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Glory Hole of My Dreams

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I told myself I’d never do it again. It’s too dangerous, I’d said to myself. There are better, safer ways of getting off. Still, there I was, cruising up and down the street in the seedier part of town, looking for the adult video store, going back to the glory hole.

I hadn’t been there in a while. I define myself as a straight man, and I’ve never actually been in bed with a man.

All my lovers have been women, and all of my porn is either straight or lesbian. Thing is, though, if a man is between girlfriends and wants his cock sucked with no fuss and no questions asked, there’s really only one place to go, and that’s somewhere where men go to have casual sex with other men. Public restrooms are too risky, and there aren’t any bathhouses near where I live, so that left the video store. I can still remember the first time I went there, and walking out afterwards, a little dazed, thinking, “Damn–wish I’d known about this earlier.”

So, I’m driving up and down the street, looking for the familiar “XXX” sign, and about the third pass I see a small store about where I expected the video store to be; I’d ignored it the first couple of times I drove past it. It was painted in subtle colors, not the garish purple that the video store had been, and had one other difference: the small parking lot was almost full. The old store had usually had only a few cars at once, probably because the married and otherwise ostensibly straight men (like me) were afraid of running into someone that they knew there. I found a spot to park and walked around to the front door. The sign read “Erotic Toys and Media”, which sure was different from the old store, but I was reassured that at least it was the same sort of business, more or less. I went inside.

If the outside was changed somewhat, the inside was completely transformed. The first thing that I noticed was the smell. The old place had smelled of bleach, most strongly inside the video arcade, where it was used to mop up cum from the floors. There was a slightly musky scent in the air, but otherwise the place just smelled clean. The store had obviously been remodeled, and even the merchandise seemed newer, as if their stock actually turned over once in a while, instead of being a front for the arcade. There were plenty of people in there too–singles of both sexes, and couples as well, both gay and straight, browsing the magazine racks and comparing sex toys. The biggest shock, though, was behind the sales counter. Instead of the drab, almost sexless people of indeterminate age that usually staff adult stores, there were two young women who looked like they’d be more at home in a regular bookstore or a coffee shop, and yet they were casual and relaxed as they chatted with customers and rang up their purchases of dildos, buttplugs, pocket pussies, and lubes of different flavors. Something about watching the short, slim Asian woman behind the counter handling a big silicone cock and smiling was very arousing, and yet at the same time I was very self-conscious about being in there. The place had gentrified, and I couldn’t imagine that guys still went into the back room to suck and be sucked. Even though I’m clean and have a decent appearance, suddenly I felt like the stereotypical grubby pervert in the dirty trenchcoat.

Unfortunately, there was no other adult store that I knew of within reasonable driving distance, and I was horny as hell. There was still a VIDEO ARCADE sign on the door next to the counter, and I thought that I’d at least check out the situation; if it didn’t look promising, I’d buy a DVD and some Astroglide and go home to beat off. I bided my time while the saleswomen dealt with other customers, browsing through some of the mature women magazines (I prefer older women) and noting some that I’d purchase on my way out, and when the sales counter was clear I casually walked up to the counter. One of the young women left, pulling her cell phone out as she went into the staff room, and I was left with the Asian woman.

“How can I help you?”, she asked, and smiled. She was not only good looking, but also reasonably stylish, with a chin-length haircut and those sort of horn-rimmed glasses that the kids wear.

I sort of stuttered, “Three dollars’ worth,” and pointed toward the token dispenser. As I took the money out, she reached over to the dispenser without looking and pumped three times, then put them in my hand. Her fingers stroked my palm lightly as she handed the tokens to me, and I had a sudden flash of her pumping lube out of one of the big containers with the same motion, then wrapping those small fingers around my cock and stroking. I blushed a little and went into the arcade before I got a hardon in front of this woman who had to be ten years younger than I was.

As I walked into the arcade, again, I first noticed what was missing–that smell of disinfectant-over-semen that was the standard perfume of every other adult-store arcade that I’d ever been to. As my eyes adjusted to the gloom, a man walked out, and actually stumbled into me. We turned toward each other at the same time, and I noticed that he was sweating a little and that his legs were trembling. He mumbled an apology, turned to go, and then turned back to me, running his hand through his hair, and said, “Man, that was…” He paused, as if searching for words, and then shook his head. “Absolutely unbelievable. Have fun,” he said, and then walked out. I thought, well, maybe I hit paydirt after all.

