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Hammer Time!

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“Now, listen,” he said to me, in a very serious tone of voice. “I’m in and out of town a lot in my business, so I’m relying on you to use your best judgment when it comes to construction details. Anything else, my wife can probably handle, or she can contact me.” I shook his hand and said, “That’s why you hired me. I’ll make sure it’s built right. You just make sure the check doesn’t bounce!”

Old Mr. Tightass loosened up a little at that, and we both laughed. It was obvious I wouldn’t have to worry about the money. The house, as it stood, was worth 3 to 4 hundred grand, he owned his own insurance agency, and there were two Lexus’ in the garage. The addition I was to build would add almost 3,000 square feet to the total. As I watched him drive away, I envied him immensely. I was also glad I wouldn’t have him looking over my shoulder all the time, questioning every detail. I could tell he was a control freak. His wife, who I had already met, seemed a lot less controlling, not to mention being a whole lot better looking!

I got my crew to work, setting up temporary dimension lines and laying out batter boards, asking them to keep the noise to a minimum until after around 8:00, the time the owner had said his wife would be awake. Sure enough, at about 7:55, Mrs. Weldon made the scene. She stopped work immediately, as my crew caught their first sight of her.

She was already dressed, but casually, in little shorts and a tank top, and she looked incredible! Tall and slim, with long, tanned legs and a tiny waist, she looked like a life-sized Barbie. That tank top clearly defined her breasts, which were very respectable. They stood out proudly, the nipples making little tents in the front of her top. She had long honey-blonde hair, which she had pulled up and clipped on top of her head, leaving little blonde strands framing either side of her gorgeous face, and fiercely blue eyes. She could have been a model.

“Hi, Brad,” she called, and I walked over to her. My crew was watching her intently, unwilling to let me have her to myself.

“Good morning,” I said. “I hope we didn’t wake you too early.” She just laughed softly, and shook her head.

“Actually,” she finally said, “I’ve been watching you out here for almost an hour. Quite impressive, I might add.” Her eyes roamed over the rapidly changing back yard, then she fixed me in her gaze. “Has my husband asked you how long the construction will take?”

I laughed. “Yes, of course,” I answered. “And he’s already trying to get me to beat that deadline!” She held me steadily in those blue eyes as I spoke, then smiled broadly.

“Well,…” she began, and paused, letting her smile turn kind of sly. “Don’t get finished too soon. I don’t like men who rush through things. And I kind of like the company.” With that, she turned to walk back into the house, and 5 pairs of eyes watched her little behind as she went. I don’t know if anybody else was sporting a woody, but I was beginning to!

We settled into our work after that, beginning the digging of the footers and tearing into the siding on the house, where our framing would join the old construction. At noon we broke for lunch. It was getting hot.

I was getting into my truck, preparing to head down to a nearby Subway, when I heard my name being called. I looked toward the house, and Mrs. Weldon was standing just outside her back door. She had changed into a pair of tight white jeans and a low-cut red blouse. As usual, she looked very striking. Great, I thought! Now I’ll miss most of lunch, explaining to her what we were doing, and how the work was going! Rather reluctantly, I followed her into the house.

Once inside, I saw she had laid out a complete lunch for two! There was bread, salad, and piles of sliced roast beef, ham, turkey, and Swiss cheese.

“Wow,” I said. “I hope you didn’t go to all this trouble for me.” She was already pulling two cokes from the refrigerator, and she laughed.

“Not at all,” she said. “I have to make sure my daughter eats anyway, so I thought I might as well feed you, too! Besides, I don’t think you’ve met her.” I looked around, and she said, “Oh, she’ll be along. You know teenagers!”

As if on cue, into the kitchen walked a younger, carbon copy of her mom. Blonde hair pulled up, the little wisps hanging down, with the same intense blue eyes, the same perky breasts, and even white jeans and a similar top! “You’re talking about me, I can tell,” she said to her mother. Then she noticed me, and walked over to me. “Hi, I’m Jennifer,” she offered, and I shook her hand.

