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From the Car Wash to Heaven

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Since Dave was “in between jobs” thanks to the slow economy, he spent many of his days doing errands. He didn’t particularly like fighting the moms and kids everywhere he went but it did give him a reason to get out of the house. And it kept him from spending too much money on leisure activities like golfing with none coming in right now. So the trip to the car wash with the SUV was item number one on today’s to-do list and the trip outside was welcome.

Dave stopped the SUV in the entrance drive to the car wash and was met by the attendant who immediately opened all the doors and hatch and started vacuuming it. Order paperwork in hand, he walked up the stairs into the lobby and went to pay for the “Basic” as it was called. Normally he enjoyed this part of the car wash experience, as the cashier was almost always a young, attractive college girl around 20 years old and always friendly. And, since it was summer, he was guaranteed she would be wearing something sheer for a blouse and possibly no bra. Ok, he said to himself, it was a cheap thrill but it did brighten up the chore and the day. Gosh, he must be getting old if this is what he called a “thrill.”

There was no line at the counter and, much to Dave’s disappointment, the person behind the counter was not the anticipated college coed but a 17 year old guy. Nice fellow and competent but not worth spending too much time visiting with.

Having paid the bill, Dave went to the window to watch the SUV progress through the myriad of sprays, brushes and foam. He chuckled to himself at how fascinated he was by this process still. Boys never really do grow up, do they?

As he looked towards the entrance to the progression of cars and water, he spied something of interest out of the corner of his eye. Not wanting to be too obvious, he glanced casually around the room and then back to the wash line. Sure enough, it was a cute coed, about 5’5” tall, thin with shoulder length brown hair, short tan shorts and a loose fitting, white V-neck T-shirt with sandals, probably 23 or 24 years old. Since it was the end of Spring Break week, she had the requisite tan and no lines visible. Of course, Dave used his imagination to fill in where the lines would be, where the tan stopped and the white started. Twenty years ago, when Dave was in college, almost all the girls wore two-piece suits with bikini bottoms. Dave’s cock got hard just thinking about some of his friends who had worn them out by the pool. He had even dated and fucked a couple of them. Great memories. Nowadays, though, girls wore those funny suits that looked like a boys trunks with a girls top. He failed to see the sexiness in such a combination but he was never very good with what was “in fashion” at any given time.

Dave wanted badly to give this girl a full visual inspection but knew if he did he would practically be arrested. So he continued to watch the cars as they came down the line and decided he could get away with one more look if he was careful. Then he would be content go outside and wait for the SUV to be finished and tackle the rest of the day’s errands.

Before he could look, however, she walked right up beside him and joined him watching the cars progress through the line. She looked a bit nervous, like she wasn’t sure how this process worked and glanced around a lot. Dave really didn’t care, he was just enjoying the odor from her body. He’d swear it was some type of Hawaiian Tropic suntan lotion, his favorite. And every time she turned her head, her shoulder-length hair would move just enough to attract the eye but not look like she was flaunting her looks. His first thought was to put his arm around her waist, pull her close and bury his nose into her neck and take in the aroma.

Bad idea, he thought. Especially here in the lobby. Time to take his hardening cock and move outside, away from temptation before he acted on his imagination. He put his sunglasses on and headed out of the lobby.

No sooner had he gotten to the outdoor patio to wait for his SUV, than the coed began following him. Being a distance apart, he got to check her out a little longer without being so obvious. She had a slim figure but very nice dimensions. She wasn’t very busty, maybe a 34 he guessed, but had great shapely legs that ended in a nice round ass. Her face was pretty with big blue eyes, light red, full lips, a perky nose and light makeup. She was wearing a bra but there was still a nice soft jiggle to her breasts as she walked, telling Dave they were natural. He’d swear he could see her nipples getting harder through her shirt.

“Is this where the cars end up?” She had directed the question to Dave, kind of in a general way as she put on her sunglasses. But it must’ve been to him, as they were the only two out on the patio.

“Yeah, they’ll dry them out there and give you a wave when it’s done. Then you can just hand them your receipt, and you’re gone,” he told her.

“Thanks,” she said. “I’m from out of town and didn’t quite know how they did things here. I guess it’s pretty much the same everywhere.”

“Pretty much. By the way, my name is Dave,” he said. Dave was not going to do that anonymous conversation thing much longer.

“My name is Cheryl. Nice to meet you.”

“So, where is home if you are from out of town?”

“Washington state, Seattle area,” she said. “I’m just down for the night to see my boyfriend. I just got done spending the week with my folks at their condo in Las Vegas. One night here and then back home.”

“End of break, huh?”

“Yeah,” she said.

“Las Vegas is an interesting place. It’s kind of two places in one–the Strip and then the rest of the town. Usually I’m good for about 3 days there before I get sick of it and have to come home,” he said.

Dave was trying to make good, non-threatening conversation but his cock was telling him his interest was far beyond non-threatening. He was already day dreaming about Cheryl sucking his cock and then bending over so he could do her doggy style, holding on to that white ass surrounded with golden brown tan. He could even hear her moans as he fucked her, her voice asking for more. The smell of that suntan lotion didn’t help matters much either. Man, did he have a great imagination!

