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Frozen Moments

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I love summer.

Hot days are best. Hot, bright days that bring out beautiful women with long, smooth legs and deep cleavages. Bare shoulders and thin straps support light summer dresses and strappy sandals caress tanned ankles. Thin tops that cling to perky breasts and give a hint of nipple. Denim cut-offs that give tantalizing glimpses of the crease between thigh and buttock. Unexpected breezes that whips up the unsuspecting summery skirt, giving flashes of pale buttock and pink G-string.

This day was one of those.

But before I tell you about it, let me backtrack a few years. Well, a lot of years. Back to when I had just turned 18, discovering a whole lot of new stuff about the world, and one important thing about myself that made me, as far as I can tell, pretty much unique.

It happened when I was in the last year of high school. In Queensland “high school” goes right up until year 12. I was a good student, not athletic at all (the term “fat” wouldn’t be too far from the mark) – and indeed it was being called “fat” that brought on the fight that day.

The kid calling me names was the local bad boy. He had the classic 80’s mullet, compact hard-muscled body and a mean streak a mile wide. I found out years later that he got put away for heroin distribution. Unfortunately on the day in question he was not serving time, but at school (for once) and picking on the nerdy fat kid.

Normally I’d scurry away from confrontation, but I’d had enough. “Shut up!” I yelled. “Just go away!”

“Or what?” he sneered. “What’re you going to do, you fat prick?”

Along with his words came a hard shove to the chest. I staggered back a pace, then threw a wild punch.

This was the first time I’d been truly, horribly enraged since hitting the start of puberty. As my arm swung into the punch I felt a weird wrenching sensation and the world stopped.

When I say “stopped”, I don’t mean that time seemed to slow, or my memory of the event has such clarity that I can remember every detail of the image. I mean that time, literally, stopped.

My opponent stood stock still. I couldn’t figure it out. He didn’t move at all. Then my eye was drawn to the other kids gathered to watch the impending fight. They didn’t move either.

Next, it was sound. Or rather, the absence of it. It was like I’d suddenly been struck completely deaf. The background hum of traffic, the drone of kids chattering, the nearer cries of encouragement from those egging us on… gone. Completely. Even the just-remembered hum of a passing plane… I looked up.

And there it was.

A white Cessna 172 (yes, I was into plane watching too) – stuck in the sky like a fly in amber. Unmoving, unfalling, unfuckingbelievable.

I was paralysed with fear. What was going on? Why had everything, and everyone, just stopped? My legs went weak. Then, as I tried to slump to the ground, I discovered that I, too, was stuck in place like a butterfly pinned to a card.

Panicked, I struggled to move. It was like being inside a particularly strong jelly. I strained with all my being to move my arms, my legs, anything. Nothing. I was going nowhere.

The human mind is a wonderful thing, especially when you’re young. After a while I gave up trying to move and just looked. It was like looking at the most detailed, high-res, 3-D picture you can imagine. Of course, in 1985 “high-res” didn’t exist, but you get my meaning.

Slowly it permeated my brain that I was looking around, which meant my eyes were moving. Why them and not my limbs? Maybe I was too tense. I made a conscious decision to relax.

After a couple of minutes I was relaxed. After all, I didn’t seem to be in any danger. In fact, right in that frozen moment I was the safest I’d ever been. The creep about to beat me to a pulp was doing a good impression of a scowling statue. As my heart rate returned to normal, I felt some give in the force holding me.

Carefully I tried moving my hand. It felt like I was pushing through a latex mattress, but suddenly my hand made it through the force and then the rest of me fell free.

I picked myself off the ground and walked around, marveling at the sight of everyone else standing still. People were standing in mid-stride, some with one leg in the air. One bloke had been jumping off a step and was fixed in mid-air, legs tucked up under him. A girl had just stepped into a puddle on the concrete and the splash had frozen like blown glass. I squatted down and ran my finger through the water. Where my finger went through the water there remained a line of air bisecting the splash. As I touched an individual droplet, it flowed onto my fingertip and ran down my finger.

The geek side of me realized that I could affect things even though they were stuck in time.

The horny male side of me thought about Miss Fisher.

Miss Fisher was a walking wet dream to every guy in the school. Well, to most of us. I guess Mr Green was the inspiration for some guys. But anyway, I was in the majority on this one. I’d seen her that morning, looking stunning as always, dressed in a short sleeveless dress. Her tanned shoulders and the fine blonde hairs on the back of her neck were enough to make me hard. Her long, long legs and jutting breasts nearly made me come in my pants whenever I looked at her.

