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Hanna’s Surprise

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Arriving home after a social but exhausting tennis match, I threw my bags down and raced for the refrigerator. Three glasses of cold water later, I could finally take note of my surroundings. The house appeared totally empty.

Helen, my wife, had taken our 18-year-old daughter Lisa away for a mother-daughter ‘bonding’ weekend. This gave me the perfect opportunity to catch up with some old buddies around town over the next two days.

The silence was broken by the presence of Hanna, our daughters best friend, coming out of Lisa’s room. Hanna lived next door with her divorced mother and often came over to borrow Lisa’s computer so it wasn’t such a big surprise to see her there.

Hanna is literally and absolutely the perfect girl-next door type. Large brown eyes, shoulder length brown hair and a body that was filling out just perfectly. Up until 12 months ago she was still a skinny unbalanced looking teenager but since then she had really begun to blossom.

I think Hanna received a fair bit of grief from others her own age about not maturing at the same rate. This in turn had seen Hanna develop a shy, reserved personality. To me though, that just made her a bit sexier. The fact that she was turning into knockout women and did not even realize it.

‘Hi Hanna, what’s up’? I asked.

‘Oh nothing much Mr. B.,’ she replied a little sheepishly. ‘Just working on some research for a school paper. I didn’t mean to, ah, bother you, that is, I’ll just go now,’ Hanna stuttered out and began heading for the front door.

‘Hey it’s no problem.’ I replied. ‘I’m just going to have a shower and head over to a friends place.’ My words seemed to have no effect as Hanna continued for the door, so I grabbed my bags and headed off to the bedroom.

Along the way I thought about what happened last weekend when I arrived home unexpectedly. Lisa and Hanna did not hear me enter the house as both girls were in Lisa’s room using the computer. I walked by her room and briefly glanced in. The girls were seated at Lisa’s desk with their eyes glued to the computer screen. They had hit onto a porn site and were checking out photo’s of some rather buffed up studs with huge dicks hanging between their legs.

I guess the girls are growing up! I thought to myself.

What they were doing didn’t really bother me so I didn’t let on to either one that I had busted them. After all it’s a part of life, being curious about the opposite sex. No doubt both girls were receiving a fair amount of pressure from boys their age about having sex. For my part I left it to Helen to teach Lisa about sex and did not have a clue if she was sexually active or not. Knowing Hanna’s shyness though, I doubted if she had gone any further than looking at porn.

I grabbed a clean towel from the hallway closet and headed for the bathroom. Stepping under the shower I let the cool water pour all over me. Ah, it’s got to be one of the best feelings in the world. Standing in a cool shower after a hard workout.

Five minutes later I’d had enough. Stepping out of the shower I quickly dried myself and slinging my towel over my shoulder, headed naked for my bedroom. Walking naked around the house was something I often enjoyed when nobody else was around.

Once inside the room I placed the towel on my bed and paraded around throwing dirty clothes into a clothesbasket. As I was doing this I caught my reflection in the full-length mirror placed in the corner of the room. Moving over to stand before the mirror in all my glory I felt extremely carefree. Not bad for a 43-year old I thought to myself. Could use a few more weight sessions but there’s not much middle-age spread around those hips and stomach.

I folded my hands over my shoulders and the touch of my own hands sent a jolt throughout my body. I felt incredibly sensitive and was beginning to feel those common horny urges. Soon enough, my prick, which had up until this point hung comfortably between my thighs, began to gain some life. Before long I had a fully erect boner and was thinking of all the wonderful delights hidden under the embrace of an emerging women like Hanna next door.

Glancing into the mirror, I noticed the cupboard where I store all my winter clothes. Remembering a conversation I recently had about a skiing trip in early February, I peeled myself away from my lusty thoughts and headed for the closet. I thought that I would give some of my ski equipment a quick look over.

Still with my dick sticking out straight in front of me I walked over to the closet and swung the door open. I don’t know If I was shocked or just could not comprehend the sight, for there, kneeling right in front of me, was Hanna!!

‘Hanna,’ I finally managed to gasp after what must have been 10 seconds or more. ‘What are you doing there?’

In those 10 seconds, Hanna’s eyes were firmly transfixed on my stiff dick. I guess it was a shock for both of us and all Hanna could do was kneel there and continue to stare.

