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Getting Linda Pregnant

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It had been almost a year since Emile and I went on our life-changing Cruise to Alaska and met Tom. Emile is back to being her friendly, positive self and is doing reasonably well in college. Her grades should be better but after Tom finished with her, she decided to like men. They take a lot of time away from her studies but it is wonderful for me to see her smiling and happy again.

Tom and I talk at least every couple of weeks on the telephone. He is as naughty as ever. At least half of our calls turn into phone sex with me cuming on my fingers lost in some shared fantasy. Tom guessed from our first meeting that, until I ran into him, I had suppressed my active sexual imagination and that I have a submissive side. He even knows, I have a very vivid being forced fantasy. You know rape but not really rape.

During our last few calls, Tom has picked up that something is bothering me. He keeps asking me to tell him.

I have often thought about our time on the ship, his rugged looks, green eyes, brown hair and how he so easily satisfied me. He is my closest friend. OK, I’ll risk it. I’ll call him and tell him what is wrong. Maybe he will agree to my plan.

“Hello, my sexy, beautiful, California girl. Lie to me. Tell me you couldn’t stand another minute without hearing from me. That’s why you called isn’t it? You are naked, lying on the bed in a darkened room, aren’t you?”

I briefly wondered what would have happened if someone else was calling him from my phone. “Well I was thinking about you and wanted to hear your friendly voice.”

My answer wasn’t playful like his greeting, “Something has been on your mind for weeks. When are you going to tell me what’s bothering you?”

I just blurted it out, “My biological clock is ticking and I’ve always wanted another child. My husband didn’t want any more children after Emile. It was always a big problem between us. I’ve checked out “in vitro” but that’s expensive and has lots of issues. It’s not a good option for me. I’m thirty-eight and I want you to make me pregnant.”

There was a long silence on the phone so I continued, “I don’t want you to be financially responsible, marry me, give up your freedom or anything like that. Just be my friend and lover, like on the cruise. Make love to me again and this time leave a baby in me.”

“Linda, that is the most wonderful thing anyone has ever asked me. I would love to make you pregnant. I do have some conditions.”

This wonderful man just agreed. I never thought he would. I finally had worked up the nerve to ask but was sure he would reject the thought and never talk to me again. He didn’t run away. Slow down, O Shit, he said conditions, “What are your conditions?”

“I want to be involved. Starting your fourth month, we have to live together for ten months. I want to watch our baby grow, feel him kick and make love to your pregnant body. I want to be there when he is born. You explain me anyway you want as the baby grows up. I can be an Uncle, friend, I don’t care but I want to be close and involved. Linda, I will insist on helping financially.”

“Tom, I’m blown away by your reaction. I expected you to say, no.”

“Baby, my family is dispersed now, I’m only close to my youngest son; he’s about your age. I worked such long hours when my children were born and growing up, I missed everything. You are offering me a chance to address a personal sadness that would crush me, if I let it. I’m not trying to possess you. Don’t think that. After the baby is born you can get your life back in any order you want. If you find your “Mister Right”, I’ll be the first to be happy for you and wish you the best.”

Where was this guy when I was twenty and how come he is not twenty years younger? Again, Tom is right, God does have a weird sense of humor. “Tom, you have made me the happiest woman in the world. Since the cruise, I have often wanted to ask you to visit me and make love with me. How and when do me make this happen?”

“You tell me. Pick the start of your most fertile time. Give me a few days notice and I’ll be so excited that I’ll probably show up early. We’ll go away from phones, children, friends, interruptions and civilization. There will just be the two of us when we leave and there will be three of us when we return.”

I was crying now. Tom knew I needed some time. “Linda, you are wonderful. Relax and go dream of our baby. Call me tomorrow night. We’ll work out all the details.”

As soon as Tom hung up the telephone, he knew he had probably promised more than he could deliver but he wanted to give Linda a baby. Months ago he had a sperm count done and his count was low and his little wigglies were slow. However, that was just a small problem, he knew Linda’s fantasies. Tom would have his secretary working overtime for a week. Tom had to personally talk to a very special person and ask for some help.

Two weeks to the day, April 15, six a.m., Linda opened her door and Tom swept her into his arms and kissed her twice to say “Hello” and once passionately to say, “I’m going to fuck you senseless.”

“Three days from now, lovely lady you will be very pregnant. But right now we have to go to IHOP for pancakes, I need the energy, and then we’ll be off.”

