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Wrestling Mom

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It had to be fool proof. It had to seem like she came up with the idea and executed it, not me…so this is how I ended up in a full-fledged, nude wrestling sex-fight with my mom!

I started spamming her email address from remote locations, all different emails, all porn related. Then one day I spammed her about 35 times with the title: “How I Wrestled My Son Naked” hoping she would open it. It wasn’t until two weeks later that I realized she did.

You see, the body of the email contained a “how-to” tutorial for a mother to get naked with her son and have any and all kinds of sex…and it read as follows:


That’s right, I wanted to fuck my son and fuck him badly. I was always horny for him but never did anything about it because of the taboo nature of that kind of relationship…plus not knowing if he would hate me forever if I tried. BUT, we were both grown, he with his own family which I knew had sexual tension because of the lack of sex he got from his wife…she just wasn’t interested and apparently my boy had a voracious sexual appetite and liked it rough too. That kindled my interest even more because I loved it as rough as possible.

So I decided being 63 (he is 44) I was rapidly running out of time. I was in relatively good shape, did a lot of yard work and walking, although I was shwoing my age. I had to act now so I tried this and it worked!! I will warn you, you have to be prepared to push the boundaries to get what you want. You have to be prepared to be rough with your son and have the same given back to you and probably more since most boys are bigger and stronger than their mothers.

What does every man like? Sex, violence, skin!!

I gave him all three. We ended up wrestling…and we were both naked. That’s not all we did…read on!!

I always wanted my son in a sexual way but trying to seduce him through normal male-female avenues would prove too deviant. I went about creating an environment for my son that would pit us against each other in next to no clothes. I decided to try to get him to wrestle me and see where that would take us. Yes, wrestling!. I knew I would probably lose, but if my plan worked we would at least be in our underwear rolling around together…skin to skin contact, struggling, sweating, and who knows what else would happen. I also knew I would push every boudary possible to get us where I wanted to go so that meant crotch and dick grabbing, rubbing, grinding, whatever I could do to push his buttons without him realizing this was sexual. You of course have to be somewhat similar in size – if he is 6’6 and 300 pounds and you are 5’4, 140 this probably isn’t the plan for you. But I am 5’6 and holding steady at around 155 and my son is about 5’11 and 180 so it wasn’t a dramatic difference.

How? Find a need to get him over. This was easy as I often ask for his help around the house for various things. Find something, or make something up, to get him over your house.

When? Preferably during the week after work. Why? That’s part of the plan. You are almost picking a fight with him and should you be successful into goading him into this he won’t want to “fight” in his work clothes since he had to wear them home. If you actually get as far as I did you will make him see he has to strip down to his underwear to wrestle you!

Execution: I asked him to come over and help with my computer, help me rid it of a virus. I made sure I was only wearing underpants underneath a knee-length silk bathrobe when he came over so I could show some skin from the start. I had some virus programs near my computer to use and obviously went the extra mile by making sure my computer (a laptop I didn’t need anymore) was infected with a trojan horse. I pretended to be really upset, even suggesting it was infected from him using it when he borrowed it. I could tell he was getting annoyed that I was pestering him and even more annoyed at that suggestion so I persisted until he told me to shut up and leave him alone so he could figure it out. That was my in…shut up? That’s how you talk to your mother I asked him? He tried to apologize saying he had a long day but I wasn’t going to let him slip away now.

No, no, no I said. I don’t care how tired you are, you don’t speak to me that way. Forget about the computer, I want a real apology I said as I yanked him by the shoulder and spun him around to face me. The force allowed me to show more cleavage (36Cs) in my bathrobe as my already hardened nipples were almost exposed. I saw his eyes immediately look at my chest and although I wasn’t blessed with great tits men are men and they love naked tits. He grunted a frustrated grunt and told me to leave him alone so he could finish.

I kept at him, poked him in his chest and told him he was going to apologize before he left or else. I was right up on him, telling him he wasn’t too big for his mother to set him right. He asked me what the hell I was talking about and I said I would dish some good old fashioned discipline…some barehand to bare-ass discipline. He laughed as if I was nuts and even said as much, asking me what the hell had gotten into me. I kept at him, denouncing his terrible attitude and told him I was sick and tired of it actually. Then I did it. I challenged him. I said I was so tired of his terrible attitude that I wanted a piece of him right there. Let’s go, you and me, right now…and I shoved him. He stood there in total astonishment. C’mon I goaded, you afraid of your mother? He kind of stuttered, asking me what I meant. I told him I would fight him, wrestle him for the apology and a chance to make him change his act. He had no idea what to do or say but he kept looking me up and down, especially my chest because now I did have one tit barely peeking out of my bathrobe which undoubtedly helped the situation.

C’mon I yelled at him. Finally he spoke…to say of course he wasn’t afraid of his mother but there was no way he was going to wrestle me. He felt it wasn’t fair, he was too strong for me and he couldn’t possibly think of hurting me. I glanced down and noticed his pants tenting out a little…he was getting a hard-on as we argued! I walked closer to him again, slapped him and told him to shut up with the condescending attitude. I told him to take off his clothes so we could wrestle!