“I’m Brad,” I said, and Jennifer giggled.

“No shit,” she said, turning to give her mother a thumbs-up signal. “You’re right, mom. He is cute!”

Mrs. Weldon’s face went crimson immediately, and she looked away, muttering to her daughter. “God, Jen,” she said softly. When she finally looked again at me, she nodded toward her daughter, who was enjoying her mother’s embarrassment immensely. “That’s what I get, for bringing her into this world?” We all laughed, and she invited me to sit down and make a sandwich for myself.

I did, and we had a nice lunch, though Mrs. Weldon (“Marlene, please,” she insisted) didn’t eat, just sipped on a water with lemon. Jennifer ate like only an 18-year old can, eating some of everything, and guzzling a coke and a half. She kept her eyes on me the whole time, and I began to feel uncomfortable until I felt her foot against my leg. It began stroking up and down my calf slowly. When I looked at her, she just smiled dreamily. I began to get hard for the second time that day.

We ate, Jennifer stroked my leg all the way up into my lap, and I tried to keep up a normal conversation. Marlene busied herself in the kitchen as we talked, bending over the countertop as she wiped it clean, and I couldn’t help but fantasize about her as her teenage daughter got closer and closer to my hard-on with her foot. I don’t think I even tasted my sandwich!

“Jennifer, what are you doing?” She had just reached the hardness of my cock when her mother noticed her, slouching lower and lower into her chair. “I’ve told you: don’t slouch! It makes your back weak.” Jennifer looked knowingly at me, sighed, and slid back up.

“God, mom, don’t have a kitten,” she whined. “It’s not like I do it all the time.” Then she looked at me again. “Though maybe I should,” she said softly, and smiled.

I heard my men getting back to work, and announced to Marlene that I had to go, also. I thanked her for the wonderful lunch, and she walked over to me as I got up. “It was my pleasure,” she said, again fixing me with those clear blue eyes. “I hope you’ll eat with us again tomorrow.” I promised that I would, glancing across to Jennifer, who was studying the obvious bulge in my jeans with great interest.

“Maybe you’ll join us, too,” I said to her, and she smiled a cat-like smile. I hoped we wasn’t being too obvious in front of her mother,

“Ohhhh, yeah,” she purred.

It happened three days later. Marlene told me that she had a bridge club date every Thursday morning, but that she would be back by noon, and that lunch would be ready, as it had been every day so far. Mr. Weldon was out of town again, but should be in before we left for the day. She said she knew he would be impressed with our progress outside. Jennifer had left earlier with some other girl for the beach. The weather didn’t look too good, so we were really racing to get the walls up and braced in preparation for the trusses. I always feel better when we can get the building closed in. That way, even if it rains, I can keep the whole crew busy doing interior work.

Today was not to be, though. About 9:45, it let loose. Thunder, lightning, wind, all came up seemingly out of nowhere. We hurried to get our tools picked up and our materials covered, but we all got soaked. The guys ran for their trucks as I made sure everything was secured. Damn! I thought. I should leave a note for Marlene. I ran out to my truck, and grabbed my legal pad from the seat.

I scribbled an apology, then went to stick it in the edge of the door, hoping it would stay dry enough to read when she found it. As I hunched outside the door in the rain, though, attempting to wedge it into the weatherstrip, I noticed a movement inside. I looked through the glass, and it was Jennifer. She was dressed, sort of, in a little multi-colored string bikini and flipflops. Her friend stood behind her as Jennifer swung the door open.

“Get in here!” she yelled at me. “You want to get struck by lightning?” I certainly didn’t, and I gladly stepped inside, shaking the rain from my long hair.

“Thanks,” I said. “I was just going to leave a note for your mom. About lunch,” I added, as I noticed that they were both staring at me.

