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Halloween With Sinnndy

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It’s been a while since I have found the time to write a story, so here is a small recap of what is happening in my life right now. I am 20, Billy and I are engaged to be married next Labor Day weekend and my girlfriend Jodi will probably marry Billy’s brother Josh. Jodi and I still spend a lot of quality time in and out of the bedroom with each other. Josh started working for Billy a couple of months ago and is still learning the business.

Both of them go out of town almost each week leaving Jodi and myself behind to fend for ourselves, so we do what comes naturally to both of us, we fool around and hang out together.

My kinky sex life has slowed down quite a bit since I became engaged, not for the fact that I am engaged, but I think it was just a progression of where I am headed in life. There was no way I could keep up the pace that I was at, and I lost another online Master. Our club on MSN started taking too much time from his life, so now we are looking for someone else to run the club. I’m actually happy for the slowdown, I can concentrate on my business more, and it is really booming. For those who haven’t read my previous stories, I was a personal trainer at a health club and enjoyed working there, but they wanted to mess with my schedule expecting me to work more hours than I wanted to. Billy built me a gym in his basement so I took my good clients with me and started my own business working out of our basement. I love it, I can work as many or as few hours as I want to, and I don’t have to worry about any commission.

Billy always has a Halloween party every year, and it is usually pretty wild. We decided to really go for a stretch with our costumes this year; I was going to dress as a slave and Billy as my Master. I was dressed in all leather, a tight vest and a short skirt, no panties of course, and I donned my collar with leash attached. Billy always has a scheme in mind for me, and I always love what he has planned. I was really curious as to what he had in store for me this year, most of the time; I have some idea, but not this year.

Billy and I always greet the guests as they first enter his house. There were the usual wild costumes, a lot of them BDSM related, slaves, Masters and a lot of leather. There was a lot of the regular Halloween wear, men dressed as women, women dressed as schoolgirls, ghosts and goblins. Most people really took the time to get their costumes together, we were quite pleased. We always have a great spread; Billy hires out a caterer who did an awesome job as always. We had huge pieces of shrimp, chicken wings, quesadilla’s, and my favorite, sushi.

Billy and I started mingling with the guests, I ran over and gave Jodi a big kiss hello, she was dressed as a schoolgirl, her hair in pigtails, short plaid skirt, white shirt, she looked sexy. Billy and I then started talking to one of his business buddies, Peter who introduced us to his date, a stunning tall blonde named Tanya. She had long straight flowing hair, long lean legs, beautiful white teeth, nice firm “B” cup breasts and a great looking tush. She was also dressed as a slave, leather vest and short skirt, almost identical to my outfit except that she had knee high black boots.

Billy informed me that Tanya and I were going to be involved in a contest that evening. Peter had bragged to Billy that Tanya was the biggest slut he had ever seen and the best oral artist he had ever experienced, and that I was no match for her. Billy knows better, that while I hadn’t been as sexually active as in the past, that nobody gives better head than I do, and no one is a bigger slut. It would be a simple contest in a best of three categories. The first category was to see how many people we could give oral homage to in a three-hour period. We would then give a card to the lucky person and tell them to give us a rating of 1 to 10, with 10 being the highest. There was a box in the front hall that they were to turn the ratings cards in to.

If we split the first two parts of the contest, then the third part would be for the two of us to try and get the other one off faster. I knew that Tanya would be stiff competition, no man or woman would say no to her. I hate women with long longs, it isn’t fair. The contest was to start in 5 minutes, which would make it 9, and end at midnight. Billy and Peter were off limits as was Jodi for me; it had to be people that we weren’t regular lovers with.

I didn’t even have the advantage of knowing more people than Tanya because she knew almost as many people there that I did, but that was ok with me, it would be a fair contest and I love competition. It would also be nice to know whether I had lost a little of my touch, but I was confident of one thing, she might get more people to allow her to give head to, but my average rating would be higher than hers, I just knew that.

The contest had begun, so I started checking out the crowd to see who would make good candidates. I saw three of Billy’s basketball buddies chatting together and walked over to say hi. All three are black and in wonderful shape, James, Ronnie and Horse. If you read any of my past stories, Horse is nicknamed that because he has a 14″ dick. One of the rules of the contest was that at first, we couldn’t tell the men or women that it was a contest, if we did, there was a section on the card that would give it away if we didn’t play fair. I just came out and told the guys that I was horny and thirsty for their man juice. Most men would probably be shocked, but the three of them knew me quite well, so off we went to my bedroom.

I told the guys that I was having my period, so I could only give them head. They had no problem with that of course; after all, they were men. I had them drop their pants, Ronnie and James were about 8″ each, James a bit thicker than Ronnie, and of course Horse is just massive. I started sucking on James’ cock while stroking the other two. I took turns sucking their cocks and stroking them as I really didn’t have a lot of time to spare, but I also wanted it to be good for all of them. I started to alternately deep throat Ronnie and James, I would take one of them all the way into my throat and teasingly go up slowly while slithering my tongue on their hard cocks, then I would do the same to the other one. I always kept two in my hands; this really helped get them off quicker. I decided that James would be first, so I really started working on him, sucking him all the way up and down. I released my grip on Horse; I had plans for him after I was done with the other two. I used my free hand to stroke James while I sucked and bobbed my head up and down and was rewarded with a nice creamy deposit straight down my throat. I then went to work on Ronnie, using one hand to stoke his cock firmly while moving my head up and down on his cock and sucking him like a Hoover. He didn’t last too long, but pulled out and shot his load all over my face, which I found to be a waste. I then explained to them about filling out the cards and where to deposit them and dismissed the two of them kindly; I had other ideas for Horse.