Cheryl’s voice brought him back to the moment.

“We’ve had a condo there for years so I’m used to it. Oh, here comes his car,” she said.

“His car?”

“Yeah,” Cheryl said. “My boyfriend’s.”

“The red car? The one with the dark tinted windows?” Dave asked.

“Yeah, he likes them that dark but it drives me crazy. I’d swear they’re illegal but he hasn’t gotten a ticket yet,” she said. “He’s in class for another couple of hours so I told him I would get the car washed. Which one is yours?”

Dave could tell Cheryl was starting to get more relaxed around him. The nervous glancing was over and now she was almost facing him to hold the conversation. He even thought he caught her giving him the once over behind her sunglasses, checking him out. He must have passed muster and not been too old or out of shape because she was still there talking to him.

“The white SUV. I never thought I would own one but it’s turned out to be real practical,” he said. “Good for work and dress up and also going to the hardware store.”

Both the red sports car and the SUV were almost done being dried now. Dave had to make up his mind in a hurry whether he was going to try and take this farther with Cheryl or not. Otherwise they would be going their separate ways in just minutes and Dave would be left wondering what might have happened with this pretty thing. In his college days, this would have been a no-brainer, free love and all that. But times had changed and there was an age difference here that he hadn’t had to deal with before.

Dave decided to see just how interested Cheryl was in him and hopefully getting fucked. He decided he would invite her for coffee but, at the same time, look her up and down with the lustiest look he could muster so she would have to know what he was really after. If she was not interested, she could politely decline and not be embarrassed. If she was interested, well he would know he wasn’t wasting his time.

Dave turned to his right and saw Cheryl looking at him with a half smile, leaning on the railing. He faced her completely. He knew she could see his eyes through his sun glasses. He gave her a friendly smile, looked into her eyes for a good five seconds and then started to speak and at the same time let his eyes wander in detail down her tight, brown body.

“It sounds like you have some time to waste before returning the car?”he said. Dave began moving his eyes down from her eyes to her lips, then on to her collar bones. He loved V-neck T-shirts on girls because you could always get a hint of cleavage and anticipate what was underneath. He moved his eyes directly to her breasts, looking to see if he could turn Cheryl on more and get those nipples to be even more prominent through her shirt. Man, he wanted to get some idea if this girl was finding him desirable or not.

“The mall is across the street, you might want to go there and do some window shopping,” he continued. As he had hoped, Dave could see the outline of Cheryl’s nipples grow under her shirt. They were pronounced but not pointed. Dave loved nipples like this–ones that were soft, just approaching eraser size when erect. They were the best to suck.

“Or there are some restaurants up the street.” Cheryl changed her posture slightly, very aware that she was being stared at in detail but the smile did not disappear from her face. Dave continued his gaze downward, across her flat stomach to the “v” made by her shorts, where those tanned legs came together. He desperately wanted to find out if she was shaved or not, and to bury his face in that young pussy.

“You could grab a cup of coffee and some danish and just hang out.” Dave now returned his gaze to Cheryl’s face to see what her reaction was to his visual come on. Maybe she would be too immature to know he was trying to hit on her. Or, maybe she would just be offended, having been looked over like a piece of meat. Or, maybe she was getting as wet as he was hard. Being as obvious as he was, he was sure to get his answer shortly.

Cheryl looked straight at Dave, then looked quickly at the bulge his erect cock was making in his shorts and back to his face and smiled. It was obvious she was trying to be as cool as possible about the circumstance and possibly a little unsure of committing to the rendezvous with a stranger. “Coffee sounds good but I’ll probably skip the danish. Are you buying?”

“Absolutely,” Dave said. “Why don’t you follow me. I know several places close by. Do you prefer quiet and cozy or loud like Denny’s?” Dave figured he should give Cheryl one more chance to back out if she wanted to.

“Quiet and cozy sounds good,” she said. “I’ve had enough noise for a while. If you could find a place that gave good back massages AND had good coffee, that would be perfect!” She laughed as she said it and lightly ran her hand over his shoulder. The physical barrier had been broken finally and by her!.

“Follow me, I think I have the perfect place,” he said.

Dave tipped the wash crew and watched from his SUV as Cheryl got in her car. Those legs of hers were driving him crazy and she was still smiling, though not knowing what was about to happen next.

Dave considered taking her back to his house as it wasn’t far away but decided that would probably scare her off. He decided that the only thing to do was to get a hotel room at The Inn, a place about a mile from the car wash. It was nice and pretty much deserted this time of year. If Cheryl really wanted coffee, he could order it in and there would be no pressure. He was hoping she wanted more, like his cock and a room would give them the neutral, temporary but secluded playground they needed for a couple of hours.

So, he drove over to The Inn, careful to make sure Cheryl did not get lost following him. He parked near a set of rooms, just down from the registration desk. Cheryl parked right next to him. He got out of his SUV and walked over to her door.