I quickly worked out where she’d be. I’d had her (I wish!) for English in first period, she then had a free period before recess, so she’d most likely be in the teacher’s lounge. I quickly walked to the Admin block, stepping around and squeezing past the frozen lesser mortals without hesitation as my mind spun with wicked thoughts.

Opening the glass door to the Admin building was difficult. I thought it was jammed at first, but then realized it was moving, just really slowly. As it did, the light from the sun’s reflection seemed to change strangely. I looked closely at the door and realized the large glass panels were ballooning in their frames as the door moved. The nerdy side almost took over, but then Miss Fisher entered my mind again. With the mental equivalent of “whatever!”, I dismissed the physics of time-stuck door openings from my mind and just waited for it to open.

When it was open wide enough to slip through, I did. Luckily all the internal doors were open so it was only a matter of seconds before I stood, jittery with nerves, outside the teacher’s lounge room.

I peeped through the open door. The room was empty except for Miss Fisher, and at that moment I thought I’d died and gone to heaven.

At the moment I’d frozen time, Miss Fisher had been bending over to pick up a magazine from the floor. The hemline of her brief yellow dress hovered around the crease of her buttocks. Her thighs were together, legs straight, and her perfect arse formed the shape of a ripe peach.

My cock went rigid in record time. For a while I just stood in the doorway, mouth open, looking at this wonderful sight. After a bit I jerked back guiltily, afraid that she might turn around and catch me staring. Then I mentally slapped myself – she was stuck in a single moment! There’s no way she could see me, no way she could know I was ever there. I could stand and look for ages. Actually, I could go closer and look…

I crept into the teacher’s lounge and walked around Miss Fisher. In front of her, my jaw dropped again. As she was bending over, the front of her dress had fallen open and I had an awesome view of her magnificent cleavage. I leaned closer, my cheek almost touching hers, and gazed at the top of her breasts. They were lightly tanned, full, ripe and firm. Looking down the vee of her dress, I could see that further down they were paler where the sun hadn’t tanned them. I imagined her lying on her back beside a pool, sweat beading on her bosom, a brief bikini top unclasped and lying on top of her breasts…

Suddenly, I felt warm skin against my cheek and realized I’d leaned a bit too close and was touching her cheek with mine. I pulled back slightly and looked into her face. Her luscious full lips were slightly open, her gorgeous brown eyes staring fixedly at the magazine on the floor. Her hair was mostly lying over one shoulder, leaving the one closest to me bare. Her neck was evenly tanned with tiny fine blond hairs. In wonder, I touched her lips with one finger. They were warm and firm. With rising excitement I leaned in and kissed her on the lips.

This was paradise. I was kissing Miss Fisher. On the lips! Ok, so she was frozen in time and totally unaware of it, but oh man, it felt so good. Almost every boy in school would give his left arm to kiss her, but it was me doing it. I licked her lips a bit, gently pressing my tongue between them until I touched her teeth. I’d never kissed a girl before. It felt better than I could ever have dreamed.

My thoughts went lower and I pulled myself away from her lips and ventured southwards. My heart was pounding wildly as I knelt in front of her and gingerly pulled the top of her dress further open.

You have to remember that this was 1985, before the internet. If you didn’t have access to real girls (which as a shy fat kid I didn’t), or access to porn videos (I didn’t), then the only way you got to see the unclothed female form was from the occasional furtive flipping through magazines in the newsagent’s.

So you can understand how excited I was as I looked at the most perfect pair of tits, encased in a lacy bra, inches in front of me. I pulled the dress straps off her perfect shoulders and down her arms. Those perfect breasts were revealed, bit by bit, until the undersides were visible clad in their filmy black bra. They hung like ripe melons from her chest, reined in only by her bra.

Panting like I’d run a marathon, I tugged gently on her dress until it reached her hips. It got a little difficult as I reached the flaring of her buttocks, but I persevered. As the dress stretched over her luscious butt, her panties came into view. Thin, black and lacy, just like her bra. First the waistband appeared, then, as the dress went over the hills of her buttocks, those magnificent cheeks were exposed to my lustful gaze. Rounded, firm, and tanned, they took my breath away.