“You’re soaked,” observed Jennifer. “Here, let me get you some dry clothes of Dad’s.” She tore off into the house, leaving me looking at her friend, whom she had not introduced. I offered her my hand, and told her my name.

“I’m Sandy,” she said shyly, taking my hand and shaking it softly. She wouldn’t look at me, so I took the opportunity to check her out. She had a towel wrapped around her over her bathing suit, which I could see through the opening in the towel was a little yellow bikini number. It made a nice contrast with her dark skin and black hair. She also had most impressive breasts for a girl her age. They spilled out over the top of both the towel and the bikini top.

“Nice to meet you,” I ventured, trying not to fall into that uncomfortable silence that usually accompanies a meeting between two total strangers. It didn’t work. She stood, looking across the room, silently biting her lower lip. I looked at her from the corner of my eyes. Then Jennifer came back, carrying a shirt and pair of tan slacks.

“Here, you can put this on,” she said, handing them to me. “I’ll put your other clothes in the dryer for a few.” I went into the bathroom and began to change, keeping my head close to the door as I listened to their conversation outside. It was obvious they were talking about me.

“Did I tell you?” I heard Jennifer say, and Sandy giggled nervously. They both said something I couldn’t hear, and laughed again. Then I heard Sandy ask, “Have you?”

Jennifer answered boldly, “Not yet. But I bet we could today.”

This really got my mind working, as I fantasized about the two young girls, so hot and so nearly naked in their little swimsuits, just beyond the door. I slipped out of my jockey shorts, which were also soaked, and slowly stroked my cock, which was getting more and more rigid as I daydreamed. I wished I had time to beat off, but they were still just outside, and would probably wonder what took a man so long to change, so I pulled on the slacks and zipped them up. They were kind of tight, and my hard-on really stood out against my leg. I left the shirt off.

Opening the door, I handed the packet of wet clothes to Jennifer. “Go sit down,” she called over her shoulder, as she headed for the laundry room. I walked into the living room, waited for Sandy to enter, and lay back on the sofa, spreading my arms across the seat back. Sandy sat on the edge of one of the overstuffed chairs. Her towel was gone now, I noticed, and her big tits hung tantalizingly between her crossed arms.

“So, do you go to school with Jennifer?” I asked, and she nodded, finally looking at me directly. I saw her eyes go to the thick snake inside my slacks, and a smile crossed her lips.

“Uh, yeah,” she kind of stammered. “We’ve got two classes together. We’ve been friends for a long time.” She couldn’t seem to take her eyes off my cock, and I felt it grow a little. I watched her eyes register the movement. Finally Jennifer entered the room, and sat down next to me.

“Whats’a matter?” she asked her friend, impishly, “Are you afraid of Brad?” She leaned over me, looked at Sandy, and put her hand on my chest. I felt the firmness of her breast against my arm. “Is he everything I told you he was? C’mon, girl, get over here!”

Sandy complied, sitting on my other side. Her leg was warm against mine. She smelled like baby powder.

“Brad,” Jennifer said softly. “I hope you don’t think we’re too forward. It’s just that…” She paused, running her fingers through the hair on my chest. “Well, mom’s gone, all the guys are gone, and it’s just you and us. I’ve been waiting for this,” she breathed into my ear.

Well, what could I do? I drew both my arms around the girls, pulling them in close to me. “Damn rainy days,” I muttered, and turned to my left. Jennifer’s mouth went open, and we began a long, intense kiss. During that time, her hand found my cock, rubbing it urgently through the slacks. Sandy just waited, letting her hand graze across my chest, until I broke my kiss with Jennifer. Then she leaned into me, and we kissed.

We went back and forth, both girls getting in their time, mouths open and wet. Finally I had to do something. With my arms around their shoulders, I couldn’t get at them, and I wanted them both naked. Now. I slipped from their embrace and climbed up from the couch.

“All right,” I heard Jennifer say, as I reached for the zipper. I was facing away from them as I let the slacks fall. I turned, and they both stared at my erection. Sandy said, “Damn!”

