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Room 371

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You’ve barely been online for five minutes when the email appears. The subject line is blank, but you open it anyway, curious to read what I have sent you. However, this is not a day for words, and you stare at the empty white box, momentarily confused, until you notice the attachment. It’s a video file, and is simply labelled ‘Watch me’.

At first there is only darkness, but when you turn up the volume you can hear breathing, heavy and ragged, coming from more than one person. It is unmistakably masculine, and is accompanied by the rhythmical beat of flesh on flesh. You squirm in your seat and grip the mouse harder, as the fingers on your other hand squeeze between your legs. The noises are familiar, arousing, but different somehow. You hear a low moan, and then, faintly, the sound of a cock being sucked. Slowly, you realise that you can make out three shapes in the darkness, three distinctive voices breathing their desire: three bodies silhouetted on a large bed, joined together and moving in unison.

The change in the light is subtle at first, but when the room is fully illuminated it’s done so with a suddenness that takes you by surprise. Your knickers are already wet, your clit tingling with anticipation, and then you see me. It’s the face that you’ve seen so many times before, the body that has appeared countless times on your phone and computer, and, stiff along my stomach, the cock that fills your fantasies, but tonight there’s more. Tonight there’s the hand roughly holding my head as a long, thick cock slides in and out of my mouth. Tonight there are the firm, toned arms pulling my hips back until I can feel cum-heavy balls against my ass. Tonight I’m on all fours, forced down and fucked as you watch intently.

The light fades again and as the clip ends, all you can hear is my whispered plea: ‘fuck me’. You bang the desk in frustration, wanting to see more, feeling your clit throb as your fingers press against it. You move the cursor over ‘play’, ready to watch it again, knowing that you won’t be able to move from your chair until you’ve answered the need burning inside you, but before you can lose yourself in those images once more, the second email arrives. This time there’s no attachment, but the rush of disappointment is halted by the words that stare out at you. ‘Don’t cum. Join us. Room 317, The Old Bank Hotel. Be here in 15 minutes.’

You stand, shakily, and re-read the email, then turn the computer off. You know you’ll have to move quickly if you’re going to follow the instructions, but your legs refuse to cooperate at first, until your dripping wet cunt takes over. You reach for a skirt and tie it hurriedly around your waist, then search for the corset that you know I can never resist. Your fingers are unsteady as they lace it up, but within seconds it’s done. You fling open the front door and hail a taxi, scanning the streets for signs of heavy traffic. But there will be no complications tonight, no barriers to what you have desired for so long, and before you know it you’re there, paying the driver and walking into the lobby of the hotel. There is no-one on the front desk and you slip up the first flight of stairs, climbing quickly till you reach the third floor. There it is: room 317.

This time there is silence when you press your ear to the door, and as you rest your fingers against it, it slowly swings open. The room is dark and you hesitate, but the smell draws you in. It’s sweat, hanging heavily in the air, the scent of naked bodies, and it hits you hard. You flick the light switch next to you, desperate to see what’s getting you so wet, what you’ve come here for. The lamps above the bed are dimmed low, but as you sit on the edge of it, you know that this time you will be able to see everything. To see me lying on my back, one hand firmly stroking my hard cock as it juts out in front of you, close enough for you to study every vein, every inch of taut skin. To see the two men standing next to the bed, looking down at me, the muscles on their arms and chests well-defined in the soft light. To see their cocks, bigger than they’d appeared on the video, and already dripping with a mixture of oil and pre-cum. I turn my head to face you and notice how hard your nipples are through your corset; you want this as much as I do, and we both know it. I look you in the eye: ‘don’t move, just watch.’

You nod your head as the other men join us on the white sheets. They’re swift and decisive: they know what they want and they’re not going to stop until they’ve got it. One of them sits astride my chest and starts to stroke his cock, using both hands to grip the thick shaft and pointing the head towards my mouth. Seeing his body tense as he touches himself gets you even wetter, but you know that, for now, you can do no more than watch. My hand is still wrapped round my own cock as he pulls my head next to the sticky tip of his, till I can feel it against my lips. He pushes his hips forward, forcing my lips to part and sliding his cock inside. It’s just the head at first, hot and salty, but so good on my tongue that my balls tighten in response. I suck hard, wanting more, and as the shaft enters my mouth I feel strong hands on my calves, slowly lifting my legs into the air.