I knew this was a contest, but I wasn’t going to waste being around his massive manhood, and I had Billy’s ok to play. I had two goals in mind, one, to give him head for the contest, and two, to get his monster all the way inside of me. I slowly teased and swirled my tongue around his cock, completely coating in with my saliva as my fingernails tickled his testicles. I was driving him nuts, I looked at his face, his eyes were closed and he had a huge smile on his face. Horse is a sweet gentle mountain of a man at around 6-8 and over 300 pounds. He had always had women problems because let’s face it, most women would freak whenever they saw his cock.

I knew I had to get this over a bit quicker than I really wanted, so I started pumping his cock firmly with one hand and sucked as much of his head that I could fit into my mouth. I also would suck on his shaft and really quickened my stroking. Horse was close to cumming, being the nice guy that he is, he tried to pull away, but I wouldn’t let him. I stroked his cock firmly and placed my mouth over his head, awaiting my creamy dessert. I wasn’t disappointed as he shot a monster load into my mouth. I swirled it around on my tongue showing Horse his load on my tongue, and then swallowed and opened my mouth showing him that I did just that.

I kept stroking and licking his cock, I wanted him hard for me now. He went limp for a while, but I started talking dirty to him telling him how much I need his big cock and how badly I wanted his cream shot up high inside of my pussy. It didn’t take long for him to get hard again, and when he was, I playfully pushed him down on the bed. I was really wet and extremely hot and horny, this man had the perfect cock and I was going to milk it dry. His massive head went in with a pop, and I slowly slid down on the first 7″ of his cock. Men have told me how good it feels to have a woman slowly drop down on their cocks, and I could tell that was true by the smile on Horse’s face. I slowly lifted my body, and then went back just as slow on the way down. Each time I went down, I could feel him going deeper inside of me, if I could guess, I would have said that I had about 10″ inside of me. I felt so full at that point and decided to start riding him a little faster, that way more and more would go inside of me naturally and I wouldn’t have to concentrate so hard on taking the whole thing.

So ride I did and while riding, I grabbed Horse’s hands and placed them on my hips, urging him to pull me down on my downward thrusts. I usually don’t cum while fucking, but I felt an orgasm coming on. On one downward thrust I went down as hard as I could, and I was there, Mount Everest, his entire cock filling my hot little pussy. I saw stars, there was intense pain at first, and then a wonderful warm rush in my loins as an intense orgasm swept through my body. I was in a wonderful place in time, completely filled and one of God’s gifts to women causing my body to shudder and shake.

We stayed that way for a little while until I could catch my breath, it was quite an intense feeling and as it subsided, I had Horse roll over while still buried inside of me until I was on my back. I then laid back and let him do the work. No woman had ever taken his whole cock in their pussy before and knowing me well, he started pounding me hard, slamming his 300 plus pound body into me. I loved every second of his pounding, and I started giving him some dirty talk to keep him going hard. I then placed my legs around his shoulders giving him even deeper access and adding to the pleasure of his huge tool slamming in and out of my hungry pussy. I could feel his big balls slapping against my butt cheeks, so I reached underneath to playfully claw at his balls with my fingernails. He was really pumping me hard, and I could see he wasn’t going to last too much longer, so I placed my finger in my mouth to moisten it, and slid it into his asshole. His eyes opened wide, he then grunted and started shooting a massive dose of cum into the deepest depths of my pussy, and then he collapsed on top of me, his cock completely buried inside of me.

We got cleaned up and I gave him a big kiss explaining to him that I had some catching up to do in the contest. I decided that I had to work fast, so I scanned the crowd for single men and spotted a couple of guys chatting away. I walked right up and introduced myself, their names were Rich and Marty, two business associates of Billy and newcomers to one of Billy’s parties. After a little chitchat, I told both men that I was a cum slut and needed to suck them off. They were taken aback by my straight forwardness, but of course, they were men, so getting them to play along was easy.

I took Marty, a 40ish gray haired man in the bathroom and quickly pulled his pants down and took his hardening cock in my hand, then steering it into my mouth. He had an average sized cock, around 6″ and I deep throated it quite easily. That brought a shocked sigh from Marty, after all, most women cannot deep throat most men, they are either afraid or don’t know how to work past the gag reflex like I can. It was now time for business, no time to fool around, so I licked his cock all over to get him nice and hard. I then started sucking him all the way down my throat and on the way out; I gave him a good solid stroke with one hand while fondling his balls with the other hand. Marty was in heaven, his eyes were shut and he had that “damn, this feels great” look on his face. Marty didn’t last too long; most men can’t when I put my mind to it and really concentrate on getting them off. He pulled away and shot a huge load all over my face and breasts. I then told him about the contest and handed him the rating card. I cleaned up and went out to repeat the same procedure to Rich, who like Marty, had a nice average cock and really enjoyed my performance.

