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Goodbye Party Fun

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It was the last Friday in March. We were having a leaving party at work for Simon, who was moving to another office after having worked as my assistant for the last two years. I was sorry to see him go. We had got along very well and despite our age difference had flirted with each other a few times. We had never allowed the friendship to go beyond those brief flirts — apart from a dance and kiss at the firm’s Christmas parties.

As it was Simon’s last day I’d made more of an effort dressing for work. I wore a short-sleeved red blouse that had a low cut neckline and through which my red lacy bra could just be made out if you looked closely (and I was sure some of the men at the office would be doing just that). I wore a tailored black and red patterned skirt that came to just below my knees, and red shoes with a small heel. Under the skirt I was wearing black thigh high nylons and red lacy panties.

During the party Simon and I wandered down a corridor and into an empty office. The alcohol had affected both of us and we ended up in quite a passionate clinch. Our mouths pressed together and our tongues engaged in the age-old wrestle. I also felt his hands stroking my body through my clothes and could feel myself reacting to his touch.

When I felt the warmth of his fingers against my skin it sent a tremor through my body. He pulled my body against his and I could feel his erection between us. I unlocked my arms from around his neck and unclamped my lips from his. I moved backwards creating space between us until I was resting against a desk.

Simon hands immediately moved to the buttons on my blouse and undid them one-by-one. Once they were all undone his hands reached inside and cupped my breasts through my bra. His thumbs played across my nipples and they reacted by pushing against the silky material, becoming more prominent by the second. I was biting my bottom lip and revelling in the pleasure coursing through my body.

Simon moved closer, between my slightly parted legs as he continued to tease my nipples. I managed to remove my hands from the desk and reached down towards his trousers. I loosened his belt, then the clasp on his trousers and, finally, lowered his zip.

At the back of my mind something was screaming at me telling me to stop but I couldn’t help myself. I managed to lower his trousers over his hips and with a little shake himself he caused them to drop down his thighs. I ran my hand over the front of his boxers and he moaned with pleasure.

I could find no buttons or hole through which I could delve so I took hold of the waistband of his boxers and eased them out and over the head of his erection. I carefully eased his underwear down his legs until they met his trousers.

I reached down and finally touched his cock. The coolness of my fingers caused him to moan again. As my fingers touched the head of his cock I felt pre-cum leaking from the slit. I had the presence of mind to worry about my skirt so I momentarily released his cock, loosened my skirt and let it fall to the floor. As it pooled it my feet, I kicked it out of the way.

That day I had worn thigh high stockings to work and when Simon looked down he looked like the cat that had got the cream. His hands immediately left my breasts and dropped to my legs. His fingers played over my nylons and my exposed skin. I sensed a little nervousness on his part but I I was enjoying what he was doing.

Simon moved forward and, grasping my bum, pulled my panty-clad mound against his cock. I ground myself against him a couple of times and heard his moan “Oh God” then, all of a sudden, his cock twitched and I felt a warm wetness on my stomach. He jerked against me and I felt more moisture.

He started apologising but I just reached down between us and stroked his cock a couple of times, working the final drops out of him. I lifted my hand to my mouth and, with him watching, I licked it clean, making it plain to him that I was enjoying it. I also gathered a dollop from my stomach and repeated the tasting in the hope that it would help him stay aroused and focussed on the need to help me.

Just then, though, there was a noise in the corridor outside the office. We both looked towards the door and realised that it was partially open. I was sure we had closed it behind us but we could hear the voices of other party-goers seemingly heading towards us.

It was a bit of a scramble. I wiped myself quickly with a tissue from a box that was on the desk then retrieved my skirt. I moved off to one side of the office (hidden behind the door) to put my skirt back on and to fasten my blouse. Meanwhile Simon pulled his underwear and trousers back up his legs. He had just fastened his belt as the door opened a bit further and I heard someone say something to Simon.

Simon acknowledged Tom and explained that he had been making a ‘phone call to his girlfriend. I kept quiet as Simon moved to the door and then left the office. I waited a short while then made my way to the ladies. I freshened myself up then re-joined the party feeling a certain level of frustration.

Eventually the party wound down. We all said goodbye to Simon and I have to admit that my pussy was pulsing as I gave him his goodbye hug.