“Dad’s pants never got such a workout,” Jennifer quipped, and leaned forward. Her little hand gripped my cock, and she brought her mouth to it, taking it between her lips. She sucked hungrily at the head, running her tongue along the underside of the shaft. I let her suck it for a few seconds, then pulled back.

“I think you two need to get naked,” I said, and stood with my hands on my hips, waiting. They looked at each other and smiled. Then they began to shed the bathing suits. It didn’t take long. A couple of tugs on some strings, some hiking down over their hips, and both girls reclined on the sofa, naked and willing. I got to work.

I turned first to Sandy. Her glorious tits heaved in expectation as I sank to my knees, pushing her legs apart. Her pussy glistened bright pink in the middle of a forest of thick, black pubic hair. I nuzzled my nose up into that hair, smelling her desire. When my tongue reached her pussy lips, I heard her sharp intake of breath.

“Mmmm,” I moaned, lapping my tongue up and down her soft slit, and she soon answered with a moan of her own. I tickled her clit with the tip of my tongue, and tasted her sweet nectar. A few more slow licks and her thighs closed around my head, and she began to shake. I licked more furiously.

“Oh, god!” she yelled. I licked her again. Was she coming already? Her hips pumped up towards my face, and she began to grunt in unison with my tongue-strokes. Soon I felt her legs stiffen, and a flood of warm, sweet juice washed over my tongue.

“Ohhhhhh, ggooodddd!” she groaned, as her orgasm took her over. She bellowed her pleasure at the ceiling as she came. I rode it out, my mouth never leaving her pulsating pussy, until at last she collapsed under me, and I knew she was done. I lifted my face and smiled at her. Her eyes were half-closed, but she was watching me, and she stuck out her tongue.

“My god,” she panted.

Jennifer, meanwhile, had left the room, but soon returned with something in her hand. “Jesus, you guys are animals!” she crowed. Flopping down next to Sandy, she spread her own thighs. “Do me next,” she said brightly, and lifted the object to her mouth. It looked like a pink rubber dildo. I began to comply with her order.

Jennifer’s cunt was prettier than Sandy’s. The hair was light and wispy, and her pussy lips more delicate. She smelled muskier, though. Of course, I didn’t mind. How many times does a guy my age get to eat 18-year old pussy, anyway? I began to work on it, starting as I did on Sandy: slowly, teasing the nerve ends with the tip of my tongue. Soon I felt her begin to respond, and heard the tell-tale sigh that signaled her giving in to the pleasure. I looked up, and Sandy was fondling Jennifer’s right breast, pulling on the little pink nipple with her fingers. Jennifer herself was pleasuring the left, and sucking on the rubbery dildo, which was I saw was double-ended. I wondered if they would end up sharing it while I watched.

After a while Jennifer came, though not as violently as Sandy had. She kept her eyes tightly shut, and let out a long, low moan, ending with a series of high-pitched squeals as the pleasure washed over her. Then she was done.

I rose from between her legs, my dick sorely in need of a release. I didn’t want just Jennifer’s mouth this time, sweet as it was. I wanted some pussy! I looked over at Sandy.

She smiled eagerly, and again spread her legs. Jennifer stopped me, though, as I was descending onto her.

“Do her from behind,” she said in a husky voice. Sandy obediently pulled her legs together and rose from the sofa. Turning away from me, she leaned over and planted her hands on the back of the couch.

“Be gentle,” she said. I took her hips in my hands and aimed my aching erection at the gaping pink target before me. She was already leaking juices onto her inner thighs as I slid into her. She spread her legs widely. Her hungry cunt swallowed me completely.

“Awww, god,” she hissed, as I split her open. My light brown pubic hair meshed with her own dark curls as I stood, completely immersed in her pussy. I flexed my cock a couple of times, and felt her cervix. Then I withdrew, and began to stroke in and out of her, slowly, savoring the feeling of her tightness around me. Jennifer moved around behind me, pushing and pulling on my hips as I fucked her friend.

