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High School Sweethearts

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Katie lugged the heavy canoe along with the rest of her group, her arms aching. She never understood why canoes had to be carried over your head. Ahead of her, her best friend Veronica stumbled over a root, and all six of their group nearly went down. Katie snickered while the four guys making up the rest of the group grumbled about getting stuck with two girls.

It was their senior trip, a canoeing trip down the white waters of Tennessee and Georgia. Thanks to an overeager Phys Ed staff, instead of going to Disney World, New York, or even Dolly World, they were trapped on this canoe trip. Well, it hadn’t been that bad, Katie admitted to herself.

With glee, her group tossed their canoe where the rest where thrown haphazardly to the ground. Mr. Peterson the gym teacher was about to have an apoplexy, but then, he hadn’t had to carry the damn things so he didn’t understand the sheer joy of getting rid of the canoes. Veronica turned around and smiled at Katie, miming smoking a joint.

“Later,” Katie whispered, looking around furtively with a giggle. “Someone is going to see you do that!”

“Ah, let ’em. I’m eighteen and graduated, so there isn’t anything they can do to me now.” Veronica was exactly four months older than Katie. Katie had just celebrated her eighteenth birthday, and Veronica had been the Buddha of forbidden knowledge. Katie didn’t feel any different, even though she technically was an adult.

“Oh, look. Josh Peterson is giving you the eye, Katie. I think he may actually work up the courage to ask you out. Or ask for head, whichever comes first.”

Katie turned and met Josh’s gaze, blushing at Veronica’s words as he smiled and waved. She quickly looked away to find Veronica watching her in amusement.

“You are never going to get a date if you keep being so shy. I mean, you are gorgeous, but you keep them at arm’s length.” Veronica grabbed her arm and walked her over to where Mr. Peterson already had a huge bonfire roaring. Dinner was the usual; roasted hot dogs and beans followed by a dessert of toasted marshmallows.

Katie ate in silence, listening to Veronica ramble on about the lead singer of her favorite band. Katie liked listening to music, but Veronica obsessed about it. Her thoughts and gaze drifted to Josh, and she idly wondered why she was so shy. She would love to be able to flirt as casually as the other girls, but Katie couldn’t seem to get out even a hello.

Veronica jabbed Katie with her elbow. Katie glared at her and rubbed her sore arm.

“What did you do that for?” Veronica’s dark brown eyes twinkled caramel in the firelight as she laughed quietly. Her short blonde hair was a sharp contrast to Katie’s copper colored mop.

“Listen, Juliet, your Romeo is getting uncomfortable with all the staring you are doing.” Katie realized with a start that Veronica was right! She had been staring at Josh the entire time she had been lost in thought. He had even turned his back to her because she was making him so creeped out. She felt herself flush to the tips of her ears, knowing every freckle across her nose would be blazing.

“Oh. My. God. He must think I am stalker girl!”

“Probably. That’s why this will be a good time to slip away.” Veronica pointed to the tents where most people had already begun to go to bed. Mr. Peterson could already be heard snoring loudly from his collapsible chair. “We’ll just pitch our tent, stuff our sleeping bags and when he checks it later, it will look like we are in there asleep!”

“Okay. Anything to get me away from Josh!” They pitched their tent next to Mr. Peterson, the better to seem as though they were doing nothing wrong. Luckily, their tent had two entrances, and after stuffing their sleeping bags, they quietly slipped out the back, following the woods until they came to the slow moving Chattahoochee.

Veronica burst out laughing as soon as they reached the shore, twirling around in glee. Katie smiled and sat down on a waterlogged branch. Veronica quickly took out her stash and immediately lit up. They had decided that on this trip, they were going to try new things, be more grown up in their choices of fun.

Veronica passed the joint to Katie who inhaled deeply. Much to her embarrassment, she began to choke and sputter, the foul tasting smoke exploding from her in convulsive gasps. Veronica laughed with glee before taking another long, slow drag. She passed the joint back to Katie who took a much smaller puff. The odd enchantment of the drug was already taking effect, and Katie smiled at the night around her.

We should go swimming,” Veronica announced happily, already shrugging out of her shorts and tank top. Sandals were thrown on top to keep the wind from blowing them away. Bra and panties quickly followed, leaving Katie gaping. She had never seen another girl naked before. Even in movies during a nude scene, she had always looked away or closed her eyes. But this was Veronica, her best friend, and Veronica was beautiful.

“Come on, Katie. Come with me or it’ll be no fun.”

“I can’t do… THAT!” Katie laughed, and Veronica shook her head putting her hands on Katie’s shoulders.

“Katie, take a risk. For once, do something you want to do and not something you should do.” With that, she turned and waded into the water, giggling at the chilly wet against her skin.

