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Helen of Troy

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My name is Sean. And this is more of a confession, rather than a story. Something happened to me with a very special lady. Because of her position in the community as the local women’s club civic leader, dutiful churchgoing housewife, and us living in a small town (named Troy) things could get ugly if her husband, my girlfriend, and the community found out. I gotta tell someone though. So, it might as well be a perfect stranger…

I awoke from my peaceful slumber to the irritating ring of my cheap telephone. My head was spinning and for a second I didn’t know where I was until I saw my collection of beer bottles neatly lined upon my dresser. They were remnants of a period when my only worries were getting to class in time for an exam. Fumbling around in a stupor, I felt the phone’s cold plastic in my grip and brought it to my tired head. I managed to answer in a low, gravelly voice.

“Hey Sean, this is Helen,” she said in her Southern drawl, “Were you asleep?”

“Naw. I was just about to get up. What’s going on?” I replied drowsily.

Looking at my clock, I discovered it was already past ten. Saturday is my “sleep-in” day and I try not to get out of bed before eleven. I figured Helen must’ve really needed something because she knew my routine.

“Well, I hate to bother you, but I wanted to ask you if I could use your truck to haul off a bunch of tree limbs that fell in the backyard?” By the tone of her voice I could tell that she was really hoping I would offer to do the job for her. Her husband (Roger) was gone on one of his week-long business trips and took his number one sales agent with him; my girlfriend Toby.

“I tell you what, Helen. I’ll come get those branches and drop ’em off at the shed. Larry (my friend/partner) is burning some brush on Monday. Just gimme about thirty minutes,” I said as I slid from the bed and stood on my feet. I stretched like a bear coming out of hibernation.

Since I do contract landscaping, I’m pretty much at home most of the time. By home, I mean the small town we live in, Troy. My buddy and I maintain landscapes for a number of businesses, residences, and the local golf course here. We’re very busy and make a good living out of it. Being twenty-eight and owning forty-nine percent of a business is not too bad for a guy like me. It keeps me in shape, money in pocket, and I get a vehicle I can claim on my taxes; The reason why Helen called.

“You’re such a sweetheart, Sean. For your trouble I’ll make lunch. How’s that sound?”

Helen is a damn good cook. It’s understandable how her husband has gotten kinda large with that woman stuffing his belly with good home cooking. I always thought if she and Martha Stewart got into a cooking match, there’d be much bloodshed. I know Helen would win. The woman can bake the best pies from scratch in no time flat! Her cherry one’s are awesome.

“Sounds like you have a deal. I’ll be over in a sec’,” I said with a grin.

“Talk to ya later!” Helen said as she ended the call.

I hung up as well and went straight to the shower to clean off. Afterwards, I threw on some shorts, an old tee shirt, and my “lucky” cap. After lacing up my work boots, I grabbed my keys and went outside to fire up the truck.

Toby had known Roger and Helen Evans many years before she met me. She grew up with their daughter Jennifer and they considered Toby as good as another daughter. Roger owns a car dealership and is a “mentor” for Toby. After meeting Toby at a local dance, we hit it off. It wasn’t long after that she and I started dating. She’s always considered the Evans’ as her parents instead of the duds that really brought her into this world. That’s another story for another time.

I liked the Evans’ when I first met them. I didn’t hit it off with Roger at first. I think he thought I was some kind of loser or something. I’ve gained his respect after demonstrating I’m a hard worker and able to make it on my own. Helen was a different story. Since she’s such a nice and accepting person anyway, there was a connection.

She and I are both from the same suburb of Dallas. We even share the same middle-school. GO REBELS! She’s twenty four years older than I am, so we never ran into each other. It turned out she knew my aunt in school. It’s a small world isn’t it?

Helen’s the type of person who would go mountain climbing after she got all of her things done. Helen is a very neat person with an excellent eye for decorating. Her house looks really cool with all the things that she picks up here and there. She could turn an old tire into a masterpiece. She’s also a very affectionate, kind, and thoughtful person. I wish Toby would take some lessons from her.

As nice as she is she’s intelligent too. She reads lots of books and can remember all kinds of details as well. She has a wicked sense of humor on top of that. It’s fun to make her laugh because she has a “different” kind of laugh that’s funny to hear. Because, I think so much of her it doesn’t bother me to get up a little early and help her with a chore. Especially if food is on the line.