I couldn’t stand this. “Where are we going? You wouldn’t even let me pack any clothes. I’m not ready.”

“You are ready. This baby will not be made in a proper bed like your last one. This baby will be crazy and happy, like us.” Tom just laughed at me. He grabbed my bag and me, closed the door to my house and ushered me into a very packed Lincoln Navigator. My pussy tingled; I didn’t know where I was going or how to get back. I loved it.

About two that afternoon, we were driving in the mountains and we cut off our last road onto what was a trail, at best. Another fifteen minutes and we emerged from the heavy forest into a grassy clearing next to a small lake. It was beautiful, clean and pure.

Tom set up our camp, then took my hand and we began a walk around the small lake. I think he wanted me to know we were safe and alone. I had never camped or been a sporting type. Still this was exciting. You never knew with Tom what was next.

By early evening we were back in camp. Tom gave each of us a small rod and reel and said, “Woman, we catch dinner or we don’t eat.” That worried me; I was hungry. I shouldn’t have worried; I had a little blue and yellow fish on my line on my second cast. I jumped around and screamed, yelling, “What do I do?” Tom almost fell in the lake, he was laughing so hard. He did take pity on me and helped me pull my trophy onto the bank and we caught two more.

Cleaning fish is not my forte but I was forced into helping. Just butter, salt and pepper and soon we were feasting in the last light of the day with half a moon showing. We cleaned up, pulled logs next to the fire and talked for a couple of hours. It was so easy to be friends with Tom. Finally, Tom turned his back to the fire, pulled me to sit on the ground between his legs, leaned me back onto his chest and we looked at millions of stars. He lightly caressed my neck and breasts.

When the fire was just embers, Tom undressed me under the stars. His clothes also were in the pile. The night air was cold. He held me close. My nipples drilled into his chest and he guided his hard cock an inch into me. There was pressure pulling up onto my clit. “We will not make a baby in you tonight. Tonight I will please you; when the morning sun begins to warm the ground, I’m going to take you in the grass, fill your womb and lay in you until my sperm floods your little egg.”

His voice had always been magic for me. He could cast spells and take me anywhere with it. He moved slowly back and forth just barely inside me. I came softly and did not object, even though I wanted him now. Tom led me into the tent and zipped us up warmly into the double sleeping bag. His fingers slipped into me and brought me off twice before I realized how tired I was. I didn’t want do but I went to sleep in his arms, watching him enjoy the taste of me from his hand.

The morning air was cold, when I awoke to Tom pressed tightly behind me kissing my neck. Usually, I rouse slowly, but I knew I was about to become pregnant. As I turned to face him, the hot smell of my pussy filled the sleeping bag. My mind flashed, “Not yet, I must go wash and brush me teeth.” Tom had another agenda, he pinned me down taking his morning kisses and resting his weight on me. He was moving his hips, grinding the tip of his cock just below my bellybutton. Now all my thoughts were gone. Dirty or not, I wanted, no needed, to be fucked.

I don’t know when Tom had prepared the spot for us. It was exactly as he described. In a flat sunny, grassy spot, he laid me on the ground and entered me and began to grind and thrust slowly. I wrapped my legs around him and came in about ten strokes but he kept up a maddeningly slow pace until I was ready again. Tom pushed me away. I tried to hold on to him. I wanted his sperm. He lifted my hips effortlessly and slipped something soft and firm under me, holding my hips a few inches higher than the rest of me. Tom was another person now. He sunk his dick into me hitting my cervix’s mouth. It hurt but I liked it because I knew.

“Do it, Tom. Do it. Make me pregnant. Fill me with your sperm. Drive you cock in all the way.” I had talked myself into cuming and could not stop. I kept rattling on. Dirty, loving words all begging for a baby. Tom was driving into me deeper than any man had ever done. I could feel the mouth of my womb opening, sucking a kiss from the tip of his penis every time he bottomed out inside me. My orgasm was long and demanding. Some how I sensed that Tom was ready. My body moved, as it had never done, I could feel my insides opening, sucking him, demanding his seed. He sunk deep into me and froze. Even through my orgasm I could feel each throb as his balls pumped their contents into me. I was pregnant.

