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Handy Man

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The doorbell rang and I went to answer it, it was Tas. Tas has come to see why my broadband was not working.

A little bit about me first. Let’s start with my name. I’m Louisa, but you can call me Lou; everyone does, even Tas. I’m fifty three and have been a widow for three years. Yes my husband died the day after my fiftieth birthday. He had a stroke. We did make love the night before.

I think he only did his duty to me because he had not been interested in sex for over…well a long time; many years in fact. I wasn’t sure, but truthfully, I think he was turning gay.

The stupid bastard after twenty five years of marriage and he turned out like that. Not that I have anything against gay or lesbian people, but I’m not into that and I never thought he was either.

Back to me; I’m six foot three inches tall and I wouldn’t say I was slim, although I wish I was, but I’m not fat. I have what some people may say is a sturdy figure. Even if I say so myself; I look fantastic. I keep myself fit, well as fit as I need to be; and I am firm in all the right places. The best feature about me is my legs. They are thick and firm. My thighs are like tree trunks hard to the touch and I have well defined calf muscles. I have fairly broad shoulders mainly from all the swimming I did. I love to swim; I’m usually out three to four nights a week. My tits are firm, nothing sags on me. I have long blond hair and blue eyes. You may think I’m boasting; but hey, I’m just building a picture to let you know what I look like.

I may have been fifty three in age, but to me I was still in the prime of my life. I have a very pale skin tone, mainly because I don’t tan very easily or at all.

Although I didn’t need to, I did work in a pharmacy. My husband’s life insurance paid out well but even without that he had a highly paid position in a lawyers firm, which left me with quite a tidy sum.

I was making Tas a mug coffee when he called from the upstairs room, “Lou, it’s working.”

I took up his coffee and he told me that I was back on-line.

Let me tell you a little bit about Tas. He lived with his parents next door; I was invited to his eighteenth birthday party last month. He was into his computers and even in a boy so young he could fix a lot of things; he was a regular handyman. He fixed all sorts of things around the house for me.

Tas was not a well-built boy; more the shame for me I thought before all this happened. Tas was small, tiny by comparison to me. He was just five foot tall and quite slender. But he and I got on well together and enjoyed each other’s company. I got on well with his parents too; his mum was the same age as me. The only bit I’ve left out so far is that Tas was what you may call a ‘Jack the lad’ he always boasted about everything he’d done. I personally took his brashness with a pinch of salt, he knew that and that’s partly why we got on fairly well.

He thought he was quite the ladies’ man and tried to act the macho git around them and he knew I never fell for it.

We both finished our drinks while Tas made some final checks.

It was Wednesday night and getting late and Tas said, “Thanks’ for the coffee Lou, I’ll see you Friday. I’ll fix that light fitting for you.” He kissed me on the cheek and his usual light slap on my arse, saucy git, then went home.

I hate to admit it but I did secretly have a thing for Tas. I went to bed that night with lurid thought of Tas in my head. I possessed a dildo and used it in great earnest that night. I made myself cum twice.

It was Thursday morning and I went to work as usual, the day went the usual boring way. I could not wait to get home. Well could not wait to get out of work really. It was almost closing time.

I was further around from the entrance, serving another customer and noticed that Tas had walked into the pharmacy. He looked very sheepish as he walked around the pharmacy. He picked up a couple of things and then I think purposely, he went to another checkout. He had picked up a packet from the front of the counter then paid.

He raised his hand to say, “Hi,” to me; but again sheepishly went off. Now…I knew the only thing he could have picked up form in front of the counter was a pack of rubbers. He’s eighteen and I did know he had a girlfriend, he’s told me about her; in his usual bragging way. I was happy for him.

Thursday night I used my dildo again three times, first was as soon as I got home from work and on all occasions I thought of Tas. And what he was going to do with his girlfriend.

I suppose he was going to use the rubbers over the weekend because he had told me he was seeing his girlfriend then.

It was Friday and again a typical day at work. I usually finished early on Friday’s. I went swimming for a couple of hours then home.

I got home around seven; I had gone straight up for a shower. I’ve never like the showers at the swim facilities and I knew Tas would be around soon.

It’s not unusual for me to be in my dressing gown. I never wear a bra when I’m at home, a pair of knickers would suffice. My hair was wet and I had left it loose behind me.