I made my may back to the office to clear away the detritus of the party. I was surprised to find myself with three of the more mature men in the office (Tom, Peter & Nick) bagging up all of the rubbish and leaving it for the cleaners to take away. I glanced at them a few times during the clear-up and caught them looking at me.

I began to think that wearing the almost see-through blouse hadn’t been such a good idea after all. Although they would have been used to seeing the shape of my breasts, and had probably caught the occasional glance of my cleavage now and then, I began to feel as if they were undressing me with their eyes.

After we had finished clearing up we wandered down the corridor to make our way to the lifts. As we reached the office Simon and I had visited I glanced in and Tom asked me whether I’d left something in there. I protested that I didn’t know what he was on about but must have blushed because he started laughing.

We stopped outside the door and before I realised what was happening the three men seemed to manoeuvre me into the office.

“Come on Sue, we saw you giving Simon his goodbye kiss.” I heard Tom say. “You’ve kept us at arm’s-length since you started here. We’ve never even gotten a Christmas kiss off you. How about making good on that now? Or would you rather we emailed these around the office?”

I was trying to act innocent as Tom got out his mobile phone and turned the screen towards me. The first picture I saw was of me with my blouse loose and Simon’s hands obviously inside it. The next picture showed Simon’s hands on my bra and my hands holding his belt. The third picture showed Simon between my thigh-high clad legs with his trousers and underwear around his knees.

My face must have blanched and I couldn’t speak.

“It’s okay Sue, We were just hoping to make up for all those missed Christmas kisses.” said Nick. Tom and Peter were nodding their heads.

I felt trapped but at the same time my pussy throbbed with the prospect of being coerced into being slightly naughty with these three mature men. My mind was racing. I slowly nodded my head and said “But only if you delete those pictures now.”

Tom started shaking his head but I stood my ground. “I promise. I’ll give you each a post-Christmas kiss. But please delete the pictures first.” I said, smiling all the while, trying to reassure them and waiting for their reaction.

“OK” Tom said then I watched as he selected each picture and deleted it. Once he had done so he passed me his ‘phone. I scanned his photos folder and confirmed that the pics of me had gone. I had my wits about me and asked Peter & Nick for their phones. I checked each of their photos folders and found that they also had one of me licking my hands clean.

“Naughty boys!” I said as I deleted the photos from their ‘phones too. I then leaned over and put the ‘phones in a drawer of the desk.

“Now, as you started this Tom, you can be first.” I said as I moved to him and put my hands on his shoulders. Tom smiled at me then glanced at the other two as he put his hands on my waist and then round my back as he pulled me closer to him. I quickly kissed him and then stopped, lips to lips but mouth well and truly closed.

“What was that?” Tom exclaimed loudly. I laughed and tried to look surprised, as if I didn’t know what he meant.

I heard Peter say “Come on Sue, show a bit of enthusiasm! Don’t be mean.”

I looked at Tom, took a deep breath and gave an almost imperceptible nod.

Tom pulled me close again her closer still and I could feel by breasts pressing against his chest as Tom started to kiss me again. My hands were on his shoulders again as I felt Tom’s hand roam over my back. I started to enjoy the kiss a bit too much so I tried to move away but Tom moved his head to keep his lips in contact with mine.

Eventually I managed to break free and Tom exclaimed “Mmm Hmm! Now that was worth waiting for.” Peter and then Nick took their turns, each pulling me towards them so that my breasts were pressed against their chests whilst their hands roamed my back. Both of them started with gentle contact but gradually increased the pressure of their lips on mine.

I was breathing deeply and feeling quite pleasant when Tom said “Well, that was for Christmas 2010, now for Christmas 2009.”

The other two were nodding in agreement and all three were looking expectantly at me. I surprised myself and them as I laughed and said “Well I suppose that’s fair.”

Tom moved towards me again and I put my hands back on his shoulders. Tom’s kissing was harder this time and he pulled me tightly against him. As my breasts pressed against his chest I shuddered slightly. I could feel Tom’s hand moving slowly up my side and come into contact with the side of my right breast. I gasped as he brought his thumb down across the front of my breast, then moved it up and down a few times. My gasp opened my mouth and immediately his tongue thrust its way past my lips.

