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Bill went to the neighborhood Halloween party against his better judgment. Since his divorce six months ago, most of “their” friends sided with his EX. The only person he managed to stay friends with is Tom, the guy who every year gives the big neighborhood parties. Tom and Leann usually threw three or four parties a year. But, Halloween was always the biggest and the loosest. Year after year a few new affairs sprang up and usually quickly died off and an occasional divorce occurred.

Bill arrived shortly after ten PM and the party was well under way by then. He came dressed as Zorro. His body is perfect for the part, tall, muscular and lean. The costume and his face mask completely hid his identity. In his disguise he moved easily about the party and wondered if one or more of the wives of his “fair weather” ex-friends would be fuckable. There were a few in the neighborhood he’d really like to fuck, either because he thought they were hot, or to get even with their husbands.

He danced with most of the women there and a few humped his dick back out on the dance area. He finally figured out who all of the women were and the most promising seemed to be his ex-wife’s best friend, Helen. He’d love to fuck her right under Bonnie’s nose.

He and Helen were slow dancing in a dark corner of the dance floor in the temporarily converted garage. His dick was hard and tight up against the semi-drunk woman’s pussy. When he looked down at her, Helen placed her open mouth directly on his and her tongue immediately went to work in his mouth. This caused his dick to tighten up even harder against her pussy. Reaching between them she put her hand on his erection. Breaking the kiss and said,

“I’d like some of that, but we have to be quick.”

He pulled Helen into the darkness of the far corner of the garage and spun her around. Freeing his excited male member, he lifted her long colonial girl skirt and slipped his dick into her very damp cunt. She let out a long, low, quiet moan and worked her hips in small circles on the invader. Bill was standing behind Helen, with his arms around her, and holding her by the breasts. If any one looked they would have thought they were just dancing. He slowly fucked Helen for a very long time. She is the type of woman who is very low key and quiet when she climaxes. Bill worked her through three small ones and he was building to his own. Helen was rising to the next level as well. Just before the point of no return he looked across the garage’s dance floor and saw his ex-wife watching him and Helen. He could tell she knew what was going on. That made it that much sweeter. Since the divorce he’d told Bonnie a time or two he’d fuck Helen if he ever got the chance, any time any where. Bonnie always told him,

“Fat chance, she can’t stand you!”

Bonnie didn’t know that it was her ex-husband that was fucking her best friend, after all Helen had always said she wouldn’t fuck him if he was the last man on earth. Helen also did not recognize that Zorro was in actuality Bonnie’s ex-husband. Bonnie watched as Zorro came hard in the colonial serving wench’s pussy. A few moments later Helen had a quiet, but thundering, climax of her own. When he pulled free he wiped the remains of their coupling on the inside of her petticoats. She stayed in front of Zorro long enough for him to get his costume re-arranged.

Helen walked past Bonnie, on the way to the rest room, reeking of sex. Bonnie followed her friend into the bath room.

Bonnie was flabbergasted that her friend had slipped and let herself get seduced. Helen said she didn’t know how or why it happened but it was some of the best sex she’d ever had. She told Bonnie,

“Look, I don’t know who he is and he doesn’t know who I am and I’ve been ready for months to try some one new. So it was perfect. However, I’d sure like to get him in a bed and see if he is really that good, or was it so good because of the fact it is my first time straying and everybody could have been watching?”

“Well, I was watching and you sure looked like you were having a good time!”

“Oh yes, it was a good time indeed! Have you found anyone tonight?”

“Not yet, but if you don’t mind, he looks like a likely candidate.”

“Go for it. You know I’m married and don’t want to lose that.”

“We’ll see.”

When the two women returned to the party, Zorro seemed to have disappeared. Where he was, was out side of the bathroom window eves dropping on their conversation. He knew pay back was finally going to come to his ex-wife tonight. He damn near laughed out loud at how easy this was going to be.

Helen’s husband appeared and they went into the garage for a dance. At the same instant, Zorro appeared right next to Bonnie. He took off his hat, made an exaggerated bow and swept his arm towards the dance area in the darkened garage. Restoring his hat to his head, he put out the crook of his arm and they strolled slowly into the dimly lit garage. They made an impressive looking couple. The tall, dressed in all black, Zorro and the tiny, but stacked cantina dancer. Her costume accentuated rather than covered her considerable beauty. She had long shapely legs, a tiny waist, great ass, big tits, and a beautiful face. The tits, the plastic surgery on her body and face he had paid for. Before she had finished healing she’d run him off. Bill actually hasn’t seen her naked since before the surgery.

They danced for hours and she consumed much alcohol. Eventually they were the last “couple” at the party and the moment of truth had arrived. She put her arms around him and rubbed her pussy up against his crotch and asked him if he’d like to take her home. Of course he agreed. She still lived in their old house, just a few doors down the street.

