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Good Secretaries Do It

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I had been back at work on Monday, but Blake didn’t act as if anything had happened. I guess I should explain. I had tricked Blake into taking me with him on one of his business trips by telling him that the escort service couldn’t provide anyone and I volunteered to go instead. I expected to do whatever I could to secure a renewal of the contract and make him proud of me.

It worked out well, and I found that I really enjoyed servicing two men at the same time. It was then that I discovered that I liked DP. And that I had a boss who could go on endlessly. I had hoped that when I got back to work on Monday he would have changed his mind about my job description. He hadn’t.

Although our client, Theodore, had asked us to meet again and have a foursome with his him and his wife, he hadn’t called yet. And I was beginning to let my workload get ahead of me because I was day dreaming about Blake most of the day, and spending a lot of time in the ladies room finger fucking myself.

Basically, my job is to transcribe dictation and file reports. You have to understand, Blake dictates most of his memos and letters on a recorder, and I use headphones to type them into the computer for printing.

Just listening to his voice on the recorder gets me hot. His voice is almost hypnotic, and I was becoming addicted to it. So it wasn’t strange that I get wet just listening to his voice.

It had gotten to the point that I had to stay after work to get caught up. I was addicted to both him and his damn voice and it was driving me crazy.

When we had returned to England after our little tryst, he began to call me Adele again, instead of Del as he had on travel. Del was his slut, Adele was his secretary.

I was working on the computer in his office at nine Wednesday evening, transcribing work that I should have done during the day, and after I finished I rewound the tape and closed my eyes, pretending that he was with me and talking to me in person.

With the headphones over my ears, and his voice cooing in my ears I got the urge to masturbate again. And this time my fingers weren’t on the keyboard, they were between my legs and in my pussy. I had already slipped my panties off and let them drop before I began to rub my swollen clit, and play with my left nipple. That’s when I heard a noise behind me.

I was so engrossed in finishing that I hadn’t even heard the door open, so when I heard someone clear their throat with a soft, “Ahem,” I jerked my fingers out of my wet pussy and slowly turned. Blake was sitting on the leather couch watching me. At first I was ashamed but then I bit my lower lip and swiveled the chair around, facing him.

“So this is why my chair has those strange white spots on it each morning. Do you have some sort of problem, Del? I mean your acting a bit strange since we got back.”

I caught the “Del,” and very little else. I was again his whore. I wasn’t Adele tonight. That gave me the courage to say and do what I had been dreaming about for the past six days.

“Look sir, I mean Blake, it’s been difficult for me to adjust to just being your secretary again. I mean, maybe you can just turn it on and off, but I can’t. Why aren’t you like other bosses who make their secretaries do things?”

He smiled that damn quizzical smile and stood up. “What things? What do you think I need that I’m not getting from you? You know I never go for office romances or even infatuations, so that’s out of the question. So what do you think I need? Or perhaps I should ask what is it that you need?”

I was loosing it. I leaned back in the chair and moved my legs apart. My skirt was already folded up around my tummy so he couldn’t help but see my cunt and how my swollen clit protruded from between my puffy lips. Hell it was peeking out far enough for me to hold it between my thumb and forefinger.

My panties had gotten caught in my heel so I gave it a kick and it skidded across the floor and under the couch. Now staring at him, I answered.

“We don’t have to get involved, Blake, just let me be nice to you. And sure, I want to be a good secretary but that doesn’t mean I have to wear a halo. I can do a lot to relive the tension around here if you’d let me.”

“So you want me to be a demanding boss? One who uses people just because I pay them? Would you like me to threaten you? Sure I admire you. And sure I would like to demand that you do more than just be my secretary, but is that what you want?”

I was trembling just at the thought of him demanding that I go down on my knees and suck his cock each day. Or the thought of him cumming in my mouth or he might order me to bend over the conference table while he slid that beautiful cock deep inside me. So I nodded, yes.

