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Happy Campers

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I have long been an avid outdoorsman. I love just about anything and everything having to do with camping in the wilderness. As such, I was careful to ensure before I married that my wife would share the same enthusiasm for it that I did.

When Jolene and I married, she was everything and more that I could have ever wanted or expected in a partner.

And though we spent our wedding night in a comfortable hotel room, I was even more anxious and excited when we had at her suggestion, spent the remainder of our honeymoon, traveling and camping in the great outdoors.

In time, we befriended another couple whose interests were very similar to ours. We became very close, fast friends, often spending weekends camping together. Shelly and Ned had been camping for years, had a favorite, very secluded spot that they often went to a few times each year. Invited to go along, Jolene and I anxiously awaited the following three-day weekend where we would travel there together with them for the very first time.

As easy as we all felt around one another, it wasn’t something we came right out and discussed exactly, but being in close proximity to one another in what I could only describe as a fairly intimate setting, presented some interesting challenges. For one, I became rather amorous whenever I was outdoors, as did Jolene. Which meant, that regardless of whatever sleeping arrangements we made, the aspect of our rather noisy lovemaking would become quickly obvious. We had jokingly discussed some of those aspects with our friends, delighted to find, as well as hear, that they too enjoyed a rather active sex-life, made more so by the freedom and thrill of simply being outside.

We’d arrived at the remote spot they had discovered several years ago, quickly pitching our near identical tents side by side. As it was already nearing sunset, the first order of business once the tents and bedding had been taken care of, was to dig a pit in preparation for an evening fire. Jolene and Shelly had begun preparing a simple meal for our first night’s dinner while Ned and I busily hauled wood for later use. Although we certainly “roughed” it as we called it. We weren’t without certain amenities. One of which was a solar shower that Ned and I set up for use the following morning. There was a nearby stream that was perfect for it. And one in which Ned had plenty of experience setting up as he had done so before. We’d just finished setting it up when Ned turned towards me with a very conspiratorial look on his face.

“Come with me. There’s something I want to show you,” he told me. “I think you’re going to like this.”

Crossing the shallow stream, I followed him up the side of the fairly steep hill on the other side. The pine tree’s were thick, but there was a deer trail that we could easily follow as it wound up through the trees towards the top of the ridge overlooking our campsite. I continued to follow him, curious as to where we were going, and why. A few moments later we reached a small rocky out-cove where he sat down. Sitting down next to him I saw why he had brought me here. Almost directly below us, where it would be virtually impossible for anyone below us to see, even looking up, sat the shower enclosure that Ned had set up.

“Even Shelly doesn’t know about this spot,” he informed me. “And as funny as this sounds, I’ve come up here and watched her showering without her even knowing that I have. It’s erotic as hell to see her standing there bathing with no idea that I…or anyone else for that matter can see her.”

I didn’t really quite know how to respond to that. As comfortable as we are were around one another, the thought of literally ‘spying’ on my best friends wife had remained so far one of those secret little fantasies guys sometimes entertained about one another’s wives. If he was actually intimating to me that the two of us would have some opportunity to look down upon our wives while they showered, well…I was up for that.

“Shelly usually likes to come down for her shower around noon. By then the sun has usually warmed the water sufficiently enough to have a nice long shower. With luck, maybe Jolene will come down and join her,” he said conspiratorially.

The enclosure was certainly big enough for two people. And even if the girls didn’t shower together, the prospect of watching them both, even one after the other was extremely exciting. The aspect of my best friend getting to see my wife’s naked body was also very arousing to me, as was my getting to see Shelly in the nude too. Ned had already explained that we’d make some excuse to go exploring after first ensuring that it was their intention of showering shortly before we headed off.

As we had both hoped, planned, and discussed, the following afternoon Shelly had in fact mentioned that she was preparing to head down and take her shower. I was delighted when Jolene indicated that she’d enjoy doing that too. And as we’d already prearranged of course, Ned and I soon headed out on our “hike” as we’d called it, leaving the girls to their preparations. Being a relatively short hike to our secret little overlook, we arrived well ahead of the women, patiently sitting there waiting for them.

“Look! There they are!” Ned said excitedly. And as though reading my mind, he added. “Don’t worry. They can’t hear us unless we actually made an effort to shout down at them. But…I have heard Shelly singing before. Sound travels up far more easily, so if we sit quietly, we might actually be able to hear them as well as see them too.”