I pulled my pick-up into the circular driveway of the Evans’ house. Their house is a small mansion compared to the other houses in town. It was a two story, light-grey colored brick home sitting on the middle of five acres of property. Etched glass, trimmed bushes, and a perfectly manicured lawn gives this house distinction and class. I’ll take credit for the lawn.

I rapped the large, shiny brass doorknocker to signal my arrival. Through the glass I saw a figure approaching the door. When the solid oak portal swung open Helen greeted me with a smile and motioned for me to come inside.

Helen looked good when she answered the door. Her lightly golden cropped hair was pulled neatly back with a white headband allowing her aqua colored eyes and luscious pink lips to shine. She wore a lemon colored sleeveless shirt which stretched nicely across her chest leaving nothing to the imagination of how large and shapely her breasts are. Her capri pants were the vibrant white of a virgin’s wedding dress. I noticed that they had a zipper running down the left side about halfway down the thigh. She was barefoot to show off her immaculately crafted French salon toenails which matched her fingers. She has a natural honey brown skin color that looks darker when she wears light colors. The amazing thing is she was “slumming it” this day.

If you haven’t figured it out already, I like this woman. Nothing could’ve prepared me for what was going to happen. It’s funny how when you wake up, you just never know what the day is going to bring you. If I knew then what I know now, I would’ve moved sooner.

“I didn’t know what you’d like so I whipped up some chicken salad ,” Helen said as she headed for the patio door.

“That’ll be great. I like the little pecans you put in it ,” I said folowing her.

She had a nice body. She took care of it. Granted she had a bit more on her thighs and butt than Toby, but it wasn’t unattractive. You could tell that in her younger days she used to be very athletic. A swimmer and a dancer to be exact. I watched her butt jiggle as she padded across the saltillo tile to the large french door on the other side.

The sensory information inside the room was too much. The motiv of her house in some kind of country theme with chickens, and old looking wood everywhere. Interspersed among the knick-knacks were the latest in home technology. I glanced over at the 64″ High Definition television before going outside. I wish I had that.

Out on the massive wooden deck behind the house sat our lunch on a beveled glass table with two chairs positioned neatly across from each other. The plates looked like daisies with matching napkin rings. All of the food was on the table ready for consumption. The air was still as the deck was shrouded by tall trees which blocked out the rest of the world.

We sat down, started eating and made idle chit chat enjoying each other’s company when Helen asked me something which struck me as odd.

“As a friend, would you say that I’m an attractive woman?” Helen asked with sincerity.

“Sure. Definitely.” I replied hiding my suspicion, ” I’d say Roger is a VERY lucky man.”

“Why would you say that?” Helen wondered aloud.

I wasn’t sure if Helen was fishing for compliments or being nosy so I just rattled off to her the things that I liked about her and why. As I talked to her I noticed she didn’t blink. Not even once. She just shot me with those sparkling blue eyes.

I topped off by saying,”… and if Roger doesn’t tell you these things everyday then he’s wrong.”

I looked at Helen who seemed to be off in other world but still looking at me, only with tear filled eyes. I couldn’t read what was going on inside that pretty head of hers. Maybe she was going through some hormonal changes. I knew I didn’t want to be there if she started to cry. I finished my sandwich and got up from the table.

“I better get those branches hauled off,” I said.

As I rose to leave Helen spoke,” Sean. Don’t go.” Before I could reply her hands were on my shoulders. What happened next I only remember as a blur. I remember being surprised and my heart was moshing inside of my chest. I was looking down at her because I’m five inches taller than she. I felt her hands glide up my shoulders and rest under my ears. Her eyes closed as she moved in and pressed against mine, the softest pair of lips ever. Just as I lost my breath, she filled me with hers. I remember thinking that she smelled sweet like peaches when I returned her kiss.

I did the only thing I knew to do in a situation like that. I closed my eyes, put my arms around Helen’s body, and gently slid my tongue into her warm mouth. Her hands rested back down unto my shoulders as our tongues gyrated together in a ballet of sublime passion. The touch of her lips and the way she steadily worked her tongue stirred in me a fire that was in danger of burning out of control.