“You know if we start this, your going to have to change the lock on my office door tomorrow, don’t you? And your going to do everything I want, when I want, and how I want, from now on? Do you realize that,” he asked.

I had begun to reach behind me so I could unfasten the hooks on my bra and when they were free I tore at the buttons of my blouse and shrugged it off. Now his eyes moved up and down, from my face, to my hard nipples and down to my wet cunt.

“Your something else Del. OK, get out of that skirt, and come over here and suck my cock. If you’re good, you get a raise, but if your like all the others, I’ll be giving you your notice in the morning.”

I hadn’t expected that. I suddenly doubted myself. Sure, I thought I would be good, but now I wasn’t too sure. Blake is difficult to make cum, and although I had felt his cock deep in me last week while we were on travel, This was different. Then it was more to please our client, and get his signature on the contract, but now my job was at stake and I was afraid.

I dropped to my knees and actually crawled on all fours over to him. Blake had fucked me that once and I knew he could pace himself so he wouldn’t cum for nearly a half hour or more if he wasn’t excited. Teddy, our client, had finished in minutes, so I was beginning to have doubts about myself. If this was going to work, I had to be special and exciting for him.

I knelt in front of him and looked up. He had stood up and was looking down at me, but he wasn’t doing anything, just watching me as I looked up pleadingly.

His slacks were giving him away though. They were beginning to tent over his cock, so I reached up and unfastened his belt and drew his zipper down. Thank god he wasn’t wearing underpants. As his slacks dropped, he stepped out of them and kicked off his shoes.

“Sit for me Blake. Please? It’s easier that way.” He slowly moved back and sat on the couch. I moved his knees apart and with one hand cupped his balls as I brought his semi-erect shaft to my lips.

He was amazing. I put its head in my mouth and began to gently suck. I’d be lying if I said he was slow to respond. Each time I moved my pursed lips down his cock it seemed to grow in girth. Now the head of his cock was tapping at the back of my throat and I thrust forward until my chin was nestled against his balls. Drawing back to plunge down again, I almost gagged as he slid down my throat.

He was getting too long and too rigid to take completely. Then I began to bob my head up and down as I rolled his balls in my palm. It was working, he began to ooze pre-cum now, so I had to be doing something right.

I pulled off his shaft long enough to ask: “Like that? Want me to lick your balls too? God you taste good baby. Want to fuck me now? Mmmmmf, so good Blake. I want you to give it to me really deep. When your ready, just let me know.”

Ten minutes later my jaws were aching and I had to get him out of my mouth for a minute. I kept him wet with my saliva and stroked him with my hand as I licked under his balls when finally he reached down and put his hands on either side of my face.

“Now Del! I think you have me ready. Where do you want it?”

I didn’t know if he were asking me if he wanted me to let him fuck my mouth, my ass or my cunt, but I kept caressing his cock as I looked quizzically up at him.

“I mean on the couch or on the conference table. Or maybe right on the floor, maybe bending over the chair. Where?”

I was so excited at that point that I didn’t give a shit. I would have leaned against the damn wall if he wanted. I went to the conference table and leaned over it, grabbing the far side.

He came up behind me and flipped the back of my skirt up and slowly worked his cock into my pussy. I was sort of anxious because he was so huge, but he was slow and seemed to enjoy teasing it in.

I had a hard time hanging on to the far side of the table. It was cold and my breasts were flattened on its surface, but when I felt that shaft begin to slide in and out of my wet cunt I forgot everything.

I came fast the first time and wet the table. It coated my thighs and I began to slide all over the place in my own puddle of cum.

He just ignored it and held my hips firmly as he methodically plunged his cock in and out. Suddenly I couldn’t be quiet any longer and began to babble.

“Oooooh yeah, pump that cock in me! Yeah, come on stick it in there real good. Oh yeah deeper, yeah like that! Come on I want it deep like that. Keep going, harder, push it up me. Just like that baby, Oh yeah, come on, give it to me good. Blake? Blaaaaakkkeeeee I’m cumming! Oh shit come on shoot it in me babeeeeeeeee! Nowwwwwwwwwwww!”