Somewhat disappointedly, it became obvious that the girls were planning on showering separately as opposed to doing so together. So though our mutually discussed fantasy of seeing the girls together, wasn’t going to happen, we would be treated to a much longer version at least of seeing them as they took turns. Shelly had worn a simple bathrobe, laying a neatly folded stack of clothing down on a nearby rock for dressing later. As she briefly surveyed her surroundings, she removed the robe hanging it up on a nearby tree limb. Now naked, she parted the semi-transparent plastic covering that Ned had hung stepping into the enclosure. What neither of them knew however, was that from our vantage point, Ned and I could see clearly down inside the enclosure itself. The shower wasn’t designed to run continuously. They’d use up all the sun-warmed water in a hurry if either of them did that. Instead, Shelly allowed enough of it to wet her completely before turning it off, and then proceeded to soap herself up afterwards. Shelly had much larger breasts than my wife did, though I’d always considered Jolene’s tits to be pretty good sized. As easy as it was to see them, I was even more delighted when Ned produced a pair of binoculars he’d stuck inside his backpack, handing them to me.

“Here…this will help,” he said grinning wickedly.

I quickly brought her into focus. It was almost like being there. Shelly had much darker, almost chocolate colored nipples that near covered the entire front portion of her breast. As she thoroughly soaped them, washing them over and over until she had worked up a nice thick rich lather, I then took notice of the dark patch of hair between her legs. Finding myself becoming aroused, I handed the glasses back to Ned.

Though he took them from me, gazing down at his wife for several long moments, he soon handed them back to me. “Go ahead…enjoy. I’m already pretty familiar with the way my wife looks,” he said grinning. The obvious implication was, he’d take a much longer turn using the binoculars when it was my wife’s turn to shower. Something that was very understandable.

“This is great!” I said once again bringing Shelly into view. She had turned on the shower long enough to rinse. But then I watched as she thoroughly soaked her hair.

“Jolene? Did you bring down the shampoo?” she asked.

I was surprised how easy it was to have heard them. Though when Jolene responded, I didn’t quite hear her as clearly, realizing that she needed to be closer to the water perhaps. We both watched as my wife approached holding the bottle of shampoo.

“Want me to help wash your hair?” she asked Shelly.

“Oh…that would be great!” she answered. And suddenly, Ned and I realized we were going to see the two of them naked together after all. My wife quickly hung up the robe she was wearing next to Shelly’s, stepping into the enclosure. I watched for a second more before handing off the binoculars back to Ned. This time he spent his fair-shared amount of time watching them, and I found a curious excitement in the knowledge that he was getting off on looking at my wife.

As we both hoped, Jolene stepped behind Shelly to help her. The thought of the two of them standing there together touching one another while naked was arousing of course yes. Unfortunately, they weren’t doing anything sexual, which was highly unlikely given the circumstances. Jolene soon began to soap up her own body, also washing her breasts while Shelly stood there watching her in anticipation of helping her wash her hair.

“Wouldn’t the boys love to see this!” My wife stated casually.

For a second there, I thought they had perhaps grown suspicious of our doing just that and actually drew back a little. “Don’t worry…there’s no way they can see us,” Ned assured me. “I know, cause I’ve stood down there looking up at this spot. But with the sun behind us the way it is, there’s too much glare for one thing. And for another, the angle to where we’re sitting is too much of a stretch for them to see without straining their necks to actually do so. And we’d have plenty of warning even if they did become suspicious!”

Shelly not only helped Jolene with washing her hair, but she had also soaped up her back. Jolene then did the same for her before either one of them turned the shower back on in order to rinse.

“I admit Jolene. I always get aroused whenever we come here, especially when I shower. There’s just something about being outside like this, naked…that gets to me.”

“I know what you mean,” My wife answered her. “Quite often when Ray and I go camping we often don’t even bother getting dressed. It’s so exciting to be able to walk around in the woods wearing nothing. And even better when Ray and I have found some secluded little meadow or something, and end up making love in it together.”

Surprised that Jolene had just shared this piece of information with Shelly, I was even more surprised when Shelly shared a secret bit of information of her own. And I laughed, as Ned learned something he’d never known about before either.

“You know what else I like to do?” Shelly had begun.

“No what?” Jolene asked.

Shelly giggled, almost embarrassedly so. “I can’t believe I’m about to tell you this. But I think of things, do things up here, that I’d never even consider thinking about or doing back in the city. There’s just something about the out of doors that awakens desires in me that I otherwise wouldn’t even act on.”

“What? What?” Jolene prompted her excitedly. “Tell me Shelly…what?”

“Don’t laugh,” Shelly urged her. “But at night? I often find myself having to get up to pee. It’s usually colder, so I wrap one of our blankets around myself before going outside. After I’ve peed, I usually go sit down by the still smoldering fire. With luck, it’s still warm enough to take the chill off. But as usually the case with me, I’m now wide awake.” “I know what you mean…that happens to me too whenever I have to get up,” Jolene said interrupting her. “But…go on with what you were saying,” she urged.

“Well, what I do then might shock you,” Shelly giggled again, even lowering her voice, which caused Ned and I both to worriedly look at one another. Luckily, Shelly’s voice rose sufficiently for us to hear her clearly though we had to strain our ears to do so.

“And so…I sit down by the warm embers of the fire, gaze at the stars, and masturbate!”