I strolled around, glancing in the booths, and didn’t see any glory holes in the booth walls. That’s not unusual–the action usually happens in the back. I walked to the back, and immediately noticed the Occupied light on the booth that was farthest in the corner. Jackpot! I thought, and walked over to the booth next to it, closing and locking the door. Before dropping tokens in the slot next to the screen, I bent down and looked through the glory hole in the right side of the booth at the occupant of the booth next to me; I don’t always like to do that, since I want to imagine that it’s a woman sucking me off. On the other hand, sometimes they have someone in the booth with them, and I didn’t want to wait too long.

What I saw shocked me so much that I crouched there for what had to be over a minute, just staring. It was a woman, and in fact just about the last sort of woman that I’d expect to see in a porn store arcade booth, except for a nun, maybe. She looked to be in her early forties, with the first signs of laugh wrinkles around her eyes and mouth. She was wearing a dark business suit with a skirt that came to just above her knees and a light colored blouse; her dark blonde hair was short, but not too short, and she was wearing just a little makeup, as if she’d just come from work in some sort of executive position; in fact, she sat there, looking at the screen (I could hear the moans and gasps) with a sort of mild interest, as if she were at a typical but not too boring board meeting. Even with the store cleaned up, remodeled, and somewhat gentrified, I would never, ever imagine someone like her coming in, unless it was wearing a hat and sunglasses, and certainly not sitting in front of a glory hole, watching explicit videos and waiting for company to come into the booth next door.

Finally, I realized that I was in a booth with the door closed and locked, but without tokens in the machine to turn the Occupied light on, something which usually brings the wrath of store employees down. I put all of my tokens into the slot, dropping a couple on the floor in my nervousness, and the screen instantly lit up with a randomly selected video, some Jenna Jameson lookalike getting it from behind and pretending that she liked it. With the screen lit up, I could see the booth, and noticed that it was just as neat and spotless as the rest of the store. The sign by the door had changed; instead of the hypocritical “No sexual activity/more than one person in the booth” ass-covering stuff (as if anyone came into the booth for anything else!), it said to use the tissues provided and to please be considerate of the next occupant. The glory hole, about nine inches in diameter and waist-high, had smooth, rounded edges, unlike the typical crudely-sawn hole that threatened to abrade your cock if you were taller or shorter than the average. There was also another hole, about face-high, further up the wall–could you see into the other booth if you wanted to? I was curious, but thought that I’d play it cool for the moment.

I sat down and, while pretending to watch the video, glanced out of the corner of my eye at the older woman; I could see her from about mid-chest up. She didn’t seem to notice that I was there, although I thought I saw her eyes flicker in my direction once or twice, the way that someone does when they’re looking at you in their peripheral vision but don’t want to make eye contact. After a few minutes, she slouched in her chair a little. She reached into her jacket, as if she were going to pull out a business card or something, but her hand stayed there, moving slowly. I realized that she was fondling her tit. All right, I thought, the show has begun! She did that for a little while, then reached down with her other hand, below my field of vision; that arm started moving slowly, and her eyes seemed to glaze over, looking at the screen without really seeing it. I just had to see what the other hand was doing.

I stood up in a half-crouch, and saw that she’d spread her legs a little and was stroking the inside of one thigh, slowly. To my delight, she was wearing a garter belt and stockings that left the tops of her thighs bare. Her hand stroked higher and higher on the inside of her thigh, her legs spread a little more with each stroke, and then she moved her fingers lightly over the crotch of her dark, satiny panties. Suddenly I had to see her face, and bent down a bit more; her eyes were closed in concentration and she was biting her lower lip, something I found intensely erotic. I had never seen a woman masturbate before, at least in person.

