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Her Son’s Friend

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A new family had moved into our area this year and their son Danny Watkins and mine Alan had befriended each other, I didn’t particularly like him, I couldn’t quite put my finger on it but there was this feeling about him I didn’t like. He seemed to be one of those bad boys to me, but he had never done anything to make the really unreasonable assumption I had of him.

He is a confident young man, the same age to within 3 days of my son. He has this way of looking at you or anyone else like he was just superior to whatever you thought, if you stammered over anything or dropped an item. He irritated me no end, but I couldn’t really understand why. He wasn’t rude or offensive in any way he just got under my skin. I therefore tried to discourage Alan from him, not in an obvious way but I would suggest alternatives if he said he was going here there or anywhere with him.

Danny and my son are both good looking boys and I know from Alan that they worked together when it came to the girls. But I wasn’t very happy when Alan let slip that he chased older women too, including one of their married teachers at school, but he wouldn’t tell me which one, I guessed by myself that it would have to be Mrs Murchison, she was just about the loveliest teacher around and about 35 years of age.

The main differences between the two boys was football, Alan supported our local team to the hilt and he and his father often went to away matches and sometimes made a weekend of it if it was a long way. This left me on my own as my eldest daughter was in college with Alan waiting to go, along with Danny at the end of the year.

Danny reminded me of someone and I couldn’t for the life of me say who it was, it was an oft jogged reminder that I had no way of retrieving in my mind. He is about 6ft 1″ a tad taller than Allan, both boys are well built, extremely good looking, and they play every sport they can and are quite good at a couple of them, “this gets us the girls too mom,” he would tell me laughingly. Oh how I loved watching him grow up, but also saddened by losing my baby boy.

Danny is one of those people who have an easy charm, is confident, laid back, goes with the flow, is intelligent, gets good grades, doesn’t fluster in front of his elders and carries a conversation on most points as if he has majored in it. And he mirrors my son who is very similar in his own way, that’s why me and his father are so proud of him, and our daughter Carrie too.

Me? I am Allison, or Ally as people call me, I am nearly 40, still have my figure, I have made sure of that, I have been blessed with good looks, my husband is still guarded when I am introduced to other men, or his work colleagues. And isn’t impressed if I say something like, “he is a nice man, or he is good looking isn’t he?”

I am around 5ft 3″ shoulder length auburn hair, my face is my attraction to other men; I know I am beautiful in that regard, my figure is just that, my figure. I am about 11lbs more than when I was twenty or so, but as it is all over my body it has given me a soft rounded shape that I am quite happy with, I dress well, or try to, I always have. My marriage vows are still intact, or they were but I’ll get to that in a little while.

My biggest problem if you can call it that, or them, is my nipples, even now they are still super sensitive as is my neck, when my husband fancies making love and I don’t, I give in within minutes or seconds if he gets to them, which he does with regular ease. I do love my sex, he changes my mind so quickly and I go full tilt into it. We have a good sex life and I feel I have been lucky to have had such an attentive man to love, even though our sex life has tailed off a bit as we have grown older, so now its beginning to be me who initiates lovemaking.

The upcoming weekend was the one that my husband and son had been waiting for, our team, I say our, but I am a reluctant supporter too, I have been coerced into going to the odd home match, they have tried to get me to go away with them but I have steadfastly refused. But this particular weekend was the one I should have gone on and I wouldn’t have done what I did, but that’s not to say what happened wouldn’t have on a future weekend.

‘Our team’ were away at their greatest rivals, they often contested various matches with results about even in wins and losses etc. When they played at their ground David and my son would make a weekend of it because his favourite aunty lived there and he liked to make a good visit to her. She was his mother’s oldest sister and he loved her dearly.

So Friday came and they set off around 3pm in the afternoon, it was about a three hour drive there so they would arrive about 7pm, call me to let me know they had arrived and I knew they would be sitting down to a sumptuous meal, one I had been to many times, Aunt Laura was a fantastic cook.