“Their coffee is pretty good here and I’m great at back massages. Still game?”he asked. He couldn’t help but stare down her blouse after asking the question, hoping to see more of those golden brown breasts.

“Sure, as long as they deliver to a room cuz I always want to take a nap after a massage, ”she said, grinning. This time she answered while staring at his cock and smiling. “I’ll wait here til you come back.”

Dave paid for the room and came back with the key. Cheryl grabbed her purse and gym bag out of the car and followed him to the door of the room.

“Work out bag?” Dave asked.

“It has the lotion in it, silly,” Cheryl said smiling.

Dave opened the door and let Cheryl walk in first. The room had one king size bed and the usual television and too small bathroom. Cheryl set her bags on the desk while Dave closed and locked the door. Cheryl then kicked off her sandals, went to the window and pulled the drapes shut. Walking over to Dave, she put her arms around his neck and just looked at him, with a smile.

“Well, we’re here. Now what?”she said.

Dave could not hold back any longer. He put his arms around her waist and pulled her tight against him, so tight she could feel his hard cock against her. He placed one hand on each of her ass cheeks and grabbed them tightly. They were just as soft to the touch as he imagined them. Then he kissed her, lightly first on the lips then with his tongue, very passionately, very deeply.

“Uh,”she said, partially surprised with the sudden urgency Dave showed. As she continued to kiss him back, Cheryl began to relax and return his passion. She began rotating her hips, rubbing her pussy against his cock, while rubbing her hands through his hair. She starting moaning along with her rubbing, obviously getting more excited as they continued this embrace.

Dave let go of her ass so her could run his hands up and down her back and enjoy the firmness of her shape. He slid one of his hands up under her T-shirt so he could feel the softness of her skin, all the way up to her bra.

Her bra was silky and lacy. He moved his right hand to her left breast and felt it through the material, focusing on the nipple. It was soft and sensitive to his touch.

Cheryl broke the kiss but continued to grind her hips against his cock, just looking at Dave and smiling.

“So, Dave, is this what you had in mind at the car wash?”she asked, again teasing him with her smile.

“Well, we certainly are started in the right direction,”he said. “Are you still interested in that back massage and coffee?”

“I don’t think so,”she said. “It’s too hot for coffee and I think I’m more interested in this” she said, then dropped her right hand down to grab his cock through his shorts and began rubbing up and down lightly.

“You like that cock, do you?”he asked.

“Uh-huh. It feels just right. Nice and hard.”

“You’re not an inhibited as I thought you might be,” he said.

“Well, I’m just not very inhibited with the right person,” she said.

Dave knew if she kept rubbing his cock up and down through his pants that he would come before they even got their clothes off and he certainly didn’t want that. He had too much exploring to do of this hot little body and too little time.

“Well,”said Dave, “since we don’t have too much time, do you want to be in charge or do you want me to be in charge?”

Dave gave Cheryl one more deep kiss. Then, feeling fair is fair, Dave dropped his right hand from Cheryl’s breast, down her side to her pussy and started rubbing. She was already hot and getting moister as he rubbed. Cheryl closed her eyes briefly to enjoy the sensation and then opened them again to answer him.

“Tell me what you want me to do and I’ll do it all. Just no kinky shit, okay?”she said.

“No kinky shit, agreed,”Dave said, smiling. He continued by whispering in her ear. “You are so incredibly beautiful. Now stand back a bit. I want to undress you. Then have you undress me. Then I want you to get on your knees and suck my cock. Are you ready to suck my cock?”

Cheryl looked at Dave and licked her lips. “I’d love to suck your cock,” then gave him another deep kiss. Cheryl’s pussy was getting hotter by the minute. While she enjoyed giving head, that is not where she wanted his cock. She wanted it in her pussy, filling her with his cum.

Cheryl backed away a few inches from Dave, just enough for him to get a hold of the bottom of her t-shirt and lift it over her head. Cheryl’s lacy white bra was now revealed along with the tops of her gorgeous tits. Dave was tempted to take the bra off now and dive into her tits but decided to remove her shorts first. Much as he wanted to lick her nipples which were now even more obvious to his view, he was more anxious to see her in her underwear and get a glimpse of her pussy. He loved looking at a woman in her underwear before fucking her. It was a huge turn on for him. And he wasn’t even sure if she was wearing underwear but was going to find out!

Dave lowered his hands, undid the button to her shorts and with his right hand, lowered the zipper. He slid both of his hands inside her shorts and around to her ass, slowly pushing the shorts down. He dropped to his knees to get a better view of the unveiling of her pussy and panties and continued to lower the shorts.

Her panties were high cut at the thighs, almost a thong but not quite. Dave left the shorts draped around her ankles and brought his hands back up her legs, stopping when each hand was on a thigh. He could wait no longer to see where the tan ended and the white skin began. He also wanted to see her bush—if she had one.