‘Ding dong…’ I opened the door and it was Tas, I said, “Hi Tas come in and shut the door.”

He walked in and gave me a kiss as usual and I expected the slap on my arse, but it never came. He seemed deflated; his posture was low, he seemed to be sorry for himself. I asked, “Tas you okay? Why so glum?”

He just huffed threw up his shoulders and said, “I’m fine, I got the correct fitting this time, let me get on with it.”

His voice was also subdued; I wondered what was wrong but thought I should not pry. I put my arm around him and we walked over to the sofa. We had to move the sofa so that Tas could get to the fitting overhead.

It was a very quiet Tas, not his usual self, I could not bear it and I had to ask; but just as I was about to…something just stopped me and I could not get the right words out.

I got a small step for Tas so he could reach the fitting. It was a bit unstable as he worked on the fitting. I held the stool as steady as I could for him. He hardly said a word while he worked. I again bit my tongue from wanting to ask him.

My mind wondered; all of a sudden the stool slipped and Tas fell. Luckily he landed onto the sofa which we had moved to the side.

“O shit sorry Tas, you okay?” I was so embarrassed.

Tas picked himself up and I put my arm around him and sat him down.

“Sorry Tas, the step slipped; are you okay? I’m so sorry.”

I was pretty sure he was okay; he had fallen onto the sofa and it cushioned his fall. But I still wanted to know why he was so down. As I have mentioned, Tas was usually always loud and proud a boy’s boy. He always bragged about this that and the other.

I could not bear it I had to ask, I put a hand on his leg and asked, “Tas, I know something is not right, what’s the matter? Is it something I’ve done?”

He looked up and said, “No, it’s not you Lou, you’re great… I… I just… it doesn’t matter.”

I looked back at him and said, “Something’s wrong and I want, no, I demand you tell me and tell me now.”

I placed a hand to the side of his face; he looked so glum and his eyes looked to the floor.

I patted the side of his face very lightly and said, “Look at me, look at me Tas! Tell me what’ wrong. If you don’t tell me I can’t help you. I want to help you; you help me all the time.”

He slowly looked up and said, “It’s my girlfriend, she… ”

He stopped and looked down again. With my other hand I grabbed hold of his hand, held it and asked, “What about your girlfriend? I know what you bought the other day at the pharmacy, so I know you haven’t gotten her pregnant… have you?”

Tas looked up and said, “No I haven’t, we never got that far.”

I asked, “So what’s happened? I thought you were seeing her at the weekend.”

The way I sat, I had not realised but my gown had opened up, the top of my tits were in view. I only realised when I noticed Tas kept looking down. I thought he looked towards the floor. To be honest; I did not care that he could see. I was not shy of my figure; so what if he looks.

He then said, “No I saw her last night.”

“So what happened?” I squeezed his hand tighter.

Tas looked down again but that time was definitely to the floor as he said, “I… I’m too embarrassed. I can’t say.”

I did know Tas got on well with his parents. I’m sure he’s a typical boy who doesn’t talk about sex with his mom or dad. So I wanted to offer my ear to him and said, “Tas, you can talk to me, I know it’s probably difficult for you to talk to your mom, but tell me. We’ve been friends for a long time. You don’t have to be shy or embarrassed with me.”

Tas has never been what you might call a shy or quite sort of guy, so it felt very unusual for him to be quite and down like that.

As I talked; I noticed his eyes moved back to my tits and for some reason my eyes looked at his crotch; only because I saw a slight movement there.

Tas looked back up to me and said, “She doesn’t want to see me again.”

I felt saddened for Tas, not sorry for him, just a sadness because I knew him. I knew what sort of guy he was deep down. Not on the surface which he showed everyone. I knew he had a caring side to him too, I asked, “Why not?”

I wanted to know the circumstances and continued, “Tell me what happened? Tell me what you said to her?”

Again his head fell; again at my tits and again I noticed movement in his pants. He fidgeted in his seat.

I raised his head up and said, “Tell me.”

Tas spoke softly; almost in a whisper he said, “She said it’s too big.”

I did hear him, but thought I had maybe not got it right, so I asked, “What do you mean? What’s too big?”