Tom’s cock stayed in me as long as it could. As it slipped out, Tom put a small ball with a little base on it into me. He rubbed my belly, holding me in position with my hips raised. His eyes were full of love and tears for me and what I had just allowed him to do. I was so happy I filled up and begin to cry. Tom moved to my side and kissed my tears away.

We were both cold so we went back into the tent and wrapped up in the sleeping bag. There was no space between us. We slept for another hour.

For the rest of the day and the next day, Tom and I frolicked like little kids. Sure we made love four times but mostly we just had fun with each other. We tried to make a fire by rubbing sticks together; we climbed trees and fell asleep together under the stars.

The evening of our second day, Tom announced that the next morning he was going to have to run into town to Kinko’s for about an hour. He had fax off some real estate documents and told me to just sleep late.

I knew when Tom slipped out of the sleeping bag about eight. I was dozing when he pulled me out of the bag and buried his head between my legs for his good morning kiss. Even when I was sleepy, he could find my g-spot and lick me to orgasm. I was reaching for him to do it again when he slipped from the tent saying he had to go. Well I did too. I had to pee but I stalled for ten minutes or so.

Wrapping the sleeping bag around me I ran for the clump of bushes that housed our potty. I almost laughed at how loudly I hissed and splashed. As I wiped I heard a deep soft voice, “Hello, Linda. Please don’t be afraid. For two days I watched you and Tom. I’ve been close enough to hear you at night in the tent. I won’t hurt you. Don’t be afraid of me.”

My heart was pounding out of my chest. I could barely breath. Then a very large muscular, shirtless, shoeless man walked out of the bushes toward me. He was at least 6’3″ and 230 pounds of rippled six-pack. He had a kind face, green eyes and brown hair. He reached out his hand and for some reason I took it and he helped me up from the toilet. With my hand in his I knew this was a very powerful man. He led me to the same grassy spot where Tom had made me pregnant. With his free hand he pulled the sleeping bag from my naked body. “You are so very beautiful. I wish I had someone like you, who loved me.”

I jerked my hand to get away. The effort was totally useless. He just pulled me to him and kissed me deeply. His body snuggled into my breasts and, against all that I ever knew, my body responded to this big powerful man. He was controlling me with one hand and still holding the kiss when I felt my lips open, my tongue dart out and I kissed him back. He never let go of my hand as he spread the big open sleeping bag over a log in the clearing. I was pushed willingly onto all fours across the log. I had never felt this combination of lust, fear and pounding heart. With one hand on my back, he used the other to remove his pants. He knelt behind me and I felt his dick nuzzling its head into my slit. I was soaking. When he pushed only a couple of inches went in stretching me. I had never had a man this big. Two or three more firm pushes and he was all the way into me. He set up a smooth rhythm and I helped. I fought hard not to cum, but I did. He kept going and I was getting close again. I could feel the jolt through out my body and hear the slap of his belly into my ass. This time when I came, I felt him strain and cum with force so very deep inside me.

The big man still had me impaled on his dick, pinned against the log. My cunt was still in spasms when I heard, “Linda, you have every right to hate me. Still I hope your don’t. I thought about the costs, I didn’t care. I just had to feel the beauty of your body and pretend you were mine for a few minutes.” My body was still glowing, when I realized he was gone.

Ever so slowly, in a satisfied, confused, daze, I washed and got myself dressed. This had been a fantasy of mine. Its reality was wonderful. I was disturbed that I enjoyed it so much. The man was so strong, so gentle and so handsome. What would I tell Tom? I couldn’t tell him and ruin his memory of us making a baby.

When Tom returned, he noticed something was wrong and tried to get an answer out of me. I just told him that I wasn’t feeling good. He hustled around, broke camp and drove me back to Sacramento.

Tom was close, attentive and loving for the next couple of days, before he had to head back to Medford. We talked and had a good time. He produced a test kit and we laughed and cried when it confirmed what we both knew. Secretly, I didn’t trust the test. It was new for me. I wanted to miss my period. I had always been very regular with my periods. If I were a week late, then I would be sure. Then with no doubt, Tom and I would have the child we wanted growing safely inside me.

I waited. Checking several times each day for any dreaded red spot. Every day I also thought about the big man. I hated my fantasy thoughts. I felt that I was somehow cheating on Tom by having them. I never said a word to Tom.