He placed his nose up against her pussy and inhaled. He could smell her wetness and her sex! He stuck his tongue out and lapped briefly at her pussy through her panties. Cheryl reacted briefly to this licking with a moan and then by placing her hands on his head. He didn’t know if she needed the support or wanted to direct the activity, and didn’t care.

Meanwhile Dave had looped his hands into the side bands of the legs and began pulling her panties off. Ever so slowly he saw more of her beautiful skin. She was shaved all the way to the center of her belly, where only a small strip of pubic hair was visible, leading to her pussy. The tan ended about an inch above her pussy.

Dave brought her panties to the ground and helped her step out of both garments. He then returned to her pussy, now with both hands on her ass.

“Spread your legs a little….I want to lick you,”he said.

Cheryl did as requested. She loved feeling Dave’s hot breath and tongue on her pussy. “Oh yeah,” she said. “That feels good.” Cheryl encouraged his actions by leaning back a little, further exposing her pussy.

Dave continued his light licking of her pussy. She tasted just as sweet as he imagined and her ass was just as soft as he dreamed.

Dave slid one of his hands in between her cheeks to see what she would do. He expected her to jump away but she didn’t. Instead, she changed position ever so slightly to give his hand more access.

“Are you an ass man, Dave?”she innocently asked looking down at him.

Dave stopped licking her pussy long enough to answer her. “Depends on what you mean by an ass man,” he said, returning her gaze.

“You know, an ass man. I know you like playing with my ass. I want to know if you like to lick ass holes? And fuck ass?”she asked.

“My you have a dirty mouth for such a sweet looking young lady,” Dave said.

“That’s because I know it turns you on when I talk dirty, doesn’t it?” She figured that out on her own, he thought. This is getting more interesting by the minute. “Now answer my question—do you like to lick and fuck ass? No more pussy until you answer my question,”she said as she moved her hips and pussy back from his face.

“In your case I’d love to lick and fuck your ass. Want me to?”he asked.

Cheryl moved her pussy back to his face so he could continue licking her. “I’d love to have you lick my ass, it makes me very wet. Fucking my ass I’m not sure about. It depends on how turned on I get and how gentle you are. We’ll have to see how things go.” Cheryl started grinding her hips into his mouth again. “Oooh yeah, run your tongue all along the lips, like that. Oh, that feels good on my pussy.”

Dave licked her pussy for another minute then got back up to his feet. He was still fully clothed and this session could not go on forever, she had to pick up her boyfriend.

Dave undid the front clasp to her bra and moved it off her shoulders. “Have you ever been fucked in the ass before?” he asked. He may have been talking to her but his eyes went to the soft orbs he had just uncovered. They were the size of large apples with hard nipples that got bigger after her pussy licking session. He started to gently massage each breast with a hand.

“Yeah, once. It was kind of fun.” Cheryl looked into his eyes, knowing she was turning him on. She dropped her hands to the belt buckle on his shorts and started undoing it. “Want me to tell you about it, huh? You’d like to hear that story wouldn’t you?” She now had the zipper undone and was pushing his pants and underwear to the floor.

“Do you think you can tell me the story and suck my cock at the same time?” Dave asked. He could feel the pre-cum oozing out of his cock already.

“Uh-huh,” was all she said. Cheryl dropped to her knees in front of Dave and proceeded to take his entire cock into her mouth at once. It felt like velvet to have her mouth surrounding his cock, slowly moving up and down.

Dave’s cock was about average, 6 inches long and about 2 inches around, so it did not require super human skills to swallow it all. But Cheryl knew the right way to do it and was doing it over and over again.

Cheryl loved a perfect cock and this was one of them. She loved the bulbous, pink head and long shaft. It was easy to swallow and just the right size so she could play with it in her mouth, not just try and fit it in. Dave was fairly hairy and had lots of hair on his balls as well as the base of his cock. Cheryl made a mental note to try and leave time to lick and suck his balls, too.

Not wanting to miss seeing any of the action, Dave quickly pulled off his golf shirt and tossed it on the desk chair. He then placed his hands on her head and followed her movements. Her hair was so soft and she was sucking his cock like there was no tomorrow. He would have to stop her in a minute or he would fill her mouth with cum and he desparately wanted to fuck her, even more now.

Cheryl pulled away from his cock, leaving a trail of saliva between her mouth and his groin. She continued massaging him with her hand, lightly jacking him off to keep him near the edge.

“Once,” she said,” I met this guy out dancing. He invited me to his place afterwards for a drink. So I went and we started making out on the couch. Well, he was afraid his roommate might walk in so we went to his room. On the way, he kept grabbing my ass so I figured he had an ass fetish.“

Cheryl put Dave’s cock back in her mouth, gave it two more licks and then pulled it out so she could continue with the story. She continued lightly jacking him off with her right hand and began gently massaging his balls with her left hand.

