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An Erotic Island Getaway

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Angela and Pei Ling – Naughty Girls are us.

After exchanging e-mails with your friend in the US for a while, you become aware how curious and fascinated you are with the differences you discover between the East-West cultures. You are pleased for him when you receive an e-mail telling you his firm has just given him a performance award; a week for four at a Resort on an Island off the coast of Malaysia. Everything to be first class, all expenses paid.

The two of you have both been fantasizing for months about how you would love a chance to enjoy each other’s wife. Realistically, you both know there is no way this could ever happen.

Therefore, you are thrilled and delighted when you get an e-mail inviting you and your wife, Pei Ling to share in his good fortune. He has invited the two of you to join him and his wife, Angela at the Luxury Resort for the week.

You both sensed this would be the perfect opportunity; probably the only opportunity you are ever going to have, to get together with your traditional wives for a week of sexual fun and naughty little erotic games.

At his suggestion, you agree to talk to Pei Ling and try to persuade her. Being a traditional Chinese, Pei Ling is at first reluctant. However, after looking at the website for the Luxury Resort with all its many luxurious amenities, you sense she is becoming more and more interested. Little by little, you wear down her half-hearted resistance.

His wife, Angela from the start is already aware of your desires. Knowing how much her own spouse would enjoy watching her play-wrestle with Pei Ling, she starts exchanging E-mails back and forth with your wife.

She helps Pei Ling feel more comfortable about doing it by mentioning it will be a one-time thing. She further points out that no one would ever know; since, it will take place completely in private and be just between the four of you.

At last, Pei Ling relents and agrees to spend the week with your friend, and his petite little wife, Angela.

He and Angela fly out to the Island on Friday and check into the Resort. You and Pei Ling arrive early the next morning.

Once you and Pei Ling get out to the Resort, you realize it’s even more lovely and exciting than you could have ever imagined. There is the added forbidden excitement in the air because of the coming erotic rendezvous with the Caucasian couple you will be meeting shortly.

As you and Pei Ling are sipping coconut drinks in the hotel lobby, you look up to see two familiar faces approaching you. You recognize your friend from his picture. Turning your attention to the petite attractive woman walking by his side, who smiles warmly at you and Pei Ling in recognition you whisper to Pei Ling,

“That must be his wife, Angela.”

You see she is quite pretty and petite, very attractive, dark black hair, delicate little face. You feel your Cock pushing against your briefs as you think of later that evening and the forbidden joys that await you.

Both you and Pei Ling take notice that Angela is about Pei Ling’s size maybe slightly heavier.

“Oh, she’s almost my same size,” Pei Ling quietly whispers to you.

After greeting each other warmly, your friend and you watch with growing excitement and interest as the two wives eye each other. Both seem comfortable with what they see in the other female.

You find out later that Angela is 36 years old, 112 lbs., and 5 feet tall.

You wife, Pei Ling is 33 years old, 100 lbs., and 5′ 3″ feet tall. You find yourself becoming aroused just thinking about the coming friendly confrontation to take place between your two wives.

Arriving at the Villa

Within moments of arriving at the Villa, the four of you unpack. Angela and Pei Ling quickly change into bathing suits and run out onto the gleaming white sand down to the waters edge. The two of you watch the gentle ocean lap at their bare feet as the surf flows languidly in and out. In bathing suits, their petite, attractive sexy figures are stunning.

Your friend, almost awe-struck at their beauty, says hoarsely, his voice full of emotion,

“We are really two lucky guys.”

You laugh and agree as the two of you continue to watch your two wives frolic like two young women in the foamy surf.

When the two of you look over the Villa assigned to you, you are immediately thrilled to learn the four of you have been lodged in a large luxuriously appointed Villa with oversized day beds.

Recognizing the erotic possibilities, you both immediately start fantasizing what it’s going to be like watching your two wives rolling around on those big beds play-wrestling with each other.