“Fuck her deep,” she exhorted. “Fuck her real good.” She slid her hand around to my ass, and I felt her middle finger at my asshole. It pressed insistently, and eventually she slipped it beyond the tight ring of my anus. I loosened up, not wanting her to tear something.

“What are you doing?” I asked, between strokes into and out of Sandy’s slick, tight pussy. It actually felt pretty good, and her fingertip, which was now against my prostate, was keeping me from coming too quickly.

“You’ll like this,” she said, and removed her finger. It was replaced by something else. I suspected, from its size, that it was the pink dildo. It pressed against me until I again loosened my sphincter, and then it popped inside. It felt huge, but I kept up the rocking motion of my hips, and she fed it slowly into me. Soon it was deep inside my ass. Jennifer’s hand then went around my balls, and she began to squeeze them gently.

“Feel good?” she asked, and I had to admit to myself that it did. I simply groaned my approval, and she laughed as she fondled my nuts. Soon I was fucking into Sandy with purposeful strokes, and Jennifer was stroking both my balls and Sandy’s pussy. Sandy began to orgasm.

“Ohhhhh, god!” she grunted. “Ohhhhhhhh, my GOD!!!” Her knees began to buckle, so I slid my hands under her belly to help hold her up. I fucked her wildly now, the rubber dildo flopping behind me as I thrust in and out. I could feel her abdomen contracting as she came, and I soon went over the edge, too. Jennifer, with her hand still around my balls, knew it, and yanked the dildo from my ass as I began to shoot what felt like a gallon of cum into Sandy’s pussy.


I had never felt an orgasm so intense. It seemed I would never stop spasming, though my output had long since ceased, I was sure. I stroked in and out of her like a madman, unwilling to let the sensations stop, and she came again and again.

Finally I slowed to a stop. Sandy was dead weight in my hands, completely spent. I didn’t know if she was even conscious! Soon she stirred, though, and I let her slide down onto the couch. Jennifer slipped in next to her.

“My turn,” she said, her eyes staring at my slippery, half-erect dick. Then she turned to her friend. “Wanna suck it?” she asked. Sandy moaned, turning over onto her back. She glanced at my dripping cock, then at Jennifer.

“Eeeyuuuuuu!” she said, and both Jennifer and myself laughed at her. I hefted it and shook it at her, flinging a few strings of our juices into the air.

“C’mon, now,” I teased. “It’s just pussy juice, and some semen. It’s good for you!” She wouldn’t look at it, though.

“Oh, here!” Jennifer yelled, reaching for my meat. She slipped her eager mouth over the end of it, and began to suck. I felt a little twitch, and she got the last little bit of my jism on her tongue. She rolled her eyes comically, smiled, and said, “Mmmmm.” She then licked the head once more and raised it toward my belly. She began to lick up and down the underside of my cock, like a lollipop.

Within seconds I was as hard as granite, and Jennifer wrapped her lips around the head of my dick again. She managed to get about half my length into her mouth before I hit the back of her throat, and she gagged once.

“Easy,” I said. “Don’t choke on it.” She had a serious look of concentration on her face as she worked her lips down my shaft, and I knew she wanted to deep-throat me. I could have just looked at her beautiful face impaled on the end of my cock for a couple of minutes, and probably come that way, but if she wanted to practice on me, so be it!

Pulling out, I took her hands in mine, and pulled her with me as I lay back on the floor. She realized what I wanted to do, and straddled my face, facing my cock. At this angle, my dick would curve right down her throat, if she could stifle her gag reflex. Meanwhile, I could graze on the cutest little pussy I’d ever seen! I put my hands on her ass and pulled her down onto my face.

