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Getting Laid

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My parents leased an old farm house belonging to a small estate as a summer house. I had spent all my summers there since being a kid. It was very nice although sometimes a bit lonely for a young boy.

But the summer when I had turned 18 Thomas had moved to the estate with his parents. Although he was a year older we quickly made friends. We talked for hours of girls and sex and getting laid. He also had some porn magazines that we studied until they tore apart.

We agreed on that it sure was time for us to do the real thing and discussed lengthily how that was going to feel.

In the long summer evenings we moved around on the estate looking for something to do. One late evening we were at the back of the wing to the manor house. Suddenly the light went on in a room on the first floor and a woman came in. We quickly hid in some big bushes and watched. She started to undress not bothering to draw the blinds. She was very mature and a little overweight. We both drew our breaths when her bra came off and her boobs came free. They were big and heavy and excited us immensely. She went on undressing walking around folding her clothes. When her panties came off she was facing away from the window showing us a full ass that rolled as soon as she moved. Suddenly she turned around and approached the window. She stood looking out for a while.

We both startled thinking that she might see us but she showed no signs of that. She wiggled her hips lightly drawing our attention to her bush. It was a large mass of wild growing dark hair that both scared us but also was very enticing. In silence we left when the show was over and didn’t discuss it that night. But we returned to see more of her.

We also had other things in mind. Close to Thomas´ house was a small cottage that housed two maids working in the manor house. They were a little older than us but didn’t seem to have any boyfriends. We tried to chat with them when we got a chance and one evening when the weather was cold they invited us in. We chatted and they offered tea. We had a good time, at least my friend and I, chatting with the girls. They were probably bored only having themselves to chat with. We were invited back and it soon became a habit for us to spend evenings in their cottage. They got friendlier all the time.

The cottage had only two rooms and in the main room there wasn’t much to sit on except the bed and one easy chair. It soon became the habit that my friend or I sat in the chair and the other on the bed with one of the girls on the armrest and the other also on the bed. The girls made sure to switch pairs all the time. They soon got very friendly and started to put their arms over our shoulders or pulled our arms around them. One evening my friend started to explore the body of the girl sitting next to him and when there was no reaction I followed his example. The girls seemed to like it and it developed during the following evenings. Soon we were necking and kissing. The girls allowed us to touch them everywhere as long as it was outside the clothes. But when we tried to get inside the blouse we were stopped with friendly laughs but not until we had been allowed to touch the slope of the breasts.

The girls did the same but they also teased us. They got under our shirts stroking our bare chests and backs or brushed over our crotches. When we got hard which always happened they often outlined our cocks through the shorts and sometimes grabbed around it.

It happened now and then that they were in different states of undress when we came. After some time they didn’t bother about that. It could be that one was in her bra without a blouse or had no skirt over her panties. One evening we came a little late and they were in their night dresses. Although it was long cotton dresses and not were revealing it was very enticing. Especially when we started necking and found out that there were no bras underneath. It was a new and very exciting feeling to fondle the breasts through the fabric without them being strapped into a stern bra. I was lucky and was necking with Bodil who had the biggest pair. When she leaned forward her breast came to rest in my hand. I can still remember the lovely heaviness of the full breast and how the nipple hardened between my fingers.

We got hard just from fancying what was underneath and if they were panty less as well. I think they had intended just that. They liked to tease as a way of spending time.

One evening they both were without blouses. They looked very enticing in their white bras. We got hard immediately and hurriedly sat down to conceal it. They smiled at us but chatted on and soon we were necking as usual.

Suddenly Eva rose from my knee and sat up on the armrest.

“Guys, would you like to see our boobs?” She asked casually.

Of course we wanted that.

“Very well, but then we want to see your cocks. That’s fair isn’t it?” She said, with excitement in her voice. “Well, sit over there on the bed and Bodil and I will stand here. And don’t get up. Agreed?”

We both nodded eagerly. Eva rose and I moved to sit on the bed beside Thomas. Bodil and Eva lined up in front of us and put their hands behind the backs and unfastened the bras. But they kept the boobs covered.

“Your turn boys,” they giggled. Thomas is much bolder than me and quickly wriggled out of his shorts. His cock stood very proudly. I reluctantly followed his example. When we were fully exposed the girls giggled heavily and let the bras slid down the arms and drop to the floor. They stood erect in front of us suddenly being very serious. Then they started to giggle and moved their upper bodies making the boobs to swing. They also fondled and cupped their breasts. They looked lovely and my cock twitched. We both stroked our cocks.

“You look nice boys. What about us? Do you like what you see?” Eva said smiling broadly.

We assured with one mouth that they looked gorgeous.

“Well, that’s enough for now I think. Time to make it a night,” Eva said after another round of fondling and cupping of boobs. The girls put on T-shirts without putting the bras back on. They pushed us out but only after having hugged us letting us feel their naked boobs under the shirts. They grinded their pelvises hard against us wanting to feel our still hard cocks against their bellies. We stumbled out and went home to jack off.

It became a habit to end the evening by showing breasts and cocks. The girls stopped putting a shirt on when pushing us out but didn’t allow us to touch their breasts when hugging.

One evening we were standing with jutting cocks in front of the girls who sat on the bed naked to the waists.

“Guys, would you like to touch my naked boobs,” Eva suddenly said with a funny smile.

Of course we wanted that and Thomas took a step forward, bold as always.

“Oh no, hold your horses,” Eva yelled. “There are conditions. You have to jack off in front of us. The one who comes first can fondle my boobs. Deal?”

We looked at each other and then nodded consent. But I blushed when I grabbed my cock and started to jack it.

The girls helped us to get going by cupping and fondling their breasts in a very seductive way. But although it was enticing I felt that it would take some time to get my rocks off. It felt a bit odd to jack off in front of the others.

Thomas was much quicker than me. He shot a load that landed close to the feet of the girls and they cheered him. Eva rose and offered him her breasts. It was a turn on even for me to see him fondle her. I felt Bodil’s gaze on me and she wet her lips. I looked at her breasts and she cupped them holding them forward towards me. She had the biggest of the pairs. I came as well and my come landed on her bare feet.

“Sorry Eric, but you came second,” she said smiling very sweetly.

Eva allowed Thomas a full five minutes before we were pushed out. We heard the girls giggle when the door closed behind us. We spoke very little and went home. I didn’t jack off that night but had pleasant dreams about the girls which showed on the sheet in the morning.

The habit of showing cocks and breasts was extended to a jacking competition. The girls switched being the first prize. Thomas was always quicker than me and I became distressed. When he had won five times in a row Bodil took pity of me.

The night when she was to be the price I necked with her as always was a preliminary.

“Eric, don’t you want to fondle me tonight?” She whispered looking inquiringly at me. I just nodded. Just then I wanted nothing else. “Good, I have better give you a hand then,” she said, giggling in my ear.