Katie stood up abruptly; her head was so fuzzy it was making it hard for her to think. She knew that Veronica was right. With less grace than her friend, she stripped quickly out of her shorts set and matching bra and panties. Flinging her sandals on her clothes, she walked quickly to the water’s edge where Veronica was watching her intently, her body submerged, head just barely floating above the water.

“Come on in. Water’s good.” Katie smiled and stepped into the river, amazed at her boldness. The lapping of the water felt so good against her skin, that it was almost erotic. Katie blushed at the thought, wondering where it had come from.

“Now. Tell me what you were thinking about back at the campsite,” Veronica said, locking her feet with Katie’s as they floated together.

“It was nothing really. Just thinking that I have no idea how to be with anyone. If Josh did try to kiss me, I wouldn’t know what to do.”

“You mean you’ve never kissed anyone? You’ve gone on dates, Katie.”

“No, I really haven’t, well except for Eric back in the third grade, but I don’t think that counts. I’ve told you all this before.”

“Yeah, well, I thought you were lying to me.” Veronica sat up abruptly and looked Katie in the eyes. “Why haven’t you, you know, ever done anything?”

“I dunno. I guess because every year I was older, and I was embarrassed that I still didn’t know how to do anything.” Katie lay back in the water, watching the stars slowly twinkle and slide by. The moon was full tonight, shining down on them with an orange glow. Katie had the unnerving sensation that it was listening to every word.

“Earth to Katie, hello,” Veronica was saying with a laugh as she splashed water at Katie.

“Wow, I was seriously zoning,” Katie giggled, suddenly aware that she was completely naked in the river at night and it felt good.

“I was saying you just need a little practice. Pretend your hand is a boy’s mouth and kiss it.” Veronica demonstrated on her own hand, cupping it into a fist. Katie watched with great interest, feeling her body begin to warm in the cool water. It certainly looked like Veronica could kiss.

“Ok,” Katie said and closed her eyes to kiss her own curled fist.

“No, no, Katie. Here, kiss my hand. I need to feel what you are doing to know what advice to give you.” Katie blushed, but the effects of the drug were still overruling her usual inhibitions. She kissed Veronica’s hand slowly.

“Not bad,” Veronica said. “All you need it to move your lips and tongue more and don’t be afraid to nibble. Remember, you are making love with your mouth when you kiss.” Katie watched Veronica again, the weird feeling in the pit of her stomach growing. She could feel her entire body flush, and it confused her because she wasn’t embarrassed.

Veronica made her practice some more, but sighed in frustration at Katie’s lack of ‘getting it’.

“Ok. There is only one thing left to do. Do you trust me, Katie?’

“Yes. You are my best friend.” Veronica met Katie’s gaze with complete seriousness.

“I want you to kiss me.” She held up her hands at the protest. “It is really the only way. Most girls aren’t 18 and still learning, Katie.”

“You’re right.” Katie sighed. She licked her lips nervously and closed the gap between her and Veronica. She leaned forward and quickly placed a kiss on Veronica’s lips. Veronica shook her head in disappointment.

“Wait, I’ll try again,” Katie said, stilling her thoughts. Veronica closed her eyes, waiting as Katie inched forward. Their lips touched, the softest of silk meeting the softest of satin. Katie could feel her heart racing as she deepened the kiss, her tongue tracing the outline of Veronica’s lips before pushing inside to join their mouths in a delicious dance. She realized with a start that she wanted Veronica to kiss her as she had kissed her own hand.

Veronica’s arms encircled Katie’s neck, and she awkwardly held Veronica closer to her, sighing softly as their breasts brushed against each other. Veronica gently nibbled on Katie’s lips before Katie captured her mouth again with her own. Slowly the two pulled apart, and Katie blushed deeply setting all her freckles on fire in the moonlight.

“That was good,” Veronica breathed, and Katie was surprised to see her friend breathing heavily as well. Veronica’s hands twined in Katie’s hair as she leaned forward. “But I think we need more practice,” she said just before their lips met.

Katie felt a raging river inside of herself and fought to control the waves of desire that washed through her. She felt like she was on fire. Veronica wrapped her legs around Katie’s waist, and Katie nearly groaned from the feel of the other girl’s body against hers. Hurriedly she pulled back from the kiss, not wanting to embarrass herself or her friend.

“I’m sorry,” Katie whispered breathlessly.

“For what?” Veronica’s voice was husky and low, tickling Katie’s desire even more.

“I think it’s the pot. I just feel so out of control. So… I don’t think you’d like what I’m feeling.”

“If it’s anything like what I feel, I would like it very much,” Veronica whispered shyly and Katie looked at her in surprise. Was it possible she had the same effect on Veronica that Veronica had on her?

