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Happy Birthday Kyrie

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Kyrie and Scarlett had been expecting Jack for a great while now (two years to be exact). Jack had constantly teased them with plans of being in the States, but this time he was serious. A final date was set for his summer arrival and Kyrie and Scarlett were elated.

The women started that day by getting dressed. Kyrie slipped on a burgundy thong and a matching bra. Scarlett slipped into purple lacy panties and a white bra.

They giggled and kissed when they saw each other’s nearly-bare figures. Kyrie, being the impatient person she was, started to tug lightly on Scarlett’s underwear while kissing her deeply. Scarlett smiled but wouldn’t play along.

“Save it for later tonight,” she said softly.

The buzzer for their apartment door rang later that evening. The women exchanged a quick glance that was saturated with nervousness and excitement. Kyrie jumped to her feet to go to the complex’s entrance. When she got there, Jack was standing behind the glass door with his numerous bags in tow. She rushed to greet meet him and opened the door quickly.

“Hello Stranger,” Kyrie said coyly.

Jack half smiled and said “Well, hello to you too.” His smooth British accent slid through each letter. She helped him gather his things to bring up to the apartment.

Scarlett sat nervously, waiting for Kyrie and Jack to enter. Scarlett had been with a man only once before. Because of this, she considered herself extremely inexperienced with the workings a male, but she yearned to know more. She wanted to know how to move her hips to make a man cum. She wanted to be filled by Jack’s cock and to taste his salty cum. She wanted him more than anyone, to be her patient, understanding instructor.

The apartment door swung open and Jack and Kyrie entered into the living room. Scarlett timidly rose to help with Jack’s things.

“Hi Jack. Did you have a nice flight?” Scarlett asked, trying to get the necessary, generic questions out of the way.

“Nice enough. It got me here just fine,” Jack replied. Then there was a long pause in conversation.

“I think we should can the small talk. We’ve been waiting two years for this threesome. Every second that goes by that we aren’t fucking pains me. So please, let’s move to the bedroom before I explode,” Kyrie said with sexual frustration dripping from her words.

Scarlett quickly glanced to the floor and then to Jack, who was looking to her for some sign of approval. Scarlett nodded hesitantly at her partner’s suggestion. “After you,” she said shyly, gesturing down the hallway to the bedroom.

Jack, Kyrie, and Scarlett crawled on the bed. Immediately their lips all came together in a three-way kiss. Scarlett felt two tongues slide across her own and she breathed out heavily as she enjoyed the sensation. She reached over and pushed Jack hastily to the mattress. The women were left on their knees on the bed. Scarlett leaned over Jack’s body to kiss Kyrie. Their mouths met and they resumed the deep kissing that had started earlier that day. Scarlett twirled her tongue around the tip of Kyrie’s and then pulled it into her mouth to suck on it.

Scarlett felt her cunt grow hot and wet as Jack looked on. Jack rubbed the women’s sides and pushed their shirts off of their skin and caressed their curves. He watched their lips meet, getting vicarious pleasure from watching their tongues slide gracefully in and out of each other’s mouths. Scarlett dropped her right hand down and extended her finger to rub Jack’s closed zipper, teasing him. With her free hand, she reached up Kyrie’s shirt and unhooked her bra, letting her breasts fall freely. Scarlett slid off Kyrie’s top, exposing her tits to Jack for the first time. Scarlett took off her own shirt and bra and rubbed her breasts against Kyrie’s. They parted and then Jack ran his hands over their nipples. He moaned, feeling them stiffen from his touch.

Scarlett broke away from Kyrie’s soft, welcoming mouth. She straddled Jack’s legs and kissed the hard bulge in his pants softly. He moaned and looked down at her, pleading with his eyes for her to be merciful and end the teasing. Scarlett obliged by slowly undoing his belt buckle, then his zipper. She grabbed his pants at the waist and pulled them off his slender frame. Jack’s raging hard-on stared Scarlett in the face. She leaned over tentatively to taste it and found it delicious. Scarlett licked happily as Kyrie stroked his stiff shaft lightly with her fingertips. Letting Scarlett take the lead, Kyrie helped Jack get his shirt off.