As the two of you watch your attractive wives wading in the surf, both of you express a determination that before the week is over, you are both going to enjoy having your swollen cocks in the other wife’s hot black hairy pussies.

Both wives had previously agreed nothing would be Taboo. The two of you will be allowed to fuck the other’s sexy woman, sniff her moist panties, and lick the translucent juices off the crotch of her soiled panties.

Your friend tells you he wants to sniff Pei Ling’s messy panties until he passes out. You laugh with delight and insist you are going to do the same with Angela’s soiled panties.

You tell him, “I just hope Angela’s panties get nice and messy,” adding, “I can’t wait to taste her juices.”

The first Naughty Evening

Evening finally arrives. Every one is invigorated from spending the day swimming, playing tennis and enjoying the Resort’s many amenities.

The four of you are lolling around, laughing and chatting with each other. You sense Angela and Pei Ling are also feeling the undercurrent of sexual excitement. When you lightly suggest to Pei Ling and Angela that they play-wrestle each other, laughing nervously, they both agree.

Your friend quickly chimes in, “Yeah, how ’bout which ever wife loses, has to submit to lots of naughty consequences.”

You start by suggesting to the two women, “Hey, why don’t we make our first night together really wild, maybe with a lot of play-fighting, panty-sniffing, sucking, cunt licking.

Both women exchange surprised glances, embarrassment registering on their faces at your bold risqué remark. But, a moment later, after exchanging amused glances with one another, they both agree.

Pei Ling surprises both of you by remarking to Angela, “I’m ready to play-fight now. Would you like too?”

“Sure, why not.” Angela smiles, adding, “We might as well get it over with.”

“Okay,” you laugh, “First wife to end up on the bottom gets her panties sniffed right while she’s still wearing them.”

Both wives emit a nervous little giggle at your remark.

First Friendly Struggle

You watch your two wives in little night dresses climb up on the bed. While they are crawling to the center of the large day bed on their hands and knees, you can’t help but notice they both have cute little bottoms.

Ever so slightly, as they kneel in front of each other, their nightdresses start to inch up their bare-naked thighs. Each wife laces her wiry fingers through the other’s fingers.

With giggles, little feminine grunts and squeals, they start testing each other’s strength. Both struggle as they try to force the other female off her knees and push her sprawling.

Within moments, you and your friend can see your two wives are an equal match in strength and stamina. A few moments later, they finally take each other down, and fall in a tangle of arms and thighs to the disheveled bed.

Both of you audible catch your breath sharply. You drink in the sight of your wife struggling wildly with the other’s wife.

Their nightdresses ride up around their trim waists. When either wife’s thighs fall open, you get a full view of their lacy panties. Both females begin playfully trying to tickle the other. Laughing and giggling as they continue to tussle. Both wives’ panties flash each time their shapely thighs fall open. The two of you continue to drink in the beautiful erotic view.

As Pei Ling rolls the other wife to her back, Angela’s thighs sprawl open. You see that she is wearing a pair of baize panties. You see Pei Ling is wearing white ones. You watch as Angela struggles on top of Pei Ling in their wild little tussle.

She tries tickling Pei Ling. Just before Pei Ling pulls Angela off her a moment later, you see the crotch of Pei Ling’s panties has a wet spot. You wonder…is it wee wee or pussy juice. Moments later Pei Ling shoves Angela off her. They’ve been going at it for only a few moments; but already your cock is swollen from your excitement and getting thicker.

Angela falls off, landing on her side. Pei Ling quickly gets on top of the other wife. Within moments as they play-wrestle, Pei Ling ends up astride Angela’s belly.

After providing you with a sensuous view of their flashing panties and beautiful thighs, the two of you watch intently as Pei Ling playfully pins Angela’s slender arms alongside her head on the now rumpled bed.

Angela’s black hair is now laying out in a wild tangled mess around her head. She has the sexy look of a woman starting to be aroused. She’s no longer is even tries to appear modest. She lays there, her shapely thighs gaping slightly open.