That’s when his grip on my hips tightened and he thrust faster and harder. We were both panting and I was slobbering all over the table as I moaned; “Yeah oh yes, yesssssss!”

He gasped and suddenly growled. “Take it Del, Take all of it. I’m shooting deep in that hot pussy of yours, Now! Take it deep, Come on Nowwwwwwwwwwww take it all.”

I could actually feel his cock pulse each time he shot. I knew he was filling me with each spasm, and I loved it. Then he fell over my back and lay there panting in my ear.

“Good girl, Del, you really are good.” Moments later he drew his shaft out releasing a gush of our cum. It oozed out at first, but as I continued to contract, it seemed to spurt out and flow down to the floor. He looked down and sort of chuckled, “going to have to wipe that up before we leave, Del.”

I slid off the table and looked down. “We did all that? I asked. My god you cum a lot.”

He smiled, “A lot of that is yours he laughed.” Then he went for tissues as I straightened up and began to wipe the wetness off the table.

The next morning I got to work early, and called to have his office lock changed. By eleven everything had been taken care of and most of the girls in the office were staring at me quizzically. They must have known something was different.

He came in late, and walked by my desk and into his office. I waited. A half hour later he came out and waved me in. I hadn’t put on any panties this morning and I even left my bra off. Hell, I’m only a large B or small C cup so I’m pretty perky without one anyway.

I didn’t know if he wanted me to work or to go down on him, so I closed the door and locking it, went to his desk and waited. Finally he spoke.

“I’m going to make you an administrative assistant Del. And the job description is a bit different than a secretaries, but I’ve got no written description for you, however I think you pretty much know what I expect. Now have my calls put on hold.”

I had heard him call me Del, so I knew I was his slut today, so I picked up the phone and told Norma to hold all calls, turned and began to slowly strip for him.

He came around to the front of his desk and sort of sat on the edge. I expected him to take his cock out so I could suck him for a while, but he just motioned me to sit on the couch. Leather is cold when you don’t have anything on and I was uncomfortable.

He reached behind himself while staring at me and fumbled around until he found what he was looking for, a small package. Picking it up, he tossed it to me. It was wrapped as a gift, and he watched as I opened it.

Inside I found a rather large vibrating dildo, the kind that people called a rabbit or something. It had some sort of beads in the center and at the base were three switches. I would have selected a color other than black, but I suspected he had chosen that color for a reason.

The main section had a series of rather deep ridges around the pliable surface and the head was a perfect match for his.

Then he began. “OK my little tramp. Wet it with your mouth and spread wide and hold it against your clit. DO IT!”

I was a little startled by the change in his voice, and a chill ran down my spine as I actually felt my cunt begin to tingle in anticipation. I watched his face as I put it between my legs and spread my pussy open so I could press it against my clit.

“Turn it on and slide it up and down your wet pussy, but don’t put it in yet. Do you understand Del?”

I nodded and did as he ordered. The damn thing was diabolical. I flipped the red button and it began to vibrate, but more than that, it began to sort of wiggle around, and within a minute I had to take a deep breath. I was going to cum within seconds if I kept it there much longer. I took a another deep breath and watched his face.

“Feel good my little slut? Want to cum for me?” I nodded yes and he went on, “Oh no Del, you wait until I say it’s time. Do you understand?”

I nodded dumbly as I began to slide the ridges up and down my gooey slit. Within seconds I was moaning and I felt the first warning sensations of an orgasm, I looked pleadingly at him but he nodded, “NO.”

I wanted to take it away, but didn’t dare. At last I couldn’t stand it any more, and my mouth opened as I began to beg him to let me stop.

“Please? Oh god Please Blake, I need to cum. I can’t help myself any longer. It’s too much now.” He just smiled and reached down and took his cock out. This time he wasn’t limp, he was huge and hard. He quickly strode over to me and held his shaft to my lips.

