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Getting Out the Vote

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I got your e-mail. You said you voted me a five. You were so sweet I wanted to meet you and thank you Tammy style. I was going to be home in Indiana for Thanksgiving, you suggested a meeting place. I showed up at the Radison Hotel in Chicago as you had arranged. You said “You look just like your picture”

I giggled and said, “You were kind. I look nothing like my picture.” I was sure you recognized me from my chest whoppers.

I wore a summer dress with nothing on underneath. It was a bit chilly in Chicago. It was warm when I left Atlanta. You stared at my nipples poking through the bright colored cotton material. We went to get on the elevator, but someone else got on. We waited for the next ride up to the seventh floor.

In the elevator you towered over me. I caught you looking down my dress. You pretended you weren’t. I said, “Here sweetie, take a good look.” I pulled the top of my dress forward just far enough that you could almost see my nipples, and then pulled it back.

“You’ll be getting to see more of these babies soon enough tiger” I told you as I smiled.

When we got to the room, you opened the door for me. What a sweetheart you are.

We stood there and kissed just inside the door. You wrapped your arms around me, and then spun me around. Your hands were rubbing the material covering my breasts. It felt so good to finally have a man, who knows how to handle breasts attend to me. You let one hand slide down the front of my dress to feel my pussy through the soft cotton material of my dress. . I reached one hand around to touch that rock you had hidden in your pants for me.

I heard a noise from the bathroom. I turned and saw the door open. There was another young man standing there. You said, “Oh! This is John Thomas Michael Eric Andrew; he also voted you a five.” I looked at the bulge already in your friend’s pants and placed my hand upon it.

“Mind if I just call you dick, that’s a very big name for one man?” I smiled as I rubbed my fingers along the shaft.

“You can call me anything your lips desire, as long as you call me” Dick responded.

I quickly became the meat in a reader-voter sandwich. I had two young gentlemen feeling up my body from both sides. Finally as if on cue, the two of you grabbed the hem of my dress and raised it up over my head. I was completely naked in front of your eyes, except for a smile and my pumps. I feigned shyness by covering myself with my hands and arms.

You and Dick enjoyed the shoe show for a moment then tugged my willing arms from my body and fondled my breasts. I knelt down in front of you and unzipped your pants. There was a beautiful perfect sized cock, just waiting for my lips to taste. I held your cock in my soft hand was I licked the underside, while you and your friend were helping yourselves to my breasts. There was more than a handful, and it wasn’t wasted.

You sweetie were more than a mouthful and I wasn’t going to waste any of that good cock either. I sucked on your balls until your eyes rolled back completely white. With your head back, as if you were studying the ceiling, you grabbed me by the hair and forcefully thrust my mouth onto your love hammer.

“No more tease.” You say.

I said “come on baby talk to me.”

“Take that cock Tammy, come on girl suck it” you shouted. Meanwhile “Dick” has stuck his finger in my pussy from behind. Dick had removed his clothes. I could feel his hard cock rubbing at the crack of my ass. His fingers were desperately looking for an on button all over my body. I was all on button at this point.

“I like it when you call me ‘bitch’ sweetie” I said taking your manhood out of my mouth for a moment.

“That’s it Tammy” you responded. “Suck that cock, bitch sweetie. That’s it lick those balls, swallow that cum bitch sweetie.”

Your hands were on my head as I bobbed back and forth on your lovely smooth cock. I loved the feel of its smoothness as the long hard shaft passed across my lips. And you did too; as your knees buckled slightly when you exploded you hot sweet tasty cum into my wet mouth.

I needed to tend to your buddy, who was being very friendly with my body while I had concentrated on your gorgeous cock. I was horny as hell now and wanted satisfaction. I instructed you to lie down on the floor as I hovered over your face.

Your eyes followed my moist pussy, as I lowered myself onto your wiggling tongue. The tongue action you gave me was fantastic, as I could barely control the movement of my hips. I took your friend in my mouth. You watched, peering over my pussy hairs and tits as magical Tammy made his long cock disappear between her lips.

You continued to eat my sopping pussy as you watched Dick’s cock reappear then again disappear. You and Dick shared handfuls of breasts, taking turns working my nipples between your fingers and thumbs. I just love helping Boy Scouts getting their Mammary Study merit badge.

I came all over your face when you thrust your tongue into my pussy. You eagerly lapped up my love juice. I performed the same Tammy signature blowjob on your friend. You watched as I licked his shaft, sucked his ball and bobbed my head on his dick.

Dick shouted “Yea bitch, suck that cock; take it in your mouth whore. Swallow it all. Don’t stop Bitch.” You watched as he grabbed my head and forced it down on his cock. His hot salty cum hit the roof of my mouth. I swallowed it all Daddy, just like a good girl.

The three of us lay naked on the bed for a while. You were nice enough to get me the Diet Coke and chocolate bar I craved. I wanted to watch Animal Planet, but was out voted. The Detroit Lions were playing. I asked to see “Da Bears”.

You said they didn’t play until Sunday. Detroit always plays Thanksgiving.

I was in the middle of the two of my studs. You and your buddy would play with my titties during the game, sometimes sucking on them, other times just bouncing them playfully. I had my legs spread open so you and your buddy could take turns fingering my pussy, keeping my engine purring. I had my eyes closed for most of the game. By half time I was covered in a sea of hands and tongues. Both of my gentlemen had gotten hard again, perhaps my hands playing with their dicks helped out.

You said to me, “Tammy, me and Dick here both voted you a 5… twice.”

That was music to my ears. I didn’t even care if you hadn’t voted for me at all at this point. I scooted down on the bed and wrapped my lips around your dick…

Numbers 46 and 47 were crossed off my list.

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