“Holy shit!” Ned stated. “I never knew about that!” he said truthfully. “Hot damn!”

“Once I’ve given myself a nice little orgasm, I’m ready to go to sleep again,” she finished saying.

“Sounds like a good idea to me!” Jolene stated playfully. “Though admittedly I’ve never thought of doing that, I might have to try it while we’re here,” she told her.

Now it was my turn to be surprised. “Shit!” I exclaimed, just as surprised as Ned had been. “God Ned, if she gets up in the middle of the night now….”

Ned laughed. “I know what you mean. I wonder if there’s someway either of us can sneak out to see that?” he wondered jokingly.

We watched as the girls finished rinsing one another off, and lingered long enough to see them dressing before scrambling back down the hill towards camp. We arrived shortly after the girls had.

“Enjoy your hike?” Shelly asked Ned after we’d returned.

“Yeah…it was nice. Enjoy your shower?” he asked back innocently.

I was sure I saw a slight blush in Shelly’s cheeks as she turned to steal a glance towards Jolene.

“Yeah…we did,” she quipped with a lot more behind that statement than she was letting anyone in on. Though I noticed my wife’s sly smile as she returned her look.

“Yeah, maybe the two of you ought to think about taking one yourselves. Especially if you want to do anything…later.” Jolene added now smiling directly at me.


The heat of the afternoon increased. Even sitting beneath the canopy of tree’s that shaded us somewhat from the direct sun, didn’t dampen the heat all that much. Ned and I had stripped down to nothing more than shorts. Sitting around the makeshift table we’d put together, Jolene had just brought us over a pitcher of Margarita’s to help cool us down with.

“You know, the only thing better would be if I was drinking this in the nude,” I said half-jokingly.

Fact was, most of the time whenever Jolene and I went camping together, I was nude…if not both of us.

“So do it then,” Ned said speaking up. “I’m sure that Shelly wouldn’t mind…if Jolene didn’t object to it,” he said glancing towards his wife. Shrugging her shoulders she looked towards Jolene.

“Wouldn’t bother me any. I’m surprised that Ned hasn’t done that already anyway. He usually does!”

Quick as bunnies, Ned and I were soon stripping off the rest of our clothing. Within seconds, we were both lounging there in the nude.


“Well what?” Shelly responded looking at Ned.

“Aren’t the two of you going to join us?” he asked.

But it was my wife who responded before she did. “Should have known there was another reason behind that,” she quipped. “The two of you just want to get us naked.”

“Anything wrong with that?” I continued on with the tease. “It’s not like we’re not amongst friends here…and especially good ones at that.” I said lifting my freshly filled Margarita up in a proposed toast.

Ned lifted his glass up next to mine, and the two of us patiently waited for the girls to join us. Shelly lifted her glass.

“Ah uh. We’re toasting naked,” he told her seriously. “No naked…no drinky!”

“We might as well,” I was surprised to hear my wife saying. “If we don’t…we’ll never hear the end of it.”

Much to my amazement, Jolene began removing her clothing even before Shelly had a chance to say anything one way or the other. Seeing that my wife was actually taking off her clothing, Shelly soon followed suit. When both women were finally naked, we picked up the toast where we’d left off.

“To good friends,” I began. “To very good…naked friends,” Ned amended.

“To horny men,” Jolene jabbed looking across towards where Shelly was standing.

“I’ll drink to that,” Shelly said, and was the first to lift her glass, draining it. Which was a delightful picture to see as she tilted her head back, breasts rising almost in support of the toast.

“Your wife has nice tits,” I said slyly looking towards Ned as I raised my glass to finish it.

“So does yours,” Ned responded smiling at me.

“I’ll drink to that,” pouring us all another round.

“Now what shall we drink to?” Jolene asked lifting her glass once again.

“Oh, I don’t know. Why don’t we see what comes up?” I said lewdly, feeling my cock beginning to rise, noticing that Ned’s already had.


It had been a fairly long day. Even though it was still early on in the evening, we’d allowed the fire to die down in anticipation of retiring to bed. Though none of us had come right out and said it of course, sitting around naked all day had been arousing, even if the girls weren’t as ready to admit it as Ned and I were. Saying our “good-nights” to one another, I quickly crawled inside our tent, waiting expectantly for Jolene to join me.

“I’ll be in, in a minute,” she said, peeking her head through the door of the tent. “I need to go and pee first.” Outside, I heard the sound of Shelly’s laugh.

Making a small attempt to whisper, I still clearly heard her anyway. “I’ll probably still get up later myself. I’ll throw a little more wood on the fire. I might feel like coming outside later knowing the two of you.”

Jolene snickered. “Oh, and the two of you aren’t planning on doing anything?” she asked.

“Well yeah…but you know me. I’ll probably still be horny later on too.”