Tas moved a hand to grab the bottom of his tee-shirt and said, “Can I show you?”

I looked down and he raised the bottom of his tee-shirt, and bloody hell a massive nob stuck up from under his waist band, couple of inches of shaft but a massive nob-head.

As I looked; he started to lower his top, I grabbed his wrist and stopped him, I said, “Bloody hell Tas, what the hell is that!”

I looked back to him and he said, “See even you think it’s too big.”

I have seen a fair few cocks in my time but this young lad had a whopper. I had only seen the tip of the ice-burg and my pussy got wet and excited. I looked back down at it and said, “Show me all of it.”

Tas whispered again and said, “It’s alright you don’t have to… ”

I stopped him in mid-sentence as I said, “I wasn’t asking, I’m telling you to show me all of it.”

Tas was the kind of guy who given half the chance, and a request like that, would shoot up whip his pants off and wave his cock proudly.

He was still very reluctant. I had to be a bit more forceful. I stood up, grabbed and pulled him up by his hand. I made him stand up. I then sat back down.

I was sure he was not going to do it so I undid his button and unzipped him. His nob-head still poked up the top. He had boxers on as well, so I grabbed both waist bands together and lowered them. And I uncovered his cock, it stood straight up, fucking thing was up to his navel, I was sure. I could not make it out because it was hidden by his tee-shirt, which he had let go of.

I looked up and he said, “Well… it’s too big isn’t it?”

I said, “Take your top off.”

Tas looked confused but took his tee-shirt off. He stood there naked in front of me with the biggest fucking cock I’d seen in the flesh. He wasn’t thick, well, thick enough. But his length was amazing and his nob-head was very large.

I looked on and was amazed with the sight in front of me. There stood a young boy, small in frame, but had a cock you could share out to three men. The cock looked so disproportionate to the body it was attached to.

“Come closer.” I asked.

He did not move; so I reached out and grabbed his cock, I still could not believe that was his cock. It was like he had stolen it from a giant. I pulled him closer and said, “I’m going to see how you taste.”

There was no way I was going to leave that thing un-sucked; it stood there in front of me. Every cell in my body told me what I needed to do.

I spat onto the shaft and rubbed my hand up and down that cock. I moved my mouth towards his huge nob. I licked the pre-cum off his tip and put the nob into my mouth. I looked up and saw he had his eyes closed. I stroked him only about three times, barely had the chance to suck that head when he blasted a massive cum load into my mouth.

He looked down and said, “Sorry, I’m sorry.”

I swallowed down his cum and then said, “Don’t be sorry Tas, its fine. You must be very excited.”

He said, “O yeah, I’m definitely exited.”

He did cum very easily, even for a boy who must have jerked off a lot and fuck a few times.

Then a thought came into my head, ‘Was he…?’

I wondered, I now had to know, I asked, “Tas have you ever had sex.”

From Tas’s general personality and brashness you would have thought he had fucked a hundred girls. He still had a sorry look to his face when he said, “I do jerk off a lot.”

I thought then that there were some home truth’s coming out. Tas may not be as ‘manly’ and ‘worldly wise’ as he had made out to be.

I let go of his cock and stood up, but had to crouch down a bit to hug him and with my lips close to his ear I asked in a soft whisper, “That’s not what I’m asking, have you had sexual intercourse? Have you fucked a woman?”

He slumped in my arms and said, “No, that’s what I wanted to do last night.”

I said, “So she got scared of what you had.”

He said, “Not just her, but the one before as well.”

I released him from my hug and took hold of his face with both hands and asked, “Would you like to have sex today, tonight, with me?”

A smile came across his face; I loved the way he smiled. He was quite handsome boy. But for some reason his smile faded as he said, “Do you think my cock is too… too big for a woman?”

I hugged him again; literally picked him up and said, “You have a big cock. There’s no denying it. But would you like me to see if I can take that into me?”

He looked happier and asked, “I would like to try?”

The very thought was in my head also, I wanted to not just try; I wanted that thing in me.

I put him down and started to undo my gown. His eyes bulged out and stared at my tits which became on view to him for the first time in full. I pushed out my chest and took hold of his hand and placed it on my tit, he squeezed it lightly.

I asked, “Do you like me?”

