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Gill’s Birthday Bash

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It was Gill’s 40th birthday and we had arranged a big party on the Friday night at a local social club. Family, friends and work colleagues had all been invited and a disco booked. Because we were likely to be dancing and drinking late into the night, I had arranged with my parents that our two kids would go home with them at about 10pm and then stay the night at their house.

They had then volunteered to keep them for the whole weekend – an offer I accepted immediately! Since our first child had been born, we had never had a weekend to ourselves and I had all sorts of naughty plans in mind.

Gill looked stunning at the party. She loves being the centre of attention and was absolutely glowing that evening. She was wearing a slinky black dress which highlighted all her best features, especially her legs and her breasts. I knew (because I had watched her get dressed) that under the dress was a delicate lacy black bra, flimsy black silk knickers and a suspender belt with stockings attached (black, of course!). When I had been watching her getting dressed I had had to stifle the urge to throw her on the bed and fuck her then and there.

By the time the kids had left with their grandparents, I had had quite a few drinks and was getting increasingly randy. At about 11, I went outside the building for a breath of fresh air and was standing in the dark alleyway when I heard Gill’s voice.

“You OK, Steve?”

“Yeh – sure. Just a bit hot.”

“Mmm – me too.”

“It’s a great party, isn’t it?”

“Wonderful! Thank you so much for planning it for me, darling.”

I turned to face Gill and was overwhelmed by a mixture of love and lust. I pulled her towards me and we kissed passionately, our tongues meeting. Before I knew what I was doing, I had pushed Gill against the alley wall and was cupping her breast through her dress. I was rewarded with a low gasp of pleasure from her and I felt her nipple harden under the pressure of my thumb. Feeling my prick harden, I pushed against her, so that she could feel the hardness rubbing on her stomach. Letting go of her breast, I reached down, lifted the hem of her dress and caressed her silk-clad bum. I heard another moan and taking it as permission to proceed, I slid my hand inside her knickers and grasped her buttock. Things were getting out of hand but Gill finally broke the kiss and pushed me away.

“Not here! Not yet!”

“God, I want you so much!”

“Believe me, Steve, I want you just as much. But let’s get home and we can continue this in private and in comfort. I promise you – you’re going to get the fuck of your life!”

Reluctantly, I let go of her buttock. She smoothed her dress down and took a couple of big breaths. Looking down at the bulge in my trousers, she smiled.

“You’d better stay out here until you’ve calmed down a bit. I don’t want you to shock our guests!” With that she pecked me on the cheek and went back inside. I waited until my erection had subsided and then returned to the party. For the rest of the evening, I could think of nothing else but what I was hoping to do to Gill when we got home. She made it worse by continually catching my eye from across the crowded room and then winking. At one point I was sitting, having a welcome drink, when Gill came and carefully positioned herself in a chair opposite me. She looked at me and smiled and then slowly crossed her legs in such a way to ensure that I had a great view of her stockinged legs, all the way up to the bit of bare skin where the stocking ended. She shifted slightly and then even her silk knickers came into view. She held that position for a few seconds and let me enjoy the view. Then she winked again, stood up and walked off as if nothing had happened. I looked around. No-one else seemed to have noticed this daring piece of flashing on her part. I was even more on fire and couldn’t wait to get her home and into the bedroom.

Gradually the party came to a halt as people began to drift away. Although I was eager to get Gill home, I knew that we had to stay until everything had been cleared up. We were just about finished, and the taxi to take us home was already waiting, when someone walked through the doors looking extremely upset. It was Sally, one of Gill’s workmates. Sally is in her mid 20’s and ever since she started working in the same office as Gill, they’ve become close friends. I think that Sally looks on Gill as the older sister she never had, a role that Gill loves to play. Sally had left the party about an hour previously, heading for the station to catch the last train home (she lives about 20 miles away). But here she was now – still at the club and in obvious distress.

“Sally! What are you still doing here?” Gill asked.

“I went to get the train and I was waiting for 30 minutes. They kept saying that the train was delayed but would be here soon. And then they announced that it wasn’t running after all. There aren’t any buses at this time of night and I don’t know how I’m going to get home.”

Sally was almost in tears. I knew that the only other alternative – a taxi – was out of the question. Quite apart from the cost, Sally had had a nasty experience in a taxi 6 months previously, when a rogue taxi-driver had molested her and tried to rape her. Ever since then, she had been far too frightened to get into a taxi by herself.

“Normally, you know I’d ask Steve to give you lift home, but we’ve both had far too much to drink to drive.”