She caressed me and very determinedly stroked my cock. Suddenly her hand slid up through one leg of my shorts and touched my balls and naked cock. It felt heavenly and of course I got rock hard. Bodil withdrew her hand and declared it was time for the contest.

We lined up before the girls who quickly got naked from the waist up. Bodil caught my eye and it felt like she was cupping her breasts for me. I won the contest for the first time. Bodil held out her arms welcoming me to her charms. They felt heavenly to touch, so soft and heavy. Her nipples hardened under my touch. It felt like my five minutes was up in a lightning. Bodil smiled and kissed my cheek when she withdrew from me.

She helped me win once again a couple of nights later when Eva was the prize. Her breasts were lovely too, although smaller but very firm. But I felt depressed that I couldn’t beat Thomas without help. I knew too little to understand that coming fast is no advantage when it comes to the real thing.

Thomas went away on holiday with his parents. I didn’t know what to do that evening. I sneaked around the girls’ house hoping that they should see me and ask me in. But it didn’t happen. At last I sneaked into the bushes behind the wing and waited for the mature woman to appear. I was lucky. After some waiting she came and stripped slowly just like she had done before. She ended up standing in her window stark naked. She looked at the stars absentmindedly cupping and caressing the heavy pair and sifting through her thick bush. I jacked off in the bushes.

The next evening I was frustrated enough to dare to knock on the door. Eva opened.

“Hi Eric, nice to see you. We thought that maybe you didn’t dare coming on your own. Come on in.”

We sat chatting as usual. Suddenly Eva rose and started to unbutton her blouse. It had so often been the signal to the contest that I reacted spontaneously. And Eva was in line being the prize. I stood and let my shorts drop to the floor. Eva turned around and saw me.

“Oh, but I have to go to work. This week one of us has to work in the evening. And it can’t be a contest with only one in the run, could it?”

She went into the inner room to change. But she didn’t close the door. She took off her blouse and pants and then her bra but to my disappointment not her panties. She put on stockings which she fastened in a garter belt, a piece of garment I had never seen before. Then she went to her closet and got her maids dress out. All the time her boobs bounced and swung lovely. Only then her breasts were captured and wriggled into a bra.

I stood there watching her not being aware of anything else until I heard a giggle and got a light smack on my naked ass. Bodil was sitting in the chair next to me smiling broadly. I looked down at her and saw that my cock was erect and pointed straight at her face that wasn’t very far away. I quickly pulled my shorts back up to conceal my status but of course it showed clearly.

Eva ran away complaining about being late. I sat down on the bed not knowing what to do. I didn’t want to leave but was suddenly nervous to be alone with Bodil.

“Want to neck for a while,” she said smilingly and rose to join me on the bed. She sat down and embraced me. We hugged for a while and then she withdrew.

“If you promise to behave yourself we can lie down,” she said and pushed me down. She followed and there I was lying alongside her. I soon found out that it was much more fun than to sit up. We had a good time although the clothes stayed on but she allowed me to caress her breasts under the blouse but not to unfasten her bra. The evening ended too quickly though. I was worked up and was lucky. The woman already was in her room when I sneaked into the bushes and she gave me a good wanking session.

I was back at the girls’ the following evening. This time it was Bodil who left for work. As soon as she had gone Eva pulled me down on her bed.

“I know what you did last night. We can do it as well,” she said and we had a good time necking. She liked when I caressed her ass cheeks. I tried going under her skirt and she didn’t stop me. At one time she went up to go to bathroom and when she came back lay on her side pressing against me. I put my hand back under her skirt and was taken aback. She had taken her panties off and I squeezed her naked ass cheeks. She giggled and moaned a few times when I caressed her. As the night before I ended up in the bushes jacking off although the woman didn’t show herself very clearly that night.

A couple of evenings later Eva was alone when I knocked on the door and she greeted me warmly. She had a dress on. She had made tea and offered me a cup. We chatted for a while in the kitchen before she pulled me into the inner room. She embraced me and we kissed. She hesitantly stood beside the bed.

“Oh, I want to lie down but I don’t want to ruin this dress. Promise to behave and I will take it off,” she said sternly and pulled her dress over her head. She stood before me in her bra, panties and garter belt with hanging straps. Although her bra and panties were rather decent she looked very enticing. She pulled me down on the bed beside her and I had a good time caressing her breasts and ass. She liked to feel my hard cock against her belly. After some time she suddenly sat up.

“Will you do something for me?” She asked. “Will you jack off for me? I want you to jack off standing over me and let your load splash down on me. Will you do that?”

Of course I wanted to. I had been near bursting for a long time already. I quickly got on my feet and stepped out of my shorts. My cock was standing at attention. She smiled at the sight.

She lay down on her back and I stood on the side of the bed and started jacking. I looked at her face and into her blue smiling eyes. I heard her moan and noticed that she had a hand between her parted legs. I worked on and she helped me by caressing her breast with the other hand. She moaned now and then and cried out when my come splashed down over her face and upper body. She got stiff arching her back and had a grin on her face until she relaxed with a deep moan.

Eva smiled happily at me.

“Nice doing, Eric. You look so nice when jacking off and so very relieved when you come. Was it good for you?” My come trickled down her face and was soaking her bra. “Oh, what a mess,” she giggled. “Better take care of it.” She rose and went to the bathroom. When she came back she was naked to the waist and her boobs swung lovely. She kissed me before pushing me out. That night I felt no need for the bushes.

Next evening I was alone with Bodil. She didn’t waste the time. As soon as Eva left she pulled me into her arms and kissed me.

“Eva told me what you did last night. She said it was very nice and I want to try it. Will you do it for me too?”

I nodded breathlessly both from the deep kiss but also from the thought of what was in store for me.

Bodil took a step away from me and quickly got rid of her blouse and skirt which she folded carefully and put on a chair. It was nice looking at her bending over. She came back and suddenly pulled my shorts down. My cock jutted out.

Bodil went to the bed but hesitated and looked at me with a smile on her face.

“Well, maybe you need a little help,” she said giggling and put her hands behind her unclasping her bra. She stood erect pushing her boobs forward the bra dangling in her hand. “Besides, I don’t want it getting smudged. Eva said that her bra was in a mess afterwards.”

Her big breasts swung and bounced when she moved. She lay down on the bed and placed my hand on her breasts. “Just a little while to get you going,” she giggled.

It was lovely to caress her naked breasts again. But too soon she pushed my caressing hands away and I started to jack my cock. She caressed her breasts with both hands but soon one hand went down her body and into her panties. She spread her thighs and panted heavily. She looked up and her gray eyes looked into mine. She smiled, wet her lips, moaned and squirmed on the bed.

