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Restaurant Rewards

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I had been the area manager for a group of restaurants for about five years, having been promoted through the ranks from having been a waiter as a summer job. The restaurants were pretty basic family establishments, you would know the sort where you would take your mum and dad at the weekend for an inexpensive meal.

As the area manager I had to make sure the five restaurants in my charge made as much profit as possible for the company, we did this with promotions and special deals and by motivating the staff. My boss was always telling me how important it was to ensure the staff were always keen and with a young crew this often meant prizes and bar money which they could use after hours if they performed well.

One site however was not doing well… Their profits were down and so I had to get them turned around. I had visited the restaurant and sat in the mangers office with Sharon the manager. She had been promoted also and was a rising star in the company, and at twenty-two with long brunette hair and an enviable body she was somewhat popular. However, business was business…

“Look, if you don’t turn this place around and make profit there will be trouble.” I laid the figures on the desk “I will give you one month.”

“Okay” She paused. “So I have to do anything I can to get this place making money?”

“Yes, work your staff harder and make sure you get the best out of them.”

“And you will support me with this?” She smiled coyly.

“Yes. Whatever you need to do. I am right behind you.”

“Okay.” She smiled. “Leave it with me.”

The amazing thing was that, a month later I had the figures in front of me again and Sharon’s restaurant was now the top performing. I picked up the phone and called her up.

“Sharon… I don’t know what you did… But wow… Your figures are great.” I paused. “I would like to come and thank your staff. After hours, of course, we can have a little celebration with them.”

I had no inkling what was going to happen, but it started to become clear when I arrived at the restaurant and walked in through the kitchen. Something on the staff notice board caught my eye, it was a large charge with profit figures on, but then a promised ‘dinner’ with the manager and the area manager. This was all normal, however what worried me was the line ‘if we meet the targets, bring a spare uniform with you’.

The restaurant was closing for the night and the kitchen was being cleaned down. I saw Sharon, she smiled and walked over to me.

‘Are you ready for a treat?’ She pushed through into the dining room. The staff had cleared most of the tables and there was a large tarpaulin on the floor with a single table set in the middle of it.

“What the hell is going on?” I whispered.

“Dinner is on you Simon, literally.” She paused. “Well on both of us.”

“What?” I felt the anger rising.

“Shhh!” She smiled. “Look I brought you a major profit, just play along…”

I sat down, rather stunned. The staff were gathering round laughing and giggling. There was a crash as the kitchen doors opened and Sharon stood wearing a waitress’ uniform of white blouse, black short skirt and black tights. She smiled as the staff applauded and sat down at the table.

“Let dinner commence!”

One of the waitresses stepped over and said – “There is no menu tonight, we have chosen the meal you will enjoy.” A trolley was brought out of the kitchen, it was laden with bowls and buckets. I shuddered.

“Your starters are, Prawn Cocktail.” Two waitresses grabbed a bowl of pink mess each. I laughed as one was dumped on Sharon’s head dripping slowly down her face. Then it was my turn, the ice cold sauce dripped down my shirt and my clean tie. Sharon reached across and tasted some of the sauce on my face.

“Very nice…” She smiled. I think Simon would like more.

With this another bowlful was slapped onto my head, my vision blurred under the pink sauce.

“There is also soup on the menu tonight…”

We were both drenched in tomato soup, Sharon’s once white blouse was soaked in red liquid and it started to puddle in her lap.

“Main course is…”

There was a slap of cold chili in my lap, followed by sour cream which the laughing waitress shampooed into my hair. Sharon was given a lap full of baked beans (from the children s menu, we were told) before a bowl of mashed potato was placed in front of her. The waitress stepped away, but Sharon grabbed her before she could leave.

“Hang on, I think there is a hair in this!” Sharon barked.

“Where?” The girl foolishly looked closely at the bowl of mash, Sharon leapt up quickly and slapped her face into the bowl hard. The girl came up gasping coated in mashed potato.

“See, I told you there was…”

The waitress smiled, clearing her eyes. “Well, why don’t you have a look.”

