.

Without saying a word, she sank down and took my cock deep in her mouth. I tried hard to control myself, but her mouth and tongue had me in trouble within minutes. My cum flowed unstoppable, She slurped it down with obvious relish.

She stood up, again without a word; flashing me a most magnificent grin she stripped off her wet clothes displaying a pair of very large hard brown tits with long erect nipples.

When Eva kissed me I could taste what was left of my cum. It was like I was sucking my own cock.

As we kissed she was busy. Her hand moved to my left nipple and squeezed it hard. She lowered her mouth, rolling her tongue around the aching nipple. The hurt was soon replaced by a tingle that stirred my whole body.

She took my hand and placed it on her breast. Remembering my nipples short lived pain from her vigorous fingers, I roughly started twisting and pinching her long thick nipple.

Grunting at my actions, she led my other hand to her cunt, taking two of my fingers and inserting them roughly. Holding my hand she slowly and deliberately moved my fingers in and out.

I watched in fascination as her eyes closed, her mouth opened and a low whining nose escaped from her lips. Her body moved fluidly caressing me wherever it touched me, there was no doubt she was savouring every inch of my fingers penetration.

Just watching her face was enough to bring my spent cock to another raging erection. Not bad for forty without the pills I thought.

Time sped by. I was struggling to contain myself, when without a word she stood up, took hold of my cock, and using it like a handle, led me to the bed.

Without any preliminaries she pushed me down and mounted me.

As soon as my cock slid into her warm wet hole, she leant back and started to ride me like a lad riding a bucking bronco.

She was laying right back, riding me so hard that we lost contact, and my cock fell out.

It didn’t worry Eva, she slowed fed it back, still bucking all the time. Her fingers stayed to work her nub.

Her eyes closed, her mouth opened wide, as she emitted a low uh, uh, uh, uh uh, everytime my cock hit bottom.

When she came she didn’t explode, she just lay back as small shudders rippled through her in a most erotic example of a woman consumed by her passion.

After a very short rest, during which time her hands never left my cock, she crawled up on her hands and knees.

Her hands led my cock to her cunt and after wiping the head up and down in the opening two or three times, she rammed her body back to force me in to the hilt.

She was a young woman who knew exactly what she wanted and what a man and a woman needed to do to have great sex.

As a footballer and sportsman I had accepted every opportunity to fuck women of all shapes sizes and ages, but I had never experienced a young woman like Eva in my life.

I have to say it again “It was great sex.”

Eva was a bubbling jolly bundle of sex, who in years to come would run to fat. Her tits which were extra large would gradually lose their firmness.

Eva would become one of those wonderful jolly fat women whose partners lived in a sexual heaven.

She laughed as she rolled me off, kissing and licking me all over. She concentrated on my now spent cock bathing it in her mouth. “I needed that” she purred. Her first words since she entered my room.

She rolled me on my stomach and proceeded to mark me with a ferocious lovers bite on the cheek of my arse. “That’s so you won’t forget me tomorrow.”

I was starting to nod off to sleep, when she whispered in my ear “Marika would like to join you now.”

She picked up her wet clothes and eased out the door.

I dived for the Viagra tablets.

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