As I was busy with things and looking forward to some ‘quality’ time on own over the weekend curling up with a good book and a glass of my favourite chardonnay. I went around the house and locked up tight, I wasn’t going anywhere, and I did love the feeling of being locked down for the night safe and sound. A knock came at my front door when I opened it there was Danny asking for Alan. I knew he must have known he was going away with his dad, but he said that Alan had told him he wasn’t setting off until around 4.30.

“Well I’m sorry Danny but they’ve gone already,” and started to close the door.

“Oh I’m so sorry Mrs Taylor, I didn’t know or I wouldn’t have bothered you, but he has a CD in his room we are using for English lessons and I wanted it for the weekend, could I have it please?”

Relenting now I invited him in and closed the door behind him, he went to our kitchen down the hall while I went upstairs to retrieve the said CD.

I found it and went downstairs to give it to him. Our kitchen is a fairly large one with a oak oblong table in the centre with 2 chairs either side, I explain this because it gives you a picture of events that were to occur in a few minutes.

I was dressed in a skirt which was a loose one that swished around me as I walked, a wrap around top with long sleeves that could be tied in a bow at the centre or tucked in on either hip, this is how I had it that day, both items were light brown in colour, I had my comfortable house shoes on. I wasn’t wearing a bra, I like the feel of the soft closeness of the flannelette on my skin and how it would tickle my nipples. But nothing of that sort was on my mind at all. My nipples were on view but obviously covered and they are rather prominent, but as I said, I didn’t have anything on my mind, and in fact I realise now that I had forgotten about them.

But Danny could see them, what he didn’t know at the time was how sensitive there were to me, but he was to find out in a very short space of time. I handed the CD to him and asked if it was the right one, he replied, “yes it is thank you.” And with that he turned to go, we sort of swapped places in my kitchen he had been stood with his back to my table and I was a couple of feet away in front of him. He stepped around me, and I took his place, I now had my back to the table, he then reached out and put the CD on the table, I can actually see him doing what he did in my mind, like an out of body experience, as if I was looking down on the event as it happened.

I watched his hand slide past me, put it down then watched him pull back, and that’s when he took me by complete surprise by taking both my nipples in the fingers of both hands then squeezed rolled and pinched them. I nearly fell down, my knees buckled, and a lightening charge blew through me, it was as if I had been hit by a 10000 volt electric bolt. I gasped out loud and a sort of guttural moan escaped my lips. I managed to get my hands on his and yanked them from my now burning nipples; he just allowed me to and put his hands on my waist, he just lifted me up and sat me squarely on the table with the edge behind my knees.

Then he raised a knee put it on then raised the other, this forced me backwards, and in seconds I was laid on my back on the table, Danny caught my arms at the elbow, pressed them to my sides and pushed his own knees in and I was trapped. I couldn’t quite get my breath yet, I was trying to yell at him, “Danny what the hell do you think you are doing,” when he got my nipples again.

He ravaged them; my head left the table, my body arched below him it was fabulous but I fought him as best as I could without being able to do anything about it. He twiddled and tweaked them driving me almost insane with the thrusting arousal he was building in me. He hadn’t known about how sensitive they were but he knew now didn’t he?

I saw them grow between the pads of thumbs and fingers, they hardened like they always do when they are treated like this, they were soon at their hardest and tenderest and were thimble in size. I sensed my eyes closing in surrender, I tried to keep them open but it was impossible against the feelings racing through me. I heard a voice say pleadingly, “Danny please,” it was me begging for mercy, a devout request for release when I knew one would not be forth coming.

That’s when he leaned forward and kissed, licked and nibbled my neck before kissing my lips, I just moaned in response. My total surrender happened the moment his lips touched my neck like they did. When his lips connected with mine I responded in kind, I kissed him back, and all the while he was driving me nuts through my nipples, an orgasm set off through me with a rumble that would not be contained, my feet were swinging about. He kissed me long and hard, tongues met and fought.