“Anyway, after a little 69 and some doggy style, he started sticking his finger in my ass. It felt weird and I told him so. But he said wait a while and I would like it. So he kept fucking me and moving his finger in my ass. Then he pulled his cock out of my pussy and put two fingers in my ass. I started digging it so he talked me into letting him fuck me. He got some Vaseline, coated his cock and my ass, slipped it in and fucked me. He didn’t last long but it was kind of cool having his cum up my ass–that never happened before.”

Cheryl put Dave’s cock back in her mouth again and started blowing him with even more gusto. Dave by now was so turned on he could come any second. The back and forth motion of her mouth on his cock was almost more than he could take.

“Looks like you liked my story,” she said, staring at his hard cock, dripping with her saliva. She started sucking him again.

Dave used both hands and pulled Cheryl’s mouth off his cock with a pop. “Get on the bed, on your back, legs spread wide as you can,” he told her. “I have to fuck you, now!” Dave pulled her up from the floor, pulled her close and kissed her, then released her so she could move to the bed.
Cheryl wanted Dave’s cock now as badly as he wanted to give it to her. But she also knew how turned on he was by her ass. So, even though the bed was only a few steps away, she made sure she turned and walked to it with her back to him. She wanted to tease Dave with the motion of her tight, white cheeks and make him want her even more. She was glad she wore a traditional bikini when she worked on her tan–they left such great lines!

Cheryl quickly tossed the bed cover on the floor and got two pillows, one for under her head and one for under her ass. Once the pillows were adjusted, she spread her legs wide, fully exposing her pink lips surrounded by white skin and then deep tan. Her small trail of pubic hair was almost an arrow pointing Dave to his target. Using both hands she held her pussy lips open, inviting him inside her.

“Come on, Dave. Slide your hard cock in my pussy and fuck me. Fuck me nice and slow and make me cum,” she said. She knew her dirty talk made his cock even harder. She liked teasing him this way.

“Man, I love it when you talk like that! Grab my cock, Cheryl, and guide me to your hot pussy,” he said. She reached down with her right hand, grabbed his cock and placed it to the entrance to her pussy. Not much else needed to be said. She was so wet there would be no problem getting him inside her.

With one slow stroke, Dave was all the way inside her, up to his balls. Her pussy was so warm and tight, he just had to stop to enjoy the sensations. The look of pleasure must have shown on his face as, when he looked down at Cheryl, she was broadly smiling back at him.

“You feel so good I can’t believe it,” he told her. Dave leaned down and gave her a sensual, loving kiss, which she returned. Then he gradually starting fucking her, with slow strokes, bringing his cock all the way out of her pussy, then slowly pushing it back in. The feeling on the head of his cock was incredible and Cheryl must have been enjoying it, also, as she let out a small gasp each time he entered her.

After several strokes, Dave raised up slightly and grabbed both of her legs, placing one over each of his shoulders. Cheryl instinctively knew what he wanted and moved to accommodate him. This was one of her favorite positions to be fucked in, as it let her lover’s cock penetrate into her deeply and she would always cum.

“You’re hard cock feels so good, Dave. Are you going go fuck me harder now?” She continued the tease, smiling broadly at Dave and he loved it.

“Uh huh,” he said. “But first, I want to watch my cock slide in and out of your pussy while I fuck you. You have such a pretty, wet pussy and such a gorgeous tan. I want to take it all in before I fuck you harder. You are a real tease, you know that?”

“And you love it, don’t you?”she said, knowing the answer already. In response, Dave just smiled and increased both his tempo and the force of his thrusts. If she wanted to get fucked hard, then it was time to get started.

“Oh, yes, oh yes, fuck me like that!” Cheryl said, almost in a loud whisper. She was really starting to get into being fucked. Dave could see she was beginning to rub her nipples with both her hands, furthering her excitement. “Oooh, I’m getting close, getting close.” Her eyes were closed as she totally immersed herself in the moment.

Dave now had moved his hands to her ass and continued to fuck her, grabbing her ass cheeks to hold on. As Cheryl got more excited she closed her legs around his neck and began to meet his thrusts with her own.

“Oh fuck, oh fuck, I’m cumming,” she whispered loudly. “Ooooh, yes, grab my ass, grab my ass! Oooohhhh”

Dave slowed down his thrusting, watching and enjoying the orgasm Cheryl was having. Her breathing was heavy and head moved from side to side, enjoying the pleasure. She moved her right hand down from her breast to her pussy and began stroking her clit while Dave fucked her.

“Keep fucking, keep fucking me,”she whispered. “Ummm, keep fucking me……” Her voice trailed off.

Dave took her legs and lifted them back off his shoulders and to his sides. He leaned down and lightly kissed her and said, “Did that feel good, Cheryl?”

She looked at him with half closed eyes and said, “You know it did! Did you cum too?” Dave wasn’t ready to cum yet. It was hard as hell not to a moment ago but he definitely wanted to fuck this young thing doggy style. He wanted to see and feel that cute white ass up against him as he fucked her. And he wasn’t sure where he wanted to come yet. He’d love to come in her mouth and watch her swallow his cum but there was also the possibility she would let him fuck her in the ass. In that case, he would definitely cum in her ass.