“I know – I just didn’t know what to do or where else to go”

Big Sister mode kicked in. “Don’t worry, Sal. You can stay the night with us. We’ve got a spare bedroom and the kids are staying with Steve’s parents, so you can even have a sleep in tomorrow without worrying about them waking you up at 7:00 watching early morning TV.”

I tried to keep my face straight, but inwardly I was dismayed. Here I was, busting to fuck the living daylights out of my gorgeous wife, and she had invited a friend to spend the night with us.

“Are you sure? I don’t want to be a burden on you and Steve.”

“Don’t be silly! You’ve got nowhere else to go and we’ve got the room. What friend would I be if didn’t help you at times like this? You’re staying with us tonight and that’s that! Right, Steve?”

I nodded vigorously. Although I was as randy as hell, even I could tell that Gill was right. We couldn’t let Sally wander the streets – especially as she was as tipsy as we were. There would always be other opportunities to fuck Gill into next week.

“OK – that’s sorted then. Go and wait by the taxi and we’ll be out in a minute.”

As Sally wandered outside, Gill turned and faced me. She bent forward and kissed me on the lips briefly. “Thanks for backing me up, darling. I know you want to fuck me – but be sure that I want to be fucked just as much! It’ll be OK – trust me. We’ll get Sally home and tuck her up in the spare room. She’ll be at the other end of the house to us and she’s drunk so much that she’ll be asleep in no time. Once she’s in bed, we can get on with all the wonderful things I know you have planned for us!”

She pulled my face to hers and looked at me intently in the eyes. “Trust me on this! I have no intention of going to sleep tonight before I’ve had your prick inside me. If you think you’re horny, you have no idea how I feel at the moment. To be honest, if you don’t shag me, I’ll go out and get the first thing with a pulse and prick to shag me. Understand?”

I nodded.

Having made sure that everything had been tidied up, we left the social club and found Sally standing beside our taxi. She got in the front passenger seat and we climbed into the rear seats and we set off on the 10 minute drive to our house. Gill started up a conversation with Sally about some work gossip and I tuned out, my mind focussed on images of what I would shortly be doing to Gill, all being well. As Gill continued her chatter with Sally, she quietly reached across and took my hand, lifted her dress and placed my hand onto her pussy. For a moment I was stunned. She was acting as if nothing unusual was happening, and yet was inviting me to finger her. I rubbed her pussy slowly through her knickers. Still nattering away, she looked at me and smiled. Becoming bolder, I pulled the edge of her knickers up and slid my hand inside until my fingers were touching her pubic hair. I could hardly believe what I was doing and I was very aware that my prick was already rock solid. I found the warm, wet slit of her cunt and slipped one finger inside, rejoicing in how wet she already was. And so we continued on our way in the taxi; Gill chatting to Sally about nothing in particular whilst I finger-fucked her.

When we arrived home, I (somewhat reluctantly) removed my finger and Gill smoothed her dress down. We got out of the car, paid the driver and walked to our front door. My prick was still solid and visible, so I held my jacket in a way which (hopefully) hid the bulge in trousers from view. Once inside, we went straight upstairs.

“Steve – I’ll settle Sally in her room. You go straight to bed.” Sally had her back to us at that moment, and didn’t see the lewd wink Gill gave as she said this. I took the hint and sloped off to the bedroom, waiting impatiently for Gill. I switched off the main lights and left on only a single, weak, bedside light.

A couple of minutes later, Gill scuttled into the bedroom. “She’s in bed and she’ll be out like a light in no time. I did consider reading her a bedtime story, just to make sure, but then I realised that I was far too horny to read a book!”

Within seconds, I had Gill pressed against the bedroom wall as we kissed violently. All the waiting of the past couple of hours had built up the tension and desire in both of us and we were now gloriously free to fulfil our passion for one another. As she held onto my head with both her hands, I grasped her breast and began kneading it. Recognising the power of my lust for her, I slipped my hands behind her back and undid the zip of her dress. It fell to the ground, leaving her in just her bra, knickers, suspenders and stockings. Even in the dim light, I could see her nipples large and hard pressing through her thin bra. In return, she pulled my shirt over my head and tossed it to one side. I undid the bra and threw it on the ground. Cupping both breasts in my hands I dipped my head and began to suck greedily on one nipple. As I flicked my tongue across her hard bud, I could hear her moan and groan in pleasure. Then she began to whisper in my ear.

“God, I’ve been so desperate for you to do this. Ever since you grabbed me in the alleyway, I’ve been on the edge of an orgasm. You’ve made me so hot – so WET!”

These murmurings only increased the eagerness with which I attacked her breasts with my mouth. At the same time, I dropped one hand to her bum, slid my hand inside her knickers and grasped her buttock.