I jacked my cock feeling great. There was no rush and her gaze on my cock felt good. She moaned quite often and panted hard in between. I think I grunted when I felt the tingling in my loins as foreboding to coming. I moved closer to the bed to make sure not to miss her with my load. She looked up and her smiling eyes glittered. Her ass bounced up and down and she moaned highly. She cried out when my first shot landed on her boobs and kept on crying out until my shooting ended. She slumped back on the bed. Her face and breasts were smeared with my come.

Bodil recovered fast and laughed happily. She touched the come on her breasts and face and pushed it around with her finger.

“So much,” she said. “They say that it’s quite tasty. Maybe I should try it? It can’t be dangerous to put in this end,” she giggled. She put her tongue out and licked some of the come on her face into her mouth. “Not bad, a bit salty but not bad at all,” she said after having tasted it carefully. She scooped up what was on her boobs and put that also in her mouth. “I really hope that I don’t get pregnant from this,” she said grinning broadly.

“Come Eric, take your shirt off so it won’t get smeary and lay down. I want to neck. But remember, behave yourself,” she giggled.

Of course I did as she asked me. There we were on the bed, me naked and Bodil with only her panties on. She held me close to her, too close for allowing me access to her breasts. Instead they were pressed against my chest and I felt the nipples get hard. I caressed her back and thighs and we kissed lengthily. She taught me how to put the tongue in her mouth and let the tongues play. It was very nice but also enticing. My cock started to swell again and soon it pressed against her belly. I tried to move to hide it.

Bodil withdrew slightly to be able to look at me. She looked bewildered.

“Eric, are you really hard again? I thought that men couldn’t do it in quite a while after coming. But you are hard, I feel it against my belly. How come?”

“Oh, I don’t know about other men but I often get hard again shortly afterwards,” I said, suddenly bold from being convinced that she liked it. I didn’t have to hide my hard cock.

“I wonder,” she whispered throatily. “I wonder, can you come again? Show me, I want to see it, please.”

I jumped up from the bed very eager to please her. I stood as before at the side of the bed and started to stroke my cock. Bodil watched intently.

“Eric, please hold on a second. Please turn around and don’t peep. I need to do something,” Bodil suddenly said. Of course I did as she asked. I turned around facing the wall and heard her move on the bed and then some rustling of cloth.

“You can turn back now. Please jack off over me,” she said. I saw that she had put a bed sheet over her covering her loosely from the waist down. Then I saw a pair of panties beside the bed. Had she taken them off and was naked under the sheet? It turned me on and my cock twitched. She lit up when she saw it.

I jacked my cock and it took a bit longer this time. But Bodil was very pleased. She had her hand under the sheet and it moved very clearly between her legs that spread wider now and then. She panted hard and moaned. Once when I was in the middle of it she cried out and bounced up and down until she suddenly stiffened. After a while she relaxed and started moving her hand again.

I shot my load on her face and boobs again as she wanted. She was waiting for it with lust on her face and she cried out shortly after I had stopped unloading, again bouncing up and down.

“You did it. You could do it again. I didn’t think that was possible. I am really impressed,” she said laughingly but I was proud. Very proud indeed that she liked my performance. She scooped up my spunk and put it in her mouth smacking loudly.

Shortly afterwards she asked me to leave without rising from the bed. I bent and kissed her and tried to run my hand over her body but she stopped it when it was on her soft belly that shivered under my touch.

The next time I knocked on the door Eva was alone. She asked me to come in and kissed my cheek but I hugged her and kissed her mouth using the tongue in the way Bodil had taught me. Eva happily played along and we were out of breath when we finally parted.

“You are hot tonight aren’t you,” she said laughing happily. “Well, let’s neck for a while.” She pulled me into her room and down on her bed. She was wearing a blouse with the top buttons undone and I soon found out that she wore no bra. But as usual she didn’t allow me to caress her naked breast in full but stopped my hand just before it was about to reach her nipple.

“You know that you can’t fondle my breasts without jacking off first,” she giggled. I was very bold and very horny by now and jumped up to stand beside the bed cock in hand. She looked a bit surprised but then smiled broadly. She sat up and removed her blouse then fell back on the bed with her breasts spilling to the sides. She also unfastened the buttons in her skirt but kept it on.

I started to jack off and Eva put her hand under her skirt. Soon she started to squirm on the bed and her ass bounced. She panted and started to moan just as Bodil had done and she also cried out just before I started to spurt over her face and breasts. I milked my cock trying to hit her nipples with the last drops. She smiled happily when I succeeded.

“Bodil says that it tastes good,” she said and pushed the come on her face into her mouth and scooped up what had come on her breasts. “Mm, yes, I agree, salty, fresh and with a touch of almond. Nice. Come and get your prize. You have earned it,” she said and giggled heavily.

I lay down alongside her and started to caress her upper body. It was still slippery from my come and there was indeed a taste of almond when I kissed her. We necked in that way for some time.

“You may kiss my breasts,” she whispered hoarsely in my ear. I rose slightly and looked into her smiling eyes. “Yes, I mean it, come on, I want you to.”

My lips slowly slid down her face and neck and up the slopes of her breasts. I went around them pushing them up from the underside before taking her nipple in my mouth. I squeezed it gently with my lips which made her grunt. I kissed and licked her breasts for a very long time and she moaned and grunted each time I had the nipples in my mouth treating them a little rougher each time. Her ass started to bounce again and I suddenly noticed that her hand was under her skirt. Suddenly she cried out when I had a nipple between my teeth. She tensed and arched her back and cried out again holding the tune for some time. She pushed my head away and relaxed on the bed.

She smiled happily at me and pulled me down for a kiss. Just then Bodil came home and went straight into the room.

“Oh. Are you still here Eric? How unexpected. You have had a good time I can see. Both of you.” She giggled. Eva pushed me away wanting me to leave.

“Oh, by the way, Eva. I was told at the house that we could have the afternoon off tomorrow since we both have to work late tomorrow night. They are expecting the dinner party to go on until rather late. I would like to go swimming but we are not allowed to use the bathing place at that hour, are we? Eric, do you know another place where we could go?”

“Yes,” I said. “In fact I do. There is a small cove with a strip of sand and some grass but you have to walk some distance through the wood to reach it. That’s why it’s seldom used. But it’s nice, real nice and also secluded.”

“Oh but that sounds lovely. Can you show us the way tomorrow? Isn’t that a great idea Eva? Yes, I thought so. Pick us up at one o’clock tomorrow afternoon. See you then.” Bodil saw me to the door and kissed me good night.

I was back at their cottage at one o’clock sharp and found them waiting outside ready to set off with their things in baskets. They looked very nice, barelegged in shorts and thin T-shirts and somehow I managed to tell them how gorgeous they looked which was much appreciated.