He looked up; as I have mentioned, Tas is only five foot tall and as we were both stood, he had to look up to look at me, well my face anyway.

I had fully removed my gown and all I had on were the skimpy pair of red knickers. Tas said, “You’re beautiful Lou.”

‘Ahh such a nice boy,’ I said, “Thank you Tas, would you like to have a bit of fun?”

I knew he would not say no to an offer like that from me. He was certainly not going to say no to fuck a body like mine that was for sure. The other thing I was certain of was that he’d probably wanted to do that for a long time.

I was overcome with a hot, incredibly hot sensation all over my body; it tingled. I was going to be Tas’s first. I was going to have Tas’s virginity. I was going to have that big cock in my pussy and I was going to love it. Every inch of that boy’s fucking rod. And if it all goes right, I’ll not need that dildo ever again. No, hold on, let’s not be too hasty; I’ll keep the dildo.

I grabbed his hand and led him upstairs. I was not surprised that his cock was still up and hard, even though he had just blown a load. He was a virgin, he was young, he was full of vitality and he was full of vigour and hopeful full of more cum.

As we entered my bedroom, I took off my knickers and threw them to one side and sat on the bed. I saw a change in Tas; his usual big headed confidence seemed to have returned. Some of that was him knowing that I was willing to take his cock. He proudly walked up to me and stuck his cock right into my face. I grabbed his long hard cock, I mustered up a lot of saliva in my mouth; I had to lick and cover a big fucking cock.

I started at the base and licked along its length to the top, it took a while. I could grab Tas’s cock with both hands and still stick his big nob into my mouth. I stroked gently at first. I didn’t want a repeat of earlier, with him shooting off too quickly.

I looked him in the eye as I blew him off. After a while I started to tighten my grip and increased my sucking. Tas seemed to appreciate that; he grabbed my head and ran his fingers through my still wet hair.

Tas said, “No one’s ever even attempted to suck my cock before. Its feels so nice, you do it so well.”

Tas lasted longer that time, much longer. It must have been seven or eight minutes when he grabbed my head and started to thrust his hips. I thought he was close to blowing again. I let go of one hand and cupped his balls, I played and squeezed his balls. I further increased my grip and stroked at a faster rate. I sucked and swirled my tongue around his big nob, he released pre-cum like it was on tap. He tasted oh so fucking like a virgin.

He seemed to get his ego back and was big headed again; he said, “You suck a nice cock Lou, suck it harder.”

I was really surprised that it had been at least fifteen minutes and he had still not cum. But then he grabbed my head and held it still while he thrust his hips hard into my willing mouth.

He shouted out, “Here it comes Lou, take another load.”

He shot a load straight down the back of my throat; I swallowed. I opened my mouth and stroked him hard, I milked that cock as he blew load after load into my mouth. I managed to swallow the fucking lot. I thought I had done well, let alone him.

He said, “That was great Lou, you’re so fuckin’ hot.”

I let his cock go and he stepped back; his cock still hard, cum still oozed out and he kept complimenting me and said, “That was incredible Lou, thanks.”

I was just as turned on as he was. I reached out and grabbed his cock and licked off the dripped remnants of his cum, I said, “It’s unbelievable that you’ve cum twice now and you’re still fuckin’ hard. How do you do it?”

I threw myself backwards onto the bed and called him over; I still could not believe his cock was hard. Okay, it had lost a bit of stiffness, but he wasn’t soft and limp like most cocks get after cumming, and he had cum twice. Oh god I’m going to love fucking Tas. The thought of fucking Tas released juices in my pussy.

Tas sat on his knees besides me and I grabbed his cock; I squeezed it to assess how hard he was. I looked at Tas and weighed up in my head that I could not lay on top of him, I may squash him to death; so I said, “Let me lay down Tas, get on top.”

I grabbed his cock and asked, “Would you like to kiss my pussy?”

Again what man can resist an offer like that; Tas said, “You bet I would.”

Tas positioned himself on top and stared to lick my slit. I opened my legs wider and raised my knees slightly. He placed his hands under my arse and grabbed a handful in both hands, he licked and started to suck on my clit. He was quite rough and very keen, but then what does one expect from a pure novice.