“Oh yes! More! ….. You should have seen your face when I flashed you at the club! I’ve never seen eyes so wide before. You only got the censored version though – I very nearly went into the ladies and took my knickers off, so that I could flash my pussy at you. But I thought that if I did that, you were likely to come across and fuck me on the dance floor in front of everyone and I didn’t think that would have been a good idea!”

The image of Gill going knickerless at the party drove my desire into overdrive. I dropped to my knees and pulled her knickers down before burying my face in her pussy. Licking at her clitoris, I could feel the wetness dripping down from within her cunt. Moaning with pleasure, she pulled my head into her cunt with both hands. In return, I cupped both buttock with my hands, caressing the soft smooth flesh.

After a few minutes of this, I could feel the pressure of her hands on my head change, telling me she wanted me to stand up. “My turn,” she murmured before unfastening the belt on my trousers. Slowly, she undid the trousers and pulled them and my underpants down my legs, finally freeing my solid, erect prick. Pushing me against the wall, it was her turn to drop to her knees. Taking hold of my prick in one hand, she began to lick it slowly, from base to tip. Time after time, she repeated this, causing my prick to grow still harder and longer. When she was finally satisfied that it was big enough, she opened her mouth and began to suck greedily on it. It was my turn to groan in pleasure. Gill rarely gives blowjobs, but when she does they are worth the wait.

I didn’t want to cum in her mouth, so it wasn’t long before I had to lift her from my prick. I said just one word, “bed”. She nodded and walked to the bed before turning to face me, with her hands on her hips. “What’s it to be? Stockings and suspenders on or off?”


“I’m so glad. I feel like such a whore wearing these things. Now come over here and let me act like a whore as well.”

With that she lay down on the bed and opened wide her stockinged legs, displaying her cunt for me, with its glistening lips and a triangle of dark pubic hair above. I needed no more invitation. Stopping only to get rid of all remaining clothing, I knelt over her. She smiled as she reached down to grasp my prick, which she then pulled into her cunt.

This was no soft gentle love-making. This was raw, hard fucking. Within seconds, I had set up a pounding rhythm, urged on by Gill.

“Fuck me, fuck me. C’mon baby – harder, harder. Oh God, I can feel your prick right inside me – I can feel your balls slapping against me. Don’t stop, baby. Fuck me.”

In response I thrust into her even harder. Normally, I am a fairly gentle lover but tonight we both needed to be as rough as possible. Gill wrapped her legs around mine, locking me in place. She placed her hands on my buttocks and pulled me deeper into her. I was concerned that I wouldn’t be able to last very long but it quickly became clear that Gill wasn’t far from an orgasm herself. Her cries and moans grew stronger and she began to arch her back and thrust herself towards me.

I could hold out no longer and came with a deep cry of ecstasy. I could feel my cum shooting deep into her as I kept on thrusting as hard as a I could. Within a few seconds, I was rewarded by the sight of Gill arching her back, throwing back her head and releasing herself to the orgasm flowing through her body.

We gradually slowed our thrusting and finally lay still, joined together by prick and cunt, silent and drained, although I could still feel the random spasms of her cunt muscles pulling on my prick. As I came back down to earth I started to be more aware of our surroundings and it felt as if something had changed, but I couldn’t say what. It took me a couple of seconds to realise that the light in the room had changed in some way. At that moment, Gill looked over my shoulder towards the door. Her eyes opened wide.

“Sally! What are you doing here? What’s the matter?”

“Shit!” I thought. Then it struck me that if she had seen us fucking, it was no use trying to be coy. I didn’t want to look at her over my shoulder, whilst still deep inside Gill. So I slid out of Gill and rolled over onto my back, with my semi-erect penis pointing towards the ceiling, trying to act with a degree of nonchalance, as if this kind of thing happened every day.

Sally stood in the doorway, with the light from the landing shining around her. She was wearing a pair of pale blue panties, but nothing else. One hand was clutching one of her small, firm breasts, whilst the other was inside her panties. She had clearly been masturbating whilst watching us.

“I’m so sorry. I didn’t mean to. I got up to find the bathroom and I heard a noise. I saw that your door wasn’t shut completely so I looked in. When I saw what you were doing I know I should have gone away, but I couldn’t. It was so hot. You were so hot. I just couldn’t stop watching the two of you. I’m sorry. Really I am!”

She may have been sorry, but I noticed that in her confusion, she still had her hand inside her panties and that it was still moving gently as she stroked herself.

“How long were you watching Steve and me?”