I showed the way through the wood. They chatted happily all the time. When we came to the small cove they immediately liked it.

“Oh, Eric what a nice place and so very private. Thank you for taking us here,” Eva exclaimed. “But now when I see it I want to use the opportunity in full. I want to be in the nude to swim and sunbathe. But we can’t do that with you around, can we? Sorry, but we must ask you to leave.” She looked at me regretfully.

Oh no, I thought. I didn’t want to be forced to leave. There was nowhere to hide and watch. I looked pleadingly at her and then at Bodil.

“Eva, come, let’s talk it over,” Bodil suddenly said and took Eva aside. They whispered with each other for what felt like an eternity before Eva turned back to me smiling mischievously.

“All right, all right. Eric, you can stay but there are conditions of course. You must behave yourself and you have to do as we say being at our beck and call. Promise?”

“Uh, well, but what do I have to do?” I asked feeling both happy about the promise that I could stay and a little worried about what they wanted me to do.

“No, you promise first and then we will let you know in due time,” Eva said sternly. “Yes or no?”

“Oh, well then, yes I promise.” I said realizing that there was no other way if I wanted to stay.

“Very well. Now I want to swim,” Eva said. “Who comes last is a coward.”

The girls quickly undressed but hesitated slightly when they were down to the panties. But Eva took the lead and pulled hers down. For the first time I saw the growth between her legs. It was dark with long hair that shone like silk. I took in her whole body. It was slender, a little boyish with slim hips. The breasts were nice, round and firm which I already knew. Her naked body turned me on. I was glad that I still had my shorts on having been hesitant to get naked. I stood staring at her.

“Hey Eric. Come on. It’s lovely,” Eva called. “No reason to be shy. We are already naked aren’t we? What are you waiting for?” She sounded bold but turned quickly and run into the water suddenly embarrassed from my staring at her naked body.

Well, I thought, she was right. They had seen me in the nude several times already and erect as well. That we were outside and in broad daylight made no real difference although it felt so. I pulled my shorts down.

Bodil had been slower to get naked and go into the water. She had been on her way when Eva called and turned around to find out what was going on. She stood at the water front turned towards me giving me a good view of her lush, curvy body with the full bosom swinging slightly. And between her legs grew this rich blond curly bush. She looked just lovely.

When she noticed my staring at her she got shy. But then she saw my growing cock and smiled delightedly. She wriggled her hips a few times before turning around and walked slowly into the water with exaggerated movements that made her ass to roll and her boobs to swing.

I joined the girls in the water which was pleasantly warm. We swam and played for quite a while. The girls weren’t vigilant but wanted to be chased and touched when I caught them and they in return touched me. But finally we had had enough and went ashore. The girls spread out towels on the narrow patch of grass and lay down in the sun. I stood watching them hoping to see more of their female mysteries. But they carefully kept their thighs together. But they turned around now and then wanting to be tanned on all sides. To see their asses was lovely, Bodil full and round, Eva pear shaped and taut.

Suddenly Eva looked up and saw my swelling cock. She rolled over and whispered something to Bodil who eagerly nodded consent. Eva sat up.

“Eric, we want you to do something for us. Remember your promise?” She looked inquiringly at me. Of course I remembered and had all the time had an uneasy feeling somewhere. Time to pay I thought and nodded.

“Good. I want to see you come. And I want to handle it, I want to jack you off,” she said smilingly and I felt relived. That wasn’t bad, on the contrary, it would feel marvelous to have her hand on my cock. I nodded again and approached her.

Eva knelt in front of me and a finger traced along my cock and down to my balls. She took them in her hand weighting them and rolled them gently. She put her other hand around my cock and slowly pushed the foreskin back before she started to jack me. Her hand was gentle jet firm and she jacked me very nicely. She caressed my balls simultaneously which was a new sensation. I grunted when I felt the tingling in my loins and she looked up and held back. She squeezed my balls a few times and then jacked me rapidly until my first load landed on her boobs. Then she slowed down and directed my bursts to her face and into her mouth. Her eyes glittered when she looked up at me swallowing my come.

“Oh, that was nice, wasn’t it Eric? The come tastes so good and you looked so pleased when you came. I liked it, I really did. Sorry Bodil that you can’t do it as well.”

“Oh, but I will. He will get hard again soon, won’t you Eric? You showed me the other night that you could. Come, lay down and have a rest.”

I lay down at Bodil’s side and she started to caress me. She pulled my arm around her and held me tight to her naked body. My cock was pressed against her pubic hair and I felt warmth coming from that part of her body.

“Caress my ass,” she whispered and I did that. Her full ass was soft to the touch but I felt strong muscles underneath especially when I tried to slide a finger down her crack. I came as far as to her butt hole but then she pinched her thighs and ass cheeks hard together preventing any further exploration down that path. She moaned softly when I caressed her ass cheeks and pressed closer to me. She let the rocking of my caresses go through to her pelvis which moved back and forth against my cock. I looked up and saw Eva watching us, absentmindedly sifting through her pubic bush with one hand and stroking her breasts massaging my come into her skin with the other. She saw my gaze and smiled.

My cock started to swell from the light massage. It went slow to begin with but there was no doubt that I was getting hard again. Bodil soon noticed and smiled happily. But when my hardening cock threatened to force its way in between her thighs she frowned and with her hand moved my cock to lie up along her belly. She pressed her belly hard against it with small circling movements until I was fully hard.

“I knew it. Eric is hard again for me. I want to jack you off now,” she exclaimed and moved away from me but holding my cock in a firm grip. She tested it by jacking a few times and it seemed to be to her liking.

“I wonder how I want to do this,” she said half to herself, half to us. “I don’t know really. I have never done it before.” She giggled. “Eric, stand beside me . . . no, you are too tall I can’t reach properly. Kneel down instead . . . no, that isn’t good either. Perhaps if . . . well . . . perhaps if you straddle me . . . yes, but you must kneel down with your knees on either side of me . . . yes, just like that but move a little further down. . . . Yes, that feels very nice.”

Giggling she gave me directions on how to position myself over her. I ended up standing on my knees straddling her. When I lowered myself I felt her pubic hair tickle my ball sack. As soon as she had me in the position she wanted she grabbed my cock and balls and started to stroke and jack my cock. She had said that she hadn´t done it before and started out hesitantly. She was eager to try it out and soon gave me a good time. She seemed to sense when I got near boiling point and slowed down. She did it several times but finally didn’t stop when I grunted. She directed my first spurt to land on her boobs and the following into her mouth. The last drops she milked out over her belly. I sank down and sat on her mound feeling her hair.

“Oh that was lovely. I liked to jack you off. Was I any good? Did you like it?” she asked giggling heavily. She smiled and her eyes shone. I felt her pelvis heave under me but held her down with my weight.