I felt, rather than saw him raise up from me, then he tugged my wrap out from skirt at both sides while still keeping me trapped under him. I had no strength or will to fight him now anyway. And then my nipples were on view, I heard him say, “oh my just look at those beauty’s,” he collected them again and another orgasm set of with a bang in me, I felt my head hit the table as it fell back from the initial burst of it.

He was continually kissing me and I was searching for it when ever he lifted from me, I didn’t want him to stop now, my fidelity to my husband was about to be taken from him by my son’s friend. It was around that time that I realised what it was about him that I didn’t seem to like. But it wasn’t that I didn’t like him, it was a fear of him. The person he reminded me of was the boy that took my virginity when I was 18years old!

That boy had been Derek Redmond, and he was danger all the way, the bad boy who had his way with me all those years ago. Whenever I was around him I would be a nervous wreck, and he knew he turned me on. He took my young virginity in the school gym one day after classes had finished. He had taken me out a few times and I loved being around him, I had a regular boyfriend, but Derek was so bad to be with I couldn’t resist him.

I was into gymnastics in those days and I had been given permission to train for and hour after we got out of the classroom. I had gone into the gym store room to get a couple of rubber mats to train on and he had followed me in. He seduced me in seconds, it was around that time that my nipples were becoming a bane to me, but when he got hold of them I sank down on to the pile of mats, followed by him, my top and shorts came of and I was fucked for the very first time. To be honest I didn’t think much of it, but by the time I was getting my 3rd or 4th fuck I was loving it and what it did to me.

And it was Danny now who I had been unknowingly fearing all this time, it wasn’t dislike it was a fear, he was danger, the bad boy and now I knew it, and I was or had surrendered to him the same way I had done to Derek Redmond those long years ago, I had often thought of him over the years and always wondered that if I met him again, would he have the same affect on me.

But Derek Redmond hadn’t found me, my son’s friend had, and now I was wanting him to make love to me and fuck me, and do whatever he wanted, I didn’t care now, I was long past the refusing and saying no mood.

Danny started sliding away from me and off the table, as he got to his feet I attempted to sit up, he put his hand on my shoulder and told me to stay where I was, I did! I was too weak anyway to refuse him. He disappeared from my view and then I felt my skirt being raised up and bunched around me. He is getting ready to make love to me I thought vaguely, but I was wanting it badly now.

That’s when I felt his tongue enter me, I yelped in surprise, but he clamped his mouth to me and his tongue ran right up and into me, probing and licking, it sent me into orbit, my thighs crushed around his head and my hands went into his hair to hold him. An orgasm crashed through me again, he seemed to be sucking me right up into his mouth as he pulverised my pussy. My husband loves plating me, and I love it too, but Danny had the edge here, it was utterly mind boggling, orgasm after orgasm hit me.

I suffered the onslaught more than happily, he kept at me forever, kisses, licks, sucking, probing, lashings, I took it all and wished I could live the rest of my life right here like this on my kitchen table.

He appeared in view in my glazed and unfocussed eyes, I suddenly for some reason wondered where my panties were, I hadn’t felt them leaving me, and I’m sure he hadn’t done all that with them pushed to one side, what I didn’t know was he had snapped them at the sides.

I lifted my head a little, and saw him undoing his belt, unhook his trousers and I heard the zip going down. I watched him bend a little as he pushed them down and kick them off. I was going to get it now; his cock which I hadn’t seen yet was soon to be on its way. As he stood back up I saw it, and oh it was a beauty, long, thick, veiny and oh so erect and hard, a big bulbous mushroom head at the bright red tipped top.