Chapter Two

Entering his former house was somewhat painful. He hadn’t been here since the divorce was final more than eight months ago. Some changes were evident. Bonnie had spent a lot of his money on redecorating the place. He had to admit it looked good. But not as good as the ex-wife did. She is now totally gorgeous. The money spent on surgeons was well spent. He watched, her now fabulous ass, sway seductively down the hall. She paused at the doorway, he was sure for effect, and turned slightly sidewise. Her new breasts stuck straight out at least eight inches and seemed to be at least “EE” cups. Bonnie raised her arms over her head and her costume fell to the floor, leaving a completely nude and sculptured body, ready for use. He advanced on her as she moved backwards onto the bed. She sat down and lay on her back. Spreading her fine legs, she invited him into her pussy.

Bill, AKA Zorro, decided to keep up the mystery on his side. He was sure she didn’t have a clue who he actually was. Bill also had been working on his appearance. He has dropped from a 250 pound couch potato to a 185 pound lean sex machine. Bill has also been to see the medical profession as well. His dick is now over two inches longer and half again as thick as he was before.

Up on his knees and from between her legs she looked fantastic. Her tummy was flat and her tits stuck straight up. He could see the dampness oozing from her pussy’s lips and smell her arousal. She had that fuck me now look in her eyes. And that is exactly what he was going to do. He slipped just the head of his dick into the folds between her legs and paused for a moment. Then he slammed home eight and a half inches of surgically enhanced rock hard dick. Bonnie climaxed when the tip of it hit her cervix.

Bill went to work on doing something he has wanted to do for several weeks, fuck Bonnie silly. Tonight was going to be the night. He’d had a few drinks, a few uppers, two Viagra pills and he’d already had a climax deep in her friend Helen’s pussy. Bill was going to last for a very long time. They made love, they made passion and they just fucked. Bonnie had so many climaxes she couldn’t have counted them even if she’d been keeping score. They were in the missionary position, doggie style, the spoon position. He turned her upside down and put both of his legs out side of hers and tried as many variations as he could think of. Finally, he felt his nuts ready to explode. He laid Bonnie on her back and started to tit and mouth fuck her at the same time. When he came, he dumped cum everywhere. Bonnie’s tits, throat, face and lips were covered in milky white sticky goo. He rubbed his dick all over her face, scrapping his cum into her mouth. She greedily swallowed all he could slip into her waiting mouth. Something she’d never done with him before. Finally, his dick just slowly deflated and they were done.

Bill was nearly too exhausted to stand up and Bonnie was too satiated to move. He asked her if what her friend told about him was true. She replied her friend didn’t have a clue about how good he could be. Bill asked Bonnie,

“Have you ever thought about a three way? I think I have enough energy to try it. I’d sure like to get both of you together in the same bed!”

“I don’t know. I might be willing but I’d have to ask my friend. She’s pretty conservative when it comes to sex.”

“Conservative, she’s the one who fucks in front of a room full of people? Ask her and call me.”

He left his new cell number on the dresser and left. Bonnie fell asleep.

Chapter Three

Helen woke up with an ache in her pussy she’d never had before. Did it hurt because she’d had a huge dick in the last night or because some of the positions were so awkward? Or did it really not hurt because it was aching to be used again by that marvelous stranger?” Her reverie was cut short by the harsh blast from the telephone.



“Yes, who’s this?”

“It’s me, Bonnie. How do you feel this morning?”

“Like I need fucked.”

“I thought you said he was great.”

“He was, I need some more of him.”

“I’m so well fucked I can’t even get out of bed yet.”


“You bet. And guess what? He wants to do you again.”

“You can contact him?”

“Yes, he left me his number.”

“I can’t call him, Howard might find out.”

“That’s OK. I’ll call him. There is one teeny, tiny catch though.”

“What? Name it I’ll do it.”

Bonnie had never had any bi experiences before and she was a little embarrassed about what she was about to say.

“Well,” Helen demanded, “what does he want?”

“He wants us both naked at the same time in the same bed!”

“You mean he wants a three-way?”


“Oh my, I’ve never even thought of that, have you?”

“Yes a couple of times. You know my ex-husband was such a perv, he brought it a few times.”

“What do you think, want to do it?”

“Only if you do.”

“Well, OK I’m game go ahead and set it up.”

The stranger’s conditions were he had to remain anonymous (He claimed for business reasons). So he would still wear a mask. A few weeks later Helen and Bonnie were in a hotel suite over looking San Diego harbor. They were as nervous as whores in a church. They raided the mini bar and had a couple of quick drinks just to take the edge off of their jitters. Finally, there was a knock at the door. They admitted the masked stranger to the dimly lit suite.