“Let me up your brute,” she yelled. “Eva, help me, take him away.”

Eva didn’t need to be asked twice to come to her help. She put her arms around me from behind and pulled me up. Bodil helped by heaving her pelvis again. Soon I was pulled away and Eva held me firmly against her body. Her firm breasts pressed against my back and her pubic hair tickled my ass. Bodil jumped to her feet and came to kiss me pressing herself against my front. I was sandwiched between two naked girls and it felt great.

“Let’s swim,” she yelled and ran into the water. Eva and I followed and again we played like kids even more relaxed about our nakedness.

After the swim the girls made a rich spread from their baskets. They fed me with cinnamon buns and cakes that they claimed to have baked themselves. I got sleepy and lay back for a nap.

I was stirred awake from hands stroking over my body. Bodil was kneeling at my side caressing me. When she saw that I was awake she bent over and used her boobs to caress my body. She kept doing that for quite a while and it felt good, very good. She moved and put a nipple in my mouth. “Suck me,” she whispered which I did until it was hard and standing out. She changed nipple wanting the other to get the same treatment.

Suddenly there was two pair of hands on my body. Eva didn’t want to be left out and had joined us kneeling at my other side. Hands and breasts were all over me and nipples put in my mouth. I reached down and caressed legs and thighs on both sides of me. When I got higher reaching the asses there were nervous reactions and the cheeks were pinched hard together. But the cheeks were nice to fondle anyway and they relaxed when I gave up trying to get in deep between the thighs.

I had a nipple in my mouth when boobs were stroking back and forth over my cock and balls. A hand lifted up my limp cock and tried to fondle the nipple with it. I felt a lovely surge in my loins and my cock stirred. I got a great idea.

“Girls, if I come for you again, can I touch you down there? I really want to know how that nice hair feels. Please?” I pleaded.

The girls stopped what they were doing and rose, still on their knees. They looked at each other having a silent conversation. Bodil suddenly cupped my cock.

“Could you really? I mean could you really do it again, it would be the third time? I certainly would like to see that.” My cock swelled slightly under her treatment which made her gasp. “Oh yes, I think you can. I feel it swell,” she said with admiration in her voice.

The girls looked at each other again and Eva as usual made the decision.

“All right,” she said. “But we decide how far you can go. When we say stop, you stop. Agreed?” Of course I agreed.

The girls stretched out on each side of me. Bodil put my hand on her belly giving the go ahead to explore her further down. I put my hand on Eva at the same place and there was a nervous twitch but she didn’t push my hand away. I caressed the bellies of both girls. I moved south and felt the bushes in my palms. They were different, Bodil’s blonde bush thick and curly, Eva’s dark bush thinner, with long silky hair. I sifted through their bushes feeling the texture and softness for a while. Bodil squirmed and pushed my hand a little further down pressing down on my finger. I felt a deepening in the flesh, a deepening that led into a valley. It was moist and warm down there. Bodil squirmed again and moved her thighs a little apart. My finger slid a little deeper in her valley.

I moved my other hand down on Eva and did the same. She startled and pressed her thighs together but relaxed after a while. I moved my fingers and pressed down and felt that she had a valley as well. Bodil suddenly lifted her ass slightly pressing against my hand. Eva moaned at my other side and moved her ass up and down. Her valley had become wet and slippery.

Bodil started to caress my cock and balls. It felt good and the cock swelled and soon got hard under her hand. She grabbed it and jacked it slightly moaning of delight.

I kept my fingers in their valleys sliding up and down. Eva eased her thighs a little apart giving room for two more fingers. I felt soft flesh on both sides of the valley, flesh that swelled all the time. She squirmed around and put her hand over mine and pressed down on the finger in her valley. Her ass bounced up and down.

I tried to put more fingers down there also on Bodil and found that her thighs already were out of the way. I raised my head and looked down and saw that they both had spread their legs into a V shape. I slid my finger further down in the valleys and suddenly they deepened and my fingers sank into wet and warm crevasses where I couldn’t feel any bottom. Both girls suddenly panted hard and Eva started to moan. Bodil soon followed. Both asses bounced up and down now and my fingers slid back and forth into their valleys. Bodil held my cock in a firm grip.

Their moans got heavier and they both directed my fingers to press and caress where they wanted to be caressed. They raised the pelvises against my hand. Suddenly a number of cries came from Bodil and her body stiffened with her back arched. She relaxed and her body shuddered. She pulled my hand back and put it over her pubic hair to caress and sift through.

Eva was still moaning on my other side. Her ass bounced heavily but was soon pushed up. She had planted her feet wide apart and lifted her ass completely off the ground. A long, high pitch cry came from deep inside her and with her hand she pressed my fingers down hard in her valley. When her cries ended she sank back down and relaxed.

I sat up and looked at the girls who lay beside me looking happy. When they saw me watching they grinned shyly. As they relaxed and recovered the shy grins were replaced by warm smiles. I bent down and kissed their breasts sucking on the protruding nipples.

We all lay down caressing each other. Bodil never let go of my cock which she kept hard with small motions up and down.

Suddenly she sat up.

“Well Eric, now it’s your turn to keep your promise. Ready?”

I was ready and had been for some time. I felt a surge in my loins and my cock throbbed.

“How shall we do this?” Eva asked, suddenly taking the lead.

“Oh, I have a great idea,” Bodil quickly said. “Eva, I want to see how far Eric can spurt. I want him to spurt over you for measurements. OK with you? . . . All right Eva, lie down. . . . Eric, stand on your knees over her head here will you.” Bodil gave us direction. She obviously had thought it over thoroughly.

I knelt just behind Eva’s head with her body stretched out in front of me. She had her thighs conveniently spread, not shy anymore and I could see where her valley started. My cock twitched which Bodil noticed and made her smile in anticipation. She kneeled behind me putting her arms around me and with her breasts pressed against my back. She started to jack my cock. Her pubic bush tickled my ass when she moved behind me.

“Tell us when you are about to come. Your first spurt will be the farthest, isn’t that so? I am so curious to know how far down Eva’s body you can spurt. Do you think you will reach her belly button? Her breasts you will reach no doubt.” She chatted on while jacking me.

Eva wanted to take part in the action. She started to fondle my balls that dangled just above her face. I fondled her breasts and caressed Bodil’s ass behind me. We all had a good time.

Suddenly it was time. The girls’ combined efforts were very effective and I felt the tingling. At the same time Eva felt my balls contract and shouted a warning. I straightened up and grunted. Bodil took aim and jacked carefully the last strokes needed before I fired.

Bodil cried out of delight when the result of the first shot showed. It landed from the belly button down over Eva’s pubic hair trickling down her valley. The second shot was shorter and landed from the belly button up to the breasts. The third shot Bodil carefully placed between the boobs and up. She milked the last drops out into Eva’s open mouth and she helped to drain me by squeezing my balls.