He leaned over me and kissed me, I wrapped my arms around him and kissed him back, he broke it and bit and sucked both of my nipples causing me to cry out in arousal. Then I felt the first nudge, he was finding his way into me, I raised my legs to get them over his back to give him complete access. Then he was in me, finding his way to the top of my super heated pussy, I was being unfaithful to my husband for the very first time and I didn’t care, all I wanted was Danny’s cock in me where it would do me the most good.

And then it was he began to shove in and out, soon he was going at me like only a young man can, he held me by the hips and drove himself in and out of me like a steam hammer. I was crying out in utter glorious agony it was fabulous, he was turning me into a train wreck. Never in my life can I remember getting fucked or made love to like this, it was absolutely heavenly. He was staring into my eyes, I couldn’t take mine from his except for the occasional over powered thrust which forced me to close them while the oak log that was his prick slid away from the end of my pussy.

I can’t say how many orgasms I had there on my table that afternoon, they were too innumerable to keep check on, not that I even tried anyway. His grip on my hips slackened and he put his hands down flat, he powered into me a few more times then he was cumming in me, his loins joined mine in one last mighty thrust and I felt his white hot seed blowing into me. It spread around my pussy mixing with my own hot juices, as it made its way around and out again to feel it sliding down my reared ass.

As we regained our composure, he was looking at me intently, sensibility returned somewhat, along with a feeling of guilt, but that was far outweighed with the feeling of utter satisfaction on my part. I doubt if Danny would feel guilty, he had just fucked me senseless hadn’t he? My feet were still over his back when he said, “Mrs Taylor that was fantastic, brilliant, I have never had it as good as that, you are without doubt the most glorious fuck there is to be found anywhere.”

I was shocked by his use of the ‘F’ word, but it excited me too somehow, and I felt huge pride in being told that I was the best. I blushed but I doubt that it would be seen as I’m sure my face was bright red anyway after being near fucked to death like I had just been.

He pushed his hands under me and I was up in the air facing him nose to nose, he kissed me again lovingly and very passionately. I wasn’t sure of what would happen now, whether he would just leave now he had had his way or what? The kiss decided that, I kissed him back just as lovingly and just as passionately, I suddenly didn’t want him to leave, I was frightened now that he would so I kissed him like I have never kissed a man, including my husband. I tightened myself around him, locked my feet and gripped his neck as I kissed and kissed him.

Then he turned with me in his arms and still sat on his cock, which I found in amazement it still seemed to be hard he walked from the kitchen down the hall and started going upstairs, my mouth was till locked to his, his prick was moving about in me and raising my lust levels in the process.

When we got to the top I pointed to the guest bedroom, but kept my lips glued to his, he ignored me and in we went to my bedroom the one my husband and I share. He knows which one is mine he’s been in Alan’s often enough. I tried to indicate no, but I was slowly lowered down onto my bed with him still in me. I hadn’t only been unfaithful to my husband for the first time; I was now going to make love and fuck with my son’s friend in our bed.

I didn’t try to resist once I was down on my back once more, and feet high in the air as he began to fuck me again. This time I gave back as good as I got, or I tried to but it was a losing battle he had the upper hand as it were the whole time we did it. And I let him have me; I gave him all I had and all I was. We kissed, loved and fucked, it was plain gutter fucking, him on top continually rutting me, he never gave up and my orgasms never seemed to abate, I must have lost pints of body fluid in the form of my juices and orgasmic loves thick cum.

I don’t think I had ever been aroused as I was today, it was like it was brand new, I wondered if my body had been waiting for this, because it had been waiting to be reawakened again. He fell away from me after cumming in what felt like gallons of cum pumped into my willing cunt. Both of us were breathless the pounding I had received reduced me to a jabbering physical wreck; it was marvellous, wonderful and blissful.

I looked across at him lying there on his back, his shirt soaked in sweat, as I was too, I took off my top and skirt, undid the buttons on him and worked him out of it, I took his shoes and socks off, my shoes had left me earlier somewhere. We were now totally naked.

I said to him quietly, “Danny, you are a bad bad boy seducing and making love to me like that, you know you shouldn’t have don’t you?”