I heard both Peter and Nick say something but I was quickly slipping into my own world. My hands held the back of Tom’s head, my tongue wrestling with his as he groped my right breast. I’m not sure why but suddenly we separated, with Tom loudly declaring “Wow, fantastic.”

Peter immediately moved into position and I put my arms over his shoulders, giving him access to my breasts. He didn’t hesitate to take advantage of the opening I’d given him. As his hands manipulated my breasts he became a bit too eager and I broke free.

I barely had a chance to collect myself when Nick moved into place, took me in his arms and pressed his lips gently to mine. Again I felt myself pulled into a masculine chest, my nipples crushed into my breasts. I felt Nick’s hand groping my left breast and suddenly realised that I could feel another hand on my back and one on a thigh.

I managed to separate my mouth from Nick’s and he moved backwards and slightly off to one side. I noticed Peter in front of me again and I could feel hands on my hips and fingers on my back. I realised that someone (it turned out to be Tom) had worked his hand under my blouse. I felt the fingers work their way around from my back to my right breast.

I now had a hand groping each breast and thought I might be losing control of the situation.

“Please stop!” I said, not particularly forcefully, as I tried to stop the mauling of my breasts. Peter laughed as he took hold of my hands, releasing my grip on the hands on my breasts. As he kept hold of my hands, Tom and Nick unbuttoned my blouse with their free hand while their other hand fondled a breast each.

My blouse fell open and the three of them were touching me up. To my ‘horror’ I felt my bra go loose. I again feebly protested “No, no, don’t, don’t you dare, noooo.” as my bra was lifted up and hands made contact with the flesh of my breasts.

Too much was happening. My breasts were being lifted, squeezed and moved in different directions and my very erect nipples were poking out. I started gasping, feeling the pleasure washing through me.

Suddenly I realised that the mens’ attention had shifted. I looked down and saw my skirt being gathered upwards. I saw a flash of red and knew that they could now see my thigh high stockings and my panties. Hands were stroking my thighs, touching my naked flesh, very close to my sex. My two hands were losing the battle against the six that were toying with me.

Tom moved from behind me and I felt myself being nudged backwards. The backs of my thighs came up against the desk I had been resting against with Simon. The men continued to push against me and I ended up being pushed horizontal onto the desk, my legs waving around as my feet left the floor, my skirt still up around my waist.

I felt hands on my panties.

“No, no, don’t!” I protested but at the same time I really didn’t want them to stop. I looked down my body and saw that it was Tom who was reaching towards my somewhat sodden panties.

“Oh Sue, you’re enjoying this aren’t you? Look guys, her panties are soaked through. I told you what she would be like.” Tom said.

Peter and Nick held me down and encouraged Tom to remove my panties. Tom successfully pulled my panties down from my mound then reached over to one side. I felt cold against my skin and then all sense of my panties disappeared as Tom used some scissors to snip them apart. I was in a dream as Tom pulled my right leg to one side and then stood between my legs.

I tried to move my legs but then I watched Tom loosen his belt then lower his trousers and y-fronts with one hand.

“No, Tom. That’s too far. Don’t.” I pleaded but any impartial observer would have been able to detect that I was only trying to preserve my dignity by showing some reluctance. In reality I was eagerly anticipating what would happen next. After all, I had been left aroused by Simon then brought back on heat by these three older men who knew exactly how to play with me. I momentarily wondered whether they had spent the last part of the party planning this seduction.

Tom took hold of my legs whilst Peter and Nick continued to fondle my breasts, periodically pulling on my nipples. I could feel Tom’s cock at my entrance. There was only a slight resistance then I felt my cunt being filled as he eased forwards.

I heard someone say “Oh God, yes. So nice!” and realised it was me.

Tom’s groin rested against mine and he just stood there, flexing his cock inside me. Then he pushed against me, pressing his groin onto my clit. I was moaning loudly as he started to ease backwards. As soon as his cockhead was at my entrance he pushed forward again then started the regular motions of fucking me.

He certainly knew what he was doing. I raised my knees slightly to improve the sensations but my whole body rocked in time with Tom’s thrusts. The strength of his thrusts were nudging me up the desk so Tom grabbed my hips and moved me back to the edge of the desk so that he could maximise his penetration of me.