You stare at the crotch of Angela’s baize panties that are now in full view. You notice a large wet spot on her soiled panty crotch. You feel your dick thickening, your arousal soaring at this erotic sight.

“I win!” Pei Ling laughs; delighted she has won the first struggle between the two of women.

Pei Ling giggles, then looking over at you; she teases you by asking if you are ready to enjoy your little ‘Angela Gift.’

You are eager but hesitant. You look over at your friend. After all, you hardly know him. You’re not sure how he’s going to take it. He smiles his acceptance. You sense he is aroused also, at the thought of watching you sniff his wife’s panties.

Angela’s thighs are gaping wide open. You can both see her soiled crotch has a wet spot. Some of her black pussy hairs have slipped out from underneath her panty elastic. This makes her look even sexier as she lays there on the bottom with Pei Ling still mounted on top of her.

As you kneel between her milk-soft thighs, you detect the fragrant odor of female excitement, and the slight whiff of wee wee. ‘She must have released wee wee when Pei Ling was tickling her,’ you decide. Looking into her sleepy sexy eyes, you see the gleam of her female excitement. You decide the exotic fragrance you smell is from her arousal starting to take hold.

Pei Ling still has Angela’s slender arms pinned down. She is helpless to prevent you from starting to kiss and lick your way up her warm sexy thighs. You smell her body fragrance – feel the heat of her warm thighs against your face. Your lips and tongue begin their delightful erotic journey up to her messy crotch.

Still kissing up Angela’s thighs, you get a whiff of her pussy scent. The feminine smell of her pussy is heavy with her arousal. You arrive at her messy soiled panty crotch. Your marauding tongue begins licking around her panty elastic. Her feminine smell grows thicker – stronger. Up close, her pussy scent is more fragrant. Tantalizing! Enticing!

Even though she starts protesting faintly, you do not stop. Thoroughly aroused…your cock hard as a rock, you press your mouth and nose against the soiled crotch of her panties. Burying your face in her delightfully fragrant juice smeared panty crotch, you feel her female heat on your flushed face.

You start sniffing her soiled panties, drawing in deep breaths as you savor the exotic fragrant smell of her female juices. Mixed in with her exotic female smell is a delightful – ever so slight – faint trace of her wee wee. It all seems so enticing – so sexy For a long moment you linger, savoring the essence of her womanhood.

You start working your busy tongue underneath Angela’s soiled panties. You hear her murmured protests, “No…don’t – please don’t.” But your tongue has found her fragrant area, the source of all that slime and goo – her forbidden fountain of delicious pussy juice. Out of control – insane with desire…there is nothing to stop you now.

Dimly you are aware her protests have stopped. In their place, you hear a slight sexual murmur of ” Aaaaa.” “Yes…more right there.” “Oh, stay right where you are.”

You feel your senses reeling. Your hungry tongue continues licking and sucking. You drink in the smell of her beautiful feminine scent.

Your very first Caucasian pussy…! You are filled with sexual elation. You know everyone in the room can hear the loud sounds of your labored breathing – You don’t care.

Overcome by your overpowering sexual desire, your searching fingers seize Angela’s messy panties. You pull them aside. Like a hungry male animal, your mouth, now messy with her womanly juices, starts devouring her swollen juicy pussy. Her little moan of desire spurs you on. Licking, sucking, her feminine juices smearing your face, a savage animal moan of lust starts deep in your throat. It quickly becomes audible to the other watchers in the room.

Your tongue slick with her juices…finds her swollen Clit. Her lush thick jungle of cunt hairs tickle your nose. Pushing aside the hood of skin covering her Clitoris you swirl your invading tongue around it in a vicious circular motion. You hear her starting to gasp for breath from the joy pain of her excitement.

Suddenly you feel your friend’s excited wife start thrashing her hips, bucking up; shoving her swollen tortured pussy against your face. She grabs you by your black hair. Insane with desire, she pulls you in to her, squashing your nose and mouth against her swollen messy pussy.