Just as I leaned forward and sucked him into my mouth he reached down and took my new toy out of my hand and tilted it up, shoving it forcefully in.

I came! I mean I had an orgasm that was earthshaking. I pushed my face forward on his cock so he couldn’t hear me scream. Wave after wave of hard contractions rippled thru my pussy.

Still leaning back he began to stroke the twisting vibrator in and out of my pussy before finally telling me to take it from him and fuck myself with it. But now he switched on the black and white buttons and I began to contract hard on the slippery toy.

Everything was moving. The beads were rattling around shaking my pussy’s lips and the little thing on the side began to dance over my clit. I continued to stroke it in and pull it out.

My hand was now a blur as I thrust in and out and I sucked harder on his shaft. Now he began to swivel his ass back and forth, fucking my mouth and the sensations in my pussy kept growing and growing. He must have been pleased watching me because I felt him begin to tense up and his heavy balls began to draw up tight against his groin.

Between bouts of sucking and bobbing my head up and down, I began to cum again.

I stopped pumping the thing in and out and held it there. It was doing all the moving and twisting as I went over the edge.

I began to beg. “Give it to me baby! Come on, Shoot for me! Gimmee your warm cum and feed me! I need it Blake! I NEED IT NOW Babeeeeeee. Let me have it!”

I think at that moment I knew his weakness. All I had to do was beg for him to let me finish him, and he was lost.

“Yeah Del. Oh yeah my little whore. Here it comes! Take it now, take it all nowwwwwwwwwwww.”

suddenly my cheeks lost their dimples and my mouth filled with the warm thick stringy fluid spurting over my tongue. I gulped him down and began to snort as I tried to catch my breath.

When he pulled out, I thought we were finished, but he quickly pushed every thing to one side of his desk, and lifted me up so I sat on the very edge.

He took the vibrator out of my pussy, turned it off. Lifting it, he held it up in front of my face. The ridges of the surface were filled with my own cum. Thick milky white cream seemed to coat the black swirls along its length and he lifted it to my lips.

“Suck it baby! Taste it. Taste your juicy cum Del.”

I hungrily did as told and when he took it from me he put it to his mouth and ran his tongue along its surface, lapping at it. Laying it down, he moved between my thighs and roughly drove his shaft in. I reached out and clutched his shoulders for support as he began to stroke in and out.

He was as hard as ever and I was ready to cum again. Leaning slightly back, he reached down between us and grasped my breasts. I was forced to lean back slightly and in this position his thick shaft was constantly rubbing against my clit.

As if to add to my already despirate needs, he began to squeeze and pull on each nipple. I began to gasp for air and moan.

“Yeah baby, thats good. More just like that. Deeper…….. Oh god shove it in deeper. Now! Oh yeah, Nowwwwwwwwwwww. It’s getting close Blake. I’m gonna do it now baby, Ohmygod ohmygod, faster, deeper! I’m cummingggggggg for you babeeeeeee!”

I wrapped my ankles around his butt and lifted up off the desk, forcing him in deeper until he was actually supporting me with his hard cock. I was going mad but I couldn’t stop myself. I hung there, my arms around his neck, as my cunt pulsed again and again around his dick. He was a part of me at that moment, and all I could do was pant in his ear, trying to catch my breath.

“Oh my God Blake. Oh my god what are you doing to me? I never came like that before in my whole life. It was wonderful.”

I was still spasming and I finally managed to gasp: “can you cum again sweetie? I can feel you deep inside me and I can go on if you want to. Do you want to cum again for me?”

He leaned back and whispered: “Save it baby. We have a job to do tomorrow with Teddy and his wife. We’re going up to his place and you and I are going to help him break her.” With that, he pushed me forward and sat me on his desk, as he pulled out.

The rest of the afternoon was spent clearing things up for the weekend. A weekend I had so looked forward to at first, but now sort of dreaded. I didn’t want to share Blake with Theodore’s wife but it was a promise that had to be kept.