Moving off so I could no longer hear what they were saying, I lay there smiling, stroking my stiff member waiting for Jolene’s return.

“Ray! Ray! Did you hear any of that?” Ned asked through the tent. In doing so, I realized with our tents pitched as close as they were, just how easy it really was going to be, hearing one another.

“Yeah…I did. This is apt to get pretty interesting,” I told him through the canvas.

“You’ve got that right!” I heard him respond, but with the sound of the girls return, each of us quit speaking to one another.

“See you in the morning then,” Jolene said speaking to Shelly as she pulled open the tent flap just before stepping inside.

“Or…sooner,” Shelly retorted with a giggle quickly following up behind that.

Jolene stepped inside the tent, zipping up the screen, closing and securing the canvas flap. I was lying atop the sleeping bags lazily stroking myself. “Oh…so you started without me huh?”

Across the way, Shelly giggled. “Don’t feel bad, Ned was doing the exact same thing.”

“Oh great!” Jolene jabbed. “How the hell are we supposed to do this if we can hear one another this well?”

“Just try to fuck quietly!” Ned said chiming in, laughing. “Though Shelly’s never been able to do that.”

“Shut up Ned…or you won’t be getting any!” she warned him.

Jolene slid in bed next to me, smiling wickedly though she really did whisper. “This really is rather exciting isn’t it?” she asked in tones too low to have been heard, even as close as our tents were.

“Can’t you tell?” I whispered back, waving my very erect cock back and forth at her, glad when she took over the waving with her hand.

I soon latched onto one of my wife’s breasts and began to softly, quietly suck it. Jolene moaned in appreciation of the sensations that I was bringing to her, and I wondered briefly if that had been loud enough to be heard. Hearing nothing from our neighbors however, we continued fooling around. I soon scooted down, placing myself between my wife’s legs and proceeded to orally tease her with my tongue. She once again began moaning even louder as I did so, playing with her breasts, rolling her nipples between her fingers while I in turn licked her clit. Something she always usually did if I wasn’t, whenever I went down on her. As I sucked her clit inside my mouth, I heard another low soft moan. But this one didn’t come from Jolene. It was obviously Shelly’s. Neither of us said or did anything as we were now too far into the pleasures we were enjoying with one another. Nipping my wife’s clit with my teeth, tonguing it in the fashion and manner that she really enjoyed, Jolene groaned even more deeply. I had no doubts whatsoever that Ned and Shelly must have heard that one, especially as she got closer and closer to climax. As she did, she was whimpering not at all softly which was very normal for her to do. And frankly, I was glad. I was really getting off on the knowledge that our friends could hear the pleasure that I was giving to my wife.

“Oh Ned…Ned. Yes!” I heard clear as day. And even through Jolene’s pleasured sighs, I figured that she must have heard it too. Seconds later Shelly was crying out in pure ecstasy, followed up by the rapid sounds of their lovemaking as it became crystal clear that Ned was pounding into her, and pounding into her hard. The sounds of their flesh slapping together was the best aphrodisiac that either Jolene or I could have taken. As aroused as we both were now, we soon joined them in our coupling, though Jolene had climbed on top of me by this time, thrashing wildly above me.

“Fuck me Ray! Fuck me! Oh God…don’t stop! Please….don’t stop!” Jolene wasn’t even trying to be quiet at this point. And as she continued to cry out in pleasure, I could hear the equally loud noises coming from next door as Shelly was groaning and moaning like all get out. Even Ned began joining the erotic craziness as he began bellowing out his pleasure in deep gut-wrenching breaths as he continued fucking Shelly’s cunt in the tent next to us.

“Oh….Oh….Oh!” Make me cum Ned….Yes! Yes….make me cum!” Shelly’s cry of pleasure nearly caused us to stop. And for a brief second we did, as Jolene and I both looked at one another, listening to their near simultaneous orgasm. Ned hadn’t been joking. Shelly was anything but quiet, especially when she came. Just hearing them had brought me to the brink and I began humping myself up inside my wife’s tight wet pussy, reminding her that we’d fallen behind and that we needed to hurry and catch up. But Jolene was a lot closer than I thought she’d been. Hearing her best friends cry of ecstasy had already seized her in a pleasured grip that shook her inside and out. Jolene came hard…crying out into the night. And a brief second later, I joined her.

For a few moments, there was silence. In a way, it seemed eerie, as none of us of course had been anywhere’s near quiet.

“Good night John Boy!” Ned stated laughing.

“Shut up Ned…and go to sleep,” Shelly admonished him.


It was well into the night. Jolene lay softly snoring by my side. There was no moon, or very little one. Pitch black, I lay there in the darkness. A light sleeper anyway, I had heard the sound of a tent zipper being pulled. A few soft shuffling sounds, and I knew that one of our neighbors had gotten up. I had my suspicions of course, finding myself now wide-awake; smiling at the prospect, wondering if it was Shelly getting up to pee. If that indeed, was what she was doing. “Would she then go and sit by the fire, actually masturbating as I had heard her confessing to my wife earlier?” I wondered.