Sharon played along and pointedly lent forward, the waitress slapped her face down and then poured a jug of lumpy gravy on top.

Sharon stayed down for a few seconds with just bubbles coming from the bowl, before she rose up slowly with mash and gravy dripping from her face.

“Yummy!” She smiled. The staff cheered.

“And now desert!”

I looked up, while we had been enjoying the main course each of the staff had been given a pie or cake. There were custard pies, chocolate cheesecakes, gateaux. I stood up slowly and took Sharon by the hand.

“Okay.” I smiled. “Well done guys. Let us have it!”

What followed was a massive barrage of pies, cream and mess. We were both unrecognizable beneath layers of dessert, I stood and laughed at Sharon, her blouse was torn and coated in chocolate sauce and cream. My suit was totally ruined.

Sharon cleared her face. “Thank you team…” She paused. “Now Simon and I need to clean up, so as we have made such a mess I think we should clean everything up. So you can all go home. And remember we are not open tomorrow so have a great day off!”

We stood there dripping as the staff thanked us and went out the door leaving us in am empty restaurant.

“Okay.” I laughed. “I deserved that… And well done. Now I suppose we had better clean up.”

“So soon?” Sharon smiled coyly. She stepped towards me and started to rub the cream on my shirt. “We have a lot of food left over. It would be a shame to waste it…” Her hand traveled lower. “Oh…”

I blushed. This was weird, but I had found being messed up somewhat exciting and I think Sharon could tell as she rubbed cream into my crotch.

She stepped back and pulled open her blouse. “Well, it was ruined anyway!” Her once white bra was coated in mess, she slowly started to remove it leaving bare, clean skin below. I gasped, being a single man I had often slyly glanced at Sharon and her ample assets. She picked up a jug of chocolate sauce and started to pour it over her chest.

“Whoops!” She laughed. “Now, why don’t you…” She stepped towards me and slipped my jacket off before undoing my tie. She tore off my shirt and then pulled my trousers down. I could not resist and reached towards her. “Oh no…” She smiled and held a finger up. She sat me down on a chair and then tied my hands behind my back with my once clean tie.

She walked away and came back with a trolley. “Now then… I want you to come with me…” She helped me onto the trolley and on into the kitchen. When we got there I saw that there were shelves of cakes and pies.

“I over ordered… Oh dear.” She smiled. “Now I can see you would like me to use these.” She picked up a large gateaux and placed it on the counter. She slipped off her panties and hitched herself up onto the counter sinking into the huge cake. I could tell from her moans that this was exciting her. She stood up, dripping pie on the tiled floor and walked towards me with a huge cream pie. “Plead for the pie…”

“Please may I have the pie…” She shook her head turning away… My heart skipped a beat. Then she span round and slapped the pie in my face. I struggled against my binding and realized I could slip my hands free. As Sharon turned away I stood up and grabbed a bucket of chocolate sauce I slowly poured it over her head.

She stood perfectly still as the ooze slowly coated her, she shuddered slightly before grabbing me and slamming me onto the counter, we made passionate love in the remains of the pies and sauce.


We spent the night and most of the next day playing in the food before we had to clean up. Before we closed the kitchen I jokingly suggested a small wager, a sort of forfeit based on the toss of a coin, Sharon smiled and said she would be game and so we took out pounds of chocolate and started to melt it until we had five buckets of warm smooth chocolate.

“You understand the bet?” Sharon looked longingly at the buckets and nodded. “Heads or tails?”

It was a shame that she lost, however I think she wanted to! She mock sulked as I put her in a huge baking tray on the trolley. I started to coat her in thick chocolate until it was at least an inch thick before wheeling her into the walk-in chiller. That was some hours ago and she now has five coats of thick chocolate.

I do wonder what the staff will say when they walk in tomorrow and find a life size chocolate statue in the middle of the kitchen. I said goodbye to her as I took away her clothes, I am sure that the look in her eyes was one of revenge…

I can’t wait to find out!

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