“Yes Mrs T but you looked so sexy down there, and lonely too, and your nipples called to me, I couldn’t refuse, and I’m so glad they did because it has led me to here, to you, you have only yourself to blame.” He smiled at me. He leaned over and sucked one into his mouth ending any blame game.

“They called to you, what do you mean Danny,” I moaned in further arousal.

“They looked at me and asked me to play with them, so I did without thinking of any possible consequences.” He grinned with a nipple in his teeth and me up in the air again.

Derek Redmond jumped into my mind; I knew now that if we ever did meet up in the future somehow, he would get me again and I would give in too, I knew it. “You are the baddest boy I have ever met,” I said truthfully but lied as well because my thoughts were on Derek too.

“I like being bad with you Mrs T, and I’m going to be real bad all weekend.” This churned my thoughts, I was on my own for the next three days, and the thought of being here fucking and making love with my son’s friend both alarmed and excited me in equal measures.

To seal what he had just said, he reached for his phone which was in his shirt pocket, dialled a number and said.

“Hi mom, I’m staying at Don Wilsons for the weekend, I’ve been invited so I’ll see you on Sunday afternoon ok?” There was a pause while he listened, then said, “yep okay mom, see you Sunday.” I of course had to remain silent while he was on the phone so I never got to protest.

I started on my protest not knowing just then that I was wasting my time and breath. “Danny, you can’t….. oh yes, oh yes Danny, ohhhh please hmmmm, oh my god oh Danny oh” I gave in immediately because he just about sucked my nipple off and fingered my sopping pussy.

This is what I meant when I say he is a dangerous boy, a bad boy. He had got my number alright, he seemed to know me inside out, and he was getting to do just that. He had realised my nipples were his gateway into my body, and there was nothing I was going to be able to do about it, my secret was out.

I felt for him, his gorgeous cock was soft now but there was a strength emanating from it that I could feel surging through my fingers, and up my arm. I managed to get over him, I just wanted to kiss and love, the after glow of love was washing through me, I wanted to savour the moment, it was gorgeous feeling it inside me.

He responded to me in the way I loved, he just lay there and let me love him, touch him, feel him and kiss him, I wanted nothing more at that moment in time. His arms were around me, holding me tight, tighter than my husband does I thought, and I liked it, being squashed in strong young arms, his leg over mine holding me in.

He moved his mouth to my neck, and soon I was snuggling into him as he found my best bits, I squirmed in his arms, he just seemed to know and understand what I wanted and what did it for me, and he gave me all the love I was needing right there.

I asked him if he wanted to join me in the shower, he agreed straight off, I wanted him to see me totally naked. To take in my body, to know what he had now, what was his whenever he would want it, and whenever I could give it to him. And I so wanted to scope him out too, I had only been tight up to him, I wanted to take in the glory of his youth, the young masculine man he obviously was. I wanted to appraise my seducer and slaver over his young tight and taut body. Not forgetting I said to myself, his fantastic cock and balls that he had just driven me mad with.

We headed in and I turned on the water, all the time he was on me, around me, touching kissing and feeling, while I responded in kind, taking the weight of his prick and balls, they were heavy and tight, I loved it. As the water cascaded over us I slipped to my knees, I wanted to taste him, lick him and suck him.

I licked my way all over his lower body before engulfing his growing erection, soon he was hard in my mouth and I attacked it with all the womanly guile I had. I fingered his butt hole, gently squashed and caressed his balls, sucked hard on the basketball in my mouth. He softly rubbed my head as I titillated him, swayed his hips back and forth to give me the feeling his young big cock was fucking my mouth, and in reality he was.

I couldn’t make him cum, he had blown all he had into me in two mammoth fucking sessions, but I filed it away for future use, I would have his cum down my throat later, that was a consummate promise I made to him and myself. We got out after lots of loving of each other. I had told him that this was my first time with another, but that I was okay with it, but we would have to be careful about things in future, I didn’t want to lose what I had found now.