‘Hanna,’ I said again. This seemed to snap her out of her trance. Her big brown eyes moved up to meet mine, and slowly, tears began to fill them out. Her hands reached up to cover her face and soon I could hear sobs spluttering out.

Her sobbing snapped me out of my own trance and it was only then that I realised I was still naked. Looking behind me I grabbed the towel that I had thrown on my bed and covered myself up.

Looking back at Hanna still sobbing and kneeling in the closet, I began to piece this little situation together. Hanna had greater curiosity than simple porn photos could quench; she wanted to see the real thing. Thinking that I would never go into this closet (there was no real need as it was late Summer and I wouldn’t need any Winter gear for months), she probably thought she could catch a quick peak and then sneak off home after I left the house.

My anger began to surface and I opened my mouth ready to give this peeping tom a real serve when, between sobs, she began to splutter out an apology.

‘I’m sorry Mr. B., I’m so sorry,’ she began as more sobbing overtook her.

Between those continued spurts of sobs she explained that Lisa had told her about this “hiding spot” and that she knew it was wrong but she just wanted to look. She begged and begged that I not tell anyone, not even Lisa. She was just so ashamed.

At the sight of her crying I immediately lost all my anger and felt uncontrollable passion for her.

I gently bent down and took her hands away from her face. Pulling her up to her feet I half smiled at her and told her it’s OK, that I wasn’t mad at her.

I don’t think any of this had reached her as she continued her sobbing and repeated over and again ‘I’m so sorry Mr. B., I’m so sorry Mr. B.’

I seated Hanna on the edge of the bed and after a short while she began to calm down. I soon realized that this event had probably scarred her for life and if I didn’t find a way to show her that no harm was done then I would have the pain of her guilt with me for the rest of my life.

‘Hanna,’ I softly said. ‘Really its OK. I’m not mad and I’m not going to tell anybody, anybody at all.’

‘Really,’ Hanna sniffed.

‘Really,’ I said. ‘Look,’ I continued, ‘I understand that you are just being curious. I remember what it was like being your age and wanting to check out girls. There’s no harm done.’

‘But I spied on you,’ Hanna sobbed. ‘This is so embarrassing. I’m so ashamed of myself. Every girl at school knows about guys, “sniff,” and about their body’s, “sniff,” and about that kind of stuff. I’m such a dork because, “sniff,” I don’t know half the stuff they are talking about, and, I thought, that if I could, just take a peek at you, “sniff,” I might understand some of what there talking about.’

‘My guess is Hanna,’ I replied and said with a smile, ‘they don’t know what there talking about either. Don’t feel uncomfortable that you can’t lie or tell tall tales as well as those other girls.’

‘But they all treat me like a little sister,’ Hanna softly sulked. ‘Lisa is my best friend ever but even she laughs at my inexperience. You have no idea what its like. I don’t follow what their saying and they know that I have never, you know, been with a guy, or even seen a guys, you know, “thing” before.’

‘It’s OK Hanna, really it is,’ I tried to reassure her. ‘Look Hanna, your a wonderful person and I hate to think of you being miserable over this. We are going to be neighbours for a little while longer, at least until you leave for college next year, and it would be terrible to have any awkwardness between us because of this. I think I can help you so I have a suggestion if you will just trust me a little.’

‘Help me Mr. B.?’ Hanna asked. ‘How can you help me?’

‘Well Hanna,’ I started. ‘Before I say anything, I promise you that I wont tell a living sole about this day. I give you my word that no one will know. Will you also give me your word that you wont tell anybody?’

Hanna nodded her head with a somewhat confused expression.

With that I stood up from the bed. Taking two steps away from Hanna I slowly began to undo the towel that was wrapped around my waist.

Hanna’s eyes lit up and she turned her head away. ‘Mr. B., what are you doing?’ she hissed.

‘I’m showing you that it doesn’t matter to me that you have seen me naked,’ I replied. Slowly I let the towel fall from my hips, down to my thighs and then to the floor. Throughout the commotion my rigid tool had lost its form and now simply hung contently between my things.

‘Hanna,’ I started, ‘I don’t have any hang-ups about my body or nudity and if by seeing me naked helps you to feel more confident when those girls are telling their stories, then I’m happy to help you. Now please Hanna, look at me, its OK, really.’

With that Hanna slowly turned her head, looked up at my eyes and then down to my chest, my waist and then to my prick.