Soundlessly, I rolled out of bed making my way over towards where I knew that the door was. Still too black to see anything, I felt for and found the nylon zipper on the screen. Slowly I worked it up, continuing to listen to my wife’s gentle sleep, finally managing to create enough of an opening to slip through. Though it wasn’t much brighter outside, the still hot coals around the campfire gave off enough light to reveal to me where everything was. Shelly hadn’t returned as yet as far as I could tell. And I knew that I would still need to be stealthy if I were to pursue this now very dangerous attempt to actually spy on her this time. I knew where the ground was bare and followed it around the backside of our tent, across the way from where the fire pit was. Hidden somewhat safely back behind the tent, I squatted down and waited. Moments later I sensed movement, and saw Shelly emerge back into the clearing from wherever it was she’d had gone. True enough, she’d wrapped herself within a blanket and walked over to sit down by the fire.

Throwing a few additional twigs and sticks on it, she soon had a very tiny flame burning which gave her the additional warmth she had sought, without brightening the area more than she’d wanted to. Fortunately for me, it made it a hell of a lot easier to see her and remain hidden within the shadows.

My heart was beating a hundred miles an hour as I watched her part the blanket. Slipping a hand down between her legs, her eyes closed, she began a slow, steady, rhythmic motion with her hand. Purposely quiet this time, I could still faintly hear the sound of her increased breathing as whatever pleasure she was giving herself increased. Having long ago grown erect myself, I soon joined her, just as quietly, if not more so. Stroking my cock while I watched Shelly fingering her quim was one of those rare special moments that too few people ever get to truly enjoy. There is something so incredibly sensual about watching a woman doing that anyway. But it was made even more so of course for me, as she was completely and totally unaware that she was being watched.

I was surprised too that it obviously wasn’t going to take very long for her to get off. By the sounds of it, she was rapidly approaching orgasm. I could also hear the very faint telltale sounds of her wet slippery pussy as she continued to slip what must have been several fingers in and out of herself. Rapidly she increased the motion of her hand, playing with one of her breasts, eyes still closed. I was jerking myself off with no intention of stopping. I didn’t know if my orgasm would occur before hers or after. But it mattered not as either way, I’d enjoy the pleasure I gave myself having simply watched Shelly to whatever point she was when I did come.

As it turned out, we both achieved orgasm within seconds of each other. There was one brief audible gasp as Shelly succumbed to the pleasured numbness. A second or so later, I felt the first enjoyable ribbon of my spending leap from the end of my prick, disappearing into the blackness of the night. Though careful to ensure I didn’t accidentally soil our tent, I didn’t care at that point about much of anything else except watching Shelly, and feeling several delicious squirts as I stood there emptying my balls.

Soon after Shelly returned to her tent, completely unaware of my presence. Mindful to remain there until long after she’d gone back inside. I then made my way carefully and quietly back around the tent and back inside ours. Jolene’s continued soft snoring told me she was still soundly asleep. Slipping back inside the sleeping bag, I soon after drifted off to a very deep, very relaxed sleep.


Much to my delight, it was at Jolene’s suggestion that she and I head down to the creek to enjoy an early afternoon shower together. Naked, we walked hand in hand after assuring Ned and Shelly that we wouldn’t use up all the hot water. Apparently, they had the very same idea we had and soon followed us. We took turns soaping one another up, turning that necessary task into a far more erotic one as Jolene massaged my prick to hardness, purposely stroking me off all the while we stood there conversing with our friends who stood waiting patiently outside for their turn. I was suddenly glad Ned hadn’t decided to go off by himself on a hike.

As Jolene expertly played with my prick, she carried on a brief, friendly conversation with Shelly that I found wildly amusing.

“You still interested in hiking down to the lake with me later?” Shelly asked.

“Yes…what time do you want to leave?” Grinning at me she whispered. “That feel good honey?” She knew that it did, and she knew that I was enjoying it even more so because of the secret naughty play we were engaging in with our friends standing there but a few feet away.

“After lunch maybe? How’s that sound?”

“Sounds good,” Jolene responded, snickering under her breath as she made “squishy” sounds because of the soap as she squeezed my prick. “And so’s this,” she added considerably more quiet to me.

I was getting close and inadvertently groaned.

“Hey! You two fucking in there?” Ned asked a second later. “No fair if you are…” He trailed off saying. Shelly giggled.

“I was starting to wonder about that,” she added. “There was something about Jolene’s tone of voice that sounded horny,” Shelly teased.