I picked out men very carefully as I didn’t want any wives ticked off at me, unless they were swinging friends, that way I knew it was cool with the ladies. It was getting close to the bewitching hour, I had about 30 minutes to go and the male candidates were dwindling. I scanned the people at the party and went from room to room until I spotted the perfect candidates. There were three stunning women from Jodi’s exotic dance club that I knew pretty well, knowing also that they were bi-sexual. I walked up to the three hotties; there was Gina, a dark haired and skinned Italian woman. She was in her mid 20’s, about 5-6 and approximately 110 pounds. Jenny was a shorthaired blonde, 5-8, about 120 pounds with huge, but fake breasts, I prefer mine real. Jessie was also a brunette, but she was a tall curvaceous Amazon type without an ounce of fat on her, you could bounce a quarter off of her abs.

I told the three of them that I wanted to try a new technique out on Jodi, but that I wanted to test it first and asked if they would help out. They had been at the party and were very loose by this time; they were dressed as the Powerpuff girls, Bubbles, Blossom and Buttercup. They were pretty game so I led them into my bedroom and helped them undress, which was a real pleasure. It was like a dream scene, four hot, sexy, horny and naked women in my bedroom, I had to pinch myself to believe that it was really happening. I had them lay next to each other and decided to start from left to right. I really didn’t have time for a lot of foreplay, but I knew I had to warm them up. I started with Gina first; she was mostly shaven with her pubic hair trimmed like a little heart.

We started kissing, lightly at first, tongues swirling in each other’s mouths as my hands wandered to touch her breasts and quickly worked their way down to her moist pussy. I dipped my index finger in and bought it to her lips. She sucked on my finger like it was a cock as I slid two fingers from my other hand deep inside of her and started twirling them in a washing machine motion, back and forth. Meanwhile, Jenny and Jessie decided to start their foreplay without me, which was cool since they would be nicely warmed up by the time I got to them.

I kissed my way down Gina’s toned body and went to work licking her pussy, sucking on her outer lips while working on her G-spot with my fingers. I lightly licked her clit, which sent shivers throughout her body. I ignored her clit for another minute, paying attention to the rest of her pussy, and then her hands went on top of my head pushing me closer to her, signaling to me that she wanted me to make her cum. I started in on her clit, licking in circles and up and down, gently sucking and nipping at it until I found the right combination, which drove her wild. Her legs were thrashing around as she pushed me in even closer while moaning loudly, that turned me on. I continued my assault on her G-spot with my fingers and her clit with my tongue and mouth until she started screaming and bucking, telling me and whoever else was in Lake County that she was cumming.

Gina finally calmed down and I went straight to work on Jenny’s pussy, no teasing, right to her clit as my fingers searched for her G-spot. Jenny was quite ready for me; she was wet and had the same heart shaped pubic hair as Gina did. Jenny was very sensitive to my touch, like she would jump out of her skin every time I tried a new technique. I worked fast and when I sucked her clit into my mouth, she put both hands on my head and actually shot a creamy and tasty deposit into my waiting mouth.

I looked over at Jessie; she had big beautiful hazel eyes, which were lustfully glancing at me. She could tell by the way that her friends had just cum that she was in for a treat, and I didn’t let her down. She was a real moaner and a dirty talker, urging me on by calling me her slut and a little whore. She had a bit of Dominance in her, and of course, I liked that. She told me what to do, when to slow down and when to speed up, she wanted to control me and I believe by my body language that she knew I was a submissive. She grabbed my hair with both hands and pulled it up and down as I tongued and sucked on her clit while fucking her pussy with two and then three fingers. I stuck a fourth in, and before I knew it, my fist was in her and I was pushing it in a couple of inches past my wrist. She was really bucking and moaning, pulling my hair, telling me to go deeper and deeper. I didn’t want to hurt her, so I pushed in a little deeper and started twisting my hand. I then sucked her clit into my mouth and licked it with the tip of my tongue, which brought her to a hard and long climax.

I then explained the contest and the rules to them, telling them that I hoped they weren’t mad because I kind of used them. They weren’t mad, in fact, all three of them wanted to get me in bed, but respected my relationship with Jodi, so they left me alone. Before I left the room, Jessie came up to me and told me that she hoped we could play again sometime, and I told her that it would definitely happen and that we would talk later.

It was now midnight, Billy and Peter went into a room to tally up the scorecards and came out after about 10 minutes while about 20 onlookers watched and waited. Neither one of us had any idea who was the winner, or if the tiebreaker would be necessary. Peter announced that by a score of 25 to 23, and an average of 9.5 to 8.5, that I was the winner. I jumped up and gave first Peter, then Billy a big kiss. I then went over to Tanya, shook her hand and gave her a big hug. We looked into each other’s and went into a deep, sloppy kiss. We were both competitors and wanted to see who could get the other one off first and to pleasure each other, there was definitely mutual attraction.

Tanya had not paid oral homage to a woman yet that evening, so I really had the upper hand. I pushed her onto her back on a couch and placed myself so I was looking face down at her bare pussy. I dove right in licking her pussy all over while grinding my also bare pussy into her face. I found out later that she had not been with a lot of women, but I wouldn’t have guessed that because she ate me like a pro. She followed a lot of what I was doing. While I was searching for her G-spot, she followed suit. When I licked her in circles she did the same; she was smart and a natural. She couldn’t keep up with me however as I was always a step ahead of her, and when I stuck a finger into her ass and sucked her clit into my mouth, she moaned, bucked and came hard, squeezing her thighs around my head as she screamed out loud that she was cumming.