I can only imagine how wet you’re getting under that skirt as you watch them on top of me, the cock in my mouth beginning to slide in and out more forcefully, my legs pushed back until my ass is open, exposed. I wait to feel fingers pressing against me, probing gently, but they never come; there is to be no waiting tonight, no teasing, and I moan around the throbbing cock fucking my face as a second one drives deep into my ass, not stopping until it’s buried in me to the hilt. I hear your voice for the first time, little more than a whisper: ‘fuck him. God, fuck him hard.’

At your command, I feel fingers in my hair, pulling sharply till I’m locked in place, unable to do anything other than suck and lick the cock that’s slamming into my mouth, and down my throat. My legs are pushed back even further, and I fight to keep control, my hand urgently stroking my own cock as my ass is filled. I can hear you breathing unsteadily, and I know that you’re watching them fuck me, watching my mouth and ass get stuffed full with cock, taken, owned and used in front of your eyes. They’re relentless, and their cocks feel like they’re still swelling inside me, rock hard and pulsing as blood pumps through the veins. My legs are almost back to my head now, and all I can do is keep sliding my hand up and down my cock, wanting to cum almost as much as I want them to cum inside me.

I sense you moving closer, unable to stay still any longer, needing to see, hear and smell everything. You lie alongside me, your breath cool on my flushed skin, and look up at the man straddling my chest, taking in his toned body and the base of his cock as he holds my mouth over the full length of it. You can almost taste pre-cum in the air, and you realise that it’s on my lips, and coating my fingers. You shift on the bed and I know that you are studying my cock, which pushes me even closer to the edge. Between my legs there is only the feeling of heat and raw, primal power as every inch of the second man’s cock is used to stretch and fill my ass. It’s almost a blur as you watch it, and he’s fucking me so hard that all you can take in is the sight of that dark, swollen head, every time it slides out of me then pounds back in again. You’re still fully clothed, but the wetness that’s dripping down your legs is almost unbearable now, and you crave those three cocks, wanting them inside you one after the other, wanting to have your hunger sated, but knowing that the torment will continue.

I can tell from the way that both cocks are throbbing inside me that neither man will be able to hold back for much longer, and I hear your voice again, louder this time, insistent. ‘Cum inside him. Fill him with your cum till your balls are dry.’ I’m pinned so tightly to the bed that I can’t even push up against them; I am theirs to fuck as hard as they like, and as your focus returns to the cock in my mouth, I feel it start to explode and a first spurt of cum shoots over my tongue and down my throat. It’s hot and thick, and I swallow hard as more spills from his cock, again and again until it covers my lips as well. I glance to one side and look at you, my mouth still full of cock, and see the expression of intense arousal on your face. Our eyes meet, but only for a brief moment before the second man speaks for the first time. ‘Fuck, I’m gonna cum.’

I feel the weight on my chest lift, and the cock slide out of my mouth. He wants to watch as well, and he lies next to you, lifting my hand off my cock and replacing it with his. He strokes me firmly, matching the rhythm set by the man between my legs, pointing the head directly at my cum-stained mouth. Your fingers brush over your soaking wet knickers, finally unable to resist your pulsing clit, but my hand grips your wrist and pulls it away. Just then, I feel that long, thick cock slide all the way inside me for the final time, and hear him moan uncontrollably as his cum shoots deep into my ass. His orgasm seems to last forever, and he feels enormous buried in me like that, thrusting his hips and watching the hand that’s moving up and down my shaft. We’re still joined, my fingers on your wrist, and you turn to face me, in charge once more. ‘Cum for me. Now.’ I obey; I have no choice. No choice but to catch it all in my mouth, feeling the pleasure tear through me, released in one endless stream of cum, as three pairs of eyes watch me. It is dark outside, but there is plenty of the night left, and room 317 is ours until morning.

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