“No, we have more fucking to do before I cum,”he said. He began slowly stroking his cock in and out of her pussy again. It was nice she put a pillow under herself before they got started but now even he could feel how wet it had gotten from her juices. “Did you have some special place you wanted my cum, Cheryl?”

“Uh,” she said, noticing that he was still hard and starting to move again. “Your cock feels so good! Where do you want to shoot it baby? Shoot it anywhere you want!”

“How about your mouth? Would you like my load in your mouth?”

“I’d love it in my mouth,”she said with a grin. “I’ll swallow it all and lick my lips afterwards!”

“Maybe you’d like a facial instead? Would you like to have my cum dripping all over your face?” Dave was now perched on his elbows above Cheryl, watching her face as they talked. He continued to increase the tempo of his cock in her pussy. He was curious as to what her response would be. He wanted to see just how turned on she was getting.

“Seems like a waste to just spray it around,” Cheryl said, “but you can if you want. How about where you are now—in my pussy? Why don’t you fuck me and cum in my pussy? Uh, that feels good. Fuck me a little faster now.”

Dave stopped talking for a second. He took this opportunity to reach down and suck her left nipple with his mouth. He was so excited before that he hadn’t taken time to explore either of these two soft mounds. He gently sucked on the nipple, then released it and ran his tongue around the edge of her breast. He then returned to the nipple, sucking hard on it and nibbling lightly, then releasing hit. Then he repeated the same actions on her right breast. Both nipples now resembled tiny erasers, turning him on even more.

“Oh, that feels good, Dave. Damn, don’t stop fucking me at the same time! Let me feel your cock and you sucking my tits. Ohhhh! Fuck, I want your cum!” Cheryl was starting to respond to his fucking her now and was involuntarily moving her hips in time with his stroking.

Dave thought now is the time to test the waters. “Oh, you feel good against me, you are so soft, ” he said, starting to breath more heavily. “I love the way you squeeze my cock. How about if I shoot my cum in your ass? Would you like me to fuck your ass till I cum in it?”

Cheryl knew that question was coming, especially after the story she told him. The question was, could she trust Dave to be gentle with her and was she turned on enough to let his cock in her ass. It was a good size, not too big and should be all right once the head got in.

Cheryl opened her eyes and gazed at Dave for a moment and then smiled. “You wanted to fuck my ass from the start, didn’t you? I knew it, you’re an ass man,” she said. She paused and enjoyed a few more strokes of his cock in her pussy.

“If you promise to go slow and be gentle, you can fuck my ass. But if I tell you to stop, you have to promise to stop. Deal?” She asked.

Dave’s cock got even harder now. This was a deal he had no problem making. Dave did not believe in any kind of sex two people didn’t agree to, it just took the fun out of things.

“Deal. Now all we need is some lubrication,” he said.

“Use my suntan oil,” Cheryl said. “I’m so wet now we shouldn’t need too much help getting your cock in back there. The bottle is in the top of my bag.”

Dave paused and lay lightly on top of her, his cock buried in her pussy and not moving. He really appreciated her willingness to go along with being fucked in the ass. Again he gave her a light, sensual kiss on the lips to let her know how special she was.

Dave eased himself off of her, slowly pulling his cock out of her pussy.

“Oh, and I was really enjoying that in there,” Cheryl said as his cock slipped out of her. She really enjoyed the site of its hardness and the glisten from all her juices.

As Dave walked over to the bag to get the oil, Cheryl asked him, “How do you want me? On my back or on my knees?

Dave looked back at her and smiled. “I prefer doggy style, but you tell me what’s more comfortable for you.”

“Doggy style works for me. Besides if you can’t get it in my ass that way, you can always give my pussy another workout,” she said with a hint of humor in her voice.

Dave returned to the bed with the oil and moved up behind Cheryl. He knew she had a nice soft ass but the visual of the tan lines just blew him away! Since it would take him a while to loosen her ass up, he decided not to waste the time. He grabbed his cock with his right hand, placed it to the entrance to her pussy and began to slowly fuck her again.

“Ooh, that’s a nice surprise!” She said. “Oh, that feels good! Fuck me, baby, fuck me!” She said in a loud whisper.

Dave took the cap off the lotion. He knew if he stayed in her pussy this way much longer his load would go in there and he wanted that ass first. So, he gave her two more good strokes and pulled out to focus on preparing her ass for some fucking.

Moving off to her left side a bit, hard cock bouncing in the air, he pointed the opening of the bottle at the crack of her ass and poured a liberal amount of lotion out. It must have been cold on her pussy lips as Cheryl let out a small yelp as it dribbled down her ass crack and down her pussy lips..

“Gee, that’s cold! Rub it in quick,” she said.

Dave used his right hand to rub the lotion up and down the crack of her ass while holding the bottle in his left hand. Based on her motions, it appeared like Cheryl was enjoying the massage. So Dave decided to see how tight she was by slowly inserting his index finger into her ass.

The first half of the finger went in easily but then Cheryl spoke up. “Stop for a second. Let me adjust a bit.”