I gently licked and slurped at her pussy as she went back to her assault on my pussy, and like her teacher, she stuck her finger in my ass and sucked my clit into her mouth, causing me to shake and moan, bringing me to another wonderful orgasm.

Billy announced to Peter that he had the most obedient and talented slut around, and also told Peter that he was about to show him just what a good little whore I was. He commanded me to go to Peter and to suck him off. I had never been with Peter sexually before, he was a good looking guy in his mid 30’s, 5-10 and pretty solid, with long shoulder length brown hair and a nice juicy 8″ cock which I took straight down my throat, staying there for about a minute as I worked my throat on his cock. The people that had stuck around were in awe.

I then slowly pulled him out of my throat and mouth, and then started licking his cock like an ice cream cone. Peter already knew that I was a better cocksucker than Tanya, and I think Tanya could see that I was too. It was nice not being rushed, to be able to tease and really give his cock a nice working over. I would suck him hard and bring him close to climax, and then back off, sucking on his balls, at first softly, and then a little hard to let him know I was in control. Billy commanded me to stop, telling Peter to get behind me and fuck me. Peter led me by the hand to the couch and pushed me onto the couch, placing me on my hands and knees. I was wet and ready, Peter slammed it all the way home and started jack hammering into me. There where some ooooohs from the crowd that had gathered around, most of them thinking that Peter had hurt me, but he didn’t, I love it hard and fast and he has giving me what I craved. Peter kept up a good hard steady pace for a couple of minutes, and then just pulled out of me leaving me disappointed.

Billy was standing behind me and must have silently told Peter what to do. Without warning or any lube besides my vaginal juices, Peter slammed his cock all the way home into my ass. Now of course, that hurt a little bit and really drew some loud moans from the crowd. It only hurt for a little while and quickly I was pushing my ass back to meet Peter’s hard thrusts. I didn’t want him to cum too soon as I was loving the pounding that he was giving me, so I reached between my legs and started fondling and clawing at his swinging balls. Peter must have been enjoying my ass because he really slowed his pace down and started slam fucking me, pulling out slowly, and then slamming hard into me. At one point, he pulled all the way out of my ass and spread my cheeks wide showing off my now wide-open asshole. Everyone moved behind me to check out my gaping hole, which brought a lot of conversation from the group of onlookers. “Wow” and “look how wide she is” could be heard from behind me.

Peter then slammed his cock deep into my ready asshole and started fucking me at a faster pace. Billy must have given him some more instruction because I felt a stinging blow from Peter’s open hand on my ass cheek. “Owwww”, I screamed, more in surprise than any real pain. Peter was fucking me hard and spanking my ass on both cheeks, I was so hot and tried to meet his thrusts with my own violent thrusts. The room was filled with the sounds of my ass being slapped and our bodies slamming into each other. Peter was really fucking fast and hard and I could tell by his breathing that he was close to cumming. He surprised me again by pulling hard on my hair and then spanking me hard on both cheeks, then pulling my hair back really hard, thrusting his tongue down my throat as he emptied his nuts deep into my bowels, keeping his cock buried in my ass.

He pulled his cock out of my ass and Billy commanded me to assume the position. I knew what this meant, and while it might sicken some people reading and some who were watching, I want you to know that I was very clean. I always take care of things before evenings like this and you have to understand that I am an anal freak. I love almost everything that anal sex involves, feel, smell and yes, taste. Now I’m not into scat, but I do enjoy the musky aroma and taste of ass, and I know there are others that enjoy it as well. Like a good little slut I opened my mouth and started licking and sucking Peter’s cock like it was my last meal. Peter was now convinced that while his Tanya was indeed a worthy and obedient slut, that she wasn’t even close to being in my league.

Now you all know that I love dirty and rough sex. I think one reason I enjoy it more than most women is that I am such an exhibitionist and a show off, that it’s a kick to wow people and even gross them out. I was really surprised that Billy didn’t have me swallow his pee, one of his favorite gross out acts. I was kind of glad about that, not that golden showers grosses me out, but that I had a bit to drink already. I wasn’t sure that urine would go down well at that time and I wasn’t sure that the remaining people would be able to handle much more.

Billy then announced to the remaining group of still about 20 that we were about to have an all out orgy, and that anyone that wasn’t into that could stay and watch, or that they could participate. Nobody left, which was a good sign, the people remaining were Billy, Peter, Tanya and myself of course. The three ladies that I had given oral homage to, Jessie, Jenny and Gina stuck around, as did Horse, James and Ronnie. Also in attendance was Billy’s other brother Jimmy and his girlfriend Bambi, three of our regular swinging couples Vince and Kendra, Bruce and Belinda, and Kevin and Shelly, as well as two of Billy’s regular drinking buddies, Jeff and Tommy. That made 11 men and 9 women, not exactly my kind of numbers, as I like having a lot more men there. I knew some ladies would be pairing off together, so I knew I could get a good amount of men if I needed to.