Helen broke the oral embrace and our eyes met each other. I looked into her eyes and was drawn by their coolness. The dazzling blue of her irises told me I’d released a genie that had been trapped for thousands of years; Now, that genie was going to make my wish come true. Biting her lip like a shy little schoolgirl she gingerly reached for the bottom of my shirt and tugged at it. I lifted my arms skyward so that it would come off over my head.

Helen softly raked her manicured fingernails over my chest as she moved forward to start kissing there softly. My skin bristled all over by the subtlety and deliberateness of what she was doing. Her hands played all over my chest until they stopped on my nipples where she rubbed them with the pads of her middle fingers causing them to tighten. She focused her attention, and her mouth, on them. My erection had reached critical mass by now. I thought I could hear the threads popping off the clothes which held it in. Helen’s hands moved around to the back of my shorts. She effortlessly dropped them by hooking her thumbs in and bringing them out and around front in a downward motion. There I stood in front of her naked except for my boots which were still on.

Helen looked down at my nakedness and surveyed the prey of her wicked lust. Through her lemon colored shirt her nipples tried desperately to escape. They sharply stood erect and unconcealed. Without pause, she started lightly stroking my raging phallus.

“My word. Toby’s a lucky girl! I bet you make her very happy with this?” Helen said coyly. “I know it’d make me happy having you inside of my body. Make love to me Sean. Show me how you meant all those things you said about me.”

My heart raced like a supercharged ‘Vette with it’s pistons pounding as hard as they would go. I kissed Helen’s luscious lips again and rolled her shirt up off of her small frame. Her breasts boldly popped out from underneath her shirt as I brought it up and over. Her breasts had been augmented as evidence by the small incision scars around the bottoms of her sandy colored areolae. She grabbed my hands as I cupped the fleshy globes in my hand and worked her over in the same fashion she had done to me. She was especially sensitive and responsive when I gently twisted her nipples in my fingertips causing them to almost explode. Helen made tiny squaking noises as I did this. It was like she wanted to cry out, but wasn’t ready for it. I took one of her breasts into my mouth and smacked on the pink meaty pap.

I heard the unmistakeable sound of a zipper as Helen unzipped the side of her snowy white capri pants down as far as they would go. Without disturbing what I was doing, she wiggled them off and let them fall lifelessly to the treated boards of the wooden deck. I could faintly detect the pheremonal-like scent of her moist womanhood soaking through her lightly pink colored thong underwear.

I guided my mostly naked genie over an unused portion of the table where we had eaten lunch and directed her to turn facing away from me. I slid her thong off of her body and tossed it to the side. Standing behind her, I rested my cock in the crevace of her bulbous butt while I rubbed her shoulders and kissed the creamy soft nape of her neck. A subtly sweeted fragrance of peaches filled my nostrils. Helen responded positively with cooing and deep breathing. I wanted to get her worked up before I went on the attack. From her shoulders I slid my hands firmly around to the front; My hands caressing her breasts and brushing her teats with my fingertips.

“Helen,” I whispered softly into her ear. ” Don’t speak just listen.”

Helen nodded affirmatively.

“I’ve wanted you for so long,” I continued to whisper. “I’ve never known what true beauty was until I met you. My heart desires to beat with yours and I want my body to become one with you.” Helen turned around and looked at me with a tearful gaze.

“I’m yours Sean. Make love to me now. I need your love,” she pleaded.

Helen Turned around and hoisted herself up onto the edge of the table. She spread her muscular legs to reveal the deliciously soaked opening to her pleasure. Her silky soft pubic hair was a darker color than the hair on her head, still blonde, and sculpted into a neat little “vee”. Helen’s labia were engorged and possessed a rich magenta color. A stream of sunlight washed over her causing the woman to appear celestial with her glistening wet vagina. It was the most beautiful thing I’d ever witnessed. She was mine. So I took her.

I eased into the berth afforded by her spread legs. Taking my own cock into my hand I rubbed the tip of it in her lips and got it nice and slick. She grabbed the edge of the table and made a moaning sound. I positioned myself, leaned forward, and gently pushed through her heap of pussy meat. The friction of my tool plunging into Helen made my toes curl and her cry out in sweet blissful pain. Once in, I paused to give her sugar walls a little time to prepare themselves for the assault that was about to take place.