“And what are you feeling?” Katie whispered as Veronica leaned forward to kiss the splash of freckles across her nose.

There was a long pause, then a whispered, “Desire. I think… I want you, Katie.”

Katie didn’t know who kissed whom, but she shut off her mind and let her instincts take over. Veronica felt so soft under her hands, and she realized with a start that she was running her hands up and down Veronica’s side and hips. Their breasts were pressed against each other, hardened nipples poking into soft flesh. Katie lustily thought that she had to see them.

She pulled slowly away, breaking their kiss to look down at Veronica’s round breasts, the pink nipples hard and aching. Her own were brown and somewhat smaller, the areola dimpling in the sudden breeze.

“May I?” Katie asked, amazed at her own boldness as she cupped Veronica’s heavy breasts in her hands.

“Mmm, Katie. More,” Veronica moaned as Katie flicked her thumbs over Veronica’s nipples. Katie was lost in the wonder of exploration, the joy of discovering a confidence and power she didn’t know she possessed. She lowered her mouth to take one hard pink nub between her teeth, flicking her tongue over it slowly, forcefully. Veronica gasped loudly, her hands tightening in Katie’s hair, holding her firmly in place as she kissed and sucked Katie’s earlobe.

“I don’t want to stop,” Katie murmured passionately, stopping to look deeply into Veronica’s eyes. Veronica smiled slowly, her brown eyes melting.

“Neither do I,” she answered huskily. “Do what you want.”

Katie showed no hesitation. Licking from one nipple to the other, she put her hand between Veronica’s legs and stroked her thigh. She was amazed at her own boldness, but she didn’t want to be the shy girl anymore, the girl who never got what she wanted. She paused uncertainly; she didn’t know where to go from here.

“I don’t know what to do. Show me how to touch you,” Katie begged and Veronica moaned softly as Katie’s innocent fingers played havoc with her senses as they gently stroked her outer lips. “Show me how to make love to you.”

Veronica put her hands on top of Katie’s thighs, and Katie’s eyes widened as Veronica spread them. Katie didn’t mean for that to happen; she wanted to touch Veronica. As she opened her mouth to protest, she bit back the words as the most pleasurable sensations spread from her groin up.

“Have you ever masturbated?” Veronica asked in her ear, and Katie dumbly shook her head no. Veronica looked at her in surprise, her hands going still. “So I am going to be the first to… touch you?” Katie nodded yes and wondered at the look in her friend’s eyes. “You want me to do this? I’ve never been with a woman before, but I know what I like.”

“Yes, I want this, I want you,” Katie said thickly, unable to control the slow grinding of her hips against Veronica’s teasing hands.

“Just follow my lead.” Veronica gasped as Katie quickly followed any motion of Veronica’s hands.

Katie closed her eyes tightly, letting the feelings rage through her. Veronica was so hot and wet against her fingers as she pushed down onto them as Katie gently stroked her sex, following Veronica’s lead. Veronica slipped a slim finger between Katie’s outer lips, circling Katie’s tight hole while rubbing her palm against Katie’s clit. Katie moaned deep into the feminine depths as she clumsily followed suit. Veronica moved to massage Katie’s clit, stroking it lightly as she teased the hard nub. Katie began to tremble as she touched Veronica’s, amazed at the silky feel of another woman.

Both girls began to rock against each other. Katie began to moan, biting her bottom lip to hold back the unfamiliar passionate noises that wanted to erupt from her. Veronica nipped her shoulder lightly, whispering unintelligible encouragement. Katie could feel a pressure building within herself, and her eyes flew open in embarrassment. She struggled out of Veronica’s arms and backed away leaving Veronica looking at her in astonishment.

“What’s wrong?”

“I feel weird, almost like I have to, you know, go,” Katie panted, unable to stop herself from caressing Veronica’s thigh. Veronica smiled, and then laughed lightly causing a hurt look to cross Katie’s face. “Please don’t laugh at me. I know I’m not experienced at this, but…” Veronica put a finger over her lips to shush her.

“No, I’m not… I’m sorry. Sweet Katie, you were going to cum. When you feel that pressure, just relax and let it happen.” Katie looked at her friend in surprise. She had, of course, heard about orgasms, but she had no idea what one was like.

Veronica stood and grabbed Katie’s hand, pulling her up with her. She led Katie to the bank, where she spread their clothes to form a crude pallet. They lay down side by side. Veronica began to gently kiss Katie, then with more ardor. Katie felt the dizziness in her head again, but this time, she knew Veronica was her drug. Katie boldly slid her hand up Veronica’s thigh and delved deeply into her sex. Veronica moaned loudly as her eyes flew open and met Katie’s.