People started swapping and pairing off, I ended up with Jeff and Tommy, two of my favorite guys who had been involved in a lot of our group scenes. Billy brought out a box of condoms and some new toys, handcuffs, blindfolds, dildos, whips, paddles, whip cream and some chocolate sauce. We stayed in the main playroom, as I wanted access to as many people as possible. It had been three months since I was allowed to play, and I was going to live it up.

We were on one of air mattresses that we had bought after seeing an infomercial; they have a pump that fills them up in like a minute. I started sucking off Tommy while jerking off Jeff. Tommy was about 7″ long, as was Jeff, but Jeff was really thick. I alternated blowing and stroking both guys, deep throating and licking them all over until they were nice and hard.

I pushed Tommy onto his back, placing my pussy right over his cock and sliding slowly down until my ass was resting on his thighs. Jeff got behind me, and knowing Tommy and myself quite well, slid his cock into my already filled pussy. I love having my pussy filled with two cocks, it takes special guys who aren’t homophobic to perform this act. It feels unreal to feel two cocks moving in your pussy at once, I was in heaven. They both had a nice rhythm going, pulling as far out together and then pushing their cocks in at once. Every now and then, they would purposely switch their rhythm, one sliding out while the other slid in, I would imagine that this felt pretty good for both of them too.

Jeff pulled out and left us for about a minute, which gave Tommy the opportunity to do some good hard upward slamming into my hungry pussy. Jeff came back to us, and I felt Tommy pull out of me. While I couldn’t see what was happening, Jeff was lubing up his and Tommy’s cock with KY jelly. Jeff then led Tommy’s cock to my ass and it went in with a pop, mmmm that felt good. I knew from this position and the two men I was in as to what was coming next, and while I did have double anal sex once before, it was something that I really had to get myself relaxed for. Tommy didn’t give me much time to prepare and he forced his wide cock on top of Jeff’s into my ass. It hurt just a little bit for a second, but I finally relaxed and held on for the rough ride that was about to occur. Like they did in my pussy, the two of them went in and out together, completely filling my ass with hard cock. It was amazing how they stayed in rhythm together and then changed pace at the same time.

My eyes were closed as I was enjoying my double pleasure, when I felt something poking at my lips. It was Billy’s brother Jimmy as I opened up to accept his 8″ masterpiece. Now I really was in heaven, two hot guys pounding my asshole, and my soon to be brother in-law sliding his big cock deep down my throat. I have always felt that pleasing others made me happier than myself being pleasured, and nothing makes me happier than getting three or more guys off at the same time. Jimmy caught onto the other guy’s rhythm and pounded down my throat when they slammed into me, I pretty much came instantly when the first did that together. I was in a zone, a special place that I can rarely visit, my mind clear of any thought or concentration, my eyes closed while I tried to feel all of the wonderful things happening to the special parts of my body. Jeff came first, pulling out of my ass and shooting all over by butt and back while Tommy continued his upward thrusting and Jimmy kept up his assault on my throat. Jimmy was next, never grunting or announcing the fact he was cumming, a trick he learned from Billy. He just shot his load straight into my tummy, and I loved it as he slowly withdrew and I cleaned his cock up.

Tommy rolled me over onto my back and placed my legs on his shoulders and went to work pounding my asshole raw, really giving it to me. He didn’t last long shooting his load deep into the recesses of my ass, and then collapsed on top of me with his cock still embedded inside of me. After a while, he pulled out of me and gave me a kiss on my forehead. I guess I must have drifted off for a bit as I was shot by the evening’s activities.

A sharp pain in my rectum woke me up and I then noticed a cock near my face. Horse had wedged the head of his monster tool into my ass; thankfully, he lubed it up with a generous amount of KY. I looked up and saw Ronnie grinning and opened my mouth accepting his cock inside. Horse was slowly trying to get more and more of his cock in my ass. This was going to take a while as I felt my anal ring expanding with each small thrust. It took me a while to get comfortable, but once I did, I started making small backward thrusts at Horse. A crowd had now gathered to see how much of Horse I could take, which of course gave me more incentive to get him all the way inside me. He was probably about halfway inside of me, it felt like a fist and hurt a little bit, but it was a good hurt. I told Horse to pour more KY on his cock and to keep refreshing his cock with the lube every now and then. I really wasn’t concentrating too hard on the cock in my mouth, but Ronnie didn’t seem to mind as he slid his whole length in and out of my mouth, using my face like it was a pussy with his hands on either side of my head.

Horse had about 10″ in now, and I was actually feeling really good as I played with my pussy and diddled my clit as Horse slowly slid in and out of my stretched out ass. Horse was going too easy on me to ever get his whole cock in me, so I started questioning his manhood, a trick I learned with him a while back. I was calling him a big fat pussy, telling him that he had no idea how to use his gift, completely questioning his manhood. He was a really gentle guy, but every man has his limit, so he started to slide his cock in and out with more force, causing some more pain and pleasure at the same time. I waited for him to pull almost all the way out, and this time when he tried to slam into me, I pushed back as hard as I could. I saw stars and then felt an intense rush in my rectum. I was cumming and Horse was balls deep inside of my ass. The group watching was stunned, there was no way I should have been able to take all of his cock in my ass, but there was Horse with his thighs touching mine, and no space between his groin and my butt cheeks.