With super-human strength brought on by her sexual excitement and desperation – she holds your face – squashed against her tortured inflamed pussy. You continue licking and sucking…catching a breath of fresh air whenever you can.

Within seconds, you bring her to a mind-shattering climax. She gives out with a full-throated deafening female scream.

“AAAAaaaa.” “That was sooo good,” she pants as she tries to catch her breath.

You crawl away from Angela. You’re still licking your lips, tasting her woman juices. You become aware of a faint taste of wee wee. Your mouth is smeared with her sticky juices. You savor the taste of her like a bottle of fine wine.

As you greedily savor the taste of her, you decide Angela’s pussy taste is sweeter and more fragrant than the pussy juice and smells of your wife, Pei Ling’s pussy.

Looking over at your friend, you can see he’s not upset at all. On the contrary, he has become very aroused from watching the heavily erotic activities.

Your erotic evening is well underway.

Speaking in Chinese, you tell your wife, Pei Ling, “Let Angela win next time.”

You’re aware of how much her husband is aching to enjoy his first taste of her Asian pussy. You can see he understands. He flashes you an appreciative smile.

Lying back on the bed, resting on your elbows, you both watch Pei Ling swings her sexy brown thighs off Angela and helps her up to her knees. The delicious smell of erotic excitement is hovers thick in the room.

Angela Pins Pei Ling

After resting a few minutes, on the next try a determined Angela gets Pei Ling down on her back. Seated on the Asian wife’s sexy little midriff Angela is now mounted astride her. Pinning Pei Ling’s arms Angela laughs gleefully. Looking down at Pei Ling who is still trying to struggle Angela teases her.

“This time I win,” she laughs.

Angela’s husband loses no time. With Angela sitting lightly on top of your wife, you watch him get between your traditional little wife’s sexy thighs. He gently forces her lovely brown thighs back against her soft brown titties. Her white panty crotch, fully exposed, is in plain view.

You see he’s picked up a whiff of your wife’s sweaty smelly pussy. Like a hungry animal, leaning down, he runs his warm moist tongue around Pei Ling’s panty crotch as he sniffs Pei Ling’s soiled white panties. Some of her pubic hairs from her female jungle of black hair sticks enticing out of her soiled white panties.

You can hear him as he begins to lick and suck your wife’s beautiful pussy lips She moans appreciatively as he moves on to lick her swollen little clit. You cannot believe your ears. Pei Ling is starting to emit little moans of arousal already You are happily surprised to hear her joyful sounds. ‘She’s really enjoying it,’ you decide.

A moment later, you hear her give a hard little “UUMMPPT,” as she quietly achieves a first tiny little climax.

You hear him whispering to her, “Pei Ling, you’re so wet and juicy. I’ve got to fuck you.”

You can’t believe what you hear next coming from your traditional little wife.

Pei Ling laughing softly, aware of her womanly power over him, warmly whispers back, “I want you to fuck me too.”

Your sexual passions fully aroused, are as hard as a rock. Everyone knows what is coming next.

Since it’s just the four of you; and, completely in private, the two sexually excited wives timidly agree to allow the other’s husband to enjoy her forbidden sexual charm.

Both wanton wives willingly crawl on the hugh day bed. Rolling over on their backs, they open their shapely thighs invitingly. Through sleepy lust filled eyes, they beckon the other husband to enjoy the forbidden pleasure of their beautiful bodies.

An aroused Angela and Pei Ling submit

Angela will be the first Caucasian female you have ever fucked. As you get between her hot thighs, your engorged cock – rock hard; you almost climax from the excitement.

She smells so sexy, she almost drives you crazy. The smell of her cologne -her clean fragrant feminine smell envelopes you. The heat of Angela’s thighs feels hot against your thighs. The feel of being between her warm thighs almost overpowers your senses. You feel your arousal building.