It was a hell of a show, but I wanted to see all of her at once, if I could, and glanced up at the head-high hole in the wall, which had a small mirror off to one side. Moving slowly, so as not to startle her, I stood up and moved closer to the wall. I glanced through the hole, and received another shock. It wasn’t just a bare hole in the wall; there was some sort of lens behind it so that I could see a wide-angle view of the other booth, all the way down the other side of the wall, in fact. The booth seemed much larger than the one that I was in, but I couldn’t see much more than what was right in front of me, because the view was a little dimmer than through the waist-high hole. Something about that difference told me that the wide-angle lense was behind a one-way mirror; I could see all of her, but she couldn’t see me.

The action in the other booth started to pick up. She had unbuttoned her jacket and the top buttons of her blouse, and she had reached inside her bra and was stroking one nipple with her left hand, while her right hand was rubbing her pussy through her panties with a circular motion, her skirt hiked all the way up. Her head fell back, with her eyes still closed, and her mouth open; she was breathing heavily. I had a diamond-cutter hardon, but was too involved watching her fondle herself to touch it. Suddenly she opened her eyes and looked to her left. I realized that she could see me through the waist-high hole–at least, she could see my bulging crotch–and just as I was about to move away from the wall, she took her left hand out of her blouse, reached through the hole, and grasped my cock through my pants.

I gasped and almost pulled away, but she held onto me through the cloth, gently but firmly, still massaging her own groin with her right hand. All resistance to what she was doing melted away when she started a slow up-and-down stroke with her left hand on my cock, while at the same time slipping her other hand under the waistband of her panties. The feel of her fingers on my cock was enhance by the sight of her other hand working away; she arched her right hand a little, stretching the waistband away from her belly, and I could see her pubic hair and her fingers rubbing her clit. She moved that hand down further, and fron the angle of her hand I could tell that she was fingerfucking herself. Involuntarily, I pressed my groin more firmly into her left hand.

I was starting to wonder if I was going to come in my pants, when she stopped masturbating and got up from the chair, only to kneel down in front of the hole. All right, I thought, here we go! She reached through the hole with her other hand and started unzipping me. I decided to give her a hand; I didn’t want a through-the-fly blowjob, especially since good cocksuckers play with your balls. I quickly unbuckled my belt and pushed my pants down; she reached up with both hands and pulled my boxer briefs down. She closed her hand around my cock, and started gently stroking while she cupped my balls. I could feel her warm breath on my cockhead. I thought that I might shoot my load on her face, at this rate, and didn’t really have a problem with that idea. However, she let go of my balls and gently squeezed my cockhead with the tips of her thumb and first and middle fingers for several seconds. I knew what she was doing; she was keeping me from coming too fast. This was clearly an experienced woman.

I watched her as she brought her head down a little and gently lapped my cockhead, the sensation shooting up my dick and straight through my groin, up my spine, and out through the top of my head. Then she sucked the head of my cock into her mouth, then let it slide out, then brought it back in, taking a little more into her mouth each time until her nose was brushing against my pubic hair. She brought her mouth down onto my cock in slow strokes and let it slide out even slower, glistening with her saliva. I’d gotten head from guys before that was nearly as good, but in my experience it was unusual for a woman to be this good of a cocksucker. Every once in a while she’d keep my cock out for a few seconds and lick the side and head as if it were a popsicle, then slide it back in, pinching the cockhead a couple of times to keep me from coming. I really wanted to shoot my load, but at the same time I didn’t want it to end.

And then… well, if being sucked off by a middle-aged professional-looking woman in an adult video store was beyond what I was ever expecting to happen to me, what happened next was beyond what I thought was even possible. Through the booth wall, I heard a muffled voice say, “Hey, can we turn a light on to get a better look?”

The older woman took her mouth off my cock, looked behind her, and said, “Sure, why not.” Without warning, a light came on in the other booth; even though it wasn’t that bright, after the gloom of the video screen, I felt like I was temporarily blinded. This time I nearly did pull away, but the older woman held the base of my cock at its base, tightly in the circle of her thumb and forefinger, even as her other hand stroked me slowly. It felt good, but it was clear that I wasn’t going anywhere, at least not without leaving a very important part of me behind. As my eyes adjusted, I saw that the booth was indeed much larger than mine, and that there were three other occupants of it: a young, large-breasted African-American woman in tight jeans and blouse, a curvy, wide-hipped redheaded woman in a light print dress, and most amazingly of all, the small Asian woman from the counter. All of them were looking at my cock poking through the hole, trapped in the blond woman’s grip, but then the Asian woman looked up, seemingly directly in my eyes, and grinned. She knows that I’m looking at them, I thought in panic, and nearly tried to pull out again, but then something in the way that she was smiling and the fact that the others didn’t look up once told me that she was the only one that knew that I was looking at them, that I could see all of them but they couldn’t see me. I relaxed a little and started enjoying the attention that these women were paying to my cock.