What a rush that was, for one the satisfaction of taking all of his cock in my ass in front of a group of disbelievers. Add to that the fact that I was having a multiple orgasm with the biggest cock I had ever seen buried in one of the most sensitive parts of the human anatomy. Horse stayed on top of me for a little while and then slowly started sliding a little out and back in. Ronnie was quite lucky that I didn’t bite his cock off when Horse buried his in my ass. He kept up a nice pace and without warning, shot a nice load straight into my tummy. Horse started picking up his pace a bit and I did the best I could to meet his thrusts. He was pulling almost all of his cock out and would then try to push it all the way back in. He never really got it all back in, but we came close a couple of times. James had replaced Ronnie in my mouth but was going a bit easy on me, letting me do most of the work. I wanted Horse to last a little while longer, it wasn’t often that I got to play with him, so I wasn’t going to waste this opportunity. I reached between my legs and started playing with his huge, swinging balls, occasionally giving them a gentle squeeze which slowed his pace down. Horse however had different plans and started picking up the pace, really giving me a good reaming. James announced that he was cumming and tried to pull away, but I wouldn’t let him so he shot a creamy reward into my mouth. When James was done, I opened my mouth to show everyone his cum in my mouth, and then I swallowed it with a gulp and opened my mouth again to show that I had swallowed. Horse then really started moving and pumping, I knew that he was close and I was right, he made a loud animal like noise as I could feel spurts shooting deep into my ass where no man had ever cum before. I quickly spun around and caught the next shot in my mouth, hungrily devouring his cream while licking and cleaning his cock all over.

We all took a break and had some food and/or something to drink, Jessie and I traded glances and walked towards each other. She had a sexy look in her eyes and I had a good idea of what she wanted. I took her by the hand and led her to a room that Billy had built for us. It was a little dungeon with a specially built bondage table, some whips, paddles and other toys. There were also a couple of cameras in the room which we could feed onto the TV’s in the house. Jessie sat down on a chair and pulled me onto her lap. She told me that I was to count for her and when her hand came down on my ass, I replied, “one, Thank You Mistress”. “Very nice my little slave”, she replied, and continued to spank me, not too hard, but hard enough to let me know who was boss. She then must have reached back for a paddle because her next swat took me by surprise, of course, I knew better than to not count, but it had hurt a little bit. She paddled me a bit easier on the next several swats and then told me to stand, which I did.

She then placed a blindfold over my eyes and led me to the bondage table. Now this wasn’t your ordinary table, it was Billy’s creation. The whole purpose for it was to leave the victims privates open to whatever the person in control wanted to do, while leaving the victim immobilized. It also allowed the Dominant to put the victim on his/her back or tummy. I was placed with my tummy on the table with my hands outstretched in front of me and secured on the table. There was a padded area for my chin to lay on, while a wide strap held my head in place. My feet were spread wide on the ground and strapped to the legs of the table.

I don’t know if any of you reading this have ever been tied down before, especially by someone who is pretty much a stranger. There are a lot of emotions going on in your head; one is excitement along with some fear. I think those emotions are very important when it comes to bondage play and while I didn’t really know Jessie, I knew that Billy was somewhere nearby and that he always was looking out for me in these kinds of situations. What I didn’t know was that Billy was in on this with Jessie, that the cameras were rolling and the main TV set was on in the house so that all who had stayed could see exactly what was happening to me.

My ass and pussy were completely exposed, Jessie could do to me whatever she desired, and I loved knowing that she could. It was quiet for a minute or so, and then I felt something strike my ass softly. It was a cat-o-nine tails and Jessie was lightly striking my ass at first, then she ran the whip through my dripping pussy. It was making me crazy to not be able to move, but it was a good kind of crazy. She kept up the light whipping, occasionally striking me a little bit harder to keep me aware of her control. She then stopped and placed something just at my vaginal opening. It was a either a dildo or a strap on, and I tried to push back but I couldn’t get it inside of me. She had started to tease my clit and would get me worked up and then stop; all the while the dildo was just at my outer lip with the tip just going inside every now and then. I was now frantic, I wanted her to fuck my pussy or at least help me cum, but she wouldn’t.

Her teasing went on for what seemed like an eternity, the tip of what I found out later was a big strap on was tormenting me, as was her teasing of my clit. I then felt a cool liquid being poured on my ass as she then slid one and then two fingers into my asshole. I then felt the tip of something going into my ass and felt my asshole stretch as the rest of the butt plug was pushed inside of me, giving me a little sexual relief. She placed a ball gag into my mouth and went back behind me. I then felt a lot of pain as a clothespin was placed around my clit, and then more pain and surprise as she slammed the strap on all the way inside of my pussy. Pain and pleasure completely filled my body as she fucked me hard and spanked my ass with firm swats. She reached under me and diddle my clit as she fucked me with hard, deep strokes. She had the magic touch and I could feel myself getting close to cumming. She somehow sensed my nearing climax and took her fingers away from my clit, damn I was pissed.

She repeated the same procedure three more times, getting me close to orgasm, then denying me. She started playing with my clit again, giving me hope of finally cumming, and then released the clothespin from my clit, which caused great pain as the blood started rushing back to my privates, but which also caused me to cum. What an unreal feeling, orgasm and pain at the same time, she was damn good at this. She then unbound me and gave me a deep soulful kiss. She then started whispering a plan to me, which I readily agreed to.