“Katie, oh god, yes.” That was all the encouragement Katie needed and when Veronica begged for two fingers, she quickly complied, pumping her fingers in and out slowly at first, then more roughly, loving the wet, slurping sounds her friend’s pussy was making. “Katie, fuck me. Mmmm. It’s so good. Harder, yes, like that. More, please!”

Katie knelt between her friend’s legs for better leverage, thrusting deeper into Veronica, loving the way her breasts bounced and jiggled with each thrust. Veronica was lost in passion’s embrace, hands clenched at her sides, hips pumping, head thrown back, eyes closed, and moaning loudly. Katie felt Veronica tighten around her fingers, then with a cry Veronica’s back arched and Katie felt her open inside like a flower to the sun before her pussy starting sucking Katie’s fingers further in.

“Don’t stop, Katie, please, don’t stop,” Veronica begged breathlessly, as Katie watched herself finger-fuck her friend, cum pooling between her fingers. She felt a growl of pleasure bubble up within her as she pumped Veronica harder and faster until Veronica begged her to stop.

Katie slid slowly up Veronica’s sweat slick body and held her trembling friend closely, kissing her sweetly as her shivers subsided. Veronica smiled languidly up into Katie’s eyes.

“You may be quiet and shy, Katie girl, but you are a wildcat in bed.” Katie blushed crimson as Veronica chuckled, her breathing beginning to return to normal. “Now, I want to have you, but I want… I want to taste you.” Katie’s eyes widened and she stammered out excuses, but Veronica wouldn’t listen. “This is what I want.”

“But I want to know you that way, too,” Katie whispered, forcing the words past her shyness. She slowly licked the fingers that had been deep inside Veronica, smiling and moaning at the taste. Veronica flushed a deep red, her eyes darkening with desire. She turned and pinned Katie beneath her.

“Ok, I know the perfect position for both of us to get what we want. Lie still,” she instructed as she stood and straddled Katie, her back to Katie. Then she knelt on all fours above Katie eliciting a gasp from Katie’s face . 69! She was going to not only do it, but do it with a girl. She wrapped her arms up and around Veronica’s thighs, pulling her closer to look intently up into the glistening wet sex above her. Hesitantly, she licked from clit to hole and smiled as Veronica shuddered with desire. She scooped up a wet mouthful on her tongue and swallowed with a low moan of pleasure. She loved the taste and smell and decided this was as close to heaven as a human could get.

Katie suddenly tensed and gasped in surprise, her eyes rolling back in her head as Veronica mimicked her actions. Katie spread her legs as wide as they would go, wanting to feel her friends wonderful mouth all over her. Slowly at first, then building momentum, the two girls explored one another, becoming lost in the sensations.

Katie wondered at what she had been missing. She spread Veronica’s lips with her fingers and began to lick and suck at her clit. Remembering Veronica’s admonitions earlier, she nibbled it gently, happy to hear the loud gasp and moan in response. Soon the two lost themselves in mutual sucking and licking, their slurps and moans the only sounds reaching their ears. Katie felt the bold pressure beginning deep in her belly again and she was determined to see it through to the end. Veronica’s mouth was driving her crazy as it danced over her sensitized sex, lapping at her clit like a kitten with cream.

Katie began to lick Veronica hard and fast, responding to the urgency within her own body, their hips matching thrusts as they pleasured one another. Katie felt the urgency building within her cause her desire to boil until she thought she would scream. Then it was as if she stepped off the edge of the world. Heat radiated through her body from her pussy and spread outward as she came, the force of it making her cry out, the sound muffled in Veronica’s pussy. Veronica heard her, tasted her cum, and the sounds and taste coming from her friend sent her over the edge. She ground her pussy down on Katie’s mouth and chin, cumming hard.

Veronica began to gently push her fingers in and out of Katie, amazed at the tightness and flap of skin she could feel inside blocking her way. Katie was trembling, her body ready for another orgasm. Veronica began to go faster as Katie arched her back, crying out in pleasure as Veronica stretched her wide by adding another slim finger.

“Oh, Veronica, oh god, I’m going to cum so fucking hard…” Katie felt like she exploded, and unable to control her cries, she screamed into the night. Veronica rode the wave with Katie to the top, only stopping when Katie began to squirm away from her. Veronica turned and lay face to face with Katie, sharing kisses and laughter. Katie couldn’t think of a better first time than with her best friend. She hoped there would be many more times.

In the brush, Josh crept back to camp, filled with the knowledge of why Katie was always so distant. His cock was so hard it was painful in his shorts, but he hadn’t dared do anything about it. He didn’t want them to know he had been their voyeur. If they weren’t back by morning, he would sneak down and awaken them. Maybe he would be lucky enough to see them make love again. He slid quietly into his tent where he immediately dropped his shorts and began to masturbate standing up, reliving everything he had seen and heard this night.

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