He took Helen in his arms and they engaged in a deeply passionate French kiss. He then turned to Bonnie and repeated the kiss with her. That was all it took to start the action. While Bill was kissing his ex-wife Helen was getting naked. He turned to face her and was duly impressed by a great body. It is even better than he’d imagined for the past few years. She was hot. He reached out and took both breasts in his hands and pulled her into another embrace. While his hands were busy checking out the nipples on her tits his ex-wife got undressed and pressed her nude body up against his back. The two women proceeded to undress him. Soon, the only article of clothing left on the three of them was his full face mask. His identity was still a secret.

Bill thought he’d died and was surely in heaven. Bonnie was standing behind him with her huge tits pressed tight against his back and she was grinding her hips up against his ass. He could feel the juices from her pussy running down the back of his legs. She had both arms around him and had a hold of his balls and dick. In front of him Helen had dropped to her knees and was giving his dick, the part sticking out from Bonnie’s hand, a through tongue licking. Her lips would engulf the six inches or so that was free as well.

They moved to the king sized bed. Helen lay back and spread her legs inviting his dick to invade her. Bonnie pulled him by his hard on, placed him between her friend’s legs and lined his dick up with Helen’s pussy. Bill, the pervert he is, purposely kept missing the opening offered to him. Bonnie finally put her hand on Helen’s tummy, just above Helen’s pussy and tried to line up Bill’s dick for insertion. He still caused it not to connect. Bonnie’s hand slipped down and forced the lips to Helen’s pussy wide, making it a better target. Helen felt her friend’s hand on her pussy and got a tingle from it. Bonnie realized what she was doing, just as Bill’s dick slipped between her fingers and into Helen’s wet pussy’s lips. Bonnie caressed Bill’s pumping shaft, which in turn caused her to touch her friend’s most intimate spot. Helen was going wild. Bill’s big dick was doing a great job on her and the added sensation of something so wicked and wild as another woman touching her pussy for the very first time in her life. It was too much for the horny house wife. Her climax exploded like a clap of thunder from the mountains and just kept rolling through her inflamed body.

Bill withdrew from Helen’s body and turned his dick to his wife and offered it to her mouth. She took it in without hesitation and realized she was licking her friend’s juices! Bill pulled free of a wonderful blow job and without much fanfare drilled his ex-wife in the pussy. He fucked her into her first orgasm of the day. Her pussy was sloppy wet from her own secretions and covered his dick with them. He pulled free from there and slipped his dick into Helen’s mouth, giving her the first taste of another woman. Both women had crossed the line and were about to be pushed farther over it. Bill got both women to lie side by side and soon was alternating his dick between their mouths. While he was face fucking them his hands were busy finger fucking their pussies. They were getting hornier and hotter all the time. Well the inevitable happened. The two women’s lips grazed each others several times. At one point, both sets of lips were directly opposite each other on the shaft of flesh between them. Bill pulled his dick from between them and they planted a kiss on each other. For just a few seconds they actually kissed each other. Then they recoiled, both having the identical thought,

“What am I doing? I’m kissing another woman in passion!”

Bill knew it was now or never. He put his hands on the backs of Bonnie and Helen’s heads and moved them back close together and whispered,

“It’s OK, I’d love to watch you kiss each other.”

Helen broke first, she moved forward and parted her lips. When her lips met Bonnie’s closed mouth, she tried to force her tongue inside of it. Bonnie hesitated for an instant and she too gave in. A fiery tongue swapping mouth open kiss took place. The women rolled over facing each other and tightly embraced one another. Bill got behind Helen and stuck his dick deep into her pussy. After a long while in this position, he rearranged the women so Bonnie could lick his dick while he fucked her friend. Bonnie soon was licking Helen’s pussy as much as she was licking Bill’s dick Helen started licking Bonnie’s pussy on her own. Bill switched ends and fucked Helen’s mouth and Bonnie’s pussy. He swapped ends several times. Eventually he had to cum. He decided he wanted to cum on Helen’s pussy and Bonnie’s face. They were now arraigned with Bonnie on her back and Helen straddling her head and shoulders. Bill was on his knees behind Helen’s ass. Helen’s pussy was above Bonnie’s mouth. Bonnie was licking pussy and sucking Bill’s cock as it slipped back and forth deep into Helen’s wanton body. He exploded deep in Helen with his first blast of cum, he quickly pulled free and entered Bonnie’s mouth with the second and third blasts ending up there. Both women were lost in lust and went to work on each other for another hour. Eventually their passions were satiated and the three of them lay resting on the big bed.

Finally the Masked stranger, AKA Bill said,

“Well ladies, it’s been wonderful but I must go.”

Bonnie and Helen watched as Bill got up and got dressed. Just before he went out the door he flipped on the overhead lights and took off his mask. He turned to face them for just an instant and was gone. As he was walking down the hallway he heard them scream in disbelief and unison,


He laughed all the way to his car in the parking lot.

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