We walked back into the main playroom, couples were still going at it while some people were just kicking back and watching. Jessie started yelling at me, calling me an ungrateful slut to which I told her to fuck off. This was her plan, to let the rest of the people there to think we were pissed at each other, and then to wrestle. She grabbed me by hair and threw me to the ground, this was supposed to be play, but she was making it look too real. She had me outweighed by a good 40 pounds and was at least 7″ taller. She pounced on me like a cat, placing her knees on my shoulders, and then slapped me hard on the face, which really hurt. I now knew that she had duped me into thinking this was for fun so that she could get the advantage over me. I knew immediately that Billy was behind this whole thing, he gets off seeing me helpless and under someone else’s control.

She slapped my face a couple more times as I couldn’t budge her, she was tough. I finally bridged myself so that I could turn over on my tummy, but that turned out to be a big mistake. She grabbed my hair hard and pulled it back so that my back was arched. She then spun around quickly so that she was facing away from me while still having a strong grip on my hair and started slapping my ass hard. I was pissed, but in no position to do anything but try to slap back at her, causing very little damage. I had to think fast and I came up with an idea. I reached back upward and grabbed a nice chunk of her hair and pulled with all of my might yanking the bigger woman off of me at last.

I now knew what I was up against, and while I did have some wrestling training, I knew she did also and had the weight advantage. Maybe it’s courageous or maybe stupidity, but I’m pretty fearless. I knew I had to be quicker than her, so I waited for her to lunge at me, and when she did, I ducked under her and threw her past me. I then quickly tackled her from behind and applied a full nelson on her. It was time for some payback, so I put her in the same position that she had me in. I grabbed her hair and spun around and started spanking and slapping her full but firm ass. She was yelping and calling me nasty names, I was turned on and there wasn’t a soul doing anything else but watching the two of us. I kept far enough away from her so she couldn’t reach back for my hair, but she used her weight to eventually buck me off.

We both got back on our feet and I knew she wouldn’t fall for the last trick. I didn’t have time to think of anything new as she lunged at me again, I tried to duck away, but she grabbed a handful of my hair. She full me towards her, slapped me good in the face and then brought up her powerful knee into my midsection. The breath went right out of my body, which went limp. She then lifted me off of the ground and began to spin me around. I was really glad that I didn’t too much to drink that night, as I was getting really dizzy and was trying to catch my breath. She then slammed me to the carpet and belly flopped on top of me. I was pretty much done for; I would need a lot of time to recover and was at her mercy again.

While laying on my back, she turned around and planted her ass on my face and commanded me to eat. I started licking and nibbling at her asshole. She then commanded Gina and Jenny to come over and help her. They each grabbed one of my legs by the ankles, spread them wide and pulled them back towards my head. I was immobile again, spread wide for everyone to see and completely at Jessie’s mercy. While a bit uncomfortable and just getting back my senses, I was still turned on by what had happened and what was about to happen. I was brought back to reality by a stinging blow to my pussy. “Eat you stupid little bitch”, my Mistress commanded. I buried my tongue up her asshole which must have pleased her because she didn’t slap my pussy again.

Jessie adjusted herself so that her pussy was right in my face and I dove in slurping and licking her yummy box. I felt a pair of hands on my thighs and felt a hard cock sliding into my pussy. Since Jessie was on top of me, I had no idea who was fucking me nor did I care, I was just happy to have a cock inside of me. Jessie was really squirming on my face, what can I say, I can eat pussy with the best of them. The person fucking me pulled out of my pussy and drove himself right into my ass and started fucking away. He slammed into me good for about 5 minutes and then pulled out of my ass. Jessie got up off of me but Gina and Jenny were still holding my legs back and apart. I looked up just in time to see Ronnie stroking his cock and then shooting his goo all over my face. I was told by Jessie to leave his cum on my face, and she proceeded to sit back down on my face as I went back to pleasuring her.

I felt someone else knocking at my backdoor so I opened up and let him in. He slammed me hard and was pretty thick, I guessed that this was Tommy because of the cock’s width. Jessie started gyrating her hips and started to moan, and then shot some lady liquid into my mouth which I hungrily lapped up. The man fucking my ass pulled out and when Jessie rose up again, Tommy shot his load all over my face. Jessie and Gina switched places, Jessie grabbing my leg and Gina sitting on my face, and another man replaced Tommy in my asshole and hammered away.

This went on for quite a while as I always seemed to have pussy in my face and a cock in my ass. It was an endless supply, and when the men were done with my ass, they shot their loads on my face. The scary thing about all this was that I was still hot and horny, ready for more. I had lost count, but I believe I got all 9 women off at this time, and most of the men had fucked my ass and shot their loads on my face, even Billy. Jessie sat back down on my face and I eagerly started munching on her tasty pussy. I felt a big head poking at my asshole. That was when I remembered that Horse was still there. I was a bit tired and getting quite sore, but I wanted him to fill my ass just the same. He did fill me too, slamming as much meat into my ass as he could. It hurt quite a bit and I saw stars, but I never stopped eating Jessie’s pussy and I started pushing my ass into Horses body trying like hell to get him in deeper.