I was happy with his zeal; I love being mauled. This almost gave me an instant orgasm mainly because of the anticipation of fucking that virgin.

I was not sure if Tas liked my flow of juices, I asked, “How do I taste? Do you like it?”

He rose up and said, “I think you taste great, I love drinking this juice, it’s better than the canned stuff.” He must have referred to his usual beer I presumed.

He went back and sucked my clit; I stroked that big shaft and spat on it so many times. I bobbed my head on his big-head with a great hunger to have his wonderful sweet seed sliding down my throat.

I felt my orgasm build; I started to buck my hips. I felt his hands squeeze and maul my arse.

And then oh fucking hell there it was, my hips thrust in spasms; a shock wave went through my body, I felt amazingly hot.

Oh my fuck, I had already taken his cock out of my mouth; I needed to breathe, I gasped for air. This young virgin gave me one of the best orgasms I had felt for many years, ‘Hooray to youth, it’s the best drug in the world.’

I panted, heavy and Tas asked, “Okay Lou?”

I answered; in-between taking deep gulps of air, “Oh yeah, you just keep doing that my boy.”

He went back and as soon as he made contact with my clit again; with his first suck, I had another orgasm. I could not help but shout out, “Oh Jesus fuckin’ Christ, Tas, you b_a_s_t_u… ” and I had cum again, I was exhausted holy fucking shit I was exhausted.

I did not even have the strength to suck on that big cock. I just lay back and let him have his fill of my juices. His cock was besides my head by my neck. I eased my hands to my tits and squeezed my nipples. My hips thrust involuntarily and my pussy, well my pussy was in a continual state of rapture.

I felt like melting away, I said to myself, ‘Oh god, oh god, ohh fuckin’ goud, another one.’

If I did not stop that young boy he would have eaten me alive.

I had lost count of my orgasms; but then whose counting, just keep them coming.

Tas stopped after a while and I commended him, “Bravo Tas, Bravo.”

I grabbed his cock and gently sucked on the nob for a minute. Then I tapped him on his arse and said, “Come up here, you little pussy sucker.”

I had never really kissed Tas, nor he me. It had always been the polite greeting type of kiss we always gave each other. It was time to give him a big kiss; a thank you for my orgasms.

Tas came up and lay on top of me, bastards cock was getting harder by the minute. I could feel it from my pussy along my stomach to my tits, ‘fuck his a big boy,’ and I haven’t even tried to get him in yet.

He came up and I grabbed his face with both hands and looked him in the eyes and said, “I think I’m falling in love with you dear boy.”

I kissed him; I drove my tongue into his mouth, I flicked his tongue and I sucked on his lips. Both our tongues fought a duel. His confidence grew as he got more at ease with what was going on and more to the point, with what I allowed him to do.

I knew he wanted to kiss and fuck me for a long time; I just never gave him the chance. But now that I had, he was all go, he’s hands were all over me, he squeezed, fondled and mauled me. I loved every second of it. The only thing was that he was taking it too carefully, if he only knew what he was doing to me. If he only knew I loved being handled roughly. I’ll have to teach him as time goes on.

But even so he with great gusto, licked, sucked and bit me on my tits, my face, my stomach, my neck, just everywhere, fantastic start.

Incredibly I felt his cock; it dug into me harder. I think he was keen to get it in. Our faces parted slightly and we opened our eyes; we looked at each other for a minute.

Then we both instinctively opened our mouths and as I stuck my tongue out, he sucked on it gently, then harder, then took more of my tongue deeper and sucked harder. Both with eyes wide open, with a look of sex and a wanton desire of what was yet to come.

Again in unison we closed our eyes; I let his tongue go and hugged him tightly. We both stayed still for a while. I raised his head and asked, “You ready big boy?”

For some reason his smile dropped away, he said, “I don’t have my rubbers.”

I smiled broadly and said, “I’m glad you’re so concerned; but its fine, you don’t need them.”

He seemed to show a lot of concern for a virgin that wanted to get his first fuck; he continued to say “But what if… ”

I reassured him, “Tas, its fine you don’t need anything with me.”

He still asked, “Can I cum in you then?”

I kissed his lips and said, “Yes Tas, you can cum in me all you want.”

A big grin appeared on his face as he said, “I’m going to fill you up Lou.”