The black woman spoke up first. “Hey, Jane, are the rest of us going to get a turn on that dick?”

The older woman smiled. “Don’t worry, Trudy, I think this guy will last a while. Everyone gets a turn.”

The redhead licked her lips. “I sure hope so–that looks like a lot more than what I get at home.”

The Asian woman laughed. “I wouldn’t exactly call your husband small, Megan.”

The redhead smiled. “You should know, Mia… he comes in here often enough.”

They all chuckled a little and then returned their attention to my cock, the blonde–Jane, I guess–with her mouth and hands and the rest of them with their eyes. Mia glanced up at the mirror a couple of times more, but the others didn’t seem to notice. Finally Jane relinquished my cock to Trudy, and stood next to Megan, who was almost absentmindedly rubbing her breasts. Jane cupped Megan’s pubis through her dress and started a slow massage, and Megan sighed and did the same to Jane. Trudy had an entirely different cocksucking style than Jane; she would move her head up and down rapidly on my cock for a while, then take it all the way out and flick the head rapidly with the tip of her tongue until it became almost too sensitive to bear, and then start sucking again. Finally she gave up her spot to Megan. As Megan was kneeling down, Mia whispered something in Jane’s ear, and Jane laughed and said, “Go for it.” Mia glanced up at the one-way mirror one more time and then quickly slipped out the booth door, Jane locking it after her. I was a little disappointed that Mia wasn’t going to get a turn; little did I know…

Megan had yet another way of performing fellatio; she could only get about half of my cock in her mouth, but generated enough spit so that she could pump the rest with her fist. She also knew about massaging that spot between the balls and ass, the perineum, which felt very nice. I was starting to feel like one of those stunt drivers who can drive for miles on two wheels–I was poised on that plateau just before the final buildup to orgasm seemingly indefinitely, and in the back of my mind was thinking that if I didn’t come soon my balls would start to hurt. Megan took my cock out of my mouth, stood up, and pulled her dress up and her panties down, exposing her flaming red bush. Jane and Trudy held her dress up while she took my cock and, moving her pelvis forward, started rubbing my cockhead between her moist lips. I could feel her hard clit against my now-very-sensitive cockhead, and I was so overwhelmed by this new sensation that I didn’t startle when the door to my booth opened behind me and someone slipped in; somehow, even before I looked in the “rear-view mirror” to the side of the one-way mirror, I knew that it was Mia.

She stood on tip-toe to whisper in my ear, “Do you like your ass played with?”

For the first time since I entered the booth, I spoke, sort of: “Mm-hmm.” I sure did. I’d discovered how nice it was to stick a finger up my ass and rub my prostate when I was masturbating, and was a little disappointed when I’d inevitably find out that my current girlfriend wasn’t interested either in receiving or in giving anal attention. Mia said, “Good,” and kissed me on the earlobe before bending down and starting to work one shoe off. I understood what she was doing and let her take the shoe off, then my pants off that leg. I moved my legs apart a little without interrupting what Megan was doing on the other side of the wall. Looking in the mirror, I saw Mia tear a packet open, then felt her wiping my asshole with what I guessed was a moist towelette. Good, I thought, someone who appreciates good hygiene.

I felt Megan’s pussy move away from my cockhead and looked back through the one-way mirror.To my delight, she was turning around, bending over, and backing her big beautiful ass towards my cock. She reached between her legs, grasped my cock, and directed it between her wet pussy lips. Slowly, she pressed her ass up against the booth wall, enveloping my cock in her vagina, and gasped loudly. “Oh, fuck yeah, it’s bigger!”, she exclaimed, to Jane and Trudy’s amusement. She began to slowly rock her hips forward, then back onto my cock, as she rubbed her clit. I was catapulted into a new level of bliss and was only dimly aware, at first, of Mia’s probing finger at my anus. Then she slipped one finger inside and I now had two centers of pleasure.