Dave left the finger half way in and waited. He set the bottle of lotion down on the night stand and then proceeded to continue to massage her ass cheeks with his left hand, leaving his right hand to work on loosening up her hole.

“Oooh, that feels nice. Move it back and forth, just a little, ok?” She said. Dave was more than happy to start some movement there, as he could feel her grasp his finger and then let go with her asshole. She was tight as could be but doing her best to loosen up for him. As he continued to move his index finger in and out, he got up to working the whole finger in and left it there.

“Stop for a second. Leave your hands where there are but move over here a bit more”, motioning Dave to move on his knees more toward the front of the bed where she was facing. He was not sure what she had in mind but he did as requested.

He was absolutely loving this experience. Here was this gorgeous coed, on her knees, with his fingers working her white ass surrounded by her bikini tan, waiting for him to fuck her in her last unused hole of the day and loving the entire experience. She even wasn’t afraid to talk dirty to him. He couldn’t imagine it getting any better.

But then it did! All of a sudden Dave felt a very soft, warm suction on his cock. Then a hand joined the mouth. Sure enough, Cheryl wanted Dave to move so she could suck his cock and jerk him off while he prepared her ass.

“Ummm, you taste good,” Cheryl said. “Do you like this?” she asked, as she stroked his cock lightly with her fingers.

“That’s a silly question!” was all the reply Dave could muster. “Just don’t make me cum yet….I still want to fuck you in your ass!”

“Don’t worry, baby” she said, taking a long slow lick of his cock. “I’m just about ready for you. I just didn’t want you to lose any of this before I got to feel it. Give me just a little lotion, OK?”

Dave grabbed the bottle and squirted a small amount of sun tan lotion in the palm of her right hand. He figured she wanted some lubrication so she could jack him off easier.

After replacing the bottle on the table, he returned his attention to massaging her ass. Her ass had now readily accepted the in and out motions of the single finger so her prepared to insert a second one.

Just as he did, he felt Cheryl’s mouth return to his cock. Man, did that feel good! After a couple of good licks, he felt something else he wasn’t expecting–she had taken her right index finger and slid it up his ass! All the way!

Dave had never had a woman stick a finger up his ass before, though he had done it himself on several occasions while masturbating. He never realized how good it could feel to have his partner do it to him. It was a whole new and energizing sensation and made his cock feel even harder than before.

“Like that, Dave? Like my finger in your ass?”

Cheryl’s voice all of a sudden brought him back to the situation. She wanted to know if he was enjoying her fucking his ass with her finger.

“Absolutely! Geez, where did you learn how to do that? Oh, man, keep sliding it in and out, yeah just like that, fuck me, fuck me,” he said. He couldn’t tell how many fingers she had in there or why he wasn’t getting scratched from her nails but really didn’t care—it just felt wild!

Cheryl had quit sucking his cock now to focus on moving her finger in his asshole. She enjoyed playing with his ass and watching his excited cock bob in the air in front of her face. She was even enjoying his fingers in her ass and decided that that is where his cock belonged today. She could hardly wait to feel it sliding in and out of her.

“Oh baby, I can’t wait any longer, I have to fuck you in the ass.” He said. Much as he hated to, Dave slowly moved away from Cheryl and sighed as she removed her finger from his ass. Positioning himself behind her, he pushed down lightly on the low end of her back. “Drop your hips just a little, baby.”

Cheryl did as requested and spread her knees farther apart, moving her ass lower. She could still feel his two fingers in her, although they were not moving much now, just holding her open.

“Go slow,” she said.

“Slow as you want, baby, just tell me if it gets uncomfortable,” Dave said. Actually Dave knew that if she could take two fingers up her ass that he could easily slide his cock in their place and she likely would not know the change had taken place. And that’s exactly what he did.

Sliding his fingers almost all the way out, he guided his cock with his left hand to her asshole and slid it in halfway. Then he stopped.

“You OK?” He asked. He was ready to start stroking his cock in and out of her but wanted to make sure Cheryl was comfortable before doing so. It had been such a wild and wonderful lovemaking session so far, he didn’t want to ruin it now by being too aggressive.

“I’m fine. It always feels a bit weird at first but go ahead and start moving. Just not too fast right away,” she said.

With that, Dave put a hand on each white ass cheek and slowly pulled her back until he had his cock buried all the way into her ass. Geez, there was no feel like the tightness and heat of a woman’s ass! Plus he loved seeing his cock buried in that little brown hole. Dave took a moment to enjoy the view before slowing beginning to fuck her ass.

The strokes were slow on purpose. He obviously wanted Cheryl to feel comfortable but also wanted to enjoy the sensations himself to the max. Apparently, Cheryl was beginning to enjoy the action, too.

“Is it as good as you thought it would be?” she asked, looking back over her shoulder at him.

“Better than I could’ve imagined,” he said as he continued to pick up the pace. “Although you are so tight back there I probably won’t last long.”