I grinned back and said, “I’m counting on it.”

I parted my legs as he moved down; I felt his cock slither down my stomach and flicked off the end of my pussy. He stared to prod his cock, ‘true virgin,’ I grabbed hold of his big, long, stiff shaft and said, “Just wait a minute you eager beaver.”

I parted my legs even further; my knees were up high. Tas looked at me and I at him. I guided his cock to my entrance. He leaked pre-cum, which I smeared over my pussy and clit, oh it felt sooo nice.

I rubbed his cock along my slit; I found my willing pussy hole already wide open for that brand new friend. I wanted to give that one a home; one he could come back to whenever he wanted.

We still looked at each other; I said in a soft whisper, “Go slow there’s no rush and no need to prove anything. Feel your way in, let nature take over. You’ll feel new sensations, new feelings, and new emotions. Have a good time my new man.”

With that I let his cock free; I awaited myself to have all the things I just told Tas he was going to have.

After all I had said, I still thought he would be the typical hooligan and ram into me. But I was surprised. I think Tas’s inner self came through. As I have mentioned, we have known each other for many years and I think Tas showed his tender side towards me. Although he being Tas would not admit it.

Like a true gentle-man Tas moved in very slowly; first his mammoth head. I had my legs so wide but still felt shut as he entered. He pushed my cunt walls apart and continued to slide that man cock into me. I closed my eyes and had my hands on his hips. He drove deeper and then he stopped. I opened my eyes and looked at him, I asked, “Okay, you okay?”

He looked up and said, the words, which I’m sure all women want to hear, “Its tight, your pussy it’s tight.”

I smiled, no, I grinned and felt the most satisfied glow within and said, “I know you may think this is not right, but let me tell you, you will be oh so happy, unbelievably happy to be a man who has his cock in a pussy, in a tight pussy. To tell you the truth I’m glad it’s my pussy.”

He moved back in slowly; he was half in and it felt like I had a stake being driven through me. He entered further. I opened my eyes and saw that his were closed, I rubbed his hips with my hands and he opened his eyes and looked at me.

I puckered my lips and he came down to kiss me.

I went to feel his cock, to see how much he still had to go. He had stopped and it felt like he was nearly there, he had two inches to go. I moved my hand back onto his hips and said, “Nearly there Honey, you can push further.”

He looked down and said, “It’s too big isn’t it?” and looked back up.

I wanted to reassure him; mainly I wanted that big cock in me and fucking me to his full potential, I said, “You’re big. It’ definitely a big cock for a boy your size. I want you to be happy, this being your first and all. You can put in as much or as little as you want, then start fucking me.”

He started to pull out, then slowly back in; before I started to thrust I wanted him to find his own pace. He slipped in and out quite nicely; I brought up one hand and touched his face, he looked at me and I asked, “Am I still too tight for you to go all the way in?”

He shut his eyes and said, “I think I’ve come to an end, I can feel my cock hitting something.”

He must be talking about my cervix, I said, “Its fine you don’t have to go further. But if you do, just hit the end and push harder, you’ll squeeze through.”

He kept fucking me with just the length he originally had in me, it was wonderful.

He increased his pace and I knew he was getting use to my pussy. So I grabbed hold of his firm butt-cheeks and started to thrust my hips up to meet him. He opened his eyes and smiled at me, he then started to really pound me harder and it was even more fantastic.

I could feel every hit on my cervix, I wanted him to go in and I wanted all of his virgin cock. I pushed my hips higher and higher on every thrust; I pulled him in with my hands on every thrust. He got the message. He continued to knock on my cervix harder and harder. Then oh my fucking god he had pushed through. We both looked at each other; I was fully impaled on that giant cock.

We both smiled and he said, “I’m in, my whole cock is in. Is it okay for you?”

I gave an even bigger smile back and said, “It feels great, you feel wonderful.”

He retracted slowly and plunged in hard, knowing he could go fully in all the way. I was in a state of pure delight. My juices flowed and just three minutes in after so many years I had my first orgasm on a cock.

It was out of this world, I was absolutely in seventh heaven. I was going to suck that boy’s seed out with my cunt.

I fucked him back just as hard as he fucked me; we were both lost in our own worlds but were held together by a raw union of pure lust and sex, and a big fucking cock.