Many minutes later, after I had licked her through a couple of orgasms, she managed to take me all the way down. I could feel her chin on my belly as her tongue swabbed the base of my cock. It was heavenly! I began to make slight hunching movements, slowly moving my cock around in the back of her throat, and she handled it like a pro. Soon she was bobbing her head over me, and I was slipping easily in and out of her gullet. I lay there, savoring the feeling as I admired the pussy hovering over my face, and let her do her work.

Soon, however, I knew I couldn’t hold out much longer, and I suddenly wanted to deposit a load of my spunk deep inside her abdomen. I rolled her off me, and motioned for her to lay on her side. I then slid in behind her, cupping those perfect little breasts in my hands as I kissed her neck. She felt my hard-on against her ass, and spread her legs obligingly. I slid between those velvety lips with no trouble. Then it was off to the races.

She came once more before I did, and then I let loose with another mighty explosion from the base of my balls. I buried myself as deeply inside her as I could while I delivered my load, and her little cunt milked me for every drop, clutching the base of my cock tightly. When it was over I continued to fondle her tits, unwilling to be done. Sandy had dropped in behind me, and was softly stroking my now-empty balls with one hand as she planted kisses on the back of my neck.

“That was awesome,” she breathed, and Jennifer agreed with a sigh. We lay like that for a few more minutes, completely satisfied, the rain and the lightning still pounding against the windows. Suddenly Jennifer raised up onto her elbows.

“Oh, shit!” she exclaimed. “I’m leaking all over the carpet!” She scrambled out of my embrace and made her way to the bathroom. Sandy giggled at her. Her hand still played with my nuts from behind, and I was getting hard again.

“What a spaz,” she sighed. I rolled over, my sticky cock slapping against her leg. I kissed her once again and looked questioningly at her. She seemed surprised that a guy my age could get hard again. “Jesus,” she said. “Are you serious?”

“Well, ‘it’ seems to be,” I answered, and slid in between her thighs. She tightened her legs around my dick, and I began to stroke in and out between them.

Suddenly we both heard the sound of a car in the driveway. Jennifer had heard it too, and came running into the living room as she pulled on her robe.

“Get up, you guys!” she yelled. “Mom’s home!”

We both sprang into action. I found the discarded slacks on the floor and pulled them on quickly. Sandy gathered up the pieces of her bathing suit and flew into the bathroom. Jennifer raced around the living room, putting the overturned couch cushions right and retrieving her pink dildo. She stuffed it into the pocket of her robe and sat down as her mother entered the house. I sat at the other end of the sofa.

“Oh, hi,” Marlene said, as she came into the room and saw us sitting there. She looked twice at me, in her husband’s pants, and asked, “Did you get wet?”

“I sure did,” I said, grinning inside. “Luckily for me, Jennifer and her friend got home from the beach, and she let me change into some dry clothes. I’ll have these clean and returned to you tomorrow.”

Marlene looked dubiously at us and asked, “Where’s Sandy?” At that moment, Sandy entered the room, drying her hair with a big fluffy towel. She had on a pair of jeans, but still wore the bikini top. Her big breasts shook as she rubbed the towel over her head, and I remembered how they swung so freely as I fucked her from behind.

“Hi, Mrs. Weldon,” she said brightly. “How was bridge?” She then turned to me and said, “I think your clothes are dry.”

Marlene seemed to relax, and answered Sandy. “Oh, you know,” she said. “Win a little, lose a little. Mostly, we just gossip. If it happens in this town, we’ll know it!”

I looked at Jennifer for a moment, who just sat there smiling to herself. If her mother wasn’t here, I would have walked over to her and kissed her right then, because there is nothing so beautiful or provocative as a freshly-fucked woman, especially a teenager, but I knew I had better leave.

“Okay, then.” I said. “I’d better grab my clothes and get out of here. Thanks, you two, for drying them for me.” I looked at Marlene. “I’ll be back first thing in the morning, and we’ll get that roof on and dried in.”

She turned those brilliant eyes on me. “Unless it rains…” she said, kind of wistfully.

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