“That’s ok. Just fuck me, baby and leave a nice big load of cum in my ass, please?” she said grinning at him. He could tell she was trying to tease him over the edge again with her dirty talk and he loved it. He also noticed that she had moved her right hand between her legs and was playing with her pussy.

“Oh, you’ll be getting a nice big load of cum back here,” he said. “It might even run down off your ass and onto that pussy of yours.” Her ass was so tight he knew it wouldn’t be long before he was filling her ass with cum.

“Oooooh, I like that idea,” she said, starting to bounce her ass back to him, rubbing her pussy with her fingers even faster. “Fuck me good baby,” she whispered.

Dave could no longer control himself. He fucked her ass hard and fast. Each time he shoved his cock in to the hilt he could feel her ass grip his cock. He couldn’t last any longer.

“I’m cumming!” He said, shoving his cock into her ass to the hilt and staying there as load after load of cum erupted from his cock into her ass.

“Oh! Oh!,” she said. Cheryl could feel the warmth of his cum as it entered her ass. She pushed herself up off her elbows to and upright position, hoping Dave would grab her by the breasts while he continued to cum. She wanted to feel his body close to hers now.

Dave took the hint and moved his left arm around her waist, drawing her close and making sure his cock did not leave her ass until he was ready to take it out. He could feel the last couple of loads leave his cock and knew he must have left a big load in her ass, as he could already feel some of it dripping out between them onto the sheets. Plus, this position gave him the chance to feel those soft ass cheeks against his groin again. He loved their softness against his skin.

With his other hand, Dave grabbed her left breast and began massaging it and tweaking her nipple Her nipples were still very erect and he could tell Cheryl was cumming now, too.

Now firmly in his grasp, Cheryl dropped her right hand back to her pussy and continued to work her clit to bring herself to orgasm. She was so close and wanted to cum while Dave’s cock was still in her ass.

“Oh, oh, oh, fuck, fuck, fuck,” she whispered as she came. She stiffened for a moment and then began to relax, still rubbing her pussy. “Don’t take it out yet,” she said, indicating to Dave by gently wiggling her ass to leave his cock where it was. “Leave it in just a little longer.”

Dave quit massaging her breast and instead just held Cheryl. She quit playing with her pussy and brought both of her arms up to where Dave’s were around her.

They both let out a large sigh, then turned to each other for a short, soft kiss. Cheryl smiled at Dave and he at her.

“Did you have fun?” She asked. She could feel his cock softening and starting to slide out of her cum filled ass. She could also feel a small stream of cum starting run down her legs. It was warm but also tickled a bit. She loved the feeling..

“More than you’ll ever know. You’ve spoiled me for other women,” Dave said, grinning. He could not remember ever having made love to a woman who was so dynamic a lover, catering to all of a man’s needs and enjoyed doing so all the while cumming herself. “Thank you, that was wonderful!”

As Dave’s cock finished sliding out of her ass, Cheryl let out a sigh to go along with the smile on her face. She could not believe that she had let a man, who was a total stranger until an hour or so ago, fuck her, especially in the ass. And she had enjoyed it! Was it just great sex or was there some chemistry here?

Cheryl slid out of Dave’s grasp and laid down on the bed, on her back. For some reason, she left her legs wide open and her knees up. She wanted Dave to see what he had just fucked for the last two hours and to see the cum dripping from her ass and pussy. She didn’t feel dirty, she was excited! She was proud that they both felt so good after their encounter. She was enjoying the stickiness of their cum on her pussy and thighs. She enjoyed the buzzing sensation still going on in her ass from its recent invasion.

Dave sat back on his haunches and took in the view being given to him. Cheryl was, indeed, a beautiful young girl. Sexy, and a wonderful lover. Sort of like that old saying, a slut in the bedroom and a lady in public. Her curves were tight and tan and her smile addictive. Mature beyond her years as a lover and so much more to get to know about her.

“I guess we should get cleaned up, huh?” Dave’s voice was not very convincing but he couldn’t think of anything else to say right then. Dave’s cock and groin were covered in their juices and sun tan oil and his body glistening from the sweat of the workout. Still he wasn’t ready to move–he wanted this experience to last, it was so good. He knew she had to go meet her boyfriend still but didn’t want to speak those words for fear of ruining the moment.

Dave and Cheryl just stared at each other’s eyes for a while, then each took in the sight of the other’s body, mostly to relive their encounter. It had been amazing.

“I tell you what,” Cheryl said. “Why don’t we both go jump in the shower, together, and clean each other up. Then maybe we can do something about this appetite I have worked up. That is, if you’re interested….”

“Very interested,” Dave said, remembering the conversation that got them to the hotel room in the first place. “ There are lots of places we can go around here and get something to eat. Did you prefer something noisy like Denny’s or something quiet and cozy?”

“I think I picked quiet and cozy the last time we had this discussion,” she said with that little smile on her face, “ and was very happy with my choice. Maybe we should do that again?”

“I think that’s a great idea, “ Dave said. “Shall we hit the showers?”.

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