The feeling of having an innocent 18-year old girl gaze upon my cock was a little nerve-racking but electrifying at the same time. I was beginning to enjoy the sensation of exposing myself to Hanna like this and just hopped that she wouldn’t be freaked out by it.

Hanna looked at my prick intently for 15 seconds or so and then put to rest all my fears. ‘Mr. B., she began, ‘I never realised just how beautiful a man’s body is. I mean, I have seen pictures of guys with sculptured muscles and all. But you, your thing, its just so unbelievably fascinating.’

‘Well that’s nice, I think,’ I replied. ‘But you have to stop referring to my dick as a “thing” Hanna,’ I said with a smile. ‘You have to refer to it as a “dick’ or “cock,” OK?’

Hanna smiled a little sheepishly, and it was evident how deep her teenage awkwardness ran.

Hanna continued to stare intently for another 20 seconds or so when sho looked up and said. ‘Mr. B., when I was in the closet, your “cock” grew so huge. I mean, I know the mechanics about it and everything but it was just so incredible to watch. Can you make it do that whenever you want?’

Moving closer so that I was just a short step away from her I bent down and lightly grabbed Hanna’s right arm. I took a deep breath and slowly I stretched her arm out straight and placed her palm on my chest.

‘If a women knows what there doing Hanna it doesn’t take very long at all for a guy to get hard. Most cases the guy can manage it with just his imagination. Other times, I women can help out a little by simply doing this.’

With that I slowly began to lower Hanna’s hand and crossed it back and forth over my ribs and then my waist. Closing my eyes and taking another deep breath, I could feel myself beginning to relax and soon my cock began to come to life again at the touch of her fingertips on my chest and stomach. Hanna sat transfixed as my cock began to quickly come to life and stiffen up in front of her nose.

Slowly I took Hanna’s hand away and she looked up at me a little disappointedly.

‘Hanna, I said while smiling down at her. ‘If you want to reach out and touch my cock you can.’

Hanna looked at me and smiled. Blushing a little she nodded and said slowly, ‘I want to Mr. B., very much.’

I looked down and nodded.

With that Hanna slowly lifted up her right hand and gently took hold of my semi-rigid member. Immediately it jumped to life even more and began to fully swell within her grasp.

Hanna’s mouth opened slightly in fascination as my cock grew hard in her very hand and my knob seemed to strain and poke right out to reach her.

Hanna’s hand roamed around my cock in curiosity. With just her fingertips she gently probed along the bottom of my shaft and back along across the top and along to the tip of my knob. Every so often she would stop and gently try to make a fist around my cock, giving it a little squeeze, before moving on and feeling out another area.

The feeling was unbelievable and I closed my eyes and lost myself in the wave of horny electricity racing through my body. Again the image of such an innocent looking girl gazing upon and touching her first cock made me feel unbelievably excited. I had no idea where this was going to go but in the back of my mind I knew it would be tough to ask Hanna to stop touching me this way.

Hanna’s hand slid under my cock and then along the base till she found my balls. I spread my legs a little further to allow her access and said. ‘That’s good Hanna. Gently cup my balls and almost roll them in your fingers.’

Gaining more confidence, Hanna began. ‘This feels so amazing Mr. B., ‘your cock is so wonderful. I never realized how strong it would feel and yet how soft it is at the same time.’

What does it feel like when I touch it like this? Hanna asked’

‘Oh it feels wonderful Hanna. Your hand is so gentle sliding over my cock. I feel like I’m swept away on a cloud.’

By now the head of my cock was turning purple and I was really starting to get turned on. Every so often her soft hand tried to wrap around the circumference of my cock but all she could manage was to get about ¾ of the way around. It didn’t matter though as the feeling was unbelievable. If I don’t’ stop her soon, I thought to myself, there’s gong to be a little accident.

‘Hanna,’ I managed to whisper out. ‘That feels wonderful but if you continue I’m going to lose all control and pass the point of no return.’

Hanna, with her hand still softly stroking away at my cock said somewhat incredulously, ‘you mean if I keep touching you like this you’re…your going to have an orgasm?’

‘Oh yeah Hanna, your doing a wonderful job and the way it feels, I’m going to drain myself dry.’

Hanna smiled brightly up at me as if she had achieved something important.

Her smile soon turned to a sheepish awkward expression as she said, ‘Mr. B., will you do that for me ….please?’

Confused, I looked down upon her with a blank look on my face.