I had lifted my legs high into the air, I had my hands on his arse, and he had his hands on the bed besides my head. We both kissed and we both fucked. Our bodies did not touch; the only connection was our tongues, lips and his big long cock which pounded my pussy.

Every time he passed through my cervix my pussy flowed to pass juices to ease the pain of that giant fuck sticks attack. I had another orgasm, “Oh fuck, oh Jesus fuck.”

He was very physical; he pushed and fucked me harder and harder. It seemed to take a lot of energy for him to keep that pace up. He breathed heavily with every stroke. I encouraged him, “Fuck me, fuck me, oh yeah, fuck me hard.”

His youth and vitality shone through as he kept a fast pace for an incredibly long time. I had another orgasm. My hips flew up and we both collided in mid-air. My clit was being kept fully awaked and sent shock waves through my very being. A great fire continually burned in my body. I had gone through several waves of orgasms which I never thought this boy could give me. I was so wrong but I was so happy and was never going to stop him.

His thrusts were almost in anger; he slowed down and then stayed buried, I felt his cock grow, he blasted his seed deep into my belly. I held him close, I felt him pull out and back in, and he released another big load. I felt his cum run out when he pulled away.

On his third load I had another orgasm; I wrapped my legs around his body and pulled him in as my clit sent waves of sheer bliss through me.

I released my feelings, “Jesus fuckin’ fuck, ah, ah, ahhh.”

My face must have been a sight; it went through all sorts of emotions, from my sheer delight of orgasms. My body was being sent through chemical exhilaration. My head was in a spin form having to gasp for breath and my absolute delight for Tas as he steps into a man’s world.

Incredibly he still blew load after load; I felt each load shoot into me and felt his cum as it ran out and across my ass and onto the bed. I had a hold of him with my legs and arms around him like a blanket.

I was in wonder that little tiny boy, who had a giant cock and it was mine all fucking mine.

He ground to a halt deep in me his big nob-head past my cervix. We lay still; apart from a few spasms we both had. We both panted and my heart raced. I felt his heart beat on my chest.

My legs slowly loosened their grip of him and flopped to the bed, as did my arms. He still moved his cock in and out but only an inch or so; it felt like a thick snake through the whole of my body.

Tas had his head down by my shoulder, I raised it and wanted to look into his eyes. I kissed him softly on the lips and asked, “How was it? Did you like it?”

Although physically I knew I had it, I still wanted to hear from him, that I could still satisfy a young male’s needs.

Tas looked straight into my eyes and said, “That was fantastic, it was better than I had dreamt of. You were right, your pussy was nice and tight, I can still feel it gripping me. I never expected it to feel so great.”

Those words sent another ripple through me. He was about to withdraw, I hugged him and said, “Leave it in, let it rest.”

We remained attached for half an hour or so. I was in a semi sleep, when I felt a funny but pleasant sensation in my body; it was that big cock, he had started to slow fuck me and he nibbled on my nipples. ‘Oh god it felt so nice.’

It was getting late and I thought Tas would need to be at home. His mom or dad may come looking for him. He was only here for a light fitting. I said, “It’s getting late, you need to be at home.”

He smiled and I felt he flexed his cock in my cunt and said, “No one’s home, in fact mom and dad won’t be home till Sunday. They’ve gone into town to see a show and are staying over.”

I hugged him tight and said, “I’m ringing in sick tomorrow, I hope you have the stamina to keep up with an old gal like me.”

He kissed me and said, “I’m happy it was you Lou, if it’s okay I’d like to fuck you again please,” then sank his head into my chest.

I gently placed my hand onto his head and said, “You don’t have to say please. The pleasure will be all mine.”

We fucked another couple of times that night, each time in a different position. We fucked the following day and night; I truly turned a virgin into a stud.

I still could not believe his cock never truly got fully limp while we were naked with each other. He got hard very quickly.

I taught him how to enjoy a really slow sensual fuck, as well as the pure hard frantic ones he wanted, well, I did enjoy those as well.

After that weekend Tas knew I was never going to say no to him. I’m fairly confident I can say that Tas enjoyed fucking me. And I think he already knows I love his big cock quenching the fire in my cunt.

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