As we climbed into my bed the phone rang, I knew who it was and asked Danny to be silent while I talked to David my husband, he nodded his head and he was as good as his word, he never uttered a letter, but he used his mouth, and he used it on me, he took my nipples one by one leaving me defenceless. I was sprawled on my back trying to wave him away and talk normally over the phone. I was dying to cry out in ecstasy,

Then he slid down my body and went for my screaming vagina, his lips seemed to curl over my ones. His tongue retraced the path it had previously taken, and fingers probed my bum hole, I was writhing about and David asked me if I was okay. I answered breathlessly that my exercises had been on the high side leaving me gasping a little. Then an orgasm hit, I slapped Danny hard on his head when it hit me. Thankfully it caused him to pull glumly off my mangled pussy.

I finished my conversation with Danny’s fully erect prick in my hand and a whispered promise that I was going to blow him when I was able. This brought a smile to his lips, they went back to my nipples driving me mad, and I wanked on his hot hard young cock. Doing this and talking to my husband was a real turn on, I got enormous satisfaction from it, and guilt never even entered my head.

We said our goodbyes and I dived on Danny, climbing aboard his stiff waiting cock, I was up to the hilt on moments, and now I was able to fuck him for a change, I humped up and down on him, my hands on his chest, my feet hooked over his muscular thighs. I bounced away until the climax shattered my mind, I dropped from a great height and he bumped up at me and we both came in shouts of deep satisfactions, and growling lust.

I allowed my body to fall slowly forward until our lips locked together, he pulled me to him, and we just lay there totally capsized, I actually thought that I had got the better of him this time, which he was now in a new field, knowing he had been fucked and properly by a woman.

I slid up and off him, and lay next to his powerful frame and cuddled into him, the next thing I knew I was opening my eyes to sunlight, Danny was snoring softly next to me and we were still in each others arms. I got up on one elbow slowly so as not to waken him, I just looked at the sleeping beauty in my bed. I lifted the covers back and stared at the prick that had just about mortally wounded me. It was utter beauty; it lay there as if waiting for me to reclaim it.

I trailed my finger up and down it so gently; I felt it twitch as if waking from a deep slumber. I stopped, I was hungry, and I knew he must be so I slid out and went down to the kitchen and started a mammoth breakfast. I had just put it on a tray to take up when he got me. I was wrapped tight in his arms and he attacked my neck and shoulders, then twisted my nipples wonderfully.

“Danny baby lets go upstairs again, we need to eat and then you can make love to me all day if you want okay?”

“Sounds like a plan to me Mrs T,” he said.

“And stop calling me Mrs T, I’m Ally to you, and if we are to be the lover’s that we now are then that’s who I am, yes?”

“You got it Ally,” he slapped my rump and headed for the stairs leaving me to hump the tray up to him. When I walked in my bedroom he was sat against the headboard waiting for me, I sat the tray on its legs and got in beside him. But he insisted on a kissing fest first which got me terribly excited, so excited in fact that I had to play with his cock too.

It was after we had eaten that he 69nd me, what a way to start the day I thought, a great breakfast then an even better 69, I came all over the place and I got the load that I had wanted down my throat. The feel of his pulsing beating cock as he jetted a bucket full down me mingled with the slightly salty taste was fabulous, I was already looking forward to my next lot.

We settled into a routine that day, we never dressed properly we both knew that if he wanted to make love and fuck I would be available. I hardly thought about my husband, I was with Danny and he had my undivided attention, all I wanted was to be around him, close to him, and be his lover for as long as I could. There wouldn’t even be a suggestion of a no in my mind. But we did talk a lot too. I wanted to know all about him, his conquests, Alan’s conquests, he baulked at that but I wasn’t taking any other answers but the right ones. And I had a couple of shocks coming my way too I can tell you.