I stood up and stepped back to appreciate the view more fully, my cock like an iron bar tenting my school shorts. To my surprise, her dress remained hovering around the tops of her thighs, forming a yellow band under her butt. I walked around behind her and pushed it slowly down her legs, admiring her tanned thighs and thrilled by the sight of her crease clearly visible through those thin panties.

As my face got closer and closer to her thighs, my warm breath caressed her skin. Suddenly I noticed bumps forming on the skin of her thigh. She was frozen in time, but her skin was reacting!

Excited, I looked up to where the thin black bra strap bisected her tanned back. Having never even touched a bra before, it took me some time to figure out how the damn thing worked, but finally I managed to unsnap it. I drew the ends slowly apart, then crouched in front of her. Looking at those mesmerizing tits, I pinched the material at the tips and pulled downwards. As the black lace pulled away from her breasts, my breath caught as her pink nipples were revealed.

Kneeling below her chin, I blew gently on her nipples and was rewarded by goose bumps appearing on her areolae. It was too much. Dick throbbing and senses in overload, I ran my tongue around one nipple then sucked it into my mouth.

This was heaven. I closed my eyes and concentrated on the soft warmth of that pink little nub between my lips. As I sucked harder, to my surprise, it felt bigger. I opened my eyes and released it from my lips. Looking from one nipple to the other, it was definitely real. The one I’d been sucking was longer and harder than the other one.

Feeling like I had to be fair, I sucked the soft nipple into my mouth, rolling my tongue around it, and then sucking. With my other hand I fondled the hard nipple, squeezing it gently between finger and thumb, palming it, grasping the whole breast and gently palpating it. Both nipples continued to grow in size and stiffness until they jutted out half an inch from her breasts.

I rocked back and looked up at her face. It was in exactly the same position, but there was a slight but undeniable flush to her cheeks that hadn’t been there before.

As fascinating as her breasts were, there was something else that was drawing me with magnetic intensity. I kissed each of her nipples then scooted back and moved around behind her.

Kneeling down, my face was on the same level as her crotch. I touched those rounded butt cheeks, marveling at their firmness and smoothness. I got closer at the crotch of her thin panties, pushing my nose right in there and inhaling a smell I’d never smelled before. It seemed to go straight from my nose to my cock, which swelled even more.

Uh oh. I had jerked off enough to be very familiar with that sensation. I was about to cum.

Overcome with lust, I ripped down my shorts and underpants, grabbed my cock and started pumping, eyes still fixed on the crease in her panties and my mind recalling the taste and feel of her nipples. About 3 strokes later I shot ropes of cum all over her butt, her back, her hair, her thighs and her crotch.

“Aaaaaarghhh!!” I grunted, squeezing and stroking as several more spurts laid strings of cum over her butt. I closed my eyes for a moment and relished the empty, relaxed post-ejaculation feeling.

Then I opened my eyes and began to panic. There was cum everywhere. Dribbles and streaks of it lay across Miss Fisher’s back, her butt, her legs. Further up it was in her hair. What the fuck was I thinking? I’d just coated a teacher in cum!

Then I began to grin. “You stupid prick!” I told myself. I knew that she would never know. I just needed to clean her up.

I looked around for a box of tissues, but there weren’t any. I guess not much crying happened in the teacher’s lounge. While I thought about alternatives, a very evil thought crept into my mind.

My cock still hanging out, I tugged Miss Fisher’s panties down slowly. As they revealed the puckered ring of her arsehole and then glistening pussy lips, my breath shortened again. I pulled them right down to her feet and lifted her feet off the ground one at a time. Amazingly, with both feet off the ground at the same time, she just hovered in midair. I maneuvered the panties under her feet and then gently pushed her back to earth. Then I looked back up to the first pussy I’d ever seen.

Because of the way she was bent over, her vagina pouted beautifully between her thighs. Fine golden hairs studded the outer lips. Her inside lips, a gorgeous coral pink colour, protruded slightly. I could see a line of moisture on the seam of her pussy and it seemed to open slightly at the arsehole end.

My cock twitched and started stiffening again. Entranced, I ran my finger along the line of her cunt and reveled in the moist slippery feel. I looked at my wet fingertip and sniffed it. There was that wonderful smell again, turning me on and sending waves of excitement crashing through me. I gingerly licked my finger and then sucked it, rolling the taste of woman around my mouth like a fine wine. Heavenly!