Bodil laughed out loud and happily and Eva soon joined her.

“Look, what a lovely trail I made. All the way from your pussy to your face. Eric, you were magnificent. I never thought that you could shoot that far. Oh Eva, you have to be careful with the spunk down there. We don’t want it to get inside, do we?” She giggled heavily

Eva looked down her body. A big smile spread on her face when she saw my come all the way down. She put two fingers down her valley and carefully scooped up the come that trickled down. She rubbed it into her bush and the rest of the come she rubbed into the skin where it had landed making sure that her breasts and nipples got a good part of it.

She laughed happily and looked at Bodil and me who still were kneeling behind her head. I cupped her soft breast and leaned down and kissed them sucking on each nipple which hardened. They were a little salty and smelled of almond.

“Collection your prize, aren’t you? Well, it was good shooting I must say. But I think it’s me who should deliver the prize.” Bodil wanted her breasts fondled as well. None of the girls wanted to be left out. She moved around to stand on her knees beside me.

I left Eva’s breasts and kissed her mouth for thanks and turned to Bodil who offered me her big pair by cupping and holding them forward. I kissed and sucked them as well and finished kissing her mouth.

We went into the water to swim and play and were very relaxed about each other. The girls didn’t mind being touched all over their bodies but stiffened when I slipped my hand up their inner thighs. If I got to high up they pinched them together and withdrew.

The girls got more goodies out from their baskets. It seemed like they had brought an endless supply. They took turns feeding me and liked when I ate a lot praising it all. Afterwards we again lay lazily sunbathing. It was still plenty of time before they had to be back. The girls chatted but I didn’t listen much.

Bodil sat up and crept over to me. She stood beside me on all fours. Her breasts hang down swaying slightly and looked real nice. I stared at them and wanted to touch.

“Go ahead, help yourself, I want you to,” she whispered with smiling eyes. I took one breast in my hand and felt its heaviness. I cupped them both and squeezed. Bodil laughed throatily.

“I . . . we want to ask . . . well, we wonder . . . would you do us again,” she said and blushed. “You know, like you did before. It felt so good to come when you caressed us. Please?”

“Uh, well, yes of course. But come? Do girls come? I mean . . . well I don’t know what I mean,” I said not knowing really what she was referring to. That they had had a good time when I caressed them and when they caressed themselves in bed I had understood, but did they come?

“Oh yes, girls come just like boys although we don’t spurt anything. Well, we don’t anyway. I have heard that some women do though. But it’s so pleasurable to be caressed like you did and we don’t need to be penetrated by a cock to come. Just like a man can come from jacking off. So please do us,” Bodil said sounding very eager.

I thought about what she just had told me for a second. There was something I hadn’t understood but there was more. I still didn’t know what girls looked down there although I had felt with my finger.

“Yes, of course, I will do anything for you,” I said. “But can I ask you a favor? I don’t know how a girl looks down there. Would you show me, please?”

“Pussy. You should call it ‘pussy’. That’s a nice word, soft and cozy. I always use that when I think about it.” Bodil blushed even more when she talked, I guess she wanted time to think it over.

“Hey, what are you two doing?” Eva came over. “Have you asked him?”

“Yes, of course I have and he is willing,” Bodil said. “But . . . well, he asks if he can see our pussies. Says he doesn’t know what they look like.”

“Oh, he does? Rather indecent I would say. But perhaps it could be a nice start up so to speak. Yes I think I like the idea. It’s a little daring though but who cares? Let’s think about the pleasures that lie ahead and let’s get on with it,” Eva said like she discussed a trivial matter.

“Well Eric, you can start with my pussy. Will this be a good angle?” She jumped up and straddled my head. I looked up and saw a deep slit going from her bushy mound nearly to her butt hole. There were a lot of folds and wrinkles. I tried to sort it out.

On both sides of the valley were two thick ridges that looked puffy and soft. In the valley were two wrinkled folds, light brown and a little moist. Towards the puckered ass hole there was a tiny opening.

“You may touch it as well,” Eva said hoarsely. “But don’t shove anything inside, a finger for example. I am a virgin and want it to be that way, for the time being anyway.”

I took a hand away from Bodil’s breast and trailed a finger along the ridges on both sides of the valley. Up one side and down the other several times. They were puffy and very soft under my finger. Then I put the finger in the valley and trailed up and down several times going a little deeper each time. Eva’s knees suddenly buckled when I pressed at the top of the valley.

“Hey there. Want to see mine too. Girls look not all the same you know,” Bodil yelled. She straddled my chest facing Eva.

At first the pussies seemed to be alike but when I calmed down and tried to study and compare there were many differences. I can’t any longer describe them in detail but the sizes of the folds were different and also the color. Bodil had pink inner folds and her ridges were much puffier. I used my other hand to trail along her ridges and valley. Also her knees buckled when I pressed where the folds met.

I fingered both girls for quite some time and they got moist, very moist. Small drops of liquid showed on the folds and the ridges.

“Enough of that. I want my boobs fondled,” Eva said and knelt behind me putting her breasts in my face. I sucked the nipples and kept fingering Bodil. She pressed her pussy against my finger and her knees buckled several times when my finger pressed at a small knob that had appeared in the crossing of the folds. Bodil started to moan and grabbed my hand and pressed it against her pussy moving it in circles. She cried out and closed her thighs around my hand.

Bodil sank down on her knees with a pleased smile on her face.

Eva withdrew her breasts from my mouth and whispered in my ear.

“Do me now. Both breasts and pussy, please.”

She lay down on the ground and I sat up and started to fondle her breasts with one hand and caress her pussy with the other. Eva directed me with both her hands. Soon her hips heaved and her ass bounced up and down. She panted hard and moaned. Suddenly her long high pitch cry emerged from her depths and her ass heaved upwards towards my hand.

Both girls relaxed, spread out on the ground on each side of me. Gentle I caressed their breasts and sifted through their pussy bushes. I definitely felt the surge in my loins and my cock stirred.

I went up to pee and when I came back Bodil was gone, also to relieve herself I thought. Eva lay flat out on her stomach legs together. Her taut ass rose like a mound and looked very nice and soft. I knelt beside her and started to fondle her upper thighs and ass cheeks. I started at mid thigh and stroked upwards with my thumb in between her thighs. I squeezed her ass cheeks and then went down the same way. She started to pant heavily and eased her thighs a little apart to let my thumbs go deeper in between her ass crack.

After some time she moaned of pleasure and looked over her shoulder.

“So, you wanna see my pussy from behind as well? Well, you are welcome as long as you don’t stop doing me as well as this,” Eva said, panting hard.