‘What do you mean Hanna?’ I asked, as I began to question whether I had heard her correctly.

“Could I watch you…you know…could I watch as you… have an orgasm…could I help you …to make you cum…please?

Taken aback a little I let my mind drift to the image of innocent Hanna pumping my cock while stream after stream of hot cum burst from my dick. All the time Hanna urging my on saying how wonderful my cock felt in her hands.

A little shocked but incredibly excited at the same time I somewhat naively repeated her query. ‘Hanna; you want to see me you want to see me cum, in front of you?’

Hanna nodded slowly. ‘That’s the one thing that the girls all talk about most and they say how unbelievable it is to watch. You don’t have to, I shouldn’t have asked, I…

‘No that’s OK Hanna,’ I interrupted her.

The thought of having Hanna polish me off was about my most erotic fantasy. And besides, Hanna had me so worked up that if she didn’t do it, then I’d have to do the job myself later on.

‘OK well, here’s what we have to do,’ I said. Hanna sat up and paid attention almost like she was in school.

‘First of all, if you continue to rub my dick with a dry hand, you’re going to rub all the skin off and that’s not good.’

Hanna smiled and nodded her head in understanding.

‘So,’ I continued. ‘We need some lubrication. Most times a girl will use her spit. Just spit onto the tips of your fingers and spread it over my dick like you were doing before.’

Hanna spat into her hand and obediently began to coat my dick with her saliva.

‘Is this OK?’ Hanna asked.

‘Oh yes that’s great,’ I replied. I could feel the soft touch of Hanna’s fingers as she gently covered every inch of my dick. I looked down and again couldn’t believe the erotic image of this shy timid teenager feeling her way all around my cock, looking on with an expression of concentration and intense curiosity.

‘Now Hanna, gently wrap your hand around my dick as much as you can and slowly pump your hand up and down my shaft.’

Hanna followed my instructions obediently and soon she had a slow rhythm going pumping her hand up and down my dick.

‘Am I still doing it OK?’ Hanna asked.

‘That’s great Hanna.’ I replied.

Hanna continued to softly stroke up and down my shaft while peering at my dick and balls from all different angles. She really did have a great fascination for cocks and was attempting to gain every viewpoint possible.

‘Hanna’, I said, interrupting her rhythm just a little. ‘Before too long your spit is going to run dry and you will have to add some more.’

Hanna nodded her understanding.

‘Mr. B.,’ she began sheepishly. ‘The girls talk about how they give their boyfriends blowjobs. Can I try this a little with you? I mean, I won’t be very good or anything, but maybe you could show me what to do?’

‘Oh, sure Hanna,’ I managed to gasp, ‘that would be OK.’

‘Will you teach me if I’m doing it OK Mr. B?’

‘Oh, you bet Hanna, I’ll let you know how you’re doing.’

Looking down I took a deep breath as Hanna inched her mouth to my cock and slowly stuck her tongue out to the base of my knob. With little experimenting flicks Hanna began to kiss and swirl her tongue around the entire knob. Almost timidly, Hanna slid her succulent lips over my knob. She kept this grasp for a moment as she swirled her tongue around and over me knob then sucked in her cheeks.

‘Oh that feels unbelievable Hanna, I said. ‘You just need to spread more spit all over my dick so that you can continue to pump my shaft as you suck on my knob.’

Hanna opened her lips and spread her mouth over my knob and down the shaft of my prick as much as she could go, which was a little more than half way.

‘I’m sorry Mr. B., your cock is too big for me to take it completely.’

‘That’s OK Hanna. You don’t have to try and take my whole cock. Just take me in until you can feel my knob touch the back of your mouth. As you slide over my cock with your lips just slowly continue to pump my entire shaft with your other hand.’

Hanna followed instructions obediently and I could feel her warm mouth engulf my shaft until my knob hit against the back of her throat. She began to repeat the process over and over again making my head swim and stars began to flash in front of my eyes. I could feel my balls tightening up and knew I wouldn’t be able to hold this kind of treatment off for much longer.

‘God that feels fantastic Hanna.’ I looked down and saw her nodding and smiling appreciatively as she continued to slide up and down my dick with her gorgeous mouth.

The sight of innocent young Hanna taking my cock into her mouth and exploring it with such outright fascination was unbelievable. It was an image that was going to last me forever.