It felt warm inside Helen Evans, and it was tight too. I gathered from the grip that her pussy had on me, it had been some time since her last vaginal penetration. I moved my hips around to loosen her up. She whimpered like a little coquette who was being fucked for the first time in her life. She grabbed my wrists and dug her manicured nails into my flesh. Slowly at first, then picking up tempo, I began to stab her quivering quim repeatedly with my rock hard cock. The tranquility of the scene was was broken by the sound of heavy breathing, boards creaking, and flesh slapping together in rhythmic harmony.

As I pushed into Helen, her breasts jiggled and bounced. Her nipples reminded me of little brown cowboy’s trying to ride two bulbous bulls. Her head was up off the table watching all the action of my hips pumping at hers and my hot probe diving into her juicy cunny flesh. Her brow furled and her jaw hung open like she wanted to speak, but could only manage to groan. Something about the electricity in her eyes told me I needed to stop, so I did when I was all the way in. Gnashing her teeth, Helen ground her pelvis agains mine and locked her legs together around me like a boa constrictor gobbling up it’s prey. Helen moved her hips like a cobra ready to strike!

“Yes! Baby! I’m here! Here it is! OH MY!…SEAN!” my goddess screamed when she came all over me.

She left crescent shaped cuts in my wrists as she ground to a stop. Drops of sweat formed on her body like a freshly fallen dew. On her face beamed a pearly white smile. Her legs came from around my waist and she removed my rock hard cock from her pussy. Standing on her feet she kissed me. “Now it’s your turn cowboy!” she said playfully slapping me on my naked rump.

My dick was still rock hard and dripping wet from the encounter. Helen turned around and spaced her legs apart like she was about to be frisked by the cops. Bending at the waist with her knees locked, she rested the weight of her upper body on the table with her arms in close underneath her. I noticed for the first time that she had tiny little freckles on her shoulders. Helen’s well rounded ass beckoned to me. I feel certain that she had originally intended for me to slide right back in where I was previously causing her body such rapture. Instead, I opted for a less popular approach. I figured I had nothing to lose and everything to gain at this point.

I grabbed Helen’s fleshy hips and steered my pink torpedo towards the dark puckered area nestled in the chasm created by her shapely butt cheeks. Like before, I found the target and pushed. Luckily, I had the benefit of Helen’s own ejaculate dripping from my member to act as a lubricant.

“SEAN!” Helen exclaimed as she raised up from the table. She turned her head to speak to me. “DON’T SEAN. DON’T, HONEY. PLEASE D-”

She wasn’t able to finish her plea when the head of my cock penetrated her anus. Helen cried out like she had gotten stabbed with a red hot poker. She reached backwards with her hands and spread her cheeks apart allowing me to get a deeper probe. I pushed harder and she screamed again.

“SEAN! YOUR COCK IS SO FUCKING BIG!” she cried digging her fingernails into her meaty cheeks.

I had never heard Helen say anything like that in my life! She had always been the model of all things proper. That kind of talk from her sweet mouth was something I couldn’t handle. A wave rushed over me like a lightning strike and before I knew what was going on I withdrew from her hot anus in time to shoot jets of creamy life all over her backside. I felt I had done so well maintaining control only to lose it so quickly like that.

“That’s it! Ooooh, Yeah! Lemme have it baby!,” Helen said in her Southern drawl. I left my body for heaven for a brief moment and came back to find Helen squeezing the last drops of love’s life liquid from my body. She kissed me and whispered softly into my ear.

“You’re an angel.”

“You are an animal,” I retorted. We laughed there on the deck. Shrouded by the trees.

What happened next was really uneventful. As it turned out there were no branches to be hauled away. We showered and got cleaned up. We talked about our experience, but never discussed if it would happen again. She informed me that she found evidence there might be something going on between Roger and Toby. My heart sank. Had that bitch been cheating on me? If so, I wanted to know what was going on. I asked what she had that would make her believe that. She went to the entertainment center and pressed play on the VCR. A few seconds the blue screen disappeared to reveal…

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