“I don’t know. Not that long. When I first looked through the crack in the door, you were going down on Steve. The look on your face – and on his – was amazing, I got so turned on. Then when you went to the bed, I pushed the door open a little more so that I could still watch you. I kept meaning to walk away, but I just couldn’t move. It was so hot.”

Then Gill said something that completely knocked me sideways. “Well, we can’t have you going to bed in that condition. Come over here and we’ll look after you.”

I couldn’t believe my ears! My quiet, proper, wife was suggesting to this young woman that she join us in bed! Sally clearly didn’t believe it either.

“Do you mean that? Are you sure?”

“Well, I know that I’ve not got a problem with it. Do you have a problem, Steve?”

I may have been stunned, but I wasn’t stupid. My wife was inviting a gorgeous young woman into our bed – there was no chance that I was going to say no. “I’m fine with it.”

“Wow! You’ve no idea how much I wanted to join in just now!”

With that, Sally pulled off her panties and climbed onto the bed. I was admiring at close quarters her smooth, bronzed skin, her small but round breasts with perfectly formed nipples, her smooth stomach leading to a neat patch of pubic hair, her long legs – you know the deal! But as I lay there watching, Gill jumped straight into action. She made space for Sally in the middle of the bed, lay her down on her back, opened her legs and buried her mouth into Sally’s cunt. I could barely believe my eyes. As far as I know, Gill had never had girl-on-girl sex before, but she was acting as if she were a seasoned lesbian. I gawped in admiration as she licked at Sally’s clitoris. I had never imagined that watching my wife going down on another woman would be so erotic.

Gill stopped for a moment and looked at me.

“Come on, slowcoach! We’ve promised Sally a good time and you’re not just going to be a spectator. I’ve got down here sorted – you get started up top!”

With that she returned her attention (and her tongue) to Sally’s cunt. Suitably chastened, I leant over Sally, who was already moaning with pleasure. I took hold of her breasts and felt how warm and firm they were. Don’t get me wrong – I love Gill’s tits. They are large and soft and I can lose myself in them. But it had been a long time since I had caressed breasts as small or as firm as Sally’s. I bent down and kissed her on the lips and was rewarded by her tongue flicking into my mouth.

Feeling both nipples harden under my thumbs, I was eager to get my mouth onto one of them. I dropped my head and sucked in her left nipple. It was extremely gratifying to hear Sally gasp in response. As I started to lick her nipple hard, I was able to keep an eye on what was happening further down. Gill was eagerly working her mouth against Sally’s cunt and it was difficult to know which of the two women was getting more pleasure.

It wasn’t a surprise that Sally didn’t last long with me working her breasts and Gill licking her cunt. Sally’s moans became louder and louder as her body writhed. Suddenly she threw her head back and gave a loud cry of pleasure. As Gill and I continued to work her body, she jerked and moaned as we tried to keep the orgasm going for as long as possible.

Eventually, we slowed down until we were all once again at rest. Sally’s chest heaving as she tried to draw her breath. Gill slid up the bed on one side of her and I lay down on the other and together we held her in our arms as she calmed down. After a couple of minutes, she opened her eyes.

“Thank you! God, I’ve never experienced anything like that before!”

“Well, I have to say that it’s not every day that Steve and I have sex with another person. It was a new experience for us, as well!”

“Gill? Could I ask you a favour?”

“Of course, Sal.”

“Can I do to you what you’ve just done to me? If that’s all right with you, Steve?”

I didn’t really get a chance to respond (not that I would have been against, anyway!) before Sally and Gill changed places. Now Gill lay on her back, with her legs wide open and Sally knelt down to give Gill the same pleasures that she had already received from Gill. Once again, I was left as tit-man – not that I was complaining! This time, though, they were breasts that I knew well. More than that, I knew intimately how to use my hands and tongue on them to drive Gill wild. To begin with, I cupped both breasts in my hands and felt their weight. Then I started to tweak both nipples in the way I had so many times before. Whilst I had been very gentle with Sally (because I didn’t know what she liked), I knew that I could be rougher with Gill. Taking both nipples between my forefingers and thumbs, I pinched hard. Gill’s reaction was instant – arching her back and swearing loudly. Continuing this with one breast, I took the other to my mouth and began playing her nipple with my tongue. As I did so, I once again kept an eye on Sally’s progress on Gill’s cunt. All the while, Gill kept up a commentary on how much she was enjoying it all.

“Fuck, Steve – this is so good. Oh God, I wish I could explain how amazing it feels to have your mouth on my tits whilst someone else is licking my cunt. Shit – I’m not going to last long at this rate. Why haven’t we done this before? Fuck fuck fuck!!”