Teddy Picked us up at the office around nine in the morning. On the way up he explained a few things about Carole, his wife.

He began: “My wife and I have a pre-nuptial. If she leaves me, she gets nothing, if I leave her, it goes to the courts but I won’t let that happen. Carole is a flirt and I think she has a girlfriend, but I’m not sure.

She hasn’t let me fuck her for months now, but keeps telling me about women and guys shes been with and she seems to enjoy getting me worked up. The most I get is a minute or two of sucking and then she has me stand there and watch as she masturbates.

She has me jerk off as I watch, and when she comes, I’m allowed to come and stand next to her and cum on her breasts or pussy. No touching or anything intimate. I think she wants me to break up and get half of everything, but that’s not going to happen.

And I can’t take much more of this, so what we need to do is get the two of you to seduce her. Oh I know she’ll go for that, just to make me watch and drool. But I have other plans.

I was getting hot just thinking about Blake and I fucking her with Teddy watching but he went on.

‘When the two of you get her really worked up, I want you to distract her while I join in. I want to fuck her ass while Blake here, fucks her pussy and you, Del, make her suck your pussy. Are you in?”

By now I was squirming in the seat and getting wetter by the minute. I almost grabbed for Blake’s crotch before I caught myself and just gasped, “yeaaahhh, oh yeah Ted, we can do that, can’t we Blake?”

Blake sat quietly and looked first at me, then at Teddy.

“you know Ted, I don’t want to get involved in any sort of divorce thing if my name gets drawn into this,” Blake answered.

“That won’t happen he went on. She’s got this socialite personality and wouldn’t be caught dead in some sort of sex scandal, so it’s perfectly safe.

Arriving at the cabin we went in and met Carole. True to Theodore’s guess, she seemed to gush over Blake. She questioned our relationship and I implied that we had a thing going but it was just to satisfy our needs, and nothing more. She seemed interested in what, where, and how, we had our little trysts and the more I told her the more interested she got. She was almost panting by the time I was finished, and Teddy was beaming.

Carole went to work on me first. “Do you think your Blake would be interested in me? I mean would he be up for something different? Oh, I mean both of you of course. If you could ask him, maybe we could do a threesome.”

I was very tempted to ask why it couldn’t be a foursome, but I didn’t want to upset the applecart. I’ll ask Blake if he’d be interested, but I can’t promise.”

I’m a damn good liar when I need to be, and I didn’t even have to say anything to Blake or Teddy, the smile on my face said it all. She was in the trap.

We sipped drinks and had a light snack during the afternoon and Carole couldn’t keep her hands off Blake. She was making a point of fondling him in front of Ted and he pretended to be upset.

This only served to get her more aggressive with her touching until finally, she actually unzipped Blake’s jeans and slid her hand in to grasp his cock.

I watched Blake’s face and then hers. Blake pretended not to pay attention, but Carole nearly went ballistic when she felt how hard an large my Blake was. Her mouth formed a silent “O” as her fingers circled his shaft.

From that moment on she became bolder and I was really surprised because she made no pretense about wanting him and ignored the fact that Teddy was in the room.

For the next hour we had drinks and I think we all were feeling rather mellow when Carole started baiting Blake. She began by telling him her bra was too tight and she needed to loosen it. Next she stood up and announced to all of us: “I need to get out of this thing. And hell, I have a damn good set of boobs, want to see them honey?”

She began to unfasten her blouse and tossed it onto the couch, then she reached back and took her bra off. Now standing in front of us she slid her hands under her breasts and sort of lifted them up.

I have to admit, she was really stacked. Her nipples were pink and firm, standing out perhaps a quarter of an inch, and her aureoles were a shade darker, but still pink and rather small. Her waist was narrow, and as she began to wiggle out of her short-shorts. At that point, even I got a warm flush. She was clean shaven and wore no panties. She was hot and now I could understand why Teddy wanted to have her.

She was a tease all right and I resented that. I was getting myself worked up just at the prospect of hearing her squeal when Blake fucked her. And I knew she would, once she felt him moving in and out of her slippery cunt.