You sense from her heavy breathing, you sense Angela is hungry too. You feel her woman heat from her pussy surround your throbbing dick as you force the head of your dick just inside her. You groan as you feel her hot moistness close around your engorged cock.

Suddenly Angela pulls her shapely sexy thighs back against her titties. Looking up at you, she smiles…waiting for you to slide your thick cock all the way deep inside her.

Your excitement increases even further when you look over and see Pei Ling’s brown thighs sprawled wide apart. She’s looking up at your friend, timidly, her eyes bashfully averted. You can see she is tense. She knows he is about to take her.

Looking uneasy, she waits quietly for him to begin. It jolts you to realize you’ll be watching her for the first time with another man. You remember her asking you what you think it will be like – to do it with a Caucasian person.

You know within a moment that he’ll be fucking her. You see his swollen dick is engorged – hot and ready. You see Pei Ling, her lovely brown eyes looking startled. She’s also looking at his thick cock swinging back and forth like a pendulum. You see her lovely brown eyes close for a moment. You know she’s mental preparing herself for what is about to happen.

A moment later you hear Pei Ling’s little voice suddenly emitting a sharp little moan of despair. You cannot resist looking. You see he has the head of his thick cock already just inside your wife’s moistening black hairy pussy. You hear his guttural groan of desire. You know he’s just felt your wife’s warm moistness surround his swollen cock. ‘He’s feeling how tight she is,’ you think to yourself. Her little sexual whimpers increase as he slips further, deeper inside her soft warm pussy.

You watch. He comes down completely on top of Pei Ling. You hear her gasp of surprise. You watch his strong muscular thighs force Pei Ling’s sexy brown thighs wider apart. He has her shapely brown thighs fully opened up. She grunts in surprise as he slams his cock into your wife hard and deep.

Then the room fills with a crescendo of desperate sexual sounds. Nothing nice – nothing civil – about it now. The two of you take each other’s sexy wife lying underneath you like two wild animals in heat.

Angela and Pei Ling are now both under sexual assault. Each wife grunts in shock each time you slam your hard cocks into their swollen black hairy pussies.

You have his beautiful naked wife on her back. You’re on top of Angela, between her sexy warm thighs, giving her a sexual pounding. Now aroused, you feel her start to meet your wild lunges. Even though you can hear your own wife’s desperate little voice moaning and crying out, you continue slamming hungrily into Angela.

You hear Pei Ling’s little voice grunting from the force of his hard thrushes. Savagely, you can hear him slamming deep into the moistness of your wife’s tight pussy. You can hear her feverish moans, tiny bits of passion, tiny sexual grunts as he takes her.

Through the din of all the sounds of erotic activity, you become aware that your wife, Pei Ling is now starting to meet his insane sexual lunges. You can tell by her soft little moans and squeaks that she is sexually aroused and getting near her climax. She becomes increasingly louder – her moans get more desperate. Her climax is building. You can tell by her familiar raw straining sexual sounds, Pei Ling is almost at her climax.

You become aware of Angela’s soft voice now harsh as she feverishly demands that you,

“Fuck meee!” “Fuck me harder…Oh deeper!”

Her raw uninhibited female sounds arouse you to a feverish pitch. You ride her wildly – pounding her into oblivion. She lunges up, meeting your wild cruel thrushes violently, passionately. Panting and crying out, the two of you climb to that sexual pinnacle – hover for a moment, then crash over. You achieve a crushing mind-blowing climax that leaves both of you weak and exhausted.

A few minutes later, you hear your wife, Pei Ling’s little voice singing a guttural sexual duet with the man lying between her sexy thighs. Pei Ling give a little feminine scream of joy. Their two joyful voices join in a chorus of sexual release.

Though exhausted, and drenched with sweat from the heat of the tropical climate, both Pei Ling and Angela run the other husband’s climax out nicely for him.

The couple’s first night is over.

A few minutes later, someone sleepily remarks, as the two couples drift off to sleep, “I can’t wait to see what tomorrow will bring. ”

The End

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