I played with her cunt for a while, parting her lips and looking inside her, working out where things went. I carefully slipped a finger in the more open bit, discovered its depths, and slipped another finger in with it. The feel of that warm, wet, tight cavern on my fingers was almost enough to make me cum again, but I wanted more than this.

My cock was as stiff as before. I shuffled up behind her and, holding my dick, pushed the purple tip against her wet slit. I marveled at the sight – MY dick right up against the hottest woman in school’s pussy!! Then moving it to the bit where my fingers had gone so deep, I gently pushed.

I can’t describe how good this felt. All the wanking I’d done in my life felt nothing like the warm, slick cavern that gripped the head of my cock. As I pushed deeper I felt the tightness holding me and it all became too much. Groaning, I bucked my hips forward until my cock was into her up to the hilt, then spurted and gushed another load of cum deep into her vagina.

I slumped over her back for a while, catching my breath and struck with the wonder of the moment. I’d just stuck my dick into a woman. I’d had sex. I wasn’t a virgin any more! (I wasn’t sure if the last one counted if the woman in question was unaware of the sex, but it was good enough for me.)

After a bit I pulled my shrinking dick out, watching closely as the head popped out of her cunt, followed by a dribble of my cum. Oh man, this was great. I wished the moment could last forever.

But I knew it wasn’t going to. I started to get a tickly feeling in the back of my mind, a feeling like a rubber band was getting too stretched and was close to snapping. Somehow I knew the frozen moment wasn’t going to last much longer – and I didn’t want to be here, cock out, cum everywhere, when Miss Fisher started moving again and found herself naked.

Picking up her panties, I started wiping the cum off her. I started at her hair and cleaned it as much as I could, combing it with my fingers afterward. Then down the back of her neck, her back, her butt, her thighs, and finally that heavenly pussy. By this time the panties were soaked through, pretty much dripping cum. All of which suited the other part of my evil plan extremely well.

I used the last dry bit of her panties to wipe my dripping cock. Letting them go in mid-air (no stains on the floor that way!) I put her bra back on, giving her nipples one last quick suck to enhance future memories of her mammaries. I pulled her dress up from where it lay pooled on the floor, slipped her arms through the straps and ensured it was exactly the way it had started. Giving her one last kiss on the lips, I went around behind her, lifted the back of her dress and licked her lovely cunt. I gave it a little kiss goodbye, tugged the hem of her dress down over it, and looked around to make sure everything was in place. I pulled up my own pants and tucked my extremely satisfied penis away, then snagged her panties from the air on the way out and left the room.

The stretchy feeling was getting stronger as I slipped out of the Admin block, through the still-opening glass door and back to where the fight was, well, NOT taking place. Quickly I walked up to my erstwhile opponent and, shuddering a little, unbuttoned his jeans and pulled them down. I tugged down his underpants too and replaced them with Miss Fisher’s sopping panties. I pulled his jeans most of the way up his thighs, and pushed his own underpants into his back pocket.

As the feeling grew almost unbearably strong, I moved around in front of him again and settled back into the position I was in when time stopped. Well, almost. I lined up my fist a little better and leaned slightly forward. Then I waited.

A little later, it happened. Time started to speed up, not instantly, but like a jet engine starting to spin. As it got faster and I could see things starting to move, I re-started my punch in slow motion (but faster than normal), aiming it all the way as time spooled up to normal.

It was perfect.

As time snapped back to normal my fist hit his cheek at faster-than-normal velocity. The bully’s head snapped sideways with a spray of blood. At the same time, his unbuttoned jeans slipped to his ankles, tripping him. He went over backwards in the dirt, showing to the amazed and incredulous crowd, the unforgettable sight of the school’s most masculine thug – knocked out by an overweight nerd, and wearing a delicate, lacy, sperm-soaked set of women’s panties.

So how did it end?

Very satisfactorily, for me anyway. Nobody noticed anything amiss. Well, almost anything. There was the very strange incident of the Admin block glass door, which for no reason at all flung itself open with such force that the tempered safety glass shattered into a million pieces against the wall.

The bully was laughed out of school. His protests, that he didn’t know where the women’s panties he was wearing came from, were disbelieved by everyone. After all, there must have been 50 people watching the fight when his pants fell down.

And a persistent rumour made its way around school… that the gorgeous, breathtaking Miss Fisher, alone in the teacher’s lounge, was overheard having a noisy orgasm.

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