Hearing her mention that suddenly decided it for me. I didn’t just want a hand-job any longer. And by the look on my wife’s face, she wanted it now as much as I did. Slipping behind her, she bent over slightly and I swiftly thrust myself into her with her bent over in that position. Inadvertently, Jolene reached up to steady herself, grabbing onto the only thing available. Which was, the semi-transparent curtain we were enclosed within. It obviously wasn’t meant to support her weight, and came away falling to the ground before either of us even knew what was happening. There we stood, Jolene bent over holding onto the remnants of the shower curtain, and me, prick deeply rooted inside my wife’s cunt while I stood behind her.

Both Ned and Shelly were laughing hysterically. It was sort of funny. But I wasn’t about to quit fucking my wife either. Which not only surprised her, but I also think surprised Shelly and Ned a hell of a lot more. Jolene had begun to stand up, but sensing that, I placed my hand on her back keeping her where she was. I then lunged inside her, driving my prick deeply into her pussy, causing her to moan, nearly buckling at the knees as the pleasure of my unexpected thrust took her breath away, as well as her senses.

Jolene fucked back.

Ned and Shelly quit laughing.

Just as naked as we were, it didn’t take much prompting on our part for them to soon join us. The fact that we continued to fuck, totally uncaring if they watched us, or didn’t…soon had them deciding on the latter. Moving behind Shelly, Ned was soon fucking his wife in much the same way that I was fucking mine. Facing one another, it was a wild setting to stand there, doing what we were, all the while enjoying the experience of seeing one another doing it.

“This is crazy!” Shelly exclaimed. “I can’t believe we’re actually doing this,” she said through a pleasured grimace. Ned had his hand full of his wife’s ass at this point and was thrusting in and out of her like a wild man.

“It is wild isn’t it?” Jolene responded to her. “But damn Shelly…it sure does feel good!”

“I’ll…say,” Shelly somehow managed.

It was inherently obvious that she was having difficulty speaking. I couldn’t have spoken a single syllable at the moment myself. The feel of my wife’s silken pussy as I continued to pump myself in and out of her cunt had robbed me of the ability to speak. All I could do at that point was grunt, which I began doing in Ernst as my orgasm approached. Sensing that, Jolene began fucking back against me with abandonment, reaching her own ecstasy just seconds before I did. Together, we came in a near-blinding sweetness while our best friends continued on with their own coupling, watching and enjoying ours.

I had barely slipped out of my wife, backing away slightly, when Ned came. His deep pleasured groan soon triggered Shelly’s. She joined him in his pleasure, crying out her own which was again loud…and all too obvious. Watching her cum, seeing the expression and look upon her face as she did was sensuality incarnate. It was one of the most incredible experiences that either Jolene or I, had ever had.


It was well after lunch. The girls had gone off on their short little hike together, leaving Ned and I alone in the camp to amuse ourselves. Too early to start drinking the hard stuff, we’d eased into the early afternoon over a couple of cold beers instead.

“Interesting day so far,” Ned said simply.

We were both still feeling rather devilish. “What do you have in mind?” I asked pointedly. I knew when Ned had an idea by the look on his face.

“Something even wilder than this morning.” Ned was grinning, the sparkle in his eyes speaking volumes. “If you’re interested in freaking the girls out for a little added fun.”

“I’m game.” I said interested, matching the look on his face with one of my own.

“Well, since it is our last night here this weekend. I know that the girls will stay up with us later than usual. As they’ve always done before. Lets make sure we keep them drinking for one thing. Plenty of mixed drinks…and sex talk. You know Shelly, she gets a little inebriated, starts talking about sex, and gets wound up tighter than a drum.”


“And…after they’re really good and horny, that’s when you and I make like it’s definitely time to go fuck.”

“And?” I asked once again.

“But what we do is this. After you and I get the camp all bedded down for the night, and make sure the girls are in bed waiting for us, we go in. But we go in one another’s tents. You in with Shelly. Me in with Jolene. It might be interesting to find out how long it takes for them to discover what we’ve done.”

“Probably not long,” I told him warming to the idea, but not giving it much chance of success before the girls caught on to what we’d done and thrown us out on our ears. “Even if they are a little drunk. And worse, we might find ourselves sleeping outside around the fire,” I warned him, still liking the idea however.

Ned laughed in agreement, “Probably not…but it still might be fun, especially discovering their reaction when they do realize what we’ve done. I wouldn’t worry about it though,” he paused momentarily thinking about the consequences same as I was. “As long as they’re really, really horny. I’m sure they’ll just look at it as a naughty practical joke and nothing more.”

I thought about that for a minute. “What if?” I asked.

“What do you mean what if?”

“What if…they don’t catch on right away. What then?”

Now it was Ned’s turn to think. “Well, they’re certainly going to figure it out before anything gets too far along. So…lets do this. When we switch tents, we don’t say anything of course, otherwise the jigs up anyway. But what we do, do…is this. Hopefully they’ll both be nice and horny. Shelly loves to have her boobs sucked, so just start doing that. Who knows…she might not even discover it’s you for a few minutes while you’re doing that.”