I kept fondling her cheeks as she pushed her ass up in the air a little at a time until she stood on all fours. Her brown puckered ass hole was in full view. A stroked my thumb over it pressing slightly which startled her and made her shiver.

She eased her knees slightly apart and lowered her head and shoulders pushing her ass further back. Her thighs opened slightly revealing something very nice. It looked like half a peach with a shallow slit right in the middle going all the way from the top to disappear between the thighs at the bottom. It looked fresh as dew, puffy and very soft. I stroked over the peach gently and it was indeed soft but also very springy. Short strays of hair tickled my finger. And it was moist. While I stroked over it the shallow slit spread and opened when Eva moved her knees further apart. My finger got into the slit which was very wet and slippery. The top of my finger slid easily up and down from the ass hole to the bush. Eva moaned every time I touched the knob that had grown fast and became hard. She pushed her ass even more backwards and the slit opened and revealed the light brown folds that I had seen before. Moisture glistened on them and small drops formed on the puffy ridges. I suddenly saw that the slit deepened and the folds gave way when I wriggled my finger along it. It sank in slightly which made Eva to shudder and sway forward. I remembered what she had said. I was not allowed to go deeper in there.

She swayed back and I resumed caressing along her slit and pressing on her knob. I also cupped and squeezed one breast and pinched the nipples. She moaned and wriggled her hips. I put three fingers along her slit in V-shape and pressed harder as I slid up and down fingering her knob carefully at each turn. She shivered again and then her long high pitch cry came and she closed her thighs hard together round my fingers. I massaged her breast as best I could until she calmed down and fell forward. I fondled her ass cheeks a little longer.

“What are you two doing? Can’t a girl go and pee in decency without you two getting together? It looked very nice, though. Eric, do you want to see my pussy from behind too? You are very welcome if you do the same to me. Please?” Bodil had stood at the side watching with great interest. I had noticed her in the corner of my eye already some time ago.

I turned away from Eva’s ass. Bodil stood in front of me facing away wriggling her ass. I reached up to caress her cheeks which made her moan of pleasure. She moved back straddling my legs to give me easier access. She leaned over parting the thighs and the ass crack widened reveling her ass hole and below that the lovely puffy ridges. They were bigger than Eva’s and lighter in color looking like a ripe peach. The curly hair covered it. The slit in the middle split when I trailed a finger along it and it was moist inside.

Bodil’s knees buckled when my finger ran along her slit. She got down on all fours and backed up against my chest. She pushed on backwards wanting me to lie on my back. When I caressed her slit she moaned and her big swaying breasts caressed my cock and belly. I had felt the surge in my loins for some time and when Bodil caressed my cock with her breasts it swelled.

I kept on caressing Bodil’s pussy slit which was very wet. A hard knob had come out and Bodil shivered when I pressed on it massaging. The pink folds got bigger and the slit deepened between them. My finger could easily be pressed deep in which made her squirm and move away a little. She didn’t want to be penetrated so I concentrated to caress along her pussy slit from the ass hole to the bush.

Bodil moaned constantly and short cries came from her as soon as I touched the knob that had grown even more. Her heavy breasts swung and caressed very nicely along my swelled cock. Bodil lowered her head and upper body pushing her ass up in the air. Her breasts surrounded my cock and massaged it when she moved. It swelled even more.

Suddenly Bodil cried out, her ass shook and her body trembled. She pushed back against my hand and froze for a while before her knees slid back making her lie flat upon my body with her pussy on my chest and her breasts still surrounding my cock. I kept caressing her upper thighs and ass cheeks.

“Oh my god. Goodness gracious me. Eva, look at this. I can’t believe it. Oh my goodness, it grows. Eric, you are hard again. Eva, what shall we do?” Bodil had suddenly felt my hard cock against her breasts and jumped up to sit on my chest. She held my cock showing it to Eva. It grew to full hardness in her hand.

Eva came over looking at us.

“Oh, how nice. Well, let’s jack him off again. We shouldn’t let him be like that, should we?” She said enthusiastic. “It’s my turn I think?”

“Oh, well, all right, yes it is. But I want to have it all over my breasts and chest.” Bodil dismounted and lay down on the ground beside me. “Oh, I have got a great idea. If you spurt over me I will rub it in and not shower that part later on. At dinner tonight it will be rather warm and I want to see if these old ladies recognize the smell that no doubt will vapor from my body.” Both girls laughed out loud at the thought.

Eva started to jack my cock with great enthusiasm. The girls had really taken to jack my cock. I knelt at the side of Bodil with Eva behind me. Her breasts caressed my back when she moved. Bodil helped by cupping and fondling my balls. It was very pleasant but since it was the fourth time in a couple of hours it took some time. The girls didn’t seem to mind though. They giggled and laughed as they caressed me searching for my sensitive spots. Finally I shot a good load over Bodil’s upper body just where she wanted it. She laughed happily when she carefully massaged the come into her breasts, cleavage and chest.

I slumped down beside her totally spent and Eva lay down at my side. The girls were in a very good mood and chatted and laughed. I put my hands on their bellies and got positive reactions. I moved up to the breasts and they got even more positive squirming around when I caressed their nice breasts. I moved south again and let my hands rest on the pubic bushes. Both girls got quiet and lay still when I pushed a finger down their slits. They wriggled their asses slightly and parted the thighs to make room for my fingers.

It was very nice to lie beside the girls and slowly caress their pussies. They became moist and then wet. The knobs came forward and got hard. The girls moaned softly at my sides. They started to wriggle their hips to get my fingers where they wanted them. Bodil was the first to start bouncing her ass but Eva wasn’t far behind. They both panted and moaned heavily and suddenly Eva cried out. Bodil followed and then the girls incited each other to moan higher and higher and to cry out. Eva’s long high pitch cry told us that she had went over the brink and from Bodil came her short loud cry telling the same. Both girls stiffened pushing their pelvises up when they came.

The girls relaxed at my sides. They turned and kissed me and then started laughing, a long relieved laugh. They took my hands and put them back on their bellies wanting to be fondled even more but now only as a token of affection.

We had a good time cuddling in the late afternoon sun. The girls playfully tried to stir my cock awake again but with little success. I lazily fondled them all over but neither I nor they had any intention to get something going again. We were pleased and satisfied for the time being.

Eventually it was time for the girls to go back. Both girls hugged me before we got dressed, full body hugs that pressed our naked bodies together from thighs to heads. They hugged me again when we parted outside their cottage but this time it was more decent hugs.

Two evenings later I was back at their door. Bodil met my call with a towel loosely held around her body.