Carole went on. “Come on people, lets all get out of our clothes. It’s party time,” Lets show my dear husband what real sex is. He’s a good boy and likes to watch me. Now he’ll see how a real man fucks. You too Del. I want to taste your creamy pussy too. Everything at once people. Lets go into the master bedroom and do a little screwing.

Teddy was trying to hide his smile. She had fallen for his plan completely and although a wee bit drunk she was going to be used by the three of us until she dropped from exhaustion.

I knew I couldn’t help myself when Blake fucked me, and I sort of wondered how long she could last when he and I got started. Also how many times we could get her off. Teddy hadn’t mentioned that on the trip up. I mean whether she could go on and on or if she was a one timer.

We all stood up and began to strip right in the middle of the living room. I watched Carole’s face, wanting to see her expression when Blake let his jeans drop to the floor and turn around. I was sort of proud of him and almost wanted to show him off to Carole.

I wasn’t disappointed. She looked as if she were going to drop to her knees right then. But she just went to him and pressed her breasts against his bare chest and reached down and clutched his semi-hard shaft and led him to her bedroom.

Ted and I followed, but I made a brief stop in the guest room to pick up my new toy, then went to where the others were gathered.

Carole crawled onto the center of the bed and lay on her back. She spread her hair out on the pillow, sort of making a halo that outlined her soft face and wiggled her ass as she spread her legs invitingly apart.

Blake was really into it. He wasn’t going to rush things though, and as Ted took his place along the wall he watched us. I crawled between her legs and lowered my mouth to her pussy as Blake knelt next to her head.

She turned towards him and drew his cock to her mouth. As I began to run my tongue up and down her pussy, Blake let her bob her head up and down on his dick while he began to knead her breasts in his hands.

I knew exactly where she was. I mean the more excited he got her, the wetter she became, and soon I was actually gleaning the musky fluid into my mouth as I lapped at her inner lips.

Teddy had begun to stroke his shaft as he watched and waited. Carole began to moan and her ass lifted up to meet my mouth. Suddenly she arched her back and lifted up. Her feet flew up and wavered in the air as she took Blake’s cock from her mouth and cried out.

“Unh, unh, ohhhh, yeah, aaaaahhhhh yes, oh shit, It’s so fucking good, yeah I love that Del. More! Yeah that’s it. Oh god! Use your fingers, shove them in my cunt. Do it more honey. Yeah. Deeper.”

This was my first, except for my room mate in college, and I was loving it, but I was anxious to make her lose control. I knew what I liked and I just did the same things to her, and she was beginning to toss and turn as she began to cum. Then it happened.

Blake had put his mouth over her right breast and was dragging his teeth up and down its erect nipple. He had one hand on her other breast and was rolling her nipple between his fingers as she milked his cock with her hand.

I now fastened my lips over her swollen clit and began to flick my tongue back and forth while plunging three fingers in and out of her sticky pussy.

Teddy had moved closer to the bed and began to frantically stroke his cock near Carole’s face and when she screamed out that she was cumming, he came along with her, sending ribbons of his creamy cum arcing onto her chin and into her dark hair.

“Yeaaaaaaaaaahhhhhhhhhh, Oh fuck yeah. Cummingggggggg nowwwwwwwwwwww. Gimmeeee it all. Oh damn it’s good. Fuck my cunt Del! Fuck me good. I’m cumming hard!”

I was having a problem keeping my mouth over her clit so I took my mouth off and with two fingers curled up inside her pussy, I put my thumb over her clit and began to wobble it back and forth. She let out a gurgled gasp and collapsed. Now it was time for Blake and I to do our part.

Nodding to Blake, he lay down on the bed next to her. She instinctively knew what to do and rolled over on top of him. She now put her knees on either side of his hips and lifted his shaft up, held it to her cunt, and slowly lowered herself down. She was impaled completely on his cock now and leaning forward, began to rock up and down on him.