After that, Gill was lost to words, although all sorts of groans and cries escaped from her lips. Sally seemed to be quite relentless in eating Gill and with my “expert” attentions on her breasts it meant that Gill was quickly reaching the point of orgasm. Like Sally before her, Gill didn’t hold back her voice when she came. Her cry seemed so loud to me that I was afraid that the neighbours would hear and call the police. Slowly we came to rest once again. This time, Sally slid up Gill’s body until they were lying face to face. She bent down and kissed Gill on the lips. At first it was a gentle kiss, but then Gill opened her eyes and then her mouth and it quickly became a passionate, tongue-swapping snog that lasted for a minute or so. Then Sally rolled off of Gill and we all lay still again, stunned by all that we had experienced together.

A couple of minutes later, Gill looked across at me. I saw her eyes travel down my body to my rock hard prick.

“Sally. My dear husband here has a giant prick. I’m far too knackered to take care of him. Would you like to finish him off for me?”

Sally didn’t even answer. She simply pushed me onto my back and straddled me. Within seconds, my prick was deep inside her tight cunt and she was riding me with a great amount of energy and a lot of skill. I slid my hands up her body to her breasts and squeezed them tight. I looked across at Gill, who was lying on her side facing us. She had a big grin on her face. She winked at me and then, slowly and deliberately, licked her fingers before placing her hand between her legs. She slid two fingers inside her cunt and began to move them rhythmically as she watched Sally thrusting on top of me. For once, it wasn’t Gill talking, but Sally.

“God this feel so good, Steve. I’ve wanted to feel your prick inside me for so long. Ever since the night that Gill got drunk at an office party – she started telling me all about how great you were as a lover and how fat and hard your prick was. I’ve never been able to get that image out of my head. And now I’ve got your prick in me – your fat, hard prick. I can feel it filling me inside.”

She leant down, so that her tits were dangling over my face.

“Suck on them, Steve. Suck my tits. Bite on my nipples like you do with Gill.”

I couldn’t disobey such an order. I grasped one sweet tit, and brought it to my mouth. I sucked her nipple in and then gently bit on it. Sally gasped in pleasure.

“That’s good. It’s as good as Gill said it would be.”

By now, I was reaching the point where I could hold out no longer. Sally’s pelvic thrusting was driving me wild. For the second time that evening, I felt the end of my prick explode as I came deep within her cunt. But this just spurred Sally on. She moved harder and faster against my prick, driving herself towards another orgasm. Finally her body shook as she came to a shuddering halt, whilst letting out a cry of joy.

She lay still for some time, impaled on my prick. For the first time for a long time the room was silent, except for the panting of three people trying to get their breaths back. It was Gill who eventually spoke first.

“Fuck! I have never – EVER – imagined letting Steve fuck another woman. But that was the hottest, most erotic thing I have ever seen. I can’t believe how turned on I got from watching you screw his brains out. Before tonight, if you had even suggested to me that you fancied screwing my man, I would have cut your eyes out with a blunt knife. But now….. FUCK! Now – I’d probably pay you to screw him just so that I could have the pleasure of watching again.”

We laughed. Then we slept – the sleep of three deeply knackered, deeply fulfilled people.

Next morning, we all woke up late. After the initial embarrassment of remembering why Sally was in our bed and what exactly we had all got up to, we decided that we had a whole day free to continue our sexual explorations. It would probably be too boring (really!) to go into all the detail of who did what to who. All you need to know is that we all took it in terms to fuck everyone else. I’m surprised the bed didn’t break – it was in pretty much constant use all day. Think of all the combinations two women and a man can get up to and we probably did them.

The only time the bed wasn’t rocking was when I fell asleep for 15 minutes in the afternoon, after taking Sally from behind. When I awoke, I was the only one in the bedroom but I could hear noises in the en-suite shower. I went in to find the two of them finger-fucking each other in the shower. They had got in to cool down but had made the mistake of starting to soap each other. When I found them, I was desperate to join them but there really wasn’t the space for three people in the shower cubicle, so I had to watch from the sidelines, much to my disgust.

Sally finally went home about 30 minutes before my parents brought the kids back on Sunday afternoon. They commented on how tired we both looked. I suspect that they knew we had been indulging ourselves, but they would never had dreamt that there would have been a third person involved.

Since then, we’ve settled into a nice routine. Once a month, the kids go to their grandparents on the Saturday morning. By Saturday lunchtime, Sally has arrived and we spend the next 24 hours fucking like crazy. Then she goes home and we get a couple of hours sleep before the kids come back. It’s a great system and somehow we all get what we want. Perhaps it won’t last for ever – but it will do for now.

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