Well, without a doubt, I was pregnant. We decided Tom would move to Sacramento for a while. We made love, he worshiped my growing belly and we make love some more. He was fascinated by the little kicks to make him move his hand. Tom seemed to have an endless supply of energy and money. I had never been more happy or cared for. Tom was thrilled as he found me wet and horny every day. I was ashamed that much of the wetness was from my memories of the powerful big man.

We had an eight-pound, six-ounce healthy, noisy son. Tom said no to circumcision. Emile came to see her brother. I had the baby I had so wanted. I had a man who cared for me and excited me more than I had ever imagined. All was nice but something was missing. Tom knew it.

One evening Tom pulled me close to him and said, “Linda, you have made me very happy and given me a lot that I missed earlier in my life, but something is missing between us. As far as I am concerned, we will always share our son, be wonderful friends and have fun together. I know you want something more. I’m going to risk telling you something that may make you hate me forever.”

What could be so serious? Was Tom saying “Goodbye?” I shifted to look into his green eyes and run my hand through his brown hair.

Tom confessed, “My Love, I know about what happened after I left you at the camp ground a year ago. In fact, I knew it was one of your fantasies, so I arranged it.”

For a couple of minutes I was speechless. Then I was so mad I was almost screaming, “But why? Why then? It was our time. The time for me to get pregnant.”

Through my anger and my tears, Tom’s pain was almost too difficult to watch. I almost couldn’t hear him as he spoke, “Linda, my sperm count was low. I wasn’t sure I could give you what you wanted. I gave you your fantasy and made sure that you got pregnant.”

I exploded with anger and curiosity, “You miserable Son of a Bitch. Who was the low life you paid rape me? And make me pregnant since you weren’t man enough to do it. Who is the father of my child?”

I had hurt Tom as much as he could be hurt. “If you feel that is what I did, I cannot risk telling you. I’m sorry, Linda, I misread what you wanted. I was wrong. I never wanted to hurt you, only make you happy. Give me a few minutes and I’ll be gone.”

Tom was a hundred miles up Interstate 5, when I called his cell phone, “Tom, I know what you said was true. I’m also ashamed that I never told you what had happened. Truthfully, I have never stopped thinking about that big man. If you forgive me, I’ll forgive you. Come back and talk with me.”

I bounded out the door; still only half dressed, not worrying about the neighbors. I flung my arms around Tom. I kissed him, hugged him and we both cried. Tom is a very tough, rugged man with many harsh experiences. He trusts very few people and, yet, he cries so easily with me. He is very hard to read sometimes. We had a slow, quiet lunch.

Finally, Tom spoke, “The big guy who took you at the lake, is totally smitten by you. He often asks me about you and the baby. Linda, I would protect you and I would protect him with my life. I cannot tell you who he is, if I have any doubts about why you want to know. He begs me to let him get to know you. If you are setting this up in any way, please don’t. Blame me; accuse me; I’ll confess and pay your price. For the sake of what we’ve had together and our son, don’t strike out to hurt anyone else.”

I had to know, “I’m not going to hurt anyone else. What you tell me will stay between us, if that is what you want.”

Tom’s mind was going a mile a minute deciding if he could trust me. “He is a caring, loving, 35 year old, divorced, hard working, often lonely, man. I could only have risked you with someone I know everything about. He is my son.”

For a couple of years, Tom had been shocking and challenging me. He had given me a bright fulfilling sex life, surprised me a thousand times, put my daughter back on track and given me a child. But never had anything shocked me this much. I had no breath, no words. Tom sat quietly. He gave me the eternity I needed to cope with all the feelings that surged through me.

Finally, I spoke, “Can I meet him?”

“He would like that more than anything in this world.”

I was really having trouble watching Tom in such pain, “How about you what would you like?”

“Even if nothing worked out between you, if you two could be friends and if he could be there for our son when I’m not here, I would be very, very pleased.”

That was three years ago now. Rod is a good husband, satisfying lover and attentive father. There is still the unanswered question. None of us ever wants to know its answer. Rod can think of himself as Dad. Tom can remember the wonderful gift we gave each other. One week I can remember it one way; the next week I can remember it the other way. Tom did decide, for appearances, to be the grandfather and has never pushed me for any privileges. I am content with my life.

When I’m alone and things are quiet at night, I have a secret. Sometimes my vivid fantasies soar into exciting, scary places and I miss Tom’s unpredictable challenges and how only he could make my body arch and cry “Uncle.”

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