The first one was the number of women that they had both seduced, sometimes together too, and two of them were married women that I knew. This put me on my guard, I wasn’t happy to be another notch on his gun.

“You would never be that Ally, I know how special you are, and I am the luckiest guy on earth to be allowed to love you and to have been loved back the way you have loved me. I know my place and that’s before you in any way I can be, okay?”

This pleased me immensely, I would have hated myself, never mind him if that had been the case, I didn’t want to think of myself as easy and a slut, even if that’s the way it had been.

“Now who have you been with from school and I don’t mean another pupil?” I asked knowingly. He looked at me be fore forming a response.

“Ah well, oh hell, here goes, Mrs Murchison, I got her one day after school and a couple of times after that but she couldn’t handle it, so she stopped seeing me.”

“So is that why you tried your luck with me then?” I said hotly, feeling used again.

“No Ally honestly, I had no idea this was going to happen, I still can’t believe I did what I did, but I’m so glad it did happen, you are utterly and beautifully wonderful, I adore you.”

More seductive words that seduced me again, I snuggled in close and felt for his cock and balls bringing a soft groan from him.

“So tell me about Alan, what about him, who is his biggest conquest then?” I wanted to know, but I feared the answer, I knew I shouldn’t even ask but I couldn’t help myself.

Danny was silent for quite a while, I stayed where I was, head on shoulder caressing him, and he was getting hard once more. Where in hell does he get this energy I thought?

“Come on Danny, I want to know.” I repeated.

More silence then a weak, “Shawna.”

“Shawna, Shawna who?” I persisted.

No response at all. “Come on Shaw…. NO!” He didn’t mean my youngest sister!

I jumped up on my knees and looked at him in shock. “Danny don’t you dare tell me Alan has been seeing my sister.”

He just looked at me and never said any more. This was my fault, I had asked and he had told me, and now I wanted the earth to swallow me up.

“How long has he been doing this?” I asked, thinking of my happily married 33 year old sibling. Who, in my opinion was more beautiful than I, and I knew she could have had any man she wanted.

“Since the beginning of March this year,” he told me.

“I can’t believe this, Shawna? My god, how did it happen, there must have been a reason or something?”

“He told me that he could talk to her and one day he went for some advice, he was chasing Carol Tomkins from school, and she kept turning him down. He said that his aunt put her arms around him to offer him comfort and they ended up kissing, and then scrabbling to get undressed, and it went from there, that’s all I know Ally honestly.”

“Ally, I’m sure that he, like me didn’t know either of these things would happen, no one is happier than me that it has, but the intent and attempt wasn’t intentional either.” He whispered. I had his cock in my hand and was working it up and down. I remember staring at the beautiful throbbing object sliding between my fingers, thinking of my son and his aunty, my sister, and bending my head and sucking the thick hard cock into my mouth.

I was aroused like I had never been, my insides had turned to jelly, I needed to be fucked and fucked hard, I had a picture of Alan on top of Shawna and I swear I could hear her cry out as he fucked her.

I threw myself over on my back, and said harshly, “fuck me Danny, and fuck me hard right now!” I demanded.

I tugged him over me using his prick as a lever. He dived on me and drove his prick into me so hard and fast I cried out in pain and ecstasy. His hips were crashing up and down on me at an amazing rate of knots; I sunk into the bed and sprung back up with each outward and downward hammer.

I clung onto him as I was absolutely and fantastically pummelled by him. His stamina and energy was beyond my imagination. I really had never been fucked like this, but there again I had never been fucked at my age by anyone his age either. Then it happened, he gathered my knees under his elbows pushed my feet over his shoulders and restarted my horrendous terrific fucking, I had orgasm after orgasm, I wanted to tell him to stop but I knew he wouldn’t, and being bent in half now I had no say or control of events.

After I had had countless orgasms I feared for my life and sanity. “Please Danny, I can’t take any more baby, please stop or slow down, you are driving me silly.” I moaned between gasping breaths.