Scarlett kissed the head of Jack’s cock and delicately licked off a bead of pre-cum. She then swirled her tongue around his dick like she was eating an ice cream cone. She enjoyed how soft it was and let her mouth consume him completely. Scarlett wrapped her strong lips around the head of his dick, sucking it while her tongue fluttered on the very tip.

Jack distractedly reached for Kyrie’s pants button. He fumbled with it for a few moments and then freed her hips from the confines of her jeans. Kyrie crawled down to the end of the bed where Scarlett was still leisurely sucking Jack’s cock. Kyrie reached under Scarlett’s stomach to undo her jeans and pulled them off with ease. Kyrie slid her index and middle fingers into her slit, removed them, and then pushed into Scarlett’s sopping wet pussy. Scarlett groaned and pushed her hips back onto Kyrie’s fingers, desperately trying to fill herself. Kyrie, noticing Scarlett’s despair, drove her fingers deep into Scarlett’s cunt, then pulled them out and licked them clean.

Scarlett’s cunt was ridiculously wet and her juices were dripping down her inner thighs. She dabbed her dampness with her hand and used it for lubrication for rubbing Jack’s rigid shaft. She was still diligently at work rolling the tip around in her velvety mouth. Kyrie crawled up to Jack’s face and dangled her breasts in front of him. He reached for them with his tongue and moaned with the pleasure of tasting one girl while the other tasted him. Kyrie’s tits were soft and moved easily over his lips. Jack pulled one of her hard nipples into his mouth and twisted it between his teeth. She gasped in delight, pushing her breast further into his mouth.

Jack’s hips were at work thrusting into Scarlett’s mouth, trying to encourage a faster pace, but she wouldn’t break free of her slow, steady tempo. She wanted to savor the taste and texture of his cock. She lingered in his lap for a few more moments and then crawled up to Kyrie’s free breast. Scarlett flicked Kyrie’s nipple with the tip of her tongue and then offered her nipple to Jack. He took both Kyrie’s and Scarlett’s nipples and slid them around on his as tongue as the women kissed and stroked each other.

Kyrie guided Scarlett to the open mattress space next to Jack and climbed to Scarlett’s vacant side. Scarlett lay sandwiched in between Jack and Kyrie and together, they spread Scarlett’s legs and ran their hands over her smooth, damp inner thighs. Like synchronized swimmers, they parted Scarlett’s pussy lips and ran their fingers along the edges of her cunt.

“Mmm…ooh…” moaned Scarlett, tilting her pelvis up to grant them better access.

To have two people play with her cunt was heaven for Scarlett. She felt their hands slide around with ease while they pleasured her. She gasped as Jack pushed his fingers into her tight little pussy. Scarlett moaned and contracted around Jack’s hand. Kyrie tapped a steady fast rhythm on Scarlett’s red swollen clit. Scarlett turned to Kyrie and kissed her silky parted lips and then turned to her other side to kiss Jack. Her cunt was reveling in all the attention that was being bestowed upon it.

Scarlett’s moans grew impatient as she thrust her hips on Jack’s fingers. Kyrie pressed down on Scarlett’s clit and rubbed it fast.

“Kyrie, put your fingers in me,” Scarlett whispered breathily.

Kyrie muffled her moans in Scarlett’s shoulder as she delicately slid a finger in her girlfriend’s slit alongside Jack’s. Scarlett tightened her pussy and moved her hips up and down their dancing digits. She breathed heavily as she felt Jack and Kyrie play with each other’s fingers inside of her. They would move independently of one another: one person pushing in while the other person pulled out, one with fast thrusting motions and the other with a slow swirling motion, and so on.

“Ooo, oh, I’m gonna cum!” stammered Scarlett.

Immediately Jack and Kyrie withdrew their hands from Scarlett’s cunt. They watched as Scarlett rolled around in agony. They’d left her pussy just soon enough to prevent Scarlett from cumming all over. Carefully, Jack crawled in between Scarlett’s shaking legs and slowly pushed his cock past Scarlett’s folds of skin to her liquid-filled center. Scarlett had never actually felt a man inside of her and she anxiously worked her hips up and down over Jack’s dick.

“If you keep that up, I’m going to cum too fast,” said Jack.