Mia’s fingers were slick with lube, and I eventually realized from the texture of her fingers that she was wearing a latex glove. At first she put only one finger in, then added another. She obviously knew her way around a man’s ass, and quickly found and stroked my prostate, which felt like it would burst under her touch. I almost didn’t mind when Megan came with a long groan and then pulled off of my cock, which shone with her juices. She was quickly replaced by Trudy, who spread her pussy lips wide, giving me a glimpse of pink flesh in between her dark brown lips, before throwing her ass back at me and giving me a slower fuck, occasionally squeezing me with her pussy muscles. Mia pulled her fingers out of me and I looked in the rear-view mirror to see her take the glove off and pick up something that looked like a thin sheet of latex, almost like a condom slit up one side. She kneeled down behind me and I felt her breath on my asshole and her hair brushing against my cheeks; then her tongue, strong and mobile, squirming against and into my asshole. She was rimming me! I groaned loudly, and heard the ladies on the other side giggling, but I was beyond caring or self-consciousness. Every time I thought it couldn’t get better, I got bumped up to a new magnitude of pleasure.

After some time–I’d completely lost track of it by now–Trudy came and withdrew, and after Jane carefully licked the two other womens’ juices off my cock, she too bent over and inserted my cock into her pussy. She was tighter than the other two, and I didn’t see how I could last much longer. Then Mia withdrew from my ass, and I looked in the mirror to see her take a double-headed dildo out of her little bag. I must have looked a little panicked even at the height of pleasure, because she smiled and said, “You don’t have to go this far if you don’t want to.”

I looked at the toy; she held it up for my inspection, and I saw that one end was much shorter and thinner than the other. I nodded, gasping too hard and fast to talk, and she grinned and started to undress. Naked, she carefully inserted the larger end into her neatly-trimmed cunt, then stepped into a harness and rolled a condom over the “anal” end of the dildo, which she stroked with lube. I looked in the one way just as Jane pulled off of my cock, then picked up a little bottle of lube of her own and started massaging it into her own asshole, and then rubbed some onto my bare cock. That dirty old lady was going to have me buttfuck her bareback!

She placed the head of my cock against her anus just as Mia pressed her dildo against mine. Slowly, Mia penetrated me as I penetrated Jane and lost my anal virginity, both ways at the same time. The small head of the dildo rubbed gently at my prostate as Jane’s tight ring slid down my cockshaft. They started slowly, but built up speed, either knowing that I was on the verge or simply out of mad desire themselves. Trudy and Megan fingerfucked each other rapidly as they watched Jane throw her ass up against the glory hole, grunting with pleasure. Mia pounded her little hips up against my ass as she gripped my hips hard enough to leave marks; her head was thrown back, her small breasts with their long, hard nipples pointing up. I could feel my orgasm approaching like some sort of earthquake.

And then, all of me turned into white light and shot out of my groin as Mia and Jane slammed into me from opposite directions and held there, all of us groaning in a five-part harmony of unknowable lust. It seemed to never end, at least until I opened my eyes and found myself huddled on the floor, with Mia holding me and stroking my hair. I’d never come so hard that I passed out. When I looked up, Jane, peering at me through the glory hole, looked relieved and winked at me. After Mia unstrapped her equipment, she cleaned me off and chatted with me while I slowly got dressed.

As it turned out, Jane owned and operated the adult store. She was a successful realtor who had bought the store at a fire-sale price after the previous owner went to jail for crystal meth possession and “contributing to the delinquency of a minor.” Knowing nothing about the adult business, she’d gone to a “toy party” that Trudy threw, thinking that it was for Tupperware or candles or some such. Knowing a kindred spirit when she saw one, she took on Trudy as a partner and recruited Megan and Mia, also at the party, as well as Sarah, who was minding the store while the rest of us had fun in the back. “You’ll like Sarah,” Mia said as I licked her cunt juice off the dildo. “Her clit’s, like, two inches long.”

And I did indeed like Sarah, and a few others as well, as I came back again and again and had more adventures, about which more later. But, as wild as things got, there was nothing like that first time… at the glory hole of my dreams.

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