It sort of reminded me of someone riding a horse. The way she moved was as if she were in a saddle, sort of swaying forward and backward. I waived to Teddy to come stand at the foot of the bed and dropped to my knees and began to give him head. He grew rigid and started to moan as I bobbed my head back and forth. Carole was delirious. She was completely out of it as she struggled to cum again on Blake’s hard shaft. Suddenly she began to gasp, while moaning and thrusting faster. That was the moment we had been waiting for.

Teddy pulled his cock out of my mouth. It glistened with the wetness of my saliva and I grasped it and directed it to Carole’s ass. He grasped her hips and with a well directed thrust, forced his cock deep into his wifes ass. Amazingly she continued to ride Blake’s cock and seemed unaware that she now had a second cock moving in and out of her butt.

Again the two men worked as a team. Blake thrust up, plunging his thick shaft deep in her cunt, as Teddy drew slightly out, then he plunged back into her ass as Blake drew slightly out. It was like some choreographed dance. IN and Out, in a synchronous, rotation of movement. I got next to Carole and grabbed her breasts, and began to torment the erect nipples with my fingers.

Suddenly she opened her mouth as if suddenly awakening. She was being fucked by two men and she was totally out of control as she was pummeled by two cocks.

I guess she had thought that it was me who was fucking her ass but now, as I knelt next to her and tortured her nipples, she knew her husband was taking her too.

I had thought she would fight it, but just the opposite happened. She began to groan to both of them.

Fuck my ass Teddddddddddddyyyyyyyyyyyy! God that’s good. Holy shit Blake, I can feel both of you. Faster, Fuck me faster, both of you. Oh my god I’m gonna cum again. Cummingggggggg, Oh god I need to be filled. It’s soooooo good.

Then, just as she had her orgasm, I squeezed her nipples hard and she screeched, filling the room with the echoed resonance of a woman in the throes of a lifelong need to orgasm.

She began to ejaculate on Blake’s cock and tummy as she lost control of her body. It was then that Ted moaned, “Take it you fucking slut. Take my cum up your ass, you whore. You like it, don’t you, you bitch?” “Here it comes and I want to hear you beg for it!”

She looked over her shoulder at her husband, and gasped. “Yes Teddy, I want it! All of it! Give it to me good. And she lifted her head up, panted a long sigh, and collapsed on Blake.

I guess Ted pulled out, I don’t know, but the next thing I did, was for me. I rolled her off Blake and quickly put my mouth over his dripping shaft. I could taste Carole’s cum and I licked Blake’s cock before straddling him and sliding down on it.

Blake fucked me, taking long deep thrusts, until I moaned to him to finish me. He quickly rolled me onto my back and knelt between my outstretched legs. Now he began driving his shaft in and out faster and faster. I was lifting my ass up trying to follow his strokes and frantically trying to keep him deep in me when I looked to the side.

Carole was up against the wall and Ted was driving his dick in and out of her swaying body. She was broken, and in some depraved way, she was begging her husband to keep going and not stop, as she watched Blake screwing me.

When I came I arched my back up, wrapped my legs around his thighs and trapped him deep inside me. As if on cue, I sobbed to him that I needed it, and he began to spurt deep inside my pussy. And as always, I felt his shaft pulse with each spurt as it gushed hotly inside my pulsating cunt.

As I lay moaning and rolling my head back and forth, my hands tore at my breasts and tugged at my nipples. I was finally satisfied. And before we left on Sunday, Teddy and Carole were at each other like two newlyweds.

I found that I was really getting excited having Carole suck my clit and finger fuck me while I sucked first Blake, then Ted, until they came for me. And Carole was no different. Her thing now was to be fucked by both the guys while I sucked her nipples or kissed her passionately.

It was a fantastic weekend and one we now repeat monthly. And no, Blake never went back to calling me Adele again. I was Del, his whore. And not a day passes that we didn’t satisfy each other in his office, but he still enjoys watching me use his gift while I suck him off.

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