Jack grabbed Scarlett’s hips and gently guided her hips to a restrained pace. She moaned as she felt his dick move through her. Jack’s hips rubbed on Scarlett, and he thrust into her using slow strokes. Scarlett grabbed Jack’s ass and pushed his body into hers; she wanted to take him all in.

“I want to taste you, Kyrie. I want you to sit on my face,” said Scarlett hungrily.

Jack got front row seats to watch the hottest cunnilingus ever. He looked on as Scarlett expertly navigated around her girlfriend’s pussy. Scarlett licked Kyrie from the top of her slit to the bottom, lapping up her sweet juices. Scarlett pushed her face deep into Kyrie’s cunt and double-tongued her engorged clit. Both Jack and Kyrie lay on top of her; Jack thrusting between her legs and Kyrie balanced precariously on her face. Kyrie looked down and watched as Jack’s cock slipped in and out of her girlfriend. Kyrie absentmindedly stroked Jack’s hair.

“Tell me how much you love fucking Scarlett,” ordered Kyrie.

“Oh, I love it so much. Her cunt is so fucking tight and sooo fucking wet,” Jack breathed.

Scarlett moaned loudly into Kyrie’s pussy when she heard what Jack had to say. Kyrie shuddered as Scarlett’s moan vibrated on her clit.

“Harder! I need you to fuck me harder!” Scarlett screamed, momentarily breaking away from Kyrie’s twat.

Scarlett felt Jack slam into her. She tightened her cunt around his cock. Jack’s thrusts became faster and much, much harder. Scarlett moved Kyrie’s pussy back and forth on her tongue as Kyrie’s juices dripped down onto Scarlett’s neck.

“Mmm, ooh, I’m cumming!” moaned Kyrie.

Scarlett pulled Kyrie’s hips down hard onto her face and licked her clit in fast hard strokes. She loved feeling Kyrie’s cunt pulse when she came.

After feeling her lover’s pussy explode in pleasure, Scarlett could feel her own growing nearer and nearer to orgasm as Jack’s long, luscious cock stretched and stroked it with every desperate thrust. She squeezed her pussy around Jack’s cock, increasing the friction for him. Jack pushed and pulled his dick through Scarlett. She wrapped her limbs around Jack’s body, pulling him frantically to her chest.

“Oh, yesss. Cum with me baby,” Scarlett whispered in Jack’s ear.

Scarlett could feel Jack’s cum shoot into her willing cunt. The first wave of her orgasm hit her powerfully. She moaned and pulled Jack’s body even further into her. He pushed his dick so far in Scarlett that she thought she could taste it in the back of her mouth. A second orgasm rippled through her cunt and she bucked up against Jack’s hips wildly. Scarlett’s pussy was wrapped tightly around Jack’s big dick and she was squeezing out every last drop of his cum. He moaned loudly and buried his head in the curve of Scarlett’s neck.

Scarlett loved cumming with Jack in her. His throbbing cock felt extremely satisfying as it pushed and pulled at her cunt. Scarlett locked eyes with Jack halfway through her second orgasm. He watched as her face twisted into the painful ecstasy that is an orgasm and kissed her parted lips, stifling her moans.

Jack carefully lay still on top of Scarlett. He had already cum but he stayed inside of her to feel her contract around him. Every time that she did he let out a quiet, hot, little moan.

Very slowly Jack withdrew his dick from Scarlett and rolled over. He breathed out heavily into the air. Scarlett turned to see Kyrie collapsed in post-orgasm pleasure. Scarlett smiled and kissed her. Kyrie propped herself up on her elbow and leaned over and kissed Jack on the lips.

“Fucking Christ…That was fucking… so fucking…amazing,” Scarlet panted.

“Fucking,” added Kyrie playfully. “Sorry, just thought I’d throw in one more for emphasis.”

They giggled.

Scarlett turned to her side encouraging Kyrie to do the same; Jack followed suit. He rested his hand on Scarlett’s hip and she could feel his deflating cock pressing against her ass cheeks. She smiled to herself. Scarlett reached over and tenderly stroked Kyrie’s soft side. She listened as Jack and Kyrie’s breathing grew steady and deep. She closed her eyes and joined them in slumber.

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