“Oh, it’s you, Eric. Hi, nice to see you. I was just showering. Come on in, Eva will be home soon” she said taking a step back revealing that she was naked. “We had such a lovely afternoon the other day, hadn’t we? Thank you for taking us to that nice cove,” she said when we hugged. Her towel dropped to the floor but she didn’t mind, just took it up when she went into the room with rolling ass. She put on a pair of panties but let it stay with that. It was still warm.

“You know that we are leaving tomorrow so we are busy packing. Pity when we have such a good time together, don’t you think?” She walked around chatting while folding clothes, her breasts swinging and bouncing.

“Remember I said that I shouldn’t shower before taking my dress on? I didn’t, and it was very funny to see the reactions. Some of the ladies recognized the scent quickly enough, for some it took a little longer. I think a few didn’t understand what it was until being told. A couple of them frowned and looked disgusted, but quite a few smiled knowingly. And you know what? The eldest of them all, a grand lady in her early seventies was very nice all evening and when I helped her with the coat she said something I didn’t fully understood:

‘Thank you my dear. I understand that you have had a pleasant afternoon. That lovely scent gives me very sweet memories. Not for me anymore I am afraid. But to have a stiff one between your breasts is lovely, isn’t it? I always thought that was the second best and was my favorite when for some reason I wouldn’t allow the real thing or just for variation. And you have such a lovely pair. Thank you for reminding me.’ She tipped me richly when leaving.

Now, Eva and I don’t really understand what she meant but I have a good hunch. I want to try something if you are willing. You did come to get off, didn’t you?” I blushed when she smilingly said that.

“Take your shorts off and come to me if you want to get your rocks off,” Bodil said and lay down on her bed. “Come; kneel over my stomach, yes that’s right. Oh, he needs some help, doesn’t he? Yes, that’s better,” Bodil gave directions and giggled when she grabbed my cock that quickly got fully erect. “Now lean over and put your cock between my breasts. I think that was what she meant. . . . Oh yes, that feels good. Now, move back and forth, yes that’s right. . . But it’s a little dry, isn’t it? Wait, let’s put this on.” Bodil reached out for a bottle at her bedside table and poured a small amount in the tunnel formed by her two breasts when she pressed them together around my cock.

“Oh yes, that was much better, wasn’t it. Oh, it feels very nice, yes . . . oh yes . . .” Her voice trailed off and she started to moan instead. It felt very nice to slide back and forth in her tunnel. And also so very different from being jacked off. It was so intimate straddling her warm body. My libido rose quickly and it boiled in my loins. Soon I felt the familiar tingling and grunted. Bodil looked up smilingly.

“Are you coming? It feels so lovely. Yes, come between my boobs.” She cried out and heaved under me.

My first shot filled the tunnel and made it very slippery. My second hit her under the chin and then her face got a good shot. When I was finished come dripped from all over her face and chest. My cock rested nicely in the tunnel she still kept forming.

“Was it any good, Bodil? It sure looked nice.” I startled. Eva was standing in the doorway smiling broadly.

“Hi Eva, yes it was lovely. And did you see how he came? Like a volcano, wasn’t it? Look, what a mess.” Bodil giggled and laughed happily. “How did you like it Eric? Not bad, huh?” For response I kissed her. She kissed back letting her tongue play with mine..

I slid down her body to lie on top of her. Her body was soft and warm and felt lovely against mine. She wriggled her ass and hips to get comfortable and her thighs opened slightly. My limp cock slid into the opening between her upper thighs and felt heat and moisture from her pussy.

Meanwhile Eva went to shower. She took her time which we didn’t regret. We necked on Bodil’s bed and had a good time.

Eva came out of the shower stark naked. Her nipples were very taut after the cold ending of the shower she told us she had taken. She dried herself and her dark pussy bush looked very attractive atop her thighs. She walked around completely unashamed of her nakedness letting her breasts bounce.

My cock reacted to the nice view. It lay along Bodil’s slit and she noticed when it suddenly swelled and got hard. She heaved under me to make sure it was hard again. I felt her thigh muscles flex around my cock pushing it harder against her pussy slit. She did it rhythmically several times. Her thin panties were wet by now and I felt her knob grow and harden against my shaft. She whined and moved her ass up and down making my cock slide along her pussy slit giving the knob a good massage. Her movements got wilder until she cried out telling that she had reached her goal.

She relaxed and recovered quickly. She pushed me down at her side and my cock popped out from between her thighs.

“Oh my god. Eva, look. Look at this formidable thing. It never tires. Oh, isn’t it nice, standing so proudly?”

“Oh my goodness. Yes, it’s hard again. Well, I have better do something with it, don’t I? Goodness gracious me, I want to try that breast thing as well. It looked lovely, just as the old lady said,” Eva exclaimed. “Oh yes, he wants to come into my tunnel. I can see it,” Eva said excitedly. “Come Eric, let’s put him where we want him to be.”

Eva rushed to her bed and flung herself down with spread legs. I got a good glimpse of her naked pussy as I approached the bed. Eva pulled me down and I lost my balance and landed stretched out over her body. My cock got between her upper thighs pressing against her pussy. She startled and pushed me away.

“Oh no. That’s a no, no. Up here you should be. Be a good boy and straddle me. On your knees, boy. Yes, that’s right.” She pushed me in place with both words and hands. Bodil rushed to our side.

“Maybe you need some of this,” she said and giggling she put a good amount of my come in Eva’s cleavage. I leaned over and placed my stiff cock on her chest and Eva pressed her breasts together around my cock. I started to slide back and forth and it felt heavenly, just like it had a while ago in Bodil’s tunnel. Eva’s pubic hair tickled my balls when I moved.

Eva enjoyed it too. She started to moan and carefully kept her breasts together. We went on like that for quite some time before I felt the tingling and grunted. Eva sensed what was about to happen and tightened her breast tunnel. I shot when I was at the top and my come hit her throat. The following shots she directed to her face and breasts. She cried out in the middle of it all, her long high pitch cry and let her breasts fall to the sides.

Eva relaxed and hugged me, holding me tight for some time.

“Oh yes, that was lovely. And totally safe as well. Seems like the old ladies have something to teach us after all.” Eva giggled. “I just wonder what the real thing will be like when the second best is so marvelous. Well, we will know in due time won’t we?”

Bodil and Eva broke into a happy relieved laughter.

I sat in a chair for quite some time chatting with the girls while they packed. They didn’t bother to put something on. Bodil even took her soiled panties off wanting a fresh pair in the morning. It was lovely to see the girls moving around freely. Eventually they told me I had to leave, they must get some sleep they said. After full body hugs we parted. I felt sad knowing that it would be lonely without the girls.

The girls left and so did the woman in the window. The summer was nearly over. My friend and I had to admit that we hadn’t got laid although we had come a bit on the way. And we sure had had a good time. I didn’t tell him just what a good time I had had while he was away though. He would only feel sorry for himself, I thought.

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