He wanted to, he did, he was looking for a reason to say yes. So take off your work clothes stupid I said to him and let’s go! He started to stutter a little…but, but, what will you wear he asked me. I said I would lose the robe, you lose the work clothes, we’ll be evenly dressed…you sure you are not afraid of your mommy I asked as I made a point of covering my exposed tit with my robe to drive home the point that once I did lose my robe I would only be wearing underpants…my tits would be exposed.

He wasn’t sure what to do and was trying to process what was happening and what might happen when he said he wasn’t going to wrestle me in or out of work clothes because I was his mother and we just shouldn’t be doing that, he couldn’t…I interrupted him by telling him to stop stuttering and be a man. I told him we are both adults and we’ve seen what each has to offer from the opposite sex, stop being a baby. I decided to take the plunge by dropping the robe and then grabbed his hair and yanked his head to the side telling him I was going to kick his ass before he left tonight…

Finally he yelled back at me FINE!…as he knocked my hand away and started to undress. He kicked off his shoes, took off his socks and then his tie and shirt. Then he slid out of his pants and lo and behold my son was already sporting a hard-on. I could see it encased in his boxer briefs standing at attention and reaching for the sky. I stood across from him, both of us now only wearing underpants as we squared off from each other.

We came together on our feet and reached out, grabbing each other in mutual headlocks as our upper bodies pressed together. My tits brushed against his chest as we jockeyed on our feet for a little bit before he muscled me down to the carpeted floor. Still trapped in the headlocks on each other he lay on top of me now, immobilizing me in almost a full body pin. I felt his erect dick pressing against my vagina and knew it wouldn’t be long before we’d both be naked in this position and he was fucking me hard…and I would be fucking him back just as hard. I moved my lower body a little, pushing my panty-clad crotch into his to stimulate him sexually. His manhood felt hot pressing against me down there…but I had to make him feel we were really fighting so I had to be patient…

I grabbed his hair again to roll him onto his back and once I was on top slammed his head against the carpeted floor a few times. I had to push all boundaries to make him respond in kind so I quickly pinned his arms down, slid my body up, kneeled on his arms and rested the tip of my crotch on his chin. His face was a mix of surprise and humiliation at being in this predicament so quickly. I glanced toward his feet and saw his erection poking out of his underwear so he was clearly excited by what was happening so far. I started to tell him to apologize and of course he said no over and over…so again, pushing boundaries, I slid up and covered his mouth with my pussy by leaning forward as I slid up, still kneeling on his pinned arms. His eyes widened in the shock of having my panty-clad pussy on his face, rubbing his mouth, being able to smell the sex of it in his nose as he cursed me to get the fuck off of him. No I told him over and over as I started to grind my pussy on his face.

He was stronger than me and managed to free one and then both arms which helped him push me over the top of him and allowed him to escape. He got up quickly as I turned around on my knees and tackled me from his knees, pushing me onto my back and just as quickly got me pinned in a similar position to how I had him. My arms were not pinned under his knees though, he had them stretched over my head. He was angry at having my slightly wet crotch pressed against his face but he was still not completely into what was happening and was a little embarrassed now because he saw his erection sticking out of the top of his boxer briefs as he had his crotch pressed against my chin in this pinning position. I cursed at him to keep this going, I am sure he never expected me to have such a potty mouth. He made the mistake of releasing my right arm to adjust his briefs and I kept pushing boundaries, this time grabbing his erection and yanking on it…not too hard but hard enough for him to get off me.

He rolled off me but I managed to maintain a good grip on his dick as he tried to shake my hand off it. Since I grabbed it from outside his briefs I was stretching his underwear some, exposing more of his crotch as I kept asking him to apologize to his mommy, taunting him more and more to get him more riled up. He was sitting kind of on his side now trying to fight me off as I kneeled on his side with a firm grip on his dick. With my other hand I reached around to the back of his briefs and yanked them up, giving my boy a nice wedgie. I wasn’t sure if I would get him to really fight back but I wanted us tearing at each other’s underpants for obvious reasons, to get them off of each other!! I think I hurt him a little doing this and that finally pushed him. He stopped grabbing at my arms and went for my panties, pulling them up hard into my ass and pussy. Yeah, it hurt but I knew I had to make some sacrifices, haha. I also knew my panties would not take much of this as I had on an old pair. Not ratty but worn down from many washes…as well as a little hole I created right on the bottom to help them tear easier. Yes girls, I was going to do whatever it took! By now we were facing each other on our knees both yanking on the other’s underpants and yes thet both started to tear as we pulled harder and harder. We both got to our feet still with both hands yanking on the other’s underpants jostling around the room. Mine tore easily, tore right off. He fell backwards actually as they came right off me. Although my pussy was sore I kept hold of his briefs and as he was falling backwards I slipped them down his legs and right off too, leaving us both naked and primed for more action.