‘Your cock feels wonderful in my mouth Mr. B.’ Hanna said smiling up at me. ‘I love to feel your hardness in my mouth, to swirl my tongue over the soft knob of your cock. Am I really doing this OK?’ Hanna asked. All the time she continued to stare at my cock and looked upon it with wide-open eyes and immense curiosity.

‘OH god yes Hanna.’ I could feel her mouth once again wrap around my cock and gently begin to suck.

‘Your mouth feels wonderful Hanna. In fact, I’m getting close to cumming now.’

Taking her mouth away from my cock again and peering up at me with those beautiful innocent eyes, Hanna began excitedly, ‘Oh yes Mr. B., I can’t wait to see you cum. I want to hold your cock as you spurt. I’m so happy that you’re willing to show me these things. Will you cum for me Mr. B? Will you cum and cum until you can’t do it anymore?’

Hanna again placed her mouth over my dick while peering up at me and again began to slide her wonderful hand up and down my shaft and over my knob. With her other hand she reach under and gently cupped my balls, rolling them in her fingers as she had done before.

‘Ohhhh that feels so great,’ I said, tossing my head back and arching my back just a little. I began to make little fucking movements into her mouth, rocking slightly back and forward on my feet. ‘Oh Hanna,’ I purred. ‘Your making me feel so out of control. Your warm mouth is sending erotic sensations through my whole body and I love the sight of you sitting there on my bed, taking my cock in your gorgeous mouth and urging my on to cum everywhere.

‘Really, are you really close to cumming Mr. B?’ Hanna asked as she picked up the pace of her fist pumping just a little. ‘This is unbelievable,’ she continued. ‘I’m going to make you cum. I can’t wait to see you orgasm.’

‘Oh Hanna, I’m so close, please don’t stop, your mouth, your hands, it feels sooooo good.’

Hanna continued with her same pace and rhythm and I could feel myself ready to explode at any moment. I looked down and saw Hanna take her mouth away from cock as she continued to bump it with her fist. Now with her eyes glued to my cock and an expression of anticipation painted across her face she brought both hands together and finally could manage to cover the circumference of my cock and pump away. She was almost licking her lips while stroking my dick waiting to see what would happen.

‘OK Hanna, ‘ I panted. ‘This is it, your gunna make me come, I can feel it, you suck so well, you hands feel so good, I’m gunna, I’m gunna…’

And then it was upon me. I arched my back and a wave of orgasmic energy was released from my body as stream after stream of hot cum shot from my dick. The first stream seemed to limply spill out as it landed on Hanna’s cheek, startling her a little. ‘Arrrrrgh,’ I cried out. ‘Keep pumping me Hanna.’ The next two spurts had more power behind them and sailed over Hanna’s head. I could see Hanna open her mouth in amazement as she watched the show unfolding. I leaned into Hanna’s hands with harder fucking movements, bucking my hips to the tempo of her jerking me off. With her hands still pounding my dick a forth and fifth spurt splashed across her nose and lips. ‘Ohhhhhhhh goddddd,’ I yelled out again as Hanna milked a succession of smaller spurts from my cock that limped out and landed on her wrist and hand.

By now my knees were beginning to buckle and I did not think that I would have the energy to reach the bed and sit down.

I looked down at Hanna and the amazed expression was still on her face. My cum was sprinkled across her face and subconsciously she began licking it off her lips.

‘That was so unbelievable,’ Hanna said. ‘I never knew guys came so forcefully like that. I could feel you in my hand just begin to explode and then you’re’ cum just shot out again and again.’ Hanna looked up at me with a huge smile and wide open eyes.

‘And your cum tastes so nice,’ she continued, noticing for the first time that she was licking some off her lips. With one free hand she wiped some more cum off her cheek and gently licked it from her fingers. With everything that had gone on this was an even more unbelievable sight. After a great blowjob to see Hanna so enjoying herself, tasting my cum like this.

‘Oh Hanna,” I gasped, panting heavily. ‘That was simply the best, I have to sit down before I collapse.’

‘Really Mr. B., that was the best orgasm you have had?’ She asked.

‘Absolutely Hanna,’ I replied while still panting heavily.

This made Hanna smile even more and she glanced down to see her hand still hanging on my now limp dick. With that she bent down and gently began to suck my dick again, cleaning my cum off as she went. She had unearthed a real taste for it and I was not about to deprive her of the satisfaction.

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