My ass was pretty loose by this time, so Horse had a much easier time slamming in and out of me. My face was full of pussy so I couldn’t egg him on, but I heard Billy in the background telling him to give it to the little slut. I think he had the whole thing sliding in and out, it was quite an intense combination of pain and pleasure added to the fact that Gina was playing with my clit now. I felt Jessie gyrate her hips again and fill my mouth with her love cream again just as I reached my own glorious orgasm. Jessie got off of me and seconds later, Horse pulled out of my ass and shot a huge load of sperm onto my cum covered face. I then reached out for his wonderful cock and licked and cleaned it off for him.

One would think that Billy would have given me the rest of what little night was left off to get some sleep. One would be wrong, Billy was having a ball watching me get abused. Billy rigged up the room so that I was on my knees with my chest on an ottoman, a spreader bar attached to my ankles and cuffed to one couch, with my hands handcuffed to the legs of the ottoman. I could move a little bit, but not too much. Billy then placed a blindfold over my eyes and told me that I was to pleasure anyone whenever they wanted. I didn’t have much choice being in the situation I was in, and hoped that I could at least fall asleep for a little while.

I did fall asleep for a short while but was awoken by a hard cock in my pussy and a tapping at my mouth signaling me to open up, which I did. Horse was the one at my mouth, that was easy to tell, but it was hard to figure out who was in my pussy. I guessed it was either Ronnie or James since they hung out together, but I didn’t really care, I just was glad that my pussy was getting another good workout. I couldn’t come close to getting Horse all the way down my throat and really wasn’t interested in that challenge. I just wanted to get him off quickly so I could get back to sleep. He basically had his hands placed around the back of my head and used my mouth like a pussy. That was fine with me, less work for me, but with the girth of his cock, my jaws started to ache. I tightened my lips around his cock as he slid more than half of his monster in and out of my mouth while the man behind me slammed and pumped away at my pussy.

Times like this make me wish I had use of my hands, it’s just more enjoyable for me. I was enjoying being a cum slave however, and was rewarded first by Horse, and then by the mystery man with a couple of blasts of semen all over my cum crusted face. At least the blindfold kept the goo out of my eyes.

I fell asleep pretty much instantly but was awoken again, this time by a hard spank to my ass, and a wet, warm pussy in my face. I devoured the pussy in front of me as I felt what had to be a strap-on being pushed into my ass. I was guessing that it was Jessie in my ass, and by the pubic hair that I was licking, that it had to be Jenny’s pussy. It’s amazing how aware one becomes of your other senses when you are blindfolded. Jenny ground and rotated her pussy in my face as I licked and swirled my tongue around her clit as Jessie alternated her plastic cock in my ass and then my pussy while rubbing my clit. Jessie started fucking just my ass again and would rub my clit, and then spank my ass, damn she was good. It wasn’t long before Jenny grabbed my head and pulled me closer, creaming my face with her juices, and then I came again as Jessie continued fucking and spanking my sore, beet red ass.

The girls finally left me alone to go back to sleep, but in what seemed minutes, a cock appeared at my mouth. I opened and he grabbed my head and face fucked me, and then pulled out so a different cock could do the same. It was Tommy and Jeff, they were tag teaming me again, each guy slamming my throat with their cocks and then giving their buddy a turn. Jeff stayed in a bit longer this time as Tommy got behind me and slammed his cock home into my sore ass. He gave me a good hard fucking, and then the boys switched positions, with Tommy in my mouth and Jeff in my ass. They kept this up for about 10 minutes, fucking my ass and then making me clean their cocks with my mouth. Tommy pulled out of my ass and came out front with Jeff as they both blasted my face together with more gobs of goo, then making me clean their cocks again.

I was really spent, I loved the evening and being the victim. The sex was wonderful, but I was tired and felt that I had enough. I fell into a deep sleep, this one thankfully lasted for hours. When I woke up, Jodi and Josh were watching TV, the rest of the gang had gone home. Jodi laughingly called me a disgusting slut, she said my face was just crusted with loads of cum. Billy came over and unshackled me, lifting my limp body in his arms and carried me into the bathroom, laying me into a warm bathtub filled with Mr. Bubble. He then sat down behind me and massaged my back and kissed my neck. He told me how much he loved me and how he enjoyed watching me take last night’s abuse with eagerness and wanting more. I turned around and started kissing him passionately, our tongues swirling and twirling in each other’s mouths.

I don’t know what came over me, but I mounted his cock and slid my pussy down on him. We stayed there for a little while, kissing and moving our hips slightly. After a while, Billy lifted me out of the tub and carried me with his cock still buried in my pussy over to the bed. He laid me down on my back and made love to me with slow and easy strokes. We kissed the whole time as he would stop at the bottom of his down stroke and just lay there with me. It had been quite a while since we were this passionate; it was usually hard, sweaty, body slamming sex, which I love. This was nice after the past evening, a romantic lovemaking session with the man I wanted to spend the rest of eternity with.

Billy picked up his pace just a little bit as I reached between my legs to cup and scratch at his swinging balls. I looked at Billy’s face and I could see pleasure and an urgency telling me that he was about to cum. He did cum and I could feel large shots shooting deep into my pussy.

I found out later that while I had been blindfolded, Billy had stayed awake to make sure that I was not being abused, so he was as tired as I was. We fell asleep with Billy’s shrinking cock still inside of me. We both woke up a couple of hours later with his cock still there, but hardening. Can you guess what we did next?

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