He wasn’t hesitating any more, he was into this now. I started laughing at him, pointing at his erection and how his mommy had fought him to a stalemate so far. We both got to our feet and came together again but this time he pushed me against the wall right away. From this point on I only had the upper hand once more but I kept fighting hard to get him more into it and of course I kept pushing boundaries to get us to…well…you’ll have to keep reading…

Once he got me against the wall I reached down and grabbed his dick which was hard and sticking out and up. He was becoming more aroused to the touch and while I wasn’t jerking him off I was tugging enough to get him more excited. This time he reached out and grabbed my tit and started squeezing it. Then he reached down and cupped his other hand over my pussy and started squeezing and rubbing it, but not fingering it. I reached over and grabbed his chest as my boy went to the gym regularly and sported a nice chest, getting enough of one side to squeeze it, especially the nipple. What a sight we must have been standing there mauling each other’s chest and crotch! I couldn’t take the tit squeeze so I tried to make him stop but he managed to get behind me in what was a full nelson hold and drove me down to the floor face first as he lay on top of me. His dick was between his belly riding the crack of my ass so as I struggled underneath him I made sure to grind my ass more than I had to in an attempt to further arouse him. For a minute I felt him start rubbing me back but he must have realized what that would do so he stopped and kneeled over me, still holding my neck and face down.

I brought my legs up so I was on my knees which made him move off to the side of me lessening the pressure he could put on me. This also allowed me to grab his balls – I had to try to get the upper hand and keep him going. He screamed in pain and fell over on his side as I kept a tight grip on them. Then I managed to climb on top of him as I forced him to his back and trap his head between my legs in a headscissor hold, the two of us in a 69 position but my head was free with me on top of him. My pussy was riding his chin and mouth again as I started to stroke his erection more and more, telling him I was really going to humiliate him. His arms were flailing at mine trying to get me to stop as his dick started pounding more and more. I slid up a little to cover his mouth with my pussy which was very wet as I was close to cumming too. I thought I would get him to cum like this but he grabbed my hair and was able to twist me off of him. He was furious having my naked pussy grinded into his face and quickly managed to put me on my back as we came together on our knees. Now we rolled back and forth a little bit, both of us stretched out in full body pins struggling to gain the advantage until finally he pinned my arms over my head in a full body pin, our faces inches apart, his bare chest pinning pressed against my tits, sweaty stomachs sliding against each other, his feet braced against the bottom of mine…and the tip of his hard-on pressed against my pussy as we struggled in this position for a few seconds. My pussy was warm and wet and waiting for entry…all it would take was a small thrust but it had to be his thrust, not mine. I tried to help the situation as best I could by struggling underneath him in a way that would make it easy for him to stick it in and start fucking me. A couple of times it actually started to break the opening of my pussy but his dick never made it in.

Then he let go of my arms and wrapped his arms around my body in a tight bearhug and began squeezing me. His dick had slipped a little further up now so it wasn’t going to “mistakenly” slip into my pussy but it was rubbing against it making me hotter and hotter, even though he was weakening me with the bearhug. What an exttremely erotic position to be in though, my tits pressed hard against his chest while his erect dick glided up and down against my pussy which was dripping with pre-cum now. I was so horny I wanted to scream at him to fuck me but I still wasn’t sure how he would respond to that, especially since we were so close a few seconds ago when he had me pinned.

I didn’t know if he was thinking of doing it or not but he didn’t have it in him to go all the way. He was still pissed so he slid up, pinned my arms down again and started to grind his hard-on on my face. I could keep fighting but decided I had to do something different to escalate the sexual tension so I laid there and waited for the chance…lifting my head when I saw it and taking him in my mouth as he face fucked me, as if he did it on his own by his grinding. He seemed a little surprised but once he felt my lips around his dick he continued to face fuck me, fucking my mouth hard, pinning both of my hands on the floor with one hand now while his other hand had me by the hair, holding my head up a little so he could keep fucking my mouth. I didn’t really need the help but didn’t mind because it meant he was really into it. Even if this was going to end this way I knew I could get him to fight again. I could feel his dick pulsating and felt his body start to quiver just as he shot his warm load. He started to pull out just before he felt himself cumming but I leaned forward to make sure he didn’t and he stopped trying to. He blew in my mouth, it felt like a gallon as it spilled out of my mouth and down my chin until finally he stopped and pulled his dick out of my mouth. Now he kept me school-boy pinned, my arms under his knees with his cum soaked dick resting on my face and asked me to give up and apologize to him. At first I didn’t, even though I knew I wasn’t going to fight back anymore, but I didn’t want him to know that. Then he grabbed his cum-soaked dick and slapped my face with it a few times asking me if I wanted more…little did he know I did want more, I wanted to fuck, fuck violently…I had him…next time. Yes, I give up I told him. He got up and got dressed quickly and left. I knew thinking about it for him would be difficult after the fact which is why I had to act fast which I did…

…AND THAT’S HOW I WRESTLED MY SON NAKED LADIES! I called him the very next day to tell him I wasn’t mad at him at all for what happened and I actually wanted a chance to redeem myself in another match with him, an anything goes match. He kind of chuckled and asked me what the difference would be and I told him he would have to take the challenge to find out but he had to give me at least one more chance to get even with him since he did beat me. I told him once we were standing face to face I would explain the rules to him.

So ladies, if you are interested in what happened next respond with MORE in the subject line and I will explain the next fight.

Mom responded with MORE two weeks later…

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