“Won’t she freak out and get mad?” I asked.

“Shelly? No. Surprised maybe…might even squeal and yell for a moment when she discovers it’s you and not me. But she’ll actually find it funny when she has time to think about it. Now…what should I do with Jolene?”

“Go straight for the pussy. That’s what I do if you’re trying to pretend to be me. Middle finger right inside. Jolene knows how much I love seeing how wet she is.”

“Really? You’re serious? Her cunt?”

“Hell Ned…if you can put your dick in her…go for it!”

Ned laughed. “O.k., same here. Though I doubt either one of us will make it that far.”

“No kidding. They’ll probably know the moment either one of us enters the tent. And you know…the moment one of them figures it out, they’ll both know a second later,” I said reminding him how easy it was to hear things through the tents, especially as close as they were to one another.

“True…so we might as well see just how far we can go before they do figure it out then,” he said laughing. “But the key will be getting them both really excited as well as a little drunk. Otherwise, we probably have no chance in pulling this off even for a few minutes, and we certainly don’t want either one of them getting mad at us either!”

I couldn’t have agreed more, as we began to set things into motion.

The evening went exactly as planned. After a light dinner, we cleaned everything up and then brought out the mixed drinks, proceeding to loosen up the girls. Before long, the conversation was directed towards sex of course, and we revisited the erotic episode we’d all experienced earlier together. After that, I was surprised when Jolene mentioned her one and only ‘girl-girl’ episode with a roommate from college, which even took Shelly by surprise, but she was soon pressing her for details. Many of which I hadn’t heard before.

Periodically I glanced towards Ned, giving him a behind the back ‘thumbs up’ as things seemed to be going even better than planned. Jolene’s titillating story had both Ned and I hornier than hell, and I was fairly certain by the way Shelly had sat shifting around in her chair that she was feeling a few clit-tingles herself.

But the really good part was, it was evident that both women were soon very horny again, and Jolene had already whispered to me that she was, expecting a longer than normal performance out of me later on that night.

Drawing Ned aside at one point while we fixed a last drink, I told him just how horny Jolene really was. “Forget the fingering,” I told him. “The moment you get inside the tent, go down on her. She’ll be expecting that as horny as she is…and as horny as she knows that I am.”

“Won’t she be pissed if she discovers its me and I’m doing that?” he asked nervously.

“No. I really don’t think so Ned. She really is horny. And for all I know, by the time she does discover it’s you, and realizes what we’ve done…she just might be too far gone at that point to even care. Provided that Shelly doesn’t say anything about me before she is.”

“Well…like I said, she’ll expect you to suck on her tits. And she likes it when I do that for a long time. So unfortunately, you’ll have to content yourself with that until she tells you she wants you to do something else. Which she will eventually. So…if you do make it that far, and provided Jolene hasn’t discovered it’s me that’s with her yet…then you do whatever she asks you to do to her. Agreed?”

I nodded my head, “Can’t believe we’re actually doing this,” I told him candidly, but looking forward to trying it even if we didn’t get very damn far when we did.

“Well…I still can’t believe we did what we did earlier today either,” he reminded me. “I don’t think I’ve ever seen Shelly quite this horny before. And especially when Jolene told her that story about her and her roommate. She’s always been curious about what it would be like to be with another woman. She’s admitted that to me. But hearing that Jolene actually has been…well, that definitely got her old juices flowing!”

We soon returned to the girl’s side with their last drinks of the evening. Ned and I both informed them semi-privately that they were to go inside and get ready for us while we straightened up the camp and put the fire out.

They soon did just that. Ned and I took our time outside while the girls got ready for us, just as we hoped they would do.

“You ready?” Ned whispered to me.

“Ready!” I whispered back somewhat anxiously. We doused the outside lanterns throwing the campground into near total darkness. And then we disappeared inside one another’s tents.


I had barely stuck my head inside the door of their tent when Shelly spoke. “God Ned, I am so fucking horny!”

For a split second, I nearly backed out giving myself up.

“Hey! I heard that!” Jolene yelled out from the other tent giggling as she did. “But don’t worry…I am too. And Ray’s already licking my pussy kiddo.”

Good old Ned. Just as I had told him to do, he had. And right now he had his tongue inside my wife’s split. Quickly pulling my shirt over my head, I semi-stumbled over to where I knew Shelly would be waiting for me. Reaching out, I easily located one of her magnificent full breasts, leaning over, capturing her nipple between my lips and began sucking it.

“Hmmm yes, oh yes!” Shelly purred.

“Shit!” I thought silently. “We’re actually getting away with this!” I thought. The image of Ned inside our tent busily going down on my wife was erotic as hell. The fact that Jolene hadn’t as yet caught on to it gave me hope that eventually I’d be doing something similar with Shelly.

“Oh Ned! Ned! Fuck me baby, fuck me!”