I could hear Peter and Nick encouraging Tom. “Go on Tom.” “Fuck her hard.” “Show her what she’s been missing.” were all things I heard and I have to admit that I was not complaining. In fact I’m sure I was greeting each of his thrusts with an “ooh” of my own.

Suddenly Tom groaned and paused in his thrusting, then he thrust into me and moaned “Yes” and I felt his first spurt inside me. That was quickly followed by three more deliberate thrusts and “Yes”es then he stopped. He leaned down over me, kissed each of my nipples and my mouth and said “Sue, that was fantastic.” before withdrawing his cock from me and stepping away from the desk.

I was getting my breath back as I sensed another body between my legs. Peter had moved to take Tom’s place.

Peter was more vocal than Tom, telling me how he loved my tits and that my cunt looked delicious. “Peter, just fuck me!” I heard myself say.

“Go on. You heard the lady!” was Tom’s encouragement to Peter. Sure enough he fed his cock into mean then pumped in and out at a fair old pace. I could tell that he wasn’t going to last long, especially with his friends encouraging him. A few minutes later he uttered his own wail of pleasure and deposited his sperm inside me.

I felt his hands on my breasts but then he was gone and Nick filled the space.

I hadn’t seen Nick’s cock but the moment it made contact I knew it was the biggest around of the three. He eased himself in slowly and although I felt filled he didn’t make it in as deeply as Tom or Peter. Nick was obviously used to women struggling with his girth because to set up a slow and steady pace, allowing me to become comfortable with his size.

I’m sure I was gasping again every time felt him sliding in and out of my cunt. My moans got louder but I could here Tom and Peter encouraging me as much as Nick with words such as “Go on Sue.” “Fuck him Sue.” “Take his cum Sue.” “Go on Sue, you’re a doll, you deserve your pleasure.” I didn’t need the encouragement any more than Nick did.

As my pleasure approached its peak I moaned “Oh, oh, oh, oh yes, I’m coming, I’m coming, oh yes, oh yes,” then, as I finally orgasmed, “Oh, oh, oh my God, Yes!” I squealed. Thank heaven the office is double glazed or anyone outside would have had some audio entertainment.

As I came down from my high I realised that Nick was still fucking me. Somehow he increased his pace until with a loud moan of his own he completed my seduction and first ever office gang-bang.

I could not move. The pleasure was still coursing through my body as Nick repeated Tom’s behaviour, leaning forwards to kiss my nipples and then my mouth. His slow withdrawal from my cunt was also pleasurable and I just lay there panting, savouring the sensations.

I felt hands on my thighs and my pussy being teased and I said “No, seriously, no more.” To which they just laughed and Tom said “It’s alright Sue, I’m just cleaning you up a little.” When I raised myself up I saw that he was gently mopping my somewhat gooey cunt with tissues from the box that I had used earlier. Unfortunately, though, his gentle touching was sending pulses of pleasure through me. If he continued doing that there was no saying what would happen … although as they were in their fifties it was unlikely that there could be a repeat performance.

Peter and Nick told hold of a hand each and helped me sit up. In order to re-fasten my bra I had to remove my blouse and I could see lustful expressions as I did that. I quickly put it back on though and fastened all of the buttons. As I stood up on very wobbly legs I eased my skirt back in place but, as my panties had been destroyed, I knew I would be leaking sperm down my legs.

I asked them to help me to the ladies which they gallantly did, but not without also helping themselves to another feel of my breasts. I managed to clean myself up a little then we made it to the lifts.

As we walked out of reception the security guard smiled at us and I wondered whether the cameras monitoring the corridors could pick up sound. I’m sure I blushed as that thought went through my brain. A chorus of “Good night!” from us was greeted by a “Now you make sure you take good care of her.” from him. With that slightly ambiguous greeting we made our way out of the building.

We shared a taxi and I was dropped off first. The guys wouldn’t let me pay my share of the fare and before getting out of the taxi at the end of my close I gave each of then a kiss goodnight. I couldn’t help but stroke each one’s cock as I did so, getting a reaction out of them all.

As I walked away I turned and said “Thanks for a fun night gents. Isn’t there a leaving party for Wendy next Friday?”

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