And then he did it, something I never expected or even wanted, he pulled out of my sautéed pussy and rammed his prick right up and into my open and defenceless ass. I screamed, tried to straighten my legs, push him off, twist away, punch at him, scratch his eyes. There was nothing I could do, he had grabbed my arms, and pressed down, his superior strength and body weight was all he needed to subdue me.

I was helpless under him, now I begged him to stop, that the pain was unbearable, tears fell from me in waves, I just collapsed under him in total surrender. As his dominance grew and my submission lengthened, he slackened his grip on me. My boy master had taken complete control of me. He balanced himself on his knees, let go of my arms and went straight for my nipples, the electric effect of them shot right to my pussy then round to my ass, and I realised he had stopped fucking me now.

All I could do was look up at him above me and have the desire for him abound through me from my nipples, and soon the most amazing thing happened, his prick in my ass became a presence that titivated me, the tickle in it grew to a contest with my pussy and my nipples. My breath was becoming ragged, the pain became longing and arousal, my nipples were living a life of their own as they always do, but his cock was attacking and assailing my equilibrium.

Danny began moving in me again but more easily, I had stopped fighting and resisting the invader and was responding to it. He smiled at me, I brightened at him. I was joining in my utter destruction, an orgasm was building unremittingly. It frightened me, normally I can constrict myself to lessen the power of it, but not this time, not bent in half like I was. I couldn’t flex or press my ass and pussy together, so the oncoming tidal wave of my climax was rushing in as freely as rollers on a sea shore. They hit me with such power and strength I thought my death was imminent, and I wished it so too, such was the fabulous intensity of it. Then another unknown sensation, Danny came in me, this was the first time I had had a mans ejaculations up me. I felt the heat of his sperm as it ejected in my open bowels, I revelled in the feeling of heat spreading around in me.

The next thing I knew he was lowering my legs down and pulling me into his arms, I went willingly, if there is a woman out there who hasn’t experienced it then I would urgently suggest that she gets her man, or a man to do it, she will not be disappointed, I assure.

That night my husband phoned to tell me all about the game and how they had lost sadly, he blamed the referee? He asked me how I was, and I told him I was lonely, this cheered him up. So to dampen his mood I told him I was considering taking a lover while he was away to keep me company. He nearly choked, it did make me laugh.

Then I got really naughty, and said. ” I think I’ll find a young man, someone with staying power, don’t suppose you have anyone in mind Dave?” I asked innocently.

“Ally,” He spluttered.

“What about Danny, Alan’s friend, he’s a big strong good looking youngster isn’t he, do you think I should call him and ask him over because I’ve heard someone outside, maybe he’ll want to protect and defend me while you come home?”

More spluttering and protests ensued; and Danny next to me in bed was having a real hard time to keep from laughing out loud.

“Don’t worry Dave; my virtue will be intact until you arrive back okay?” I laughed.

“Ally, you are a wanton hussy, you really are,” and he laughed with me, as I leaned down and kissed my lovers beautiful young cock.

The next morning after a two hour love session I limped downstairs to make breakfast, my backside was as sore as it could be. Danny also gave me a huge hickey under my hair at the back under my hairline to make sure I remembered the weekend. I assured him I would never forget it as long as I lived.

As he left me at lunch time after much kissing and promises to meet when I could, which I knew was going to be very difficult, because I am never on my own for very long. And I had told him I would have to talk to my sister somehow regarding Alan. He said one last thing.

“By the way Ally, Alan told me months ago he has the hots for you too, and he has had them for a lot longer than your sister.” And before I could say anything he was gone, I just stood there opened mouthed.

When my husband arrived home he gave me a massive bunch of flowers, Alan’s eyes were rolling to the back of his head in amusement, but I saw a light in his eyes on seeing me again, one I hadn’t seen before, I wonder why?

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