I’d seen Ned with an erection. There was little, if any difference between us in size anyway. The only real difference being that I was a few pounds heavier than he was. I needed to be very careful about that as I scrambled over between Shelly’s legs, placing the head of my prick at the opening of her pussy.

“Please Ned please. Don’t tease me…put it in!” she demanded.

“I can still hear you!” Jolene called out giggling even louder than before. “Keep going though…it’s making me even hornier!” she added

Once again I envisioned my best friend licking my wife’s cunt. That thought fired me up even more hotly than I already was. Thrusting my prick inside Shelly’s cunt was pure heaven. Hearing her wail of pleasure as I did was even better.

“That’s it Ned! Fuck the shit out of her!” Jolene screamed. “God Ray…eat me baby! Eat me!”

Reaching up I relocated Shelly’s breasts and began playing with them. I was only sad that I couldn’t see what it was that I was actually playing with, but the feel of those incredibly thick hard nipples I’d stared at earlier in the day, effectively filled in all the blank spots as I closed my eyes, seeing them with my hands as I rolled, twisted and played with Shelly’s hard nipples.

“Oh, that feels so good…so damn good!” Shelly purred contentedly as I slowly fucked in and out of her pussy, simultaneously playing with her tits.

Slowly thrusting in and out of that deliciously wet pussy was incredible as hell. And though I had momentarily experienced misgivings about what we were doing, hearing my wife’s very satisfied moans coming from the tent next door soon chased all fears of that away.

“Yes Ray yes! Fuck me! Fuck me! FUCK ME!”

I knew Jolene was well on the way to a very intense, very satisfying orgasm. As was Shelly by the way she was meeting each one of my spearing thrusts into her with one of her own as she met me fully in a pounding orgy of flesh slapping flesh.

“Do it! Do it! Fucking do it!” Shelly cried out. I felt her pussy suddenly liquefy, felt her tense, clenching my cock as I drove as deeply into her as I could. Wrapping her arms about me, she drew me tightly into her and I knew in that instant that there was no way the sham that Ned and I had been performing could continue. Surprisingly, Shelly held on, still fucking me, still clenching me, driving her fingernails down my back and into my ass.

“Come baby…come!” she urged me. And then I was releasing torrent after torrent of hot sticky sperm into her still quivering, convulsing sex.

Somewhere along the way I thought I had heard the familiar cry of Jolene’s climax. Still too stunned to question my sanity however, I simply lay there, feeling Shelly’s breasts still firmly crushed beneath my chest.

“That was really nice Ray. Thank you,” she told me. “It was erotic as hell!”

“You…you knew?” I asked incredulously.

“Of course I did. The moment you started sucking my tits,” she informed me. “I’m not so drunk that I couldn’t immediately tell the difference in the way you sucked them as opposed to the way Ned does. And besides, Jolene and I had a suspicion that the two of you were up to something by the way you kept refilling our drinks all evening.”

I laughed, my cock still resting contentedly inside her cum-rich pussy. “I should have known we’d never really get away with it,” I confessed somewhat relieved.

“Jolene? You and Ned all done in there?”

Seconds later, they both appeared in the doorway, though Ned was now carrying a large lantern with him that lit up the entire inside of the tent.

“They knew,” he said sheepishly as he entered.

“Yeah…I heard.”

“Can’t believe the two of you thought you’d actually get away with that,” Jolene stated glaring at me. But it wasn’t an angry stare. It was a playful one as though to remind me that I never could pull anything over on her without her figuring it out first.

“When did you figure it out?” I asked curiously emphasizing the word.

“Oh…about the time the two of you started trying to get us both drunk. We figured you guys were up to something. We just weren’t sure how far you were going to push things. Decided early on that we’d let you take it as far as you could, and see what happened,” Shelly explained.

“I’ll admit, you did surprise us a little bit. We thought you’d try and convince us into having some sort of group thing inside one of the tents rather than doing what it was that you did. Still, we figured you’d attempt something, so we’d agreed earlier to pretend to go along with it and just see how far the two of you were willing to pursue it.”

“Really?” Ned asked. “And…what would you have done if we’d suggested that?” he asked excitedly.

The girls turned looking, smiling at one another. “Well, maybe next time you’ll find out,” they said in unison.

“Damn…I wish we had another night here,” Ned stated absentmindedly stroking his reawakening cock.

“Well…the nights still young,” Shelly reminded us all. “Unless the two of you are incapable of getting it up again,” she said lying down next to Jolene, drawing one of my wife’s nipples into her mouth while Jolene in turn reached over and began fondling Shelly’s cum-filled pussy.

I glanced at Ned, he was grinning from ear to ear, as was I, as the two girls began caressing one another even more seriously.

“And besides, we have next weekend too!” Jolene stated as she positioned herself over Ned’s wife in a mutual ’69”.

And I for one…was one happy camper.

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